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  1. Funny thing, despite the time of year everytime I've been to Nottingham beer festival it's been a lovely sunny day, and the people I used to go with who had been going there for longer say the same. It ought to be odds on for shit weather.
  2. Apparently Craig Gardner is even better than Gary.
  3. Pretty much the only quality in the match (that I've seen, i.e. second half), maybe the Hogan run into the box and pullback but the god awful shot brought that whole move down around 10 notches.
  4. How come they are showing Sunday League on a Friday night?
  5. Been the same since the dawn of time. Except in communist countries where the people remain exceptionally poor and the party leaders become more elite and rich than anyone.
  6. Went there a few times when it was at The Castle. Great festival, not been since it's moved. I wouldn't be drinking any stouts though
  7. Give him a calendar invite to your holidays. Not literally invite him to go on holiday with you obviously, but to get your holiday showing up in his calendar.
  8. I think I've mentioned this before but I remember a teacher telling me the highest paid job he had as a student was at a washing machine powder company just dropping a cup in each box of powder on the conveyor. They had to pay loads to attract anyone and no one stuck it for more than a week or two because it was so mind numbing. He quit after a couple of weeks himself for lower paid work. OK I'm sure that job is now mechanised but it shows the principal that sometimes people just don't want to do a job even for decent money. I've a client who had a similar problem finding people to pack photographic film into boxes. For some reason it was really difficult to get machines to do it and they had all sorts of problems getting people to do it. That obviously solved itself when digital took over. I remember him telling me in a meeting that digital cameras had outsold traditional film cameras for the first time that year.
  9. I've just thought of something that pisses me off. It's when people are trying to say half and they miss the H out and say aarf instead. Really bugs me, has anyone got similar pet hates?
  10. Pearl is a girls name as well you know. I've absolutely no idea what you are talking about
  11. Congratulations, we'd managed to ignore them since 3rd October and you've gone and disturbed their irrelevance.
  12. And today more relaxation for lorry drivers. It's almost as if they had no idea how stopping foreign workers would impact us.
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