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  1. It will all come out in the end, but I share your frustration!
  2. It is the structure of the "up front" payment (should probably be called, guaranteed payment i.e not the add ons), e.g. What is the down payment? How are the other payments made up to reach the guaranteed figure (% per year etc)? This sort of discussion is what complicates transfers.
  3. Yeah I know, I did it for 11 years!
  4. A now distant past and having seen some 'proper' scouts in the meantime.
  5. They really don't, I can assure you on this.
  6. He seems to be getting upset with Villa fans posting on his forum. A grumpy Banana
  7. This reminds me of the McLeish summer, we all got excited and convinced ourselves it was Ancelotti, that there were exciting things in the background.........there wasn't.
  8. Pretty sure it is one of the backroom team, if you've been to the u23's at Bodymoor you will have seen him on the bench.
  9. DM'ing and group chatting left, right and centre so somebody is lapping it up. Nobody on here though strangely.
  10. England have a specific way of picking players based on scouting reports. You can only be picked if you have been watched x times and scored y as an average.......Unless the manager and his staff decide to ignore this, which I know that they did for a certain bang average centre mid a few years back.
  11. To be honest this is embarrassing from Southgate. Nothing more to be said really, just wait for him to inevitably lose his job for putting out samey teams who can't keep the ball and hit their ceiling.
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