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    He’s old, old people bruise like that when they trip and fall. I don’t think this is something important.
  2. Leeds were only marginally better up until the goal. After that, we lost concentration and effort. They had a lot more energy and commitment, so deservedly won. There was always two Leeds players on whoever had the ball for us, but we failed to find the pass. Jack was invisible for large parts of the game, as were McGinn and Barkley. I still don’t know what Traoré brings. bit concerning that Smith didn’t make a change or sub to change the game. He did so well the past weeks, but didn’t have any answers today.
  3. I’ve not been impressed by Traoré in any of his cameos. Not our best signing so far
  4. On paper Liverpool is much better than us. We lack desire tonight and Leeds have loads
  5. Didn't they extend his deal last summer?
  6. We’re having a good spell.
  7. Hitler wasn’t much of a defender, he more an attacker
  8. I'd prefer him to go out on loan and get regular game time. He's not going to be playing a lot with us this year, let alone start a game. A mid table championship side or top league 1 side where could start regularly could help him develop. Sitting on the bench at villa park (which he won't do often, I think the midfield seats are for Hourihane and Nakamba) and getting 2 or 3 more cup games is not enough progress.
  9. tbf, it might be a little different once all the Tanzanians have left us. There's probably some delay on that.
  10. Get Davis on, it will help his scoring record
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