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  1. bully

    André Green

    I’m told that he’s been recalled
  2. bully

    Jack Grealish

    It’s still confusing them. Another scan scheduled for 2 weeks time
  3. bully

    Pre-Match Thread

    New manager (head coach) ....new entrance music.
  4. bully

    Dean Smith

    All this talk of the amazing Brentford structure, how did it work in this instance? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34353488
  5. bully

    Dean Smith

    Monday, 4pm
  6. bully

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    I think this appointment only muddies the waters further for potential managerial candidates. Our timing is woeful
  7. bully

    New Manager Speculation

    Do Rodgers and Terry know each other well from their Chelsea days?
  8. bully

    Ørjan Nyland

    Much improved performance last night, some very good saves that kept us in it through our wobbly spell.
  9. bully

    André Moreira

    Dr Tony sold the chairs. We are awaiting delivery of the new ones any day
  10. bully

    January transfer window 2018

    That's what I keep telling her
  11. bully

    January transfer window 2018

    He is so upset about it he can be found in the 82 Lounge in the Trinity Road at every home fixture that does not clash with his own teams schedule
  12. bully

    Tony Xia

    My head hurts....
  13. bully

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    Well let's ask the question and hear it from the horses mouth
  14. bully

    Academy General Topic

    How ironic that our ex coach managed the winning team in HK? I have suggested that someone asks the club at the upcoming consultation group meeting why, in light of the recent Premier League enquiry, is Kevin McDonald still employed by the club? I believe we carried out a thorough review of the Academy set up so how on earth is he still there ?