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  1. What are you going to do with all those commemorative coins stamped with the 29th of March?
  2. LondonLax

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    More likely he thought you were the Uber he’d ordered.
  3. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    My prediction is that there will be nothing concrete on Trump himself but some of his inner circle (Kushner, Trump Jr etc) could be in hot water. Edit: Looks like not even that...
  4. Yes there have definitely been mixed messages from them. Notably the Irish Government have said they do not intend to build a border. It has been a different story coming from EU bureaucrats though and the reality is they will need one. It would likely lead to a new push for reunification if it ever happened.
  5. The EU has said they will erect a border in NI in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. They need to to protect their market but they obviously don’t want to have a border as it will cause massive issues and break the Good Friday Agreement This is the only negotiating leverage the hard Brexiters have over the EU. The often quoted analogy of the threat of ‘No-Deal’ being like the UK holding a gun to its head and threatening to pull the trigger is not quite right. It’s more like the UK carrying a suicide vest and threatening to blow themselves up. The UK will take the most pain but there will be blowback for everyone else too.
  6. Next week is going to be fun, getting my popcorn order in and am ready for the season finale of this soap.
  7. The bit in bold sounds fairly horrific. Guardian
  8. Am I missing something? He's talking about a referendum vote between a hypothetical deal and remain. He's saying that if the deal being voted on was one he liked (i.e. his special customs union++ deal) he'd vote for that over remain but if it was a 'bad deal' (i.e. May's 'cluster pork') he'd vote remain.
  9. That’s not what Corbyn said. In a choice between May’s deal and remain he presumably would vote remain. His controversial quote in the Independent was that he’d rather vote for his Unicorn Brexit that vote remain if the referendum was (somehow?) between those two options.
  10. There is a change.org petition to have him removed from parliament. It currently has almost 900k signatures and is the most supported online petition in Australian history.
  11. There is no point trying to profile whole countries based on people you met on a holiday (For the record I met a racist black cab driver in London once). Australia, New Zealand and the UK are all peaceful multicultural societies. Every country has racist people, it seems to be a base human reaction, group in things in your mind based on perceived similarities. Most people on this planet are happy to treat others on their merits as they find them whilst a small number of people get hung up on this preformed prejudice that they can’t move past in their minds.
  12. I think you have to add worst PM in the modern era to these discussions because the UK has had some pretty appalling PMs in historical times.
  13. He was elected with 19 votes (yes just nineteen people voted for him in a nation wide ballot) A quirk of the proportional representation system...
  14. He’s Australian as well Just tragic. What is wrong with some people?
  15. It was pretty chaotic but as far as I could follow it went like this: There was supposed to be a vote to rule out a ‘No Deal’ Brexit on the 29th. It was brought forward by the Tories and May was supporting it. Presumably because it would give her time to use an extension to bring back her deal in a few months with an even harder cliff edge to bargain her deal against. The problem for her was that an amendment had been added to change it to ruling out ‘No Deal’ at any time. Amusingly this amendment was brought forward by a Tory based on last weeks plans but when May realised it would **** up her extension plan she asked the MP to withdraw it. The Tory MP tried to withdraw it but it had been co-signed by a Labour MP who continued to press it. The amendment narrowly passed so when the vote came up to rule out ‘No Deal’ (now amended to be no No Deal under any circumstances) May panicked and tried to force a 3 line whip to vote against it. Unfortunately for her she lost the vote, with the house passing a motion that there should not be a ‘No Deal’ Brexit under any circumstances. No one knows where to go next. Dispite the vote yesterday ‘No Deal’ is still the default do nothing result in 2 weeks time. May will try to push her deal through again next week. The UK will ask for more time to try and work out what it wants to do. I think the EU might actually force the issue by not granting an extension. They have just seen it demonstrated that the UK parliament will not pull the trigger on No Deal so if they hold firm and say no to an extension the UK parliament will be left with two weeks to decide between agreeing May’s deal or revoking A50 (maybe even by agreeing May’s deal but leaving it to be ratified by a referendum between the deal vs no Brexit at all?). Ofcourse the parliament could still fumble its way to agreeing nothing in time and being hit with a No Deal Brexit.
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