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  1. Has anyone said a written consitution will fix everything?
  2. Not really. A theoretical consitution might give 2/3 kinds of situations of when a prorogation might take place and it might state exactly how long for. That will take 50/100 words. I'd advise having a read through a few consitutions (not really exciting I know haha!) But they are like reading rules in a board game. Very to the point and simple, and should there be dispute, that's when courts come in. And again, I'm not saying it would "fix" everything. It's just an advantage of having one.
  3. Absolutely - American constitution might not be the best example as that's only 4k words long. I'm not saying it's a perfect solution - I'm saying it would have built some guidelines in precisely these sort of situations. Not that it would answer all questions!
  4. I'm not a constitutional expert. Most countries have a written document between 20-30k words (quick Google search) which tries to give guidelines in precisely these situations - crossing of legislature and judiciary.
  5. I don't mean brexit - I mean the case being so ambiguous and having to be taken to the Supreme Court. We are in wild territory and no single expert on UK constitution knows exactly what might happen. Hence, I suggested a written document might outline some rules in such a circumstance.
  6. They do, but the lack of a written constitution has allowed for this mess to happen. If we had one, we would know exactly when and for how long the parliament could go into a sit down. Now we have a discussion of some people being not happy about it, and others simply saying "why not?" *Not that it wouldn't have complicated other issues - it could have just brought some clarity in this case.
  7. It hasn't got a "written" consitution, hence this case is so difficult.
  8. It's my opinion because we hardly created a solid goal threat in the last 30 minutes when we played against 10 men.
  9. Some people post as if it's ok that we weren't very good in the final third because West Ham are good and because they will finish top 10. No. We weren't very good offensively, and we wouldn't have scored against Derby yesterday or Norwich yesterday. We need to address that issue quickly. It's 2 points lost, not 1 gained, and we really need to be picking these up quickly, especially considering we have had a relatively easy run in so far.
  10. 100%. But, if we lost this one badly, many people will turn, especially with the tricky Arsenal away next. Win, and we have a nice mental cushion for now.
  11. Mic09


    Exactly. I wonder what might have happened to those players if they got another expensive European manager for a season or 2. This appointment might work well for them.
  12. Certainly is! Hence it's a thing that pisses me of but shouldn't
  13. Certainly is! Hence it's a thing that pisses me of but shouldn't

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