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  1. I have high hopes for Sanson. Probably too high but that's the way it's gonna be.
  2. Saw on Twitter earlier that he'd be playing. He's coming back from injury which is fair enough. We might be doing something very similar soon
  3. I'm not falling for that one again. If you drink Guinness and lemonade together then my position would probably be running to the sink with foam coming out my nose.
  4. I dunno, @OutByEaster?, you paint a very pessimistic portrayal of how robust society is. If you really think it is held together so tenuously, so weakly that it's almost one offensive side order from all falling apart, maybe it should be gravy pizzas and sausage kebabs all round, and to hell with it all.
  5. BOF

    The Film Thread

    Some classic horror film cover art nostalgia which some of you might enjoy. About 100 films in the link.
  6. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    And someone on reddit hacked the app and released the pictures a few hours before Williams did. So, yeah, an all-round cracking job by them. They're just a bit shit at stuff really.
  7. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    And with that, Williams now have the worst car and the worst livery on the grid. Good effort guys.
  8. No Jack. No Cash. Traore on Elmo with Neves and Moutinho controlling the middle of the park. I don't see us getting too much from this one if I'm honest, and they owe us one too.
  9. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    It's a long story that begins with Haas's start in F1, their contrary attitudes, protests, how they behaved, what they contribute generally, and is currently being hugely exacerbated (the proper icing on the cake) by firstly their hiring of Nikita Mazepin (look him up ), and the perceived-to-be-fake manner in which they've dealt with the fallout while protecting their Russian money. All of this while looking like only hanging around in F1 circling the drain until someone comes along and buys their grid slot. They're basically a waste of time but not a particularly pleasant waste of time.
  10. The competition is objectively way tougher this season. Last season after week 26 I had 1,529pts. That means nothing in itself. Seasons can have more points or fewer points than other seasons. But what's more telling is that my running total against the weekly average was +239pts. All of this got me a rank of 111k at the time. This season after week 26 I have 1,686pts. That's a considerable increase of 157pts, but as I've said, it's not necessarily a like for like comparison. But I have a +322pt score above the weekly average too. A huge increase on last season. Yet my current rank
  11. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    Williams are launching at 2pm today via a downloadable app. Will I be downloading the app?
  12. Which we're clearly not.
  13. "I'm probably most proud of the restraint I showed when I was asked to record a few sentences asking me what I'm most proud of. Also, here's a video of me weeing completely over the garden wall".
  14. Sounds like you logged into Peloton instead. Different app.
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