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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Better than Witcher 3?
  2. Formula One - 2017

    Hamilton was evens for the title last night, currently at 8/13. Wish I had jumped on this last night.
  3. The Film Thread

    Its not always as simple as just ignoring it though. They are all over the buses, the adverts are on tv during every advert break, there's big spreads in the news papers. If you go to the cinema its on in every screen and there's a showing every 5 minutes while the indie film you wanted to see has one showing at 10:45pm if you are lucky. I can see both sides to the argument but its a lot easier to ignore the latest Oscar bait film than it is to ignore Avengers 3. I think that's where some of the frustration comes from.
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Is she one of the main characters? I'm in!!
  5. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Saw a review for Netflix show "Love" on IGN. Not really my normal type of show but noticed Apatow was a producer and the article on IGN was quite complimentary actually so I decided to give it a few episodes. I've basically binge watched the entire 2 seasons over the last few days and I have to say its a great little show. There's traces of Apatow all over this with some of the cruder elements (it also randomly throws in quite a few graphic sex scenes which are actually somewhat out of place with the other 95% of the show) At its core its really a very basic premise of an on and off relationship between 2 people that wouldn't normally get together. I think I may be in love with Gillian Jacobs who plays Mickey, having never seen or heard of her before and her natural acting style I assumed she may have been a relative newcomer but shes actually somewhat of a veteran but without ever getting that big part. Hopefully this show spreads a bit more and this is her big break finally because I would love to see more of her. Think knocked up but drawn out as a tv series, it won't appeal to everyone but its well done.
  6. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Didn't realise Baselayers had found a new career!
  7. Cheltenham 2017

    All about the Wolf today.
  8. Cheltenham 2017

    Melon and Apples Jade. Need Melon to win to get any more involved today.
  9. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Yeah they are usually called transvestites.
  10. Rocket League

    Its always the first game for me, starts laggy then sorts itself out.
  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I would have to agree with this but in truth apart from Daredevil S1 they are all pretty dull and overhyped. I have to admit that these sort of shows aren't really my thing but Daredevil S1 was actually pretty good, the quality drop off for S2 is quite remarkable though. Jessica Jones was ok but just bored me senseless and the less said about Luke Cage the better really.
  12. The Film Thread

    The irony with Kong is that you would assume the studio was aware of this and tried to do something about it by getting the director they did. For such a large budget film it's amazing that they put so much trust in a guy whose only previous film was the marvelous Kings of Summer where he crafted a cracking little film with great characters. By all accounts it seems he's nailed the effects and blockbuster elements of the film but failed on the cast and character elements which is pretty much the opposite of what you would expect.
  13. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    I have to admit that you don't fluke 4 wins out of 5 so something has turned round for us. Hopefully we can continue this form into next season and have a proper push for promotion.
  14. That maybe true but all the great footballing sides of the last 20 years certainly didn't get there on 30% possession. It really is time we started looking at the long term, we may laugh at blues current form but come next season if Zolas passing games starts to come to fruition we may start thinking the grass is greener on the other side.
  15. Shit seems to happen most weeks, must be a coincidence.