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  1. sne

    Dean Smith

    And that is the same as saying everything would have been perfect? I'd agree with you if people where claiming we'd have equaled Man City for points if he hadn't started but they are not saying that. Just that we might had taken more than we did. A point you seem to agree with from the looks of the post above. It's all speculation anyway but It's not like suggesting it is the same as foaming at the mouth "hysterics"
  2. Or Ramsey, kid is only 19 and starting 2 games this close together might be rough. But I'm not going to complain when our academy players starts. Sanson can play in more attacking position even if he's not a #10 like Fernandes or Maddison
  3. Leicester - Arsenal is pretty decent thou.
  4. I'd like to see him start against Sheffield U. Interested so see how he gets on with more minutes. Think he will add quality.
  5. Having watched him a fair number of times at Lyon he constantly tried to do the Arjen Robben special of cutting inside and trying to find the far corner with a shot. Fwiw he was pretty good at it but a bit too eager to do it. Think he's been a nice addition so far but I'd still like us to go for another RW in the summer.
  6. sne

    Dean Smith

    I really don't think this is what's happening but each to their own I guess.
  7. Fulham have option to buy him from Bordeaux, no idea if that is still on if they are relegated. If not then maybe Bordeaux might be willing to sell to another club like us. Bet they need money like most French clubs.
  8. Mentioned it loads of times but I think Arjen Robben is the obvious comparison with Traoré. Obviously Robben was on another level.
  9. sne

    The Film Thread

    This one is supposedly pretty good, a bit Hereditary-ish. Not had time to watch it yet.
  10. The Imperial Wizard of the ref clan
  11. Schalke 04 changing manager, again. Utter shamble of a club. Christian Gross is out because he "speaks the wrong language"
  12. Just adding stats to your post about him "only" being left footed. Think we both agree he's very much left footed and that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Been pretty much invisible in the last 3 games
  14. And you just know they would never taken that goal away from the likes of Manure or Liverpool if they had scored it. They would have found a way to justify giving it.
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