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  1. Telford tickets will only be sold on the night.
  2. General Chat

    Yeah don't worry. My other half flew to Iceland with a month left. I think the U.S. requires that your passport have 3 months left beyond your visit, in case they need you back for a waterboarding after you've left.
  3. Let's rather annoyingly start with a Huddersfield Town story. Annoying because they're in the Premier League and we're not. Good guy Dean Hoyle. Loyal Huddersfield fans can watch home Premier League games for £5.26
  4. Seems the probable Linfield-Celtic match will be played on Friday the 14th now and Celtic look set to turn down their ticket allocation and advise fans not to travel.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    No I think he's serious. Although in fairness every midtable Premier League club usually has a Jack of very very few trades master of none in their ranks. Having one with CL ambition would be a coup. Shame to lose him etc.
  6. What do you drive?

  7. What do you drive?

  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Beginning to think that didn't come out the way it was meant
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I am riveting when pissed (and I don't talk the way I type )
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Happened in our local sports club when they got a new tap installed. People (briefly) went from drinking 4.3% to 5.7% thinking "it's only ~1%". I had to explain that it's effectively double the strength, on the basis that the (typical) body can get rid of about 3% per hour, meaning the amount left in your system has gone from a residual 1.3% up to 2.7%. More than double. No wonder people were falling around the place
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    No probably about it. It's way more with the way the body gets rid of alcohol.
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    The difference being that 'Bert' was part of a transfer and not a 'told you can go'. Plus he had just got them up, not brought them down. So in fact the 2 couldn't be much different.
  13. The Film Thread

    Oh God. My bad. Sorry
  14. The Film Thread

    I disagree about Chris Pine tbh. I like him in the Star Trek reboots and I thought he was very good in Hell or High Water.