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  1. Nah that's too far. You may be a festering cocksocket but I don't want your weekend ruined
  2. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    Oh I daren't say. I might need to order a taxi in Liverpool some wet miserable evening and I don't want to limit my chances
  3. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    Too many possible answers. People born here and/or people born up North combined with people who just represented here and/or just represented the North. Couldn't possibly say ...
  4. BOF

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    I think he becomes 2nd choice after the January window, so the question is whether he'll get the chance. I'm undecided TBPH.
  5. BOF

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    Scarily. Terrifyingly. Given that you're neither English nor Montenegrin, you're a terrible employee Completely **** wrong, and it's all @bickster's fault, the festering cocksocket. Well I can tell you which one it ISN'T !!
  6. BOF

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    Results against the top ten this season Results against the bottom ten this season
  7. BOF

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    Oh definitely the Newcastle game
  8. BOF

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    They're still available.
  9. BOF

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    Your anthrax is in the post.
  10. Reminds me of this old classic, which sadly doesn't seem to appear any more in a search, so has to be this pic.
  11. That's more pollution than evolution though. They're affected in other ways too. I am the future! It's totally fair.
  12. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    You utter bastard.
  13. Eh, you can't cure the next stage of human evolution. Rgds, A fairly baldy bastard.
  14. That's one for @Unused Sub. You'd like to think a limited number could get in, although it depends if they have security working so I've no idea.
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