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  1. I'm glad that Spain and Italy are finally starting to look like they're over the hump. The next epicenters will probably be UK, USA, Russia and possibly Eastern Europe. I presume the numbers out of Russia are clear hogwash. It will be good to see what sort of policy the countries that are now looking to the future will introduce so that our team of idiots can try to pick the least crappy alternative when we're out of the woods.
  2. This just in, Kyle Walker corrupted at Man City, served corona extra at his sex party.
  3. I think the issue is how payments from the state to the worker is done too. In cases where the state pays the companies I see it becoming a hotbed of abuse, in example in companies making people work while furloughed, pretending that they are in training etc. Ideally the system should provide the money straight to the worker in which case the chance of abusing the system is much negated. In a mate of mine's job (Danish) they've reduced everyone's salary by 30%, then applied for furloughs, which in all decency saves them 30% out of the 25% the company has to contribute to the salary before the state contributes 75%. In effect this costs the employee 30% of his full salary, while it costs the company a whole lot less. I presume trickery like this is rife. It just shows you how much companies really care about their employees when they are stress tested like this.
  4. I hear murmurs about Denmark and Norway considering opening nurseries and schools after Easter if people behave. I guess the economy in the countries that are managing okay now need to consider how long they are going to be able to sustain the lockdown before people's jobs, civil unrest and economic downturn also needs to be a focus. In Norway's example my friends over there are increasingly telling me that people are starting to wonder if it's worth losing billions a month because of the current 66 dead people with an average age of 84 and 100 or so people in respirators out a population of 5 million. The amount of kids that are at home with abusive parents with no state control these days for example probably far outweigh the 200 people that are currently either dead or on respirators\intensive care.
  5. I don't think so. When Tory papers can criticize the party I'm pretty sure one of Labour's "astute" politicians could come to the fore and say "I hate to say we told you so" about the NHS.
  6. To be fair, there's absolutely no alternative in our 'democracy'. Labour should be out banging the drum and rallying support and opposition, yet I haven't seen jack from them since Corbyn said he wanted to be part of the shadow cabinet. They had the massive failures of the brexit campaign to beat the tories on - they didn't. Now they have the massive failures of the gang of pre-school boys in no.10 to hold them to account over - they're not. Neville Chamberlaine would have danced circles around Boris Johnson and that says a lot. The countries around Europe who have strong leadership are currently doing well, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland. The rest of the gaggle who are too afraid to commit to or were late to commit are seeing the consequences of their diddling leaders.
  7. Good to see that it's not just the Guardian who can actually slap their party overlords when they think they're behaving like "#¤"#.
  8. This. Coffee tasted like mouldy bread to me for about 5 days after the headaches left.
  9. I overheard a discussion between a couple of medical personnel in tescos today - they discussed whether or not this bug mainly kills people that were bound to die anyway. One brought up how most old people die with cancer in their systems, however we don't attribute the deaths to cancer if they have a heart attack even though the cancer might be the underlying issue here. They sounded like front desk personnel at best but I do wonder if this is the case? Would it inflate the death figures if we report a terminally ill cancer patient who also got corona, as a corona death? Surely this is a fairly huge grey area within the stats?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sweden doesn't test people unless they're seriously ill. Norway has one of the highest test rates % in the world, with 87000 people tested, only seconded by Oman. If Sweden tested their population extensively I'm sure the numbers would be much higher. You can compare Denmark and Sweden though, in which case they're fairly even. If you compare Norway with Sweden I'd say that Sweden has much heavier death rates and infection rates than Norway.
  11. Pretty sure my daughter in law has it, which means that my son and the kids probably also has it. I've asked them to isolate however his job is being really idiotic about it. They're asking him to take sick days even though his job is easily done from the home office. Does anyone know what the legislation is for forcing people to take holiday/sick days during this? I'll be adding them onto the delivery rounds, that's now 4 families I'm shopping for weekly. I think I'm lucky that I had it early.
  12. I'm hopeful that the % of people that are immune by then makes it quicker than that. Has anyone else noticed how loud the birds are singing these days? It turns out that the constant hum from the M3 a mile away and permanent planes going overhead has limited this for us previously. I was on a teams call earlier and all they could bloody hear when I had the window open was a bunch of horny robins.
  13. Where does the money go? Administration? Top brass salaries? I guess it might be that the state is buying services from private companies and getting fleeced.
  14. Idiots.. look at the Swedish mortality rates compared to their neighbours. I feel for you guys.
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