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  1. Mossad, just like MI5, CIA and NKVD is an instution set up on deception, illegalities and is not fit for purpose anymore. There's no more living Nazis to hunt (see kill), so in essence they should merge into the police force and stop using rights that were given to Mossad over 50 years ago to hunt down and kill people like Eichmann and Mengele for things that no longer needs to happen. The same can be said about Hamas, Hezbollah and SAVAK, I don't think any of these organisations realise how much happier the local populace in Israel, Palestine and the Levant in general would be without their ill informed actions and indiscriminate illegalities. No side is better than the others in this conflict, USA, Britain, France and Russia are to blame for putting a people who had been everyone's punching bag for the last two millennia in an area known for internal strife. Of course they are going to be overly defensive and likely to answer any attack like a rabid dog. As one of the first countries to expel Jews in Europe back in 1290 I wonder if England felt it best to keep the Jews at 'arms length' rather than integrating them into society as that would cost more money?
  2. Labour in Liverpool are in bits, aren't they? Labour's response.. Letting Hatton in and allowing idiotic racists to push a pregnant lady out of the party sure was a masterstroke from the party against racism. I'm sure JC is "standing firm" against all forms of racism in his allotment as we speak.
  3. The facebook posts have been deleted as he's realised that they were exactly why he was barred from standing. There has been multiple complaints about the posts as they are full of stereotypical tropes about Jews. A committee who's job it is to allow candidates to stand or not has not allowed him to stand twice based on this. Though I'm sure you know more about Camden Labour than Camden Labour, the standing MP and local CLP put together Peter. You do seem to care an awful lot about trying to justify the Labour leadership intervening in discipline cases to be voting Greens. Would you want Patrick Harvie to intervene to dismiss a disciplinary case against one of his chums for posting racist slurs about Afro-Americans because he was just 'anti Jamaica'?
  4. Aha - so you're allowed to pull the 'factions' card. I see. Remember when you acted like you didn't know that these existed when you posted your hidden videos of one of the factions within Labour discussing idiotic things? Someone spewing out claims such as Uddin has on Facebook is nothing short of stereotyping and making up things about a faith to try to justify his racism, much like many racists do with the blood libel. It's funny how your argument instantly goes to saying that he himself has been victim of racism because someone took notice to his silly Facebook post and barred him from standing. Gardiner has had a long career in Corbyn's team, he's been his aid for several years. He's been involved in Camden since 2014. Officially he's been intervening on behalf of Corbyn in anti-semitism cases for years in cases like that of Kayla Libby's where her posting a far right racist image was just 'anti-Israel' according to him, or more recently this one with Uddin. Why are you trying so hard to find excuses for these people when even the Labour party found valid reasons to suspend them were it not for Corbyn and his team intervening on a process where they've said multiple times they haven't? Why do you not see these lies for what they are?
  5. I remember seeing this video on how the police handles Birmingham City and I've just found it again.. The best bit is at around 13:00 in, the police calls Birmingham City fans animals.
  6. The same article is in pretty much every paper and news outlet in the country. I know it gets Labour's backs up that the "media is against us innit" - rather than actually looking at the content of the article they will all sit down in a safe space circle and talk about how everyone is their enemy. You don't think the guy heading up the complaints department in Labour giving a member who had not been allowed to stand for a public post due to racist posts on Facebook a character reference is problematic? Do you not think he should have the oversight to ask the local party why he was barred from standing? I presume you know the answers to these things. Mark Gardiner is one of the reasons why this issue has been allowed to fester in Labour for the recent 5 years.
  7. If giving the guy a character reference for a job on a council is 'no role' then there's a lot of 'non-involvement' from the top brass of the Labour party. Did you notice that the very article you asked me if I had noticed said this: I'm not sure why you're trying to defend either the post's content on facebook or Gardiner's silly conduct on this Peter, is it for the argument's sake or something else? He's taken a Jewish stereotype trope and thrown it out on facebook to try to get support to get on the council. It backfired. Gardiner could have tried to figure out why the guy was not let into the process - instead he went and wrote a reference for him. Solid stuff from the guy put in charge of cleaning up this mess. It's the sort of idiocy that Chris Williamson has been doing for years. First you defend the guy, and when it starts getting warm under your feet you deny that you've seen the content even though the whole party knows about it. Here's more on the same situation, just in case you call this one particular media outlet anti-Corbyn. It appears that Camden CLP has more discipline in handling antisemites than Jennie Formby and the whole leadership team combined.
  8. I drove past St. Andrews last month, there's more garbage in that place than the whole Pacific ocean combined. I got a plastic bag stuck in my wipers. I hope we'll never have to play them again once they have points docked.
  9. Wow, okay so they lost a steward for violence against Jack too? Classy classy establishment that.
  10. Get Hause off before he does something silly..
  11. The fact that they're booing Grealish after that just shows the class of the club really.
  12. Once scum always scum. Should be docked 10 points, blocked from playing with attendance and not given any away tickets for the rest of the season.
  13. Do you mean like this then? Antisemitism: failure to censure activist mocks Labour’s ‘zero-tolerance’ stance Labour shows time and time again that they do nothing until they are exposed for their lackluster discipline. The cases are not a few, there are many. No one does anything until someone does an article on members and their conduct and that isn't how it's supposed to be. Gardiner or people in the leadership team getting involved and stopping the disciplinary board from expelling people shows time and time again that they've got a big problem with this. You can call it slander when someone reacts to why Labour aren't taking action against people, the common man sees media from all sides reporting on case after case. It isn't just made up, claiming so adds to the issue and allows idiots like for example the guy from the article to remain in the party and bring down its reputation. Labour's got zero tolerance only to people who end up in the media - if you're a two pence amateur racist that doesn't get exposed by anyone outside the party you likely go scot free. If you're a former London Mayor or a part of JC's gentleman's club you'll also go scot free. To be expelled you need to have ideally just joined, know nobody and burn a cross on someone's lawn.
  14. I presume this'll affect several Liverpool and North East branches of Labour CLP and some of the people still under 'investigation'. If anything let's hope that it speeds up Jennie Formby's lax and slow process of getting rid of the people who they've just suspended rather than expelled. This pressure won't go away until people who aren't in the leadership can scrutinise the numbers, cases and outcomes. It could end very badly for Labour when EHRC starts turning over cases that are older than April 2018.

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