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  1. Chelsea are a team of individuals, the balance is all off/non-existent.
  2. 18-20th in almost all defensive metrics. Very entertaining to watch as a neutral but must be bad for the blood pressure for Leeds fans. Surely there is a middle ground between this swashbuckling all out attack, leaving gaps all over the place, and some kind of defensive solidity. Their performance against us has been their most measured, by a distance, than the rest of the games I’ve watched of them.
  3. Saw Leeds fans preseason describing Brighton as the calibre of sides “they’ll be destroying”. Going well so far.
  4. penguin


    Nice reality check for them. Should shut up the load of them who emerged from the woodwork after decades of insignificance to lord over their briefest period of ascendancy over us.
  5. First yellow I’ve seen for diving in ages. Happy to see it, needs to happen much more.
  6. Can see this ending badly. Always a very instinctual player for me and obviously doesn’t come across as the brightest. Agree with Trent in that just handing these jobs to ex-players with zero experience, in what is a very competitive league, is absolutely ridiculous. Wonder if they are banking on him having United connections in the same way Lampard had his at Chelsea in terms of the loan players he brought in. It’s all going to end in tears though.
  7. I can’t stand Burnley, just a reincarnation of Stoke. Add nothing to the league whatsoever.
  8. Shaw very lucky for just a yellow there.
  9. Not sure if the other leagues are having the same amount of outbreaks/fixture congestion as us? Euro 2021 getting in any danger yet?
  10. Absolutely no way it goes ahead, not hard to see why Mourinho would like it to though. As has been said numerous times the precedent has already been set and it would make a mockery of the league as we aren't going to be the last team to get an outbreak so it will turn into a lottery of who has to play the kids and when, also with the amount of money involved the temptation to play players they shouldn't be. If I remember rightly there was next to no scrutiny when Newcastle postponed in terms of the evidence of severity of the outbreak, if they try and make us we could just claim we
  11. Most encouraging thing for me is you can see we have a philosophy throughout the club now. Pressed off the ball and wanted to play when we were on it, the players are coming through playing how we want to play in the first team. Obviously got tired at the end and paid for it in that 5 minute spell but we looks like we are finally doing things the right way.
  12. penguin

    Louie Barry

    He's just gone and got his shirt back from Fabinho apparently
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