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  1. 3 left. Walsall, Charlton & Leipzig.
  2. BOF

    Douglas Luiz

    I completely get why these negotiations are dragging on. If all the sub-plots are true about City using us as a way of getting a work permit for him, and adding in a buyback clause, then it makes total sense for Villa to be making damn sure we're not a glorified mule in the whole saga. If it's worth doing, then it's worth doing right, and I'd much rather wait and have it done to our satisfaction. It's kind of weird having competent professionals in charge. I'm not used to this.
  3. I didn't think they had colour film back then. Amazing.
  4. There are risks associated though. See Marty Feldman.
  5. You think some Giza like you can start throwing demands around.
  6. Underrated post I'll assume it's subtle genius rather than inadvertent
  7. TBH I hope we're not. But the on-strike thing does lend itself to something more than just idle speculation. Assuming he IS on strike ... he wouldn't do it based on twitter rumour. It's possible we might have been interested at one point and moved on to Luiz, but we'd have told his agent that, so he'd know we've moved on. It's a weird one. But he's not doing himself any favours going on strike. Marvellous only in name, if that's the case.
  8. People bringing their 1 sport athlete to a 'greatest athlete' thread. That's cute. But seriously, if you don't know Jim Thorpe, do yourself one favour today and look him up. You're in the Jim Thorpe thread. You just don't know it yet.

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