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  1. I think he's been comfortably the worst player on the pitch each time he's played so far. He is improving thou, but again it's impossible not to.
  2. sne

    U.S. Politics

    How to be even more abhorrent? A presidential first apparently.
  3. Still a bit miffed we didn't attempt to sign Andraz Sporar from Slovan Bratislava. For £6m he'd been an interesting punt. On his way to Sporting CP apparently, be interesting to see how he gets on.
  4. Yeah really wouldn't mind a quality winger to go with Samatta and another attacker. Trez and El Ghazi are squad player level but not quite good enough.
  5. Great game tonight. Did all the things he usually does well but without those things that usually puts him in trouble. Excellent!
  6. Actually thought we played a pretty decent game after a shaky first 25 or so. We are just so pathetically toothless in attack. With a threat up top we would have been so much better. Second half, after Drinky crawled off we looked clearly the better side. Watford made a mistake as they seemed to have decided at HT to waste time and allow us to have the ball and try and counter. They became passive. Would even stretch to say we deserved to win even thou we left it late as could be. Nakamba, Targett, Guilbert all had good games IMO. Reina and Grealish of course and Luiz once again with a good sub appearance. Mings had another one of his Mings moments but was mostly solid apart from that. I say this after every game but please don't start Drinkwater next game.
  7. sne

    Pepe Reina

    Such a good signing! Big round of applause to everyone involved.
  8. We can't really afford to carry this guy for however long it takes for him to get back to form. Did I imagine him mouthing "bullshit" as he was walking off the pitch? Looked like he did but could have been anything I guess.
  9. Why Mings, why turn inside and invite pressure like that? Why?
  10. Why are we trying to play so damn complicated all of a sudden?
  11. Drinkwater mouthing "bullshit" as he's subbed off?
  12. The state of out forward situation is almost as shambolic as the CB situation was under Bruce. That we have gone through most of January without an attacker after knowing full well we needed another one even in the summer is unacceptable. We all know signing players it's difficult and all that but still. The state of it all for an supposedly ambitious club, it just boggles the mind how it could have come to this.
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