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  1. Well it goes to the point of whether you believe your economy is better being part of a larger trading block or trying to go it alone. European countries in the EU believe they get more benefit overall being able to negotiate trade deals as a collective with the bargaining power of all the EU countries combined then they would if they tried to negotiate deals one on one with other counties.
  2. The Labour party are just useless here. There is no alternative plan being outlined, it is just more magic thinking. "When the Government fails to make a success of Brexit we're going to step in, respect the original referendum, but do it in a way that protects jobs and the economy". Of course providing no details of how this magic plan is going to come to fruition.
  3. LondonLax


  4. LondonLax


    They don't give a toss about the UK's response and why would they? They know there will be no repercussions.
  5. LondonLax

    Cricket: General Chat

    Other way around for me. Warne got so many wickets because batters were frustrated that they were getting nothing from McGrath's consistent delivery and tried to hit out against Warne at the other end. Warne's lofted deliveries might have looked more hittable but ended up snaring many batsmen. They probably needed each other to be as successful as they were.
  6. LondonLax


    This 'logic' gets trotted out every time Assad uses chemical weapons and yet in each time their use turns out to be to Assad's advantage. If it is Al-Qaeda (or the US!) doing it you'd think they'd have learnt by now that it only helps Assad's cause in this war
  7. LondonLax

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt

    Idlib is about to take a proper beating, women and children and all. There is plenty of talk that Assad will use chemical weapons again but just like each previous occasion there will be no repercussions for him. Is he really going to take up position as ruler of Syria again once he had taken back control of the whole country by whatever means necessary?
  8. LondonLax


    If the line about this being a hit by ex spies organised by rogue oligarchs was true you would think the Russian government would also be interested in tracking down these guys for questioning and could help with providing a lot of background information on them.
  9. LondonLax


    They were using fake names but genuine passports (even having serial numbers one digit apart). They will just be reissued new passports with new names so they can travel again.
  10. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    It's funny how he has an old tweet for everything.
  11. Trump (rightly IMO) gets a lot of blame with his supporters getting more and more vocal about spreading far right extremist views and I think Corbyn could do more to discourage anti Semitic views from his supporters.
  12. LondonLax

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Being ‘built like a brick sh*thouse’ is an Australianism. It’s actually a complement meaning very strong.
  13. LondonLax

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I think that is an important criteria for any new signing.
  14. LondonLax

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    France under 20 centre back. Could be handy.
  15. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics