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  1. Will bd sacked by Christmas
  2. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2020

    Ferrari cheating last year with that engine, no fine or penalty and everything kept secret by fia Racing point use a year old break dust system from Mercedes- €400,000 fine and 15 point deduction
  3. I think were getting ready to slap in a bid for a few players
  4. Do Fulham have much of the squad they got relegated with? I dont recognise any of them
  5. Whatever happened to that simone farina chap, was given a job after reporting match fixing in italy
  6. Every football site on the internet has Sanchez on earning £400,000 a week at man utd, with inter milan playing £100k of that whilst on loan
  7. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2020

    Ferrari were obviously cheating so much last year with that engine. No one goes backwards like they have unless they have been banned from doing something dodgy The 3 ferrari powered teams are a second off where they were last year. That's not just a car design flaw, its lack of power. Should be a more interesting race next week, with no hard compound tyre being used so it's super soft, soft and medium available I believe so it'll be a 2 stop race and a bit more room for teams to change strategies
  8. At celtic though, a league where every team except celtic in it would struggle against league one opposition
  9. Jimzk5

    The NSWE Board

    Just watched the video of wes and naseef after the play off final win, being interviewed with purslow, what they said then is as true now as it was back then Being back in the premier league is chapter one.
  10. Theres a piece on the athletic about him actually, cant copy and paste as it's behind a paywall but in short it says he has pace, the trickery and ability to be amazing, but is so thick he cant play 2 games in a week because he needs a weeks training between games on the next opponent, the bloke at Southampton now, who had him at RB Leipzig despribed him as a computer with no hard drive
  11. Jimzk5

    General Chat

    Had it for years, just got more prominent the last 5 years or so, I've been under a specialist for the last 2 years but he wanted me to see someone more experienced who requested an MRI to find the cause
  12. Jimzk5

    General Chat

    Had my second mri scan today after they found something in my first scan a couple of weeks ago, the original scan was to look for a cause of my essential tremor, found out before my second scan they are looking for early onset Parkinson's disease Will have to wait for the results and take it from there
  13. Ah bless, football really does mean more to those Newcastle fans doesn't it I mean it's not like the situation they are in isn't one shared by 90% of **** football clubs world wide But because you nearly won the league 25 **** years ago and signed alan **** Shearer* you deserve nothing but the best. *they love there number 9s up there
  14. I guess the Mbappe deal wont happen now, but with bruce still there I guess he will be given a few quid to build his team to play attacking football Elmohammady and Conor wickham incoming
  15. Nut job conspiracy one Newcastle forum The premier league wouldn't approve it as they dont want Newcastle joining the established elite.
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