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  1. He has decent scoring record, always puts a shift in and is more a running type of striker rather than a target man. He never was the real standout player at Genk last season when they won the league, but that was because others were even better (Trossard is now at brighton, Malinovsky at Atalanta). he finished 8th in the golden boot election yesterday fwiw
  2. 0% football intelligence, but his goal scoring ratio is quite good. He has enough experience. Loan with option to buy is ok for me. If he can reproduce his form with Palace he could be useful (scoring every 2 games or so)
  3. I thought this was a thread about managers
  4. Brighton vs Bournemouth this weekend will be interesting. I expect both of them to be in the relegation battle for the remainder of the season. And maybe burnley.
  5. AXD

    Wesley Moraes

    I think if we buy better options in the next two transfer windows and stay up, a loan to a championship side would indeed be a good option. He needs to adapt to the physical style of play and stop going down every five seconds. He’s a big guy, the championship should suit him.
  6. Still Bowen for me and a good proven striker
  7. See that’s an opinion. It is possible wesley will never live up to anything, it is also possible that given time and less pressure he will come good. funny you use Jaime Vardy as an example. At age 23, same age as wesley now, he was playing at stocksbridge. So maybe it is not all black and white.
  8. That was probably our worst performance of the season so far. So no reason to be happy. on the other hand, this was the best team in the League at the moment. reading the match thread is depressing, every player is the worst ever, a complete waste of money, should never wear the shirt again... we bought talented players this summer, anyone expecting them to perform at their best for an entire season is dreaming. McGinn, ElGhazi, Mings,... are not having their best time. Trezeguet, nakamba, Engels, Konsa, targett, luiz,... are all young and new to the league, of course they wouldn’t be playing champions league level. Wesley is the one problem, he should be a backup to a better striker and getting a cameo now and then. we didn’t get the likes of cahill because we wanted to build for the future. This is building, as bad as that game was.
  9. Engels isn’t inexperienced, so that shouldn’t be an excuse for him
  10. At AZ there’s Boadu and Idrissi who seem talented young forward players. in belgium maybe Jonathan David, Diatta or Chadli (old but still doing a very good job for Anderlecht).
  11. AXD

    Manchester United

    They play brighton and Sheffield before they play us. Very winnable fixtures but if they don’t win those it would be a good reason the get rid of OGS and get a decent manager. i would have prefered them to play top sides, where losing is acceptable while hammering their confidence.
  12. He has a difficult personality iirc from his time at Anderlecht
  13. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    1) he seems more a SHA type of guy 2) didn’t the West Midlands have the highest leave vote in the UK? This forum might not be on board, but I assume he has some fans in the area
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