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  1. mottaloo

    General Chat

    @Xela- hope you get better soon, dude. Work from home if you have to. I'm sure your co-workers wouldn't want to pick up your lurgy so close to xmas.
  2. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    You're not wrong there. Whenever Andy gets gobby about his beloved yanited, a pic of him wearing a Chelsea shirt circa 2005 is emailed to him by those of us who aren't glory hunters. He soon shuts up. Hats off to another lad at our place who goes home and away to see his local team, Cov. He also takes his 8 yr old son who refused to be like his class mates and support whoever's the best at the moment. Poor lad though....I mean.....Cov !
  3. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Not an original rant I know, but it IS Monday so please indulge me : "champions" league draw. Dave, the Liverpool fan shout across the office to Andy. "we got bayern Munich. Gonna be tough for us, that one !" in his thick Nuneaton accent. "we got PSG. Could make or break our season. Never wanted mourinho at my club anyway !" replied Andy in his thicker Tamworth accent. "Villa dropped 2 points on Sat" I piped up. Cue blank expressions from Andy and Dave. words removed, the pair of them
  4. mottaloo

    Viewing / Buying a house

    Hmm....I feel an exciting business plan may be on the Shropshire horizon....
  5. mottaloo

    Alan Hutton

    I love him (not literally !) for his attitude, work rate and the odd magic moment he's given us but we can't afford to be sentimental here. If Bree is ready then he has to start. Hutz is a good squad player but that's about it.
  6. mottaloo

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Stoke

    Funnily enough, I think we'll be a lot better against Leeds. I mean, stoke are perennial thugs and did what they do. The likes of Leeds, sheff utd and derby will play in a more positive way which in turn will let us play better too.....well, the midfield and strikers anyway
  7. mottaloo

    Viewing / Buying a house

    Desi pub, i hope
  8. mottaloo

    West Bromwich Albion

    Yeah, I heard that moron too and felt embarrassed for him. As @penguinquite rightly implied, they are irrelevant to me, like some annoying lil squirt jumping up and down desperate for attention and wanting to be taken seriously. Calm down Aynoch, just sit back dowun and finish those faggots and pays, me mon.
  9. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Is this largely a generational/phase thing ? I mean, I'm in my early 50s now and I used to love xmas office parties where I'd put my best suit on (by the way, the dress code amongst blokes seems so much more laid back - going to a xmas dinner in t shirt and designer jeans, whereas the ladies still glam up ). Now though, I just can't be bothered. "Book a room and stay over !" I'm told. Yeah, but don't you all realise you're still over the limit when you drive off the next morning ? I dunno; i guess I grew out of it all. Drink has never been a big part of my life and being instant mates with Geoff from IT just cos I'm sitting next to him at the dinner table when 364 days of the year i can't stand him just doesn't do it for me. Meh.
  10. mottaloo

    Favourite airlines

    Alex, bear in mind that the rugby world cup is in Japan next autumn from 20th Sept til start of Nov so prices will get hiked, but if you plan to fly before then, I reckon you'll get a good deal.
  11. mottaloo

    Favourite airlines

    I went business class to oz last Jan with emirates and yes, I got a"complimentary" chauffeur to the airport; from my destination airport to my accommodation too and the same when coming back - 4 trips in all. I'm sure they cover the cost of it through the price of the plane ticket though. But yeah, it's a nice feeling to jump in to a swanky bmw when you get back to bhx having abused the on plane bar not having to worry about being over the limit. If that's your thing. I think there's a 70 mile limit though. My bro flew from manchestuh and it was just about within their radius from brum. Worth checking with them first on their website. Only problem is, you'll never want to fly economy again !
  12. mottaloo

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    The one on the road that leads on to all those car showrooms ? That was the very bridge I had in mind when I posted earlier - spooky ! Not forgetting the one by the tame otter pub - shame it's a 30 mph zone
  13. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Cash in a card for all the youngsters, niece and nephew etc. I wouldn't have a clue as to what to buy them and they're glad of the cash. Saves the embarrassment of saying "oh thanks uncle John!" when they open their car care kit from Halfords that I got last year.
  14. mottaloo

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Now I don't mind a very occasional but of turbulence; it reminds me that I'm on a plane journey. Nothing more than the same sensation you get when you drive over a humped bridge a little too quickly and get the tingle in your guts. @Amsterdam_Neil_Dsounds like a nightmare for you though - sod that !