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  1. The best thing about Liverpool getting screwed by VAR is the amount of pressure it will generate to scrap it.
  2. With the damage the COVID response has done to the coffers I imagine a lot of ambitious election pledges will be quietly dropped.
  3. ‘State Aid‘ is the real sticking point. The UK wants to be able to provide aid to companies by giving them deregulated conditions to work under. The EU is concerned that this will undermine their regulations and give UK companies a competitive advantage. It sounds like both sides are no closer to an agreement on how this can be resolved.
  4. I have read that it is a deliberate look he puts on for his public appearances. Having said that, nearly everyone 'puts on a look' one way or the other when presenting to large groups of unfamiliar people. Usually for polititians it's a suit and tie in an attempt to look like they know what they are doing and are meant to be there
  5. The conservatives have not like this Pope for a long time, it's not new to coronavirus. He's far more liberal than Benedict was (who was a classic Catholic conservative).
  6. Oh it would be massively more painful for the UK than the EU but the EU would take a pretty big hit as well (particularly certain counties, Ireland being an obvious one). I think a better analogy would be the UK as a suicide bomber, threatening to blow themselves up and severely damage those around them.
  7. Essentially what supporters are saying is we don't want to do anything that would impact the chances of Aston Villa winning football matches. That is the most important consideration here, all discussion about morals or legality is secondary.
  8. Their main argument would be that it is necessary for the negotiation. If the UK had gone for a 'soft Brexit' and agreed to be bound by European regulations it would have been finished years ago. However they are trying to negotiate a position where the UK 'has it's cake and eats it', forcing the EU to undermine some of its core regulations. The only way they could bend the EU like that is by making sure the threat of mutually assured destruction (i.e. No Deal) is still a real possibility right up to the end. It's a pretty high stakes play and it remains to be seen if they are succe
  9. Thoughts and prayers for his dealer at this difficult time.
  10. Around 5 years is the usual timeframe (or was before this vaccine). https://www.fda.gov/patients/drug-development-process/step-3-clinical-research
  11. Here’s a peer reviewed study trying to understand why some countries were affected much worse than others. Their conclusion is that the government response is largely irrelevant to determining the impact of the virus. The main factor is how healthy the population was when the virus came through. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpubh.2020.604339/full?fbclid=IwAR28GjS-yPg1q6t5JZCO6pgeGNESdlX6o17gPSAhRpNYiXgPS-nKKJ2g4rE
  12. Yes, you sit a lot more in a crouched position compared to the upright position on a mountain bike, which is more aerodynamic and allows you to put down more power. The wheelbase is usually shorter (i.e. the wheels are closer together) so the handling is more nimble. The gears are set up towards having higher gear ratios which means higher speeds in the ‘hardest’ gears. Also it should weigh a lot less than a mountain bike so you don’t feel like you’re lugging it up hills with you. All these things considered should mean it is loads more fun to ride on tarmac. Take it onto any kind of dir
  13. I would also tend to agree with the above, a 'gravel bike' would be loads more fun than a hybrid. Proper drop handle bars and gearing so you can put some real speed down and compete in the morning 'commuter races' () but versatile enough to ride trails as well.
  14. It really depends on what your budget is.
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