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  1. Snowy, it's not very often I agree with you but 100% this. It's a problem with the economy. Where we disagree is how we should fix this.
  2. I hope you are right, but as you know when going gets tough it's often people managers that get the hit. I'm no fan of PIS either so I cincerily hope you won't face tough times in Poland As for the second point, it is all about the $$$$, 100%. Having managed a bar however, (and a successfull one that did 30k a week in turnover) we would have to shut down should we offer our zero hour staff those benefits. It is just not feasible. In part, I blame high cost of produce we used (again, coming back to inflation) and taxation.
  3. "Self-proclaimed". And championed so in the bias media. I own a business and I tell you, they are not my party.
  4. It's not guarantee of work, I agree. But it's a system that works for many people who look to upskill or flexibility. Think of chefs, bar staff, event staff, students etc. You cannot employ a bar staff member on 40h a week, it just does not work. Funnily enough, when things were busy I earned more and had more hours than people on a contract while on zero hours. It worked for me at the time and I don't know where I'd be if I didn't get that chance. Also, what is a guarantee of work? People get made redundant all the time, companies close down, there are cuts, some services get made redundant. You work in IT, right? What if you don't upskill and your job becomes automated? Is your job 'safe'?
  5. No, I haven't been cheated. That is because I expected nothing less. Tories are not a good party when it comes to economics (and not much else for that matter).
  6. I worked on a zero hour contract for 3 years. How was that 'unemployment'? And why are Tories telling me anything?
  7. It's interesting, but I disagree. At the same time I appreciate I am no economist and I have not read an awful lot of literature on the subject. For me the the role of the government (or the state) is to protect the rights of the citizens, one of which is to exchange money freely - not to guarantee price stability. Usually, once government looks after something, it tends to mess it up. Tories have done so and Im afraid it's very wishful thinking that Corbyn will bring a dream team along to fix the problem. It is however clear that many countries which are out and out socialist do struggle with economic problems such as inflation. I am afraid Labour are that type of a party at the minute.
  8. I wouldn't hold out for the speedboat, but I'm sure you will get inflation and high unemployment. Appealing enough?
  9. If some fans had their way we would still be playing with leather footballs at the old Wembley. VAR needs to be in place. But it needs to change the way it's used next season, and we need the FA to look into the PL refereeing situation because THAT is the biggest issue.
  10. Very often cake sales and Halloween party dresses are top of HR agenda instead of recruitment, contract matters, employee holiday queries etc.
  11. No public television in the world is impartial. And it's a tough ask for a television to be impartial, considering the government can pull the money strings that will affect it. I understand BBC is sort of a public treasure, a lot of people put a lot of trust in it. I did too, until tonight. Tonight I was left disappointed. 6 chefs on MasterChef Professional and only one of them any good. Get that shit privatised NOW.
  12. Mic09

    Alan Hutton

    When your loved kid makes you a cake for father's Day and it isn't very good you still say you liked it and appreciate the effort because the kid put all his heart in it. Obviously he can't cook, but you will eat it with a smile on your face. That's the way I feel about Hutton. Not very good, but a great professional, had some very good games, most poor ones, but it was definately good to move on. I will definately not call him shit, I will look fondly at his time with us.
  13. I think that a lot of the country thinks it's a choice of Labour or Conservatives (or Lib Dem to a lesser extent) It isn't - there are hundreds of political parties but people are not active politically to go out and read about options different than Socialist Corbyn or Lying, corporate greedy Boris. Heck, in our political system we don't even vote for either of those unless they are in our constituencies. Voting for the right candidate in their constituency might be a good start.
  14. As I repeatedly say, I am a cynic in politics so I assume that it's the direction of the political wind that dictated what's stupid or not rather than cold hard facts. This goes for both Scotland Independence and Brexit.
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