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  1. sne


    Nice to see NIKE and Alberto Salazar back in the news. Another proud moment. Lovely stuff that the USA/NIKE and Oregon were awarded the 2022 (2021) Athletics World Championships despite massive evidence of industrial levels of doping and no doubt bribes from NIKE. If Russia are banned then so should the US https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/13/sport/mary-cain-sues-alberto-salazar-nike/index.html
  2. Another hattrick for CR7, against Luxembourg but still.
  3. Sweden absolutely dominated at home against Greece. 4-4-2 with Kristoffer Olsson in midfield and Emil Kraft at RB is just awful. Both complete non entities. Janne Andersson is a one track pony as manager and Greece should be 3-0 up.
  4. Happily have McKennie here but think he'd be better used in front of Luiz. A holding role is not where his attributes are best used from what I've seen.
  5. Swedish former UEFA/FIFA ref Jonas Eriksson is releasing a kind of tell-all book about his career tomorrow. He's been promoting it pretty hard during the last half year and apparently there is going to be some less than complimentary stuff about UEFA, FIFA, ref chief Collina and a lot of other stuff. Might be fun. Not sure when it will be available in English but I suspect it will before long. They guy is quite rich from his other job so he can afford to make a few enemies.
  6. They are not buying the club to make profit, they are buying to use it as a front to promote Saudi Arabia as a place for people to visit and to have it seem like less of a murderous regime. Currently when people think of Saudi Arabia people think of Khashoggi and dead children in Yemen. They aim to change that (while obviously not stopping bombing innocent people or murdering dissidents) They could not care one bit if Newcastle doesn't make them money directly.
  7. Pretty cool scenes in Sweden over the weekend where there was a local derby in Stockholm between Hammarby and AIK who both have massive support for their mens sides. And with the international break happening they instead went out to support the women sides with around 18.500 turning up. As well as the traditional march to the stadium https://www.givemesport.com/1766406-hammarby-if-fans-go-viral-after-creating-insane-atmosphere-for-womens-team
  8. Footballers... https://www.dagbladet.no/sport/ville-valgt-annen-troye/74361193
  9. Nice, I'll add it to my list.
  10. Jebus this is a dirty Spain side, it's like watching Spain from the 80's when they were pretty much thugs. Ref Anthony Taylor better stamp this down or we'll have injuries a plenty
  11. The 25 man squad limit still applies to them, as does the homegrown players thing. They won't be able to completely build a completely new team in January or even next season.
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