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  1. What is it 3 points from 16 games? Absolutely disgusting. How anyone can defend Dean Smith I really don’t know, get rid now! There is so much better out there, he’s had his chance and spectacularly failed at it, at least Norwich have an excuse that they didn’t even spend any money, we let Dean waste 130 million on nothing. Sell Mings, Grealish and McGinn and start again, this squad is going to be damaged goods next year, we need a new 11 basically.

    Formula One - 2020

    At 39 I don’t see the point of bringing him back, shouldn’t we be developing new young talent?
  3. I appreciate your summary, thanks. I didn’t realize I had to watch the game to have an opinion of our 2-0 loss to Liverpool. I didn’t make any comment on the game today because as I said I didn’t watch it, my comment was purely based on losing yet another game in what has been an awful season.
  4. Where did I give analysis of the game? The quality of our team and manager speaks for itself in our league position and quality of football, if you are happy with how things are currently then more power to you, personally I’m not, sorry if you don’t like that.
  5. Avoided the game and just checked the result afterwards, a lot more palatable that way. We quite simply don’t have a win in us, we are terrible from coach to the starting 11. Smith just isn’t the answer for me, he’s lost out there and there are definitely better options. Sell Grealish for 40 million and reinvest on the squad, amazingly just 12 months after the last overhaul we need another one because 90% of our team is just pure garbage.

    Formula One - 2020

    Norris on the podium, unreal. What a race.

    Formula One - 2020

    Safety car back out this will be a great last 20 laps now.

    Formula One - 2020

    Norris qualifies 4th first race.
  9. I started listening to a few again recently. The one where Ricky comes in to do a voiceover and just leaves him with the Dr Frog one is hilarious. Also the one where Karl is forced to tell Steve about the conversation he overheard on the tube between the two people about how weird Steve looks.


    Was a good card all round actually, I enjoyed that. Glad Bisping has become a regular commentator as well, he is pretty good to be fair.
  11. I can’t help feeling that just like that 3-2 Leicester game that sent us down 3 years ago that Liverpool result has totally killed us off this year, amazing that one result can have such a damaging impact.
  12. This is 11 players fighting for their lives apparently, laughable. It wasn’t even application today were just a terrible football team, dean thanks very much mate but there is far better out there.
  13. Chelsea looking good tonight, you could say that makes our performance look better?
  14. I don’t think it would be out of the question to play Nakamba instead of McGinn against Wolves, he’s been so far off the pace.
  15. A win would be unreal for our chances of staying up but in reality we haven’t got a win in us anymore I fear. McGinn and Grealish both owe us a big game, they’ve largely been anonymous since the restart. I would play Davis and Samatta here, packing the midfield doesn’t work for us since we don’t utilize wingers even though we insist on playing them every week. Elmo has to come in for Kona’s for the rest of the season, he’s far from the complete package but a career right back has to be the better option over Konsa who isn’t exactly established at CB never mind RB.
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