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  1. Both Rachica and Traore can play up front so I'd still like us to go for a good CM rather than another striker if we manage to sign both of them and Samatta leaves.
  2. sne

    Emiliano Martinez

    He only started 8 PL games last season so the stats are a bit misleading perhaps, but yeah. If he can keep it up he'd be a great signing.
  3. Southampton we can compete with, all it takes is Ings not firing while Watkins (or someone else) does for us but until we make a few more signings they should be stronger than us. Wolves, Spurs, Leicester and even Everton should be well ahead of us at the end of the season. We are at least 2 seasons away from their level IMO. And that's being optimistic. Keep spending £150m a season and we should catch up if we spend it smartly.
  4. How to attack, from the Harry Maquire no look school of defending
  5. Maybe Manure end up panicking when they don't get Grealish, Sancho (or Bale ) and go for Zaha instead.
  6. Maybe. For that type of money I hope we look elsewhere as I'm not a fan. As someone mentioned I think he looks a bit robotic. Obviously a huge improvement on Hourihane but if we have that type of money to spend on a CM then I hope we are a bit more creative and savvy, and looks for other attributes in the main.
  7. Yeah, that's why if we sign a new CM I want him to be a different type than Barkley is.
  8. Why? If someone like him who is at a Champions League club earning £100k/w and is likely to be £30m-£40m or more? is willing to come here (doubt he is) then we might as well try for Denis Zakaria, Boubakary Soumare or Jeff Reine-Adélaïde and so on. Again, doubt any of them, Barkley included are currently interested.
  9. Only watched cameos and the odd game from Barkley in the last few years. How would he fit in with a midfield constellation of Luiz, McGinn and or Grealish in CM? For the money he'd cost I think we should and could get better. Not that I think he is a target for us anyway or that he'd be interested in coming here.
  10. Available for £10m and sitting on a £120k/w contract at Palace. Cheap he will not be.
  11. Video of Neymar calling Gonzalez “Puto maricon“ or "a f*****g queer" in the first half.
  12. sne


    Strong rumors that amateur golfer and former footballer Gareth Bale is about to make a comeback with Spurs. Medical team currently discussing overtime payment bonuses.
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