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  1. Buendia lowkey super annoying. Reminds me of dudes playing footie that always complain even though most of their time its their own errors
  2. Great so just league games for few months now. Emi Martinez had to be rested for those
  3. Play the entire starting team. This is the actually only way we can get in Europe this year. Top 6 over entire season is way harder to achieve than winning the cup. We got to finals twice with absolutely dogshit teams.
  4. Anyone expecting us to achieve Bucks success is delusional to the umpteen degree. We had our 'drafted' Giannis in Jack. But you simply cant match financial status of the Top 6. Bucks can spend same amount as Lakers or Knicks. We can't compete with City or Chelsea.
  5. When you realize the employees in football how almost more power then the clubs themselves.
  6. How long before he gets the Keinan Davis treatment 72 matches 3 goals ''great talent'' ''bring him on''
  7. Emi just established himself as first team keeper and Buendia might be seeing chance to break into the team. Quite obvious they're going.
  8. Chelsea got Spurs and City games sandwiched between this. Definitely gonna play weaker side, just depends how seriously we take it.
  9. Mate we literally bought Buendia, the best player from a team that just promoted to Premier League. Bit hypocritical innit. We are hardly better than City... Poaching entire WBA academy etc. This is how football is, the hierarchy is set in stone and you need state sponsored oil money to change the status quo. Leicester have given people hope though.
  10. Except when you sign new deals and promise the player outright to listen to offers above specific amounts. It's very clear Grealish signed last year deal with agreement he could go if certain offers matched our valuation..
  11. We need to play him more then cause xG evens outs across the season!
  12. I know lots of people like Traore enough but I still don't understand why we pursued him over Benrahma. The only mistake in our impeccable transfer window. Gotta feel for Watkings, had no help but was fighting like crazy. It's just nice to have players that give a ****. We didn't play well, but I still enjoyed seeing few individual performances.
  13. Is there some reason we will never play on Saturday ever again it seems? When the heck did we play on Saturday last time..
  14. I don't get how people can complain about soft free kicks when we got Grealish on the team winning a botload of them. Braindead rookie mistakes from Target and Luiz costing us game but Saints have been superior team so far.
  15. But our B team so good. Beat Bristol's b-team so easily. Lansbury bomb squad. El Ghazi and Nakamba sold to Turkey for whatever we can get. Davis converted into DM.
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