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  1. AXD

    U.S. Politics

    It is beyond me how people can accept this or even defend this (fox news). Trump has reached a new low, something he does about every month. It start to think what he’ll do to top this next month.
  2. AXD

    Alan Hutton

    I just saw a post on Instagram saying he would take a pay cut to stay and help the club. The post was liked by hutton himself.
  3. AXD

    Jack Grealish

    I wouldn’t call Gabby world class, but to each their own opinion
  4. AXD

    Steve Bruce

    While I do believe him to be tactically limited and too defensieve in his mindset, i wouldn’t mind him having another season. The football isn’t always easy on the eye, but it gets results. A bit of stability wouldn’t be bad for our club either. How many manager have passed through the last few years? I don’t want another season hearing about how we are ‘rebuilding the squad’. There have been no signs that the players want Bruce out either. add to that the fact he knows a lot of people at bigger clubs to get some loans in, something we will need to do again next season in our current financial state. If we had Terry last season at villa, I’m prettig sure it was because of Bruce.
  5. AXD

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I just read Gollini is being sold to Atalanta for €3.5M. Not sure if the source is credible though
  6. AXD

    Jack Grealish

    If Wikipedia is correct(probably not updated) he has played 104 games for us in total in 4 seasons (1 appearance in 13-14). Thats not bad but chester has about half that in one season playing every league game Grealish should be challenged to play a full season for us before changing clubs.
  7. AXD

    Callum O'Hare

    It would be mental to expect him to replace Grealish so easily. Let’s not forget grealish had been part of the first team for 4 seasons now and had a loan spell at Notts. O’Hare should have had more game time this season.
  8. AXD

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I don't think we'll have to sell both Grealish AND Hourihane. Selling either one should free up a lot of money. Hutton I think would accept a wage cut just to stay with us, as he will not get a PL club coming for him. Maybe Rangers if they were to come for him. Terry replaced by Elphick and Johnstone by Steer/Gollini would keep our defence rather stable. Time for Bree to get more game time.
  9. I’m not too fussed about losing our loan players. Johnstone and snodgrass where key players, but a decent goalkeeper should be possible to find (gollini?) and I believe in green to come in as a starting winger next season. Grabban was brought because of the long term injury of Kodjia, who will have a full season again for us next year. Tuanzebe and onomah just blocked our own youth players. biggest loss will be terry, that’s the most worrying position. And grealish isn’t gone yet. If we sell him, it’ll be for a lot of money which could be used wisely.
  10. time for green, o’hare and RHM to play a lot more next season. Mostly we need to buy a new CB to replace JT and a new Gk if johnstone won’t extend his loan. Not sure if all the other players will leave
  11. AXD

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Jedinak is the only one performance today. We lack ideas and forward drive, terry had to go on a run but couldn’t find anyone else joining
  12. AXD

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Dendonker will get nowhere near the starting eleven. Witsel, who chose Chinese money over a move to Juventus, is a guaranteed starter. De Bruyne - naingolan - Witsel would have been a strong midfield though.
  13. AXD


    Same here
  14. AXD

    Splatoon 2

    Sure thing. Let me know when
  15. AXD

    Splatoon 2

    Very addictive game