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  1. Not even a clue? Was it Marco? Merrick? Terry Lee?
  2. Please reveal them. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.
  3. You’d have to read back a little way for this to make sense, but hyprbol probably best describes things.
  4. The sort that uses half a bog roll and takes about 3 flushes to get rid of.
  5. Entering into this thread is like delving into the deepest recesses of the mind of a schizophrenic who hasn’t taken their medication.
  6. Could somebody please explain this to me? Why does his DJ mate being completely knackered for next season have positive connotations?
  7. I hope that Ronan fella who’s been tweeting about the bid for Bailey doesn’t weigh in on the debate. If tomorrow never comes…
  8. Pissflaps certainly poured cold water on that rumour. Poured something on it anyway.
  9. He’s innocent, nothing to see here. Those girls are at least 40 years too young for Rooney.
  10. A few weeks ago it was Jim White peddling b*llocks, last week it was Nicholo Schira (whoever he is), but what is it today that’s prompted this latest panic? I genuinely can’t work out what it is.
  11. A pre-season friendly is just that. A means of easing players back to fitness. Giving a range of players a bit of game time. Rarely is it an indicator of how the season will pan out. Just understand how people can get worked up and shit their pants over one pre-season game. Leave that to plastic fans of the Sky 6.
  12. Whispers is Daniel James? Why on earth is Daniel James posting all these cryptic Villa rumours?
  13. I think he could really push on this season. He showed last season what a decent player he was with better quality around him. Not saying he is or will be the quality of Gueye, but if we were to let him go we could end up similarly regretting it.
  14. Not sure how the sizes compare to the Kappa shirts of 2019/20, so don’t know how helpful this is to you, but I have the green and black third shirt from that year, it’s a medium and regular fit but I would say it’s definitely more ‘slim’ than regular. I’m erring on the slim side at 5ft 11 and 11st 4, and it fits me nicely but I suspect a slim fit Kappa might look spray-on on most people. Seems that Kappa stuff in general is on the small / slim fit size so I’d be nervous about ordering a slim fit.
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