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  1. I’m 47, play 5-a side and played Sunday league until 38. I can say with some confidence that I’m better than Trezeguet.
  2. One of the worst individual performances I have ever seen in a sea of awfulness.
  3. Quite simply-poor. Keen, but little in the way of footballing ability.
  4. We competed and showed some fight, much more so than I expected. Unfortunately for those saying ‘play like that and we’ll be all right for the rest of the season’ - this has been used numerous times and is generally followed up with shite. See defeats at Bournemouth and Southampton after playing half decent in the previous games.
  5. Didn’t the Egyptian fans tell us this fella was better than Salah? Awful player. Trying hard is something but it’s not good enough at this level.
  6. He plays like a child. Runs around aimlessly with enthusiasm and shoots whenever he can regardless of what else is going on.
  7. Was going to post Ugo. I think it was against Norwich at home. We lost and he was awful. Hopefully Drinkwater will recover as well as he did.
  8. Unable to celebrate goals anymore. Thanks VAR.
  9. Hard to pick a man of the match and even harder to pick who was the shittest. Most of them terrible. Let's just forget this one and move on quickly....
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