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  1. I visited the place when I was in Cleveland on business a couple of years ago. Such a huge disappointment. Very cheesy and ridiculously expensive for what it was. To make matters worse, there was some kind of Vans House Party concert going on outside on the grounds and the place was overrun by shit music by people I'd never heard of who acted like they were superstars and teeming with what I imagine would be the US equivalent of chavs. I got inside as quickly as I could and then found I'd had enough of the museum after an hour and left. 1/10 WNB
  2. That's the kind of insight you can only get from a former player. I actually like Lee Dixon's commentary better than a lot of the others we get over here. Him and Le Seaux.
  3. No, you're the moron for not being able to see that the election was stolen!!!
  4. Implicated in a couple of major wildfires in the West in the past year, and now a couple of people have been killed by elaborate explosive devices assembled to reveal the gender. It's lunacy, and hopefully people will start thinking twice.
  5. A nice hazy IPA, but I didn't taste any tangerine or pineapple. I have no idea why the label is upside down. It's part of a variety pack from Stone brewing, and all of these were upside down but none of the others were.
  6. We had one, but it only required the little collar magnet to go in. It was either free to open the other direction or you had to lock it down completely. Raccoons figured out how to reach their claws into the tiny gap between the flap and frame and pull it outwards and then proceeded to come into our garage and eat the cats' food and generally make a mess. We'd have to remember to go lock it in the evenings. A few time I walked in on raccoons, who then scurried out, knocking over things in their haste.
  7. While renewables were not the cause of the current problem in Texas, it's clear that there's a need for a certain amount of diversification of sources to prevent future catastrophes. So the right wingers are technically right to an extent that this type of scenario could easily occur again if they move completely to renewables. Of course, it could also just as easily occur if they remain as heavily invested in fossil fuels and don't winterize their systems, so their attacks on the Green New Deal are opportunistic and disingenuous, at best.
  8. Buying records and posting about them on some obscure football forum.
  9. Bloody Hell! I picture lots of traffic accidents as drivers spend 60 seconds trying to read all thos signs when they should be watching the road. Either that or traffic jams waiting for every driver to stop and spend 2 minutes figuring out where to go.
  10. Limbaugh kicked off the whole right wing talk radio movement and grievance politics accented by personal attacks that fueled the tribalism and Democrats/liberars-are-the-enemy mindset that Trump ultimately rode to power. His listener base was Homer Simpson as @Mark Albrighton illustrated above, and that's the main source of the willful ignorance and fanatical devotion that's responsible for the shitshow on the Right over here right now.
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