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  1. Salah looked offside and wasn’t even a check seemingly.
  2. This is horrendous. They are one of the best counter attacking sides in the league why are we making it so easy for them?
  3. Eh? I’ve seen league 1 sides put up more of a fight than us that second half, we were dreadful.
  4. I know right. Why did we even bother to turn up?
  5. Players running around like headless chickens, lucky we are only losing by 1. If it’s more of the same this half 4 or 5 for them is a distinct possibility.
  6. We need to sit back and frustrate them, they are shocking at breaking teams down. Playing into their hands by leaving ourselves so open and letting them break constantly.
  7. Restricted them to very little, it’s almost they’ve done a deal with the devil the amount of last minute goals they score. Harsh result on us.
  8. penguin


    Well yes but if you’re basing what is good in terms of every team in England then every team in the top two tiers are good.
  9. penguin


    Not really. That would make you worse than the majority of teams in the league.
  10. Doesn’t change the fact his penalty record is horrendous tbf.
  11. You just know that’s gonna be the headlines now. ”Villa lose to 10 man Man City”
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