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  1. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2020

    Same here, with other sports returning hopefully we will get some racing soon
  2. BBC just doing an interview and the bloke said it was a pretty convincing explanation, and of course the critics will pick holes in it and applauded him for answering the questions Unbelievable
  3. Mayby not quite games gone territory but Italian government gives permission for 1920s built San siro stadium to be demolished so a identikit bowl can be built in its place
  4. If he sold it I wonder what he will do with 2 quid it made
  5. Neil Lennon has described it as his best title win Is there another league in the world which is so uncompetitive as the spl? Out of 123 seasons 105 have been won by celtic or rangers, and no other team has won the league since 1985
  6. Didn't taiwo score against villa on his debut? Or was that djibril cisse on his debut for QPR? I remember the score being 2-2 as bent scored a landmark goal (20,000 premier league goal?) I had a season ticket at the time and we were so shit under mcleish I got back from work that day and decided not to bother going to the game
  7. Hermes Ordered an item that was sent via Hermes, got a text last Monday to say it was with Hermes at the warehouse and would be delivered Tuesday, in Wednesday I get an email to say it's been delayed and would be delivered in 24 hours, still hasn't been delivered, cant contact anyone other than webchat who only tell me the same thing, the parcel is delayed as of Wednesday and they will deliver in the next 24 hours
  8. Tyson only bit a tiny piece of holyfield ear off though, it certainly wouldn't cause this issue with a face mask presented here And from memory wasn't it the ear pictured in this photo that was nibbled at by tyson?
  9. Got myself some new aftershave that smells like breadcrumbs The birds love it
  10. Remi cabella and chancel mbemba another couple The funniest thing about Ben arfa was Joe Kinnear claiming he signed him when he was there a year before Kinnear arrived and kept calling him Ben afri
  11. Puma going to pay raheem sterling £100million to wear puma football boots
  12. 150million is 4 or 5 highly rated players with no guarantee of success Look at that ndombele poch signed for spurs, £52million and all he's done is score the customary debut goal against villa The road to success now has a big bollard in the middle with ffp, Newcastle getting rich with cash might propel them into the top half of the table but they won't be buying world class players like Chelsea and city could when they got rich
  13. Gary Neville says the games should be played abroad It's bad enough playing the fixtures in a closed neutral stadium without it being in somewhere like Qatar or Dubai where the infection hasn't took hold, it would diminish the league even further All about the money
  14. I rarely use face book any more, when I do go on there it's just full of shit like this, and the thick **** who reply to those "as we can't sell this car due to the corona virus were giving it away just like and comment to win"
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