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  1. That's the fella who used to do the match day blogs on YouTube, Davo and his bunch of halfwits. Embarrassing lot, I believe they share a brain cell.
  2. I was watching people walking around there and none were challenged. I'll see if I upset another Villa staff member this evening, if so, I'll wander over!
  3. One of the club staff was moaning the other year because I had been sold a seat the club use. Not really sure what he was expecting me to do! Who stands on the far side? Seemed to be a mix of people last time, not obviously scouts etc, could have been family.
  4. Usyk spent a lot more time stood in front of Joshua that round.
  5. Watkins was offside if considered interfering with play, being stood in front of and touching the goalkeeper would probably constitute that. No sympathy though considering how often we've been screwed. The assertion that OGS is talking about Hause is wrong.
  6. Looks like a washed up Jack Grealish in 10 years.......Is actually his more efficient replacement!
  7. Wolves on sale now, at least 30 seats sold in the first 3 minutes!
  8. 4-0 apparently. Looks like Thorndike is playing, appears his Dad is there.
  9. For me, a weak link and not good enough, I wait to be proven wrong.
  10. Mings did not go to left back, we played a 3. We swapped out a wingback playing high for a winger in the shape of Bailey. 3 at the back allows one to step out and Mings was doing that into the left channel.
  11. Caleb Chukwuemeka a bit of a bully at this level, when he turned it on, he was unplayable. Bogarde superb on the ball, he will move forward I think but CB a good place to toughen up and learn the game. Iroegbunam a monster in the middle of the park, a proper midfield player. Ealing showed great spirit, naive at times but looks a serious prospect. Swinkels was uncomfortable at left back, filling in here, but I felt for the lad. A tough night for him, everyone has rapid wingers and fullbacks, so slinging a centre half out there is tough! Ramsey masterful at times and stupidly greedy at others, all too easy for him and that showed with some poor decisions and sloppy passes. That may sound a harsh assessment, but he is a level above this and on a steep learning curve to much better things than U23 football in front of 2000 people. Declan Frith looked interesting, tried too hard at times and understandably so whilst on trial. Did some unbelievable stuff and some rubbish, two big spells in the game for him mid to end of both halves. Absolutely rapid and full of tricks, end product is what it is all about. Feeney, very composed and knows how to defend, can't be 16 surely?! West Brom were full of physical beasts, so it was a good challenge in that respect, the Villa lads just balled around them though at will. Wrestling the momentum away at times was difficult and it almost could have been any scoreline with the opportunities created and missed. 3 or 4 tonight who have a good chance of playing at the top level, now we are back at Bodymoor, it will be interesting to follow them closely. Stoke away looks fun if I can work out how to get a ticket at Newcastle Town FC.
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