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  1. Or Rashica. Or again any number of other deals for other clubs. He's reliable for the headline generators which makes him seem reliable overall. But he just isn't. He's tier 3 for most clubs in that he has contacts with other journalists and can sniff most bs. But he isn't reliable.
  2. How about him saying talks in regards to sanson aren't advanced. And we released the media video the next day. He doesn't have a clue. He just follows rumours on any club that isn't sky 6 and isn't Bayern, Juve, Milan, PSG, Barca or the Madrids.
  3. Why do you have gifs and I don't? I didn't even go in the Tammy thread yesterday I'm pretty sure.
  4. Would be odd if De Bruyne wasn't already following. Jack really admires De Bruyne and De Bruyne Really rates Jack.
  5. Foden isn't even in the same class as Jack.
  6. I think the clause was that he was to be notified of any bid in excess of 40 million.
  7. Romano is a clown and an idiot. He may have sources at the big clubs but outside of them he hasn't got a clue.
  8. Charlatan gets news wrong, shocker!
  9. Bailey has done an interview speaking about him leaving and his step dad mentioned us by name. Not even remotely close to journalists coming up with 50 different prices for grealish.
  10. At least you finally admit it
  11. Yes, and they may have underestimated the popularity of some of our players. Targett for instance. Not impossible. And we know for a fact fanatics are shit with supplies.
  12. Hear me out what if they sold out? And hear me out further. What if the Es are out of stock because of Martinez, Buendia and Targett, on top of Grealish?
  13. Only 4 hours to late there mate.
  14. Because no one but them has much cash (United do but are doing other business atm, already got Sancho and Varane, they need a DM). Also city clearly did some illegal BS with their finances so they have much more revenue than anyone else which is complete BS.
  15. Is that actually Cutler, also he doesn't deny interest so if it is Cutler.... I wanted to put the It's happening Gif but gifs aren't showing up for me atm.
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