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  1. And why would the training staff be told "personally" whilst Jack is in Croatia? Why would they be told anything at all?
  2. Not sur what you'r on about. It works absolutly fin.
  3. Guys, I've also tried to order a shirt but could only get "GRALISH" on the back. WTF!?!? Even the online shop know he's leaving!
  4. I don't think £10 an hour is enough to get people to clean up ejaculate from the changing rooms, to be fair.
  5. I shudder to think what my GP's reaction would be if I asked for a 'scrotum loosening'.
  6. I can't believe they have more than one striker. The fools!
  7. So, the Daily Mail had this to say a couple of weeks back: "There is talk of a buy-out clause in Grealish’s contract. I have been told with certainty it exists yet Smith has denied it. Whatever the case, Villa have an opportunity to make this situation work for them." Ladyman Now, they're saying that Man City have made an opening bid with this new "article". No one has a clue, but it generates clicks. Unfortunately for print media, the more speculative and opinion-based the article, the more revenue it generates. Notice there's no articles trying to unsettle players to go to Villa using the supposedly incoming £100m.
  8. Also he's not for sale, yet we have set a price of a nice, round £100m for him?? Idiots.
  9. The more things like that he posts, the more confident I am he stays. If he was leaving, irrespective of the excitement of a new challenge, it would be with a massively heavy heart. I'm very confident he wouldn't be rubbing the Villa fans noses in an impending departure.
  10. Looking forward to seeing Buendia sitting him down on his arse, before squaring to Ollie to score.
  11. If you find it's keeping the sheets off you for more than 4 hours, you should seek medical advice.
  12. He's not gone (yet). Let's not forget that players read or hear about what fans say on forums, Reddit and social media. This thread was started by his brother. Not meaning you @Eastie but I hope we don't start slagging off any of our players based on speculation. JG is still the captain of Aston Villa and, for all we know, could be on the brink of signing a new contract.
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