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  1. Spurs

    Optimistic to think Alli will be there next season
  2. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Two up again. This managing malarkey seems easy peasy to our Olof Edit : Three !
  3. Things you often Wonder

    Every time I see it I just think why? It's screaming out for one. And there's only 3 of them in Donington
  4. Things you often Wonder

    Why the hell there's no 'n' in restaurateur.
  5. Academy General Topic

    Yep I just came in to post that. I'd say he'll do just fine for himself tbh.
  6. NFL 2017 Draft Topic

    Just read there that the Seahawks have 6 (SIX!!) picks in the second and third round. No other team has more than 3. So they hold the cards today!!
  7. Mile Jedinak

    So it turns out according to Bruce, Jedi has been injured for the past 6 weeks. What a man! The fact he has played all this time tells me Bruce knows exactly how important he is to the side, and I'd suggest it also means Bruce knows we need at least a backup to him for next season.
  8. Spurs

    Spurs have confirmed they'll be playing all of their home games in Wembley for the 17/18 season. I'm sure they have enough quality to stay up though.
  9. Manchester United

    As you say, currently, Mourinho is definitely setting up to nullify in the big matches, especially with his currently available squad, but I don't think that's true of him in general. His Chelsea in its pomp pretty much hammered everyone and scored a record amount of Premier League goals in the process (which still stands AFAIK). His Inter and Real broke records. He had the players to do it, and so he went and did it. No unnecessary bus parking. He's far from that level with this United squad and they've a huge summer ahead. If we're talking about the talent of Mourinho then last night's result is a testament to getting a point he had very ilttle right to get. If we're tallking about the talent of his squad, then last night's approach should tell us everything we need to know about what he thinks those players are capable of.
  10. Manchester United

    If you still honestly have those questions after our chat then as I say, we'll leave it there. The answers are above, and more than what you've just posted.
  11. Manchester United

    Both of these have been comprehensively and explicitly answered by me further up this conversation.
  12. Arsenal

    And certainly don't jump up to meet the f**king thing. That's what gets me about the scenario. He literally attempted to get hit in the face with the ball. So you kinda lose the right to call foul WHEN IT F**KING HAPPENS.
  13. Manchester United

    You don't see where I might be getting that impression then? As in literally the fall-out (or lack thereof) from last night's match? In fact this whole discussion kinda proves my point about the remarkable non-stickiness of Guardiola. So yes, you could be forgiven for thinking he is everyone's favourite genius. Until you look at his results and the resources at his disposal.