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  1. If that game was played at their place then i totally agree with you. I'm just getting concerned that as the home team we need to take full advantage of the sell out crowd and be the team who dictates play against most of our opponents, except for the likes of man citeh. Then again, look what naaaaarwich did with a depleted side...
  2. Ah yes, the shrove tuesday traditional ball game. I've worked in Atherstone for years and it definitely has it's own style shall we say ? A place where the local school register has probably no more than four different surnames on it. Very "close knit", so to speak. Yoof.
  3. @Xela liked nothing more than burbling along, waving at the honeys as he went by :
  4. Why oh why did i buy these ? They could rival my mixed grill addiction !
  5. @newhavenhibby..... I'm mildly surprised you say there's little of that sectarian stuff going on between hibs and hearts. I thought (jokingly) that hearts fans were rangers fans but without the bus fare. You would obviously know better than most on here of course, but it's good to hear you say that.
  6. As if he didn't already play out of his skin for the OF games.....well, that comment hasn't really helped the blue side of Glasgow for next time. Rivalry, yes but this is awful. Reminds me of JG's younger brother and the comments some SHA cretin made. We have our own idiots too by the way. Some people are just sick.
  7. Jessica Rabbit. Close this thread.
  8. Whilst I'm here, i have another one that is my phone ringtone : A John Barry classic for me, along with his Long Good Friday theme.
  9. VTers of a certain age will remember this. For me, it was the prelude to star soccer with Hugh Johns....sunday roast aromas wafting in from the kitchen....and i still hadn't done my homework:
  10. I was matchday security "blazer boy" on the players lounge at the time he played for us. I used to particularly look forward to when he rocked up as he usually brought his lovely missus Helen with him (stunning, long dark haired girl from the valleys but so down to earth and friendly ). Whether it's true about the beer reacting with his medication, he surely would've been aware of that to begin with ? Ah well....hope he learns from this and at least no one was hurt in this incident.
  11. @A'Villan...i mean those words and I do admire your strengths in not only meeting up but the calm determination to pre set boundaries with the self respect to walk away if it doesn't go the way you want it to.

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