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  1. Villa really are one of the poorest sides to be in the Prem in the last decade. Grealish is the only player that has something about him, everyone else, is championship at best. Let’s be honest, Grealish wouldn’t even start for us. Deulofeu, Doucoure, Sarr. He’s not taking any of their spots. http://wfcforums.com/index.php?threads/aston-villa-vs-watford-fc-21-01-2020.56739/page-3
  2. The thing is, a lot of people do. Some of these men and women are very well paid mega stars, nobody is being forced to compete or watch.

    The Film Thread

    Terminator Dark Fate is as boring as I expected. First 10 minutes were actually quite promising but ultimately its existence is pointless and this now ranks below Salvation for me and quite possibly the 3rd one. It feels like a 2 hour chase scene and not a very exciting one at that. 5/10.

    The Film Thread

    They are very different roles and I totally agree on MBTS, I don't think I've ever believed someone to be the character they are portraying more than Affleck in that film, amazing performance. This one is very different but he definitely deserves the Oscar. I re-watched Dark Knight the other day and while Ledgers Joker is good in that film this is better for me.


    Think he will stay there and fight Masvidal personally. He needs a fight to start up the trash talking again and there’s no one better for that.
  6. I won’t be paying 60 quid a game that’s for sure. I think the same could be said of most of the population.
  7. I'm inclined to think that a skinny fat person is just someone wearing ill fitting clothes.
  8. Not an impossible game to win but seems very unlikely. We'll defend better with Taylor but attack better with Targett, good luck with that one Dean. We need to get out of this 10 men behind the ball mentality though because we'll struggle to win any games playing like that.

    The Film Thread

    Im actually a fan of both Prometheus and Covenant despite a lot of criticism of both films. I thought the themes of Prometheus were really interesting although the film as a whole was a bit disappointing but the vision and look of the film from Ridley was excellent as well as a great performance from Fassbender. Covenant was also enjoyable but a bit of a let down as it didn't really follow on from where Prometheus left off. I felt like Ridley bowed to public pressure a bit in terms of making it more of an Alien film and some of the ambition and world building got lost to some more generic alien stuff and a more dumb crew actions to get themselves in a mess. Still very interested to see where he goes with the 3rd one because we really need and deserve a bit more than stupid crew investigates hostile planet at this point.
  10. If we can win this then yesterday is all forgiven in my eyes. Lose it and both the club and smith are walking that tightrope again imo. As BOF said its square pegs in round holes at the minute and I'm seeing far too much like our last time in the premier league for my liking currently. Expected losses, thrashings by the better teams, players going missing in games, general lack of desire appearing to be shown by players. Things really aren't looking good. After what we saw in the earlier part of the season and the money spent its not good enough for me at the moment.
  11. Lower half champ even with the set pieces I think. I missed the line ups for the game and I didn’t even realize he was playing until about 25 mins in, remarkable.
  12. Biggest takeaway again is where on earth does Hourihane go in games. His ability to just disappear while occupying the most important position in the team is amazing.

    General Chat

    I genuinely don't think this is a race issue at all, or even that she's American. Its quite simply the entitlement of saying I'm going to take all the benefits that comes with being a royal and as soon as I don't fancy it I'm walking away.
  14. Its more about the fact they would take their spots in the squad than on the pitch. They are better players. If we are playing one up front I suppose that still leaves a spot for someone sitting infront of the back 4 but I would still prefer someone else over Rice or Dier.
  15. Don't see any reason why England's midfield for the next few tournaments cant be Grealish and Maddison to be honest. If these 2 aren't better than the likes of Dier/Rice/Lallana I must be watching different players.
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