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  1. We don’t either in Belgium, but every party says more or less who is their candidate is should they be the largest party. What I mean is, Boris was not the one put forward, otherwise the result of the last election would have probably been different.
  2. I am not from the UK, so my view is probably influenced in a different direction, but I find it hard to understand how a prime minister (who nobody voted for) can bypass parliament to push something through that a minority of the people support (I assume that not all brexit voters are ok with a no deal-brexit). Taking control indeed. I am not sure if the problems will be as bad as predicted, but even if they are half as bad, both the UK and Europe will take heavy economic damage. And all of this because a few guys want to make a name for themselves in history books?
  3. We were outplayed at times, but what a mature performance. Wesley shows he is doing more than just scoring. Mings and Engels are a great duo. so far Jack hasn’t impressed in the PL, but I’m sure this result will take some of the pressure off.
  4. That angry birds logo on everton’s sleeves is just ridiculous!
  5. Happy with the score, but we were outplayed for quite some time. Mings has to stop with the long balls. Jota is doing well imo
  6. Our back four is doing well, even taylor. This scoreline doesn’t reflect their performance.
  7. By that logic, the Chinese league must be out of this world. Money does not equal quality.
  8. This is all very subjective: 1) I think Club Brugge is a lot better than the bottom half of the championship, maybe bottom half of the PL is more their level. 2) he has about 20 caps so far, so there is national team experience 3) it would have saved us transfer fees for the replacements, true, and they do have premier league experience. But as other have mentioned, PL experience doesn’t mean they’re good. Richards, lescott, Richardson, all had a lot of PL experience. That didn’t really help us, did it?
  9. Just finished two seasons of Ozark. good show
  10. A game nobody expected us to win anyway. We were pushed back in the second half by a superior team. The subs didn’t bring anything, so I don’t think they will be starters any time soon. Engels and Mings worked well as did Elmo and taylor.
  11. Their replacement for Wesley started ok, scored in the first league game
  12. How long is his contract? I think a season long loan to a mid table championship side would help his development and we can see after a season if he has improved. I’d rather have him sold in a year or two for 5 million to a championship side because that is more his level than to just let his contract expire. Not all academy players can develop into Grealish, but I’d rather we have more Baker-situations than Albrighton. At least we make some money off our youngsters and wish them good luck.
  13. This is not a correct description. He was never the best player in the league. He was very good and did a great job as DM, it is true he is good at closing down opposition, breaking up play and ball recovery. Also Bruges had one if their legendary players, Timmy Simons, as DM not long ago. So overall this is a bit of an exaggeration.
  14. There was no lack in creativity in the Club Brugge team last year. Also take into account they are one of the top sides in Belgium, so they were on the attack more often than not. At villa, he’ll probably have to help out defensively more than he ever did.
  15. AXD

    Björn Engels

    Belgian? Really? They try to speak english as much as possible at Brugge as it seems more professional towards international players. Pretty sure Wesley will have basic understanding. Engels is a good CB, quite physical and good in the air. He left Brugge because he was sure he could get into the PL. Olympiakos wasn’t really a step forward. He had to leave because the coach who bought him got fired.

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