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  1. Messi isn't big. Lewandowski is big. Size isn't everything (we-hey) so can we please agree that IF he is good enough, he will play with the first team?
  2. Piątek's dad spoke with papers today and apparently he has his eyes set on PL football, but if it doesn't happen he will fight for his place. But he did openly speak about a transfer, so the guy is on the move.
  3. Mic09

    John McGinn

    He thought he might as well stop around for a bit, it was on his running route anyway
  4. Once Samatta starts, El Ghazi can go back to his proper role as a winger. He has been good there and that's his natural position so it will feel like a new signing. If we only bring in 1 more striker (and the Barcelona kid), I will be happy with the winter business.
  5. Mic09

    Tyrone Mings

    Can someone with any IT know-how please please please do the Mings goal with Titanic music? You know, along the lines of this?
  6. Please, can someone with too much time do this?
  7. It might have been a catchy Starbucks thing, personalised order, making it specifically for 'John' or 'Peter'. Now the key logic behind it is so that you take a picture of the cup with your name and that goes on social media. And that means $$$$$$$$
  8. But there are so many factors. Maybe the recruitment team did try their best - and brought in best available players at those prices. BUT we had 4/5 VAR decisions cost us points at the start of the season. BUT we had major injuries to key players. BUT maybe Smith played wrong tactics in some games BUT if we signed more established players, obvious targets, maybe we would have gone down anyway with a crazy wage bill that would see us down like Leeds or Portsmouth. We are talking about a major sports brand with very successful and knowledgeable people at the top. I am more likely to trust them than someone on an internet forum who probably should be at work now and is posting from trap nr 3 somewhere on Colmore Row.
  9. It's the whole coffee adoration society. I love coffee and drink a lot of it. But somehow, the profession of a coffee maker has become so hipster it is now a 'barista'. Sure, coffee masters of Milan can call themselves that. If you work at Starbucks on M42 you should not call yourself that. I think it's trying to jump on a bandwagon of bartenders becoming 'mixologists'. I was a cocktail bartender and I'd like to think I can make drinks and I know probably 50 different specs and techniques off the top of my head. At the same time, if someone calls themselves a 'Mixologist' they can fu** right off. ''Baristas'' and ''Mixologists'' should go and re-evaluate their job titles. Maybe it's the same phenomenon as the people on the lowest level within massive corporations being called 'Executive Assistant Account Manager'. What even is that.
  10. I'm sure they will enjoy it for the next 4 months...
  11. Can't you feeeeel the goals tonight
  12. Have you seen the prices of the elite kit?!
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