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  1. Henderson gets on, what does he do? Gets the ball from Philips, passes back to the cb. Gets the ball back, passes back to cb again.
  2. Gareth brings on another dm.. god help us all. What does Sancho and Bellingham have to do?
  3. What has Rice done in this game? He can’t even pass forward when he’s without pressure..
  4. Feck you Gareth, we told you. He actually looks angry that Jack produced..
  5. Why on earth are we playing with two dm’s again? People are saying that KP adds something, apart from a few runs against Croatia he’s done nothing..
  6. I'm sure Gareth is licking all the railings in the stadium as we speak so he can get into Mason's room. If he let the talent in this team express itself at least we'd score goals. We'd probably concede but the talent up top should more than make up for that.
  7. Yeah, he's played well for a team which wouldn't even be on Southgate's mind, which was my point. Statswise Grealish is well ahead of Gosens yet GS would rather play Arsenals mascot ahead of JG.
  8. Southgate will drop dead before he subs out his favourites. Grealish has proven over seasons that he's the best in his position but gets subbed for under par "Super League" players. If Henderson was fit (I presume he will be soon), he'd play over Philips. If Maguire was fit he'd play over Mings. It's uncanny how little football this man knows. Germany's best player so far is an unknown winger from Serie A, Netherland's best player has been in Lyon and flopped in England. Gareth needs to take his 'big 6' spectacles off and actually pick players who are hungry to win. Sterling, Kane, Walker? Oh "#¤%" off.
  9. Give Gareth 'Eore' Southgate the chance and he'll drop Mings for any player from Manu, Chelski or Shiteh. I suspect he'll be benched today so Eore can bring on his favourite Manure player.
  10. Gareth Southgate is the only manager in the world who will leave out two or three world beaters so he can play his two defensive midfielders against teams who are there for the taking. That is why we'll probably never get close to winning the trophy. France, Italy and Germany overload in their great areas while we're limping around with a defensive oriented squad. When Kane doesn't fire with two DM's, we're essentially the easiest team in the tournament to defend against. Push Kane down field, get in close on him and let Sterling stand around and wait for the ball, only to flop over and not get the easy free kicks he gets in the league. Anything other than semis and Gareth should take his hat and go. Football's supposed to entertain, so far we've been boring. We've got players sitting on the bench that could tear up any squad in this tournament and we're not using them or our 5 subs. We'll tire and our impact players won't have the minutes to be up to speed due to Gareth's defensive minded idiocy.
  11. The only positive about this is that there's a stipulation about hefty fines and point deductions were they or anyone else to try this again. That'll stop at least the the level headed amongst the 'big 6' trying this again. Real, Barcelona and Juve are all effed.
  12. Tbh, I see Southgate not starting Jack. He's biased towards the big clubs and will use Rashford or Mount for full games until he goes blue. The same goes for Maguire who is an undoubted error waiting to happen. I'd much rather have Konsa with Stones as Maguire always tries to do too much and ends up failing.
  13. Thought Mings played well. The issue with England has always been that we're not a unit, as was the case last night. I presume either Stones or Maguire will get injured in the group stages and Mings will get his chance to shine. Shaw is awful.
  14. Cool cool. We should all evacuate Britain to the Brits and Celts as most of us are not 'from here' too then I presume? Typical argument from someone who lives in a country that has been sheltered from anything similar to what goes on in the Middle East since WW2. 'Put them here, put them there' 'They have no right!'. 'We' invaded Iraq twice because of bogus claims, we invaded Afghanistan, Korea, various African countries. 'We' have no right to judge countries for dropping bombs when we're one of the main perpetrators of said tactic for as long as it was a thing. 'We' elected the governments that exterminated Africans in the boer wars, went to war over oil, enforced insane famine on India++++.
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