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  • Posts

    • The mondegreens (mis-heard lyrics) thread
      The Missus once asked me what a "Jamijig" was. I said that I had no idea. She said it was in a song by Justin Trousersnake. We were in the car sometime after, when the song came on the radio. It took me a while to stop laughing and point out the line was "Damage is"...done, so I guess I'll be leaving...
    • Adama Traore
      Can't be any worse than what we've tried so far.  And has goals in him.  Get him on.
    • The mondegreens (mis-heard lyrics) thread if you want to know what they really are
    • What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?
      this is exactly my policy! look at all these different ones.... (there'll be a couple more next week to add to my collection of Lee Perry dub remixes re released in basically black n white sleeve designs) this was just an excuse to post a picture I already had
    • Fabian Delph
      Firstly, I genuinely apologise that the last bit came across as a personal dig. I can see that it did and that wasn't the intention - I didn't mean it as a shot at you just a wider frustration with the view you expressed. I'm more irritated that it exists in the media and subsequently amongst so many supporters away from VT. Villa and otherwise. I'm sure you can understand that I wouldn't be apologising to you if I didn't mean it sincerely. But I'm not a mod and I'll respond to any post I want to respond to.
    • Jack Grealish
      It's great isn't it? New manager just arrived and you're out getting smashed after a 4-0 defeat? What total bellend this guy is. 
    • The mondegreens (mis-heard lyrics) thread
      The theme song from "The Bridge". Took me a long time to realise it was in English. To write down what I think the words are would take a while, but suffice to say they'd be hilariously wrong.
    • Jack Grealish
      Well done Remi Garde for banishing Jack to the development squad.. this has been on the cards for months now. I posted a few months ago about a weekend that my sister in law had been with jack out on the piss. He was also injured at the time with his foot/ankle wrapped in bandages or whatever. I took the post down at the time as i didnt want to create a shit stirr and i thought it may just be a one off. But he clearly has not learned from the pictures in the paper and being disciplined by the club earlier this year. Since my post i hear he is out on the piss pretty much every weekend. For a pro footballer this is not acceptable and there is only one way it will end up.. I would love Jack to realise his talent and start to behave himself but unless he is disciplined and guided the right way then he will throw his career away with this kind of behaviour. With the club bottom of the league and performing badly surely the players should be focusing on putting this right? Not getting pissed up in a nightclub after a 4-0 loss. I accept the players are humans like us all and they need a night out every now and again, but for me they should put the piss ups on hold until they can say in their own heads they are doing their job properly. Which clearly none of them can at the moment.... I hope for his own sake and talent that this sorts him out and knocks him down a peg or two. Theres a very big head weighing down on those shoulders at the moment and it needs deflating a little....