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  1. I knew someone would spoil the joke
  2. (I know it's Mongo and not Mungo but it's a cheap laugh)
  3. Mungo Jerry. A real player but failed because he's always got women on his mind.
  4. I thought his brother Jerry was better.
  5. I wonder if they would consider buying Aston Hotel and doing something similar to it as The Holte Pub. I think it's a womens refuge or something at the moment so would need to assist with finding a new home for that but if it could be incorporated into the new Hotel it could be a great money spinner on matchdays and provide a valuable additional drinking venue for fans. There are so many industrial units going up in the area it may also attract some midweek custom as well.
  6. sidcow

    Tyrone Mings

    I said we should bring on Mings when they brought on the striker the commentator described something like "a big physical brute. " I said "nobody out big physical brutes Tyrone Mings." Guess who scored 10 minutes later.
  7. What was glaringly obvious with England tonight is that they really missed a player like Jack Grealish. Lots of direct forward runners but no one who could dribble diagonally across the defensive line dragging players out of position.
  8. sidcow

    The NSWE Board

    I have no idea what you are apologising for so no worries
  9. sidcow

    The NSWE Board

    Basically instead of blowing it on hard liquor, hookers and coke, they are putting it into the bank for a rainy day. Saddos.
  10. sidcow

    The NSWE Board

    By amazing coincidence, this morning I googled the Recon business to see if they were still traceable, and guess what, all the links to it are now dead. I don't think it was ever a genuine website for a genuine company. Thank god the last trace of the fraud has gone from our club.
  11. I wouldn't be suprised if he's sacked in the morning.
  12. I know it's not going to happen but it would be absolutely hilarious if they got relegated. I wonder how it would affect their finances, you look at how we struggled to cope with our wage bill on Championship money, imagine theirs! They would probably lose masses and masses from sponsorship deals also. Like I said not going to happen but I would love to glimpse that parallel universe where they do go down.
  13. I was just watching an attack they had just before conceding. Player on the ball came to a standstill but had a good few second before he got under any pressure. Another United player in front of him had loads of space to run into and receive an easy pass but he just stood still. All that hard work and movement they had under Fergie has gone. They look absolutely bang average, poor even. Just think of the size of their wage bill and money spent to assemble such a run of the mill set of lazy players.
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