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  1. mottaloo


    Niche ? Is that your kind way of meaning "speshul" ?
  2. mottaloo


    Exactly £70 they cost me an' all !
  3. mottaloo


    Bought a pair of stan smith all black about 5 years ago but have never worn them, cos the velcro straps suggest i have trouble with laces :
  4. Hearing that the dogheads have lost to ollbeeyun (and sha winning) reminds me of that old saying, seeing your dragon of a mother in law drive off a cliff in your new sports car
  5. This would've been a perfect chance for Rego to hammer him. Still, let's remember that ol' squeaky yam yam is privately suffering, keeping his grief bottled up cos he cor bear to spake about little aston bating his beloved ollbeeyun in case he gets the piss ripped out of him. As if that would happen
  6. He remembers Kenny Burns playing for sha ? That must mean that erdo Pete is in his 60's....
  7. Bet he wants the season abandoned
  8. Let me guess - we ay gooin dowun ? Deluded.
  9. I'll ask her. From what she's told me, there wasn't a great many options for a few beers that weren't ex miners' working clubs
  10. My missus does this but only to the first magpie she sees. "Good morning Mr Magpie, how's your mother ?". Sees a second one of the day - separately - and does nothing. Then again, she IS from Burntwood
  11. Let me recommend jogging bottoms to you, my friend. They come with a cord to tighten if needed. Thank me later
  12. When i see someone without a mask on (and they're not elderly) i assume they're of the "fck you, go on i dare you to challenge me !" brigade.....just looking for a row. One yoof told my brother in a petrol station that he didn't need to wear one as he was ",redempt". Moron....weed smoking moron as it turned out. However, i get more wound up by the ones who have their mask covering their chin only, leaving mouth and nose free. I mean, how effing dumb do you want to show everyone else you really are !?
  13. Can't believe it's been over 15 hours and no one has KW'ed this post. Ah well, here goes :
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