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  1. So is Tom Davies the first Amish player in the Premier League? He's like a best of from Kingpin with the hair from Boorg and the beard from Munson
  2. I usually mock Pickford but credit where it's due he's made some good saves so far this game. Not over yet thou.
  3. No real shame in getting outclassed by Man City, but Burnley are not at the races at all. Dejected performance.
  4. Absolutely, but the way he was allowed to receive the ball in the box without challenge or marking was really poor. He did well after that thou.
  5. The level of defending for the 2nd City goal was farcical. Burnley allowed them to score from a throw in ffs. Defenders just stood there and did nothing.
  6. I don't think there is any individual club involved in anything fishy, but it would be interesting to see how the betting is placed on games and number of penalties rewarded and stuff like that. We have a huge match fixing problem in Sweden, mostly on lower league games and with players getting approached. But it's not that far fetched that one or more refs in the PL has been tapped up by a Asian betting syndicate. Or they can just be collectively incompetent as a group which is a more likely reason to why the refs in the PL is constantly in focus for strange and incorrect decisions
  7. I don't get the second penalty for Brighton. Should not that had been a yellow card on the Brighton player for using the underside of his boot on the Plop player rather than a foul on him and a penalty?
  8. As entertaining as it is to see Plop getting screwed over VAR is and remains a bad joke in the PL.
  9. I liked the rule we used to have in Sweden where in every offside situation that was too close to call the ref should give the advantage to the attacker. We want to see goals, these micrometre offsides found by using iffy drawn lines are sapping the joy out of the game. For me at least. Should add I've not seen this latest one in the Plop game.
  10. A glorious time to be a penalty taker in the PL.
  11. Another Mossad murder no doubt. And no doubt Trump gave the OK as a final gift to Israel before him and Netanyahu are off to jail. Iranian nuclear scientists have the same life expectancy as German U-boat crewman during the latter part of WW2
  12. Ayrton Senna was massive, but even thou F1 was big back then you probably still can't compare to football.
  13. sne

    Set Pieces

    We at least seem to have moved away from that every one of out set pieces leads to a scoring opportunity for our opponents.
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