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  1. I’m not sure that team would have to fear brighton, norwich, Sheffield, burnley or Southampton. Of course, they wouldn’t fear us either.
  2. Not too many I do see the highlights of Genk every week as I am from Belgium (not a Genk supporter). He was injured for a while this season, but the games he played he was always very good. He is big and has a physical strength suited for the PL. He can spot a pass and go past his man. So I think he could do well for villa.
  3. 21 year old Norwegian international. Plays DM at Genk in Belgium and is highly rated. He would cost quite a few million. there is no one talking about him though, this is just something I would like to see
  4. GK: Kalinic/Steer RB: Guilbert/Elmo LB: new player/Taylor CB: Chester/Hause (buy)/Mings (buy)/Tuanzebe(loan/buy) or Cahill (sign) DM: Berge (buy) or Ampadu (Loan)/Hourihane CM: Grealish/McGinn/Lansbury/O’hare or new player LM: El Ghazi/Green RM: Wilson (loan/buy) or Lolley (buy)/Jota ST: Wesley/Tammy (loan) I don’t agree with people being against loans ‘because’ we would help other teams. We loan a player because he would add something to our team and would improve throughout the season. Loans should have am option to buy if possible though. I think neither tammy or Axel would be near the starting 11 at their clubs, so they should want to come back. Wesley and tammy would give us options up front. CM we are little light. An injury/suspension to Jack or McGinn is likely so I prefer to blood O’Hare rather than to buy someone. Also, this team looks a lot more like the one that got us up than the teams I have seen on here. I don’t get why we would go after eg Dunk if we could get Mings. this team does lack in PL experience though.
  5. I agree. After the season(s) ManU have had, I doubt they can afford to play youngsters. They need to compete. It would be possible if they write off this season to let the youngsters get experience, but I don’t see that happening. So buying tuanzebe is not impossible. I wouldn’t mind a loan with option to buy either. How long is his contract at ManU?
  6. I really hope we don’t waste any money on a GK, no matter how good they are. Kalinic and Steer should be good enough, sell/loan Nyland. Buying another GK would mean we need to offload another one. DM, CB and LB are our main concerns for me, with maybe an extra winger.
  7. AXD

    Wesley Moraes

    Lazio made a bid, but too low
  8. AXD

    Wesley Moraes

    Good signing this, maybe a bit pricey. Lazio were after him in january, both West Ham and Newcastle were looking at him in the last few weeks. physical player with decent technical skills. He’s not exactly a poacher type, but scores his fair amount. His temper is something to work on though, he picks up too many cards because of this.
  9. You are a positieve thinker, I like that Kodjia was barred by a very good Abraham, no shame in that. Elmo will probably turn 33 a year later, being past 30 doesn’t mean you’re finished anymore. Chester’s injury MAY be a problem, it could go either way. Taylor is indeed our weakest link and should be replaced. Kalinic got injured and by the time he got back, Steer was doing a good job. Hogan is indeed shit. None of them are superstars, but they can all still do a fine job and will have experience frim their international sides.
  10. I wouldn’t mind a few loans (with option to buy) like we have done the past few seasons. Maybe get Wilson, Tomori, or a few other squad players from City, Liverpool or Chelsea. It’s a tournament year with Euro 2020, so some players might look for game time. we will at least have a bigger squad without having to spend too big.
  11. I really hope this is all paper talk. So far we’ve been linked to half the brentford squad. Hopefully we don’t go buying another GK, we’ve bought one in the last 2 windows and ended up with one who has been here for years. Kalinic and steer should be enough cover (remember people mocking Bruce for buying 20 RBs?) we’re in the PL but would still be acting like the last 3 seasons? let’s buy the best of the championship (to get us promoted). That didn’t work! we got promoted with Grealish (youth), McGinn (SPL) Abraham, Tuanzebe, mings (Loans from PL teams) and El Ghazi (League 1). I really hope our ambitions are higher than what the papers have us believe.
  12. I should have said ‘I think he still has sympathy’, apologies. I think that because I have seen posts on IG where he still likes Villa stuff or him responding to players (Jack or Kodjia, can’t recall). So this is not a fact
  13. I was thinking the same thing wouldn’t mind him back. He still has sympathy for our club and has gained experience (EL final), plus we need a left back
  14. I just saw that Sessegnon is refusing to sign a new contract. I haven’t seen much of the PL this season, so I don’t know how he did, but last season he showed real talent. Could be a good signing.
  15. Griezmann was looking for a new challenge. Let’s see if he can shine in the Premier League

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