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  1. penguin

    Dean Smith

    I need to add this to my vocabulary.
  2. penguin

    Dean Smith

    As all with almost arguments/debates, especially on the internet, everything has gone very binary. Dean Smith is not completely at fault for our position, there are obviously mitigating factors. What I do believe is he has to shoulder a decent portion of the blame. We have showed enough promise (especially early in the season; which makes it worse as you'd have thought we'd kick on once the players gelled and got used to the tactics) to suggest we are capable of more than we are seeing. The amount of points dropped from winning positions says it all. Do we even know our best formation. Our best 11? Make as many excuses as you want but we spent 100m+ in the summer we aren't an huddlesfield-esque underdog story, 2 points from the last 27 when we are fighting for our lives is unforgivable.
  3. penguin

    Dean Smith

    Agree. No-one expected us to get anything today and we gave a fairly good account of ourselves. That said you couldn't have asked for a better time to play them , they were very sloppy and didn't really get out of first gear, any conclusions drawn should bear that in mind. 2 points out of the last 27 really is diabolical.
  4. Decent performance for the majority considering they are the Champions and at home, but in all honesty they were as uninterested and sloppy as you'll see them. 2 points out of 27? Where are they going to come from?
  5. Take it to the Smith thread? We get it, you like Smith and any criticism against him is wrong.
  6. We were never going to keep a clean sheet, just can't afford to crumble now. A point is still very attainable.
  7. Konsa chests the ball down and glides out of defence VVD-esque. Then humps it out of touch.
  8. Agree today. Need to keep doing what we're doing and just hope we take a chance.
  9. He looks like the Soul Glo bloke from coming to america
  10. Why does Mings always need to beat his man before clearing it? Usually gets away with it but just seems an unnecessary risk.
  11. Wasn't Maupay the same price if not less than Wesley? Wouldn't want the little scrote in the shirt myself though.
  12. Was thinking similar. I'd like Samatta on with Davis but not sure we can afford to lose a man in midfield to play 2 up front.
  13. We've been good obviously Liverpool aren't at the races at all but the quality is still there. I'd snap your hand off for a 0-0 but I think we'll need at least one goal to get anything.
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