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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Unless it's with a team mates wife obviously
  2. John Terry

    The main question is will he hoof it straight to the nearest opposition striker when clearing the ball or play is short and wayward back to the keeper?
  3. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    £60k per week. Blimey, the poor lamb, how on earth is he expected to live on that? I vote we set up a just giving page to supplement his income if he signs. Football really has gone nuts aint'nt it.
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Good point well made.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Best GIF ever* and just like me in the Steve Bruce thread. *Apart from Mick McCarthy one obviously but that's on a different level altogether. Maybe John Terry can play in the hole? Always seemed to be keen to assist team mates in that regard before.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I am not sure about this at all BUT I do not think he would be one of those sit around for a last payday. Whatever his personality away from the pitch, on it he has always been 100% and not an ounce less. I also think the Cole and Berger comparisons are unfair. Midfield is a dynamic role demanding constant movement off the ball and driving or space making runs none of which are demanded in the middle of defence. At a certain Paul McGrath showed the ability to read the game is far more important. Yes we sold him when he was the same age but by then we was older AND had shot knees. I mainly worry that he will stay fit and if generally the money can be spent better. I am sure if he comes here and plays a large proportion of the season in fitness he will definitely be a huge asset in this league.
  7. Micah Richards

    Are you sure you didn't hear this when you were on the sauce?
  8. Jordan Amavi

    I've said in ten times and I'll say it again. I never saw much in him before his injury. I am sure if he was not a French Under 21 and some bloke called Bob Smith we signed from Stoke, people would have been slating his early performances for us. I have not seen anything from him before or since his injury.
  9. Jordan Amavi

    I think you have missed the sarcasm in the second half of my post!
  10. Jordan Amavi

    Sell sell sell. On the basis we turned down £25m in January I expect at least £30m..........unless the £25m was made up of course which I am sure it wasn't.
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Oh great, another player past his prime looking to Villa for one last payday. When will we learn?
  12. Micah Richards

    Yeah, stop bumping this thread people, it's so annoying.
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Nah. I just blanked him and he stood there for a few seconds then wandered off to tell the next man. I always blank him when he tries to go on about them. He gets confused then, being Bluescum he cannot compute that I have more important things to do than get goaded into an argument with him, things like going into the toilet and pissing some of the loose pubes in the urinal down the drain or adjusting the angle of my computer screen to reduce glare.
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I work with a particularly annoying Bluescum. He's been all round the Villa fans in the office today asking if we have seen the odds on them signing Terry and how those odds are higher than him signing for us and after all the bookies nearly always call it correctly. Like I am remotely bothered about them signing an over the hill player who has hardly played in 12 months for an enormous salary. Roll on Arry bankrupting his next victim I say.