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  1. Think it will have to be something like this for home and away But then maybe throw in something like this for the 3rd kit. Obviously a modern version along the lines of that stunning France kit
  2. If we changed to 5-3-2 Tammy would make sense, but then there'd be other players who'd make even more sense.
  3. Toney on £21k/w at Brentford while Tammy on £82k/w at Chelsea. If we are talking about rotation players then whatever Tammy will be asking for is no doubt too much. Been mentioned here before but the likes of Patson Daka (unrealistic perhaps) or Abdallah Sima represents much better value for money and potential for us IMO.
  4. At least they didn't burn him alive this time. https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210512-mob-lynching-of-arab-aired-live-on-israeli-tv
  5. sne

    Douglas Luiz

    Seem to be a misconception that the deepest midfielder in a 3 man midfield has to be the defensive specialist or a anchor man. We don't play with a defensive deep sitting midfielder, people might want us to, but we don't. Pirlo (no other comparison) sat at the deep of the Juventus and Italy midfield 3 and dictated play, Pjanic did the same for Juve years later. There are countless probably much better examples but you get the point. I'm fairly certain that Smith is not asking Luiz to do the Ndidi job. The issue for us is that the guys in front of Luiz are not doing their part while L
  6. Lampard for Palace? And then blow their entire transfer budget on Tammy?
  7. Think those guy's would be invited to compete in the Euro's or the WC qualifications by UEFA?
  8. The same with Swedish telly and papers. It's always "Israel responded to by..." But then they do also have some critical voices from time to time. Not seen many calling it for what it is yet thou. Ethnic cleansing from an Apartheid state.
  9. Absolutely stupendous news! https://www.polygon.com/animation-cartoons/22432125/venture-bros-movie-release-new-aqua-teen-metalocalypse
  10. Fair dues to Hertha Berlin, they've had 3 games in 7 days due to Covid re-scheduling needing results to stay alive and they've managed to get 7 points counting todays win over the hopeless Schalke 04. Still might get relegated with 2 rounds to play but they've done what they had to so far.
  11. In that case why would we want a inconsistent, injury plagued (their word) £80m player on massive wages that Leicester doesn't rate? Anyway, Maddison is not coming here regardless.
  12. Mentioned this a few times, think it's something we should work on to at least have as a plan B. Will need some signings of course but we need that anyway.
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