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  1. Ugly win, but I’ll take it. Thank Paul McGarth we have Emi. Total hero tonight. Also, why does Dean not like subs? anyways... We played half our games this season and we’re 3 points short of the total of last season. What an improvement
  2. I’m feeling optimistic about this game. not my usual feelings pregame. I like it
  3. I somewhat agree with all of the points. Even holding back villa, In particular last season. The team do over rely on jacks magic. However he does takes too much on himself and several times he over touched the ball and runs in to cul de sacs. if we flip it and it’s jack that relies on the rest of the team, it would benefit both him and the team. tbf, it’s happening this season. Ginny is fully fit and in form, Ross is in the team and ollie’s movement is looking good so far. Once they are all on the same wavelength, the jack doing it all himself will become less of of a need and
  4. Name the other 9, and if they ain’t all mason mount then you need your eyes checking
  5. You don’t need stats to know KDB is a world class players. He’s been that level of quality for years. but as you say, Jack is on his way to that status. “world-class” takes time to earn.
  6. KDB is a good benchmark for a world class midfielder
  7. So far he’s been good. Yet, in the games I’ve seen him, he’s been trying hard to keep up with the prem pace and using his full concentration to do it. it won’t be long before he’s doing what he’s doing now under autopilot and improving in other areas.
  8. It’s page 1800 and to celebrate I’m sorry if you’re at work, but you’ll have to have a sneaky shuffle under the desk
  9. It’s a banging song by Warren G and Nate Dogg
  10. The only team in the league with a 100% win record. Let’s keep this streak going who’s next?
  11. an ugly win, but I take it. Especially against a team arguably better than us, yet somehow we looked the better most of the game
  12. Game time. It seems like the kid had a pick of a lot of great club, but Bologna is the team he chose. the logical conclusion, is they offered him more game time. If not, it was because of their social media team. They won the transfer window with his announcement video
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