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  1. I was streaming on the NBC Sports app and the 2nd half seemed to be behind the match thread by about a minute at most.
  2. Does that mean Beth Gibbons is no longer hot?
  3. Are you ITK? Personally, I think she'll be overrun by their midfield
  4. For those of you needing to improve your fitness. Be careful not to stub your (camel)toe:
  5. I'm way more scared of dogs than bears. I've never been bitten by a bear.
  6. Elmo played well, but he had a giveaway late in the game that was identical to the one he gifted Lucas at the beginning of the Spurs game. He could easily have been the goat in both games.
  7. Before we panic too much, remember that even if Chelsea gets a point or 3 against Leicester there will still be 3 teams below us in the table on GD, including an established side who battled for Europe last year and has not scored a goal yet.
  8. After a preseason of great movement on and off the ball we've resorted to playing fullbacks who don't overlap much and relying on crosses, often from deep. And we're not getting anyone in the box to get on the end of them except for our lone striker who, for a big man, does not seem to be very good in the air. When we were chasing the equalizer we were much too slow, both in moving the ball forward and in players moving on and off the ball. Bournemouth had plenty of time to get back and keep their shape. El Ghazi has been poor. Perhaps start Elmo on right wing with Guilbert overlapping and Elmo tasked with covering defensively when he does. Overall, would have been at least a point but for 2 early brain farts. Work needed in the final third, but we had enough to have won this if not gifting them a ridiculous head start. Finally, is it just me or does Harry Wilson look like the kid everyone hated in school?
  9. I'm trying to picture the advertisement the photographer does for this service. "Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Stillborns"
  10. If you'd just jumped on @chrisp65's excellent advice a little faster you might have had a chance. That's the takeaway for next time, I think.
  11. When you quote an earlier page and there's no indication that the reply took and it doesn't reload the page with your reply added at the bottom to give you visual confirmation, so you hit Reply again....

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