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  1. How he handled the situation and played the game makes me hope he will be loved by the nation as much as he's loved by Villa fans
  2. Im chuffed for the chap. Amazing to think, this time last year he was nothing but a a forgotten squad player at Bournemouth. A year later he’s a key player and cult hero for Villa, on the verge of winning his first England cap. Bloody amazing
  3. What's going on here? Villa are getting real sloppy. Wake up lads
  4. Liking this line up. If we going to do well in the league, villa needs these players getting game time, as well as resting our key players. Even if it’s a risk, I’m happy
  5. How Tyrone is as a player, with his team mates, with the media, he's soon to be Villa's captain
  6. more graft than flair tonight. good effort from Jack
  7. The best thing about this win is finishing with a goal. such a buzz to win our first game. the team and Villa Park were on such a high
  8. Jota's awareness tonight was fantastic. I think he soon will end up being a key player for Villa this season
  9. My little pre match prayer was to get a win tonight and a goal from Wesley. Thanks god for delivering this and a MOTM from Wes too. Lots of love from your favourite atheist
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