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  1. I don't quite understand why some on here talk this guy up. Rico Henry is currently a slightly above average championship defender based on statistics. He isn't good enough for the Premier league at the moment and I think he needs another year in the championship to step his game up. Henry performed considerably worse than Cash ,who should be the benchmark for lower league full backs looking to make the jump to the PL.
  2. With Wesley not likely to be back until around Christmas, we can pretty much write him off this season. It will take him quite a while to get up to speed, which will take even longer if he is second choice behind Watkins. Possibly might play a part during the final 10 games but can't see him doing much before that.
  3. I think we need more than a couple Dean! I would have said 4-5 more (including the samatta replacement).
  4. Rashica and Villa is the perfect combination... because he loves a plaice in the sun. TAXI!
  5. Rashica, Traore and Watkins call all play through the centre or out wide. I suspect we will have a fluid front 4 (Inc Grealish) interchanging positions this season, with Mcginn and Luiz staying deeper.
  6. We also have the bruges connection with Nakamba, Wesley & Engels... That to hasn't worked very well either.
  7. I wake up this morning fully expecting to see this thread exceed 300 and it is only on a measly 293! Villatalk OUT!
  8. Yes! On here Grealish is regarded as being a combination of Pele, Maradona, Messi & Ronaldo.
  9. My girlfriend often holds my helmet while she is riding.
  10. Nor is Grealish, but I've changed the sentence to appease the masses.
  11. I'm still trying to work out how this thread got to nearly 300 pages before the guy has even signed. Most posters haven't even seen him play either!
  12. That's like Rashica's goal against Bayern Anyone who thinks Barkley is a poor footballer must be comparing him to Messi or Ronaldo. He would walk straight into our first XI and probably be ONE OF OUR best players.
  13. What goes in Copenhagen stays in Copenhagen!
  14. Are Germany and France not 'abroad' then?!
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