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  1. What? Do you mean someone (and I litterally mean anyone bar the 4-5 'top dogs' of Labour atm) who's actually got some charisma, a less spotty past and a less hypocritical voting record within Labour? Brown is better than this, Ed is better, they're all better. Corbyn is stuck in some protest march he attended in 1972 and he can't get out. He can't put critisism of him to bed because he's done exactly the same this pretty much all previous Leaders since he's been collecting his overgrown wages in Parliament. He claims to be balanced, but is extremely partial, he claims to be tolerant but keeps stepping in the salad by associating with !"#!"#s like Chris Williamson and Derek Hatton. When is enough, enough?
  2. I guess pretending to be the second coming of Jesus to a few students at Glasto wasn't enough.
  3. But wait.. there's no more of this going on in Labour than anywhere else in society, let the fruit cake, conspiracy theory loonbags be and focus on how crap the other parties are instead, said most JC supporters in a collective angry twitter post. I wonder when the HRC will publish their findings. I suspect Labour aren't even sure themselves what's coming, and it's not like they can get put further into disrepute.
  4. Worried about King, imo a player that is playing at a club below his level. Consistently scores over 10 goals a season (had 16 two years ago) and has the ability to bully defenders with his pace and power. We need to get the ball down and play our game, I'm cautiously hoping for a 2-1 win.
  5. Oh come on Bicks - don't do this pearl-clutching, skirt-lifting bollocks. All hail the great leader!
  6. You mean like Russia's been piling up their limited resources in West Sibera to counter Norway, in the Baltic region and close to Ukraine and in Syria for years? It's not like this situation is any better for Iran and Russia who have pretty much bankrupted themselves in the process of trying to look strong. Russia's just installed a new rocket defense system close to the Norwegian border while the country has more debt than a proverbial iceberg and is printing money left right and centre. Generally I'm not sure if siding with Russia is a clever choice for Iran - Assad did the same thing and still got bombed several times over. Do you honestly think Russia would even bother to respond if Jaffa Cakes decided to bomb a few airports and coastal installations in Iran? Russia is EXTREMELY dependent on EU money from their oil and gas industry and wouldn't risk that to defend someone like Iran who involves themselves in all manner of conflicts to "show force".
  7. Sure, the tories have had a few cases of racist idiots, but by no means are they anywhere near to the amount of idiocy Labour have had since Corbyn took over. In this short period of time front benchers in Labour have been "suspended" indefinetly whilst remaining active for saying all manner of ill advised idiotic things, Naz Shah, Ken Livingstone, Hatton, Jackie Walker, Liverpool Wavertree, Chris Williamson etc etc. If you don't see it as a problem that people THAT close to the leader of Labour are expressing such idiotic sentiments then I don't know what to say. Local groups trying to oust Jewish MP's based on "grassroot" support, allowing holocaust deniers to talk at conferences etc shows one thing. It shows that JC is a naive old fool who doesn't understand what antisemitism is. Israel is a shitty nationalistic regime - it has nothing to do with Luciana Berger getting pushed out of her local party due to bigots threatening her from within her own party. By associating himself with such people JC is looking weaker and more pathetic as each day passes. Why was Ken Livingstone left within the party for so long, why was Naz Shah allowed to come back after liking extreme right wing propaganda pictures? Why was Hatton and Williamson let back in and then resuspended? If Labour can't be more active in getting rid of this sort of behaviour they don't need "the tory rag" to paint them as antisemitic, they are doing a fine job of that themselves.
  8. What do you think Labour are gagging their whole ex investigations department for? GDPR? Furthermore it's even worse that she's asking discussion on a disciplinary case be sent to an email address which is housed in another company or group's name and server. Labour and unite have nothing to do with eachother's disciplinary cases. She's now trying to pull out the victim card by hiding behind treatment, but that doesn't really condone what BBC have found her to have done way before said treatment.
  9. Well, it appears that Jenny Formby's been taken with her pants down to say the least. Sending out emails saying "I've deleted all traces of this conversation" in regards to the Jackie Walker case when she tried to overrule or influence what the investigations team had found. Don't worry though, she's one of JC's friends so she'll keep being general secretary. Has her team gotten one case right since coming in? (Hatton, Williamson, Livingstone etc.) Wonder why Labour's numbers are through the floor...
  10. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much are Labour "#¤"#¤ themselves today ahead of this Panorama episode tonight on their antisemitism handling?
  11. Yep, and that was actually something that was debatable. Gagging people with NDA's, pushing people out of their party due to religion and letting known bigots back into the party isn't really debatable, it's deplorable.
  12. I didn't honestly know they could fall this low. Is this the "newer, kinder politics" that we were promised from Corbyn? It's a desperate attempt to hold onto power when you realised that you've made so many mistakes that everyone including their cat and dog knows that you've been a shameful bigot on the side. Where's the actual (what's left) Labour party in this? They're so blinded by Messiah Corbyn that they can't see what's happening.
  13. The thing is that JC himself voted against his own party so many times that it would be anything other than largely hypocritical to do anything to them. He's made labour so ineffective that it couldn't stand up to the Brexit party which speaks volumes about the guy. It's not all bad, at least he's got great people like Lisa Forbes, John McDonnell, Naz Shah, Jackie Walker, Chris Williams and so forth at his back when our country falls apart due to his idiotic stance on Brexit.
  14. I broke my finger last week, on the other hand I'm okay.
  15. I heard the soap is extra slippery in Portuguese prison.

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