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  1. We look at Football through the lenses of Villa and being born in Crewe/Exeter/Burton and following lower league football. What we don't realise is that most of the football world does not care much about Wycombe, Villa, Crystal Palace, Fulham or Middlesbrough. What most fans in the world (Asia, Most of European countries like Poland, USA, South America) want to see is Juventus vs Man United or Barcelona Vs Liverpool. They don't care about FFP, Sky Sports, lawro and his predictions, the FA cup, Saturday 3pm kick off. Sport is a business and it will favour an option that ma
  2. Mic09

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely. But, let's say he made that change, Bamford scores 3 goals anyway, and Smith gets crucified. What would have saved us is Grealish scoring that goal, or any player deciding to pull the trigger in the first half where we had numbers in their box.
  3. I can't wait to watch them in a European Super League, it will be magical
  4. Maybe Patric Bamford has woke up yesterday and his mum called him to say he is shit. How can we possibly blame Gabby, a pundit, for a tweet. A tweet. I'm sure that tweet is the sole reason why Jack was selfish, why Barkley passed into nowhere, McGinn was robbed of the ball and by not releasing it sooner. My personal conspiracy theory is that Leeds are reading VillaTalk and Bielsa believed just how good he is by reading VillaLad. VillaLad, I blame you for the loss
  5. Well, Bamford wrote our team talk 2 years ago and the media spunkfest added a nice appendix to it.
  6. Can we please just ignore Gabby in this post match discussion? Honestly, a fan having a laugh on the internet seem to be people's problem here. Jesus Christ, I'm more concerned about Grealish, Barkley andMcGinn having a stinker than an ex player/pundit.
  7. It's either too long, too short, or just right, depending on the final score.
  8. Klich isn't anything special. If he looks after Jack, I am not worried.
  9. Mic09


    Has everyone else had enough about Van Dijks injury yet?
  10. Welcome! Always nice to hear from visiting supporters. I think we are just having a laugh here - 90% of us would happily take 10th place now, but as Dean Smith says, he just wants to win the next game. As any team, we have to be aiming for the top - why wouldn't we?! - and in Villa's case, landing 35/40 points away from that is still a big big success.
  11. I think that it must have a psychological advantage on players. They just feel at home as opposed to a place where they might have been only a few times in their lives before. If someone asked you to cook your favourite dish at your mate's house it would be a little different than cooking it at home.
  12. Not getting into the wider Brexit discussion, but how does Brexit reduce the value of British clubs? Especially considering they are mostly owned by foreign investors?
  13. By all estimates, a bench player suffering a long term injury prior to joining Villa is an excellent analogy of a rusty car
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