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  1. Apparently, I should have tacked one of these on to the end:
  2. The linesmen are told to keep their flag down in that situation until it's clear that raising it won't mistakenly prevent the scoring of a legitimate goal. They don't want play (and players) to stop only to learn that they were wrong to do so when a goal is at stake. So it's actually quite possible that the linesman thought he was off side but kept the flag down, knowing that VAR would call back the goal if he really was off. If Mings had shanked it or DeGea saved it the flag may have gone up and a free kick awarded in stead of a goal kick or punt by the keeper. I think in this case, though, the linesman probably saw that Williams had kept him on and left the flag down because for that reason.
  3. Great point, bu it's frustrating how the team seems to lose all interest in keeping possession later in games. Too many attempts to play the one incisive long ball, early crosses when nobody is in position in the box, hoofs from the keeper, counters that aren't leading to a chance where we try to force it rather than bring the ball back and try to build something. It's one thing when we're hanging on for dear life against Spurs, Man City or Liverpool, but we had plenty of opportunity to keep the ball longer and play out from the back. United had spells of pressure where a bit of possession would have been helpful, but they weren't all over us and we got the ball back on a number of occasions but just gave it back needlessly, not because we were being overrun.
  4. FFS. Nearly two pages of who gets to claim AC/DC! What’s gotten into you people???
  5. You disappoint me. I expect you to reply that you would destroy the masters!
  6. I assume your record label would buy up the rights to the Beatles catalogue and remaster and re-issue everything at a discount!
  7. The punch line wasn't really necessary.
  8. And that the horse was actually from New Zealand?
  9. Saw this performed by a local choir backed by a Marimba band in Seattle some 35 years ago. Turned into a total marimba dance party at the end. I was torn between feeling spiritually connected for being moved to dance by an evening of holy music and feeling guilt for turning a spiritual experience into an excuse for busting out some non-traditional dance moves without fear of being judged.
  10. Though I appreciate them wanting to give their fans more of what made them the phenomenon they are, I wish they’d branch out a little and take some risks on their next LP.
  11. Not wondering this often, but am wondering now based on a bit I just saw on CNN, and speaking from a position of embarrassing ignorance of a lot of UK politics: Do most of you think Jeremy Corbin is an anti-Semite? Isn’t the Labour Party supposedly the more liberal an tolerant of the major parties? If so, how does it end up even being in a position where a lot of people believe there is a problem of anti-semitism permeating the leadership? Are most of the party membership anti-Semitic or tolerant of anti-semitism or is the party and/or its leadership being unfairly portrayed in US and perhaps UK and international media?
  12. Actually, the mean will be skewed by the billionaires, not the median, but even so I find the figure hard to believe. Although I don’t recall seeing a figure specificallly for whites, I seem to remember consistently running across a figure in the range of $60-70,000 as an overall average household income, but perhaps I’m remembering median. I can tell you that $170,000 is a very high salary for anyone other than an executive in most of the country.
  13. I haven’t noticed people using “bias” when they mean “biased” (except me, a little while ago)
  14. You’re correct, of course. Biased is the adjective form. Outsmarted myself, as I had started out to type “bias is not a verb”, and changed it up without changing the form of “bias”. Anyway, tense don’t enter into it.
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