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  1. BOF

    Pre match

    These are the ones we win.
  2. I like it. Quality and clever.
  3. BOF

    Formula One - 2020

    I'd maybe try and find up to date info. I know it had problems, and it may still do, but those services do typically start off troublesome and then improve, so old info might be completely redundant (or it might not). Can you trial run it maybe? I've not used it so can't offer anything firsthand. Good luck!
  4. It's a ruthless and vicious physical assassination of both my aversion to sunlight and my lack of hair . At least I'm friendly.
  5. Gove may be a terrible politician, but I thought she was very good in Fringe.
  6. I sent a care package of goodies to some friends in England the other day, and they decided to get Broncos wide-receiver Juwann Winfree to say thank you from them Chuffed Let's not dwell on the nickname ... that's not important right now ...
  7. The amazing amount of people who pronounce Solpadeine as Solfadeine.
  8. That **** "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" Virgin ad with those **** kids singing.
  9. Real life pitch & putt was the cause of my only real murder to date.
  10. I thought it was brilliant wordplay as I was reading it, but no, there you were ploughing on unironically
  11. The VillaTalk thread order is the only true gauge of how the virus is being controlled in the UK
  12. Just came in to post the same thing 8 transfers made. Yep it has slightly ruined my careful planning, but tbqh I don't mind too much. It removes the absolute clusterf*ckery that we looked like heading towards, and I had as many fires to put out around the fringes as I had doozies in the side. I just want to protect my top 100k finish. Hopefully a lot of people don't bother starting back up, and I improve by default
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