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  1. Let’s hope that come Monday evening we’ll all be raising a glass to Jack...
  2. Sadly I have to agree. Professor Green would have been more effective on the wing than him.
  3. For me the initial offence, compounded by the use of “ would of” instead of “would have” and the failure to use an apostrophe in “official’s”, all add up to a clear cut penalty.
  4. Wow. If it wasn’t for the abuse aimed at the city of Birmingham and its inhabitants you could be forgiven for thinking you were reading a Small Heath forum there. The pig-ignorant and unintelligent abuse is a real surprise to me - but as others have said we should take it as a compliment that a club with which we have no association through either history or geography should dislike us so much. Makes you appreciate what, on balance, a reasonable and fair forum Villa Talk is.
  5. Which one would you say looks like Allan Evans and which one looks like Ken McNaught?
  6. Just checked his stats - his disciplinary record looks ok so he’s certainly not a Hause of Cards.
  7. If you extrapolate those statistics then by December 8th we won’t even touch the ball. Bruce out!
  8. If Vinagre snubs is too, that would really rub salt in the wound.
  9. He could still cut it at this level. I don’t think it would be at all hard for him.
  10. I’m positive we could do without such negative publicity.
  11. As it’s Norwich we’re talking about, I take it that she was your sister?
  12. I think tonight's result and performance have sapped the will to live out of the best of us. I should be pleased but after a sh*t day at work and a sh*t result, my overarching emotion is "whatever".
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