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  1. Has certainly deserved to keep his place so far and he wasn't any worse than the rest of the midfield tonight but he doesn't have the pace, power or skill to do anything of note in the final 3rd of the pitch. He's a good defensive winger but I absolutely hate that as it's not what I want in a winger. Be interesting to see if Smith takes this spot to swap him out at the first chance he gets.
  2. Watching it back I didn't actually think he had an easy pass to Watkins, defender was blocking it most of the time but could be wrong. The issue with Jack is he's not a proper winger and naturally wants to drift inside, defensively he's usually still decent but this game was at too high a tempo and part of the reason we got overloaded out wide.
  3. Think it was the first goal he lost the ball and he was up near where I'd expect the left back/winger to be. Not sure entirely how that situation unfolded but he does love to roam around a bit too much at times.
  4. Won so many headers and battles against Liverpool's CBs I thought he'd always be a good long ball outlet but got a bit bullied at times tonight, tough game but needs to do more.
  5. Could have gone 1-0 up a couple of times and its a different game. Defensively for two of them goals were shocking. Their full backs just full send it when the wingers get it or when they have an overflow on the flanks, we were out numbers too often out wide and they played through the CM easily.
  6. I've wanted to mention this before but while we are on a roll don't want to come across as too negative. I can imagine being at Villa Park when Liverpool got that goal back at 2-1, the place would have turned very nervy and then as soon as a player has a bad touch, loses the ball etc, we don't half get on their backs. Hopefully we can now see what this team is capable of and this doesn't happen as much when fans eventually return.
  7. Could be wrong but I don't think they can due to the the uncertainty with fans returning to grounds, they seem to plan 3 games ahead at most and only changed the KO times of this weeks fixtures a week ago.
  8. "I think he is enjoying the experience and he's enjoying seeing how we want to play and that's slightly different to his club,"- Southgate. Yeah, we actually attack and try to win games. He's probably been training Jack how to play right back.
  9. I assume this thread is going to moved to the Hall of Fame section?
  10. Fabrizio Romano still thinks this will happen?
  11. Worst case scenario there's only 88 days until the Jan transfer window opens.
  12. For once I'm looking forward to his post match picture with Salah
  13. 44 points for me, which I will take considering Podence didn't play, Son off at HT. I already made my transfer from Werner to Jimenez and I was considering a -4 from Mitro to Calvert Lewin but that's going to have to wait now for sure, struggling to find a Son replacement I like.
  14. The team picks itself if Traore is on the bench but I had some small hopes we might get an easy season, hopefully lock up 10th-12th but the bench is poor and Trez and Conor cant be starters. I fear we might only get one more player in as well, it will be a tougher season than I anticipated. Must beat Fulham, early doors but 3 points here is big.
  15. I hope we are working on kicking the ball at a defenders arms and I'm not even joking, it's 100% the play with current rules.
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