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  1. penguin


    Has he? He's been getting a decent amount of stick on the Wolves forum this year. From what I've seen of him he's never struck me as anything more than a run-of-the-mill premier league defender and his WhoScored rating for last year is woeful, Wily Boly has always looked head and shoulders above the rest of their CBs and it's backed up by the stats. But perhaps myself and the algorithm are biased by his lack of a fancy name.
  2. penguin


    This has to be one of the most tired tropes around.
  3. penguin


    Wings are the glaring issue for me, followed by how isolated Wesley is at times. I can't see Smith making wholesale changes to our style but solely as a thought exercise we could play a diamond or 3 at the back: (I apologise for the numbers in advance @NurembergVillan)
  4. Can see us being in for Bowen, hopefully. Our wide options are really poor. In Jan.
  5. He is absolutely diabolical. Opposition can afford to give him the run of the pitch as he has zero ability to hurt them.
  6. Thought he should have came off instead of Marvelous. He looked well off the pace.
  7. I’d have taken a point pre-game but obviously always disappointing when they go down to 10. They went down to easy but the ref was fine in fact I’d say good overall and at least consistent. Marvellous was class.
  8. Would be happy with anything from this. They have pretty settled team and Anderson, Lanzini and Haller are all quality, dangerous players. Defence will need to be on form and hopefully we can bother theirs.
  9. Possibly cheating using loan players but that's the best I can think of.
  10. Not sure he would have agreed to it himself. Sure I've read he felt he had unfinished business with Chelsea and obviously believed he was good enough for that level, and he was right it would seem.
  11. Well they didn't die but I'm sure Tammy and Axel wouldn't have been happy if we'd locked them in Bodymoor Heath.
  12. Did we ever have that option though? We had to spend £50/60m just to try and stand still quality wise. And on top of this we had to replace all the players whose contacts expired. Lastly Norwich were 20 points better than us last year.
  13. Nice to see that Kevin Friend hasn’t been given another top game immediately after one of the worst and biased performance in recent history. Oh wait.
  14. Get in Tammy. Wolves have looked awful this year.

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