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  1. MrBlack

    Louie Barry

    The photo of his supposed Villan tattoo, and the appearance of whatever is on his arm during the signing do look totally different. Anyone got proof that's his actual tattoo?
  2. I really like the look of Delphino's formation. Relies heavily on having wingbacks that have the highest levels of fitness going, and with limited cover for our first choice options I couldn't see it working if fred or targett got injured. I assume we'll see something very similar in our next game, with El Ghazi replacing McGinn. Think that would be drinkwater's last start if he doesnt show a step up in performance and stamina.
  3. MrBlack

    Louie Barry

    I was about to say maybe it's to do with not trying to build up expectation too much, but given the Samatta comment it certainly sounds more like incompetence.
  4. MrBlack

    Wesley Moraes

    Maybe the miracle refers to the fact we have largely more difficult games remaining than "easier" ones? Our remaining fixtures don't look pretty, but not sure it's quite miracle level. There's plenty of other dross in the bottom half of this league, and none of them have Grealish. On topic Edit: would have been interesting to see how he'd have pushed on with our new formation, but I think he'd had ample game time to show more than he has. Goal return was acceptable, but general contribution was lacking for me.
  5. MrBlack

    Louie Barry

    Even if you've been through the behemoth of youth systems at Barcelona, there must be something spine chillingly amazing about playing your first game for your boyhood club, winning, and scoring in the game.
  6. MrBlack

    Louie Barry

    Scoring and being involved in coming back from 1-0 down within 30 minutes of coming on. That's an impressive debut if true. Without wanting to add to the hype, imagine a full professional debut that had a similar effect. The reviews posted here from people who have seen him play suggest he's got something special. Lets hope we manage him in a way that works, and the new management of the club protects and develops him to his full potential. Welcome Louie!
  7. I think if we stay up and our leadership show the right actions and give him the right messages we would see at least one more season out of him. Otherwise, i could see him moving to Spain for his next step. Can't see him moving to anyone in England other than a team challenging for the league, and even then that would need something significant to trigger him wanting to actually leave and having no other option. Can imagine him going to the Euros and getting so much "persuasion" from the lads that play at Liverpool and Man City that it might make him give it an extra thought that he otherwise wouldn't have.
  8. I always thought it was "if you would mind"... On topic, Fred and Konsa both at fault for the goal, either one of them could've done more to stop it, but more Konsa for me. Fred had an exceptional game otherwise. Konsa I think is a gamble at the moment but he'll be a good player in the future
  9. The amortization argument for being able to spend more doesn't mean we have it available. They'll have an eye on expected future income, and also an eye on the fact we can't use all the 140m as it would mean next year we'd have nothing to spend again (assuming all our signings are on more than one year contracts). That said, we definitely have money available if needed and presumably will spend it if the right option comes up. Piatek for £30m you say?
  10. Konsa was shocking defensively but that finish redeemed him for his earlier failings. Nakamba looked very good today. Luiz makes mistakes but he's a better player than most of what we have and we were much better with him on the pitch. Should've started, needs to start the next match. Reina with an assured performance and some excellent saves, and great distribution. Looks like an inspired signing. Grealish got the s**t kicked out of him, and actually looked tired at times. Not a surprise given he has to do everything himself. Still our best player, world class. Targett needs to learn to cross and he'd be a brilliant wing back. Fred frightened their left winger into his pocket. Lethal slide tackles. The shape was terrible in the first half, the subs fixed it. Going to be a hell of a ride
  11. Konsa looks atrocious. Really would like to know what's up with Engels. Needs to do something with the formation and probably bring on a dedicated striker
  12. Wow, that really shows up the pro-Liverpool bias, only a 7 point lead! Joking aside, we have been shafted by dodgy VAR decisions more than anyone else, and some at crucial game deciding moments. Amazing that even with the technology we still get screwed over. Whether that's a conscious hatred / desire to see less opposition to the establishment is another matter.
  13. A decent looking striker, in his prime, for a relative pittance in this day and age. If Wesley can learn a bit from him about putting in some effort as a striker it could prove a veritable bargain. Looking forward to seeing this signing confirmed. Another forward on loan for cover, and a winger and that would be a fantastic January window *for a club in our current position
  14. I assumed the photo was of his dad who happened to be in hospital when providing the interview. That photo looks like a stock image... is it even Ally?
  15. Hopefully down to a change in play style or position and our play style is more like their previous season's. Alternatively, it's showing you how much you develop after a season or two in English leagues, and we should perhaps be patient with some of our signings.
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