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  1. Good performance that, though against a poor opposition. Our defence did very well, Barkley and Luiz not at their best. I voted Nakamba as MOM. He's been slated on here quite often but he didn't put a foot wrong today. Just like AEG and Hause have done, he's shown he is a reliable squad player. Well done!
  2. How many goals has watkins scored that were (ruled) offside this season?
  3. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    You are right, I mistranslated.
  4. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Pushing other NATO countries to pay their fair share.
  5. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Yes, because crowd size is all that matters on Inauguration Day.
  6. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Parler Reappears thanks to two Russians. Thank God for Russians allowing free speech for Americans.
  7. I’ve heard about Hollow Knight, but have never came across it in stores. I’ll check if there’s a demo.
  8. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Didn't they just gain seats after the 2020 election? going by that trend, they are likely to take the house in 2022
  9. I'm thinking about buying a new game (having Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, MArio Kart, BotW and Links Awakening). Any recommendations? I'm currently looking at luigi's mansion and Hyrule Warrior (as a massive zelda fan). Smash Brothers is something I have played on the Wii, But I found it a bit too much button smashing.
  10. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Could one give ones arguments for stating ‘he is being censored’? (Rather than saying others can not disagree from perspective A nor B). It would help reasonable discussion if one gives its full perspective.
  11. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    Agreed. They lose credibility doing it so late.
  12. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    It’s not censorship
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