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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Everything sucks on Netflix is pretty good, think Stranger Things with the sci-fi element removed.
  2. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I thought Danson was great in Bored to Death. Dont think many people watched that at the time.
  3. The Film Thread

    Jurassic World is in the top 5 grossing films ever? My goodness.
  4. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Say what you want about MJ but he was a bloody good host.
  5. Gun violence in the USA

    It’s a lot smarter to bring him in alive, understanding why people do these things is one of the biggest factors to stop it happening again, red flags earlier on, family members and friends speaking up earlier on etc... He will get the death penalty anyway so at least this way some of the victims families get some sense of justice and their day in court, shooting people dead in the street is hardly the correct justice of a civilised society.
  6. The Film Thread

    Indeed, I said as much a page or two back.
  7. The Film Thread

    I looked into this when I watched it last week and it seems that it was released about 4 months ago in the UK and has only just reached the US. I can only assume its no longer available on our Netflix which is weird
  8. General Chat

    Its quite saddening that people are literally dying of Hunger and Thirst in the world and countless other unimaginable things are happening and we actually have idiots devoting time and energy to show their outrage at what animated rabbits are doing in a film. Fair enough get behind something and fight your corner but make it worthwhile at least.
  9. General Chat

    Apparently certain people are outraged over a scene in the new Peter Rabbit film where an animated rabbit has berries thrown at him even though he is allergic to them....WOW. I hope to god they never see a Wile E. Coyote cartoon or heads will roll.
  10. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    If you see Gennaro say hi from me. Only a few people will get this.
  11. The Film Thread

    Notoriously panned film with a lead actor who you cant stand, you must be a glutton for punishment
  12. The Film Thread

    My Friend Dahmer Very good performance from the young kid playing Jeffrey and the film essentially hangs on this. You could say its a bit kind to him for what is essentially a very disturbed person but the film actually focuses on his personal and school life leading up to his first murder and ends just before this happens. I'm already very au fait with what he did from that point onwards so this was an interesting timeline for me and allowed the film to be something of a childhood period piece with a underlying dark twist as this is no ordinary teenager in the late 70's. Recommended.
  13. The Film Thread

    Justice League Christ it’s boring. Aqua man pointless no real perception of danger to anyone so you don’t care what’s happening either. Lots of people with 2 minutes of screen time on the sidelines who you couldn’t give a stuff about. Once again the DC franchises giving us a lesson in how not to do comic book films.
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    Seeing John Terry celebrate like that at the end brings a tear to my eye. Say what you like about him off the pitch but on it he is a leader in all aspects, his passion for winning games is unreal.