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  1. It's an embarrassment, 3rd year of this deal between fanatics and kappa and its still a shambles
  2. Regarding what @BOFhas put, I'm not seeing that change in driving style, see imola and Spain this year on lewis opening laps, and just before they collided max initially banged wheels by moving into lewis on the straight We all want to see racing at the best level, but max for me, in these battles takes it to far with defending the position. It's just I'm putting my car here, if we crash it's your fault and I'll blame everyone but me if we do
  3. That's the problem, as someone on sky said max put the car in places that mean there will be a crash unless the other driver backs out and today it didn't happen
  4. Max saying hamilton was unsporting like Yeah cus you've never done anything wrong ay max, I mean pushing a fellow driver twice and threatening to punch him was very sportsman like He's a prize dick head. I don't get the hate for Lewis when this bellend is far worse
  5. I **** hate the smug bastard
  6. Max swerving all over the place, then defends to hard. Racing incident for me but max moans like **** when it happens to him yet doesn't have a problem doing it to othees
  7. Took a 50%pay cut apparently Only on €400,000 a week now
  8. Both kits were late that season, think there was a manufacturing problem, it was the fx Pro kit with the claret and blue check panels down the sides. I think the home kit went on sale late September and the away in December
  9. We've done some terrible business in the last few years when you think mcormack and tshibola, but west ham are on another level
  10. Well, since I've split up with my wife I've been painting my fingernails pink so it looks like a woman's doing it?
  11. Left them as a player and left them as a coach to to Sheffield Wednesday......
  12. Depends on the angle you watch it, too me it's either a soft pen or stonewall Also, what happened to respect the ref where only captains can talk to the ref, he was surrounded by the entire team then and did nothing
  13. I don't remember them having a team with such poor strikers
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