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  1. Ran from the halfway line to fire in the winner on his weaker foot against Monaco and a draw against top of the table Lille a few days before this. He also has 2 assists to go with his goal. I'm absolutely fuming we let him go out on loan and kept a pensioner around.
  2. Maybe not 40m but 25-35m players I reckon we will be looking at in the summer. If we keep Jack and he wants to play left side of a 3 then we need a replacement in AM where Barkley is, if Jack goes there then you get a new winger. Another CM would be the next place to improve for me. Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett, Luiz, *New CM*, *New AM*, Grealish, Traore, Watkins. Pushes our current starters into squad players. A bench of Heaton, Engels, Hause, *New full back*, McGinn, Sanson, Nakamba, Trez, El Ghazi, Wesley looks ridiculous. *Edit* Even missed Ramsey out. We just have
  3. Fantastic when we don't have the ball, not good in games like this when we do have it.
  4. He was signed now rather than in the summer as the club were open to doing the deal now. Villa thought it would be good to get him here for 6 months to settle ready for next season. Clearly needs to get up to speed with our game but the fact he's here now helps us for next season. We aren't going to sign another striker for 20m when we have Wesley who is almost back, can't have 3 strikers that cost 20-30m. Part of me wonders if we decided to take the option on him now as City have told us they are going to buy Luiz back in the summer. The fact he's coming on instead of him at the mom
  5. Sometimes does too much but then you get the big chance he had where his too much turned into magic. Still looks our most dangerous player with Jack out, which is worrying as he wasn't great.
  6. Not for me he wasn't. I think Guilbert was involved in 7 out of our 9 wins last season despite only playing 25 games total, he must have had the highest win % in the squad. At times they all looked terrible before lockdown because we played like it was an NBA game, but with us being more solid now I think he'd slot in fine at RB as cover just by his pace and ability to get up and down the pitch. He probably doesn't want to be backup, but he wasn't even that before Jan.
  7. Can't judge him on this. He's suppose to be the more forward player out of the three and couldn't get the ball anywhere near him.
  8. Elmo played when Cash was suspended, another game we failed to score in v Burnley. Freddy wasn't even making the bench some games. Baffling IMO, he's absolutely miles clear of Elmo, it's an insane decision.
  9. Can't fault his effort and I thought he was better than most of them to be honest. Just poor on quality, especially with crossing.
  10. He came on but by that point we were just lumping balls into the box.
  11. Get this guy back in now, he's by far our best CM and for some reason has been cut out for Barkley and McGinn being poor. I don't know what our best CM combo is but I know it involved Luiz.
  12. Doesn't look like we have much of a game plan without Jack. No ability to play through teams, long and wide every time.
  13. Barely a league 1 footballer. Can't cross a ball, get Freddy back or play a youth kid at full back. Shouldn't get another minute in a Villa shirt.
  14. Baffling. Elmo isn't good enough for the Championship, I have zero clue how he's first backup.
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