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  1. The easiest way usually is to open the Match Centre (and move to the correct game if necessary) and the live video/audio will be in the Live Match tab, assuming you've logged in. A direct link for the Burton match: https://www.avfc.co.uk/Fixtures/2010 to 2019/2018-2019/English League Cup/Burton vs Aston Villa?matchdetails=1
  2. I googled him and there were reports by a few Finnish football media sources from February/March.
  3. Apparently he signed a pre-contract in February and has been training with the youth team since.
  4. If you ever need a jogging partner, give Micah a call. The man loves his jogging.
  5. Aston Villa Football Club - the blind lion reaching for a star?
  6. I don't think I got the email. I was checking the junk folder regularly for another email I was waiting for. But if I did manage to miss it, it's permanently deleted by now. My subscription hasn't been extended either, or did you get a promotional code for the free month?
  7. I sent in a complaint after the Luton match and only received an apology. Didn't Jack promise during the Wycombe commentary that all the AVTV subscribers would receive an email this week? Wouldn't really do much with an extra month anyway and as long as there are no further problems with the friendlies, I guess I'll have had my money's worth.
  8. The only things the player himself seems to have said on Twitter are retweeting something he was asked to retweet, acknowledging he has new followers from England and stating there's nothing concrete, but he'd like to play in the Premier League. Villa not having shown any interest in him would definitely count as nothing concrete. I really don't think there's anything more to this and can't see us signing any more central defenders anyway.
  9. Finnish Canal+ web site has this same poll at the moment. The current results after 378 votes are: 36.2% Villa 40.5% draw 23.3% Chelsea Not that this really matters in any way, but it's an interesting comparison. Either outsiders have a lot more confidence in Villa (at least in Finland) or people are just more likely to choose who they want to win on the Canal+ site, while people here are voting more "honestly". Usually, you'd expect the fans to favour their team.
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