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  1. Sometimes you just have to credit the opposition, they got their tactics spot on and in reality aren't a bad team. We are so desperate to slate either the team or the manager sometimes, the reality is that you cant win every game. We didn't play that badly. Sterling continues to remind us he's a poor player, Mount was quiet and Foden looked like Grealish circa 6 months ago for England where nobody wanted to give him the ball although he wasn't helping himself just standing between two of their players most of the game.
  2. If you swap out Hause for Tuanzebe i wouldn't necessarily abandon the 3/5 at the back, if its a ball playing defender the progression up the field is much better unlike what we saw against Spurs where it was hit up the field and hope for the best. Traore and Buendia both have to be pushing for a start but no idea what formation we play to get both of them in because it will have to drastically change from what we have played the last 2 games and then there is Bailey who i think we all want to see in the team but what formation do we play then?
  3. I think the fact they had to play the big guns at all is a positive for us regardless of them scoring or not.
  4. Football fans can be fickle at the best of times but the match thread over on the fighting cock is something else. Apparently their whole team is now rubbish and Nuno needs to be sacked already and they aren't even 10 games into his tenure are they? All this because they lost 2 games 3-0.
  5. He has been less of a goal threat the last 2 games but our over reliance on him last year was not great for the team because in the games he didn't perform we had no threat. At the moment there seems to be a goals across the entire team, once Watkins and Ings click we could do some damage, we've won two games on the bounce without either scoring which is a great position to be in.
  6. Well I’m assuming more than 5 said they wanted one so he should have been in at 6 at the very best but even then you wouldn’t want him taking a crucial pen either, basically he shouldn’t be taking one under any circumstances, sorry but that’s my opinion and it’s not changing.
  7. I laughed to myself at the thought of Nakamba taking a pen at full time and sure enough up he steps, sorry Dean that’s an awful decision and totally on you. Everyone can miss but you don’t let Nakamba take a pen. On the positive side we were fantastic in the 90 mins.
  8. How can you say that after watching the first half, we were the better team simple as that.
  9. Game is passing us by and Dean is doing nothing, why is he always so slow with his subs.
  10. Losing Sanson changes the game unfortunately, we’ve barely been in the game since he went off.
  11. Cracking game of football so far. Cash has been brilliant for us charging everything down. Chalobah and James both excellent for them.
  12. You're expecting something other than a loss against Man U?
  13. Got to go strong in this one, if Chelsea don't put out a full team we can nick something here. Feels like a loss regardless at the weekend so its pointless to let this one slip as well.
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