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  1. Is divorce a tangible option?
  2. I think he is world class, but he never seems very good off the ball and doesn't get in good positions. But this could be because Man City play a specific system.
  3. There is a massive Aguero shaped hole in the team
  4. It just feels like Man City need a strong no9 to make runs and win balls in the middle. What's the point of getting it out wide to Grealish and Mahrez if they can't deliver it to anyone. It literally looks like they are playing with 10 men.
  5. Maybe it wasn't the "Grealish pass" but the "McGinn run" after all?
  6. If we agree the rainbow flick is disrespectful, Bertrand Traore must be the biggest dick on earth.
  7. But Karen can take tests that she has to update to an NHS portal and sit with her sister in Bolton for 5 days too - there is no need for Karen to book a £2k hotel. It's not that footballers shouldn't be allowed to travel - it's just that Karen is fuc*** by the stupid system, and in this situation, footballers are privileged over regular John's and Karen's.
  8. Yeah, just because you can kick a football well means you can travel more freely... BUT, the solution should be to relax travel for others too, not to restrict footballers.
  9. I get what you are saying, but I think any well run team, like Aston Villa for example, would have played Sancho on the wing and Greenwood up front and possibly not even buy Ronaldo.
  10. Ha, maybe I do do that. I guess "being drunk" at football would have little correlation with where you get to drink. I do get the beer throwing argument though. Maybe if you don't want the beer thrown at you go from Holte End to Upper Trinity? (Or wear a raincoat ) I also don't think it would be that much of an issue having gone to games in countries where beer is allowed. Or maybe it would. I'd just like to enjoy a refreshing pint while watching a game.
  11. One might ask, why do you need to get smashed while you meet with your mates, at the pub, at a restaurant or at a barbecue? I understand where you are coming from, but let's have the people decide when they enjoy a drink. Because I would very much enjoy a pint a half sat in my seat, and it would do no harm to anyone.
  12. I think that anyone against drinking in the stands must be, in principle, against alcohol at VP altogether. Because surely it's worse to rush 2/3 pints in 20 mins before a game than to sit down, watch the warm up and spread those beers over the course of the whole first half? The current arrangement makes for a greater intoxication risk.
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