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  1. Made In Aston

    Keinan Davis

    According to Smith, if you come on and play better than the man who has the shirt then you get in next game. Keinan played better than Wesley, so surely deserves a chance the next league game?!
  2. The white elephant in the room is grown men singing about another man's cock. Not quite sure what the obsession is! Perhaps it's some sort of Freudian message .
  3. Nakamba has a buyback clause? Oh wait... You have turned the nakamba thread into the Luiz one. My bad!
  4. I remember Drogba's first season at Chelsea...woeful. Second season he was a beast. Some young strikers take time to adjust, so it's far too early to write him off.
  5. He is too effective to be on the bench. There aren't many players in our side who directly contribute to as many dangerous attacking opportunities as Conor.
  6. A goal, assist and penalty say hi
  7. Which book? 'An A to Z of Footballing Injuries' ?!
  8. Or just headed it out for a corner. Anything but what he actually did!
  9. We are caught between two styles, as the players are set up for a possession based game. But we are not having the lion's share in games. In that situation a counter attacking approach might work better, but we don't have any pace or an option B.
  10. Everyone has a right to express their frustration and criticise the team if warranted. For the second time in 6 matches, we fell short against 10 men and the manager isn't sticking to his attacking philosophy. We are also at least 5 points worse off than we should be because of the above. Wesley is also very isolated because we are not attacking minded enough. Surly you can't argue that this isn't the case?!
  11. Can't believe I'm saying this after playing Arsenal away...but that wasn't good enough. Our second goal showed how easy it was to score, yet we sat deeper and tried to defend against a very strong attack. Just simply pushing the defense higher up and slowing the game down a bit would have eased the pressure. Then when the time was right to quicken it up we could have done so and got some joy. What's happened to Smith's attack minded philosophy?!
  12. I think it is essential Hourihane is on the pitch. At the moment we aren't really creating enough from open play, so having a set piece specialist will at give us a better chance of scoring from dead ball situations. It might mean moving Grealish out wide, but let's be honest, he has hardly set the league alight from the centre and our wingers have been poor. Nothing to lose by making the change. It might actually help jack adjust as there is more space out wide.
  13. This was probably the best bit of play all game. I gave him MOTM, as he stopped Anderson getting into any type of rhythm all game. He looked quality all night. It did get me thinking about how good it would have been to have amavi on the other side to balance it up.
  14. I think the criticism of Wesley is a bit harsh. He was isolated most of the game because Smith hasn't found a way to get support to him. That said, he could have done better with the rare moments when he touched the ball.
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