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  1. TAA taking out the player not the ball, Trez then trying to fight against it and get the ball. This was the challenge that caused it.
  2. Wish him as speedy a recovery as possible. Shit luck. F**k Carragher and TAA. Scouse scum.
  3. Still no formal news, other than Trez himself saying "he's not quite sure about the injury" when he posted the evening of the match.
  4. Very true. It actually feels to me like we've been doing a lot less of the gifting these days. Certainly used to feel like you could guarantee whoever hasn't scored for months would score against us, but given how good our defence has been this season the Liverpool result felt like an exception. Admittedly a very disappointing one, that is the latest example in a recent run of poor form, but to look at the season as a whole we've been the ones setting our own records, rather than helping others set theirs.
  5. Our luck -_-. No free kick for a foul that caused a career threatening injury. Sounds about right. Feel bad for him. Hope it's not as bad as it appears to be.
  6. Have to question why he thought Barkley was a better option than a player who changed the game when he last came on. Suppose he was hoping Barkley would like the big stage, given he's been dross on every other stage pretty much since the last time we played Liverpool. The experiment has failed, time time end it and focus on our own players that will be here this season. Let's hope City have an off day and we dont get too badly hammered. Smith, please send Ross back home.
  7. If those weren't his last minute for us I'll be extremely disappointed.
  8. If only we had the Ross from the start of the season. We'd be winning instead of losing. Shame
  9. I think I'd be happier if it was that than a genuine set back though. They can work on his confidence and hopefully he'll get the belief back the more he uses it. As you said, it would be understandable. Hopefully he doesn't contract Sturridge syndrome. I haven't had anything like this level of injury, but a few hamstring and ligament injuries over the years that have kept me out for a couple of months at time. The first few times you play you imagine all sorts of scenarios where you'll aggravate it and don't do what you would normally do in the same situation. You feel the tightness
  10. In fact, I don't think it does. Not an oracle on the subject, but its net losses over a period of years that ffp cares about. However, we can offset any costs that relate to the youth team, our infrastructure or training grounds which actually probably makes up a fair chunk of our losses. The costs of player signings we've paid will be spread out over the term of their contracts, so not all the money we paid for a player will show in our accounts that year. Although, the effect is that some costs from previous signings will be showing. Ultimately, In the Premier League rules
  11. I expected similar pre season. After the first few games that changed to, great, we'll be fine. Be interesting to see if we can make top half. Then after a few more games it became we could make Europe. In hindsight, Europe was never really achievable. But I did feel it was for a while. An injury to a key player was always likely. The lack of squad depth was always likely to hinder us at some point, and there was absolutely nothing we could have done about it. The money we've spent to assemble this squad, couldn't have gone any further. In the short term, maybe we may
  12. At our stage of development we definitely aren't for profit. They're losses they expect to recoup when we make the champions league. But they could recoup all those losses now , by selling just some of the assets they bought, for substantially more than they paid for them. And still leave us with a better training ground, brighter youth team talent prospects and a refreshed parachute payment allowance if they did so (assuming we also then got relegated) They won't do that, it's short term and our owners see the potential. This club will make more than it costs now that it is well r
  13. He loves the Villa Shin splints can f%$King do one He's here forever
  14. This did happen, and what has resulted in this injury taking longer to recover from than it should have. They rushed him back, and I have no doubt Grealish was as much at fault (if not more so) as the club for this. If the injury is so mysterious as to have no real expected layoff period, and presumably something that is hard to judge from scans, they have to rely on the player feedback. Shame for all concerned. Only saving grace is it will put others off trying to buy him. As for our form, his legacy, England Euro chances, they're all taking a hit as a result.
  15. Wow. What utter bollocks. That's an impressive level of complete nonsense. Who are they even trying to attract clicks from with such claims. (N.b. I haven't clicked the link as refuse to give them any traffic, but going bases on the URL text)
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