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  1. sidcow

    Ice rink

    Can't believe some people don't memorise all 88 pages before posting. Just rude.
  2. This genuinely is my personal fridge.
  3. I've been wondering about the people the press find who work for the likes of Amazon and Argos who are complaining about being forced to work in unsafe conditions. Is that the general feeling in the workforce or are those just a tiny minority and the rest of the people just wish they would shut up so they can keep in full employment?
  4. Also, there are a lot of people who WOULD be dying in the next 8 months of the year who will instead die now, so for example (assuming, which is a big assumption, that the crisis is over in the next few months) next December's deaths will probably be a good few thousand lower than it would otherwise have been because of all the people who would normally die then but instead died early of Coronavirus. The demographic which is most at risk makes this quite a likelihood. It's enough to make the mind boggle really. I have no idea how they will ever work it out.
  5. It's the waiting 4 more days bit that I don't understand.
  6. Thanks for that, I was definite that a semi at Villa Park was played on sand but every one I googled showed pictures of teams standing on lovely looking grass.
  7. Well it is a Wednesday so why the hell not.
  8. Similarly, expect to see West Ham looking for rent holidays on their free stadium we all paid for out of our taxes.
  9. We're gonna need a bigger bank account.
  10. I can't understand why people don't see this, it's the safest route for them and once the inevitable is in front of them it's what their solicitors will tell them.
  11. Is McCormack really living in Dickens Heath? That surely is blillux. He has no attachment to this area other than a short stint with us. Why would he still be living round here? I would have thought he'd be back in that there London or Scottish land by now?
  12. Especially when the Evening Mail used to be a proper news organisation. They could have just done what they produce without destroying a decent proper local news outlet.
  13. No way will the Government 2 months from now be allowing 22 men to bash onto each other, get in each other faces and generally get into close quarters contact along with associated support and medical teams with a shed load of ambulances on standby. The danger fans will turn up regardless. They MAY have just let us out of our houses by then, but possibly not and 2m social distancing is with us for 6 months for sure.
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