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  1. Mic09

    Henri Lansbury

    He is ok, but Bruce signed him so obviously I can't give him any credit.
  2. Mic09

    Douglas Luiz

    Douglas, here is one for you: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-80862542.html Can you please sign now?
  3. Mic09

    Douglas Luiz

    Wasn't he in the US? So outside the country where he will be working in and getting a visa for? Unless the players need some sort of a visa to work in the US over the course of the training camp and he had to leave the US.
  4. No argument that covering of paedophilia goes to the top of organisation, as well as lower ranks of priesthood. However, I advised a bit carefulness as each catholic will claim that they are a part of the church and part of the organisation. Hence, calling it a 'paedophilia cult' is a bit disrespectful and inaccurate.
  5. How do you know I give any money to them? Regardless, I simply feel that 'catholic church = peadophilia' is on par with other racist, bigot or xenophobic assumptions such as 'gypsies are thieves' 'black people are criminals', 'arabs are terrorists' or 'polish people steal English jobs'. In my opinion, there is no place for that sort of a generalisation, but feel free to disagree.
  6. Ok. I'd advise being careful with throwing accusations such as the 'paedophile cult' when referring to an organisation whose vast majority of members, including myself, do not support nor accept paedophilia. I know that my 'cult' isn't how you described it, and in the light of respect to normal people and basic human decency, I would encourage you to not pigeon hole it under the umbrella term of 'paedophile cult'
  7. Can we count this as yet another promotion to the PL for Bruce?
  8. Could you please explain what you mean by 'Peadophile Cult' ?
  9. If I rush to get my half time pie and a pint and attempt to consume them within the remaining 4 minutes I have left before the 2nd half begins, will I get the same sweat effect?
  10. He will win the first two, lose the next three, draw a couple and lose the next one. Newcastle will finish 15th and no one will care in June 2020. Isn't that the best they can hope for anyway?
  11. It looks like a fake snake skin handbag design that old ladies have on buses.

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