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  1. il_serpente

    Loan watch 2018/19

    keeper had no chance!
  2. il_serpente

    U.S. Politics

    I've seen a few articles that demonstrated the math. This one , which makes a scary argument as to why Trump is likely to win again in 2020, touches on it briefly: In urban states, there is one senator for every 5,225,465 residents, compared with one senator for every 1,184,428 residents in rural states. As a consequence, people living in rural (whiter) states have 341 percent more representation in the Senate than people living in urban states.
  3. il_serpente

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    No they're not. How do you think she gets the good price??
  4. il_serpente

    News story of the day

    Here's a view of the smoke plume of the Woolsey fire looking toward Malibu from ~10 miles up the coast. This is the one in southern California that started near Thousand Oaks, where the shooting occurred just a couple of days before, and jumped the freeway and spread rapidly to Malibu. You get an idea of the strength of the winds driving this fire by how localized and horizontal the plume is and how it blows off shore before it gets any altitude. The air where we are, in Oxnard/Ventura is perfectly clear bar the normal smog. This fire has reached the coast and has almost nowhere left to spread to as long as the strong winds keep up. Still, these are tense times in the area. My dad is temporarily living in Oxnard because his house in Ventura burned down last December in what was at the time the most destructive fire in California history. Having another huge one 11 months later that's just a few miles away is a bit nerve wracking. Someone he knows lost their house last year and used the insurance money to buy a place in the town where this fire jumped the freeway and headed toward Malibu. It appears they have somehow been spared this time. Can you imagine losing homes to fires twice within a year?
  5. il_serpente

    News story of the day

    I'm 200 miles away and the air quality is terrible. Reduced visibility, smoky smell. I'm work in a hospital, where ventilation systems have much more efficient filtration than residential and commercial buildings and we have a noticeable smell of smoke and some people complaining of respiratory problems. It's unreal how fast and far the effects have spread. I'm expecting my daughter's soccer practice to be cancelled this afternoon.
  6. il_serpente

    Things you often Wonder

  7. il_serpente

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    Coincidentally, the tie he ended up wearing had a very high admittance!! (for the electricians/electrical engineers/physicists out there)
  8. il_serpente

    General Chat

    I was in the southwest of France 15 or so years ago with friends when we stumbled upon a small accordion factory on the outskirts of Sarlat. One friend's mother, who was with us, plays accordion so we had to stop in. It was pretty cool. They had half a wall covered with a rack full of postcards featuring presumably well-known accordionists posing with their instruments like rock stars. That probably should go in the boring thread, but there's no accordion reference there as a jumping off point.
  9. il_serpente

    U.S. Politics

    Watching and listening to the returns, I heard mostly people attributing the turnover of the house to the fact that the the Dem candidates being younger, browner, more female (gender is a spectrum, remember), etc., and the fact that a number of them had knocked off establishment candidates in the primaries. I heard no suggestions of it validating Pelosi or Feinstein. With that said, they expect Pelosi to be elected speaker, and the validation of her leadership in most eyes will hinge on whether she's able to hold together a slim majority to push things through and block Republican initiatives. It will be interesting to see if trump will try to work with them on things they both support (infrastructure, for example) or if he finds them more useful as excuses for not getting anything done. So did Duncan Hunter, the vaping congressman indicted for blatant misuse of campaign funds for personal use who tried to claim his opponent with a Palestinian-born father was trying to "infiltrate" congress for terrorists.. And so did Chris Collins, the first congressman to endorse Trump in 2016, who was indicted and arrested for insider trading and had at one point suspended his campaign. The party tried to get him to quit but he wouldn't. His victory confirms that Trump's base don't give a sh*t about honesty, integrity, morality as long as they like a politicians policies and rhetoric. Of course, Trump has been confirming that day in, day out for 2+ years now, but I had a sliver of hope that it was a unique ability he had to get people to overlook his scumminess rather than a universal character defect of ~40% of the US population.
  10. il_serpente

    U.S. Politics

    Unbelievable that imbeciles like Marsha Blackburn and Ron DeSantis can win a statewide race.
  11. il_serpente

    Totally useless information/trivia

    I just wanna know if I've gained or lost weight.