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  1. Mistake letting Guilbert leave on loan IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, I love Elmo, he’s been a brilliant servant for the club, but his best days are past him and can’t help but think Guilbert would be a much better fit for what we need at the moment. Looked to me like there was a lot of room for improvement with Fred. When you look at how Nakamba has improved with a much better all-round team, and how Targett has developed under the current set up, I think Fred could also have progressed, and could plug the gap left while Cash is out.
  2. You make him sound like a miracle worker but fail to mention that they were bankrolled by a Russian millionaire, were guilty of breaching financial fair play etc. Light years from Walsall’s situation. Unfair comparison with Brentford too.
  3. An absolute colossus. Magnificent defender.
  4. Newcastle’s run of games is awful from April onwards, ending with Sheffield United at home then away to Fulham on the last day. If they’ve got to go to Craven Cottage and get a result...
  5. I’d always assumed it to be a severely malfunctioning Caps Lock on one’s keyboard.
  6. Plenty of positives to be taken from today: 1. Other than Rotherham, which was pretty much a given, all the other teams around them - Coventry, Derby, Forest and Huddersfield - won. That must be pretty disheartening for the vermin. 2. Karanka stays in charge for now. 3. Agent Hogan’s cover hasn’t been blown. This is still very much on. (First time in my life I’ve celebrated a Coventry win).
  7. Even in those days keen to emulate the world’s managerial best, with the Bielsa taking a dump on the edge of the pitch pose.
  8. Looking forward to seeing Morgan Chanson D’Amour play a full 90 minutes. Really pleased we got The Manhattan Transfer over the line.
  9. It’s marvellous what auto-correct is doing for this thread. So far our new signing has been changed to Kenny Sansom, a spice made from dried berries, and a South Korean car manufacturer. Maybe we should stick with Morgan?
  10. Say what you like about Leeds but their games are never boring. They’re a breath of fresh air to be fair. If they weren’t a bunch of man-bun wearing toss pots with arrogant words removed for fans, I’d actually quite like them.
  11. You mean this fella? Or someone else?
  12. We need to freshen up. Teams have sussed how we play and aren’t allowing us to, and as has been said above, we are being bullied in games. It’s a measure of how far we’ve come this season that we’ve still managed to grind out some excellent results during our current “poor” run despite all that. I still feel incredibly upbeat about the progress Dean Smith and the team have made this season. But we do need to implement a Plan B. Time to give Nakamaba and Sanson a chance.
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