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  1. I think both sides finish the series feeling fairly frustrated and a drawn series is probably an appropriate result.
  2. That’s what I also said in my post (though without the Digby bit).
  3. She has overall authority on everything, she is the head of state and commands a position similar to the President of the United States. The irony is however that if she ever decided to exorcise that power to overrule parliament she would likely be the last sitting monarch.
  4. Proroguing parliament can be pretty convincingly argued as being normal. This parliamentary session has run much longer than usual and a new PM is a good reason to reset it. It’s the length of time it’s been prorogued that is (pretty obviously) done to stifle parliament. It is up for debate as to whether it’s legitimately necessary to shut down parliament for this long. The Scottish court seems to have come to a common sense decision.
  5. Point 2 is where everyone disagrees with you because Johnson has already shown he will do anything it takes to leave by the 31st so many suspect he might be that stupid. You can understand why Corbyn would be silly to trust him and take that risk.
  6. The UK has the right to veto any new members (as all countries in the EU do).
  7. You already do it for national insurance. When I moved to the UK as an immigrant I had to line up and register all my details with the government to receive a card with my national insurance number. It’s not much of an ideological stretch to apply the same system for the NHS that you already do for NI. If you moved to Australia you’d have to register to receive a ‘Medicare’ card giving you access to the state subsidised healthcare. Everyone in Aus caries their Medicare card and shows it whenever they visit the doctor/hospital.
  8. I’m still a bit confused about this amendment. It’s not referring to May’s agreement exactly but the revised version that she started discussing with Labour before she was brought down and which never went to a vote. It has provisions for a potential customs union and room for a second referendum included. I’m also a bit confused about whit compels the government to do. On first look it seems it requires a vote after the extension has been granted but some assessments I’ve seen seem to say it doesn’t require a vote at all and instead just requires the PM to tell the EU the extension is because of a vote on this agreement, not that the vote actually has to happen.
  9. I’m not sure you’ve been paying attention to the events of the last few days.
  10. Couldn’t Labour wait until the bill has passes then decide they’d actually rather hold an election in November after all?
  11. It’s not like there is any point to the DUP anymore now they are no longer giving the Tories a majority in parliament.
  12. Not only that but if some weapons and their ammunition is outlawed then over time the guns in circulation wear out and drop out of society. These kinds of law changes are usually accompanied by a buy back scheme as well which makes a dent in the available stock.
  13. There are 21 homeless and disgruntled MPs now in play. There may well now be an opportunity for some of the more radical parliament suggestions such as a caretaker government or 2nd referendum.

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