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  1. sidcow

    Jack Grealish

    I don't think staying here is a step back @A'Villan but if he does move I agree it's not best to go to Liverpool or Spurs. It's an unfortunate sign of how far we've fallen that it will be a mid table team, a club we would ordinarily have considered to be a smaller club than us, but who unfortunately now have resources far greater than ours. This will be his proving ground before worldwide dominance beckons for him.
  2. sidcow

    Jack Grealish

    Maybe if he's totally Villa nuts, he might agree 1 year just to keep the Vultures away next season. But he's got to go next season if we don't get promoted for the good of his career. Any normal player of his promise and ability would be screaming for a transfer. Thank god our only really really gifted player bleeds Claret and Blue.
  3. sidcow

    Tony Xia

    Hmmmm, so £5m keeps us alive another month, EFL wanted to meet us to ensure we could fulfil our fixture commitments for next season but are now happy we are alive till halfway through close season, and how does £5m solve the £11m the press say we owe this month for transfers? If I've said it once I've said it 100 times. It's almost like the press don't have a clue what's going on and just make shit up.
  4. sidcow

    Fixtures 18/19

    You look at the teams in the Championship this year though, there is nothing whatsoever to fear. Wish to god we had 1 more year without going bankrupt because I think last years squad would walk this league.
  5. sidcow

    Tony Xia

    I'm not so sure actually. One of the lines of the Wombles song is "We're so incredibly utterly devious" So maybe!
  6. sidcow

    Alan Hutton

    Yeah, OK fella. Well done on the reaction you've provoked. I'll leave it there thanks.
  7. sidcow

    Tony Xia

    I am going to follow Aston Ville (2018) FC Ltd watching their meteoric rise through the leagues.
  8. sidcow

    Time for a takeover

    It really ought to be possible to promote Aston Villa on a reasonable sustainable budget. The best players in this league will be attracted to play for Aston Villa and we ought to be able to pay them realistic but nevertheless higher wages than their current clubs. The problem has been offering players multiples of what they are currently being paid. If a similar company to the one you work for offered you a 20% pay rise would you move jobs? If they were a company which are much more prestigious with huge opportunities for you with far better working conditions and facilities would you not then run through walls to get that move with the 20% wage rise? I am sure a smart Businessman could get us promoted with a reasonable sustainable wage bill. We constantly seem to chuck money at players for no real reason.
  9. sidcow

    Alan Hutton

    The ridiculous comments. There is a complete shitstorm surrounding the club at the moment and the one single positive ray of light in the middle of this is that one of our best performers last year, one of the best left backs in the league we play in has decided to rejoin us at a sustainable wage. Coming on here with a ludicrously OTT post slagging off a quality player for us in this league who has shown great loyalty is really not welcome.
  10. sidcow


    We have a local cat who has been around for a few years but now suddenly started sauntering into the house. Weird how it can ignore us for years then suddenly start doing that. More pleasant than a few years ago when we had a dog groomer working next door but one. Wife was cleaning upstairs alone and heard noises downstairs. Came downstairs to be confronted by 2 gigantic Alasatians in the kitchen, could have been unpleasant if they were moody dogs.
  11. sidcow

    General Chat

    Not Dreams unless you want to be absolutely ripped off.
  12. sidcow

    The VillaTalk Good Pub Guide

    How much is the real. Ale per pint? I suspect it's going to be pricey, all new bars seem to be.
  13. sidcow

    The VillaTalk Good Pub Guide

    Anyone know if The Prince of Wales behind the ICC is closed? I'm organising a "Broad Street without going to Broad Street" pub crawl next week and this was my venue between The Malt House and The Distillery, but appears to be closed. I don't think there is anything else around there without entering the hell hole which is Brindley place to replace it.
  14. sidcow

    Alan Hutton

    Give it a rest won't you?
  15. sidcow

    Alan Hutton

    So how's Alan getting on with the Scotland World Cup Squad,.... Oh wait..