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  1. I have no trouble believing that a Swede would be an expert on piss!
  2. @Stevo985....I've just read that there is definitely a "super bloom" of wildflowers underway in California for the 2nd time in 3 years, which is pretty amazing. Although the most spectacular examples are a bit south of your route from Vegas to LA, Joshua Tree is supposed to be experiencing it as well, particularly at lower elevations and in the south. If this interests you, just Google California Super Bloom. Death Valley is missing out, but then the big draw of DV for me is the barrenness, which would actually be lessened by a carpet of wildflowers. Enjoy your trip and let us know what route you end up taking.
  3. He looks like he already has!
  4. I thought that one looked a little odd.
  5. I go to the drive through and get my food, then park and go inside to eat it. When I'm done I leave the trash on the table. The food and trash get to go on a little adventure, leaving the restaurant and then coming back home to die.
  6. PLACE IN THE UK OR HIGH-MINDED BRITISH INSULT? 1. Loose Bottom 2. Arsemonger 3. Sandy Balls 4. Flesh Shank 5. Booby Dingle 6. Tw*t 7. Hen Poo 8. Mingebag 9. Pisser Claugh 10. Penistone 11. Dancing Dicks 12. Shitterton 13. Lickfold 14. Bladdered
  7. So Boro finish 7th with 76 points, even though they are currently on pace to finish with 72 and are in horrible form? And one of Derby, Bristol, Wednesday or Preston finishes with more than 76 even though none are currently on pace to finish above 70? Derby and Bristol would have to have a complete turnaround in form, Preston would have to keep their current run going for another 8 games or Wednesday would have to step up another level. And several of them play each other. I think 75 points and probably fewer will be enough for a playoff spot.
  8. Joshua Tree's another good shout. Could be some nice blooms there now with the rain that I assume they've also gotten the past couple of months. You should check out the US National Parks websites for both Death Valley and Joshua Tree and see what appeals to you.
  9. Depending on how much time you want to spend in transit, a couple of things to consider: 1. Check out Hoover Dam. It's about a 45 minute drive from Vegas. Quite impressive. 2 Head to LA via Death Valley. It will add ~ 2 1/2 hours driving time plus any stops compared to taking I-15, but is really cool. Badwater Basin, lowest point in US at 282 ft. below sea level, is about a 1/2 hour out and back detour of the main road. There a few things to see along the main route that can be very quick stops without delaying you much. It would be a long day by the time you get to LA, but worth considering if you want to see some interesting landscape.
  10. Disappointed that Preston won. Not being from Birmingham, I can't muster up a dislike of City that's strong enough to make me want them to lose even if it hurts Villa. A draw would have been ideal.
  11. Rest all the starters for Blackburn. Boro will park the bus, so the ones just back from injury won't need to run much: Bunn Tuanzebe Chester Jedinak Bjarnason Whelan Carroll Lansbury Adomah Davis Kodjia
  12. Win for Villa and draw or loss for Derby and we're in the mix. Do it, boys!
  13. Drinks at the hotel, dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by my only ever lap dance at the legendary Condor Club in SF. Doesn't quite compare to my friends' 15 years earlier when we were "escorted" out of Billy's Topless in NYC by Puerto Ricans wth baseball bats after the handcuffed (another friend was an FBI agent) bachelor tripped and stumbled into the entry to the strippers' dressing room. Luckily, his uncle, a retired New Jersey cop was able to explain things and broker a calm eviction out the back door.
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