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  1. Summer is the worst time of the year, with convertible cars and shit music already covered I'll add Your local pub(s) become full of people who only have a drink when the sun's out, thus spending the afternoon and evening nursing a pint of cider whilst he sits with he's wife not talking to each other Men with no tops on, but a vest tucked into their jeans like Bruce **** Springsteen Wasps, flies, mosquitos biting the **** out of you Bring on winter.
  2. I don't know how many of those players were actually Benitez signings, the Brazilian player they just spent £40million on has been linked to them before Bruce took over
  3. Again, why are the "bin Zayed group" scratching around for backers to help fund a takeover when the main man is supposedly worth billions and connected to the royal family. Amazes me the press print this bullshit, and Newcastle fans always fall for it
  4. Unbelievable deal for West brom that He's **** shit.
  5. Can't help having fat fingers using a small phone
  6. Ridiculous article Hogan, lansbury, bree, bolasie, bjarnosson, all signed for millions and he was slashing the budget....
  7. The press backing him up already, the guardian saying this and also saying we were "cash strapped" when he was here, forgetting the millions he wasted on shit players
  8. Don't see Bruce getting sacked even if the results are bad, they kept mclaren in the job even when it was obvious they were in trouble
  9. Looks like ampadou is holding azpilicuetas cock
  10. Look, that's wa nature of the Premier league Asia Cup, wa have to roll wa sleeves up and dust waself down
  11. In fairness when you play the sort of free flowing attacking football Bruce does, your bound to leave gaps in defence....
  12. I'd have a guess at mark Hughes, Steve mclarren and Joe Kinnear
  13. I really don't know why he wants to manage Newcastle right now The fans clearly don't want him so he's onto a loss straight away, that squad isnt filled with good PL players, they won't spend money If it was another club id feel sorry, but considering its Newcastle and how much they bang on about needed someone wo gets the Geordies love of football etc etc The only way Bruce will be a success there is he reanimates the corpse of "wor" Jackie milburn so he can where the #9 shirt again Because we all know only Newcastle "love their strikers up there"
  14. Van Dijk was over priced at £75million, despite what he has done for Liverpool, at £80 million man utd are buying a solid defender but £80million, and the press reckon we over paid for mings Football is ruined

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