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  1. That's what I though, but I believe Pep to be a better manager than Klopp and he will not make the same mistake.
  2. No, but you may have too much money
  3. Does it not reset after Jan 1st?
  4. True, but I think Villa won't sit back and we will try to play an open game unlike many other teams facing the top sides.
  5. Yeah but Scottish League has to be better than this European nonsense. Millwall > Milan
  6. Mic09


    I wonder who they go for next. Tuchel?
  7. I really hope United win. They aren't winning the league anyway, and they have become so irrelevant now that it doesn't really matter if they beat Liverpool. I hope they smash plop 3-0.
  8. Mic09


    It's easier to stretch your leg out than to bring it in, and it's easier for the keeper to dive in either direction by being so low. Also, that is a still shot before Barry even took a shot so for all we know he could have taken a different stance just before the shot was fired - it's not like he was waiting for it like that. Question is, should he have been further out to narrow the angle.
  9. True, but if we are gonna base our predictions on who has a more expensive team then what's the point of even playing the game. Have some faith, we can do them
  10. Maybe, but football is not stats and maths. Maybe De Bruyne pulls a muscle in 7th minute. Maybe Traore scores a free kick. Maybe the ref gives Foden a 2nd yellow for a dive. A full strength Villa has a good chance against anyone, and the better we are the less "help" we need.
  11. can you say that very quickly 3 times?
  12. I think that he would walk into a team like Sheffield Utd or West Brom and bring some real quality. Good sub for us this year, next year I am hoping for better options off the bench.
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