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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    Today's game just showed how ineffectual Hogan is for us, he's a decent player but just not suited to us unfortunately. Can't wait for Kodija to come back now but at least we have another option upfront because gabby is useless as well. Crucial game next week now, win that and we're amongst the teams at the top, lose and we're just playing catchup again.
  2. Its amazing how at the drop of a hat we suddenly cant play football anymore.
  3. Playstation 4

    Nice one, i think for the money i'll have to pick this up then.
  4. Sonic Mania

    Is there anything new to add though or is it just a revamp of what we already played 20 years ago?
  5. Sonic Mania

    Do you think its worth it for 15 quid? I'm tempted myself.
  6. Playstation 4

    Was quite a big let down for me. Just Cause 2 was one of my favourite games of that console generation but 3 was lacking something
  7. The Film Thread

    Finally watched A room for Romeo Brass yesterday. Shane meadows is so good at what he does, another excellent performance from Paddy Considine as well, that guy does unhinged far too well for my liking. Slightly weak ending i thought but a very solid debut film.
  8. The Film Thread

    Its ok but not a patch on the first one, an absolute classic is that. "Evacuation com.....Evacuation com.....
  9. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Bjarnasson is truly terrible, absolutely awful.
  10. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Lets just take a moment to recognise that the bookies had us favourites to win the league this year, you couldn't make it up.
  11. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Unfortunately I totally agree. This isn't knee-jerk reactions, we're only 3 games into the season but that is one of the worst halves of football I've ever seen. When you factor in that this follows losing 3-0 to Cardiff you start to wonder if anyone even cares.
  12. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Totally inept is probably a kind way of describing this performance.
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Sooo good, one of the best episodes yet.
  14. The Film Thread

    Christ that's a double bill of absolute sh*t. Could have spent that time watching 2 much better films.
  15. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Master of none and Love are both recommended. Glow was pretty solid as well.