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  1. Having my driving license revoked has hit me harder than being told I have a brain tumour today I've had my 2 kids and it would've been nice to take them out now the zoo and safari park are open I'm very up and down at the moment, at my best I'm happy to have 2 amazing kids, at my worst I'm depressed that I have this tumour that is taking them away.
  2. Wasnt too long ago both these 2 were starting for the national team
  3. The other day I was trying to find an interview from when he was a player as I dont remember him sounding like he does now As a manager he sounds like he is imitating Brendan Rodgers with the slow talking, whilst throwing in phrases like "the group" when referring to the players. Be interesting how he does next season though, theyve gone back to kick and rush and the owners sacked monk and rowett for more attractive football
  4. Liverpool's first win at home this year, liverpool's first goals at home from open play this year. We are specialists in breaking teams bad runs.
  5. **** firmino. What is it with players on shit runs of form turning it on against us
  6. On talkshite in the build up to madrid liverpool game last night he said "For me the team that attacks and defends the best tonight will probably win" He gets paid for this fascinating insight into the game
  7. Deja vu with set pieces and being **** dreadful at them
  8. I said a few weeks back that this year they dont have a Bellingham or Adam's to sell to raise cash. I'm a bit surprised at the 11 million valuation, given half of it is on the verge of caving in. Just when you think they couldn't do anything more stupid they pull out another cracker.
  9. Football index have collapsed No surprise, it was a pyramid scheme where you needed more tools to sign up and buy off those already signed up
  10. On 5live they did half hour on bruce and Newcastle tonight with a Newcastle supporter, Chris sutton and micah Richards The Newcastle fan was the only one talking sense, Richard's defended bruce saying the training under him was Brilliant at villa and it's the players fault combined with injuries
  11. Paying the price for going into a season with 1 striker again. If Davis isn't (and I dont think he is) a capable plan be we need someone who is who can play in a different system because again, if we cant get thr ball to Watkins we are **** hopeless
  12. Big question will smith change it at half time I'm gonna say no he wont
  13. Said it before, ever since MON walked a decade ago out set pieces have been **** dreadful. Easily cleared away game after game, I don't know why we bother sending defenders to attack them
  14. Well **** me, a player yet to score in the premier league turns up at villa park and we get him off the mark
  15. I'm listening on 5live and mark lawrenson, he started the game off by moaning about the loud music the players walked out to
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