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    Dean Smith

    If we lost 8 out of our first 10 games it would be interesting to see what the fans and owners are saying about Smith then. Being honest he';s still an unproven quantity really. I've seen a lot of chatter on other teams forums saying that if we are around the bottom at Christmas they would expect him to be sacked, being honest they might be right. I'm of the impression that he gets the season regards of what happens, doing a Fulham in terms of sacking manger that quickly really shouldn't be an option, maybe this is the one we have to give 3 years minimum to and see what happens, through the rough and smooth.
  2. Quite simply one of the best sporting moments I can recall. Feel for anyone that didn’t rejoice in that win today, could be a while before England are world champions in a major sport again so gonna enjoy it.
  3. Djokovic schools Federer on Sunday no doubt. Not long until he overtakes him on grand slams imo.

    The Film Thread

    Can't say I'm surprised. Dumbo just didn't work for me for similar reasons, nothing particularly wrong with it but just no reason for its existence. Aladdin I actually didn't mind at all and thought was ok, I'm sure I will see this at some point to make my own judgement.
  5. Quite baffling how a defender can be very weak at tackling and weak at passing, what exactly are his strengths then?
  6. Watching that McGinn video it’s not out of the question that he would be worth 50 million, that’s a hell of a highlights package.
  7. Could be a sensible offer really. Not going to get him for that but it will unsettle the player and shows that we are happy to walk away if the price isn't right. Maybe 17-20m might get him.
  8. Aren't you moving into your own place soon and starting a new chapter? Surely that's a reason to be positive. Work and life can be a boring grind at times, I envy anyone who doesn't see things like that. These people who seize every day must be living a great life but that's quite far from the way I see things as well.

    Tom Heaton

    I read a 4 page thread on him on a Burnley message board and they couldn't speak highly enough of him, seemed like even at 10 million we were getting a bargain.


    To be honest you are probably correct, I have no idea what the medical definition of an alcoholic is but my assumption is that someone who drinks every day probably is one. I'm not trying to say you are addicted to cannabis if you smoke every day, I believe what you are addicted to is the routine of smoking, we are very much creatures of habit, it doesn't matter what the repetitive function is, if you take it away people will struggle with it.


    On a daily basis, yes.


    Same here, one of my childhood friends ended up with Schizophrenia from smoking on a daily basis so there are dangers although you could say it was always there I guess.


    You must see the irony in your post though?


    It works the same for me with tobacco. I genuinely don't think I am addicted to the nicotine its just the habit of smoking. I can happily go 24-48 hours without a roll up if I choose to. If I'm in situations where I can't smoke then it doesn't bother me. Tell me not to have my usual smoke break at work though and I would get irritated no doubt. For me that is habit/routine rather than addiction.

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