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  1. 6 part Netflix documentary called Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami was pretty interesting. It's not spectacular like the Escobar stuff but still good.
  2. If PSV are indeed interested in Wesley than maybe we can include him in a offer for Ibrahim Sangaré?
  3. Current CM would get obliterated in a 4-4-2
  4. Maybe, doesn't really suit the central midfielders currently at the club but as good as a guess as any. Really did not think we would sign such a high profile, high fee striker. Considering the money we've spent on them I can't see any of the new guys Buendia, Ings and Bailey being signed as bench players and I certainly don't see us moving Watkins there so I'm stumped. Having all of them on the pitch with any CM combination of Luiz, McGinn, Sanson, Ramsey looks really weak defensively even thou Buendia, Watkins and Ings are all good defensively. Nakamba can do a job but he's not someone I want starting games for us. Signing JWP would not solve this either.
  5. OK so with Grealish going and Ings, Buendia and Bailey coming in how do we form our team. Certain there will be more changes but atm I've no idea how we line up.
  6. sne

    Danny Ings

    Yeah hope it wasn't £30m, great signing thou. Wonder how we plan to set up this season, can honestly say I haven't got a Scooby.
  7. If we wanted to we could probably get Radamel Falcao to finally come here as back up striker for a season Galatasaray can't afford to have him on their salary list and have asked him to leave. Still "only" 35 y.o
  8. Tbf they play around 70 games a season and the schedule last season and the upcoming 2 are going to be stupid with the mid season WC in 2022. KDB is getting on a bit and will have to be managed more carefully if he is to last, he's been openly critical about the number of games that top players are forced to play. With Grealish & Foden they are set up for the next 5 years in that area and they'll likely look to sell a couple of players that will easily offset the money they spend on Grealish.
  9. €75million release clause, host of CL clubs interested. Not happening.
  10. According to Transfermarkt JWP has played 5 out of 322 games for Southampton at DCM. I have him pegged more as a CM or DLP so not sure why we need him since we already have Luiz, Sanson, McGinn and Ramsey there. He might be an improvement on these guys but he certainly isn't the back 4 protector that people are calling for, he's not very strong or powerful and I've found him more of a attacking threat than a defensive rock. For the money he'd cost I certainly hope we are not in for him.
  11. Depends on if he intends to sign a new contract with them, if he doesn't then he leaves for free next summer. Doubt we'd be getting even £50m for Grealish if he only had 1 year left on his contract. Obviously we have richer owners than Norwich so less need to sell on the cheap.
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