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  1. The clickbait that is the Birmingham mails Twitter feed Today "derby player glad he shunned Aston villa offer" Actual linked article is just Wilson saying he is happy with he's loan to derby. **** all about him "shunning" a move to villa
  2. Wonder if we will go for Fer after we tried in January. Bony ruined his career with that man city move. Improved his bank balance mind.
  3. Jimzk5


    I don't think I've heard anyone in the press say the name Van dijk without following up with "he's a rolls Royce defender" like he was some nobody they picked up for free, never mention the transfer fee. Nor the fact he looks like a statue off Easter Island.
  4. Jimzk5


    It was before Christmas and a majority of the media already reckoned Liverpool would win it. And operation "well Liverpool have done incredible to get close" has started on talksport. Ray Houghton and Stuart Pearce both saying Liverpool have done so well considering the money Man city spend. Black armband times.
  5. Depends how many want to go and get the atmosphere or how many want to go and throw locals into fountains and the chairs through cafe windows. I expect a shed load of negative press off these finals because of fan trouble, On that subject I thought the ticket allocation for the CL final was a joke with both club's only getting 16,500 tickets each, but the EL allocation for arsenal and Chelsea is 6000 each, in 68000 seater stadium.
  6. I remember him being linked to Blackburn in a swap deal with David Dunn aswell.
  7. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2019

    Yeah teams often spoke about being ambushed and mugged outside the circuit. The annoying thing is we lose another old school track with unique corners like the senna s and move onto another tilke designed track with large tarmac run off areas.
  8. Jimzk5

    Formula One - 2019

    Sao Paulo losing the Brazilian gp after this season, a new track being built in Rio to take over.
  9. Worried? No Apprehensive? Yes The winning/unbeatan run is irrelevant now, even if we hadnt lost today going into these 2 derbys, form goes out the window. I believe our first 11 is better than theirs, apart from Gayle I don't think there's a player from there team who I'd like in ours. For all the pessimism Albion fans are showing it's going to be 180 minutes of nervy, tackles flying in and pressure, and that's not mentioning that cheating bastard Rodriguez. 1-1 in the first leg for me.
  10. It's not even a slip of the tongue, that shit eating grin he knows what's he's saying. Astonishing nothing was ever done about it from the club's perspective

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