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  1. BOF

    News story of the day

    Study reveals Uranus smells of farts Well I couldn't NOT post this now could I ?
  2. BOF

    Pre Match Thread

    Looking at who has been rested recently I've gone with this. Give Elmo a break at RB. He has started every league game this year bar 2 where he came on as a sub (18 starts including 30/12). I'd like to rest Chester but unless Terry is back we're very light there. Not sure I want to see Samba in from thd start. Rest Hourihane in midfield and reward Lansbury for his goalscoring cameo versus Ipswich. Give Barney his first start at 6 since Norwich away on the 7th April. Bring Adomah back in but put him on the right to give Snodgrass a continued break. Bring Kodjia in on the left. It's a toss up at #9 between Grabban and Hogan but only because Hogan has not started the previous 3 where Grabban has. I'd obviously prefer Grabban (which is why I picked him) but wouldn't be at all surprised if Hogan was brought in on rotation.
  3. BOF

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Other results from last night, including a painfully predictable result from the Hawthorns. Newcastle United 1-1 Fulham Reading 3-1 Stoke City Southampton 2-1 Middlesbrough West Brom 1-4 Blackburn Rovers Wolves 0-5 Brighton
  4. BOF

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    7pm and streamed on YouTube too
  5. BOF

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    The semi-final will be played "some time between April 27th & 30th". Given that our PL cup semi against Leicester is the 27th, I would hazard a guess that the league playoff semi will be the 30th, but that's only speculation at this point.
  6. BOF

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    I'd say inexperienced rather than young. They weren't that young at all. Bazeley-Graham is the same age as the rested Bedeau and Suliman at 20 offsets Revan at 17 who was the only properly young player in the side. Mooney & O'Hare are both 19 (albeit O'Hare is the big two zero next week).
  7. BOF

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Fulham's is the biggest what if. 'What if' we'd only stopped our patented 'few whiskies & a quick curry' half time snack before week 17. They'd have won the league.
  8. BOF

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I probably shouldn't have quoted you directly as it wasn't you I was specifically responding to. It was more @foreveryoung asking that we "start resting some players" which we very clearly have started doing for the past couple of months, as evidenced above.
  9. BOF

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest Bruce's selection and managing of the squad. Fwiw I generally agree. I guess it's already proven to be bollocks so. Whelan back in at 6 for past 3 games after Bjarnason and Jedi shared it around. Hogan not started 7 of past 9 games. Rotating now with Kodjia and Grabban. Onomah back in for past 2 games after 1 sub appearance in 8. Bjarnason with 4 starts in past 11 games. Adomah rested for past 2 games. Hourihane rested for 2 of past 6 games and subbed off in 5 of last 7 starts. Snodgrass rested v Ipswich. Kodjia being introduced slowly. Even Grabban being subbed despite 2 starts in 5 April games. Add to that Taylor back in at 3 because of Hutton injury. If that's not rotation and use of squad then I don't know what is. But then again that wasn't what I've been thinking all season anyway. EDIT : In fact the only outfield players who have not really had a break are Chester & Elmo. Jack didn't play consistently this season until the end of December.
  10. BOF

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Why? I'm just curious is all. Are you worried about the design aspect or something else?
  11. BOF

    Things you often Wonder

    Sounds good to me. My only worry was the colour of the bag implied white chocolate, which as we all know is the devil's coagulated spunk.
  12. BOF

    Documentaries you have to watch

    In light of Avicii's recent passing, I happened upon the 2017 fly-on-the-wall documentary about him called "True Stories". It was released just after he had retired from touring in 2016 due to ill-health. Given that it was made and released while he was still alive, and it was still quite current, I thought it'd be an interesting insight, and it was. It actually made his death all the more sad. He wasn't well for a lot of the documentary, and personality-wise he wasn't cut out for that high life. The textbook 'nerd making tunes in a bedroom' type guy. But you could see he was a genuinely decent aul' skin too. What was also interesting was the quite remarkably high regard his peers held him in. I know it was a documentary about him, but they went into why he was a bit special. So yeah, check it out if you're in any way interested. Gave me an appreciation of him that I didn't have previously.