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  1. It's killing some of my bosses & managers above them cos they just don't trust us to do the job at home. It's a control thing too; they HAVE to see us, watch us, know our every movement almost. At one of the daily catch up meetings held on Teams, our senior manager asked how we were coping with working from home & I said "great - wouldnt mind this being a regular thing for quieter shifts (weekends)"........silence for about 10 seconds before she says "Hmm..we'll see, it's an interesting opinion there John......who knows ?" - insert chinny reckon emoji here !
  2. Didn't know until after watching the 2nd series that the owner left his missus (who he had 4 kids with) and moved in with a former lapdancer. She appeared in one of last episodes and all i could think was that she had botoxed the fck out of her face....and....also, what exactly did the leggy blonde (admittedly fairly fit) see in that chubby short arse millionaire ?
  3. A bit off topic but i thought Felicity Kendal still looked pretty hot in her 60s. I think she's now 73.
  4. I remember seeing Tony Daley's debut at VP. He's now a grandfather. I feel really old
  5. I saw Rob Newman do a solo show many years ago and it was quite angst-ridden, look at how effed up the world is kind of vibe. It was at Warwick arts centre. Whilst i knew there was no Mary Whitehouse element to it, i had to restrain myself from shouting "do some Ray !!" just to lighten the mood !
  6. @Wezbid - i really hope that's reduced sugar tomato ketchup/brown sauce you've used ?
  7. Well she said it "looked like a hand"....or like a baby's forearm
  8. When you go to B&Q and start hallucinating in the timber section :
  9. I agree with others - wait until the facts come out...and IF the facts prove him to have been intoxicated from drink/drugs/both then villa captain or not, he is a fckin idiot endangering lives. No claret and blue tinted specs for me here if that turns out to be the case. That said, if he hasn't broken the law then okay, he's still a tw*t for being out especially after his social media plea for folk to be sensible during lockdown.
  10. So my girlfriend just called me in a right state. She said she was waiting for train when she got the feeling she was being watched. Sure enough, she looked up and saw someone who she could only describe as a "mini maradona" making suggestive tongue movements whilst hollowing out a popular chocolate treat at this time of year, all from the window of the local bail hostel She said that was bad enough but his self-nipple rubbing whilst beckoning her to come nearer with his free hand was sickening. She told me that would be the last time she wears her jogging bottoms going to work as it seems to attract all manner of weirdos.
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