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  1. Fury was 9/2 about a week ago when I looked at the odds on Paddy Power so it seems to be expected that he loses. (no I don't watch it but was certain that the WWE guy would win, why would they let Fury in and have him beat one of their top guys, makes no sense).
  2. That's really good advice in fairness. I hope some of it is useful.

    The Film Thread

    El Camino is pretty good nothing more or less really.


    You’re one minute and twenty seconds closer just 24 hours later.

    The Film Thread

    I quite liked it as well, felt a bit different and I’ve been a fan of Jason Sudekis since Eastbound and Down.


    You have to assume that the men’s time would come down accordingly then so we should also be expecting someone to break 1:55 for the men’s, that seems even more unlikely.

    Tyrone Mings

    You don’t change your centre backs during a match unless there is an injury, it’s just not the done thing. He either starts or won’t get a look in unfortunately, not sure he’s earned a spot just yet, if we take off our claret and blue specs but you have to say the alternatives aren’t exactly doing that well at the moment.
  8. Best animated show ever! Starts again in early November. (Possibly behind first 10 season of Simpson’s actually).
  9. I remember the joys of absolutely rinsing the demo disc instead of buying the game. Tony Hawks Pro Skater when it was just the warehouse level I think and possibly a time limit, played that to death. Also Dave Mirras BMX which was also only one level, me and a mate found out you could glitch the game by doing certain things so it just became who could perform the biggest glitch, ah those were the days.

    The Film Thread

    He's really good in the The Ranch on Netflix.
  11. By all accounts It was Horne that got too big for his boots and that was the reason they fell out. I started watching it back recently as well, I think on Netlfix and it is so good. Its hard to put your finger on why but the characters are all great and very relatable, especially fi you have family in Barry!

    The Film Thread

    Midsommar is truly one of the weirdest films I've ever seen. Its got the directors fingerprints all over it, there's little bits of Hereditary here and bits of recent Netflix film The Ritual and a touch of A Field in England. Much like Hereditary this is going to be a marmite film, I liked a lot about it but there was less focus than Hereditary, in many ways I'm surprised it was signed off by the higher ups at the Studio, this is for a niche market for sure because it doesn't have a definite genre and ends up floating between a few. Overall I think I liked it.
  13. Loneliness is horrible so I understand where you are coming from although its not something I suffer from personally. I will say that if I had a bbq I would at most be inviting 6-7 peoples and probably would get a couple not coming. My core group of friends is only 5-6 people but that's fine for me. I wouldn't even have 25 people to ask. I do still think you place too much emphasis on being in a relationship but I understand what you are saying with regards to frustration at other people who are and then don't make time for you, this does happen unfortunately and they aren't great friends if they can't make time outside of their relationships but its pretty common in reality. You seem to review being single as being a failure on your part which it really isn't, having said that I do hope you find someone soon as you do sound very fed up with it all.
  14. Wve barely has a chance in the 2nd half apart from Wesley’s goal, that’s criminal against 10 men.
  15. Virgin are all good until they aren't. They really aren't good at fixing issues and dealing with anything outside of the norm.
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