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  1. Been posted on here twice already lol.
  2. He didn't fail to deliver at Chelsea ajax signed him. You know a club regularly in the champions league and the best in their county.
  3. And play over mount and Havertz. Unlikely seeing as they are both like 5 years younger than Ross.
  4. More of a Luiz scenario. It is unlikely he speaks English very well right now but as his speaking ability develops so will his play for us.
  5. I'm sorry but McGinn has been poor for me a lot. When he plays well we play well. But when we play poorly he is the worst player on the pitch. Now this is a bit of a chicken and the egg situation but I feel like given that he plays in the middle his poor performances are probably causing us to be bad. Also he has been directly at fault for like 4 goals this season by not bothering to tracking back because he pressed out of position. At least be consistent in your criticisms when complaining about traore pay attention to mcginn he never sprints back. (not saying it is you just a lot of peo
  6. Whoscored provide MotM statistics.
  7. When ever Conor played mcginn was cam. And most of the time lats season he was a second striker without any movement.
  8. Mings should definitely have a higher rating than konsa. Mings cleaned up after a konsa mistake like 4 times.
  9. Except when mcginn is further forward he and us as a team are actively bad. He never defends when he is further forward beyond pressing their defense. He stands near the striker and never comes short and is very greedy in terms of shooting the ball instead of looking to make the final pass. McGinn cannot and should not play as a Cam for us because he is 1/3 as good as he is when he is a DM. And he is inconsistent there as well.
  10. It is a fact. Who among our regular starter would you say was worse? Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett, Luiz, Grealish or Watkins? You could maybe include traore in that but I wouldn't maybe after another 5 games yes but not right now.
  11. McGinn has been our worst regular starter this season. By a lot. He has had more bad games than good games. And he is so inconsistent. On top of that he doesn't maintain his fitness when not playing which results in very poor games from him. He presses out of position. Gets lazily beat, and doesn't track back. He is still generally good but he is our weak link atm. So signing a player who is definitely and upgrade on him defensively is good.
  12. The only focus on the mistakes he makes. I counted 2 or 3 from mings today but I counted 4 or 5 from konsa and one that led directly to a goal scoring opportunity which would have gone in had mings not blocked the shot. But they don't talk about that do they.
  13. Ignoring all of Konsa's though who has made 3 or 4 more than mings.
  14. Bring on Ramsey and el ghazi. Instead of Traore and Barkley.
  15. Ignoring the 3 times mings has saved konsa today. When Kings makes a mistake it is magnified because no one covers for him. But he sweeps up everyone else's mistakes
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