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  1. But he's not there to score goals. Kane is... apparently. Sterling is the issue. So one dimensional and offers nothing to anyone. Not even scoring this season so how he kept his spot where Jack was brought off is a mystery. Southgate out of his depth. England going nowhere under him.
  2. You can see the date on the images.. 9/8/10 . Looks pretty legit, but assume any new plans would be very different.
  3. Whilst there are some decent points in there, the fact they get the allowable losses wrong straight off the bat calls into question the validity. Its £105m over 3 years, not £155m. Either way, the fact remains that whatever loss they incur this season by signing a new squad, will be on their FFP books in 2 years time, and will severely limit their expenditure over the next 2 seasons. Mildly inflated sponsorship deals for toothbrushes, crypto currencies, and official car cleaning partners will only get them so far.
  4. I thought Grealish would stay with us because he's a life long fan and we were clearly on a continuing upwards trend. I didn't think he was loyal or a genuine guy (drink driving is a crime and he totally mugged the legal system off to get away with it). Emi strikes me as a nice bloke who regularly speaks about loyalty and appreciating what we did for him. Totally different characters for sure, whether it results in any different outcome remains to be seen.
  5. Tthe way i see it is that we're the club that gave him the big break, helped get him into the Argentina squad, which has seen him become Argentina's second favourite player (behinde Messi obviously). He stayed at Arsenal playing a bit part role for years and got nowhere. He's a very loyal player and I don't see him trying to shaft us. I do see him trying to get the best contact for himself and his young family, so possibly stalling to get more money out of us, but if there's a clause in that next contract it will be representative of how good he is, what salary he's on, and effectively be the thank you to us if we're ever forced to sell. Martinez seems like a genuinely nice bloke, but without actually knowing him I'm guessing there.
  6. Can you point me towards where this loophole we breached was closed. All I can find is that we were investigated for over inflating the value of our stadium when we sold it, except, they found that we hadn't. Isn't the selling of a stadium for market value still allowed? Man City was different as they sold contracts for sponsorship way over market value , but before the rules got changed, so again, didn't break the rules, just found gaps in them.
  7. Bet most of our spend there was in the last couple of years of that 10 year period too. Newcastle were a prime undervalued commodity, with plenty of room for improvement. Shame that it was a despotic regime that saw the potential.
  8. Will be interesting to see if any potential sponsors refuse to be asosciated with the club, or whether money will talk like it always does. Also, if the ffp limits that are so high for them this year get used to their fullest, they'll be hamstrung for the next 2 seasons. That profit from 2 years ago will be replaced in next years calculations by a huge loss this year. This is not the end of the world for us, or any other club trying to break the top 6/4. It might be the end of any remaining shred of dignity left in the game, but let's face it...the continued racism, Sepp and FIFA's corruption, financial disparity, the attempted European super league and, to a lesser extent, diving have all long since killed the beautiful game.
  9. That last sentence is atrocious reporting. Suggesting they circumvented British law to avoid isolation. Terrible from the BBC.
  10. To defend Risso here, that is absolutely not what he said. I read it as "how do we punish them if they're not villa fans?". What if they're not even based in the UK. Whoever they are, Villa fans or not, British or not, they should be arrested.
  11. Given the premier leagues, relatively, low vaccination rate... anyone reckon villa are one of the clubs that are contributing to that figure, or are we like wolves who have 100%?
  12. This argument makes no sense. He has played a full season in the premier league, and his creativity stats were as good as anyone else's in the league. I put it down more to him not being fully fit post a mystery injury that Villa refused to tell anyone about. We've got history for it, and I expect he'll be fine when he's match fit. The fact he wasted 3 weeks flying to Argentina and back to do nothing also hasn't helped him.
  13. Agreed. Can't wait to see it happen. I have been amazed how well we've done without them both. I expect us to be better when they're both up to full match fitness and both play.
  14. But thanks to FFP, which prevents clubs spending more than they earn to catch up, it results in a glass ceiling that clubs outside the sky6 will never break through.
  15. Yes indeed. Yes, it is. As I found out to my cost after seeing DHUTWU for the first time.
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