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  1. StanBalaban

    Steve Bruce

    That's AVTV for you.
  2. StanBalaban

    Going Under ?

    Peter Freund has started to follow AVFC Official, the ladies team and a couple of Villa fan pages on his Instagram account "Trinitysportsholdings"
  3. StanBalaban

    Park Life: AVTV Live

    Just signed up too. Is it best accessed via a browser on a laptop, or on mobile via the app?
  4. StanBalaban

    Tony Xia

    85% done 99% done 1 out of 3 options halfway there. The rest are how close some players are to being shipped out.
  5. StanBalaban

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Ravel Morrison is training with them apparently.
  6. StanBalaban

    Unibet.. New Sponsor

    Organ will turn out to be a keyboard member.
  7. StanBalaban

    The Film Thread

    Yeah Ribisi was great and Vin played quite a mellow character. Plus Affleck got to have his own Glengarry Glen Ross moment too. FYI, the guy that ruined that prisoner transportation scene in the Dark Knight ("that's not good.....okay that's really not good" SWAT guy) played Ribisi's slimy / jealous mentor at the broker firm.
  8. StanBalaban

    The Film Thread

    I thought he was good in Boiler Room too.
  9. StanBalaban

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Just watched the finale of Homeland. Really enjoyed this season.
  10. StanBalaban

    Pre-match thread

    Thought Green was supposed to be ready for this game?