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  1. Donald Trump is Sacha Baron Cohen in an inflatable suit. That makes his interviews and press conferences much more understandable.
  2. Only if you're looking for the Art Garfunkel look. Which; granted; is a killer look.
  3. Sometimes I scream when I poop too. But seriously. Best of luck and hoping for a positive outcome.
  4. And the world already seems to be repairing itself before we've even died off. It looks like we'll have left her, Phil the Greek & Keith Richards a pretty good planet.
  5. I'd say it'll be bumper high scores in this thread this year.
  6. Not sure if this is true, but has to be worth a shit shot.
  7. Cancelled my trip. Shit just got personal. Screw you covid. Scahrewwwww you!
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