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  1. LondonLax

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    You had the youngest squad in Russia. This tournament came too soon for your squad but a favourable draw opened it up for you. You will be back in two years and again in four years but full of confidence and experience. I think this side will be a threat for a few years to come and won't need a kind draw to progress next time. Don't underestimate what sort of change in mindset this kind of experience can bring to a team.
  2. LondonLax

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Croatia deserved the result after a poor first half. They have the players to win it all but France will probably control the final.
  3. LondonLax

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Croatia are looking like a team who has spent their lot to get this far whilst England still have plenty to give.
  4. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    He's like the bad guy from a kids Saturday morning cartoon.
  5. LondonLax

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Aren't you Welsh Villamarv?
  6. I'm sure the Scots and Welsh and Norn Irish will be thrilled to celebrate that time England won the World Cup every year.
  7. LondonLax

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    Too easy. Sweden haven't turned up.
  8. LondonLax

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    To be fair, due to sponsors contracts, the only beer you can drink in the stands at the world cup is Budweiser. I'd be looking for an excuse to throw it out as well.
  9. LondonLax

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    Must be a bit of a novelty for English fans to actually be holding a beer when a goal goes in
  10. LondonLax

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    I think Sweden have played their part.
  11. LondonLax

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    At least that might mean Sweden come out and play a bit.
  12. LondonLax

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    The difference in the quality of play between this game and the Belgium - Brazil match is quite noticeable
  13. LondonLax

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Belgium will give France a proper game. Either team could make it.
  14. LondonLax

    Pro cycling: General Chat

    A lot of professional athletes suffer from 'exercise induced asthma'. They were unaffected by asthma at the start of their careers but it is quite common to develop it with the extreme regime modern athletes put themselves though. Conversely I also know of professional athletes who got started in their sport because they were asthmatics as children and were prescribed exercise to help strengthen their lungs. I don't think it would work to ban asthma medication and I don't really see a benefit from doing so.