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  1. What a ludicrous statement. If we had just gone with what we had we would have smashed that Derby record for the worst team. Look at how Norwich have done and they had a much better Championship squad then we did, and they didn't lose half of them.
  2. So what now? I think we have to hope for Watford to beat West Ham then we beat them last game.
  3. Yeah, sent of for being absolute dog shit apparently. The ref just couldn't take him anymore.
  4. This lot would crush the 82 squad I reckon. Barcelonaesque.
  5. Ah here we are. Villa being great all game. Haven't scored the 5 they should. 10 minutes to go and suddenly Palace start to look interested. Score with 5 - 6 minutes to go then equilise in the final minute of extra time after total attack on our goal for 6 minutes.
  6. I think it's more Palace are the worst team we've played since restart coupled with they are on the beach. They don't look remotely interested.
  7. How how how is that not 2? Oh and as I write World Footballer of the year bags a second.
  8. I can't wait till he plays for United and we can finally agree he's a diver.
  9. Yes, The Fernandez one was an error and they have come out and admitted that. This was was not an error and the correct decision was made. It stinks but that is your explanation.
  10. Should have just lashed it in or played it wide. Had no need to stop, just a waste.
  11. Wait, what? VAR makes decisions on who is standing on who's foot? Well I never.
  12. OK how we going to mess this up? I'm going for straight over everyone's heads.
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