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  1. You must have really liked it then.
  2. Sure thing... So my issue was using a Chrome browser, to which I was signed in on my phone and laptops. The Off Topic section was inaccessible if I was signed into VT. If I logged out there was no issue. Following the guidance on this page, I cleared the cache and cookies using the "History" option in my browser settings. This didn't work. I then ticked the box in the "Advanced" tab of the "History" option that allowed me to clear "Site Settings". Site works perfectly now, and seems to be quicker to load. Hope this helps.
  3. Sorted. Cleared cache and cookies previously but didn't work. Cleared site settings in addition, and now works fine. Cheers.
  4. Sorry, just seen this response. Let me try this now.
  5. Same here. I can access the Off Topic section if I'm signed out, but not signed in. Same on Android phone, and the Chrome browsers on two different PC's. Any tips?
  6. Well thanks to his driving, we know Jack's halfway there. Just needs to find the composure I guess.
  7. "Acquisitions" is misspelt on all of them.
  8. What the absolute **** that Sterling's trip in the box is given yet our was overruled by VAR!
  9. Sold yesterday, and returning home to Germany.
  10. StanBalaban


    It's not just Rolex. I paid a hefty premium for a Patek Phillipe Aquanaut 5167/1a with the rubber strap 2 years ago, but could still sell it today for even more. Patek, Audemars Piguet and Rolex are an absolute menace to get professional pieces, and it's quite often the stainless steel version that commands the biggest percentage premium over retail.
  11. StanBalaban


    Yeah that's it mate... The Watchfinder and Chrono24 models are at a premium because they're available now, nothing more. Regarding the date, I surprise myself how often I try to glance towards my watch if I need to know the date for anything. No biggy, but it's one those things you only notice when it's not there. Rolex authorised distributors have to physically buy their stock, and they don't get a say in what Rolex gives them - either buy it, or relinquish your AD status. Even though they only pay around 50% of RRP, it still means they have a lot of sticky stuff on their books - Ce
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