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  1. Sell it to NSWE Stadium for a massive amount and lease back to the club for peanuts for a year. NSWE Stadium then sells it back to the club for one pound. Rinse, repeat. Continuous source of income for FFP purposes, cost neutral for the owners since they're selling to and buying from themselves. Easy peasy.
  2. I think blandy's point is that any other issue than war wouldn't suffice with some of the voters she'd have to convince, unfortunately. Your second sentence kind of explains why indirectly, because easily half the US public will have bought the Trump administration's claims that Iran is threatening and we need to be prepared to teach them a lesson.
  3. The former East Germans seem to be a bit of a randy bunch, too, and don't get me started on those Estonians!
  4. Couldn't watch until about the 60th minute and then had to head back to work when the pens started. Luckily, no traffic so i could look down at my phone when each player made their run up to kick. I don't get the hate directed exclusively at Adomah. It was a poor penalty, but Tammy and Whelan have hit poor pens this season, too. He seemed a big improvement on Green when he came on and was certainly no worse than pretty much anyone else on the night. He also nearly scored the winner but for a wonder save from Johnstone. Obviously, it would be great to have a better option available, but c'mon.
  5. Hourihane for Whelan and Green for Adomah, please. Otherwise, same team. Go at them from the start.
  6. We got that little bit of luck that you need and took full advantage. Gayle underhits the pass to Murphy, ref decides not to give penalty against Tammy. Either of those goes the other way and it's a completely different story. Gayle seemed to be on a mission to be sent off. Time wasting, feigning injury to the face, coming in hard on Steer. He was getting on the ref's nerves and it wasn't going to take much for him to pull out that 2nd yellow.
  7. Are you sure you don't mean Ronnie Pickering? He's good at chasing down opponents.
  8. I knew a guy in the '90s who was basically trying to be a tarento ahead of his time. He called himself "The Pie Man" and maintained that he had a fetish for being hit in the face with pies by women. But I suspect there was no real fetish there. He had a press packet that he sent out and he got himself on The Jenny Jones Show, which was a daytime talk show that was known for lowbrow stunts like on-air paternity reveals and the like. He got gigs doing it essentially as performance art, including one where I believe he was suspended upside down and someone "pied" him with a kids wading pool full of shaving cream. He worked as a gardener and lived in a house his parents owned. I suspect there was enough family money that he could afford to try to make the pie thing his main gig. A bit of a strange guy, but a tasteful, if a bit quirky, jazz drummer. I played with him in a combo that was an evening class in a local art and music school and he would always bring some kind of really good alcohol to share on the last evening of each session. I think i tasted my first Grand Cru red Burgundy and vintage port courtesy of him.
  9. Fox News spin on the $1.2B in business losses between '85- and '94: It shows what a bold businessman he is that he was always looking to expand his business at great risk. Most people can't even fathom having that amount of money, let alone be in a position to lose it and still be wealthy man. It just shows how much he has achieved in life.
  10. That last one is abysmal. I bet the sponsor is demanding some of their money back. You can hardly make out their name.
  11. I regularly make apple, carrot, orange, lime and ginger in my juicer. It's fantastic.
  12. I'd start Hutton next to Axel, with Hause at the other CB. Bring on Elphick for Taylor in the 2nd half and move Hause to LB. Hause could end up playing either of those positions if someone gets hurt, so it would be good to get him a half at each position.
  13. A lot of the obesity and health issues in the US stem from people drinking it like we used to drink water and milk. As a kid, a Coke was a treat. We'd drink it with dinner if we went out (which was also a lot less common back then), never with meals at home. Nowadays people drink it with lunch and dinner and whenever they're thirsty. I don't see how they can do it. It's too sweet for me. I drink iced tea or sparkling water. If I want something sweet, it's juice.

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