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  1. Are you really claiming that you don't think Iran knows who the British ambassador is and that he isn't followed at all times? Do you really think they need hours to confirm his identity? I get that some people are vehemently against war\the history the West has in the region etc, but one is allowed to be critical of Iran's leadership nonetheless. They're making bad move after bad move, it's not all got to do with the West.
  2. The context in this sense being that Iran has been funding terror, hijacking boats, bombing their neighbours and more recently shot down an airliner from a neutral non-NATO country. If people aren't allowed to call a spade for a spade in regards to Iran because it isn't deemed politically correct then the same term should be applied to whoever is judging them. Trump, however stupid he is, could have responded and bombed Iran like Obama did Libya. Iran is showing it's idiocy by shooting demonstrators tonight who are having torrid lives because of a medieval dictator, yet it has a lot of people publicly defending their "#"% regime.
  3. Shhh! This doesn't fit the Trump bashing Israeli hating narrative!!
  4. Iran at fault. What a surprise. Why can't we just put Trump and Khameini in the actual china shop rather than letting them play with the security of the planet like the two elephants that they are?
  5. If this is anything like Lockerbie Trump's drones will be bombing Iran by tonight. Not at all smart by Iran, bombing two bases housing mostly European troops, with a heavy contingent of Scandinavians, Germans, French etc.
  6. Not sure if you know that the US and Israel are democratic countries mate. SA I agree is a shit country, but at least the population of the two other countries have a choice in their leadership. Iran is full blown nuts since 1979, people get hanged, beheaded, stoned to death etc for being gay. I'm not sure how you can compare that to USA or Israel. Soleimani was a general that applied tactics outside of any rules of war, hence he should be considered a fairly legitimate target for repercussions when he's killed people for that long. That doesn't mean that Mossad\CIA etc aren't just as bad - and frankly quite often agents from these agencies get killed by Iran. It's tit for tat baddies killing baddies in an endless circle.
  7. I take it as seriously as I take it when the US bombs anyone else, it's a sad state of play. However, if people can't point out that Corbyn taking money to go on Iranian state TV is asinine then the benchmark for Labour's leadership is set pretty low.
  8. I'd be mad if the people that paid for my allotment by having me on state TV got blown up too.
  9. Ah yes, and when was this 'procedure' followed the last time? Eisenhower in 41/2? Not that I'm a Trump follower, but did you afford Obama the same scrutiny when he bombed Libya\Hezbollah\Assad\Somalia etc?
  10. There's so much bitter talk from my utd supporting mates on the back of Haaland signing from Dortmund. Imo Haaland has chosen the perfect place where he'll play week in week out, rather than sitting on the bench behind Rashford, Greenwood, Martial and James.. Dortmund will develop him like they've developed a whole raft of great strikers throughout the years and he'll likely end up at a greater club than utd.
  11. After having visited family in Cardiff yesterday I can with a hand on my heart say that I've never ever experienced homelessness in the way I saw there. I don't know what's going on but the local council need a serious kick up their arse. I'm sure there's a lot of issues with the government but a lot can be done without needing Bojo's assistance (you're not going to get it). After our dinner we went down to the Huggard centre and donated money and food and the volunteers there said that it's always been an issue no matter the government, they depend on donations and volunteers rather than grandstanding in London from either major party. One volunteer said that they've had as many as 4000 people sleeping rough within the city centre at one time this year.
  12. Prime example of what most lefties think that Scandinavian model is. I wonder what this thought is based on. The Labour party in both Sweden and Norway is more centre than Corbyn, in Denmark they're pretty much a centre-conservative party.
  13. Labour could easily stop shooting itself in the foot by stopping their internal purge. That'd help a lot. There's definitely a big issue with the sycophantic attitudes a lot of the leadership has had towards Corbyn.
  14. I think it's a fair critisism of this set of labour clowns we currently have. None of them have experience from government (there might be someone far down the line?), none of them knows what it takes to formulate good policy because they've never actually done it and none of them seem to understand the ramifications of being in government. You can knock Blair and his ilk for a lot of things, but at least he was electable, quick, witty and introduced a hell of a lot more policies than Corbyn\McDonnel\Abbot and any far left candidates they ever put foward will. I think what labour needs to do is to study social democracy, they seem to have removed the social element by alienating half of their base, pushing MP's out and shooting down anyone who's critical as some sort of murdoch conspiracy theorist. Social democracy works in Scandinavia because broad coalitions come together, politics become multi-faceted and isn't painted red or blue by someone like Corbyn\Johnson. When a party becomes too lop sided to one wing in our system you see what is currently happening to Labour.
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