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  1. In that case it might actually be an advantage. They keep saying the formula can be easily altered in a matter of weeks. You may get dose 1 with good protection, then 3 months later get the tweaked version. Otherwise you may have had 2 doses of the original then need a third one anyway. So far though the variants seem to still seem to be dealt with by the original jab. If it hasn't mutated to such an extent that it's unreconisable from it's original form in the last 14 months, I would be surprised if on 3 months it suddenly morphs into something totally new. And anyway, even if
  2. sidcow

    U.S. Politics

    I've seen things reported on CNN which definitely seem shall we say exaggerated when I compared to the same story in British Press. Obviously Fox is to be ignored completely. Worryingly Murdoch is about to bring a Fox style channel to the UK to compete with another right wing channel led by Andrew Neil.
  3. sidcow

    U.S. Politics

    CNN ran a story yesterday about Trump earning lots of money from Presidential Pardons. I didn't read it as I'd assumed it was just an extension of their anti Trump agenda (I'm not defending Trump but they are like to opposite of Fox so it's hard to know what to take seriously and what with a pinch of salt) However it reinforces what a ludicrous thing the whole Presidential pardon system is. It's what you expect from a Banana Republic. I still can't believe it exists in USA. And it therefore is clearly open to abuse. If they do have to exist, and evidence they've been paid for ou
  4. Is it? It made headlines in all major press and spawned a whole anti vaccine movement. And that was before social media allowed easy spread of these kinds of messages. My friends didn't give their kids MMR because they heard what a doctor had said on the radio. Let's see eh? If in 3 months time we are overrun by vaccine resistant strains I'll agree he was right.
  5. "Experts" also said the MMR vaccine made kids Autistic. There always seems to be someone looking to stick their oar in about vaccines. OK this guy might be right but my money would be on us getting to 2nd vaccinations without armageddon looming.
  6. I thought The Pembrokshire Murders was excellent, really engrossing, and was also amazed I had not heard the story before, I don't remember any of it on the news which is a surprise for such an amazing story.
  7. Is this definitely on. What's the latest on our situation?
  8. A good analogy and exactly what they are proposing.
  9. On Telly this morning Dominic Raab was asked if it was true that the real plan was to get all adults vaccinated by June which some paper had reported. He said end of September was still the aim but "if it can be done more swiftly that is a bonus" I do think they are aiming to get it done sooner, but maybe they are hedging their bets 8n case of supply interruptions. We've already see Pfizer has renaged on supply promises.
  10. You have to pass through the Podvarak Gates to get there.
  11. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be even thinking about 24 hour opening if they didn't feel there was a need for it.
  12. The people who can't / don't want to be injected in the daytime because of their working patterns.
  13. OK, so it continues to fire out 3.00am appointments till they hit someone who thinks that's a good time for them. I'll ask my mum and dad how they got their appointments. I'm pretty sure they picked their time, but that was at the local surgery.
  14. I was just watching the match thinking to myself that choosing who you want to win or lose in this game is like being offered to choose the manner of your own death.
  15. Fellas, you still have to book the time and place yourself. No one is going to be randomly offered a 3am time slot. But it may be suitable for people working odd hours. They need to get done some time and 3.00pm might be as antisocial to them as 3.00am might be to you. If they want to ensure everyone is vaccinated quickly they need to be able to offer slots that are convenient to all.
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