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  1. He did very little against Leicester until his goal, but the second we're 2 down, he doesnt deserve to keep his place with that kind of performance. At 3 down, it's too late. If it was injury induced he should've been brought off earlier
  2. A mixed bag. One of our better players, but below par for his standards. Bit of bad luck lead to his head dropping, and then not making the right decision on occasion. Didn’t have many options going on around him so the blame is not entirely at his door. With the luck we've had from the other games so far things could've been very different
  3. I think trez was one of the few players to come out of the game with any credit. I felt deflated when Traore came on for him, but totally understood it. What else did we have to lose. But Traore offered nothing in either direction, compared with Trez who at least helped defensively. Not a great game by any stretch, but no more deserving of criticism than anyone else on the pitch
  4. Bielsa is a fat pr#$k. You are, however, right about our defenders. It bugs me that VAR didn't give Bamford a yellow for his foul on Mings, but Mings cannot do what he did. With VAR in place he has to let the powers that be do their thing. So bloody typical that Bamford has his game of the season against us.
  5. And if he hadn't done it maybe bamford gets a yellow instead
  6. Agree with this. Mings lost his head there. Allowed the slip up under the circumstances of us throwing away our chance to set a new club record, but he needs to be smarter in the future Mings did not do well to avoid punching him. Mings got totally played and lost. He's very very lucky the ref didn't see the shirt grab and following push or he'd have rightfully been sent off. You can't afford to lose those psychological battles or what happened last night ends up happening. Next time, Mings probably ends up getting sent off
  7. Feeling like we should win this (first time I've felt that this season) so inevitably something is going to go against us. Touching wood (and any other superstitious gesture you care to have) that it doesn't.
  8. Wow, missed that! Thoroughly deserved given the going rate for players in the league at the moment. In that case, could definitely see us signing Ross.
  9. Call it 39 points and make it 9 games, no point delaying the inevitable. Especially as we could have stayed up with 34 points last season with a better goal difference and did stay up with 35.
  10. According to the Athletic we are paying all of his £110k per week. Doesn't seem to have upset Grealish at the moment. Don't think he'd move for a salary reduction (or much of one) and dont see us spending 40m+ on top of that kind of wage demand. Might still happen if we get him in the England team and finish in the top half. Could trigger decent pay rises for a few players so he doesn't completely blow the wage structure, but does put our committed expenditure very high!
  11. That assumes he would go to them. Why get paid the same amount to have lumps kicked out of you in the championship when you can do nothing in luxurious surroundings in the PL?
  12. I'd say the general consensus lately has been exactly what you say. Most appreciate what he brings, and recognise what he doesn't. McGinn offers more defensively and as much offensively. He is just an all round better player, with only set pieces being in Conors favour.
  13. Hope your 1 fit defender underestimates him as much as you do.
  14. Mission accomplished! Would be good to have someone to collate the donations so it gets the recognition and awareness it deserves.
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