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  1. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    I wouldn’t get too cocky about the rate of deaths yet, it lags a spike in infection by about three weeks. Let’s check back in at the start of August.
  2. The midfield 3 are pretty good. The rest of the side are pretty rubbish...
  3. Can I change my vote? Yeezy 2020, lets make it happen!
  4. “One for Martin, two for Martin” I think there was a strong element of that last time with Dems not massively enthusiastic but thinking it was a done deal while the MAGA crowd were super keen.
  5. Speaking of topped chicken breast, I present for your satisfaction the ‘chicken parmigiana’. An Australian pub meal classic. A chicken schnitzel, topped with Italian tomato sauce, a slice of ham and grilled mozzarella cheese. Usually served with a side order of chips and a garnish salad (for presentation purposes only). It’s a mystery why this dish has not had the success abroad as other Australian staples such as the ‘Flat White’ or ‘Smashed Avocado on Toast’.
  6. I always find the name of this thread amusing when it pops up. Which side of the pedophile ‘debate’ are you guys on? Personally I lean towards being against pedophilia With the above news I reckon Prince Andrew will be sweating more than usual? (or does he just pant )
  7. The tricky thing is that it can be unconscious and we can make judgements based on race without even realising it. There are very very few people who claim to be racist and yet there are evidently a lot of people who actually are so I would think the majority of people have some racial biases without realising it. It’s very difficult to get any objectivity around the claim of ‘not being racist’ and presumably that would also apply to like minded people in your own social circle.
  8. This study from Sweden is very interesting and potentially explains why the case numbers and deaths have fallen so dramatically here despite no change in social restrictions throughout the pandemic. It might also explain why the medical department were so shocked to find such a small number of people testing as having antibodies when their modelling expected a much much higher proportion of the country to have had it. Possibly also good news for places like London or New York who had large outbreaks already. (the article notes that it’s been submitted for peer review but has not yet been peer reviewed). https://news.ki.se/immunity-to-covid-19-is-probably-higher-than-tests-have-shown?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=kasocial&utm_content=Immunity to COVID-19 is probably higher than tests have shown&fbclid=IwAR2q3NlCLbHeKnTpG6ko67e4qxFspYhcbSgiT7fTfoquU-ZXHoaq9yw7fUM
  9. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    It’s quite likely that it will burn itself out at some point but with no plan it will cause a heck of a lot of chaos and damage first. I think it’s a case of the virus showing up his limitations as a ‘manager’.
  10. It’s a bit difficult to speak for what is in someone else’s head, let alone 17m people’s.
  11. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    The Russian Bounty story appears to be causing a bit of a stir amongst types that would typically support Trump.
  12. It’s just a lazy piggy back on the US slogan. The U.K. police have been ‘defunded’ by a decade of Tory austerity policies, it’s not the same problem as the US police who have been heavily funded and provided with military equipment bought from the usual suspects who lobby/donate to congress over there.
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