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  1. The third european competition has had a few qualifier games already, so let’s see if this new invention is a bit entertaining or just rubbish.
  2. That goal was a penalty against san marino iirc far from the finished product, but loads of potential.
  3. everyone knows, but nobody can do anything about it
  4. Who comes up with this stuff? Who in their right mind comes up with this formula for a tournament and says 'my god, it's going to be awesome'? some money guy I assume, but still, how does he manage to convince the entire football world this is a good idea.
  5. Seems like a game for a 32 team WC, with 46 teams we'll get Vietnam vs Dominican Republic
  6. You mean 'big name clashes'? Then I agree with what you are saying. My point was more about the Finland-Russia or Ukraine-Macedonia games, too many teams that are just happy to be there. With only 16 countries, over half them would at least feel they have a chance, there would be none of this 'best 3rd' stuff which then makes teams play for top 2 in the group, not just 'beat the other bad team'. It's not about the big names, but about the teams in it to win. Denmark as a prime example, Swiss as well, they are not the big names you mention, but made the tournament better. too many teams=too many games not worth it
  7. The tournament gets interesting once it’s the final 8 or so. There are too many terrible games in the group stages, so I would want it to go back to 16 teams (never going to happen of course). Half of europe qualifies, so it doesn’t seem a tournament of the best teams.
  8. Quite a bit of pressure to put on a 19 year old
  9. Rashford is playing RB with 20 RBs in the squad I know its to take a penalty, but still
  10. Mount is still on the pitch??????
  11. Rice was a lot better than Philips. Weird sub
  12. France had ‘98 World Cup and ‘16 Euro, so you can get it in quick succession. There’s only about 20 countries or so worldwide that can host these events
  13. Rice reminds me of Ciaran Clark in the way he moves
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