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  1. Great news. A proper leader and a smart guy. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-mile-jedinak-coach-18001699
  2. Apparently there is a national round of applause planned for the post/delivery drivers working on the frontlines throughout this crisis. I’ve been told it will take place at some point in the next 3 to 7 days between the hours of 8am and 5pm.
  3. 15% of infected but not 15% of deaths?
  4. What is the point of arguing over Danny Drinkwater?! Surprised there is still activity in the ‘on topic’ section at all during this, let alone so much back and forth about a guy who played a handful of half matches for us and won’t pull on the shirt again...
  5. It takes about 3 weeks for people to die typically so we are seeing the deaths from what conditions were like 3 weeks ago. It’s going to be a bit frightening in a months time.
  6. USA now number 1! More recorded cases than either Italy or China. The American people must be tired of all the winning!
  7. https://theunaustralian.net/2020/03/26/queen-pissed-after-mi5-infect-the-wrong-son-with-covid-19/
  8. Let’s hope he didn’t visit his mum on Sunday or we might need to reprint all our money. That’s the last thing we need.
  9. It seems likely that the mortality rate is in the same ballpark as regular flu season, however it is far more contagious. The problem with it being so contagious is that the numbers of people getting sick all at once quickly overwhelms the medical services and people start to die who otherwise could have been saved under normal circumstances, pushing the mortality rate higher. Also, hospitals can’t cope with their regular case load and people miss out on vital treatments for other illnesses/injuries.
  10. You’d hope so but I’ve long given up trying to second guess the average American voter.
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