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  1. What I find most amazing is that having a 2nd referendum will apparently damage democracy, however putting the same deal through a 3rd time is absolutely fine
  2. It has already gone up, it's the strongest it's been in months.
  3. I think this "new stadiums are boring" argument is boring. What exactly do you expect? Wooden chairs like at Fulham? You do realise that stadiums built 60 years ago were all the same too? Its the fans that make stadiums what they are.
  4. I've once read a top striker (don't remember who it was) saying that it's actually easier for players like Ronaldo, Dybala, Hazard Or Messi to score as opposed to a classic number 9 like Suarez, Cavani or Lewandowski, simply because they always face the goal and always drive forward. A modern striker often plays with his back to the goal, making passes, blocking defenders and opening space. I don't know whether to agree with this but there is logic to the argument.
  5. I've heard that when Tyrone Mings lost his virginity he simply won it back.
  6. I know you are right. They play great football. Can we now please get back to disliking them?
  7. Last year Liverpool had the easiest draws and made it to the final. This year they scraped the group and almost failed to qualify but for a last minute save against Napoli. Now they have beaten toothless Bayern and have Porto next. How lucky can one club get? And please don't give me "they have been playing well, they deserve it". Can we please just join in disliking that football club?
  8. Big piece in the papers today about Steve battling cancer along with the tragedy on losing his parents. He called the last 12 months as the worst year of his life. Feel sorry for him, it's a shame he didn't get us up as this might have been a bit of a silver lining to the awful time he faced.
  9. Yeah maybe so, but Genoa did not have to sell him. He literally just signed for them for a small fee. They made big money on him and can strengthen across the pitch. I think everyone wins in this scenario.
  10. As cautious I am of 'one season wonders' he seems to be the real deal. He doesn't just tap it in, he creates, pulls defenders, scores amazing goals and seems like a really good personality. I can honestly see him as the next Barca/Real/Man City striker.
  11. I guess people would be put in prison for 78 years for dangerous behaviour if that were to happen in the UK
  12. This is the most anticipated non Villa game of the season for me. I hope Bayern destroy them.
  13. Am I the only one who thought he was trying very hard not to make a mistake? He was ok, but very cautious. Obviously he will get settled in the team and will become more confident, but I thought he was bang on average and would not stand out put next to 10 other players at his age.
  14. We all like to think 'I wouldn't have done that' but let's assume you grew up in Pakistan and your parents are from Brazil and you become the greatest footballer in the world. I think many of us would pick playing for Brazil although we spent our lives in a different country... You have one career and it's every footballers dream to have a success on the international stage.
  15. Mic09

    Tyrone Mings

    Looks like a good signing so far. Chester will have to work hard to get back in the team now! I think I'd stick with Elphick even with a fit Chester. I guess Mings and Elphick must be good mates even from the Bournemouth days.

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