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  1. My favourite Giff of the moment
  2. Am I the only one who gets so angry I want to thump someone everytime I hear all call for a thread to be closed? Get a life.
  3. Really could do with winning this. Next 2 games are Liverpool and Leicester Great litmus test of if we have stepped up a gear from last year. Need to beat teams like this to leave the relegation contenders behind.
  4. I see the new site hasn't fixed the double post problem.
  5. For what it's worth I think he probably signed for £40k in The Championship and had a clause which doubled his wages upon promotion to The PL. It shows we are still paying for the utter lunacy of the Xia years. Hopefully we can do a Hogan and earn enough of a fee to cover the difference between our wages and his new wages. However I suspect he will just go on loan to whoever will fund the most of his wages.
  6. Has anyone got any idea how much Lansbury earns? A mate was asking.
  7. Anyone know why these have become popular? I'm assuming that where you are selling a player for a loss, you can book the loan fee in the current years accounts. Meanwhile his contract has depreciated on the books another 12 months so the transfer fee "loss" is eliminated or substantially reduced? I can't think of why else they've become a thing.
  8. As bad as I've seen Wolves for years. It was always going to be a test for them when bigger teams came in for their players, how well they replaced them. Very early days yet, but is there such a thing as third season syndrome?
  9. If any evidence was needed that we are a massively bigger club (which it isn't) there you have it right there.
  10. This handball thing is just a complete joke. You're soon going to see players deliberately chipping the ball into people's arms. How the hall can you commit handball when you have your back to the play? It's just a complete nonsense. It's like they deliberately try to change rules to create controversy. Jamie Carragher gave it both barrels in the commentary.
  11. Yes, I was just coming on to ask that. It's funny how far a winning streak can perpetuate as confidence rockets. It can take you a long way. Conversely when things aren't going well teams can find it hard to turn around. Last season was just like them surfing a wave of confidence.
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