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  1. He showed why he should be dropped late in the second half. Ball came to him in acres of space in an advanced position, no defender rushing to close him down, a free cross with Villa players running into the box and he hits it straight out for a throw in on the far side. OK that happens sometimes but usually when a cross is rushed under pressure, but he had all the time in the world and no pressure.
  2. sidcow

    Tyrone Mings

    I must confess I thought we had overpaid for him. Shame on me. He looks every inch (and there are a lot of them a top quality Premier League centre back. How much they worth these days? Probably would have been a bargain at £40m.
  3. You asked for small things. In the larger of the 2 mens toilets on the right hand side of the Holte there are acres of empty wall space around the sinks. There are 2 paper to towel dispensers in this area, one sitting amongst all the spare wall space but the other is right above the sinks so you can't get to it when people are washing their hands. It's no biggie but I can't for the life of me think why they put it there when there is all that spare wall space. Still not enough bins for discarded towels mind.
  4. Of come off it If that were the case we would have performed substantially worse last year during the time he was injured......oh hang one.... wait a minute
  5. Looking back at the match on TV the Sky commentators made quite a theme of Villa Park talking about it's tradition and history. They then made frequent comments about the noise and atmosphere. Frequently I found it difficult to hear what they were saying above the noise. Was a really terrific atmosphere last night.
  6. After Everton skyed the ball over at the death of normal time, the Allez Allez song just went on and on for the whole of extra time till we scored again, 7 or 8 rounds of it. I think when that went over we finally knew it was our night and the win was in the bag. I know most teams have their own versions but this has become a central anthem for us.
  7. It was complete carnage in The Holte when El Ghazi scored. It was more akin to a goal getting us to Wembley or something. Grown men leaping around and climbing on barriers. Some people even hugging each other before being introduced to one another. Civilisation as we know it had broken down.
  8. If we sold John McGinn we would need to be paid £100m just to stand still. I think he's probably irreplaceable and probably the buy of the century. He's so awesome it hurts.
  9. If Solihull Moors were playing Everton tonight they would be less outclassed than England v Australia.
  10. If he needed one maybe, but he's still been one of our best players. This Grealish bashing it the weirdest and most ambarassing theme I've ever seen on here. People seem desperate for him to fail.
  11. Is exactly the change I would make.
  12. That is the biggest load of absolute rubbish I have ever read. Worst player on the pitch? An absolutely ludicrous over reaction. Watch the half hour highlights back, he was at the heart of everything we did well.

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