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  1. The same Leeds that completely fell apart last season and every other season for the last 15 years! They were 12 points clear earlier in the season and are now down to 6. Could be history repeating.
  2. And everyone knows my opinion is the right one . Smith wants to play possession football, so you need players who can keep the ball under pressure and pass accurately to team mates. Our stats possession stats alone show we can't do this. Watching matches confirms it! I agree our players are better suited to defending deep and putting their bodies on the line. If only we had pace up front then we would could be a decent counter attacking team, rather than a bad possession-based one.
  3. You can't believe it as its obvious bs. Why would Hull sell their best player (by a mile) halfway through the season, when they are only 3 points of the playoff places? They will get at least 18 million in the summer with no downside. Also, why would bowen go to another championship team when there is probably a queue of Premier league teams interested?!
  4. Social media is a strange place. Seen some villa fans moaning about the possibility of signing nzonzi and slimani this window . They would be quality signings and would we would be pushed to be able to get anyone better, considering our league position and lack of available players right now.
  5. I was thinking the same. He is very similar to martinez. Is praised for more entertaining football, taking influence from the likes of klopp and guardiola. But, ultimately, it is not successful football over the course of a season, because the players are not technically good enough to execute it properly. Smith's style is the equivalent of taking a Ford focus, disguised as an f1 car, to the Monaco gp.
  6. The squad is too 'nice'. We could do with a mad bastard like ballotelli just to mix it up.
  7. Benteke is currently injured with no scheduled return date. No chance he is coming.
  8. Probably not going to happen, but the thought of piatek, calljon and Grealish as a front three keeps me going after yesterday's humiliation.
  9. More likely they have dropped a bollock rather than a needle!
  10. Poor tactics or poor execution. Knowing city press high, our defence was left isolated, with no outlet from midfield. It was inevitable that the defence made mistakes from the pressure. Players should have been coming short to allow quick passes and look to switch the play whenever possible. This didn't happen. I thought we would probably lose, but to do so by not being able to do the basics again is a worrying trend.
  11. If Nyland keeps this form up then Reina won't get a look in!
  12. I haven't seen much of him, but from descriptions he has skill, strength and power, with the ability to link up the play, similar to Drogba. Has a decent goal scoring record as well.
  13. Still he might be more inclined to join villa if he had the chance, to make his dad proud.
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