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  1. I'll be spending my weekend coughing up my lungs from the looks of it. Very little sleep last night.
  2. He was practically on the left byline and kicked it with his left foot. If that was a shot he's delusionally overconfident. Had a good game and the shot for Luiz' goal was sweetly struck, but that cross was atrocious and unfortunately too representative of the deliveries we're getting into the box. The point is, getting a striker with aerial prowess into the box won't solve our problems unless our crossing also improves.
  3. Unfortunately, the best striker in the world can't do much if the cross doesn't make it past the shin of the first defender or flies over the opposite touchline like that one of Targett's after Jack played him in with that delicious backheel.
  4. And with a newfound terseness, no less. The assimilation is nearly complete!
  5. So Key passes very strong and through balls strong but passing weak? Is he threading perfect through balls to his opponents and making back passes that get intercepted and lead to a goal? Or can he make spectacular or shit passes but not simple ones to a teammate 10 yards away? From the looks of the YouTube video we just need to make sure the rest of the league signs all the defenders and keepers from the Dutch league and we'll be ok.
  6. You'd have Nakamba and Luiz over McGinn? That's not too far off the team that got hammered by City, Watford and Southampton. The NEW's had better be some awesome players! We obviously need a striker, and probably a winger, but we need almost as badly a player or two who can help get the ball from the defense and move it past the center line without giving it away.
  7. There are some other really good ones out there.
  8. I take it you're not a big Dylan fan, then.
  9. Q-Anon are going to expose it all soon enough. Too bad that here got to the pizza parlor in Washington just a few hours too late!
  10. Apparently, we've nicked West Brom's tea lady on a free. It's a start.
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