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  1. That isn't how things work. It would only work if Luiz agreed to go to man City then the other team. He would get more money joining them straight from us. But again that is unlikely because we don't have to sell him unless city tries to buy him.
  2. But Luiz still has to agree a contract with City and he could just refuse to sign with them because he could almost certainly receive a bigger signing bonus if he just went from us to whoever was signing him rather from us to city to that same team. It makes no sense for Luiz unless he thinks he will be playing for City which is unlikely because they have rodri who will play there most of the time and fernandinho if they sign a couple of decent CBs on the summer.
  3. Examples of this include: Gueye, Veretout, Amavi, Adama, Ayew, Enda Stevens, Westwood, and obviously now Luiz. Normally though they end up getting good without us. Which is why what Bruce and Di Matteo did in the championship is so galling. They spent a huge amount of money on players in or past their primes and the only young players they spent money on were a million miles away from getting into our team. If we invested properly into more players like mcginn we would have had a good strong squad when we got promoted and we wouldn't be in this dilemma right now.
  4. The only thing I can say in defence of the dive is that he stepped on Van Ahnolts foot so he didn't have the force he thought he was going to have to step. So he would have been going down anyway he just tried to make the best of it. Terrible decision as it will make it that much easier for refs to deny him fouls in the future.
  5. They still have to wait a transfer window to do that I believe and Luiz has to agree to it as well. Which why would he. If city would demand 35 mil for him and only pay us 25 million. The buying club could offer us 30 million and give Luiz a signing bonus of 2.5 million. In other words it is counter productive for him to agree to a contract with City of they just intend on selling him straight away again.
  6. Also has the most key passes in the league since the restart. Due to our 2 50 pence headed defenders konsa and hause.
  7. Maybe if we give him the dogs before every game he will score 2.
  8. That is the opposite of where he needs to play. His best ability is his ability to drive play forward after picking it up deep. Playing up front just leaves a player who takes lots of shits for very little return.
  9. He was very good against Liverpool until the 60th minute mark or so but he was like that early in the season as well.
  10. I think he'd have to pick up at least another 2 as the 5 cards get reset in January.
  11. Tbf we have been screwed by similar decisions so many times this season. We should have 4 or 5 more points now than we currently do.
  12. Fernandes should be off. The league is so **** corrupt.
  13. Should sue the premier league over their use of VAR, along with Sheffield and Burnley.
  14. We should be looking to sue the premier league for the constant screwing us over with VAR.
  15. Konsa wasn't even moving. I called this before the game. They would get a BS penalty like they always do.
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