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  1. Not paywalled for me. Extent of the information appears to be “keep washing your hands”.
  2. A complete and utter word removed is acting as such, who would have thought it? Get him out the club.
  3. A few more paragraphs and you've got yourself an award winning Guardian Opinion piece.
  4. Absolutely no-way that games go ahead now. Can't see any other choice but to void the season, the whole appeal of football is how things can change at the last minute so going off current positions just won't stand or be respected.
  5. Pep's put a surprisingly strong side out. Pushing his 3% impact to the max.
  6. I was referring more to the nonsensical rant that followed.
  7. IMO we are the second worst side in the league. Behind newcastle. Obviously hope we stay up but think Jack will go anyway so my emotional investment is dwindling by the day. But obviously we stay up and we can demand more cash.
  8. Leganes reportedly denied permission to sign a player to replace Braithwaite. Yet if he was injured for 5+ months they'd have been allowed. Ridiculous.
  9. penguin

    Dean Smith

    January was so huge and we just didn't do what we needed to. Our only hope is the 3 below us somehow continue getting worse results than us.
  10. penguin

    Dean Smith

    Should he have blown smoke up their arse instead? We were absolutely diabolical today.
  11. He was tripled up on all game, surprised it hasn't happened sooner, he is our only threat and teams don't give a shite about leaving space for our other players. Stop him playing and we have no clue.
  12. Unless I'm imaging things this isn't the first time he's gone off with a suspect injury is it? He doesn't have the mental fortitude to cut it at the top. He'll be off to Turkey or China in the summer.
  13. penguin

    Dean Smith

    He isn't getting the sack. I like the guy and he is one of our own but it has been apparent for a while he isn't cut out for this level. If the owners are serious in their long-term ambitions for us then he is the first change in the summer for me.
  14. penguin

    Dean Smith

    Thats it. I think its the only reason I care at the moment. It's gonna sting seeing him for the next decade at United or Chelsea etc.
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