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  1. I think he is you. With all the inside transfer information you had last window.
  2. Nakamba on for drinkwater, trezeguet on for hourihane
  3. Yeah but you know VT 20 seconds without a player he is the 2nd coming of Messi with Ronaldos physicality
  4. On top of that mcginn for injured right before the window as well so we had to sign a cm and everything else we needed before.
  5. Best dribbler aside from Messi and Neymar probably.
  6. Yeah, a Romanian agent said on national TV that he was helping a move go through that would be big for the national football as a player would be joining us. Suso going over there pretty much confirms that was an accurate statement. Wouldn't mind Coman and Dennis Man.
  7. He lives in Norway. So it might be different over there.
  8. 30 million euros big difference. I think that €35 million is just under £30 million.
  9. That was clearly a joke post. You could probably get a few thousand more attendees if we had the capacity for it which we do not but Piatek would be a very attractive player for many of the Poles around the country.
  10. No we signed Heaton because Kalinic wasn't good enough and you don't go out and spend money on a third choice keeper. Plus there have been questions regarding Steer and Nyland Fitness which Steer obviously answered by getting injured.
  11. Nah Nyland just has to play until steer is fully fit so under 10 games. I do think Nyland may have turned a corner but Reina is on so much money unless he took a massive haircut there is no way we are in for him. He isn't worth 100k a week and he hasn't played regularly for 2 seasons.
  12. Yet you slagged him off every game
  13. Is harry Kane world class? He only has 45 England caps. Also Southgate is a **** wit so basing world class off of England call ups is stupid. If you are a top ten player or top 3 in your position in one of the 5 big leagues you are world class and as it is grealish falls into both those categories so yes he is world class.
  14. The only thing maddison is better at than grealish is set pieces. Aside from that grealish is just better at passing, dribbling, shooting and defending. Leicester had over 60% possession because our defense and midfield couldn't keep the ball (which is a common issue for us) so of course maddison looked good because he had the ball more and he has better players around him so when he does do something he isn't the only threat. Why is grealish world class? Best dribbler in the prem 7 goals (Bs VAR ruled 1 out) 6 assists (Bs Kevin friend ruled one out). Grealish is on track for 12 and 12 and he was on like 2 and 3 after 12 games.
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