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  1. Rest in peace Ron. What a hero. Definitely need to rename The North Stand in his honour. It's shocking really that he isn't already recognised in such a prominent way at the ground.
  2. Can you not just quit with the constant never ending negatively please? What's the point in coming on here and spending hours posting endless negative posts over and over again? I really would like to understand why you feel the need to do this?
  3. Well yes, you could say that because we have had a horrific run. We may have played nearly half the league but we are still to play 2 of the bottom 4 and most of the top of the league have been away games. If you literally can't believe we are better than most of the teams around us just look at our goal difference compared to theirs. The points will come over the next few games once we have finished this simply awful run of fixtures.
  4. They are 4 points ahead of us. And they have not yet faced Man City like we have and have played both Watford and Southampton which we haven't.
  5. Come on @screwdriver you can do better than that.
  6. Question? Has any other team in the league got TWO teams in the bottom 4 they haven't even played yet?
  7. Hardest run of fixtures imaginable and we're not in the zone. If you could have designed the most nightmarish run then what we've had is what you would have given, except you would have not thrown a "normal" game in the middle against Newcastle. We smacked Newcastle and have given a damn good account of ourselves in All the games. It might not be pretty but it may be passably attractive when we FINALLY play some teams from the lower reaches of the table.
  8. Started the season well but has been strangely uninvolved for the last few games.
  9. In Garth Crooks team of the week who also mentions the more involved in goals than any English midfielder stat.
  10. One thing is for sure, he's better than Trézéguet, he didn't take his chance in my opinion. Anwar goes straight back in when fit for me.
  11. I thought his foot got caught underneath him when he went down after the cross, actually sat on it.
  12. He's certainly on Targett to have a great season.
  13. Dion Dublin say this is bullshit
  14. I can't get this worry out of my head. Too many bad memories of previous Premier League campaigns.
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