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  1. I just found it funny that the posts were only a week apart.
  2. BOF

    The Quiz Thread

    Better than I expected
  3. BOF

    The Quiz Thread

    Ah yes I forgot about the Danish one, but mentioning NZ in a question about the Danish one would be quite cruel!
  4. BOF

    The Quiz Thread

    I try to give a few true or false questions, and 'closest wins' for year or distance questions so everyone can give an answer and have some enjoyment from it. Then I vary the other questions in difficulty. My problem is sticking to topics I like. I have to force myself to ask questions about things I don't like, otherwise it would be a fairly narrow and predictable set of topics.
  5. Sweet and savoury can work. As @Stevo985 says, it sounds weird, but I think it could work. The Greeks and Lebanese have jam covered feta, so it's a variation on that. I was more on about the great gravy debate, but I'm willing to try this just for completion
  6. Good to see some things never change @Kuwabatake Sanjuro. No-one has ever really, truly wanted to live in Longford.
  7. I would eat everything in this thread. F**kin' snobs.
  8. BOF

    Formula One - 2020

    I think your original Danny prediction is nailed on now. There's no way Ocon's Renault beats a Danny Rick McLaren. And 2 things. Firstly Lando is never ever number 1 over Ricciardo at McLaren, and secondly a McLaren is not beating a Ferrari in the WDC.
  9. BOF

    Formula One - 2020

    Oh and Silverstone has agreed to run 2 consecutive races. Excellent!!
  10. BOF

    Formula One - 2020

    Looks like Austria is the 1st race. Here's mystic BOF back in March.
  11. @drat01 called and wants his defender in a wheelie bin back.
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