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  1. They were in the first half, scared to commit forward and overlap. PSG controlled it comfortably due to this. Much like their usual selves in the 2nd and PSG can’t live with it.
  2. City look lost. Unable to dictate the tempo, understandably wary of committing the fullbacks forward after witnessing what PSG did to Bayern on the break but it’s such a huge part of their game.
  3. penguin

    Keinan Davis

    So happy for the lad, changed the game when he came on. Keinan haters right now
  4. I can’t even be arsed to watch this, when’s the last time we touched the ball? So **** boring
  5. Mansour, Abrahmovic et al. Dont give a **** about football, the clubs in it or the fans. They backed out as the backlash and subsequent risk to their bottom line was too high. This “welcome back with open arms” and saviour of football shite is making me just as angry as the initial proposal
  6. Even if we can’t go the whole 51%, immediately, if this isn’t a wake up call to how much time we need mandatory fan ownership then nothing is and it’s just a matter of time before these words removed strike again.
  7. Now to turn our attention on this horrendous “historic wildcard” entry to the champions league. Dont let their smoke and mirrors work
  8. **** Chelsea. They may be the first to turn themselves in but if there wasn’t this level of fallout they were willing to put into risk the entire foundation of the sport for their own greed. None of these clubs should escape without substantial punishment.
  9. Very weak statement by Purslow. We certainly don't want both competitions to thrive. That would almost certainly mean the end of the game as we know it.
  10. Spot on. Every time there has been a new TV deal there are always theories of who can afford what etc but ultimately the same pattern repeats just inflating the prices to account for the additional income. There's a great thread on reddit which ranked transfer fees as a percentage of income rather than just the raw sum which I thought was very interesting, possibly the wages which are more of an issue now then the upfront fees:
  11. Can't say I'm surprised, and obviously one thing to say it from an outside perspective, but it's still a little disappointing none of the managers of these clubs have completely trashed it and outright refused to be a part of it. There is no product without them and the players, I'm be surprised if their contracts included mutiny. They are all in a uniquely privileged position where the worst thing that can happen is you end up without a job, most likely with a payoff, in high demand and are already multi-millionaires with finances of no real concern. These clubs are quite literally
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