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  1. I doubt Grealish would have written that ‘My Club, My Home’ stuff. It would have been a PR rep from his agency. I doubt he even knows the password to ‘his’ Twitter account
  2. He’s not trolling, just messing. It’s his thing.
  3. A truly ambitious target would be to lead Aston Villa from the Championship to the Champions League. That would be an ambitious goal. Jumping on the City merry go round where you’re guaranteed a couple of medals each season no matter how much you play is more profitable but is a less ambitious aim.
  4. 4th highest goal scorer in the league. If you think we can’t make use of that in our side I don’t know what to tell you. He’ll start ahead of Watkins for me.
  5. We did the same to Buendia according to this source.
  6. And Traore. Nice to have an actual squad for a change.
  7. Yes a more classic 4-3-3 perhaps.
  8. Well he agreed to Aston Villas terms just months ago as well. If this is true must be another Delph scenario where the player signs a new contract with a release clause just to protect the fee the club receives, with all parties knowing full well the player is likely to leave.
  9. Didn’t Man U sell Ronaldo and win stuff? Liverpool sold Coutinho and won stuff as well didn’t they? Spurs sold Bale and won…hmmm maybe forget that one…
  10. He might keep Watkins out of the side if he’s scoring regularly. Both players are going to have to be on the top of their game.
  11. I can’t see a club spending money on him but someone might take him on loan to see if he’s over his injury first.
  12. He can play wide left as well. He’s the 4th most prolific goal scorer in the league over the last two seasons, behind Kane, Vardy and Salah. That’s with Southampton’s midfield providing his chances.
  13. We’re building a proper squad
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