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  1. Birkir Bjarnason

    Sub appearances and U23's?
  2. Birkir Bjarnason

    IMO we certainly should not. He (Jedi) needs to be 100% fit and in match form to start games, both to avoid yet another injury and because he's already immobile and limited as it is. Same goes for Whelan.
  3. January transfer window 2018

    Not sure we need another right winger. He has played for Hull so it does add up.
  4. Ross McCormack

    In an A-League related story Brisbane Roar just crashed out of the Asian Champions League against Filipino team Ceres Negros after a 2-3 defeat. Not only that, but the numbers on the back of the Brisbane players shirts started to peel off and had to be taped on 38 y.o Massimo Maccarone formerly at Middlesbrough scored for Brisbane. Anyway this doesn't necessarily mean the A-League is a joke, but it's not a great advert either. Keep on keeping on Ross.
  5. January Transfers

    One trick pony Aaron Lennon has signed for Burnley in a cut price £2-3m deal.
  6. The Game's Gone

    Deloitte has come out with their annual list of the richest clubs in world football. All the top 20 clubs are European as you'd expect, with 10 of them being from the PL. A further 4 PL clubs are between 21-30 on the list with Bournemouth coming in at 28th. That is Bournemouth with a 11.000 capacity stadium who up until a few years ago were playing 3rd tier football. The new TV deal is a joke and has totally destroyed the market.
  7. January transfer window 2018

    Crystal Palace just signed Erdal Rakip (Swedish midfielder) on a season loan from Benfica. Benfica had in turn just signed him from Malmö FF on a free. Not sure how it works, if it's different rules since he was a free agent? Or if it's clubs per season or per calendar year? And yada yada yada Januzaj...
  8. January transfer window 2018

    Newcastle apparently
  9. Carew & Mellberg vs sha

    Mellberg is unemployed atm so if he doesn't have any other pressing commitments he's probably available. Carew is (was) starring in a Norwegian reality TV series about a woman trying to become the first female football manager at top level. Not sure if they are filming atm. Both should easily be able to make it. Sounds like a great idea, especially now when we have a bit of positivity around the club. Edit: The lap of honor might be a bit much.
  10. VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Rip Simon Shelton Barnes
  11. January transfer window 2018

    Also looking at Chris Martin apparently. 1 goal in 23 for Derby, very much a cold player in terms of form
  12. The Film Thread

    I've had my fill of superhero movies by now to last a lifetime, but on comic book movies I did enjoy Snowpiercer even thou it might not be perfect. First Sin City and The Crow movies are also pretty cool. as is Watchmen, sorta at least. And I really liked A History of violence, thou I had no idea it was from a graphic novel at the time.
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    First episode of The Alienist was quite promising. It's a bit Sherlock Holmes-ish and uses the same aesthetics as Penny Dreadful and the Sherlock films by Guy Richie. It's borderline cartoonish but you always get that with rich people in clean clothes mixing with poor people in dire straits living in filth. It's NY rather than London this time but you get the same " a city under transformation" feel. Not bad at all tbh, will keep watching.
  14. The Game's Gone