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  1. I think the bigger issue is that lately we have been playing more and more passive football. This means we give the ball away every 10 seconds and try to defend a draw. When he comes in as a sub and we are losing we have to attack the game so we pass the ball about and play good football. The fact is it has negatively impacted all of our players. Defensively we are shite because opponents have the ball around our box for 90% of the game and we aren't scoring because we don't attack when we win the ball back. We need to be less cowardly.
  2. He won't force his way out unless we get relegated, and we don't need to sell him so I don't see him going.
  3. Gareth Bale holds the next longest record. And has gone on to score in 3 champions league victories. And probably scored the greatest goal in a champions league final ever.
  4. Obviously sarcastic. But we only have an injury prone starter and Neil Taylor as depth. I'm sure we can sell him for a couple mil in the summer. He isn't good at attacking but he is decent at retaining possession and is pretty good in one v one situations defensively. He I'm sure at least 1 championship team will be interested and maybe even a mother prem club.
  5. MotoMkali

    James Chester

    For me he should always have a place at villa. And if we stay up we should offer him one big pay day for 1 season. 80k a week or something. He sacrificed probably 3 years of top championship, bottom prem football it is the least we can do.
  6. Yeah but those 3 came at Leicester (twice) and City. Not a really a fair sample of games.
  7. 3 or 4 years ago zivkovic was considered one of the hottest talents in Europe.
  8. I think against pretty much everyone but France, Germany or Belgium maddison and Grealish is viable. I think England doesn't have a great defence so we should just commit to having the best offence and we would if we had grealish, maddison, sterling, sancho and Kane.
  9. Love Fred. Seems quite funny and was among the first over to celebrate Trez's goal. He had a hard job today and it should be a lot easier for him when we face Bournemouth at the weekend.
  10. Nope Hause was marking ndidi. Iheanacho came from right wing and behind Targett. It wasn't hause's fault the same way it wasnt soyuncu's fault for the winner.
  11. It is generally how prem teams beat lower league sides. The last 20 minutes the lower league teams are gassed and the prem teams could probably keep it up for another half-hour.
  12. Fred and Mcginn do that a lot as well. They just go in with their arses though. It lifts players off the floor and causes them to stumble. If you go with your shoulder they go over top first and it looks like a foul. He does put in tackles but he knows that isn't what he is good at. He is short and stocky so he is trying to use that knock bigger players off the ball. He will learn the technique in time.
  13. MotoMkali

    Ørjan Nyland

    2 of the 6 goals he should have saved. But when you face that many shots of course you will concede. He has bounced back and put on an excellent display and that is what counts.
  14. I mean in 4 games el ghazi has got a goal and an assist against 2 very good sides.
  15. I imagine the sessions might not suit someone of his calibre. Dean and Co have to accommodate the fact that our other ayers aren't on his level so they might be focusing on control or passing which jack is already top class at.
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