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  1. I got battered on Twitter for saying morelos is a red card waiting to happen from fans saying I've never seen him play etc. Well, i do kind of follow Celtic who are the only really other good team in that league consistency wise and morelos hasn't exactly done the business against them. Against lower teams sure, but not Celtic. Too much of a gamble in my view
  2. At my place there's a laminated chart above the basins on how to wash your hands
  3. On a different topic...this really pisses me off....children in need day. Not the charity itself, no...but at our place it's very irritating how the HR department (i still call them "personnel" to annoy them) seem to spring to life in many a zany behaviour, fancy dress, tin rattling, sponsored fckin bake offs as they make their chirpy, crazy way around the offices ! What really yanks my chain is that it wouldn't be so bad if they weren't such words removed for the rest of the year, being authoritarian from their remote ivory towers and who only seem to side with management in times of staff disputes....but on this one whacky day of the year they're everyone's mate. Fck off !!
  4. Whilst we're talking shite....here's a couple of restroom habits of mine : When I'm about to unleash (and i know there's going to be an initial and very loud explosion noise, that echoes in the bowl), i time it to coincide with me flushing the toilet to mask the sound. All so when i do emerge there's no one looking at me "like that" When i have a "wee", i always find it highly amusing and not stomach churning to hear those in the traps behind me make all sorts of bottom noises. However, whilst draining the trouser snake i can't fart if there is someone nearby. I don't mind if someone else do it as long as they aren't next to me.
  5. Jeez....i would've been seriously tempted to chin him at that point !!
  6. I went for about 6 internal interviews this year and the panel were mainly of people i have worked with or still do. My place is a shirt & trousers place mon to thurs (no tie or jacket) with every friday as dress down.....just no shorts or vest tops. I always wore a suit even if it meant working the rest of the day in it, alongside those who may have interviewed me earlier and who usually don't see me so dressed up. To me, it just showed them how important i took the whole interview situation.
  7. Don't listen to this bloke !
  8. This. 100%. The attempt on the brummie accent reminded me of Timothy Spall's shocking west bromwich accent from auf wiedersehen pet ! Now that SHA are shamelessly pimping themselves out to it means I'll never watch it at all now.
  9. I have a brother and his family living in Perth WA since 2006 and i got a massive rollicking for daring to pick up a box of VB in the local bottle shop ! Even the barman in a city bar snorted his disapproval when i ordered a pint of it ! Then....then, there's that excellent tv programme Bogans' Pride
  10. @A'Villan.....if ur talking bogan then you need to crack open the VB
  11. Oi !!! The People's Republic of Cork is very selective and discerning as to who gets in !
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