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  1. are you really reading it like that?
  2. I’m not there emotionally, I thought in context that was kind of clear
  3. I’m fascinated by how everyone on this thread acts. so much anger and bitterness. Not just with Grealish and him leaving, but what he’s currently doing, saying and going to do. It all intrigues me, because I’m just not there, emotionally. I don’t care that much. I’m never really that fussed about the concept of “loyalty” in regards to football and clubs. Probably because I recognise most players don’t value “loyalty” in the same ways as fans do. Players nowadays are glory hunters, chasing the money, chasing the trophies, chasing the fame. Yep, Jack is one of them, so is Harry Kane, so is most players. In our hearts we all know this, and always have. I never want “loyalty” from any of our players, but what I want is consistent good performances. To me, I’m not overly surprised Jack was looking for a way out and got the clause inserted in to his new contract. At the time of signing that contract, Villa survived by the fluke of goal line technology failing. He’s a class player and he knew this. He simply wants that glory… and Villa was and still is a bit off that CL Football and the money that comes with it. He couldn’t wait, and frankly Villa may not even have got CL in his remaining career! He’s personal ambition came first.. no real surprise, as it’s the way of football. The “my club” tweet was just a fan pleasing tweet at the time, and at the time he wasn’t going anywhere. Only in hindsight the tweet backfired on him As far as the guff he’s said since, he’s always been overly honest in interviews. He hasn’t really said anything too damning Tbf.. he’s Impressed with City’s players, facilities and pep. As well as why he got a clause inserted. Which we already knew. All of it, wasn’t spoken like a professional, but it’s Jack, you know, the encyclopaedia of stupid. I really can’t rouse my emotions to care for him. Negative or positive. He’s moved on, so have I. Bring on Ings, Bailey and Buendia, you have some big performances to match
  4. Imagine someone like Paul Merson trying to pronounce the Villa team of 26/27 season
  5. Here's the Athletic article on Carney https://theathletic.com/2795731/2021/08/29/nobody-passed-better-than-carney-chukwuemeka-in-the-opposition-half-aston-villa-have-a-gem-on-their-hands
  6. It's strange that Grealish is rattled enough by Preece's article that he tries a clap back on Twitter. I would of thought the opinions of Preece and the Birmingham Mail are too small time for Grealish to give a shit about now. Even in the terms of perception, Villa fans don't give that much of a shit about BM to normally care. Yet, something about the article spooked Jack... Either the article is blatant lies, what is public knowledge that BM are keen on telling, enough forJack not to care. or the article is saying some harsh truths, what Jack is trying to cover up in his response... If it were a reporter or paper with a bigger reputation, I'd get the need for a response. But Ashley Preece? come onnn, that's like using a bazooka to swat a fly
  7. How some people act on here about Grealish makes me cringe to the high hills. All this hyperbole and para-social behaviours got me like…
  8. He looks 10 years older than the rest… guess he has to do the captain duties and get the beers from the offie tonight.
  9. So what does The Athletic article say about Carney?
  10. healing is a control mechanism from government
  11. I believe he was in some swanky penthouse flat in the city centre for the first year, looks like he has a house now
  12. From what I gather from his social media, he lives with a lot of his family. Quite often having pictures with his brother
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTUbS5Cj5Px he’s happy to be here might suggest a new contract is coming
  14. Who ever does it, must name it “Which defensive midfielder are we getting in January?”
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