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  1. Ooooh the NSX! What a car. Had the opportunity to buy one about 10 years ago for a fraction of the price they are now. Yeah it's a 928 GT (money pit) and a 560 SEC.
  2. I think the modern BMW's are such capable machines but, for me, I just love the earlier ones. 3.0CS, 2002, E30, E28, The Z3M Coupé... Just love em all!
  3. Cheers mate. The E30 series was an brilliant car, and a good 325i sport is worth good money these days. I love cars of that era in general and am fortunate enough to have a couple of others, which is another reason why I need to have a word with myself. None of them are getting driven much, especially in the summer here in Dubai. Here are two of the others, sat in the office car park...
  4. Similar Genie, but it's a B10 3.5. Love the shade of blue of that B9!
  5. Decided I should probably sell my 1985 BMW Alpina, simply because it sits around not being used. Love the car, and BMW's of that era with the 'sharknose' front, but it deserves a good home. #12 out of 77 made, so hard to determine what the market values it at though.
  6. StanBalaban

    Ezri Konsa

    And this is the problem with our coaches - they don't make players fulfil their potential. We've seen numerous players leave and flourish - Veretout, Ayew, Gueye, Gollini, Stevens, Lowton and, of course, Adama. Perhaps it's as much the lack of quality around him, but rarely do we see talent being nurtured fully at our club.
  7. Either void the season or start the next season with the clubs on the same points as this season from game one.
  8. Assuming we've not earmarked the final domestic loan slot for another player, surely a 6 month loan for Albrighton would be an upgrade on what we have? Especially if we'll soon have a striker that can head the ball.
  9. Well, this is the TRANSfer thread after all.
  10. We've committed just one foul in 45 minutes. Shows how little we've attempted to get the ball off them.
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