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  1. LondonLax


    Americans are so dramatic. In the UK that’s known as a ‘Bank Holiday Weekend’.
  2. In practice though there is no way of enforcing these timelines as (unlike many EU states) the UK doesn’t have a formal process for registering new arrivals from the EU.
  3. You’ll only need to wait 5 years for a chance to enact your response. Labour should have changed leader a long time ago to have given themselves a fighting chance.
  4. All 5 seasons are on ‘SBS - On Demand’ an Australian TV channel. It’s geoblocked so you would need a vpn (which is what I use). They also have a lot of world movies and a decent TV catalog for free.
  5. It’s my favourite thing on Netflix. It starts off as a silly but funny dark comedy about a washed up selfish actor but gets loads deeper as the series develops. There are a lot of parallels to the TV show ‘You’re the worst!’ which also finished up recently.
  6. There won’t be a big event that hits the economy (unless there is still to be a ‘no deal’ crash out). I’d say it would be more like air slowly leaking out of a balloon, which is only really put into context when looking back. Should the withdrawal agreement go through I wouldn’t expect a huge change on the day after Brexit compared with the day before but over time the UK will be missing out on economic growth compared with the benefits of free trade and freedom of movement.
  7. He doesn’t have one at the moment. His previous one quit recently, seeming over Andrew’s decision to go public with his ‘side of the story’.
  8. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    Trump spent two hours in hospital Sat night. It wasn’t a scheduled check up. Could he be feeling the stress?
  9. There is a pretty good blog here from an industry engineer about it: https://www.talkunafraid.co.uk/2019/11/nationalise-openreach/
  10. I would suggest that could be a pretty good argument for leaving that kind of risk of a ‘white elephant’ to the private sector though, rather than leave taxpayers on the hook. As an aside, this debate happened about in Australia about 10 years ago when the then Labor government set up a government company, called the National Broadband Network (the NBN), to provide fibre optic cable across Australia. It’s now become a national joke and a millstone around the government’s neck. I’m not suggesting the same thing would happen in the UK (the geography is very different for one thing) but if you want an example of what not to do than look no further than Australia.
  11. Yes, this discussion is about public ownership of the road, not the government supplying the cars as well.
  12. How long have you been waiting on this forum for the right moment to drop that one?
  13. Why not a 3 day working week then? Would that not be even more productive still? Or is a 4 day week the magic number and we’ve been so close all this time without realising? Personally I think productivity probably has a lot to do with mindset rather than the number of days per say. I think most people could fit their current 5 day output into 4 days (depending on the nature of the work obviously) if they were more focused for those 4 days, knowing they were getting an extra day off in return. However, I suspect that after a while the 4 day week would become the ‘new normal’ and people’s productivity on each day may well return to what it was during the 5 day week.
  14. Was going to post the same. The ‘Brexit Party‘ is such a scam.
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