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  1. There’s two things with the dragons vs the scorpion ballista. Last week the dragons were flying around thinking they were basically invincible but were taken by surprise. Even then only the limp, wounded dragon got hit. They foreshadowed it with Sansa watching it struggle to fly properly with the hole in its wing. It’s not too unbelievable to think the healthy dragon, with the aid of a rider and coming prepared, could out manoeuvre the guns the second time round.
  2. Racism can be reduced to a simple concept of having preconceived ideas about someone based on their race i.e. believing that the skin colour / ethnicity of a person determines some other aspect of the person unrelated to skin colour / ethnicity. This goes both ways, one minority can be racist towards another, a minority can be racist towards a majority group also. The power structure is important however because that relates to the impact and potency of that racism. Also, it is not just a power structure between one person and another, the weight of historical context has a significant impact on how a racist message or act is received.
  3. Albion will have to get forward more in the next leg. Could create more space for us.
  4. Finally came alive and got the rewards. Hopefully we carry it through to Tuesday now.
  5. West Brom are playing a classic away match, stay compact then break with pace, and they’re doing a good job of it. We need to find another gear.
  6. Vote Greens. The big two are only the big two because people keep voting for them. If people still think they need to vote tactically for the big two even in a proportional representation vote for EU parliament, during a climate emergency, when the big two are advocating Brexit people will never vote for change.
  7. Their problems are at board level not manager level. Their problems are similar to ours really, no coherent plan, just buying names for big money then changing manger and bringing in a whole new style of play. No continuity, no consistency, no plan. It’s not going to get any better until they rest from the top, a bit like us.
  8. Australia banned using Huawei from supplying national infrastructure back in 2012. The security problems predate Trump’s trade war. The problem the UK has is that Huawei tech is already imbedded in the UK system. Back in 2011 the UK intelligence agency noticed suspicious activity but it’s too late for the UK to go back now, the best they can do is try and replace parts of the network that were acting suspiciously. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-16/huawei-britain-history-helps-explain-australia-anxiety/9875582
  9. Bran's job in the 'plan' was to get the night king to come out to kill him whereby they would have a chance to defeat him. Bran flew a bunch of crows around the night king until he got his attention which was then his job in the plan done.
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