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  1. The Film Thread

    Alien: Covenant What the hell are they trying to do here? It felt like Prometheus setup a great film when it ended and one that I've been waiting 4-5 years now and from what I have seen of covenant so far it looks even more stupid. I love Danny Mcbride but what the hell is he doing in this film? This isn't a comedy its supposed to be serious sci-fi. I am disappoint.
  2. The Film Thread

    Super Mario Bros says Hi.
  3. Playstation 4

    That's a bit harsh when it has 2 quality games at the moment both of which are exclusives. If that is a general criticism of the next gent consoles as a whole I agree. I have an xbox one and there really is such a limited release schedule now, obviously the budget and scope of games has changed recently and they cant afford to spend 50 million on a dud it means the release schedule is now really only 1-2 games a month and if those don't grab you then you can go months without wanting to pick a new game up.
  4. Scott Hogan

    Good news but its still effectively killed off his season. Not good when we are facing the mess that we are.
  5. Pre Match Thread

    I'd love to say this is a winnable game, especially after they couldn't even score against Burton at home but I think we all know that would be a stupid thing to say.
  6. Steve Bruce

    I have no idea because those are opinions, the facts are that based on form/goals scored/league position we are infact one of the worst teams in the championship. To me this isn't acceptable regardless of what my opinion is or anyone else's for that matter, We've already had the LVG comparison where the vitriol towards him is similar to what Bruce is getting now. This is the perfect example to put some perspective on the situation, he was hounded out for not having a 70% win ratio in the premier league, Bruce can't even get a win in the championship with an equivalent budget, the fans aren't being unrealistic or unfair here!
  7. Steve Bruce

    We aren't asking for a white knight though, we're asking for a manager who can win a game in the championship. Something even the stalwarts of Holloway and Warnock seem to be doing ok with much inferior squads of players.
  8. What's wrong at Villa?

    Most of this occurred in the premier league though. When you take into account the drop in leagues and the amount of money that has been spent Bruce is arguable failing more than anyone else in recent times.
  9. What's wrong at Villa?

    He's out of his depth imo. He's already admitted this is his biggest club and despite all the baggage that comes with being Villa manager I'm afraid he's failing miserably at it.
  10. What's wrong at Villa?

    Almost impossible to be any more s**t than this. I know its not the sensible thing to do and probably further enhances our status as a shambles of a club but honestly Steve really isn't helping us out is he? What is he doing to turn this crap around? Rotherham/Wigan/Blackburn are all picking up wins. Warnock is flying at Cardiff. Despite all the negative aspects around our club at the minute can anyone honestly say there isn't a manager in the country who could be doing better than this?
  11. Ratings and Reactions: Newcastle v Villa

    Bruce's plan seems to be pick an 11 and hope for the best. No reaction to what's happening in the game, different players every week, different formations every week. Honestly can't see how people can continue to defend this clown. Yes he has pedigree in this division but he's massively out of his depth here, it should be clear for all to see. One more loss and he has to go it's as simple as that.
  12. Ratings and Reactions: Newcastle v Villa

    The results don't even hurt anymore, nowhere near like they used to. The only frustration now is why we continue to let a completely clueless idiot manage this club. It would be easy to compare us to a rudderless ship at the moment but we are more like the titanic post iceberg decimation.
  13. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    I'm sure all the players will be crying into their 30 grand + weekly contracts on the journey home tonight while the hardcore fans begin the long journey back. At least you tried lads.
  14. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    If anyone can find me 3 worse teams in this league I would have to call you a dirty liar. The wins just aren't coming Bruce mate, you have one more game to save your job. Lose heavily to derby and I would expect you to do the decent thing and just walk away of your own accord.
  15. Documentaries you have to watch

    For anyone on the fence about watching this I've just noticed its massive odds on to win the best documentary at the Oscars, deserves it too.