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  1. He looks like he could develop into a special player, not unlike Mahrez. Players like that make the step up without breaking a sweat. 15m with a 20% sell on would be fair. He is going to be worth about 50m in a couple of years if he moves to the PL this summer. That's 10m for Brentford.
  2. As with Darren Bent (circa £24m), the media price is probably with add ons. £17m base fee seems a reasonable ball park figure plus £5m add ons.
  3. Hopefully it's a proper legally binding loan to buy, unlike the Mings & El Ghazi deals.
  4. I think players from Belgian, Scandinavian and German leagues would adapt quicker to the PL. Although there is some great emerging talent in Spain and France, it is very hit and miss whether they can cope with the pace of PL football.
  5. If you can afford to buy players then that should be the preference (unless it's loan to buy). Not only are you helping your competition out by developing their players you usually have to pay 2-3 million as a loan fee. This could be used for permanent transfers.
  6. Scott Carson was England number 2 at one point.
  7. I can't comment on medicals, because where it takes place isn't usually publicised. But I imagine that it wouldn't be difficult to use private facility in another country though. As for contracts, I remember an interview with Merson saying he signed a contract on holiday and the infamous manager from SHA signed abroad.
  8. It's difficult finding someone who is can play on the left and the right at the same time during a match though.
  9. I'm not in the know, but a few people that are close to the club have put their neck on the line about it. They wouldn't do this unless it was legit.
  10. Yes. Aston villa representatives have been banned from leaving the country. Guess we will have to wait until he returns
  11. It's real. A reliable guy under the name AVFC faithful on twitter broke this 3 days ago. Butland is our new GK.
  12. He sounds like he is that 'false 9' for of striker. That in between of an attacking midfielder and CF.
  13. I did say he had done OK but wasn't tested very often. We will be under a lot more pressure on a consistent basis next season, facing shots from the likes of Kane, Aguero and Salah. Bit of a difference from a pee roller by 'wee' Barry Bannon on a wet Tuesday evening in Sheffield!
  14. It won't be Dunk and it won't be Axel. The club have shown that they keep their cards close to their chest, so any speculation in the papers is complete BS or a very lucky guess. They don't know anything.
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