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  1. I would say replaced him with a very creative player, a speedy winger who can do it all and a proven Premier League quality striker, all positions/qualities we wanted filling. Also I look at Buendia and Bailey as two players on the cusp of the top top level, not as players that can fail so badly that we are mixing it in the bottom 5. I agree improvements can be made but with everything else going on in the world you should feel safe in the knowledge we will stay up comfortably.
  2. AEG probably lost 5mil in valuation on the weekend. Hes a good bench option but can’t see him repeating last years numbers, so if we get a good offer we sell. We need a better Marv but we wouldn’t get much for him and he would be more valuable to us as a backup.
  3. It just feels like there’s so much space between our players. In attack no one close to relieve pressure, in defence one pass bypasses our front 4, one more pass and we are all holding our breath.
  4. Looking for positives, Traore just made two tackles in a row!
  5. Keep the faith boys, I know it’s looking (friggen) bad right now but we all knew it would be tough straight away. Bad lineup, bad general play, but it can only get better, right?
  6. As it stands I don’t think we can afford to play a CAM, one pass and the opposition are on the attack
  7. When everyone says what’s wrong with McGinn, it’s that. No pressure n needlessly gives the ball away. He’s good but too hit n miss.
  8. Bailey got 9 assists to go with his 9 goals last season. I think his pace and unpredictability will stretch oppositions and create space for others.
  9. I’m trying to watch in Australia but both channels were showing women’s high jump
  10. Cut that out, no agreeing with Aussies on Bledisloe Cup day.
  11. Now we hav all this cash + bargaining power we should be poaching a wonderkid CB from Europe. Surely we can find a mature 20yo for 20-25mil, hopefully one with good passing abilities that can move to DCM if needed.
  12. “It feels like a family club” u have to be kidding me right? “Seems like a proper football club” = little old Villa just a weekend knockabout club
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