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    This is a valid point but once the price point is right people will happily give that up.
  2. The arrogance of these type of actions is not only infuriating but also mind boggling. These people truly do live in a different world.
  3. I watched the first 3 while hungover and it was absolutely mad, I think I liked it!

    The Film Thread

    Watched The Mule yesterday with old Clint. For anyone who has seen Gran Torino (which was great btw) this is almost like a sequel to that film. Clint is essentially still playing the same character here albeit slightly more amiable and weary to that previous character. Gran Torino at a guess must be coming up to 10 years old now and Clint is definitely showing his age these days. That slight glint is still there but any remains of the tough old guy he was clinging on to are gone here and it suits the character. What the film does well is cut out any fat and get straight to the point, sometimes to the films own detriment where the bad guys are bad and the good guys are good. There's really no backstory to anyone here but with such a good line-up of cast members they do get away with it most of the time. The cast here is almost bigger than it needs to be and you get the sense some of these people just wanted to work with Clint while they still could. There's elements of breaking bad here as well where the initial foot on the ladder is out of desperation but then an enjoyment of the danger kicks in and you wonder where the line has been crossed somewhere along the way. There's nothing out of the ordinary here but everything is done so well and zips along at a fair old pace you can't help but enjoy the ride. 8/10.
  5. Not a fat lot really apart from Premier League football. All these subscription services between TV/Film/Sports is starting to get spread too thin by too many people wanting a slice of the pie. I can see everything going full circle into one all in one package like we used to have soon.
  6. Thurman boxed around a month ago but he looked very ordinary to be fair.
  7. Their biggest crime was the well oiled media machine they had going for them which appeared too slick and professional but they were warned against that in the documentary. When you've got the cash and connections to do things properly I can't exactly blame them. Also the old chestnut of they should have done this or that therefore they are suspicious, again not buying that, there's no official way of reacting to tragedy. Keeping a clear head is probably the best thing you can do in these situations.
  8. I'm still waiting for a good reason that people are so suspicious of the McCanns personally. Seems to be on trend to find something not right about them, I'm not sure what its supposed to be exactly.

    Formula One - 2019

    Special mentions for Raikkonen and Stroll both good points finishes there.
  10. Battleoverdoyen in the first for me today.
  11. FWIW I totally agree with you, theres a lot of bent stuff in racing but ruby coming down at the last at Cheltenham with millions watching and him putting his and the horses welfare on the line isn't one of them imo.
  12. This was amazing! I watched the whole 10 episodes on Saturday and couldn't turn it off. Have to admit that despite being an avid fan of F1 once you get past the name and driving record you really do know very little about these drivers. Ocon seems like a lovely bloke and he's very unlucky to lose his drive to Perez and his backing. Also the German guy at Haas is a legend, swears like a trooper and tells it like it is. Also put into perspective that the battles for 9th and 10th which often seems inconsequential is actually massive to some of these teams and drivers. I will certainly appreciate some of the lower order battles a bit more this season.

    Tyrone Mings

    The guy is a beast and has that leadership quality you want in your team, amazing that a loanee seems to care so much.
  14. The issue that arises when you aren't 100% sure Jackson did it, is what evidence do you want? Very few paedophiles who are good at what they do leave an evidence trail. Apart from a video or some DNA on clothing what else is there apart from witness testimony? People point to the fact that they initially defended him as a reason not to believe them now, if anything it makes me more convinced that he did manipulate and groom them into lying for him, that's why its taken therapy and many years since for them to revaluate and come forward.

    Formula One - 2019

    Fastest lap I don’t have a problem with personally, pole position no.
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