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  1. I would genuinely pay money too watch these 2 play a game of chess
  2. My argument is yeah, a lot of teams before now hired pay drivers, minardi had Esteban Tuero and Shinji Nakano for a year, super aguri with Ide and Sato, but those were all pay drivers who lasted a season at best Haas have paid these guys to race into each other, if not each other then other cars, if not other cars crashed in the wall for 4 years now I have no idea how grosjean has had the long career he has had in f1, think 2007 was his debut year? That's a long time to be in f1 when the likes of Vergne, who was a talented driver got bombed out after 3 years Magnusson is just in
  3. Arguably the worst driver pairing in history is over, grosjean and magnusson the leave Haas at the end of the season
  4. I actually rated karanka and I thought he would do a good job at that dump Would be hilarious If he was the one who finally flushed that shit out of the championship
  5. With the pro fit stuff go 2 sizes up
  6. Cooms Raving about leeds running performance, its impossible to keep that up over a season
  7. Jimzk5


    What klopp dominance is this? 1 title in 5 seasons?
  8. I've just watched it For me, if the contact the defender made on rashford caused him to go down, yeah penalty But rashford was already going to ground befofe any contact being made
  9. 2 weeks ago one one the gobshite owners was on talksport saying were stacked with players on massive wages who dont play So they sign another player, on big wages The west ham way....
  10. I've just read that the deal for blues was 15% on any future transfer profit As stoke are selling him at a loss, small heath get 15% of nothing
  11. Sky reporting an initial fee of £1million with significant add ons Nixon tweeting its £500k with a few add ons Wither way it's a massive come down from the £20million+ they quoted us just over a year ago
  12. Connor wickham is there? That's one for the forgotten footballers thread
  13. One things for sure, if they do go bust I cant see any willing buyers in today's market
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