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    The NSWE Board

    You're right, i think. It's the current year ending 2020, and next year ending 2021 that will combine, however, I dont know if the year ending 21 is Dec 21 calendar year, April 21 tax year, or Aug 21 end of season?
  2. MrBlack

    Said Benrahma

    Definitely not happening now, jinxed it. Also, lock incoming
  3. Really like that! Would be very pleased if that was the away kit.
  4. Tempted to buy one if the sponsor peels off, always look better without a sponsor
  5. Quite spectacular. You can take some of those stats in isolation and say they're a result of the fact we were a team playing counter attacking low possession football, but put them all together and it's truly astounding how good he was this season in a well below average team.
  6. Up to 40m I'd buy, over I'd pass. Sadly, I think Chelsea would want more, probably 45m+
  7. Grealish is sh*t, sell him. Edit: not sure i have the reputation to carry the sarcasm so I'll clarify, joking aside, those stats and jonjon's commentary on his attitude have pretty much sold me on Watkins. Hope it happens! (And we dont sell Grealish)
  8. Yes, would welcome some nostalgia, if only because we were a decent team back in those days. Although, Wimbledon, Ipswich and Oldham would do well to get to the PL next season, given they're not in the Championship. I think Sheff Wed have a point deduction hanging over them too so can't see them making the playoffs next season.
  9. Some interesting info there... Also can't believe only 7 teams have currently been in the top flight for 10 or more consecutive years. Wouldn't mind seeing blackburn, sheff wed and derby returning next season, replacing palace, brighton and Fulham. Would have a nice old school feel to the league
  10. I do hate sky so effing much. Assuming their other report about Watkins having an £18m release clause is correct, why even bother putting them in a single post with a combined fee. No way they value Benrahma at £32m. This is clearly made up bollox to appear sensationalist and get clikbait. If they can offer a bet that they both go to the same club at the same time via sky bet, ooooo, lets watch the money roll in. Scum bags
  11. I love the idea of Guilbert sitting there bored out of his brains, liking tweets left right and centre knowing it will have people in a spin. Strikes me as the kind of guy that's a bit of a wind up merchant (in a good way) so not sure if I'll read much into what he does.
  12. I agree to an extent, but given the intensity and short timeframe of next season, having a bulky squad will be a necessity. And if we have to do that by keeping players we ideally want rid of long term, so we can minimise the number of incoming, then that is the way forward for me. My minimum incoming is 4, if we lose the 5 I suggested. Lose any more and we will need to replace them =more turnover.
  13. We can only register 25 anyway, although Davis, Vassilev and Luiz wouldn't count in that 25 as they were 21 or under at the start of the year. I'd also remove Lansbury and Jota, leaving you with 19 registered, plus 3 that can play unregistered. Sign 6 and you have your 25 with the only turnover being to players that played less than 3 matches between them. Edit: I'd be happy with 4 if they are all proven quality, but given 1 is looking like Watkins, I think we still need those 4 capital Q players you mention.
  14. That's the biggest worry for me. Only have to look how well Sinclair did there to know that a player can be a god North of the border and terrible below it. That said, it's not a given and there are examples where players have transferred well. I'm unsure and definitely not convinced at £40m. For the £25m that has been rumoured I think we'll struggle to get any better and would take it, but with us looking like we're going for Watkins, I would not be happy with just those two as our striking options until Wes returns. Its basically like having two Wesley's next year, instead of the one we had this year. Two rolls of the dice instead of 1. Which is not good value for what could be over £50m.
  15. Brentford fan on this very forum has explained how different he is to Hogan. Not only are their playing styles very different, but the buying circumstances are very different also. If he fails it won't be because he is Hogan mk2. Similarities end at them both having played for Brentford
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