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  1. sidcow

    Tyrone Mings

    Wo-oh, wo-oh, Tyrone Mings is the Guv. Or is that just Madness?
  2. It would be really nice if over the course of the next (hopefully 5) matches every keeper we meet doesn't play the game of his career as most of the ones we have played against recently seem to have done.
  3. sidcow

    Dean Smith

    And has done a quite outstanding job of having to cope with a frankly ridiculous number of injuries at the back. Most successful teams are based on a solid and constant defensive line up. How many combinations have we had to play this year in defence? I would be surprised if there is another professional team anywhere in World football who have had as many defensive combinations as we have this season.
  4. Leeds are bottling it late this year.
  5. Mallory Edens sat on a Ginsters. Be still my beating heart.
  6. I think I heard on the Dean Smith interview that both owners were there today.
  7. Nobody likes them kicking shins but they don't care.
  8. I would say Cowans was more sitting in the middle spraying passes around. Jack more attacking and a better dribbler. He breezes past defenders like the great players do. I am still not certain how he does it, he doesn't appear to be doing anything different but the opposition players are just left in his wake.
  9. You know the Robin Hood scene where someone hits a bullseye then Robin Hood splits the arrow. That would be Sid Cowans with a Grealish pass. Glen Hoddle would weep at his own inadequacy whilst watching a Cowans pass.
  10. sidcow

    Keinan Davis

    I would drop Albert. Still not doing it for me but it takes a midfielder wider.
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