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  1. I'd get ready for him to be leaving, I imagine his buy back to Man City is cheap if we get relegated and with them potentially facing a European ban he might fancy his chances at getting game time and establishing himself. Pep loves him and the work permit shouldn't be an issue now. Such a good player, comfortable on the ball, strong, mobile, can shoot from distance and still only 22 year old. He's on another wave length to what the rest of our team are on.
  2. These lot might top the Bosko Balaban saga.
  3. I agree he's been poor, he's allowed to have a patch of poor form but its in a period where we can't afford it and we have been hurt by fixtures congestion, quality of the opponent and injuries. I still think it's a massive loss not having Targett and Guilbert on the flanks too. We have tried to focus on being much more compact and defensive minded to stop leaking goals, this has killed us at the other end and is partly what is hurting Jack in my opinion. I don't agree he's not interested, I think he might be injured or just nackered but we will know for sure against Palace, it's a must win.
  4. If we do end up with Big Sam he's got the long ball down to the pitch to nobody absolutely nailed. Silver lining and all that.
  5. Apart from Luiz they have all been shit, we expect more from Jack because he's got the ability, we don't give a shit the rest have been crap because we know they are crap. He can't be top level Grealish every game, he's off form. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be in this league and if it wasn't for him we would be relegated along time ago. He's never going to be able to drag the entire team through the whole season. According to WhoScored he has the 22nd highest overall match rating out of the entire league, if we get relegated the one person you cant blame for this is Jack Grealish.
  6. I think he knows when we come out against the likes of Liverpool and Man Utd with these line ups are about to get done over, lets be honest we all know it. Lets see how he is v Palace on Sunday.
  7. It's been a downward spiral ever since James Milner left
  8. I think he goes back to City. Would love to see how he gets on sitting in that midfield.
  9. Reaction in here is insane. What do you want Grealish to do? Skin half the defence? He's doubled up on every time, they are happy to surround him and let him pass it backwards. He's trying too hard right now and he's playing awfully but what are his options? Pass it to Davis? Taylor? Everyone is awful and we have such little quality. We expect way too much from Grealish, you could replace him with Messi in the game today and you'd get the same replies in here 'That Messi kid, I don't see the fuss'. He looks injured/nackered too. You have to look at the bigger picture, he's off form but the replies here are embarrassing.
  10. Smith was KO'd on the ground after jumping for a header.
  11. Of our 7 leagues wins this season Guilbert started 6 of them. I cant stand a CB at full back, especially one that can't play there. That right flank is absolutely dead now, it's so easy to defend against.
  12. We need to get something I feel, by the time our weekend game KOs if Hammers beat Norwich and Watford beat Newcastle, which are both likely, we are 7 points from safety with a much worse GD.
  13. Amazed by how many people want Davis up top, we need to score a goal lads. I'd rather El Ghazi up top at this point.
  14. Where does that leave us? A Yank who hasn't a clue about our sport and a bloke from Egypt. I'd stick with Purslow for now, he at least knows football and the industry.
  15. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    I think he will be in charge next season even if we do get relegated
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