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  1. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Sacking Bruce would be an admittance to that it turned out a bad appointment and would put their jobs under scrutiny. And rightly so. Add this to the colossal devaluation of the players we bought and the pitiful return Xia has gotten for his massive spending and I'd say they are very worried about their job security since it was they who pushed for us to hire their man Bruce. Doubt Wyness (or Round) will take the step to replace Bruce unless they are forced to. And then there is the Moyes connection...
  2. Ross McCormack

  3. Ross McCormack

    Huzzah! Terrific bit of business there. Well done! Take a bow oh you esteemed football people running the club.
  4. Pre-match thread

    Johnstone Hutton Chester Samba Terry Taylor Whelan Jedinak Onomah Elmo Gabby And then go all out for the 0 - 0 win or a honorable loss. Stability FTW
  5. U.S. Politics

    So have Trump blamed the tourists in Barcelona yet?
  6. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    2 late goals conceded by Potter's Östersund away to PAOK in the Europa League qualifiers Ex- Djurgården player Prijovic scoring twice to make it 3-1 PAOK after the first leg. Will be a big ask for Östersund to turn this around at home. Hopefully it will be freezing and snow in the air
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Don't forget Onomah
  8. Tony Xia

    As I wrote, I agree. Too early. As for his appointments you are right, we only see the football side of things. But the way they have made Xia's £60-100m investments in players disappear or decrease in value would be bordering on criminal had it not been football. As for Bruce, he was a "safe" appointment and I can see why the one's running the club would choose him. They are part of the same football family. I've never disliked Bruce, but I've always seen him as a bit of a joke, like McLeish, McClaren or Woy. He would not have been on any list of potential managers I had. But that's preference and taste in football.
  9. Tony Xia

    To sack Bruce, Calderwood, Wyness and possibly Round? Think it's too early to turn on Xia, he has put in a lot of effort and money into the club. Problem being the people he has employed has been poor. Unless he correct this I can see why people would start to question his decisions .
  10. Steve Bruce

    This guy?
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Little known fact, but most successful teams play with 3 RB's and 3 sitting midfielders, having an isolated 5 ft 11 not actually target man as their only attacking outlet. They key is to take the 1 scoring chance per game and hold on for dear life.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Calderwood should go asap regardless of what the plan is with Bruce.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Our tempo and movement on and off the ball is too slow. Most pf our shorter passes are to players standing still and/or already closed down by our opponents. Most of our longer passes are made in panic rather than because someone has made a run opening up space for himself or a teammate. I blame most of this on us lacking any form of basic play or tactical framework. Our players almost always have to stop, control the ball, look up to see where their teammates are and then try and make the pass. Where as with team who have done their work on the training ground all this is automatic and they know what runs their team mates will make. I have no idea what Bruce and Calderwood are doing in training and in the pre-match meetings. But the only think I can think of is that they are just not up to the task at hand.
  14. Steve Bruce

    He's a poor mans Alex McLeish . At least with McLeish you could see what he was trying to do and the players knew what to do. Villa under Bruce is just a disorganized mess with no lines to the play what so ever. Unless you count hoofing to a isolated striker who clearly isn't a targetman the only thing you see us attempt regularly is having Hutton as playmaker on the right side. and that is because the other team lets us, knowing that 99 out of 100 crosses end up in the hand of the first opposing defender. I can't think of a single game where I've seen us exploiting a weakness in the other teams line-up, or where we've repeatedly tried to perform a clear strategy. No patterns, no tactic, no cohesion, no understanding or anticipation, no teamwork in defense or attack, and no midfield either. Nothing! He's been here 10 months and there is just nothing.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    For me as a Swede It's just a word I can't get right even when I try, same as with trying to pronounce Worcestershire. I just throw a couple of letters together and usually it ends up close enough. Does kinda sound like one of H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu deities.