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  1. You obviously missed my point. I'm talking about obsession on a totally different level which this bloke is. I have mates at work who talk about stuff on sha forum including about him, hence my occasional visit there.....but thanks for your concern.
  2. Hope I'm wrong on this but I've got a nagging feeling that Arsenal might just be sniffing around for a centre half.....and.....well..... i just hope they go french again and leave TM to us !
  3. The fact that he set up a website about us which probably cost him money to run makes him a special kind of obsessed. Ok....ok..... i apologise for the trainspotter comment...(perhaps i should've said "railway enthusiast" ?) ...and for calling him "ginge".....but the obsessed part stays
  4. mottaloo

    John Terry

    But is he going to phone in sick when we play Chelsea ?
  5. The trainspotter pictured here goes by the name "almajir" and proclaims to be some sort of commentator on all things small heath, in particular their dealings with the Hong Kong stock exchange and the club's financial woes. Until recently, he also ran a website called villaleaks.com aimed at highlighting Dr Tony's finances in the gleeful hope that we were going to the wall (never mind, ginge !). He also posts on the sha forum as El Mayor and the hilarious thing is that a lot of noses see him as some kind of guru, the "go to guy" when crap kicks off at their place - so he's been busy as you can imagine ! He also claims to have had an indirect hand in Peter Pannu's dismissal from the club. What really amuses me about this bloke is that he went to the lengths of creating an anti villa website, all about our finances - i mean, there's obsession and then there's this guy !
  6. I bet you had a proper burblefest down those country lanes
  7. I'm getting the popcorn in and heading off to the sha forum The gift that keeps giving !
  8. mottaloo

    Wesley Moraes

    So.....how do we pronounce his last name ? I'm going for "Mor-ay-esh"
  9. mottaloo


    What's a "whitey" (in drug reaction terms and not "Love Thy Neighbour") ?
  10. That is a great suggestion ! Like putting on a mask..........possibly in the hope that it could eventually have a positive effect in your day to day persona. After all, acting is mainly pretending to be someone else, someone you may not be.
  11. If i remember correctly, it's prem league patches on both sleeves and a sponsor's logo on just one of them
  12. What put me over the edge was the caramel. Dark chocolate and salty pretzel are great together but then throw a bit of sweet and chewy caramel.....well.....that just made it food porn !
  13. Just bought a bag of these at Costco. Pure, addictive filth..... i reckon I'll have the (big) bag finished off before the weekend

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