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  1. I'm sorry if accused you of Wesley if you didn't but there is a reason I dislike your posts. Maybe it is just el ghazi and Taylor but I thought it was another players and just assumed wesley given the unreasonable amount of stick he has also gotten on here.
  2. I don't think he is the perfect winger, he is merely a capable one for this league. It also doesn't matter whether I'm right or not because what expressing an opinion isn't embarrassing. What is embarrassing is the repeated attacks on his character and dedication to the club. It is quite disgusting some of the attacks on players on here get. El ghazi especially but you also see it with players like Taylor. You talk about watching us on the pitch but when we weren't playing hourihane aside from Jack he was the only player who created any chances. I've watched games where targett shat
  3. I'm saying that for xa to accurately represent the number of goals assisted you would need a large volume of attempts. I mean obviously el ghazi got lucky with one of his assists Jack's goal against united but I also feel that our strikers missed plenty of simple chances that he created.
  4. In the games I watched very few of our players actually put their foot on a cross even if it was only a foot away. Also XA will only really be accurate with a huge volume of chances not a bunch of good ones.
  5. I think you should also understand that xg and assists don't take in to account that our players never got on the end of crosses when they really really should have. Was that not our biggest complaint against samatta and Davis last season that they didn't move in the box or gamble or even get a touch on some of the peaches of balls that were put in by our players? I can think of 2 against Newcastle since restart, one against Sheffield. There are probably more as well but I can't quite recall.
  6. Please there are probably 10 men in the league who can beat multiple players on a consistent basis. Mahrez, sterling, Salah, Mane, firminho, Zaha, traore, saint-maximan, Jack, Maddison, auba. You could maybe add someone like aguero to that list or son but it is definitely less than 20 and you are expecting a winger for a relegation said to have to be able to do that? No el ghazi beats his man about 50% of the time which is good enough for a prem player but he can't beat the 2nd or 3rd player surrounding him due to our lack of movement. It is embarrassing as a villa fan to have people who
  7. What 4 goals and 4 assists last season. You want want to know who else had that return sarr and Zaha. Players who people like you would be cumming over if we announced them. He should have had a bout 10 assists but our strikers could finish and whilst he certainly bollocksed a lot of chances. People were jizzing over Tammy who **** up easy chances at about the same rate as el ghazi. If you want to criticise a player don't be hypocritical. El ghazi is a perfectly capable winger at this level and is easily worth 10-12 million. Give him a ball to run onto and he will beat his man but if you
  8. The issue is we lack the movement in and around for him to make the pass quickly so he slows it down for players to catch up to really. Last season the only times I can remember us counter attacking properly was against Newcastle where Jack should have put el ghazi through about 4 times but didn't and against arsenal for our win when keinan missed the chance.
  9. This cyprien fellow looks very good. Hopefully we can sign him and another winger. A midfield 3 of Luiz, cyprien and Jack would be very tasty. He also seems like he can take free kicks which is nice as well.
  10. With us so weak at left back do you think we will see a 3-5-2/3-4-3 if targett gets injured with cash as LM and guilbert as rb?
  11. That is for a cb. Someone has to win the ball. Full backs and dms win the ball the cbs sweep up any mistakes.
  12. Traore hasn't scored a single goal in his 23 sub appearances for lyon. Start him let trez or el ghazi come on after 55
  13. He does have good positional awareness otherwise he wouldn't be 2nd in our team for interceptions in top of being in the right place to win tackles. You just don't like him for some reason. He offers more going forward than elmo because overlapping helps our wingers even if he has no end product because he draws a defender away and creates space for them to operate (despite that he got 2 assists last season the same as targett and more than elmo). Yes he played twice the number of minutes so he essentially offers the same end product as elmo whilst being far better defensively and involved in
  14. Fred has had among the best tackle stats in Europe for the past 4 seasons. The only players that are better than him are wan bissaka and pereira one of whom was the 2nd best player in the league last season (single handedly carrying Leicester to 3rd) and the other plays for man United after they spent 50 million on him.
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