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  1. It's amazing how much you can already see Bayern missing Lewandowski.
  2. The problem I see is that "insignificant" is a very subjective number. Now that politicians see they can move the goal posts of freedom as they see fit, we have set a very dangerous precedent of how a government can take individual rights without anyone seeming to care much.
  3. But on a serious note, he was my favourite midfielder when I was a kid. I look at his games now, and he was a genius, pure and simple. As a manager, sure, he only led the biggest club in the world, but many have led that club before and none have achieved European glory like he has.
  4. He never did it in Stoke on a Tuesday so we can't really tell.
  5. Ha, I'm about to bet this will be a 4.5+ goal game (in favour of Bayern )
  6. I know there is a lot of hatred toward the Champions League, but tonight will likely be one of the best games of football in a while (at least judging by the first leg and the result) Bayern need to push it, I expect a high scoring game!
  7. What's the name of that back 4 liability, the really poor defender, the guy we got from the championship... You know the one, the one who was on the bench while Engels started games with Mings? His name escapes me... Konso? Kensa? Utter championship crap
  8. Mic09

    Dean Smith

    If we played this game last season, even with fit Grealis, it would have been seen as a good performace against a team from the very top. The very fact that many of us are moaning after this game shows that Dean Smith has to be praised because he has set the bar so high.
  9. Who gives a shit about Leeds. Let them win the league for all I care, I hope Villa finish as high as possible, regardless of other teams.
  10. What they will do is make a bad decision, confirm it is the right decision, and change the rules 2 days later.
  11. They were in the last game against us (the 20 yard offside game)
  12. Mic09

    The Royal Family

    The reason I sort of liked Philip is that he would have probably laughed at most of the responses in this thread.
  13. Mic09

    The Royal Family

    Funny thing is (not knowing him at all) I think he would have probably called the whole thing a circus and, if he got his way, not bothered with anything public at all.
  14. With Gnabry back, I can see Bayern scoring 5 goals. But with Naymar, Mbappe, Draxler and co, how many will they concede?
  15. Mic09

    Matty Cash

    He has been our worst starting defender this season. He wasn't bad, he was very good, but it just shows the quality of the back 4.
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