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  1. It looks like Purslow and Nas are holding hands!
  2. Id rest him for Millwall. We can afford to rotate a little bit as we are are at home, against weak opposition.
  3. We have put 7 past Derby, boro and forest this season. Not to mention that BC couldn't even beat us at their place in, what was, cabbage's penultimate match...and we all know how dire we were then!
  4. Although BC is having a good season, we really should not fear them. We have beaten all the other teams chasing the playoffs and have superior quality in the key areas to do the same today. Maybe it will be competitive, but I'm expecting us to overcome a plucky BC side by a 2 goal margin.
  5. I think JG's Rotherham goal has to be a contender for goal of the season. The build up play was sublime. Twists away from 3 players, quick 1-2, waits for the perfect time to pass then is in just the right place to drive the ball home into the corner. Quality from start to finish.
  6. He was never going to be able to get his chest on that from his position. It's deliberate as it is hand to ball i.e his arm moves towards the ball. It's not ball to hand where it gets whacked at you and you don't have time to know anything about it.
  7. He has a 20% sell on clause, so more like £7m - but still a bargain
  8. Much better 2nd half. The change in formation and introduction of Kodjia made all the difference. Beat Bristol City and we can as good as book our playoff place!
  9. The ref is poor, but its too easy to blame him. Prior to the sending off (which was a fair decision - entirely Mings's fault) we created next to nothing. Tammy's penalty was far too casual and the team's passing was loose. Massive improvement needed in the second half.
  10. Losing in a match you should of won?! That's the championship, Brucey!
  11. You do know we can finish below Bristol city and still make the playoffs, right?
  12. I understand that his career has been over for a while due to a persistent knee injury. Unfortunately we can't cancel his contract on insurance because he didn't fully pass his medical when he signed (presumably carrying a less severe form of the knee issue). He won't retire because he will miss out on the rest of his wages. Might be bollo**s but does make sense.
  13. I think Axel will have to bide his time on the bench as the defence finally looks solid. The only way i see him playing against Blackburn is if DS puts him at RB. Not sure he will though as elmo had a decent game last time out.
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