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  1. The irony though, someone from Luton calling Liverpool a shithole.
  2. magnkarl

    U.S. Politics

    The big difference is that the one buffoon on top in the US can make executive orders, while our "democratic" system has no equal system in place bar in war time. Trump can push almost anything through with orders while Teresa May requires support in parliament. The fact that the opposition in our country is as bad as the leading party doesn't really help the situation though, as normally someone would actually oppose what's happened to our country over the past 3 years and provide the balance that our system is designed to have.
  3. magnkarl

    U.S. Politics

    There's two countries in the world that are currently the laughing stock of the rest due to their leaders. One is the US the other is us. I had the pleasure of listening to my staunch labour supporter friend laughing at how sad the state of America is in the pub yesterday. When I asked him if he considers how shit our current state of affairs is he sort of went defensive and angry. We can laugh about the US all day every day, but our politicians are at the same level or even worse than Trump. How can we have a two party system where both parties are as useless as we're currently seeing - it's unbelievable. At least the US only has one buffoon on top, we've got two full front benches of buffoons with the Maybot and Corbster running the !¤!"#show that is UK politics. Trump got into office partly because politicians have lost trust and belief amongst the populace - I don't even want to consider the damage our two party leaders are doing to the trust in politicians in our country. The fact that people like Farage can get a foothold in our political world again just shows how inept and idiotic our leaders are.
  4. The hackfest on Grealish and Tammy has started. Goons.
  5. Rarely have I felt so confident about a playoff game. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad... Let's go at full pace and run them ragged.
  6. Johansen worries me. He's got a knack for scoring goals from midfield and is a prem quality midfielder. Other than that I'm not too worried, we just have to get the ball down and play fast paced. Glad we have Mings who will stand up to their long ball game really well.
  7. Leeds are a disgusting team, from a disgusting town with a digusting Swedish centre half who doesn't have a good bone in his body.
  8. Bamford is a stinking cheat. Suspend him!
  9. You mean in comparison to Pocchettino? United's tried 'successful' managers - it hasn't worked out. Appointing Zidane who has done nothing but take a star studded financially doped Real Madrid team to a level where they frankly should be playing is not an achievement worth noting, neither is taking a Tottenham team with a golden generation to 4th. I'm sure Paul Ince would do a much better job than OGS though, it's just PSG away, Arsenal away, Tottenham away amongst other matches.
  10. It only took two years.. So it takes the EHRC to say it's going to investigate Labour before they get rid of people like her. Well done chums. I'm sure if she wasn't McDonnell's favourite member she'd be out years ago - but seeing as she's in JC's inner circle she's been allowed to just be suspended.
  11. And they wonder why people have lost faith in politics and politicians. They're like a bunch of chickens in a hen house where no one has any idea what the hell is going on. "Take back control!!!11" They've really achieved that, haven't they? The only thing they're in control of is expensing the pump maintenance for their 2 million quid koi ponds. The whole world is laughing at our pathetic system and politicians.
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