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  1. Could have used it in response to any of the Sanson highlight compilations given the belters Sanson seems to score!
  2. Essentially yes, but there are factors we control that could make them not want him and I believe the first of those is what will happen: -Offer them a fee to buy out the clause so they don't go ahead with the buy back. - Have Luiz love it here so much that he expresses to City this desire, and they may respect it and hence change their stance. Unlikely that he'd say no to joining a champions league team in all honesty, but it might happen and it might make City more inclined to accept whatever we offer in point 1 above. There is no requirement to have your contracted players be ha
  3. According the PL official site he is on 2. Which suggests it counts as a red only. Good news.
  4. Which is why our new contract to him may make them less willing to complete the buy back, albeit unlikely as their wage bill dwarfs ours and Luiz would probably still be at the bottom end of theirs. I think most likely outcome is we buy them out of the clause. But if City start asking for more than 20m I could see us looking elsewhere for better value. Assuming the buy back is 35m (no one seems to know, not even Smith apparently), then any more than a 20m buy out of the clause and you'd expect us to be able to get better value buying elsewhere. I see it as a win win for us rea
  5. Im sure they'll be better in the second half of the season, but historically Dean Smith teams are better second half also so who knows. Definitely within the realms of possibility, assuming covid doesn't derail us. I dont see the game as a free hit, but I will accept any kind of performance in this game, and any result. A 7-0 defeat? No problem. We have had the most interrupted buildup to a game ever, and players that will be a fair way off match fitness, 2 weeks is a long time in pro world, albeit rested. Throw in the fact this City team is the best team in the league on its day, and the
  6. Anyone would think it's rocket science...
  7. Cash could definitely play that role. Not so sure what we'd do on the left though. New signing?
  8. This was another of those moments, that have happened quite a lot recently, where I found myself saying "I can't remember the last time a Villa player/team did that".... all in a good way.
  9. But the point is if they don't want him and just want the cash, it's ours to give them to buy out the clause. I think this makes it more likely he will stay, assuming we have cash availableand have determined the value of Dougie to us is at least as much as city wil accept plus the 30m they'd buy him back for.
  10. The more I see this, and the statistical analysis that was posted comparing the two, the happier I am. Not just because I think a right footed McGinn would bring exceptional balance to the side, but because I came to the same conclusion after watching 1 minute of highlights. Maybe it is possible to watch a highlights reel and come to the right conclusion?
  11. Going to be interesting. You've got to expect that even if the first 11 are suffering zero direct ill effects from covid, the indirect effects will have an impact on us. Those being the lack of proper training equipment and for some players lack of space (Luiz), the lack of joined up drills, the lack of a close eye being kept on you by the coaches. Its going to be a really tough ask to get anything from this game, but I still would back our current crop to be able to do it, if anyone can.
  12. Well played... but also, how did I miss that.
  13. Looks a bit slanted to me, maybe taking too many lessons from the mannequin in the background. Or maybe Bodymoor has suffered from major subsidence during its lockdown.
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