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  1. Formula One - 2017

    Watching a 4 time f1 championship winner deliberately crash into another driver and only get a a 10 second stop go penalty is enough for me to think f1 wants Ferrari to win and with that action I won't bother watching
  2. Formula One - 2017

    if vettell doesn't get deduced points for what he did today I won't bother watching the rest of the season, disgraceful what he did
  3. Formula One - 2017

    F1 bottled it today not giving vettell a black flag for dangerous driving.
  4. Formula One - 2017

    Honda Fit a new upgraded part of the energy unit in the engine and alonso retires with an engine failure in p2. Honda are a shambles, can't see them staying in f1 as an engine supplier after mclaren dump them and they lose interest in supplying sauber
  5. Sunderland

    almost as funny as signing an injury prone Jermaine Jenas with a clause in contract saying we'd pay he's wages even if he was injured who then ruptured his Achilles after 4 games.
  6. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    if they didn't move it when an ethics report found they won it through bribery they won't move it full stop.
  7. Jordan Amavi

    Taylor has played in the premier league for 7 years and never looked out of place, it shouldn't be a suprise he's done good with us in the championship
  8. Jordan Amavi

    The worst left back we've ever had? Seriously? Anotonio luna says hello
  9. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    The only thing I don't get, and one doesn't just mean Ronaldo, is why when are you already so rich you have more money than you can spend do you need that little bit more by avoiding paying tax.
  10. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    When Chelsea signed that djilbodgi chancer fog £1.5 million then clogged him to Sunderland for £8million after only playing against oxford for 30 seconds in the league cup there's obviously something dodgy going on
  11. Leicester City

    I dunno, despite what he did towards the end of the season how many time have we seen assistant managers do well full time?
  12. Leicester City

    Craig Shakespeare appointed permanent manager i reckon he'll be sacked by November with Leicester in the bottom 3
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I **** loathe that man.
  14. Sunderland

    O'Shea is out of contract I think, doubt he will be offered another also jack rodwell is absolute rubbish but I'd put money on a team like West Brom signing him