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  1. Benteke scored so many as everything went through him. He scored about 50% of all our goals during his time at Villa. I don't think Wesley will get near benteke's goal tally, not because of a lack of quality but, because goals come from a range of positions in Smith's system.
  2. It would have been the right thing to do, whilst bringing jota inside and taking el ghazi off.
  3. You are closing down twice the amount of space with 2, limiting the opposition's passing options. Fewer passing options generally means fewer attacks. Not really absurd at all.
  4. Wesley clearly isn't up to speed yet. I think Kienan should have started, as we really needed someone to hold the ball up. It's also a shame Nakamba isn't match fit because his tackling ability would have helped ease the pressure. The tactics were correct, but the players need to learn to pass the ball quicker, as they got caught in possession far too often. There were also too many wayward passes, which put added pressure on us. The main positives were the two CBs and GK. They defended very well against a top side and never looked flustered. Hopefully we can iron out the issues before the next game.
  5. Smith & Purslow said that we wouldn't get everything in one window. We have got the core players in and that's the matters. Because the players we brought in are versatile there is enough cover to January. For example, trez & jota can play on either wing, elmo can play further forward and Luiz or Hourihane can play either as a DM or CM. There are currently 3 strikers competing for one position, which is fine. Kodjia is the tricky one and Davies holds the ball up to bring people into play. That is a decent balance. Goals will come either from the forward line or midfielders. No major issues.
  6. This is the most important deadline day signing we will ever make.
  7. Yes. Doesn't look like we will be signing anyone today.
  8. The one that keeps being talked about in the media is Augustin.
  9. That chant will give James Bree nightmares!
  10. Sounds like a new striker isn't nailed on just yet then.
  11. Don't thank me all at once, but I got some inside information. His name begins with Monsieur.
  12. Yes. I think people are mixing up their detest for BM with that of the journalists.
  13. So basically he flew from Brazil on Monday... In the wrong direction. He then realised his mistake, flew back to Brazil and has now boarded the correct plane to the UK.

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