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  1. Going down with not as much as a whimper. Last night went pretty much as I expected. I have never felt so deflated watching the villa as i did last night and i was wishing the last 35 mins away for fear of our goal difference getting an even bigger kicking
  2. we played well in the home game against em & many said "oh if we show the same commitment in our next games.....".....only for us to be crap. Only plus point was the goal diff didn't get a kicking. We are powder puff up front
  3. For sure. I'm just worried about the goal difference getting a kicking
  4. Dunno why folk are so happy about the redscouse getting a kicking. Just remember who their next game is against
  5. Dude, have you ever heard of the phrase "not on a school nght" ?
  6. Insurance companies and renewal time. The boring ritual of phoning to cancel cos you've found a new insurer that offers the same cover for half the price, knowing you'll be having the same conversation with them as well in 12 months' time. Just got off the phone from Halifax who were very surprised i wouldn't take their reviewed offer which was £30 less than their first renewal figure....even when i told them it was still £40 more expensive than my new insurer.....like they think I'm blagging them.
  7. "More glamorous" than small time alliance ? Jeez, even wealdstone would be more appealing, given their passionate fanbase:
  8. True. I reckon it'll be this bloke :
  9. Wenger is in the poll....? Oh sorry....but for a moment:
  10. 25th june, so........George Michael. Ricky Gervais, George Orwell, Carly Simon & Neil Lennon Loads more accordng to google but i've never head of 'em !
  11. mottaloo

    Dean Smith

    Ok - you "think" Terry suggested a different or new defence. Neither you or I would have such inside knowledge. What managerial experience has Terry got ? Better tactics ? There's a well worn phrase about great footballers not making great managers. Hardly a great choice, but I'm not intending to get in to a slanging match; just that our opinions on the matter differ vastly. FWIW I agree Smith is out of his depth now.
  12. mottaloo

    Dean Smith

    No offence Eastie but JT cant even sort the defence out never mind the rest of the team
  13. Bought two of these bad boys at a farm shop recently. Must be the size of large grapefruits ! Never gonna buy onions from a supermarket again ! That's a pint sized mug just to give perspective
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