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  1. I think he’s like a modern day Terry Hurlock.
  2. Possibly fuelled by the obligatory hot bank holiday Sunday drinking session, but I got slightly emotional reading this article: https://www.joe.co.uk/football/the-new-colossus-tyrone-mings-aston-villa-and-this-brazen-love-affair-238973
  3. I honestly never knew Steve Bruce was from Dudley
  4. Surely any song for him has got to be something by Doctor and the Medics.
  5. He’s clearly done his homework on us and knows how much the mighty Paul McGrath is revered round these parts. Good on him.
  6. Apart from shredded duck pancakes with hoisin sauce. They’re frequently starters.
  7. To me he’s Doug Lewis. With him and Fred Gilbert we’ll have the makings of a quality crown green bowls team.
  8. Not a fish / Egyptian / (insert subject matter) pun in sight. No ‘It’s Happening’ gifs or South Park jizz pictures. No Kenneth Williams gifs either. Nothing like what gets written on here.
  9. I didn’t realise he was so massive. Just look at how he dwarfs that coffee mug. Slightly concerned now about his mobility given he’s a winger.
  10. Sounds like you’ve been “working from home” today. Don’t worry, the cramp in your wrists will soon go.
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