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  1. Has anyone seen Shakespeare around the club recently, as I've not seen him on the bench for the last 4 games?
  2. I wish Leicester hadn't won the title, as now it gives me false hope that we can do the same . Our key players are almost like for like... Mings, Mcginn, Barkley, Grealish, Watkins
  3. Their fans are going to have to work overtime to get up to 400 pages before the window SLAMS shut.
  4. Or maybe it was a Freudian slip there Trump PieFacE?
  5. Including high speed chases down the M6
  6. If we can just get it to 400 pages I will feel that we have achieved something special
  7. Here are the player ratings for the Liverpool team from the Echo... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-player-ratings-villa-7-19048797
  8. I think if there is no concrete news, that a player is on their way to us by 6pm, then it's very unlikely anything will materialise.
  9. Smith said he is not sure whether there would be any more signings. That is quite different from catagorically declaring we are done in the transfer market. Also he was vague about which window he was referring to, as we can still sign Championship players for another week. I don't think there will be lots of signings, but wouldn't rule it 1 or 2, especially if we can move on a couple of surplus squad players.
  10. Is it going to be Milot Monday or Meh Monday today?!
  11. The same people believing him that were calling him a poor excuse for a sports journalist I bet.
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