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  1. What's your address Rodders ? #housepartywentviral
  2. On a similar theme on a different VT thread about Louie Barry's dress sense...here's something that pisses me off - Damian Hurley (Liz's son - yes, that's right - son). Is the "resting" actor intent on morphing in to his old lady ?? Get a haircut, a proper job (or A job) and stop pouting like a sulky girl !!! Like i said, it's got nothing to do with me and it shouldn't piss me off - but it does.
  3. Yes, i know I'm getting a bit predictable but :
  4. This is the main reason i am an armchair fan now, paying my sky and BT subs. Too many pissed/coked up gammons in packs of 4 or 5 confronting you if you dare say something (or sumfink) their tiny brains can't process, so they gob off or offer you out (never one on one, mainly when they got the rest of their zombie gang backing them up).
  5. instead of which,we've been well and truly DUTWU
  6. I'd only buy him (at a tribunal for peanuts cos he's still too young to sign a pro contract) just to annoy SHA. Dont know if he's any good, like this Louie Barry lad but I doubt they'd be getting £12m for him or anything near it.
  7. Nissan Qashqai +2 perhaps ?
  8. ..........and those annoying clapper things......just like small heath had one time; embarrasing !
  9. Watched The Gentlemen last night and really enjoyed it. In particular, credit to Hugh Grant who played the opposite of his normal floppy haired middle class twit. Quite geezer-ish and good value.
  10. Ask and ye shall receive:
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