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  1. Why would a player play a key role for Real Sociedad or SPAL, learn a new language, move abroad, leave their family, if they can earn £60k a week for being on the bench at Watford?
  2. There is no such thing as independent journalism. Everyone has their take on stuff, and while some outlets can try to give both sides of the story, there are 79 different sides that they wouldn't have mentioned. *By independent I mean unbiased
  3. I think that players contracts is not as much of an issue as many might think in the grand scheme of things. Players are nothing but contractors who work for a club for a period of time. The clubs are not dependant on them, and the competition (premier League) should not be based on who plays for a club at any given time. After all, Aston Villa joined the PL. Not Aston Villa, consisting of a given 25 players. If they did decide to carry on after june, all they would have to do is open the window, allow clubs to confirm a new squad and carry on. *Not that I want it to happen. End it now.
  4. I'm referring to IT only. But just because the position is advertised online it doesn't mean that 5 agencies aren't working it.
  5. Again, absolutely. Westminster is very much to blame. But nothing is stopping the NHS to build a solid internal team to recruit directly. But, most companies can't do it, they are simply incapable to do so, so I guess NHS isn't alone here.
  6. Oh, absolutely. I said 99% of companies can't recruit. I'd say that 80% of those (including NHS) shouldn't have to use recruiters. And you confirmed my fears. Carillon. But at the end of the day, I always think that if I walked up to you and tried to sell you a talking dog for a £1000 and you bought it, you are the stupid one. All Carillon did was given a business proposal and some idiot employed by the NHS that agreed to it.
  7. I really don't know how the funding stacks up with the factors you have given. Do you have a good source that correlates it?
  8. I don't recruit for NHS. In order to do that, you would have to be another monolith business such as Reed who are often inefficient and wasteful and charge a massive fee. The circle of waste goes on and massive corporations scratch each others backs. Plus, 99% of IT businesses struggle with hiring. NHS are the same, they simply can't do it. Not many people can. Recruitment is no different than getting your mortgage sorted, getting a haircut, going to a restaurant. You could find a cheapest deal yourself with a mortgage. You could cut your own hair. You could cook your own food. But people don't, because often they don't know how to or even if they do, someone can do it more efficiently and quicker for them.
  9. I also work in IT recruitment and I can totally back this up. Than again, it's the same with IT specialists who work at other monolith institutions like HSBC. Things are slow, tech is old fashioned, in order to get any decisions you need a sign off from 17 levels of management. You don't need to stay on top of your game and learn new frameworks etc because you have a VERY well paid job with often 30+days holiday and if you were to put your CV on the market you could expect to get 10k less. Hence, I am always a little hesitant to get into thinking "let's pump more money into NHS" because I see that a lot is already being wasted. It's just too easy of a slogan.
  10. While a lot of people don't respect the distancing and UK has gone into lockdown late, I think we are underestimating this as an issue. UK is the most densely populated large country in Europe. Obviously China is another example but I'm hesitant to use their data.
  11. Just wait till we get "that one mildly warm weekend in April" spike
  12. You might be right unfortunately... But I struggle to imagine a "crisis denier" waking up, hearing about the PM and suddenly thinking "Christ, this is for real". I don't think it took the Prime minister to fall ill for the country to take it any more seriously than they did.
  13. Boris' father about his son falling ill: No sir, we knew that already. But thank for concern about the common folk.
  14. Mic09


    It's an impossible job. You can make all the right moves, but your team loses 3 games when they are not supposed to and it's season over.
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