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  1. Ahh, ok, cheers guys. Ollie will be triple figures then........for hitting the post.
  2. I don't get the line thickness either to be honest. A line is a line and they used the furthest extremity of the line to decipher if it was on or off, so you could have 100 metre thick lines and based on the same process it wouldn't make a difference.
  3. Rainbow not fishing. You could have gone for anything Jane or George related.
  4. Made a Rod for my own back here.
  5. I've just asked someone who knows Jack and might have info (knew all about injury and how long he was out)...... He replied with . So I conclude that Jack has gone but we are bringing in Zippy on a free transfer from Rainbow.
  6. Anyone looking at KZN22_ tweet, he is a City ITK and taking the piss, his following tweet says Grealish hates the idea of playing with KDB, doesn't want to win trophies and is looking forward to losing 3-0 City next season. Ignore him.
  7. AndyClarke

    Keinan Davis

    I was watching him hobble about just before kick off, it can't be that bad as he chose to clamber over the seats in the dugout rather that walk around to the next row.
  8. Has to be Targett because Young will be playing in front of him wide left.
  9. I actually had a journalist from The Times contact me over the summer asking for an interview with me about Jack, for some reason he was of the understanding that I knew him personally. I wish I'd run with it now!!
  10. Preece reckons he is meeting the owners on Monday.
  11. Have we got a game at Stafford Rangers as well today or did that get cancelled?
  12. To confirm there are hardly any players here! Expect to see me come on if we get an injury.
  13. He's deleted his Twitter so assume he is getting plenty of questions!
  14. Never really got to grips with Stoke's physicality, Fletcher in particular used his strength, height and experience to teach the defence a lesson, it wasn't really until Konsa came on and he got tired that he stopped bullying everyone. Joe Allen sitting on Buendia, (another experienced player who knows his job) made the lack of other creative outlet obvious although we still picked them apart everytime we upped the tempo. The first 20 minutes they put the back four under a lot of pressure, Young struggled and Bogarde was getting ruined by Fletcher. AEG was appalling but that is the type of player he is. What is encouraging is there is a clear identity to the team, hugely confident on the ball anywhere on the park. They made multiple mistakes trying to knock it around the back, these can be forgiven in games like today but they need to smarten up. Carney was good when he came on, would like to see him be a bit more selfish but what a player he will become. Less said about Wesley the better, all over the shop again and loses his head. I feel for the guy after what he has been through but crucial that there are no passengers.
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