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  1. Juve have looked absolutely awful. Not sure Pirlo will be there long.
  2. How he keeps burgling results I’ll never know. The way he set us up in the play-off final against Fulham summed him up perfectly: complete reactionary almost cowardly tactics, every game is set up just not to lose. Said before and got some bewildered reactions but with us he’d probably have preferred to have had worse players, the guy doesn’t have a clue what to do when he’s not the underdog and actually expected to get a result from a game rather than a point being a good result. His luck will run out eventually and he can go rot and Stoke where he belongs.
  3. MOTD saying the Arsenal goal should have stood. Xhaka is literally standing right in front of the GK and has to jump out the way of the ball, if that isn’t having an influence on play what is? The offside rule is a **** joke at the moment.
  4. Shame we didn’t see Vardy come through much earlier. The guy could have been Owen-esque, don’t think there’s many players who’s clubs are so much shitter when they don’t play he is so integral to everything Leicester do.
  5. It’s almost comical at the moment because despite all the VAR and dodgy decisions in their favour United are still absolutely shit. Liverpool got a good rub of the green with it last year but United honestly take it to another level. At the risk of approaching tin foil hat territory I’m not sure what more could be done to benefit them without it being clear and obvious corruption.
  6. The Leeds fans talking utter shite didn’t have the same magic effect on our players though?
  7. Yeah of course you want to give some back after getting some isn’t that what it’s all about? You think he had Agbonlahor in his head when he was taking his shots?
  8. Of course they have their general play-style but you really think he makes no adjustments to each specific opponent? I guess the meticulous research he is famed for doing on every team they play is just for shits and giggles.
  9. I don't what he said had any impact on the game what so ever to be honest. Talk Sport pay you to be a wind up merchant just happens he also **** loves doing it.
  10. penguin

    Matty Cash

    I was singing Trez's praises last game, how Cash will love having him in front of him. Not today, he got hung out to dry. So much space on the wings he got left exposed time and time again. He didn't cover himself in glory but we gave him no protection what so ever.
  11. Bamford has that effect on me as well to be fair.
  12. It really was such a unique game. At the risk of blowing smoke up their arse, there isn't many managers in world football who will analyse and exploit your weakness to the extent Bielsa will. They were excellent and if they had more individual quality could have been 2 up or so before we even realised we were in a game. We came back into it quite well but the collapse once they scored was alarming and Smith seeming quite content just to watch it unfold. But maybe a reality check isn't a bad thing, still work to do.
  13. Got to say fair play to them here, fully deserved and could have been more. Bielsa is an absolute miracle worker and he’s crazy enough to stay when he inevitably has the big boys throwing cash at him to leave. Shame they have such an abnormally large portion of the fanbase which are monumental bellends so I’m always going to hope they come unstuck.
  14. This is so poor. We’ve completely fell apart since they’ve scored and Smith has done absolutely nothing to try and turn it around. So disappointed with this performance.
  15. We’ve collapsed mentally now. Leeds are out for blood.
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