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  1. Apricot frozen daiquiris made with apricots fresh off the tree. Incredibly refreshing after working in the yard in 30 C weather.
  2. I think you mean alliterative, which some might say would make you....
  3. You should keep it and get a second shed to write music in.
  4. Are you going to show us a picture of all the barrels lined up on your counter when you're finished?
  5. Q: What's the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? A: The taste.
  6. Q: What do you get when you cross human DNA with goat DNA? A; You get kicked the hell out of the petting zoo.
  7. It really is an NRA lobbying and PR thing. Prior to Wayne LaPierre's elevation to leadership in the mid-70's, the NRA was largely an apolitical sport/hunting group. They weren't pushing for the right to have military weapons or the right to open and concealed carry like they do today. They weren't pushing the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as being an absolute right for anyone to own anything, nor was anyone else, really. Since then, they've been pushing those things non-stop, spending tons of money on lobbying, "education" and PR and doomsday appeals to members that the big bad left wanted to take ALL their guns away and take away their ability to PROTECT THEIR FAMILIES because, you know everybody's household is under siege by evil strangers with guns. Now it's almost accepted by everyone that the 2nd Amendment has no limitations, helped partly by some supreme court rulings that didn't go quite that far but helped their cause (you still can't legally own SAM's and the like, though nobody ever talks about the big stuff as being part of the arms referred to in the 2nd).
  8. Kind of ironic from a guy that was a total right wing nut job by the end.
  9. Keep expressing you leftist, antifa, anti-American views and you may find out soon enough.
  10. Does he even realize that Bubba Wallace wasn't the one who discovered it or made the complaint? Is he supposed to apologize for being black and being distraught when people told him there was a noose in his garage?
  11. If they're not giving you trouble, don't bother. Or if you have problems with one just have that one out. I broke one of mine a couple of years ago. My dentist convinced me to get it taken out, as it was significantly cheaper than a crown and I always had trouble brushing and flossing back there anyway. I was worried about feeling unbalanced having just the one out but went ahead with it. It was quick, easy and mostly painless and I don't miss it. My son had to have all 4 out and we had to schedule during a school break because he needed 1-2 weeks to be healed. That's not worth it unless leaving them in is going to cause problems.
  12. Exactly. Combined with limiting GD in losses. This may be what Smith is banking on with his sacrificing of attack to tighten up the defense.
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