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  1. France looking sharp as ever. Yikes they are fast. Birkir will have his work cut out tonight.
  2. It's on HBO Nordic here in Sweden. So HBO perhaps, not sure about the UK tbh.
  3. sne

    The Film Thread

    Re-watched the old DOOM movie from 2005 yesterday. It's actually not quite as bad as it's reputation. For an action/horror movie based on an video game fps it's pretty much what you'd expect. Get's a bit weird towards the end when it turns into an actual fps but it's quite fun. Even Dwayne Johnson is watchable in this one and considering the steaming pile of movies he's in this isn't one of his worst. There is apparently a new DOOM movie coming soon in which they have changed the iconic DOOM-guy to a woman. And the internet is not happy about it.
  4. Give Gomorrah a try if you haven't already. S4 starts on march 29th so 1 season a day and you are ready
  5. sne

    U.S. Politics

    Trump just having the best of days with Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels lawyer) now arrested for wire and bank fraud and attempted extortion against NIKE.
  6. Another one off kit by Nike for France, that they will sport tonight against Iceland Not quite a busy as the City one.
  7. Honestly don't really have an issue with it. Those 6 years is their most successful period as a club ever with 2 league titles and a bunch of cup wins as well. Bet both City and Nike are very happy with the collaboration. If they want to do a shirt to remember it the go for it. This way of using the old kit designs to do new one seem to be the craze now so why not.
  8. Also not watched Sopranos. Watched a couple of episodes back in the day but never got hooked since I missed too many to keep up with the story. Will likely not bother now. As mentioned above thou The Wire is great for the most part. Hadn't watched Breaking Bad up until 2 years ago but binged it. Thought it was pretty good but not quite to the level it was hyped up to be. 7.5-8/10
  9. And today Nilsson-Lindelöf became a father to a baby boy so it turns out it was totally reasonable for him to pull out of the games against Romania and Norway. What with him not pulling out of his girlfriend...
  10. And in other Grealish related news: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/766915/aston-villa-birmingham-city-jack-grealish-paul-mitchell-fan-attack-professor?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-star-latest-news+(Daily+Star+%3A%3A+News+Feed) What a colossal nincompoop
  11. The rule is you have to be under 21 when the qualification starts in UEFA. Not sure of the exact rules with friendlies.
  12. Man C special edition to celebrate their 6 year relation with Nike 6000 made.
  13. The mascot for the 2020 Euro's has a top knot and is named Skillzy. He is inspired by "street culture" and is good at keepy up's
  14. It was mentioned in some thread, don't remember which that a lot of physios or doctors or whoever is doing the examinations do not want to do them because they risk being sued by clubs for failing to find hidden injuries or issues that later on might lead to complications. Supposedly why many clubs are no longer handling these things themselves anymore. Don't remember the details so may have mistaken it totally But perhaps we've found some issue like this and are trying to slide on a technicality? Can't see it thou.
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