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  1. What am I missing? People keep slagging him off, yet I don't understand what you expect him to do. He never gets any support out wide. When he holds the ball up out left there are never any options (when Jack or watkins does it targett or El ghazi are always an option they need to return the favour). How many times is he left with no option but to try and beat 4 or 5 men. Against Liverpool he had the ball in a decent position but 3 defenders closed him down because watkins was in the middle of the box and targett was staying back and none of our midfielders came to help. What is he
  2. Does anyone know where to find the video of it. Was disgusting play by TAA. He gets beaten and shoves someone into the ground and bus knee buckles.
  3. It was incredibly dirty. TAA shoved him as he was coming down and it caused his knee to buckle. Was a clear penalty. And could have been a. Booking or a red
  4. You forgot to mention he was in such a strop about it he foaled to close down twice to a player 2 yards away from him which led to the goal.
  5. It completely dialed last season and it made us concede more and score less. It was horrific I don't see the point in changing to a more defensive system when our defence is already elite.
  6. I like him but he has been very frustrating this last run of form. The handling of Jack's injury has been annoying. I understand that e had a set back. But when you go he is onyl out because he is ill against spurs. Then we find out he hadn't even trained that week. And wasn't ready for the games 2 weeks after that. Barkley shouldn't even be on the subs bench let alone the pitch at this point. As much as I haven't thought much of Davis this season. He won us the game last week. And I'm disappointed that he wasn't brought on instead of barkley. You basically only play with 10 men wi
  7. What do you call someone who has a one on one with a defender an overlapping helper who he dribbles in to. Then was 1 yard away from the ball for seconds but doesn't press then was 2 yards away from the player who got a clean strike on goal. A lazy git, a waste of skin. Aka Ross **** Barkley.
  8. Gave barkley the man of the mat h he won that game single handedly for Liverpool.
  9. Barkley is a waste of skin. Could have broken up the play twice if he bothered to press.
  10. They don't need a striker. They need a skillful technichal player who scores lots of goals to play upfront. Whether that would be jack or someone like depay that remains to be seen. But they are playing the way Spain was during their World Cup and euro runs with no strikers and just being utterly dominant with fabregas upfront.
  11. Yes it absolutely does. A relegation battling team will always be struggling for control of a game. Having a player who can get a goal or assist against the run of play is huge for those teams. There is a reason him playing was the best indicator of points behind Heaton and Wesley last season. He was 3rd in points per game. That is big for a team that lacks quality or incision. He shit houses wins and draws which again is key when yiu are in a bad run of form like we are now or when you are battling relegation.
  12. Not necessarily saying it is you. But people were saying bollocks about this in regards to wesley. But as soon as it is Watkins struggling the same way. Ohhh the midfielders fault.
  13. His G+A rates in the PL were higher than all but the very elite players for a relegation battling team that is huge.
  14. What do you mean? I'm against his lack of substitutes and rotations and insistence of playing McGinn with no rest and prior to him an injured barkley. That's it I would prefer to play a more attacking style as well but at the minute without jack that is a non-starter. But yes when there is an issue with a team in regards to defence and keeping possession it is mainly on the manager not the players. Because we couldn't defend to save our life before restart lasts season and then we were one of the best defensive teams. Which is both an incredibly impressive turnaround and an indictment of
  15. There is a reason he has played for PSG and spurs. Hell he is the one who got spurs to the CL final
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