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  1. Noticed the “Declan Rice is excellent and if you don’t think so you don’t understand football” crowd have been very quiet recently. Bang average player in a bang average team. On paper they shouldn’t be going down but I would love it if they did!
  2. Reminds me of Sunderland before they went down, like an unflushable turd. What they are doing is incredible unsustainable. Saw a little while back one of the Twitter football stat guys posted some PDO stats, which supposedly is the main indicator of how lucky a side has been from numerous stats and they right up there; second or third from memory. Also 20th in the league on expected goals, shots, shots on target, possession and quite a few more. Absolute miracle they aren’t rock bottom
  3. Thought he played quite well but Luiz has to start the next game.
  4. You do realise the fan base isn’t a hive mind?
  5. The fact we're shit makes him so much more impressive not less. He is our danger man and is frequently double/tripled up on, especially on the left where Neil Taylor doesn't even need to be marked. Yet he still finds a way to single-handedly keep us in games. He'd be frightening in a team where he constantly has options, and quality ones at that, and the opposition can't afford to leave other players in space to try deal with him.
  6. They brought in Drinkwater so all bets are off at this point,
  7. I don’t mind him. He’s not good enough to be a starter but that’s more an indictment on our squad than him. Fine as an option off the bench.
  8. Could be as good as Gueye was for Everton given time and unfortunately if we go down can see the same thing unfolding. Still adjusting to the league and mistakes in his position are extremely noticeable and often costly but his stats speak for themselves.
  9. Not a bad point. And it appears Maupay is still a massive word removed.
  10. Impossible to say isn’t it. I’d like to say yes but if you’re good enough to be challenging for Champions Leagues and titles you’d be stupid not to go. We have to stay up and convince him we don’t just want to make up the numbers.
  11. I know I’ve got my Villa goggles on but this lad is world class or extremely close.
  12. Becoming my favourite player ever, please never leave
  13. We been any better 2nd half? Turned off after the 1st.
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