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  1. Pre Match Chitty Chatty Bang Bang

    How many tickets do away fans get? Or to put it another way, what's the highest attendance we can get if the away team sell no tickets (and assuming a closed Upper Trinity)?
  2. Pre Match Chitty Chatty Bang Bang

    Depending on the nature of Jack's injury I wouldn't rush him back. There are a lot of points still to win and we'll do more damage to our season if we rush him for a home game. Preston are a good side but we handled them 2-0 in their own backyard without Grealish, and with Davis being fed by Onomah & Hourihane. We've got those players at our disposal this time around so if needs be we can tailor our new line-up to suit that. I think we win this to be honest. Elsewhere, Cardiff have a sticky tie away to pragmatic Ipswich. One for the purists there. Derby home to a Leeds side just showing signs of life and Flum travel to the titties for a 6 pointer. Tuesday looks like fun
  3. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Rosenior, Hünemeier & Baldock.
  4. Things you often Wonder

    No! Have I made a ko-inky-dink?
  5. Things you often Wonder

    Do hat makers ever tell each other 'this time next year we'll be milliners'.
  6. Pre Match Thread

    I'm not on about the maths. I'm on about the message.
  7. Things you often Wonder

    Can you have a decimal at any point in a Countdown numbers game? e.g. if you have a 3, a 6 & a 10 left to make 5 with, are you allowed to divide 3 by 6 (0.5) and multiply by 10? or does it have to be integers all the way? I just can't recall them ever having a decimal (or certainly going lower than 1.0) at any point in a calculation. I had another great wonder last night but I've forgotten it now
  8. Pre Match Thread

    This is a massive game IMV. Now I'd be content with a point, but I'm curious about how we'll do; about how we'll approach it with the run that we're on. Because if we were to win it, I honestly think that's second place wrapped up. If we can go to Craven Cottage and leave with 3pts then I'm sorry but no-one is going to take 2nd place off us after that. So in a way, while a loss isn't the end of the world and a draw keeps us ticking over, I think a win would seal the deal psychologically. This team would have so much belief, and the rest would think 'ah **** that'. All that said, it is a massive ask. Which is why IMO it's the toughest test we have left.
  9. Pre Match Thread

    Fulham's next 4 games are 2nd, 6th, 1st & 3rd.
  10. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    I crunched the numbers, and both the starting 11 & the matchday 16 against Brighton were the youngest we've used this season in the PL2. The first 11 only averaged 17 days younger than the side who won away at Fulham in August, but when you factor in the age of the bench, the squad versus Brighton each player ON AVERAGE is a massive 118 days younger than the next youngest squad which was the one that lost 4-1 to Middlesbrough in September. Starting 11 v Brighton average DOB 06/07/98 (19y 7m 1 d) Squad 16 v Brighton average DOB 17/01/99 (19y 0m 21d)
  11. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    A particularly young Villa side slipped to a heavy defeat at playoff-chasing Brighton last night. Missing the likes of on-loan stalwarts Suliman & McKirdy, plus Cox, O'Hare & Bree, the side gave a chance to its own youth. Jake Walker made only his second appearance in a match day squad having come on in game 2 as a sub versus Stoke. He was an unused sub this time around. However, 2 other academy players were promoted to the U23 side and both made their debuts. 17 year old English central midfielder, Lewis Brunt, made the step up and came on for Corey Blackett-Taylor on 81 minutes. Six minutes later, 16 year old English attacking centre mid Jacob Ramsey came on for Khalid Abdo. Ramsey is the youngest player to be part of a matchday squad this season, eclipsing centre forward Michael Tait who played against Boro back in September (although Tait was that age back in September...). Ramsey has 4 goals and 3 assists in 12 appearances for the U18 side, so they no doubt wanted a closer look at him. The title looks like it's Blackburn's to throw away now. Especially with 2 of our strongest players (quite rightly) out on loan.
  12. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Rather annoyingly, Blackburn won another of their games in hand on Friday and return to the top of the league. A 1-0 away win in Fulham was enough. On Sunday 3rd placed Reading lost 2-0 at Norwich so it's not all bad news. We play this evening at 7th placed Brighton where we can go back top with a win.
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Purely based on league position, Bristol City have the easiest run in of any side in the league. We have the 3rd easiest. But with 17 games left that's really much of a muchness. It's also worth pointing out that sides at the bottom become more difficult as the threat of relegation gets bigger and bigger. So league position on its own can be an unreliable gauge of difficulty.
  14. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Correct, here is the top 6 versus each other at home and away. AT HOME against the other top 6 AWAY from home against the other top 6. Edit : Flum home to Villa smells like a draw