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  1. I think he has put on a quite a lot of weight after he got that injury in preseason and hasn't quite looked up to snuff. I think once he has got better fitness we will see him more regularly.
  2. I thought mount had created a bunch as well. Maybe 10-15 I was obviously wrong
  3. Also the Norwich game they had 17 shots with like 6 or 7 on target. But aside from their goal I can't think of any truly clear cut chances. We have also been reasonably unlucky with deflections with mings potentially causing us to concede 2 from range wilson and ndombele. 1 could have missed Heaton may have saved the other
  4. All 3 games in which we were the better team by far until he went off. This is not necessarily causation but he clearly provides an outlet because he is so dangerous.
  5. Tbf that is the equivalent of 3 games even if it was against easier opponents.
  6. Whilst yes the 2 best teams had the best attackers but much more importantly they had by far the best midfields. Xavi iniesta and busquets were all the best midfielders in the world same with madrids Midfield trio as well.
  7. MotoMkali

    James Chester

    I personally think we should offer him a final 1 year contract after this one is up. This is to show that we will take care of you if you put your body on the line for team success. What player would risk playing through injury if we treated Chester poorly.
  8. I have noticed a lot of people seem to think trezeguet is better than El Ghazi. I would like to know why. Trez does some bits better than El Ghazi like defending and tracking back but for me el ghazi is just so clinical. As it stands el ghazi is on track for 10+ goals and 15+ assists by the end of the season. This is unlikely but if he finishes with say 8 and 8 he will have done brilliantly. On top of that I think el ghazi has scored or assisted in every game we have scored 2 or more goals. A goal against Everton and Burnley with assists against arsenal and Norwich. For me he is also very strong in the ball and has great link up play with our other players.
  9. I was saying compared to Grealish or mings. Mcginn you can replace him with an energy man off the bench and a just a regular skillful player. Grealish you can't replace with multiple players because it is the ability to glide past players then pick the right pass and find it 9 times out of ten that makes him so effective. John is effective because he runs hard and is reasonably skillful. But if you make a sub at half time or around 5p minutes you can get 2 full halves of hard running as opposed to 70 minutes.
  10. He is definitely the easiest to replace. Mcginn is a quality player but you can easily replace him with 2 players that cover all his attributes you can't do that with jack or tyrone if they don't have all the attributes they are instantly half as good.
  11. The purpose of a buy back clause is so if we get a 60 million pound bid from real. And city want him for their team they get to pay 25 million and offer luiz way more than anyone else would be willing too. The players association has everything to do with it. It is designed to be in players best interests and part of that is no being forced into moves I'm pretty sure that would be a breach of Premier league regulations to force a player into contract with your team.
  12. In all the games I have watched kane play he never adds anything to a game except score. Tammy can at least dribble past players the only dribbling kane is doing is when he speaks.
  13. Dean Smith has stated that we want to go on a cup run. I value prem survival over a cup win but I think it is u likely we beat Liverpool even playing at full strength. It is possible I just don't really see much benefit in risking our players and not making sure they are in tip top shape for the games following which could decide our season.
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