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  1. So much for that famous German efficency...
  2. I rate AEG, but with age not on his side, and us needing to offer him a new deal if we want to keep him and still make a profit, then I'd sell for 15m. He may still prove to be a bargain for someone at that price, but it works for us and would be silly to turn down. That assumes we have Bailey coming in.
  3. Its happening! Someone do the gif honours...seems my gif posting privileges are suspended for a week after my fish tits incident. Who knew it wasn't a real fish!
  4. UEFA suggested they were going to completely revamp it, then did nothing of the sort. Was just a leak, that may well not have been true. Or they may still be determining what it is they're going to change. In terms of the premier league rules, they just let you spread losses over a longer period but at the same ratio. So effectively you could lose 70m over 2 years, instead of 35m over 1 year. In theory, they expected clubs to drop below the usual 35m loss in 2019 due to covid, and expected them to make up the shortfall in 2020. That obviously hasn't happened with last season being nearly fully behind closed doors, so they may well make a further allowance for the 21/22 season. Tbc See the posts from @Czarnikjakon page 16 for a better indication of what was done and how it impacts our potential position.
  5. Hajdu kome up with that one?
  6. Thanks, that makes plenty of sense, except where you round up 22.4 and round down 13.5 ;). I think i'd assumed the losses we could write off as allowable costs would be much lower than they are. Also, reassures me that we'll be able to set aside a significant chunk of our losses due to covid in the accounts we'll release early next year. I know our wage bill will be a lot healthier for the 5 senior players we've lost, and the quality of the players we lost is easily replicated by our youth team at a much cheaper price. Overall, you've eased my mind a lot, thanks!
  7. Thanks! Yes, was awarw we attributed about 36m of our losses to covid in our last accounts, so makes it only about 63m last season, even before the other losses we can exclude, rather than the 99m. Definitely a rosier place. Wasn't aware they could be excluded though Given our signings last summer were less value than the one before (I think), I assume our losses for 20/21 will be lower...would love to see your estimated calcs if you care to pm me. Plus, may well be covid losses are signifciantly higher given the whole season was being closed doors rather than only part of it, and give us evern more leeway. And yes, I was trying not to allude to a need to sell Jack, hence I used assets rather than asset, but still suggests we need to sell someone, or a few, before we can bring in our second key signing (as alluded to in Purslows post season interview where he stated we are "a couple of key signings short").
  8. Anyone know what the deal with FFP is for this season and where it leaves us with money to spend? My understanding was losses from 2019/20 season were rolled into last season due to covid, allowing firms the chance to spread out their loss over a couple of years and in doing so avoid breaching ffp regs by default in 19/20. The £30m loss per year over 3 year ruling effectively became a 30m loss per year over 4 years for last season ending 2021. Given the 20/21 season was also then impacted by covid, do they get to roll them into another year? Even so, how does that really help given the losses will be higher than normal due to covid. Internet seems to have no information about what is happening. I use the term season loosely, as I think the losses align with the tax year. So in theory, as of 1st April, we're in a new year where we'll actually have yo make a profit, given our losses last season were 99mill and about 66 mill the season before? How does this impact our ability to buy anyone else? We already spent a hefty chunk on Buendia, and we look like we're going to have to offer Martinez and Grealish hefty increases to their weekly wage. Has it officially been scrapped? I have no reason to think we are, but hope we are we not doing a man City to disguise our losses this season, and somehow have managed to sustain the massive spending and 0 income from sales legitimately. Otherwise, I see a situation where we need to sell around £100m worth of assets to comply? Welcome any resident experts view on the matter...
  9. Sky said this at the start of his current contract: "Grealish's new Villa contract contains a significant pay rise, compared with his existing deal which expired in 2023, and also contains a bigger buy-out clause than his previous contract." Problem being, he didn't have one in his previous contract. So how can the clause possible be bigger if one didn't exist. A new one is therefore fundamentally lower if there wasn't one previously. Proves they know feck all, and were making it up. I would be absolutely amazed if our owners agreed to a £100m buyout clause, and for that reason, I don't think he's leaving. I also have serious doubts about our owners if they let him go for anything less than 150m. His value is more to us than it is to City, and we have a 4 year contract contract him. Not forgetting that Pep himself said this in 2019, when he had a so called lower release clause according to know nothing sky(bet) : “He [Grealish] is an incredible, incredible player ... He’s an exceptional player but too expensive for Manchester City!”
  10. You can resize images, even on a phone you know
  11. Mr Lee Seems to be going on a rant to justify his backtrack. Called the transfer "advanced" to get clicks (clickbait), now says but it might not happen because of all these other factors he chose to ignore when he first said it was advanced. Then he wonders why villa fans get upset about him posting an article about how he'll fit in at City, as if he's already destined to join them. Yeah, he's a city reporter, but it's clear he's posting for his clientele, and probably has little clue about what is likely to happen.
  12. Buendia's might be, but Martinez's little lad is about 4. I'd be amazed if they managed to take him to Drayton Manor and keep him out of Thomas Land... unless he wasn't there in which case its largely irrelevant anyway. The point was that Martinez loves the area and has frequented local places, and is sharing that info and love of the area with our new recruit. Great to see!
  13. Still the third richest in the league, and plenty rich enough to compete if FFP does one.
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