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  1. This is great! 2 mins 20 for the goal, about 7 mins 10 for the penalty miss.
  2. I like The World is Not Enough by Garbage. More than holds it own amongst some great themes IMO.
  3. Ok. I get it now - WatkIngs is two players. And there was me thinking the g was a typo.
  4. I know we fancy ourselves but I’d rather we play with 11 men.
  5. This "we don't want to show our hand to the opposition so we aren't giving you the update on any injuries" is absolute nonsense. It makes no difference to most decent teams with good managers - we saw that last season when Leicester set up to play us with Grealish and still comfortably beat us when he didn't play. The team sheet comes out an hour before kick off - the opposition can easily adjust. I'd rather the club just made a comment on the injury - most others seem to manage it but we are particularly secretive it seems.
  6. I can't stop watching that. There's a very brief silence as the ball leaves his foot before the explosion of noise. Absolutely superb.
  7. I took my 13 yr old daughter to the Newcastle game - her first at Villa Park - she loved it. On the way back to the car she said "Dad, what's a rocket polisher?"
  8. I've always been a medium/large. At my request I asked for a XL shirt for a recent birthday present from my good lady having seen the warnings about sizing. The result-it's still too tight-the way it grips the stomach is ludicrous. It's going back.
  9. Thought it was a poor scrappy game much like last week. The ref was an abomination and partly responsible for why it was like that. Brentford's time-wasting towards the end was ridiculous. Glad with a point given the circumstances.
  10. Don't cry for me Argentina, The truth is we've got your keeper, Emi Martinez, he's number one, Mikel Arteta, You're really dumb! Who's with me - Holte End 21/08/2021!
  11. Whilst I have got a ticket I can confirm it is without doubt an appalling system. It likes to take you round in a loop, take ages to refresh, and at one point it loaded 4 tickets for me before telling me that there was an error as too many tickets were selected. They club clearly need to invest some of the Jack money in a decent website/ticketing system.
  12. How long do we think it'll take to reach 3000 pages? Not sure I can be arsed to stay up to welcome it. Why doesn't everybody stay off the thread and let the forthcoming announcement correspond with page 3000.
  13. I don't see who he'd gets in ahead of if Jack, Buendia and Ollie are fit, particularly if Bailey comes in. I think he's decent but his body language indicated he was disinterested last season. It does show how far we've come in the last couple of years though to even be linked with the likes of Martial and Bailey.
  14. My mate at work today (also a Villa fan) told me that we had been linked with a move for Anthony Martial from Utd this morning. I have to say I haven't seen a single thing connecting him since I returned home-I expected to find this thread buzzing with gossip. Did I miss something or is it pure nonsense based only on the fact that they have signed Sancho?
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