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  1. AXD

    Manchester United

    They play brighton and Sheffield before they play us. Very winnable fixtures but if they don’t win those it would be a good reason the get rid of OGS and get a decent manager. i would have prefered them to play top sides, where losing is acceptable while hammering their confidence.
  2. He has a difficult personality iirc from his time at Anderlecht
  3. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    1) he seems more a SHA type of guy 2) didn’t the West Midlands have the highest leave vote in the UK? This forum might not be on board, but I assume he has some fans in the area
  4. Bowen scored another 2 for hull this weekend. His contract is up at the end of the season, so hopefully we try to buy him for a small fee in january
  5. AXD

    Björn Engels

    Mechele, Boyata and Denayer are the next generation of defenders for Belgium. Kabasele has a few caps too. Engels should be able to get in there. Castagne is a wing back, so he’s playing for a different spot
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/24/majority-of-voters-think-violence-against-mps-is-price-worth-paying-for-brexit
  7. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Mulvaney just admitted the quid pro quo in the Ukraine call you can’t make this up
  8. Chelsea have done this often enough. You buy them before they become too expensive. Wait another year or two and you’ll pay 30 million at least.
  9. We could buy him now and loan him out for two seasons to Anderlecht
  10. Chelsea about to go 5th. You have to respect lampard doing well with players coming from the championship. Tammy, Mount, Tomori all doing well. I can appreciate a club doing this (even if it’s because they are forced to).
  11. It is worrying we can’t hold on to a result and DS doesn’t seem to know when to sub. Also a striker will be needed in january if Wesley doesn’t improve positive: we have never been outplayed. In our relegation season, there were many games where we never were in the game. So hopefully (maybe naive) our players adapt to the PL in the next games so we can see out a result. we need to pick up at least 4 points next 2 games
  12. Jack has been poor for a few games now. He has a status were he can’t be subbed or benched it seems, but he needs to change his performances. wesley is not doing it right now, but his support is poor as well. Jota only shows up in flashes and el Ghazi makes poor decisions. i didn’t like smiths subs either, too defensive. Hourihane on instead of luiz and Davis sooner on for me
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