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  1. The narrative for the last 12 months is basically that we are all dirty germ carriers first and human beings with social needs second. I can see it every time I go out for a run and there are people literally diving into the road out of the way of me because I might be at 5 feet from them instead of the 6 that has been drilled into them, such a shame.
  2. BBC helpfully running a story about the Swiss cheese model we should still be following with regards to Covid. It’s a perfect example of why I’m fed up of scientists and their scare mongering. Apparently the jab isn’t enough and we need to continue to apply other measure to keep our friends and family ‘safe’. So it’s masks and social distancing for the rest of our days then? No thanks mate I’ll be making that decision myself, life won’t be worth living at 50% of what it was because of virus going round, something which we’ve been ok with in hundreds of other forms for centuries now.
  3. It has become a very strange social norm that one. Large groups of women are terrible for it and you often see young couples out where they are both just staring blankly at their phone, bit of a shame really.
  4. I think it’s just what the pubs represent more than buying a questionable pint for 4.50, if that makes sense.
  5. Not specifically queuing up at 12 last night just returning to pubs and shops for example and even the parks a week or so ago. The papers will already have their pictures of crowds of people ready along with the sub text that it’s now anti social behavior and having no regard for Covid etc.
  6. It’s quite sad that people wanting to return to what was perfectly normal behavior 14 months ago now has a significant percentage of the population calling them weird or selfish or preparing to blame them for any possible increase in the rates. I don’t comment on this thread too much but I do mostly agree with what Stefan has been saying for months, I get the need to protect people but at times it feels like we have lost our minds in terms of risks, perceptions or risks and attitudes to viruses now, it does seem like some people just don’t want to return to normal life and will slander an
  7. In definitely not in the smith out camp but there are better managers out there, unlikely any of them would come here though so happy to stick with him for now.
  8. Still struggling to see what McGinn offers us this season, even further forward today he had zero influence on the game. Barkley is just garbage and needs to go asap Traore I like but he’s been garbage for 10 games now and was woeful today Trezeuguet continues to remind us why he’s a squad player and El Ghazi is barely a squad player. We basically need a new midfield next season.
  9. Same mate, it’s a lot better than I expected.
  10. No issues with the back 5 at all, the front 6 though apart from Grealish are all replaceable at this point. There’s definitely better out there than McGinn and Luiz, I was hoping it could be Sanson but it doesn’t seem like he’s the guy:
  11. We’ve been on the proverbial beach for 10 games now and it’s slightly worrying. Weather you are a Dean fan or not it’s hard to support this garbage we are playing at the moment.
  12. Honestly think we’ll lose this, Fulham will want it more and we are looking horrible at the moment. Struggling to see where our next win comes from.
  13. That’s a lot of fantastic news, we really could be out of this mess before winter hits.
  14. Didn’t see much of him but that was a cracking race from Norris, he seems to have the laid back character but there’s a bloody good driver there as well. He will be on it this season, although I expect Daniel will beat him over the season as a whole his stock will rise immensely even if he keeps it tight. If he manages to beat him in the standings it will be interesting who might come calling although he might well be in the 3rd placed team already.
  15. That was hilarious, total desperation of someone who had no reasonable excuse of why he simply ran into the back of someone.
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