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  1. Footballers only care about themselves, they all want glory. Which player is currently way too good for their team and is staying there out of loyalty? I can't think of any. This is how it is I'm afraid.
  2. People comparing our situation to the Bucks in the NBA as well is pretty far off the mark. The American sports system is well set up to keep it fresh, old teams who were awful have a chance to be good again in 5-10 years time, likewise strong teams can drop off. Jack had two paths, take Villa as far as he can and be a major reason why in 5-10 years we might be a top top team (Most of our success would likely come after him though) or try and win whatever he can now, CL, Ballon D'or etc but clearly have to be away from Villa. I'm not sure you'll find any footballers who fit in the first one of those paths anymore, I think them days are long gone. As I said before, he will go on to win things, it's impossible not to at City and truth is it makes no difference if Jack is there or not. I'm still convinced that when all is said and done, nothing can top the feeling he had when winning the play off final with Villa, no matter how small it is when you do it for your own it's just different.
  3. Also I have to direct my anger somewhere. His agent looks like an absolute bellend, hope a rat shits in his coffee.
  4. Does amaze me how quickly we can change our opinion on a player once they leave. It's better to just let it out. 100m, good price but it's not enough. It's the fact we had a fan as captain, a fan as our best player. Someone who feels our pain when we lose and the joy more than the rest when we win. I'm devastated. Anyone saying he will be on the bench for City, won't adapt well, you are fooling yourselves. He's absolutely phenomenal and has zero fear of anything thrown at him.
  5. If Jack goes we do not need JWP. His freekicks are great but we will get a lot less of them now, move on from him.
  6. Way too much emotion on here, which I understand but let's not wish injury on the guy who got us promoted and then kept us up.
  7. Fans at grounds and fans online are two totally different things.
  8. I hate Man Utd and have done my entire life, but now I want City to fail, I did like them. Does this leave me back at Liverpool? Never thought I'd see the day.
  9. I know JT had already won a load of stuff by the time he left Chelsea, but he couldn't even bear to play against them so he dropped down a division.
  10. AndyM3000

    Louie Barry

    The new prince of Villa Park.
  11. His leaving statement should be interesting, if he makes one. Don't think it will get the reaction he wants.
  12. Yeah they badly need a striker, they have no issues creating chances, it's putting them away. I don't get it.
  13. If we spend 30-40m of the Grealish money on Tammy Abraham I will be absolutely fuming. Assume this was just some ploy to get Jack to change his mind.
  14. I'm not mad, just disappointed.
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