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  1. sne

    Anwar El Ghazi

    As it's Villa we'd probably end up with all the worst attributes. Like one of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' kids
  2. sne

    Dean Smith

    Again, I would have been OK with him in the Championship, He's a solid Championship manager. But he looks spent. Zero confidence, we behave as if he has begun doubting himself and what he does and that would be a huge red flag (I don't know him for all I know he could be super confident in what he does, but that's not how it looks) He's also had a incredibly difficult year off field so who knows if he's even up for starting all again next season. Sure he loves Villa but it'd be understandable if he wasn't 100% in the right state of mind to "go again"
  3. sne

    Dean Smith

    Yup, agree to disagree. I think there are tons of managers who could create a working team out of these guys. Not a great side, but a cohesive unit at least.
  4. sne

    Dean Smith

    Not when it comes to picking up points. 2 in the last 6. 4 in the 6 games before the break. 10 in the 10 before the break. But lets be clear all of this is dire. Relegation form. If we can stay up we can and should try and get a higher caliber manager in. This season has shown Smith to be one of the weakest in the PL. And even if we pull off a escape we should replace him. I don't go for the "he deserves to stay on" idea.
  5. sne

    Dean Smith

    I was kinda OK with keeping him if we were relegated depending on the manner of our relegation. But the pathetic way we have performed after the restart has convinced me that we should replace him whatever happens. If we stay up I want us to go for a higher caliber manager.
  6. A quick read through the match thread and this thread and it looks like this was another game that I should not feel sorry for skipping. At least I got my bet on Manure being gifted a penalty in.
  7. sne

    Anwar El Ghazi

    50% passing accuracy last night apparently. That's spectacularly poor. Did he attempt a lot of difficult stuff our was he just dire?
  8. We already knew that we can capture moving pictures and record it on video so that that part of VAR is working isn't really up for debate. For me VAR is the combination of the technology AND the Refs watching the video. And that's been even worse than I thought it would be. Hate it.
  9. Over the last 7 games we are the worst team in the league, just tipping out Bournemouth on GD. But since the other clubs have only played 6 games since the restart we are 19th in that ranking since Norwich have lost every single game. 6 games played since the restart. 0 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. 2-9 and minus 7 in goal difference. That is pathetic.
  10. sne

    U.S. Politics

    This will go down well with the orange one.
  11. We are probably the only team likely to create a goalscoring opportunity for our opponents from us being awarded a penalty kick. Wouldn't even be surprised.
  12. sne

    Dean Smith

    Nah, I'm the complete opposite. Either they believe in him and fully back him 100% and then a slow start should not matter. Or they have doubts and then he should be replaced asap and they should already have names in mind depending on which division we end up in. The lets wait and see what happens approach is a waste of time we can not afford. Any new manager coming in should have as much time as possible to get his ideas across and if possible be involved in which players we bring in.
  13. Not worried, we always win against Man U.
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