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  1. I find it helpful, actually. I could never keep @blandy and @OutByEaster? straight in my head when they were both mammals with sharp teeth (a visually recognizable subset of the larger group "Mods that aren't @limpid or @bickster")
  2. Did you let her know that you are The Authority on these matters? That should have done the trick.
  3. I seriously considered withdrawing the "Thanks" after realizing the link took me to Birmingham Live. My laptop's only got a Core i7 processor and no dedicated video card and nearly induced 3rd degree burns on my thighs trying to play the video on the site.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I’m sure there’s a ton of inside jokes and stereotypes that us yanks don’t get, but it’s still great. Is that a typical Black Country accent? I’ve seen it referred to on VT countless times but don’t know that I’ve ever heard it.
  5. Maybe they'll pay for the wall afterall! Trump's a genius!
  6. You think that's bad? You should see the facebook posts I have to put up with!
  7. 60% approve of his handling of the crisis. There must be a hidden symptom of impaired brain function among the previously assumed asymptomatic, undiagnosed victims.
  8. Don't know why he thinks he needs a makeshift bidet. There's a perfectly good cardboard box 3 feet away from him!
  9. Went out as a family and weeded the raised beds and turned over the soil to prepare for this year’s vegetable garden. Seeds have been ordered on line. It was sunny and warm when we started and right as we finished it started to rain and suddenly a violent hailstorm came out of nowhere.
  10. Wife working from home, kids doing school online. I work at a hospital, so I'm still out every day. Commute time cut in half, though, so there are positives to be taken if you look for them.
  11. I think I'd be glad I didn't make it!
  12. Counties in the SF Bay Area have now implemented shelter in place. Pretty much everything outside Police and Fire departments, grocery stores and pharmacies and hospitals shut down.
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