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  1. Yeah but i won't believe he's signed for them until he's seen wearing a kagoul. Zipped up to the top. Mate.
  2. I want him to stay, of course I do. However, when i see comments about him being in training with us so he can't be leaving only reminds me of dwight yorke playing his face up whilst still at villa and starting the season under us. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Just wondering if (god forbid) covid has taken care of Erdo Pete therefore we'll never hear his (and his son's) expert opinions on sha on WM again....would it be okay to still use the word "mate" as a tribute to him on here ? Asking for a mate. Mate.
  4. @Xela probably has one of those in the courtyard of his gated community
  5. You live in a gated community ? I bet you're the sort of word removed who drives an Audi
  6. I've just worked out how to use the pinch and zoom function on my mobile
  7. You'd hope not (as a citeh fan). Perhaps i worded it incorrectly....if he loves, even craves affection then he has it with us in bucket loads & probably not as much with Petro Dollar FC who can't even sell out their stadium despite all the success they've bought recently. I remember man city as far back as late 70s. Good club, proper support but now....i dunno....perhaps I'm out of touch with the modern money spinning game now and this is the new normal ?
  8. Sorry, i forgot to say it was about 9 years ago.
  9. I think it might be down to patience: 1. Join citeh and play a bit part in winning silverware every season, starting now. Or 2. Build with Villa and be the talisman in us possibly winning something, but it might not be until 3 or 4 years time. Just my opinion of course...
  10. I went for a routine check up at my NHS dentist and during the check up, the dentist rather coldly told me a crown needed fitting. He said he could book me in (about 5 month's time) as NHS or he could do it there and then privately. I was rather flush at the time so i said crack on and do it now...for about £140. All of a sudden and as if a switch had been flicked in his brain, he was all over me, calling me Sir, going OTT with the charm, care and attention. It wasn't even subtly done. Even his dental assistant looked away embarrassed as i raised my eyebrows at her whilst he went to his pc to show me the x rays he'd taken. Gangster.
  11. I've just come back after having a large latte in selfridges. In my book i am now a proppa brummie cos I've been drinking in town. Mate.
  12. Call him fam, cuz or blad and say stuff like "ya feel me ?" All you gotta do is watch a bit of Top Boy and you'll be fine
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