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  1. Dyson is being interviewed by the BBC later. Wait for the "Brexit would have been great but they've negotiated a bad deal" comments.
  2. Sainsburys has closed all their fish, butchers and deli counters. It's a disgrace, vote with your feet. Ours installed a sushi bar but the good people of Shirley are a level headed bunch and soon saw that nonsense off.
  3. Not sure why I've given you a shocked emoji. The only way I could drink a drink as dreadful as Guinness would be to mix it half and half with Blackcurrant cordial.
  4. I've seen 2 comments now about smothering sushi in tons of soy sauce. That's done it for me. Anything is going to taste nice smothered in soy sauce so it's basically exactly the same thing as smothering shit food in ketchup. Also see people who try and make lager palatable by mixing it with lime cordial. Has anyone ever in the history of mankind ever gone to the bar, ordered a pint of Bathams and asked the barman to kindly top it up with a bit of blackcurrant? I think not.
  5. Yeah but some people like century eggs. There is no accounting for taste
  6. sidcow

    U.S. Politics

    No, they already have a UK release planned.
  7. Whilst we are on idiot drivers, those who join the motorway by driving at about 30 mph. You are dangerous ****.
  8. Sashimi is a type of window isn't it.
  9. My guilty TV pleasure is Bargain Hunt. Especially when the "expert" buys something naff you know is going to lose money.
  10. To be fair, if I had a penny for everytime I've heard a minister say that this winding down of lockdown has to be irreversible, I would have about 87p by now. I think it's pretty clear they don't want to go back into lockdown hence the abundance of caution and warnings.
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