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  1. We need to buy Erling Braut Håland before it's too late. It probably already is.
  2. Paxton Lynch signs for the Steelers' practice squad.
  3. Stats updated. There's a clear pecking order forming, and we're not a part of it.
  4. Wesley worries the shit out of me. I'm already fearful we'll be looking back in May thinking it was him trying to find his feet which ultimately relegated us. He needs to improve immediately or we are in trouble.
  5. Odds are basically level-pegging.
  6. Also true of leprechauns. Only captive ones are left.
  7. You'd have to break the rules. I hope you don't work in Germany, or that room would become completely useless.
  8. And again there's the 'size' discussion. He's long, but not heavy in this particular discussion.

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