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  1. He is under a lot less pressure with Nakamba and Ramsey in there compared to playing alongside Luiz and Barkley.
  2. Quality 90 minutes, didn’t give them a sniff.
  3. We have not conceded a goal with Nakamba on the pitch so far this season and I can see why.
  4. We have not conceded a goal with Nakamba on the pitch this season and I can see why.
  5. The US became a net exporter in oil a few years back. Their involvement in the Middle East is mostly around weapons sales these days.
  6. The West Brom goal is my fav. Could watch that rolling in all day
  7. The guy who runs the agency did time for selling cocaine a few years back... https://citiblogmk.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/milton-keynes-man-jailed-for-40-months-over-plan-to-supply-a-class-a-drug/
  8. Off the fairway and into the rough
  9. Car doesn’t look in good shape
  10. Only until the economies of scale make them the cheaper option over ICE cars. The main constraint is the battery cost but that is coming down in price dramatically whilst also improving their output (not to dissimilar to computers). The running costs on the car are orders of magnitude cheaper as well. One of the biggest problems for governments is how to make up the shortfall in fuel excise duties.
  11. Japan takes this to the extreme with their culture of literal disposable homes. When you buy a house there the common custom is to knock down whatever was built there and build your new house from scratch. https://freakonomics.com/podcast/why-are-japanese-homes-disposable-a-new-freakonomics-radio-podcast-3/
  12. Every match looks horrible when you are down the bottom of the league but in reality Spurs and Liverpool (their matches after Palace) can’t find a win at the moment and Fulham have drawn with both of those in the reverse fixture so there are opportunities for points there. They also have Leeds, Wolves, Burnley, Newcastle and Southhampton who are bottom half teams. Even their match against us is an opportunity for points given how inconsistent we can be. I think there are plenty of opportunities to take the points they need to survive and send Newcastle down.
  13. Ah that’s horrible news Jimzk5 It’s great that it sounds like it has been caught early. Please keep us updated on the fight ahead.
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