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  1. The bonus feature will include footage of there ZULU firm smashing up toilets and slow motion replays of grealish being punched
  2. Yeah, always amazed me how much he was linked with moves when he was at crewe but never got one until Norwich paid £3million for him which was peanuts, that year villa spent nearly 3million on berson who was useless. Remember Dean bowditch had a similar reputation, did nothing with his career though
  3. Slate wiped clean, free to run up £39million losses in 3 seasons again. Huge result for blues this
  4. Didn't spend much in the summer though after relegation, whereas we spent big on players like mcormack, Chester and tsihbola
  5. Anyone explain what the £55million net liabilities are?
  6. As long as Liverpool don't win the title I couldn't give a toss tbh.
  7. Definitely, transfer embargo, lose players like Adams and Morrison in the summer and can't replace them, a - 12 points to start the season. Fwiw id have a degree of sympathy here if they hadn't signed pederson, Ive never agreed with ffp or this profit and sustainability bollocks, were likely to breach it ourselves but to be put under the soft embargo and the go and spend £2million on a player anyway. I dunno what they were thinking
  8. Sky saying any points deduction will likely be imposed at the start of next season
  9. First time in the top 6 since September, great job by Smith and the players after that woeful run of form Think it will come down to the last game of the season who gets 5th and 6th given how tight the table is. After fighting our way back into the top 6 I'll be **** raging if we throw it now though
  10. If it is kappa I'd expect the larger figured villa fan to be buying a scarf instead of the new shirt, I looked on the Leeds club shop and the only size shirt they've sold out of is 4XL. Skinny fit shirts look fine on athletes, not blokes who since leaving school have lived on beer and frey bentos pies who drive forklifts for a job
  11. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2019

    Yeah I get that, Mercedes were on the up though when Lewis jumped, got a win a few podiums and polls in his first season. Renault look like success for them will getting into q3
  12. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2019

    Before the start of the season ferrari said they would prioritise Vettell over leclerc. Ricciardo has made a massive error going to Renault Mclaren still nowhere now made even worse by ditching Honda who now seem to have an engine that's competitive for the Renault engine thats now the slowest and least reliable in the field. Williams look like the car was designed on the back of a fag packet. Hopefully this first race won't be a trend for the season
  13. Jimzk5

    Ørjan Nyland

    Try and sell him in the summer, if we can recoup any of the money we spent on him

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