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  1. Without football it seems he gets distracted too easily and he surrounds himself with some right morons.
  2. I kinda hope they do because I have been saving freehit, wildcard and bench boost! Can't use them all if there's 1 GW left.
  3. This is how they have always done it. The 38GWs are set and they do not add a GW39, any fixutres moved must fit into the set GWs. Looking likely that we will have 9-10GWs of fixtures all in GW38 if it does restart.
  4. As long as you add some Werther's Originals to the basket you should get express delivery.
  5. My work have still not spoke about or sent a single email regarding COVID-19. Almost a bury your head in the sand attitude to it, amazing.
  6. Looks like we are entering the next phase. Football likely to be behind closed doors this weekend.
  7. Man City Arsenal has now been called off.
  8. We are all on PCs as well, I think we have about 4 laptops spare for 40 staff members. It's not an issue for many as most will have their own laptops/PCs at home and providing we get access to the systems/emails we can work fine. For security/GDPR reasons our USB ports are disabled and we aren't even allowed to use the printer, this could be standard with a company that works with somewhat sensitive data but it made me laugh when they banned the use of the printer. If this does go the way Italy has gone I don't fancy the commute through New Street to get to work.
  9. Is working from home normal for your company? Interested to follow how everyone else is approaching this as my company doesn't trust us to work from home and will be very reluctant to let us.
  10. Same can be said for Veretout, Gana, Amavi, Ayew and they have done okay since leaving despite being apart of the worst season in our history. It's a team game, if we get trashed 4-0 none of them are going to look good.
  11. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    We aren't going to get out of this by defending, we need to ride our luck defensively while trying to win the game. If we can't defend no matter what then just go out and try and win. Play Samatta, Grealish, Trez & El Ghazi with Luiz/Nakamba/Conor/McGinn in the middle two slot. Offered absolutely nothing up front today, they marked Grealish out the game as he was the only outlet.
  12. He's marking a guy much bigger and stronger than him. Seems like a bad set up to me.
  13. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    It's strange because I expected to get slated for it, we should care about the club and that only but it's the opportunity to build with Grealish that will be gone and I will be furious if we throw that away.
  14. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    At this point the only thing I care about is losing Grealish who is going to be our biggest talent of our lifetime. If we need to change manager to gamble then do it.
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