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  1. Something I never thought I'd hear myself say...I'd start Elmo for this game. Did a cracking job on the final and with Samatta's apparent heading ability I think an elmo cross is our best chance of scoring from open play. Would consider the same team that started the final, as it gives us options from the bench to change shape or bring on more offensively minded players if needed. I think Grealish getting silenced against City is less likely to happen against Leicester, but if it does can just switch him out wide. Feeling optimistic for some reason, possibly the length of time without a league game making me forget how poor we've looked lately, but I'll take it. A draw would be a great result, a loss is not a disaster but piles the pressure on even more.
  2. I've thought this for some time too,and lexicon hit the nail on the head with my view. The pressure to perform is already massive, and when you throw in how much the game must mean to him as a fan as well as a player and I think those games are the ones Jack struggles in. Relatively speaking, of course, when compared with his usual exceptional standards
  3. I'd love to see this tried, just out of curiosity. Clearly what we're doing at the moment doesn't work. Unless we miraculously take the fight from our league cup final into our league matches something definitely has to change.
  4. There is every chance we'd have lost by even more with man to man marking, but we'll never know!
  5. Keinan looks like such a good player. It's a travesty that he cant stay fit.
  6. Their goal from a corner that wasnt is looking even more farcical at the moment. **** VAR
  7. Conor totally bottle that (terrible) pass from Douglas. He must doesn't look interested from open play
  8. Actually they werent on the replay. Both feet did leave the floor very briefly but by the time he got anywhere near aguero the studs were pointing down and one foot on the floor. Overall I'd say it was a foul as a bit over aggressive and potentially dangerous.
  9. If it's good enough for the badge...
  10. Grim reading the result today. Doesnt change the fact that all the teams around were likely to pick up at least a few points between now and the end of the season and we will still need to get some results against teams we will be expected to lose against. Still in our hands, stil need to get better than we have been so far this season.
  11. Interestingly I never rated Terry as a defender until he played for us. He always seemed a liability, masked by moments of brilliance, being good in the air and having a decent goal scoring record. You cant coach a lot of what Terry had in my view.
  12. MrBlack

    Dean Smith

    Whilst it's fact we will be better with those two, I dont think every opposition we have left will be as soft as spurs were at times today. We have to hope some better teams have an off day against us as what I saw today is an indication that we will continue to give away soft goals and continue to throw away golden chances to score. The latter is not Dean's fault, but the former is looking like his remit. Would still stick with him for first season back down if it happens
  13. Utterly depressing. It was so predictable from the moment we pulled level. And why? Because we can't defend for s**t. That was a spurs team that were ripe for the beating. We wasted so many chances, and gifted them endless opportunities. That's 1 of our few winnable remaining games done, with nothing to show for it and probably a severe dent to our morale. Need a shock victory when we expect a loss or we are in trouble.
  14. I would say unfuckingbelievable... but it's not
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