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  1. I think literally every signing West Brom have made has come with a press release saying they beat Aston Villa to the signature. I am starting to think it is a deliberate tactic to gee up their fans.
  2. I think those are just from having the kids at home during lockdown.
  3. The chance of dying from it is a lot lower than 3% (unless you are quite elderly). These are recent stats for mortality rates in Stockholm:
  4. There has been no flu season this winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a very weak flu season in the northern winter last Christmas. What we had instead was a COVID spring. It’s not a sure thing that there will be a bad winter this winter either with people circulating a lot less.
  5. His passing was great. He switched play out to Grealish with a long cross field passes to feet on a number of occasions, giving Grealish a 1v1 and loads of space to play in. Both the Watkins goal and the Grealish touchline dance that lead to Watkins missing a sitter were down to early long passes from Lansbury. He also found Grealish with the corner that resulted in Grealish’s goal.
  6. Barkley doesn’t start many matches for Chelsea in their league games but he played regularly in the FA Cup this year where he was pretty influential. This highlight package is just from his FA Cup appearances last season:
  7. Yeah he’d be a great signing for a team in our position.
  8. Interesting shout for the mystery number 8.
  9. Ørjan Nyland: You're Emiliano Martínez! Emiliano Martínez: Yes. Ørjan Nyland: You play goalkeeper. Emiliano Martínez: Yes. Ørjan Nyland: I play goalkeeper too. Emiliano Martínez: So? Ørjan Nyland: Well, are you better than me? Emiliano Martínez: Well, I've never met you, but... yes.
  10. It’s the only day they can get the club photographer to come in.
  11. Is it? Do you mean in terms of absolute numbers, as it’s not in terms of numbers per million (i.e accounting for the very different population sizes of the two countries)
  12. Put it on a plate by Taylor (though he didn’t seem to know about it )
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