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  1. sidcow

    Bodymoor Heath

    On this basis Manchester City should be diabolically awful.
  2. sidcow

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    It's a bold strategy for sure but it's hard to see what could possibly go wrong
  3. sidcow

    André Green

    My, you're a fiery one, chill out bud. A couple of people disagree with your views on Green v the other "wingers" that's life. I've managed to accumulate over 6,000 posts on this site without anyone querying if I should be contributing to this forum.
  4. sidcow

    André Green

    Yes he is doing more than Adomah out there which is what you questioned.
  5. sidcow

    André Green

    Yes, yes he is.
  6. sidcow

    Conor Hourihane

    To be fair I've never been impressed, seems to me others are now seeing what I believe I've always been seeing.
  7. sidcow

    Jacob Ramsey

    A few nervous early touches where he gave the ball away but overall passed the ball better and retained control of the ball better than Hourihane which is a bit of a damning indictment of Hourinhane as we are discussing a 17 year old kid on his debut.
  8. sidcow

    Tammy Abraham

    His misses are so glaring because he is literally our only scoring option. If everyone else was chipping in with a few the misses amongst 20 scored wouldn't be so noticeable. But when he misses and doesn't subsequently score we inevitably drop points as we always concede and none of the other wastrels will be contributing.
  9. sidcow

    Conor Hourihane

    Another horror show. I think the penny has finally dropped with Smith but with McGinn now due a ban Hourihane will no doubt get a reprieve. The crowd truly turned on him today though.
  10. sidcow

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Sick of this now. Something is very wrong.
  11. sidcow

    after match

    Also there are 2 proper boozers right near New Street Station, The Shakespeare an The Trocadero both on Temple Street. Thinking about it you can find traditional boozers, smart expensive bars and a Wetherspoons in Temple Street and parallel Bennetts Hill, it's got something to offer for most people in that little rectangle. And apologies for the state of New Street. For the main street in the centre of England's Second City the council have let it get into a right shocking state, looks more like something in a dying town.
  12. sidcow

    after match

    Unless you are all in your early 20s and enjoy a good punch up I would avoid Broad Street at all costs. If you like Ale I would suggest city centre The Wellington or The Old Contemptibles. Then definitely visit the amazing Bartons Arms a short taxi ride from the ground, a completely stunning pub in an otherwise pretty dry area. If you're hipster types head for The Jewellery quarter but I would imagine there will be lots of Baggies around there. If you like expensive smart bars there are loads around Temple Street which is very near to New Street.
  13. sidcow

    Pre-match thread

    Yes but still a fair few seats left
  14. sidcow

    Pre-match thread

    We're going to smash them into next week @villabromsgrove and I hope you enjoy every minute of it.
  15. sidcow

    Pre-match thread

    Still loads of seats for this especially for a 3.00 Saturday game not on the tellybox. I think most people (like me) are basically dreading this.