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  1. I meant the comparison to other countries on that graph shown earlier. The UK tests a lot more widely than other countries so likely finds a lot more cases.
  2. I think part of it would definitely be a result of increased testing in the UK.
  3. I can understand why the French are annoyed We (Australia) have a stance of not wanting a domestic nuclear industry. So when we were looked for someone to build us some submarines we asked the French to redesign their nuclear subs (which we would have had no way of maintaining) to retrofit a diesel engine (which we could maintain). Only that change in the design brief meant a whole bunch of knock on changes in the design of the things and the project blew way out in budget and delivery. That's when the Aus government decided it did want nuclear subs after all (they want to be able stay at se longer to monitor China more closely) and the agreement with the US/UK gives them the knowledge to maintain the subs, so we said "See ya!" to the French, after they had spent years on the project and planned their whole Pacific operations around it.
  4. No the 'fairest' way is if teams generate their own income based on how well they are run and how many fans they attract. Sponsors pay Man U more than us because their product will get a bigger audience, the same why sponsors pay us more than they pay a team like Accrington Stanley for example. Having a sugar daddy like we do is the only way to compete in a league of sugar daddies but it would be better if there was no money put in other than what the clubs themselves rightfully earnt on their own merit.
  5. It won't be the people in Perth, it will be all the farmers in the countryside shooting roos and feral pigs.
  6. He says “Why has he stopped it? He hasn’t got a f*** clue”. Presumably referring to the ref.
  7. Ronaldo does score goals, I think everyone is in agreement on that So the question then is do Man U score more goals with him in the side than they would have if another striker was there i.e. is he adding goals to the side or is he just harvesting goals from other players in the squad? Furthermore, if Man U are not actually scoring significantly more with him in the side then does Ronaldo’s limited all round game mean he’s actually more of a hindrance than he is a help for them?
  8. He’s had a mare and he isn’t even out player.
  9. It’s frustrating because he’s not really a natural striker, a left winger playing up front wasting chances. He scored when Grealish was putting them on a plate for him but he can’t score for himself.
  10. Protectionist policies like Brexit will cause inflation. It will result in wage inflation for unskilled labour (good!) but that increase will be passed on to the consumer with the price paid at final point of sale (not so good). It’s also a less efficient system when you have a smaller labour pool to draw from. Instead of getting the best person available from the whole continent you only have the talent pool of one country to choose from. Imagine the Premier League with only British players, would the quality of the work produced by the teams suffer? I think undoubtedly. On the other hand, a bunch of local lads would get a game in the big time who otherwise would only have managed lower leagues.
  11. I wonder how many times the bar staff hear that joke on a typical night
  12. The whole reason Brexit won was to end freedom of movement. The EU will not permit countries to pick which of the 'four freedoms' they will apply so there is no point proposing a soft Brexit that keeps the UK in the single market as it doesn't satisfy the requirement to end free movement of people and ultimately satisfies nobody.
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