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  1. Steve Bruce

    I don't know the full circumstances of Newcastles poor start to last season but I would be Interested to know if they lost narrowly and the fans could see the plan and that things were coming together or if they looked absolutely clueless and were being comprehensively outplayed.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Every fan of other clubs repeatedly tell me he will guarantee promotion. Even today I was told this. Bet I'm not tomorrow though even after all the sniggering has stopped.
  3. Birkir Bjarnason

    He is so far out of his depth it's untrue. Who exactly scouted him? He plays like I would if I was picked.
  4. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Just no. But that is the best GIF in the world ever. I can happily watch it for hours and seeing it just now has brought a small ray of sunshine into a dark day so thank you.
  5. Andre Green

    Sorry, to be clear I meant struggling with end product, not endeavor.
  6. Andre Green

    He seems to be struggling. I think there is something there but now is not the time to be using him. He's too young and inexperienced to be on the pitch with what is going on.
  7. Tony Xia

    Needs to have balls now. It's not going to look good and the press will have a field day but Bruce HAS to go. Last season tells us promotion has probably already gone if we don't get a couple of quick wins, Bruce is not going to get those wins and could well send us into a terminal spiral to division 3.
  8. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Let's get this for those great away fans
  9. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Every single time Bjarnason gets the ball he loses it.
  10. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Any other team would now be throwing the kitchen sink at it and probably get an equiliser in the last minute. We will probably not bother.
  11. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Villa are back. Villa are back. King Bruce.
  12. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Seriously, we are the accursed. Change players, change tactics, change owner, change manager. Still awful awful awful. It's like a horror film where you think you have woken and everything is going to be OK and it just starts again.
  13. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    No, I don't want to walk the street wearing shit brown!
  14. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Whenever you hear the Commentators getting excited about a Villa attack, you just know damn well it's about to peter out. Free kick in a promising position? Hoofed high and long.
  15. Steve Bruce

    How the hell has he managed to make it go so far backwards from last season?