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  1. The likes of Man City and PSG have been flaunting the rules for years and have not been close to being banned from European competition. The system is a joke and those who administer it are clowns.
  2. Not much. Grealish increased his pace and overall rating by 4 just by transferring clubs.
  3. I think Keinan's career has been poorly managed by the club. Yes his injury problems have set him back but he wasn't given enough games here and should have been loaned out to speed up his development. Also from watching him it seems there was an obsession to get him to hold the ball up at the detriment to getting in good scoring positions. That can't have helped his confidence, as strikers need goals.
  4. He was born in 2003 so is too old to be considered for this.
  5. It includes any player with a birth date between 1st Sept 2004 - 31st August 2005.
  6. He has gone from nowhere to being one of our hottest prospects in no time. Incredible stuff
  7. The Guardian sports journalists have named Ajani as our biggest prospect in the 16-17yr old category this year. Last year it was Ben Chrisene and before that Aaron Ramsey. Personally I think we have better prospects, but each to their own.
  8. Targett has been very mediocre so far this season. He really needs to step his hand up, otherwise I'd be looking to replace him in the next window or two.
  9. This is just agent-led BS. With Ramsey's unexpected rise to first team regular, they will be looking for a much better contract, and these rumours help to try and make that happen. Nothing to see here.
  10. We should send "mat kendrick's dentist" to sort him out.
  11. Ings is a lethal finisher and Watkins isn't.
  12. And Luiz hasn't been far off
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