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  1. I have done The Wire though @Pelle & @NurembergVillan and can confirm it is a masterpiece.
  2. I've yet to even try. The source material doesn't interest me at all, and the longer I go without watching it, the less likely I am to do so.
  3. My table adjusted for home/away record as opposed to league position, and excluding the final 2 games because the situation will be different by then, actually gives us the easiest run left in the whole league. Adding the final 2 back in drops us considerably, but I'm more concerned with the first 6 games. We'll see where we are then on the gameweek commencing 19/04
  4. Didn't know where else to put this. We need to start the 2nd half better than we do. The first 15 minutes of the 2nd half are far and away our worst 15 minute period this season. 1st minute to 15th minute we've scored 13 and conceded 7 (+6GD) 16-30 Score 8 Concede 8 (+0) 31-45 Score 12 concede 9 (+3) 46-60 Score 5 concede 12 (-7) 61-75 Score 16 concede 5 (+11) 76-90 Score 14 concede 13 (+1)
  5. BOF

    Loan watch 2018/19

    @OutByEaster? He doesn't seem to have been in the matchday squad. In other news, Tyreik Wright scored for the Ireland U19s v Azerbaijan on Friday (3-1 win).
  6. Anyone else watch season 3 of True Detective ...
  7. There was a good result for the top of the table battle on Saturday. Fifth placed Newcastle beat top of the table Wolves 2-0. While that does put Newcastle above us into 3rd place, it keeps Wolves within striking distance of everyone in the playoff places. A win for Wolves would've put an end to our automatic promotion hopes. With only 3 games to go, we can stop looking over our shoulder. The top 5 will finish in the top 5. It's just the order left to sort out. Just four points separate everyone
  8. I didn't like sympathising with Cardiff or Colin when all of this happened. So I'm glad they're showing themselves up and I can revert to hating them again. Natural world order restored.
  9. Yeah, can't say I blame anyone whenever they decide to retire from the NFL. He might even live into his 60s now.
  10. A sharpshooter walks into the Sunglass Hut : "Any Oakley?"
  11. On a related note. It never ceases to amaze me how many teams in Italy start off each season with negative points. Over here it's headline news and a real embarrassment. Over there it seems to be almost par for the course. *Deep breath* Serie A this season has Chievo Verona -1 Serie B Foggia -6 Serie C-A has Arzachena -1 and Lucchese -16 (yes sixteen) Serie C-B has Triestina -1 Serie C-C has Stabia, Trapani, Rende & Siracusa -1 and Monopoli, Rieti -2 It was at this point I started regretting this post ... Serie D-E has Prato -1 Serie D-F has Campobasso -2 & Avezzano -3 D-G Lupa Roma -2 D-H Taranto -1 D-I Turris -2
  12. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    They've released photos of the damaged floor. They really are making sure Bottas gets as little credit as possible for his victory.

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