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  1. Can't be worse than getting off the Aston expressway
  2. While the prices might be crazy, do people seriously not look at prices before they sit down and eat?
  3. I remember when rumours of Luke first came in, a lot of people hated having a 'chavvy brand'. Same with Kappa. Funny thing is, more people of the 'chav' persuasion wear adidas and nike. Personally, I can't wait for the new kit.
  4. See I don't get baths. You sit in warm water that gets colder every minute, thus making the experience worse as the time passes. Also, you go in dirty, so you essentially swim in your own filth. Plus it's an effort (waiting for the bath to fill) and it wastes so much unnecessary water. Showers all the way.
  5. I have many friends who are from the EU. No one has complained about this application, and many went one step further and just sorted themselves a British nationality. I just feel that most immigrants that I know (myself included in this) are humble enough to be thankful for Britain welcoming us following Brexit. We are guests here. We are not nationals. A simple application is not a problem for anyone I met.
  6. I'm outraged. This is extremely poor and has no place. I'm talking about the t-shirt of course. Someone please have a word with him.
  7. I wonder how quickly the kit will be leaked out. Kappa is a bigger business than Luke so you'd think that it's more likely that someone will share pics of it?
  8. Sure, a 65 year old might struggle. A 30 year old might struggle. What do you propose? What is an easier than the way it's done now? Here is a direct quote from my decision on the application: This was free and took 5 minutes. How else can I prove this? As far as I'm aware, the £2k+ is for when you are outside of the EU which is not what we are discussing here. We are arguing something very silly here and getting way to deep into the rabbit hole so I would like to get back to the bottom of my argument once again. The gentleman in the article says he will not do it "out of principle". He says he has young kids and he is outraged he has to fill anything in and apply for this. Fine, don't do it, suit yourself. But please dont suggest that the "polish community" feel this way. Or if he hasn't done so, the media have spinned it that way. If on the balance he would rather move back to Poland and leave 15 years he has build here and take his kids out of a country that is their only known home, just because he cannot complete this application which hundreds of thousands people have done, that's on his conscience. Heck, he DEMANDS rights yet he cannot even fill in a simple online form. I just cannot see HIS point of view. And let's not argue about a hypothetical scenario. Let's talk about his case. What is his problem other than "principle"?
  9. The evidence I got is first hand experience of doing this application online and 3 close people who have done likewise. It takes 5 minutes. It's free. We all got ILR. It is not £2389. I can assure you the application couldn't be simpler and I'm fairly confident an 8 year old could do it. Download the app yourself and have a look - it couldn't be any easier, you can go over the steps and check it out. I'm the biggest opponent of beaurocracy you will find and that was the smoothest government process I have ever come across. You are right, I guess ILR wasn't known to everyone when they moved the UK. But let me ask you this. Would you move to a foreign country (Australia, US, whatever country you want) without spending 5 minutes reading about the immigration laws and finding out how to stay here permanently? I knew about ILR. And I came here as a kid. Why didn't they read about it? It's been what, 4 years since the referendum been announced? Why is this a problem? And why is this a problem now?
  10. Regardless of deadlines and analogies, I really think the bottom line is simple. The application takes maximum 5 minutes. Everyone knew about ILRs when they first came to the UK. It's free. If he values the life in the UK so much, why not do it?
  11. You would jump at a chance to retain your EU rights. So I guess a simple online application is not too much to ask for?
  12. You got me questioning my own application now haha Yes, I double checked and ILR = settled status(other for small technicalities, like how many years you can live abroad etc) but very often these are interchangeable. I got ILR from the EU Brexit app thingy, the one they are referring to in the article. While I am not sure if the process is the same for ILR application if you are from outside of EU, many families will apply for this status after they lived here for 5 years or more (like in my India example). Personally, I think it's a bit shortsighted to expect to enjoy EU rights AFTER we have left the EU. And this application (which took us 5 minutes) guarantees we enjoy the same rights. When he moved to the UK (and he did so 15 years ago, so after Poland entered the EU) he knew he can only move here because of EU. He is not enjoying British law that enables him to stay here. He is enjoying EU law. In the article, he says: I just don't get it. Until you are not a British Citizen, you have no right in saying what should or should not happen. I'm trying to find a good analogy here, but I just feel that when you are invited for tea you don't demand the type of cake you are gonna get. It's just rude.

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