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  1. AndyM3000

    Alan Hutton

    Great application but poor ability for a footballer in 2018. He's one of the few remaining full backs from an era where we used to stick CBs at RB for their physical height to combat long ball teams and defend set plays. Looking at the Premier League now there aren't many teams that are lumping the ball forward and the days of the old Stoke/Bolton/West Ham or whoever Allardyce/Pulis managed are over.
  2. AndyM3000

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Under Bruce we did because we never had enough of the ball but as you said if we keep the ball and press we can do it. It's good to see some tactics and game plan that have some logic behind them.
  3. AndyM3000

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Was very worried before the game that the midfield 3 was too weak to play together v a good Derby midfield. If the pressing game is good enough that they can all play then that will change our season as they are our 3 best midfielders by a mile.
  4. AndyM3000

    Derby pre match

    Kodjia out wide and no solid CM/DM. Smith must be confident in their ability to sustain the press but that midfield 3 v a good team looks too weak to me. Got a bad feeling about this one, we will probably play okay when on the ball but think we could concede a few here.
  5. AndyM3000

    James Collins

  6. AndyM3000

    James Collins

    Appeared in an Instagram photo today with Petrov at the training ground so Id assume he's still training with us.
  7. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    The best option is to have Tammy play up front with proper wingers and Kodjia coming off the bench in some capacity. I don't think Smith will ever play them up front together from the start of the game as it damages the possession football he wants to play. In the back of his mind he's probably thinking this season is going to be somewhat of a write off. Next season Tammy isn't going to be here and Kodjia will be so he's got a job on his hands just to keep them both happy.
  8. AndyM3000

    Jack Grealish

    Are we seriously getting to the point where we are putting him down for chewing gum? You can't slag him off for footballing reasons this week so lets pluck another reason out the air. Socks rolled down, shin pads too small, hairstyle, went to the cinema the day before a match. Spin the wheel and pick what you want.
  9. AndyM3000

    Jack Grealish

    Watch the game with your own eyes and don't worry about the goals and assists numbers for him. If you saw Arsenal's goal against Leicester you'll see Mesut Ozil play a pass that pretty much took out their entire midfield and defence. It left the running full back an easy square pass to Aubameyang for a tap in. Ozil created this goal and should get vast majority of the credit, he doesn't get the goal or assist though. Jack is dropping deep a lot more than he should to pick the ball and it means he plays the 3rd pass in a lot of moves. We need to get him higher up the pitch and in better positions but he's still one of our best players and there is no way we are better of with him on the bench. It doesn't help that this team is totally messed up balance wise. We have Elmo and Adomah who aren't great and two awful full backs that attempt to support them, it's pretty easy to defend against and a big reason why we don't create much. We will still have to suffer from the aftermath of Bruce for a while longer yet but I bet when we do come good Jack will be a big part of it.
  10. AndyM3000

    Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    People saying drop or sell Grealish are you off your head? You are expecting too much of him if you think he's going to drag this team through on his own.
  11. AndyM3000

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    It's 2 minutes before half time so if you have only just noticed this then that will be why. People go down for food/drink at 35 mins.
  12. AndyM3000

    Pre-Match Thread

    Elmo at RB/LB with Bree in then one of Bolasie/Ghazi on the wings is what I wanted.
  13. AndyM3000

    Pre-Match Thread

    That is a Steve Bruce team. Show us the real one please.
  14. AndyM3000

    Dean Smith

    He knows Scott Hogan isn't a target man. This is a good start.