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  1. He wasted his talent and became a juggler, according to Karl Pilkington.
  2. Even for these teams, where's the excitement? Only one team can win, no battles for survival, no derbies, nothing else to challenge for (CL, EL, cups), no unexpected upsets. Terrible idea.
  3. BeIn Sports have raised a good point about the Saiss disallowed goal. Podence was deemed to be offside by VAR, but the flag wasn't raised and he was able to put the cross in. The Leeds defender headed the cross away, thus starting a new phase of play. The fact it was a shit header straight to Saiss is neither here nor there. That was the justification for the Chelsea equaliser against the Boggies, as Havertz handballed in the box, but the ref missed it. The defender kicked the ball away starting a new phase, irrespective of him kicking it straight to Southgate's son. He then put the ball
  4. He's from the EU, so probably not a Wetherspoons.
  5. Wolves giving Leeds plenty of space. I would hope that we would press them a lot more, especially their back line.
  6. Definitely not the point I was making...
  7. Liverpool had Mane and Henderson out. Leicester were missing Vardy and Soyuncu. That takes nothing away from our victories in the slightest, but shows that we need to be as mindful as possible of injuries, fatigue and suspensions within our team. I think the bench yesterday showed that we're still short up top and at the back plus, right now, the starting XI picks itself - which is great for a settled team, but not great for rotation, tactical changes and competition. We're also picking up cards, which may see the likes of McGinn and Luiz suspended at some point. I hope we can make a
  8. I think that even the very best players have an error or two in them per game. Let's not underestimate the quality of the opposition here either. This was only Cash's fourth game at this level, and I'm looking forward to seeing him improve further as the season progresses.
  9. Not often I'd post something from a Liverpool fan, but this made me laugh
  10. Not enough Dem. That result destroyed us for the season. I want blood!
  11. We need revenge for this, before going on a title winning run.
  12. What is Leicester's exposure to the international break? Have they got many players that will have played much or travelled far?
  13. Well that would make sense, in a plan that makes no sense except for 6 teams in the country. Load of old shit and I hope there is a huge backlash to these proposals.
  14. How does longest serving not include us or Newcastle?
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