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  1. I would rather a list than a single name which leaves us up shit creek without a striker when it falls through
  2. Someone on Radio WM swore he'd see Sturridge at Villa Park before the Watford game.
  3. I will be completely gobsmacked if he doesn't start.
  4. Can the new towel dispensers be brought up at the next meeting. They are awful, spend half an hour pumping the lever to get a tiny piece of paper towel. Hands are dry before you get the towel and the 10 people behind you have given up and gone off drip drying.
  5. Southgate being linked with Man Ure job today. Hopefully that would be the final nail in the coffin for them whilst allowing a proper manager play Jack for England.
  6. Stranger things have happened.
  7. Odd that he didn't select him more in 13/14 season then. If you want to keep a player not playing him isn't really the way to go is it.
  8. Maybe anecdotal but was a factual conversation which actually happened. He is my brother in law and he did work with Albrightons dad.
  9. That lot look like right side scum to me. We're the left, we're the left side, the left side of The Holte. THE LEFT SIDE... THE LEFT SIDE...
  10. My brother in law worked with Albrightons dad and said Albrighton had a real issue with Paul Lambert. Couldn't get on with him at all.
  11. Yes, if a bond or something can be placed to cover x amount of future players wages that should help insulate clubs if owners run out of money. If you can't do that then OK carry on as normal, but if you can then rich owners fill your boots.
  12. By BM do you mean Birmingham Mail? If so you can file it as made up nonsense.
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