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  1. It's the west ham way A token fine and dont do it again incoming.
  2. Again, sarri and conte were hounded out by chelsea via the press for doing a much better job than lampard is now
  3. I dont disagree, which is why Lampard being given an easy ride by the press is pathetic, cus you know its frank lampard, and he did a good job bringing through the yoof last season Sarri got bombarded out of Chelsea for doing a better job
  4. Wasnt shevchenko in his 30s when he joined Chelsea, and definitely wasnt the same player he was (although, as usual players on shit scoring streaks he bagged a few against us) Werner just looks, well awful, suspect he will be loaned out or sold at the end of the season, same as they did with morata
  5. The gardeners came out as small heath when they joined them, no doubt so they would be accepted more after being employed by us for years, which I get, I'm fairly sure Yorke said something about them being the biggest club in Birmingham when he signed for them What i dont get is why they claimed to be villa fans, more weird given Gary's goal celebration against them at that shit hole The longer we go without having to share a pitch with them the better, if they can stay in purgatory for me.
  6. Rumours derby are going into admin, a points deduction for them will probably keep small heath safe. Again.
  7. For newcastle fans, that must feel like when Bruce was at villa and lost to near or bottom of the league bolton, and we all knew we would lose
  8. I'm not so sure that's right I remember mcleish playing Emile heskey left wing in one game, and he won a throw in
  9. 11 men behind the ball against bottom of the league Sheffield united. Bruce is a born winner.
  10. That was actually pretty much how talkshite reported the game They applauded bielsa playing a strong team, saying its refreshing to have a coach not disrespecting the cup
  11. Jimzk5


    I was at work so had to listen on talkshite and got annoyed when sam matterface said "liverpool have completed 220 passes, aston villa just 14" followed by a bellow of laughter As for klopp, I'm looking forward to his next interview blaming fixture congestion when they lose. The camel faced word removed
  12. Obviously fake It wouldn't say aston villa under 23s squad Nor would the date be 08/01/20201
  13. The accounts have been a disaster for years, yet they still go on and still spend money
  14. We have the players who already every game put good crosses into the box From set pieces were been dreadfull at them for a decade now. So annoying
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