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  1. There are other USA/Africa/South America related distance ones too that seem bizarre until you see them.
  2. I do like those. The globe is a bit mad when not looked at in 2d. For example, Maine is closer to Africa than Florida is.
  3. Monday 17/05 19:00 Stoke City(2) v Sunderland(5) 19:00 Crystal Palace(3) v Wolves(4)
  4. Yep, just the one. Callum O'Hare Their rivalry with us is bizarre. I put their continuing feud down to the fact they've yet to exorcise the demon of us putting them down. Oh well, not long to go with that one then
  5. Yeah he was in his prime which makes it a better comparison plus IIRC the 2 cars back then were closer in spec than they would be today.
  6. On a similar note, 7-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson has switched to Indycar this season because he wanted a go at open-wheeled single seater racing. So you kinda get a look at your premise from the other way around, even if he is 45 years old. It's still a very interesting story and part of why I have more interest in Indycar this season than I ever have before. The other being that Romain Grosjean of F1 explosion fame is also in Indycar this season, as is 3-time Supercar champion Scott McLaughlin. Those 3 'rookies' make for a fascinating Indycar experiment this season.
  7. I've never known spelling to be a racist's strong point.
  8. And proper order the way they treated him. If it contributes towards their relegation then that will be brilliant.
  9. Looks like Derby could still go down. They've been found to be in breach of FFP.
  10. After promotion via the playoffs back in 18/19, Southampton will be coming back down to PL2 divison 2 after finishing comfortably bottom of PL2-1, and assuming there are no similar playoff shenanigans up there for the final relegation place , rather surprisingly, Leicester City will be dropping with them after finishing 11th by 2pts from last season's promoted champions West Ham.
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