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  1. We made a tentative enquiry early in the window and were quoted £22m. Our interest ended there
  2. bully

    Wesley Moraes

    Those who played last 20 mins at Walsall started apart from keeper and Tish in for BB. The plan was for all players to get 90 mins across the 2 games so the team that started the Walsall game would have definitely taken part in Kuwait ‘friendly ‘
  3. All change on 60 mins. Those who play 30 tonight will play 60 tomorrow in behind closed doors game
  4. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/07/24/trezeguet-on-joining-aston-villa New Aston Villa midfielder Trezeguet has paid tribute to Ahmed Elmohamady following his arrival at the club on Tuesday. Unlucky mate
  5. We are en route now, 11am flight
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1 or 2 in before we go on tour tomorrow
  7. Who is playing at AFCON today that might be of interest?
  8. He was in the US for one week. Now that his daughter has finished her exams he is having family holiday in Portugal for one week.
  9. bully

    John Terry

    I'm hearing Lanyard is neck and neck with another contender
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