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  1. We signed one of those in 2015. It didn’t end well...
  2. Wearing that ridiculous outfit for starters. And that haircut.
  3. Are you sure English isn’t your first language? Your English is better than most English peoples’ English.
  4. Take a bow son. I suspect the younger members of the forum won’t get this. They’ll be reading your post thinking “this means nothing to me”.
  5. Dean Smith will have morphed into Giovanni Trapattoni...
  6. So looks like we’re signing Luke Ayling from Leeds...
  7. It’s Alek Bacuna, the third of the Bacuna brothers, cunningly disguised.
  8. You mean like the Kalvin Phillips thread?
  9. I think that would be known as a Haircut 100. It would be a fantastic day if we signed him.
  10. Feels like we’ve signed a new player. Well pleased for him.
  11. And that’s what we’ve got to face.
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