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  1. there's no 3 place game in the euro's either. Only in the World Cup.
  2. If I am not mistaken (honestly not 100% sure), the German clubs don't have this problem of massive debts. I just disagree with the whole 'you have to overspend to compete' (eg Brentford, though not at the top of the table). If you cannot afford to buy a new galactico, then don't buy one if you're already in debt. The players only ask the high wages becasue they know they will get it.
  3. that's the superleague logic: 'I overspent in buying players and paying their wages, so now I have financial problems. Let's solve this with more games to get more revenue so I can do it all over next summer' No, don't overspend.Simple
  4. it's not like they are important for the sport
  5. In any job, you would change companies if they offer you 30-50% more money, but that doesn't mean companies can change a 40h workweek to a 44h workweek (unless stated in the contract). Fans are all claiming money ruins the game (hence this topic) but are not doing anything about it. Maybe players can if they speak up like this.
  6. Didn't know that, thanks. That does mean there are quite a few coaches failing at Molde, with only one title in the last 5 years or so.
  7. strange this. Spurs (and their supporters) happy to waste time in the corner against a team they should comfortably beat from their perspective as CL contenders. They know we are at their level and are struggling to beat us.
  8. Well they have scored more goals than us...
  9. Lampard did a season at Derby, Ole did Some seasons at Molde and I wouldn’t call Rangers a golden job. I agree with hour point that he doesn’t have an easy job though.
  10. That’s what I meant, I (a Belgian) thought it was strange to need a passport when I was young because you could travel all around europe with just an ID Card, so wasn’t used to anything else.
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