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  1. This one makes a lot of sense, which makes me think it could well be happening.
  2. I think you might be right. Judging by the deals done so far, once the story goes the media it's completed relatively quickly. This one is dragging on, so I think it is less likely to happen then happen now.
  3. Get on the milf section on pornhub... You will be in your element!
  4. Lage is a bit of an unknown but I think he could turn into be an inspired appointment.
  5. Its a bit like buying a house. You can exchange contracts to make it legally binding, even though the completion date could be later down the line.
  6. He reminds me a bit of Michael Owen in that he will be fairly quiet in a game but then pop up with a goal or assist out of the blue. As a striker you can get away with this, but a midfielder needs to be more involved.
  7. Philogene is at my door, signed for Villa ... until 2024
  8. This is nothing new. The problem is the other attacking players are not posing enough of a threat to drag the second / third player away from Grealish.
  9. I also noticed what a weird shape his mouth made when he pronounced it
  10. It's a very similar model Leicester has been using to good effect. I'm happy to say Villa is also starting to go in the same direction.
  11. I've not seen Olise play, but his stats are incredible for a 19 year old in his debut championship season. Massive potential. I devi utterly think we should get him if the price isn't too steep.
  12. They have a good team and were much improved since the last time we played them. If they played a bit more direct at times, instead of over playing passes, then they would be a real threat.
  13. Poor refereeing and poor in game management from Smith. When he is talking to his assistants I am starting to wonder if he is asking them what our 9 players are doing sitting in a row. Are they waiting for a doctor's appointment, he asks?!
  14. Our biggest players should be man to man with theirs and then the rest can do zonal.
  15. You contradict yourself, as all those players are world class. Out of our wingers, only Grealish could be considered in that category. Bringing in someone as good as Traore won't take us to the next level.
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