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  1. His couple of shaky moments were in the build up games were they not? I don't remember him putting a foot wrong in the actual group games.
  2. What a race, just fantastic. Alonso harboring some 14 year old Mclaren retaliation there. Cost Lewis the win no doubt.
  3. Top 6 quality? He has been good for us but he shouldn't be undroppable for a team that has aspirations to be in the top 6. He had numerous avergae games last season and was anonymous quite a few times as well. YOu could blame that on Dean for not cementing an actual position for him but i know one thing for sure, that floating role he generally plays in wont work if we intend to play with Jack, Buendia, Traore, or Bailey next year. A midfield two of Mcginn and Luiz would get overrun every game against any top 10 team with the rest of the midfield being so attack minded and i can't see us pushing on for top 10 while that is a our midfield two personally.
  4. You’ve got a better eye than me if you can judge good value at 33 million from 2 friendly games against lower league opposition. Were still 2 quality players short in my eyes.
  5. Still find it strange that we just have 30 mill lying around to spend on an unproven talent at Arsenal. Obviously the agent made some noises when in reality it was just to get his player a better deal. Im just hoping that cash can now be directed elsewhere, if the scouting is right that can get us a hell of a player, especially if they can stretch to 35-40.
  6. Foden and Grealish must be wondering what they have to do, you can see why both have been left out as they are more attack minded and that obviously goes against Southgate's cautious approach.
  7. I feel like I want this to happen but have we honestly seen enough to justify around 35 million on this guy?

    Eye Floaters

    There is a procedure to remove them but it’s very invasive and no doubt costly unless you can convince the NHS you need it.
  9. So 3 attacking players in the lineup, one is a teenager and one is a striker who looks totally out of form. What could possibly go wrong.
  10. Not a fan of Max but wouldn’t say I dislike him. Same For Vettel but certainly easier to get onboard since he’s become rubbish. Norris and Russell both seem like nice guys, I really do hope Russel gets that Merc drive next year instead of Mr Non existent personality Bottas.
  11. They are weirdly similar but also very different at the same time. I think it would be very easy if you were told of the directors of both and had to match each to the film.
  12. Somehow I’ve managed to never watch There will be blood and as it’s just appeared on Netflix I decided to finally sit down and watch it. I thought the last half hour dragged a bit but my god what a performance from Daniel Day-Lewis, you literally can’t take your eyes off him and he manages to convey so many personality traits and make such a convincing troubled character, I can certainly see why he got the Oscar.
  13. Big game for Jack tonight, if he wants to play a big part in this tournament and raise his profile he has to perform here.
  14. Still not seen any evidence of the team for later apart from that one link, i feel like people are jumping the gun a bit here.
  15. That's true but if we are trying to emulate last seasons good start you don't want City first game to kill the momentum immediately.
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