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  1. Think it's abysmal. Might be apt for wearing during the Christmas period I guess.
  2. sne


    Not ideal but worth a try IMO. Makes us more solid centrally, more attacking from LB and lets Grealish have more ball in more dangerous positions, hopefully. Might be a total disaster mind but I'd like us to test it.
  3. sne

    Dean Smith

    Tweeking and adjusting minor details is still a sensible approach thou.
  4. sne


    Also don't think we have the wingers to play in that formation. we'd have 2 less than prolific strikers while making us weaker in midfield. Lose, lose situation IMO
  5. sne

    Wesley Moraes

    Not sure anyone has suggested we should have tried to re-sign any of them. Is one poster who might have actually Are you saying that those were the only other options available if we had £23m and another £15m or so for another one (Maupay)?
  6. sne

    Wesley Moraes

    Agreed, but the fee really doesn't make sense. If we paid half what we paid it still would have been more than what a striker from that league should go for. Especially a non prolific one.
  7. sne

    Wesley Moraes

    Rules are a bit shit.
  8. sne

    Wesley Moraes

    Was suggested at the time that the high fee was because it needed to that high for him to get a work permit.
  9. sne

    Dean Smith

    I also think the squad is mostly fine but with a serious lack in PL quality in a few key areas. LB and the wide positions on both sides, possibly also the striker.
  10. sne

    Dean Smith

    Yeah might very well be so. I've said all along that I'd be content with 17th and building a foundation for future seasons. Just hope the club and players understand that for example Grealish and McGinn won't be able to do in the PL what they did in the Championship. I was also very worried about that Mings would not be able to adjust to the higher level pressing and his habit to be a bit adventurous on the ball. But that's not been an issue as of yet.
  11. Friendlies doesn't count. Or at least some of em don't
  12. sne

    Dean Smith

    Think the whole club might have both overestimated themselves and underestimated the step up in quality a bit.
  13. Have to play, not just be in the squad. Until he does he can still switch.
  14. Since we lack a The World's Gone thread.

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