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  1. sne

    Jack Grealish

    There's obviously even more money in the PL now, but Derby only got about £8-9 m for Will Hughes last summer. I'll imagine any initial offer for Grealish would be around £15 m. How much we'll get if we end up forced to sell him is any ones's guess and will largely be down to how determined he is to leave. Hopefully he'll be with us for many seasons yet playing in the PL.
  2. sne

    Jack Grealish

    Probably the right time for Grealish to move in the summer. Another season of lower league football won't really help develop him much. Obviously he'll need to play somewhere he get's enough game time, but you also develop a lot by training with better players under better coaches. Hopefully he'll get all this with us in the PL next season. But I would not fault him if he did move on.
  3. sne

    Football Kits 2017/8

    New Independiente homage kit for the 1948 title winning side
  4. sne


    Stayed a few seasons too long in the end. But what an amazing stint he's had with them. Great servant who should be honored with a statue outside their stadium. Can't say I ever liked him, always thought he was a petulant, pouty cry baby. But he did an stellar job with them on the whole. Thanks for the memories.
  5. sne


    I'd love us to be in Wolves position. They've done things this season they way I hoped we would have done when Xia came in. Both with managerial choice and signings, and it has worked for them. It was a gamble but it worked. Obviously you can't disregard the role Mendes has and that is on the dodgy side. But as far as I'm concerned you can't really get anywhere these day without stacking the deck in your favor.
  6. sne


    Yeah, saw that a few days back. Will potentially be an almighty manager merry go round in the summer.
  7. sne

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Because these colors go better with the target demographic?
  8. sne

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    That's a bit like saying the new Mastodon album sounds a bit lame, but I really like the the stuff Black Eyed Peas are doing Chances are if you like one, you're not going to like the other. Then again I'm sure there are those who like both.
  9. sne

    Jordan Veretout

    Really hope we do have a clause. It's a shame we didn't seem to take as much care when we recruited players during that first season. It would be interesting to know how much effort we put in into trying to re-integrate the likes of Veretout, Amavia (and Gil) when Xia took over. No doubt they very much wanted to leave, and understandably so. But. There was obvious talent and potential in these players (and Adama) in hindsight we would be a much stronger side with them in it. This "not suited to English football" is a load of codswallop. Wasn't that long ago that De Bruine and Salah wasn't suited to "English football" either.
  10. sne

    Steve Bruce

    Both Terry and Adomah are in the SKY EFL team of the season and the team the 72 EFL managers voted for. Grealish and Chester are not.
  11. sne

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    Perhaps he was, we just couldn't compete with their offer. FFP and all.
  12. sne

    Jordan Veretout

    Scored a hattrick tonight at home to Lazio in the Serie A. They still lost... Shame he came here when he did.
  13. Speaking about Veretout, he scored a hattrick today for Fiorentina against Lazio in the Serie A. They still lost thou...
  14. sne

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    Barton apparentlygot a job as manager of Fleetwood Town so we can nip that one in the bud