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    You're friends with a bacteria.
  2. This is strangely engrossing and brilliant Needs sound. One for @Xann I think. Igorrr - Very Noise from MEAT DEPT. on Vimeo.
  3. Yeah but it's the Packers and ... there's always love for the Packers if you're non-NFC North.
  4. Anyone but Titans. For me they're one of the dullest franchises in the NFL. Any 1 of the other 3 would be a good champion of the universe.
  5. I just Googled Korean models. Recommended.
  6. I'm amazed I stuck it to the end. Glad I did. It was fun Thanks all.
  7. Yep, midfield is now terrible. Putting Jack up front, dropping Nakamba to the bench and bringing Drinkwater in alongside Conor and Luiz gave City a free pass straight towards our defenders. I understand why we used Conor. But Drinkwater was not match fit and we absolutely cannot be compromising Grealish's game for any reason. If we need to put Vassilev or Trez up front then so be it. It's not like Wesley had massive boots to fill anyway. This way we're playing straight into our opponents' hands. It has to change for Brighton or it'll be another battering. It was only a red card (and a Grealish masterclass) that got us anything against them last time out.
  8. I'm hoping and expecting that we'll be able to put round pegs in round holes for this one. It's bad enough not having a striker, but to take good players from their preferred positions thus effectively weakening 2 positions at once, is too much for us to cope with. I would take a draw here but we obviously need to win.
  9. I'm a Bronco cheering on the Chefs. The Texans are a non existent vacuum of boring dullness.
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