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  1. Well he's certainly got plenty of attacking experience...
  2. Tyrone is still liking (as recently as an hour ago) some AVFC related content from his Twitter account. Has to be a good sign, surely?
  3. True, but Lolley never claimed to be a Forest fan. Let the Blose fans lap up the shallow offerings from the Gardner's, whose words are more borne out of thickness rather than any malice I would assume.
  4. Plus, if we sold the naming rights to the ground, we could do worse than New Fortress Villa Park.
  5. Looking at page 1 of this thread, it seems that Greg Evans got the early news of this. First time for everything... Anyway, shrewd signing and an upgrade on Adomah and Green. Next please...
  6. Yeah, he's truly become one of their own.
  7. And I think it's been explained that the bulk of the design comes from Fanatics and not the label on the kit - be it Luke or Kappa this year.
  8. From the Bastian of veritable facts, Wikipedia " Football. Hacker believes that sport is of a greater cultural importance and is even willing to sacrifice a local art gallery in order to bail out his constituency's football team, the fictional Aston Wanderers, that was being threatened with bankruptcy. He didn't support the team though, and was mentioned as being an Aston Villasupporter in the first episode. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Hacker
  9. Prime Minister James Hacker, Lennie Godber, not Jenny Jones, Simon le Bon, Joleon Lescott, Carl Chinn, Scuba Steve.
  10. Would getting Tammy and Maupay be too greedy?
  11. At 21, English and with plenty of first team experience, Tammy can only be a great investment for the club. And with his continued coaching and development, the potential is there for him to get better and better. One thing for sure, his attitude is certainly not in doubt. Very rarely are strikers at their peak at 21, and I think a lot forget Tammy's age. To be put into context, he's 5 years younger than Jesse Lingard.
  12. Purslow and Smith both highlighted John McGinn as the kind of signing we want to make - that is character, attitude and talent. One would assume that Dean knows all about Jota from their time together, so this makes sense to me. We have a lot of places to fill in the squad, and Smith said he would be taking some time off before work begins again in earnest, so I imagine this has been lined-up for a while, irrespective of which division we ended up in, and may not be fully indicative of our main Premier League recruitment strategy.
  13. And Aubameyang on 22 to match Salah for the golden boot. One more would be lovely
  14. Love that Thema. Was actually offered one a few years ago that I passed on, but really wish I had taken the plunge. Along with the trucks, here are the 'youngtimers' taking up my garage space at the mo.

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