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  1. He's top 5 from 5th to 1st Casillas, Raul, Ramos, insista, xavi
  2. Danny Murphy on talkshite has just put Sergio Ramos 3rd in his top 5 ever Spainish players
  3. Expecting pelligrini and hassenhitl getting sacked tonight
  4. Jimzk5


    Allardyce and Bruce are 2 correct
  5. They got 100 million for being in the prem, + 80million in parachute payments coming up, the owner is a billionaire £6million is nothing to them
  6. Jimzk5


    Pinched off talksport Roy hodgson set to become the 6th english manager to take charge of 300 Premier league games Who are the other 5
  7. No shock if it happened a few weeks ago, havnt they won a few on the bounce the last few weeks?
  8. Turn it upside down, there will probably be bolt on arms on this sofa
  9. We don't, but unfortunately people at the top want get a few more quid out of us, every team has a somewhat bizarre third kid nowadays badged under a nod to past colours etc Our first deal with Nike we got a black 3rd kit with claret shorts, looked really smart, never wore it on the pitch though It was a man utd away shirt from 4 seasons before, Nike stuck our crest on it and charged 50 quid
  10. A few more quid on the after dinner circuit with that story, where hell embellish it with how he was about to be manager of real Madrid until he ended up going to hospital because of a faulty ear piece that he's dog ate cus arry can't read
  11. Danny Mills on talksport just now, talking about Watford defensive frailties "defending is easy, 30, 45 minutes on the training ground, drill them to stay in position and tell them do not let the other team score"
  12. Jimzk5

    Wesley Moraes

    He's just so bizarre, can ghost into positons unmarked and score, play the ball to him in space outside the box it's like he's made of glass and goes down under any contact.
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