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  1. I don’t mind having one or two of those. Look at the difference Terry made last year in mentality. If we sign cahill and eg mings and Abraham that would balance things out for me.
  2. The fact that most of them are british means we ask higher fees in the future. The top sides need british players on their team sheet.
  3. This would be money well spent as many of these players will potentially grow into strong PL players and are british. So we could get decent money for them in the future. Plus they are already part of our team, so don’t need to settle in any more. we need to find a DM (though I wouldn’t mind keeping 1 of Whelan/Jedi for back up), a good winger and maybe a striker to compete with Abraham.
  4. AXD


    Like most teams in the prem?
  5. I don’t think we would need a massive overhaul. It would a matter of making loans permanent signings (Abraham, mings, hause). With grealish, chester, kalinic and McGinn we have a few others that can compete in the PL. A few wingers would help though. let’s hope the club doesn’t go on a shopping spree just for the fun of it.
  6. If the league is so poor this year, it does not bode well for the teams going up. Fulham and Cardiff are about to bounce straight back down and they did rather well last year. Wolves bossed it and are doing ok.
  7. Not happy with that. I was hoping Leeds and Norwich secure promotion as soon as possible so they don’t have anything to play for against us in the last two games. also given de struggles leeds have gone through the last few years, I would sympathise with them getting back to the PL
  8. I’d prefer to go after players who could make it in the PL. Our goal is to get there and we need players ‘too good for the championship’ to do that (eg Grealish, Abraham) I don’t think we can do that with a team of Adomahs. business wise we better let some youngsters develop into championship players. At least it would generate some profit if we sell them should they not be PL material when we go up
  9. It has made it to belgian newssites as well
  10. Has gardner touched the ball yet? He seems to be all over our players
  11. His attacker is not going to enjoy his time in prison. Hope the police are telling him Jack scored as we speak
  12. Even the blues players seem embarassed
  13. I’m happy Boro lost as well. They have a tough run of fixtured coming up so this was a game they needed to win to have some safety. They’re still 4 points clear, but that could change faster than they think
  14. Happy with the 3 points. Next up: Reading. if we can get another win, ugly or not, it might give us some confidence while at the same time getting a bit closer to the PO spots (teams around us are playing each others). With the return of grealish, I hope to see some improvement in our play. We’re still in it, but it will take some luck and effort.
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