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  1. I really enjoyed Arkansas and posted the below about it back in April. Arkansas is very good indeed, first time feature film director Clark Duke who you might remember from Sex Drive or one of the friends in the Kick Ass film. Liam Hemsworth is very good here and just as his more famous brother releases a massive new Netflix film I suspect this is he better film and better performance although I haven’t seen Extraction yet. 8/10
  2. People are going to do it regardless though aren't they, we might as well make a plan that assumes people will do it to at least gain some control of it. If someone is stupid enough to know they are visiting a vulnerable person and take no precautions that's on them really, not much the government can do either way.


    That's really all that matters, in the grand scheme of things I run at a snails pace but i absolutely love it and its great for fitness of body and mind! My best running achievement is probably running 300km over a 3 month period a few years ago.
  4. Eating chipsticks (other similar crisps are avaialble) and then brushing the crumbs off my shirt for the next half an hour.
  5. Isn’t it great when it works the other way though!
  6. Really should be targeting a win in this game but it could be anything really, Brighton play good football but you wonder if sooner or later the stuffing might be knocked out of them for not getting the points their form deserves.
  7. Mcginn or Barkley should be dropped for this game imo. First half and most of the second they were invisible against Southampton, time for someone else to get a game. 2-1 loss for me.
  8. Well, two of those games really, we were absolutely woeful against Leeds as well.
  9. This is comfortably Mcginns worst game for us, I think a cardboard cut out would be more effective out there.
  10. Gonna have to check the record books for last season because I can’t remember playing this badly for a while. This would be bad against Man City but against Southampton it’s just unacceptable.
  11. Hate to say it but Barkley is very much like Hourihane, when he’s not involved in the game he’s basically a ghost out there, just goes missing completely.
  12. You must have missed the Leeds massacre and this current garbage we are serving up then.
  13. I think it’s more just the realization that we still aren’t very good, let’s be honest we fluked the first 4 games and now it’s back to normal standards of play and results.
  14. Haven’t turned up at all today, very lazy play just hoofing it up the channels to Watkins.
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