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  1. Skater Jeff Grosso 51
  2. But what about the cheese room at their new stadium? Won't somebody please think of the cheese room?!!!
  3. For those who missed The Night Of I strongly recommend it. Really good crime mystery drama with great actors in it.
  4. It's not exactly Scandi-noir but sorta. Not actually watched it myself but it's supposed to be quite good.
  5. Football is a card house. Almost all the money in the game disappear into the pockets of the players and agents and the transfer fees are just made up sums with clubs moving money that doesn't exist between clubs. Barca owes money to A Madrid who owes money to Benfica who owes money to Barca who owes money to PSG who owes money to Milan who owes money to Real Madrid who owes to Lyon who owes to Man U... The actual money doesn't exist. And now the TV money is drying up. The leagues and clubs simpla has to finish their commitment to the broadcasting companies that holds the TV rights. If they don't it will all implode. And I honestly hope it does.
  6. Probably not, but Konsa's social media message to stay home would not have been seen by that many people so he would not have been such a big hypocrite to as many people. Anyone even remotely famous who does something this stupid at a time like this will rightly be called out for it.
  7. He might just be using that apartment as a overnight flat while partying in Brum over the weekend. Sure he owns more than just 1 property. Gotta invest that £55k/week somewhere.
  8. sne


    Not the biggest issue in the world while people are dying but still https://www.expressen.se/sport/friidrott/ilskan-borde-vara-avstangd-pa-livstid/
  9. https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/K3mzJX/beskeden-som-kan-sla-sonder-fotbollen
  10. Their ivory tower is crumbling, https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/K3mzJX/beskeden-som-kan-sla-sonder-fotbollen
  11. The number of dead today in the US will scare them no end I imagine. USA 186,046 +22,258 3,807 +666 6,347 175,892 3,981 562 12 Jan 20
  12. Easy to have a Darwinist approach to it until it effects someone close to you I guess.
  13. Some place between and
  14. Was a 14 y.o boy who died in Portugal on Sunday, he had psoriasis but was other than that perfectly healthy. Apparently he was a talented futsal player.
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