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    The Film Thread

    Double bill of Adam and Paul and Tyrannosaur tonight, just in the mood for that type of film for some reason.
  2. In my experience you have to cancel and actually let it go through, you will either then be offered something before they do it or will call you at some point before the deactivation date to offer you something. That does sound quite expensive but I haven't been with Sky for about 3 years so no idea if much better is available.
  3. In my experience, its a YES and NO. You can't force the issue and come across as desperate or a creep but you still need to put yourself out there to a degree e.g. spark up a conversation at the bar or ask the girl at work what she is doing at the weekend etc..

    The Film Thread

    I watched Venom yesterday and was pleasantly surprised actually. I liked that it was quite small scale, only introducing a handful of characters and letting Tom Hardy do most of the work, that was sensible. As I had heard there was some dodgy CGI which had no place in a film of this standard really, I wonder if the budget is also why they scaled down the story accordingly. Michelle Williams although having limited screen time was good and Riz Ahmed did the best he could, I thought he played the villain well and didn't overact into cliché territory. Overall 6.5/10 - WB Tom Hardy.
  5. I remember being in Tenerife with a mate about 2-3 years ago and this group of 3 girls turned up and got some sun beds in front of us and then spent the next 25 mins taking god knows how many selfies. They finally all put their phones down and 2 of them went into the sea and then the lone girl got out a selfie stick and spent another 10 mins taking some solo pics. After another 10 mins the other girls came back whereby they all got their phones out again for a few more pics then spent some quality time together by going on social media for the next hour before they bothered interacting with each other again. Utterly bizarre behaviour.
  6. Sexist! But yes of course. It just really grates on me as a sign of stupidity to be honest, construct a proper sentence god damn it!
  7. I fee like a Vegetarian diet for a child should be up to the parents discretion but a Vegan diet is a step too far and not fair on a child who has no say.
  8. When you notice a co-worker says like approximately 3 times in every sentence and you CANT UNHEAR IT.

    The Film Thread

    Couldn't get into Marwen at all, really wanted to like it as Carell can do no wrong in my eyes but it was just not my cup of tea.
  10. I must have been watching a different game then, admittedly I wasn't there so couldn't see the nuances of the off the ball play but that was just a committed game of championship football for me, not much different to Leeds a few weeks back as well. You would think half the teams we play are just dirty scumbag teams with bent refs who aren't up to the job every week. This isn't just Villa fans, you go onto opposition forums after we have played them and unsurprisingly they tend to see the game exactly opposite to us, maybe there's a bias at play?

    General Chat

    Look our for Jezzas confessions to come back, used to love that when I was younger.
  12. Sorry but i just don't agree with that, you are making out like they were man handling us the entire game, it was a great blood and guts defensive performace, Brunt got sent off and rightly so, other than that i was failing to see the great injustices you are talking about. Take off your claret and blue specs. I totally agree with this. It reminded me of us in the play offs last year, we totally ground Boro out of 2 legs but when we came up against the footballing team we rightly fell short, we would have been spanked every wee kin the Prem trying to play like that.
  13. I definitely would fear Leeds but I've got this nagging feeling that if Derby do make it through we'll find a way to lose to them.
  14. I think you have to credit West Brom for most of our short comings in that match, they defended exactly how they set out to in fairness. Grealish had a very quiet game but with 2 men on you at all times and 9 behind the ball anyone is going to struggle. Hourihane quiet for the same reasons as Grealish really, I would go back to Whelan for the final definitely and use Hourihane late on if we need to. Back 4 was fine for me, even all the playing out stuff, stick to your philosophy, we've all wanted this passing game for years and now we finally have it people are shouting for the ball to be hoofed aimlessly up the pitch again. Abraham really did have a poor game and its funny how he can look every bit a 25 goal striker in one game and then bambi on ice in the next, again maybe you have to just credit West Broms defending here but he really did have a poor game, Taylor is frustrating but you don't swap him for Hause now in the final that would be madness, yes he gets nosebleed every time he crosses the half way line which blunts our attack horribly down that side but there's not many Andrew Robertsons knocking around unfortunately.
  15. If West Brom think they are going to get anywhere in the prem with that football they are mistaken.
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