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  1. If you like the non-21st Century Schizoid Man tracks on that album you'll like this:
  2. When I'm at the beach and ready to leave I put my socks and shoes on while still in the water. That way I get no sand sticking to my feet or my socks. When I'm off the beach I remove them and put on my flip flops because that's what a normal person wears while out and about in the summertime.
  3. And he’ll probably bring his Yorkshire thug mate along, as well.
  4. Careful! He might come after you.
  5. More good work from VT's high functioning alcoholic!
  6. As a non-English person who nevertheless usually roots for England in tournaments when neither Norway nor the US is involved, I find myself not particularly caring who wins the final. Part of it is the disappointment in Southgate's team selections after being excited about the potential of seeing Jack Grealish star for England. A bigger part of it has been the boring style of play that he's set the team up for. Even when Jack's played it's been boring, and it's been disappointing that he really hasn't been able to shine because of the system he's been dropped into. In fact, none of the attacking player's bar Sterling has really lived up to my expectations, largely because of the playing style, I think. I had to watch the 2nd half and extra time Denmark game out of my peripheral vision because I was at work and on a call, so I may have missed some things, but I wasn't particularly impressed with what I saw of Jack's display. Mostly because England has no transition game, which is where I enjoy watching him the most for Villa. They win the ball, pass it sideways between Phillips and Rice or back to the defenders and then try to unlock a parked bus with Jack stuck on the touchline with no room to move. And when he does get the ball more centrally there's no room because the striker is taking up the space that the playmaker should be in. I though the penalty was incredibly soft and probably wouldn''t/shouldn't have been awarded by VAR as a clear and obvious error if the referee had not given it. Sterling was clearly looking for a chance to go down. It was a poor way to get to the final. It would have felt more deserved to me if England went through on penalties. Given the dire football, the dive for the winning penalty, Jack's limited playing time and the inclination to back Denmark for having played some nice football in the tournament and the obvious sympathy for the Eriksen scare, I found myself feeling a little disappointed at the end even though England were the better team on the day. I'll watch the final and probably root for England because I'd like to see you all finally win something after the long wait. I also would just as soon not see Italy win, as I thought Spain were the more enjoyable team to watch in the other semi and didn't foul cynically and dive quite as much as Italy, who have shithoused their way to enough trophies over the years. TL, DR: I'm not all that excited about the final but I suppose I want England to win.
  7. Here she is singing a song Elliott Smith wrote for her. If you like it, check out some of his other stuff. He was an incredible talent.
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