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  1. Assuming we've not earmarked the final domestic loan slot for another player, surely a 6 month loan for Albrighton would be an upgrade on what we have? Especially if we'll soon have a striker that can head the ball.
  2. Well, this is the TRANSfer thread after all.
  3. We've committed just one foul in 45 minutes. Shows how little we've attempted to get the ball off them.
  4. Had it have been Kane's hand the ball brushed and then cleared, as he and Laporte were challenging together, would a penalty have to be awarded?
  5. We were integrating 4 new players into the starting XI. It's possible that Dean didn't want to include more than one new player in each part of the pitch (just a guess). Bit let's not forget that Taylor played his part in our unbeaten run, as well as the playoffs. He did well today against one of the best teams in the league and is not one of the areas of concerns from today's game. He's earned the right to keeps the shirt for Bournemouth IMO.
  6. For me, he keeps his place for the next game. Did well today against a very, very good team.
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