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  1. A new broom sweeps clean, but I really do think they will carry on with the old broom Ashley used, yeah they will spend a bit more but nowhere near what happened with man City under the Abu Dhabi group
  2. I'm still sceptical about this takeover, I think the media are spinning bullshit stories about the wealth to wind up other clubs fans to generate click bait articles like "Newcastle are now the richest club in the world" I remember the press printing similar sbite when Portsmouth got took over by Ali Al Faraj.... who in the end didn't even exist Newcastle will be a better club from now on, but throwing money at it does nothing without the right people who spend it
  3. If its the same interview I heard he said as Newcastle turn a profit they are free to spend what they want for the next 2 seasons and at the end of the third season ffp kicks in with allowed losses etc so they need to show a balance sheet that reflects the spend to avoid punishment
  4. The only thing I'm bothered about will be the sycophantic bullshit every time they play
  5. If this goes through you'd expect them to massively improve in form and buy in January. They aren't going down this season for me
  6. Other than pierson who they took on and sacked before they got relegated, I'd guess ranieri is one of a few managers with experience of Premier league football they have ever hired, they seem to employ people who have enjoyed a decent spell at some Italian or Spanish lower sides or go further afield and employ someone who did well in some obscure Eastern European league From the outside it's insane to run a football club that way, I guess ranieri knows if he isn't up to scratch he gets the boot with a pay off
  7. Ranieri confirmed What a bizarre football club
  8. Aston villa losing to a team in terrible form shocker File under Sheffield away last season and countless others
  9. I record against spurs is dreadful, almost as bad as our record v man utd over the last 15 years Remember being 4-1 up and coming away with a draw
  10. The fact that Katie please I need to remain a d list celeb price will no doubt get a lucrative book and tv show deal after her latest act of crashing a car whilst pissed up
  11. I watched it after sky put it under the headline Gary neville discusses your teams weekend result He didn't mention us once. In fact he didn't discuss the game once, all he talked about was Ole needing to build a team and a style, which is already discussed to death on every football panel show
  12. Only football club in the area to support
  13. I watched it and felt embarrassed at the stadium announcer "Your Manchester City goalscorer, our number 10 super Jackie Grealish" JACKIE!
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