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  1. Pre match chit chat

    Hogan getting actual service from players like Grealish and Hourihane would be just the ticket. But I agree it's highly unlikely we would see that. Even less so after Bruce's comments about regretting making changes to a winning team for Millwall. expect to see us revert to the Leeds line-up with someone coming in for Samba.
  2. Pre match chit chat

    Samba's injury could mean fit-again Jedinak in. Hourihane was rested for Millwall. Adomah has 5 goals in his last 5 games. I agree about Davis and I think we need to look at that. The rest of your post I'd say 'the same as every other week' and Rowett v Bruce just means it could be an ugly one.
  3. Pre match chit chat

    Statistically this is as tight as they come. Both sides are in and around the same positions in the various tables you could use to try and quantify them. Whether that be league (4th v 5th), 8th at home v 7th away, form (3rd v 6th), goals scored (10th home v 10th away) or conceded (2nd home v 3rd away) etc. Focussing on Derby's style, we can see that they attack through the middle more than any other side in the league. So the centre backs will face a head-on assault, and players like Whelan will be even more important than they already are. They come down the righthand side the least out of anyone and down the left 20th. They also fancy long shots. Nearly half (47%) of all their shots come from outside the 18 yard box which is joint most in the league (with Norwich & Fulham). In comparison we take the least amount of shots outside the box with just 33%. They've had 5 penalties this season which is the most of any side. As you would expect of a side that attack through the middle, Derby average the least amount of attempted crosses of any side in the league with 16 per game (we average 20). They also don't go in for long balls. Only Villa, Norwich & Flum have fewer. They also average a similar possession to us, so even the styles might be similar, as you might expect from 2 pragmatic managers.
  4. We may do, although going into the Forest game we were 14th in the league and were only about to go on a good run. Being in the mix now and up against a promotion rival you'd hope would make the Sheff U game more desireable. At least it'll be better than Tuesday @ 19:45. Those 2 (Sunderland, Boro) have been our lowest league attendances this season (27,662 & 26,631).
  5. We were 28,554 home to Forest on a Saturday this season but that was i) televised on Sky and therefore ii) had a 17:30 kick off.
  6. Crystal Palace

    I don't think it's guaranteed at all. West Brom, West Ham, Swansea, Newcastle, Huddersfield all worse than them since Woy took over. They've 2 defeats in 8 games which includes a victory over Chelsea and are unbeaten in 4. They MAY end up going down, but they're showing fight now and they've become hard to beat.
  7. Crystal Palace

    Parish yes but I do like ex-chairman Simon Jordan on twitter. Helps that he likes us too
  8. Week 13 - Gordon Brown

    Or ... y'know, a shit record j/k
  9. FA Cup 3rd round draw

    The question is if you could pick.
  10. The Film Thread

    Well arse to that. "Every frame a painting" now officially dead. Clickety linkings (better formatting within the article)
  11. Products you would like to see make a comeback

    Meh, It's Nestlé. **** 'em.
  12. Crystal Palace

    I like them. Apart from them being Villa junior (we directly helped to set them up back in the day, and they wore our colours for a while). For some inexplicable reason, I have an inordinate amount of relatives who are Palace fans. Bear in mind that in Ireland there are practically no Palace fans yet I'm related to 3 of them and one is married to someone with high-up links at the club. So yeah, I'd like to see them do well, and they're now up to the dizzy heights of 18th under Woy, so it's not a lost cause yet.
  13. Week 13 - Gordon Brown

    Funny thing is we're only really short a QB and we might get quite a good draft position the way things are going Might be able to manouver something out of that
  14. Products you would like to see make a comeback

    A more recent development but Lucozade that doesn't contain artificial sweetener.