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  1. The French strike was interesting and got heavy Media coverage for the first month or two but the media have moved on to the next big thing. The Hong Kong protests are still going on but no one’s fussed about that anymore either.
  2. Not pointless, as we have shown there are creative ways to inject funds into the club. Could you imagine where we’d be without our billionaire backers and were being run within our means instead?
  3. LondonLax

    Dean Smith

    Sometimes a lack of confidence can be a strength. Overconfidence can potentially lead to sloppiness or cockiness whilst a lack of confidence can mean diligence and humility.
  4. LondonLax

    Louie Barry

    Yeah, get them to pay us a loan fee
  5. I remember 4 years ago there were some on here who were happy for it because it would be ‘cleansing’. To be fair they were probably right.
  6. I suspect the thinking might be that because Drinkwater played 55mins and didn’t score but Luiz played 35mins and did score if we had played Luiz for the whole match he would have scored a number of times. Unfortunately football is not that simple however.
  7. Londonlax jr arrived this morning! He’s all good and mum is well. Another Swedish/Aussie Villa fan in the world (our second, and last!).
  8. ‘Par for the course’ is by definition not failing. It is probably a good description of his time with us. We achieved decent results but we were never exceeding expectations. If the level of spending was not sustainable to the club then the board should have set a level of expenditure that was. It’s not the job of the manager to decide the budget.
  9. LondonLax


    I haven’t read the links but I took it to mean the peninsula of Crimea is now settled in Russia’s mind and they are no longer going to push on with supporting the militias on the mainland? There is no way Russia will give up its Black Sea navel base (which the Russians claim historical links to regardless) and there is nothing Ukraine can do about it.
  10. LondonLax

    Louie Barry

    I think it’s one of those you get with packages of bubble gum.
  11. I think the point being made was not that people should not be able to question Taylor’s ability or his worth to the side, rather that there are respectful and disrespectful ways of doing it. For example, saying he’s “not the standard we require at this level” is much more respectful to one of our own than saying “he’s shit”, “he’s crap” etc etc.
  12. Man U are shit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many empty seats at Old Trafford before.
  13. Probably just worried about having to play us in a crucial cup semifinal. Can’t blame them for wanting to miss it with the form we’re in.
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