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  1. Yeah, that's more down to the socks I'd imagine. Some people will grasp for anything thou, bunch of heretics.
  2. Fantastic! Guess we'll be seeing you next year in whatever country won this years competition.
  3. Swedish comedy group Grotesco made this back in 2009. It's a spoof on Russia and the stuff they use to send. Russia got super pissed. It's still better than most stuff you see in the competition.
  4. Yeah it's hardly the pinnacle of Swedish music who participate in this annual travesty. It's the same 6 or so people who write the songs every year, they are personal friends with the guy who runs the show, Christer Björkman. He has 100% control of the event ( both the Swedish and European) and if you are not a friend of his or some guy he want's to sleep with you will not get in. In Sweden we have an ambling circus of these people who participate every or every other year and then goes around making up the numbers on various sing along TV-shows and by doing company gigs. I loath them and the people who make it possible
  5. Tbf there is usually a Swedish songwriter behind almost every crappy generic song you see in the charts these days. Sorry bout' that.
  6. Was thinking that too after watching the final ep. Don't think it will actually happen, but yeah wouldn't be implausible.
  7. Bring on the Freedom Fries!
  8. AC Milan with the thin stripes, controversial...
  9. I'd happily have Veretout, Amavi and Gueye in the sqaud fwiw
  10. Perhaps someone tried to Kappa feel?

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