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  1. Lewandoski brace, 18 games in a row he’s scored for Bayern I think the commentator said earlier. Different class
  2. You are correct! I knew that but still **** it up haha
  3. What the **** is Luuk de Jong doing there? Watch them sign Dwight Gayle in Jan to complete the North East trinity.
  4. Be interested to see that scale. Smith ———Pep—Fergie—————Bielsa?
  5. Youngboys are battering United, looked the better side before Ronaldos goal also
  6. Doesn't matter. There is no difference in the law whether the player furthest back is a GK or an outfield player, he was definitely standing in an offside position.
  7. Not sure how that goal wasn't offside? The Liverpool player standing right in front of the bloke on the line blocking his view so having some influence on play
  8. Another start for Jack has he improved that much after 2 games or so for City? Suck ya mom Southgate you word removed
  9. What on earth has he done to warrant being a £30m signing? Does he even get in the side over Harrison or Raphinha?
  10. Why is it though? Was it even a position they needed to "strengthen"? Fernandinho replacement and a striker seem much more pressing to me. Well as pressing as can be for a side who's bench would get top 4.
  11. So much like like VAR this new “leniency” will just be trotted out as per when it suits the agenda
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