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  1. I'd much rather we have 4 at the back and bring Engels back in. What has happened to him?
  2. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    Smith will take some of the blame for sure but when you consider Rodri cost more than our starting 11 it shows what we are up against. A back line of Taylor, Hause, Konsa, Mings & Elmo, if you took Mings out of that I'd be looking to overhaul that defence even if we were in the Championship, it's beyond dreadful. Not to mention we have a 3rd choice keeper, no striker and we just threw in a bloke who spent 2 years down the pub for good measure. We got promoted too soon, we needed another year in the Champ to build a team and get rid of some deadwood but of course nobody can complain that we are back in the Premier League and our aim is just to survive and hope we can build on it. Getting hammered by Man City wont define our season but we need players quickly.
  3. I don't rate the Palace team for him, Zaha loves to hold the ball for way too long and they don't cross the ball enough. I think he still might have it in him, either way I need to see it.
  4. Never rated him at Leicester, played a few simple balls over the top that Vardy made the most of. Below average player, don't really know what he does on the pitch. We need a winger/striker/keeper not another CM, guessing we buy him and stick Jack back on the left wing.
  5. Hearing Batshuayi wants to fight for his place at Chelsea but I think it would be stupid for him not to come here unless he has better options. He's played 11 minutes of Chelsea's last 4 games over xmas and got less than 90 mins of prem football since the start of November. He will play every game for us, get glowing reviews from Terry/Tammy and we are now 6 months from the Euros and he will be on the fringe of that squad. Sounds like a good deal for everyone, hope it's sorted soon as the last thing we need is to go through all of Jan looking for a striker.
  6. Are we planning for league 1?
  7. No chance we sign two unless one is on loan. We may need a keeper, another winger and for what we would pay for a back up striker we aren't going to get much better than Kodjia/Davis.
  8. I cant see the appeal of playing under Ole in the Europa league.
  9. FYI, this is why so many players jump/ride tackles that end up looking like a dive. You leave your leg planted like this when a tackle comes in it's so easy to get an serious injury.
  10. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    Can we talk about Arsenal? We have won more games than Arsenal so far this season. This league is tough.
  11. Grealish on for 97 minutes, sprinting and pressing at the end. Kodjia on for 20 mins and huffing and puffing, strolling around. Get out.
  12. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    I credit him for trying but with Taylor on the left side all attacking threat is dead down there. They just need to mark Jack and Trez and we are screwed, I am not sure this is going to work but hope it does.
  13. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    You'd argue it's close but most their players have been together a while, ours barely 6 months. You can also swing it the other way that West Ham have spent chunks and are 1 point ahead of us, Everton were also in trouble a couple of games ago. People seem to think 22m for Welsey is a lot (He's been poor) but Haller cost 45m, Joelinton 40m, Kean 27m, Solanke 19m this is the going rate for mid table strikers who will blow hot and cold. Of the players that started yesterday Elmo, Hause, Konsa, Lansbury, Hourihane, Jota all shouldn't be near our starting 11. They are Championship players or back up/squad fillers/prospects for a Prem club but we find ourselves having to start all 6 of them. Smith isn't covering himself in glory either by persisting with Wesley & looking tactically stubborn.
  14. I think he can but you can't play him out wide and we have much better CMs than him so it's very awkward to fit him in.
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