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  1. Ok, take Grealish and give him to Scunthorpe. Makes it more balanced. Does it make it fairer?
  2. He is the leader of the nation, arguably the most politically powerful person of the western world considering a lack of a written constitution and the vast nuclear arsenal of our country. We kinda have to know.
  3. Again, all the things you mentioned lead me to think the guy in the video was correct. HOWEVER, would anyone have supported a lock-down 2 months ago? Is any other European country better prepared to REACT to this crisis? I'm not talking about preparation - I am talking about a reaction.
  4. I'm very much mixed on this. Yes, he is correct. But hindsight is a beautiful thing. I think that most European governments (please give me an example if i'm wrong!) have played out the situation similarly. Some have closed sooner, some later. While I'm not saying we did well, I'm saying that it looks like other nations haven't coped much better. In terms of preparation, I'm not sure of what our stock of PPE was before all hell broke loose. Maybe we were assured we had solid supply chains that could increase the numbers within a matter of days.
  5. Balanced does not equate to fairer.
  6. I guess the difference is: 1) We know how to treat regular flu 2) Those ill are accounted for in budgeting for health service 3) Flu is not as contagious, nor is it as deadly 4) Just because, say, 100 people die every year in a car crash, if there is a wild driver out there killing 10 people one day, 15 the next, 25 the next, 38 the next, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be concerned because we are used to 100 people dying every year anyway. 5) Because of the above, many more people will die of normal Flu because they will not get the necessary help because the healthcare system will be put under so much pressure.
  7. I think you are right. I also think things will get back to 'normal' 4-6 weeks after the crisis is over.
  8. I like the idea because people at the club who don't earn a lot will be able to get paid. BUT. It's not the players idea - the club told them to do it. Also, the above states that the money will be paid back to players.... It doesn't look like charity, it looks like the club putting a gun to the players head telling them to do it and promising to pay back. Again, in the grand scheme of things those in need will get the money, but dancing and singing about is probably not be justified.
  9. Bit of a silly question (I am not an Internet network expert) but why are we experiencing a sudden increase in internet usage? Didn't people who now work from home use internet while at the office? Surely the overall number of connections is the same? If anything, people can now look at funny cat videos on their work screen rather than using their phone data under the desk.
  10. Mic09

    Alex Butler

    Isn't he fairly young? In his 30s?
  11. I wouldn't mind it (I'd be better off then in my scenario) but that would surely be a harder and more expensive fix for the government... Let's see.
  12. I was thinking about the support for the self employed (as I am in that group). Wouldn't the easiest thing be to ease off on the tax? Rather than throwing money at the problem and "bailing out" individual people, we are now at the end of the financial year. Maybe do a discount rate to tax so that it's "fair" on everyone and is relative to their income from trade? I.e. a 20% or 25% tax discount for the year? That would be a massive help to my family and does not require much government input in terms of logistics behind it.
  13. Surely there is a law which describes purposefully endangering other peoples lives as a criminal offence?
  14. Well, older generations are definitely better for it. They often make their own jams, pickles, often have potatoes or carrots in their gardens. I know some older people who could easily stay at home for 6 months and they would have plenty of food with very little waste. It's the younger generation that's most wasteful - and you are correct, its a phenomenon wide spread across the western world.
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