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  1. Brentford don’t produce players through their academy either. They do the same thing we are doing, just one step earlier in the football food chain. Our visiting friend is just salty at seeing his team picked apart again to be able to see it (As we were when Man City did it to us).
  2. Well here’s a worrying stat for you: Wesley’s career best haul is only 10 goals and that’s playing with a top team in a ropey league. I’m a bit worried about where our goals are going to come from this season.
  3. Not really a surprise. He’s very good at that sort of publicity generating, similar to Trump.
  4. You could probably find a suitor for Thor but I think you’d struggle to find a club that would offer the transfer fee and wages required to tempt Lansbury to give up his contract here. We might as well keep him.
  5. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    Yeah this doesn’t end well
  6. He looked mobile for such a big guy, though he looked knackered after 30mins in that humidity. He had some good link up touches but made a hash of a decent headed chance.
  7. Wesley's mobile for a big guy but that header was a pretty poor attempt.
  8. Valued at 50m euros on transfermarkt which usually undervalues players. I guess he has a big reputation as an up and coming star but I can't say I've watched him myself.

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