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  1. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    Well under Bruce we couldn't beat them at all and they had 10 men for 60 minutes. Clear signs of progress!
  2. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    This thread is mental. He has been here 3-4 months and without two key players for 80% of it. We should be doing slightly better but it's nowhere near bad enough for people to start calling for him to be sacked already. Look at our squad, you can replace Whelan with Thor, Hutton with Elmo, Green with Adomah. There's no upgrade or downgrade here it's a massively average squad that for the most part has been held up by loan players. Id rather he keeps playing his own way this season to find out who he wants to keep. This season is dead so what's the point of adapting a system to fit these players who wont be here next season? He's managed to get a keeper in on a permanent deal and the rest are short term loans or recalling ones we sent out on loan. I will liken this to Pep's first season at City, he had his style and stuck with it even though it was a disaster and he called it a failed season himself. He went out and got players in who can play the way he wants to and now look at them. Smith needs time and thankfully Christian Purslow seems to have a long term plan.
  3. AndyM3000

    Alan Hutton

    Exactly, people keep wanting players in who give 100% effort and look like they want to play for the shirt. Unless they are Villa fans they couldn't give two shits, we are a stepping stone just like every other club under Barca/Madrid/Man City etc. Berbatov walked round the pitch like he owned the place but the guy was a quality footballer. Get some of them.
  4. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    Im not saying we won't get injuries but they were two key players for us. They had two players out and one suspension from what I can see. They have a better squad than us but that's not surprising considering they just got relegated. We have Chester, Axel, Grealish, Carroll & Lansbury all out and at the moment they would walk into this team. You can see how Smith's Brentford play and he made a comment midweek about how much energy they had. He can't turn these old cloggers into a high press/possession team overnight. Id like to see us use some of our youth players and I thought loaning Bree out was madness.
  5. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    Before Axel and Grealish got injured we beat Bolton, Derby, Blues & Boro while drawing to Forest & Baggies. These two with McGinn were our best players in that run.
  6. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    He will get next season for sure. We put up with Bruce for ages and while it's not going well under Smith he deserves a chance to get some of his own players in. We aren't getting promoted with this squad and the injuries we have had to Grealish & Axel. Our full backs and CMs are shocking and yet we had to prioritise getting a keeper and CB in as those areas were even worse! I don't want Hutton, Whelan, Taylor, Jedinak, Thor, Elmo playing but you look at the other options and you can see why a few of them are in the starting 11 each week. The whole squad needs an overhaul. Only Grealish/McGinn could leave Villa and move to a better team.
  7. AndyM3000

    Jack Grealish

    He held all the cards when he signed a new contract and the club wouldn't block him of a move to a top team. Id imagine if a 30m bid comes in from Spurs again he will be allowed to talk to them.
  8. AndyM3000

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    This pretty much sums it up for me. You get people screaming to put a foot in when the opposition are passing it round the back 4 on the halfway line. For me personally I don't have any connection with the players on the pitch. If we go back to the days of Mellberg, Laursen, Young, Barry, Milner etc every player had their name chanted before the game, it of course helps when we are doing well. Since then Id say there's been very few players that have had a strong connection with the fans. Delph, Benteke, Vlaar, Weimann & Albrighton are the only ones that spring to mind. Out of this currently lot apart from Grealish & McGinn I wouldn't care if they sold everyone else.
  9. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    We won't be back to square one no matter what happens now as we have a different set up. We have a head coach and a sporting director, we get a manager in who fits the way we want to play with the players we have in place. There will be no more complete overhaul of squads.
  10. AndyM3000

    Pre-match thread

    You'd have made a lot of money betting against us over the last few years.
  11. AndyM3000

    Pre-match thread

    It's the 19th Jan, how have we not got a full back in.
  12. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    We beat Swansea 1-0 not along, I couldn't give a toss about the FA Cup. Yeh we got battered by Wigan, it's his first very bad result but fans on here are saying the job is too big, fear for the future etc. I mean come on, have a day off.
  13. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    People need to chill out, it's going to take time. We have a bunch of loan players, old players and generally awful players in this squad. Oh and we're missing our best player who has been key to everything we have done. This isn't Smith's team. Write this season off for the most part, if we make a push for the play offs great but it was always going to be an uphill battle.
  14. AndyM3000

    Tammy Abraham

    Some of the responses are a bit baffling. He's not our player and he wants to progress as much as he can. He left it very late in joining us in the summer because he wanted a chance at Chelsea and at the moment scoring 16 goals in the Champ isn't going to get you into the Chelsea squad but if he goes to Wolves and bags 10 goals before the end of the season then maybe they will reconsider. There's no loyalty in football and any player that can move on to better themselves will do so, the ones that become club legends are just players who were never good enough to progress. I do reckon if Jack was fit and we were more in with a chance of a title fight it could sway him but as it stands the last few weeks have been a struggle. Kodjia/Hogan aren't half the player he is I'm afraid.
  15. AndyM3000

    Tammy Abraham

    People say he's not ready for a team like Chelsea but it depends how they want to set up. Id not swap him for Morata in a million years.