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  1. The Film Thread

    So Blade Runner 2049. I liked it a lot. It's really slow, but it kinda has to be to work. Really beautiful (and loud) movie. It's not quite up there with the original Blade Runner, but still a really good movie. 8 - 8,5 /10 WB
  2. Everton

    Yep. Looking at their squad they were always going to struggle for goals. There is a Lukaku sized hole and Rooney will not be able fill it.
  3. Everton

    Perhaps we could offer them to buy back Keith Wyness?
  4. Everton

    Red card for Gana, Arsenal winning comfortably. Koeman's days must be numbered. wonder if he or Bilic goes first.
  5. Media and punditry

    He's an "expert" on Swedish telly for CL-fixtures this season. Utterly pointless addition. Atmosphere in the stadium, big night, I remember when playing here... He's a parody.
  6. Glenn Whelan

    What length contract is he on? Feels like both him and Jedi will be less than useless next season. And neither should be starters this season due to better options in the squad.
  7. Steve Bruce

    "Batten down the hatches"
  8. Steve Bruce

    Biggest issue for me is that we still don't seem to have a basic system down. Not talking about formations but rather movement patterns, both collective and individual. More than 12 months in and it's still 11 players on the field who seen to have no idea of what their teammate is going to do when he gets the ball. Thankfully we have among the best squads in the league and a couple of players who can create something out of nothing, but we still lack a collective way of playing in possession. Defensively it's a bit better, partly because more players are committed to defending than to attacking. For me it points to massive training ground issues, either down to players not bothered or more likely IMO, down to a lack of quality in coaches and backroom staff. As well as Bruce not being able to create a system/tactic or to get his coaches to develop it with the players. Or worse case scenario Bruce doesn't feel we even need those things and that it is enough to put players on the pitch and that their individual quality will do the job. I refuse to believe he can be that naive, but if he is he needs to go asap.
  9. Jordan Lyden

    He is competing with a high profile, highly paid senior player that was brought in this summer by this manager and who was supposed to be THE answer to our midfield problems. He'll have to be very impressive to earn his place in the starting 11. Right or wrong.
  10. Players you've completely forgotten about

    Article today in a Swedish paper about one of my all time favorite players and one of those "what could have been" moments with Aston Villa. Luc Nilis. Apparently dubbed the best player he ever played with by Ronaldo. Google translate ftw. https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/Gv1B6/baste-spelaren-du-aldrig-hort-talas-om
  11. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Said it before, I'd be delighted if Potter was named our new manager. Be it in December, or next summer. No matter if we are still in the Championship or by some miracle promoted to the PL.
  12. Everton

    Surely the Father of the Year award has to go to the Everton "fan" who punched a Lyon player while carrying his little child in his other hand. What a f'*****g disgrace of a human being.
  13. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    2-2 at home against Bilbao with them equalizing in the 89th minute. Very close to another big win, but more than that they had 11 shots on target and 58% possession. Against Bilbao Yes it's cold in Östersund this time of year and some of the Spanish players are not used to playing on that kind of surface, but still. Very, very impressive.
  14. U.S. Politics

    That actually was a bit scary. Up close it looks like it's not her. looks more like a dude in drag or a poor plastic work. Edit: are we blaming this on the lizard people?