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  1. Sorry I didn't respond earlier but look at the previous page
  2. Watched a few of the games for us he's played in. Seems to have lots of skill but is a very heads down player and focused on beating his man rather than picking a pass.
  3. He seems anothw rone of those players who could be really something if they improve their decision making.
  4. Yes, and he should have won it over fernandes. 5 in 6 not sure how he wasn't the clear winner.
  5. One of those cbs is actually a cdm who has to play CB because of all the talent we have at cm.
  6. Put them at the end of the season. So club football is uninterrupted and international football has meaning. Rather than just being a boring waste.
  7. For me the 3rd is the best. No keeper in the world is stopping that. A perfectly placed finished into the corner from outside the box.
  8. Goal or assist every 39.5
  9. Sure but so would have axel. And let's face it getting turned inside out by son isn't exactly an embarrassment.
  10. Really set up our goal. Still jto sure how that challenge wasn't a straight red when he was of the floor during the tackle. Disgrace.
  11. https://media.tenor.com/images/e3b584fea4867fa9e69c1ae8ba9f1f92/tenor.gif
  12. We don't have a style and we don't consistently win because of it. When I've been old enough to watch we have never played in a consistent way. And we have never played as a team. That's the issue. I don't know what it is, but we have never played a style of football even when managers have successfully instilled it at other clubs as well.
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