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  1. sne

    New Manager Speculation

    Championship experience would be right at the bottom of my list when looking for a new manager. Not saying there are no good managers who have managed here, there obviously are. It's just not something I see as a positive thing.
  2. sne

    Steve Bruce

    Best investment we could make imo
  3. sne

    New Manager Speculation

    Was sure I read he had but might have been mistaken Might have jumped the gun there...
  4. sne

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    Started to re-read the first Walking Dead compendium (have the 3 so far released) to have something to do while on the toilet. Figured I might as well start re-watching the TV show as well to compare. First season is only 6 episodes and is really quite good. Second season I hated when it came out, but if you fast forward the slower farm bits it's really not bad. Although they really stretched it out considering it's only like 45 pages in the comic and completely different. Just started on s3 and the prison in both the comic and TV-show. Will reserve the right to fast forward the boring bits. And browse through the dialog in the comic. Early seasons in the show is much more "epic" and the zombies are much more a danger than in the latter seasons. And on the whole the comic is much darker and more grim.
  5. sne


    Anaheim bringing back the O'l Mighty Ducks logo for their 25 y anniversary
  6. sne

    New Manager Speculation

    And his Belgium job
  7. sne

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Really, really, really hope to see a bit smarter signings from these guys than from the previous regimes. No more 3 year contract to over the hill players already on high wages. No more proper men who has what it takes to punt the ball aimlessly up the field when under pressure. A bit of scouting that goes further than London to Sunderland. No more scattergun approach and no more square pegs for round holes .
  8. sne

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Really wouldn't wan't us to spend the wages it would take to get Hart here. I don't rate him, but sure he would do an OK job at this level. I just think it would be a terrible idea unless City subsidized something like 90% of his wages, and even then I'd be hesitant as I see him as a calamity
  9. sne

    Steve Bruce

    One would hope they have people in mind and are already working with those who will be part of the new set up even thou they are as of yet formally employed in those positions. If they just bought the club willy nilly then I agree it would be worrying.
  10. sne

    New Manager Speculation

    True, and in Bruce's case events outside football no doubt added to it.
  11. sne

    Time for a takeover

    Edit: This one probably more accurate
  12. sne

    Steve Bruce

    A game of 2 halves pretty much sums it up. Although we managed to be way more effective than them obviously.
  13. sne

    Burton v Villa

    Gardner with the 4th. Adomah takes the credit thou.
  14. sne

    Burton v Villa

    So many passes having to be made to players standing still. No movement, no patterns... Edit: And then a goal, very much like last season
  15. sne

    Burton v Villa

    Exactly as expected then? Like pretty much every previous game under Bruce, and like it will look next season if he remains? Yeah, I know only pre-season yada yada yada.