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  1. What I do find incredible is how he got that size when he only retired a year ago. I’d have to eat a KFC family feast and the set menu for 4 from my local Chinese takeaway every night to get to that size that quickly. Having said that, he’s in better shape than Micky Quinn when he was still playing.
  2. Reckon West Brom will be too strong for the unwashed. Thoroughly dislike the two of them but my hatred for Blues is off the scale compared to West Brom.
  3. It’s not you the one that’s missing something, that’s for sure.
  4. Handy for catching his decapitated head when he doesn’t perform to the owners’ expectations .
  5. Won 2, drawn 2, lost 3 this season, currently 13th in the table. Or do you mean consistent apart from this season? I’m sure Leicester fans don’t know what they’re getting most weeks this season so far.
  6. How do Kappa sizes work for kids? Did you have to get him a 10 year old’s shirt?
  7. I sincerely hope we do. It’s shocking that the much of the mainstream media and almost all football ‘pundits’ have failed to call out the appalling values, crimes and human rights of Newcastle’s owners. Comments such as other teams’ fans being jealous serves only to highlight the ignorance of most of them. I wouldn’t swap Villa’s position for Newcastle’s in a million years. After a rough few years we’re building something great here. Newcastle United and it’s proud history died a death when that takeover went through. Very soon, if not already, it won’t be just Sunderland that despises them. Jealous my arse.
  8. I don’t think living in Newcastle would come into the equation either. It’s actually a great city with, like most parts of the UK, some excellent places to live. I’d like to think that the bigger dilemma would be whether they’d want to be employed by a club owned by one of the most reprehensible regimes in the world. One that bombs Yemeni children, that stones women to death for adultery, that throws homosexuals from the tops of tall buildings for their ‘crimes’, that murders journalists, that has beheaded 37 people in a single day. But of course that won’t come into it. Yet those same mercenary players will still take the knee in their battle against inequality and intolerance. It’s a ****ed world we live in.
  9. Her eyes remind me of Nookie Bear’s to be honest. I wonder if she’s ever had Roger de Courcey’s hand up her arse?
  10. Just had a look at Sunderland’s Ready to Go forum, which always makes me chuckle, on the fallout of the Newcastle takeover. My favourite post was simply: ”Burqa Grove”
  11. Not if Newcastle have anything to do with it
  12. It must feel weird for the likes of Ciaran Clark and co. knowing that regardless of how you perform this season you’ll be out on your ear by either January or May. Realistically not going to happen but I’d love it, love it if they went down.
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