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  1. On the plus side when we play them ole will still be in charge And we will go 2-0 up and lose 3-2
  2. They took ages to give it and after every replay I kept thinking they cant give a pen for that Up steps forehead noble to score
  3. Yeah, let's not bother marking deeney, iys not like hes a striker with a ridiculous record against us is it
  4. The way clubs are these days, if the questions are difficult the reporter gets banned from being at the press conferences
  5. I do get why people are riled over the few snipes he had at the fans but I remember david o'Leary, even when things were going well slagging the club off non stop every chance he got
  6. Can we drop drinkwater back off at chelsea on the way back tonight
  7. The standard of refs in the championship is horrific, even if he didn't have a clear view surely the linesman did
  8. If vassilev is good enough for the bench why not just play him
  9. If you get a chance read mersons book how not to be a footballer, he touches on GT returning and how hes methods were out of touch, merson questioned them, GT asked merson how much he wanted to leave the club and Doug paid him off early, obviously thats mersons side of the story though
  10. He was brilliant for us, him and mellberg complimented each other, he had a storming world cup in 2002 and got in the team of the tournament iirc and when he come back he wanted to leave, Taylor didn't play him and a club never come in for him, when he started playing for us again he was given dogs abuse, he scored against Charlton in the following season and got booed when he celebrated, he got released not long after when he played for Turkey against England and spent the game kicking lumps out of Beckham iirc, when he come back to villa there was an effigy of him hanging off the gates by the holte end Ended up in Japan after that, waste of a career really for both him and us
  11. Rustü, and not forgetting our old mate Alpay
  12. 5 defenders and 2 holding midfielders and they didn't even have to do much to score, we were weak as fish piss
  13. Were due a result against a top team, every team in the league has got a shock result so far and are city still as motivated now the league has gone?
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