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  1. No I think the major difference now is the amount of money you get for being in the premier league due to the latest TV deal. It blows the championship teams out of the water. I expect to see more yo-yo teams in the seasons to come.
  2. Yes, Rodgers, Bielsa, Guardiola and probably Moyes would be on the shortlist.
  3. As far as I know the only export from the EU that was blocked was when Italy took 250,000 doses that were meant for Australia. To be honest, as an Australian myself, I don’t begrudge Italy keeping that batch. It will have saved people’s lives there where as Australians are not at threat from COVID.
  4. I suppose if you don’t have two billionaire owners willing to throw hundreds of millions at the team each year you need to operate like West Brom or Norwich do?
  5. Unlike the UK and the US the EU have sent millions of vaccine doses to other countries all over the world (including millions being sent from the EU to the UK). https://fullfact.org/online/vaccine-export-eu/
  6. It’s not a penalty, don’t be silly. A card for diving is harsh though. That said, I can totally see it being given as a soft penalty if it happens down the other end (and we’d all be rightly saying it was a bullshit penalty if that happened to us).
  7. My commentary said the VAR check was done and no penalty.
  8. How does a supposed England international CB get rolled so easily?
  9. We did dominate in our matches with them but it looks like they will finish above us. I hope that doesn’t mean we’re also a joke/waste of space club?
  10. No I think it is because West Brom and Norwich are better than their equivalent teams that Bayern Juve PSG play against not because Man City are worse than their equivalent teams.
  11. No we’re obviously not at the point where every Premier League team will alway win when playing a European team but there is a dominance emerging from the Premier League and it’s not surprising with the money involved.
  12. I don’t think it is. The bottom teams are poor compared with the rest of the Premier League of course but the money they get from the tv deals means they can afford much better squads than ever before. Someone posted that graph the other day showing the bottom Premier League team earns more than all other clubs in Europe except for the big 3 in Spain. It’s telling that the gap to the championship has grown noticeably. The same teams that are relegated just come back up next year because the quality is just so much higher. I think if there was a European competition containing
  13. It’s remarkable that Madrid side got this far in the competition. They are a spent force but don’t have the money to rebuild.
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