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  1. If we can get a buy option, I'd rather Loftus-Cheek. On the long run, I believe he would offer us more than Barkley
  2. I calling this private jet “uncle Phill”
  3. We were very unfortunate last season. Our goalkeeper, CM and forward out for most of the season. they say good teams have a good spine on the pitch, we survived with a broken back. Bravo to Villa
  4. He’s a good attacking FB. He’s a woeful defensive FB, for a few reasons including what you said
  5. Targett is our weakest defender. All last season teams targeted his flank far more than Freddie’s
  6. Judging from the leaked images, Villa don’t want us to see it
  7. We are, but so are many other teams. Despite all the signings Chelsea have made, they’re an injury or two from having issues themselves.
  8. Until they got a player sent off, we were still the better team better than a team that took 4 point off of us last season and finished way ahead of us in the league. They got there with having a well drilled defence, which they used against us after losing a player. we are a more comfortable team now.
  9. We were useless against ten men last season. We even lost to a ten man team we are a more comfortable team now. some wrinkles to iron, but the team are almost singing on the same sheet now
  10. The Sheffield game, we were miles better than any game we played last season. Comfortable on the ball, retained possession, created a shit load more chances, just unfortunate that we were met with a well drilled parked bus from a team that was a tonne better than us last season. we will be a more comfortable safe this season
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