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  1. sne

    Star Wars: Disney Era

    We have like a 100 different Batmans and 3 is it ? Spiderman's so may as well reboot it if they think it will make money i guess
  2. Nice! They've really blown up in the last year. Have all their stuff so far on vinyl. Shame Konie has left them to focus on his studio and Les Big Byrd as he was a vital part of the band. Guess he'll still produce for them thou, just not tour.
  3. Kanté was/is pretty much 2 players. Play him in a 2 man midfield and it actually works. Without him it doesn't. He's like having 12 players.
  4. sne

    Douglas Luiz

    Just learning to walk like an Egyptian to fit in with his new teammates and owner.
  5. Wayne Gretzky has to be up there. Granted there was this no hit agreement around him in the NHL and without it he'd been turned into pulp. But on the other hand I don't think he was on steroids unlike pretty much all other big athletes in the 70's, 80's and 90's
  6. As expected it confirms for me that I'm firmly out from this. Never heard of these characters and while there will of course be big budget block busters movies it doesn't interest me. Will likely end up seeing some of them when they hit the internet but they'll likely have to make actual good movies for people to keep coming back. Focusing on asian names is probably smart from money standpoint As long as they make money they'll continue I guess.
  7. Hattrick for Zlatan in the derby, up to 16 in 17 starts this season (I think) Turns 38 in a few months. Carlos Vela with 21 topping the scoring
  8. Not that I'm up for it but might drag myself through one more season as this story is pretty good in the comics.
  9. Hope he doesn't follow too closely in the steps of the real Trezeguet as he has just lost his license after a bit of drunk driving and calling the police officers that arrested him for poor people who only earns £200. What a douche.
  10. Not hating the Hearts 3rd kit
  11. Sturridge is still banned from football for a couple of weeks after his betting on his own transfer via his brother. Not someone I'd want at the club even if he wasn't constantly injured and asking silly money.

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