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  1. I’m watching the spurs all or nothing and just got to the villa game where Engels let it sip under his foot in extra time, brought back bad memories.

    Douglas Luiz

    Something happened during lockdown that totally changed his confidence, the way he's playing at the moment he's basically first on the teamsheet. Its looking good that the spine of our team are also first on the team sheet, Mings/Luiz/Grealish/Watkins closely followed by McGinn and Konsa. We're finally getting some stability even with these signings that are coming.
  3. Nothing personal I went back to the start of thread just out of interest on what people were saying, hard to miss your comment unfortunately.
  4. Great to get the win and some match fitness, quite exciting when you think what was on the bench/left out and still to be signed, upgrades all over the pitch.

    Formula One - 2020

    Vettel in then. In fairness to Stroll even though he was never going to lose his seat he would arguably be the one to partner Seb anyway.
  6. Got to love how British the team is starting to look.
  7. If the difference between signing Wilson and Watkins is 8 million then im happy to be honest. Champ player of the season and plenty of potential vs bang average prem striker.
  8. Maybe a few new levels would have been nice. I only paid a fiver so I'm more than happy but is it worth 30-35 quid really?
  9. Sorry but that's just not true, I wouldn't be surprised if casual fans of other PL clubs even knew who he was. I like him and think he could improve but he's not worth that at the moment.
  10. It has gone suspiciously quiet on both Watkins and Benrahma, although it didn't wow me 2 weeks ago I would be over the moon if a double signing suddenly popped up in the next few days. Add in another striker and Martinez and that's a decent window for me.
  11. I've started on number 2 for the nostalgia but looking forward to going back to 1 soon. They've done a good job remaking it but of course that's also its downfall because its the exact game we played to death 20 years ago.
  12. Gives Jack a better opportunity of playing at least, good news!

    Formula One - 2020

    Have a feeling it’s going to a good race today, we’re certainly due one.
  14. It depends how you value potential. We know exactly what we are getting with Wilson and it doesn't seem to be worth 20 mill!
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