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  1. She's a member of a group (cult?) that says that wives should be subservient to their husbands. I think they have to sign an oath or something, and it's a pretty low profile group and I don't think she has acknowledged being part of it and the group made some statement about not commenting on members. A bit scary.
  2. I figured out how to have a topic take me to the first unread post, but is there a way to bring back the bolding of topic titles in the Featured and Recent topics sections at the right of the home page when there is new content in a topic since you last read it?
  3. I can't help but feel a little morally superior when an e-bike passes me on my commute to work because I'm doing it naturally with no help, but they're getting people on the bike and out of cars who wouldn't otherwise. I can't argue with that.
  4. From what I saw, I thought WBA played pretty well and I would hardly call them sh*t. They got undone by a well-taken shot where the keeper was blocked and had no chance, a brilliant bit of interplay in the box and a lucky tap-in from a save after a potential handball in the buildup. I also thought the WBA player was fouled when dispossessed to start the move for the 2nd goal. I'm glad baggies didn't get all 3 points and think they're still relegation candidates, but I don't think they'll get cut adrift early on based on that performance. Pereira is a player.
  5. Yeah, I'm familiar with the various Lindeman's fruited lambic ales. Adding a single fruit to pale ales and wheats has also been around in the US since the earlier days of the craft brewing explosion over here. I've poste on here before about stumbling upon a brew pub in a tiny town in Oregon years ago that had a wonderful blackberry porter made only in season with fresh blackberries. I was referring more to the ones claiming to taste like non-fruit desserts like s'mores and the like.
  6. Check out the head shot they're using for Brunt on Google's match report. Comedy gold! I can't capture the photo, but go to the Timeline and look when he was subbed out at 66': https://www.google.com/search?q=aston villa&cad=h#sie=m;/g/11k86j2_rn;2;/m/012dbw;tl;fp;1;;
  7. Those of us living in western states beg to differ. We're expected to hit 100F in the Bay Area on the third to last day of September, which is unprecedented. The issue isn't people moving to where fires occur. First of all, most of these communities have been there for more than a century without burning. Second, a lot of these places are not out in the middle of nowhere in forests. I've spent time around Talent and Phoenix, Oregon. These are towns in an agricultural valley of fruit orchards, steps from an interstate highway, that are morphing into suburbs as Ashland and Medford g
  8. We're a couple of injuries away from being where we were last season before the injuries hit. If we'd made it through last season with no injuries I think we would have been safe before the last game.
  9. The solution to the holidays issue is obvious: I'll work during the holidays when school's out and you take the time off and take my kids with you on your vacation. Everyone wins!
  10. ...or hungry for a custard and feeling lazy.
  11. You'd think Smith would want Traore to have an opportunity to link up with a few of the teammates he's likely to be playing with at Fulham and beyond so he's not thrust into the middle of a group of strangers Monday.
  12. I think it was mostly their manager a couple of years ago who had penis envy.
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