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  1. I wonder if I can get away with a similar response the next time my wife catches me watching videos on left-handed websites?
  2. Didn’t you ask him what he was doing in your house?
  3. Whilst being happy with this signing I don’t think I fully appreciated just what he’d bring to the team. Agree that he seems to have changed the whole team dynamic. Still early days this season but for the first time in a while I’m looking forward to our next game - instead of having that feeling you get before a driving test or an exam. When you keep needing the toilet every few minutes but not much comes out.
  4. I think it’s us that’s wasted the energy - all 352 pages of it - rather than the club.
  5. Absolutely tore Joe Gomez a new one.
  6. Sorry, was meant as a joke. Nelson, one eye and all that...Clearly fell flat.
  7. I heard we still had one eye on a possible move for him
  8. Put in a real shift and caused them all sorts of problems, but it was one of those games where he was never going to score. In short, he had a Keinan Davis. He’ll soon click into gear.
  9. That sounds like a Glaswegian vagrant.
  10. He didn’t look that traumatised to me.
  11. A bit of googling shows that it is indeed the Vitesse away kit from that season:
  12. For the record, I knew you were trolling straight away.
  13. Could we have a whip round for the rest? I’m happy to put in £20 if it allows me to finally get some work done
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