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  1. Hahaha ! I'll have you know i put a generous spreading of beef dripping on it ! Man of the people, me !
  2. Why white sourdough bread takes twice as long to get any kind of colour in the toaster, compared to normal white bread ?
  3. Well the one thing......the ONE thing i wanted ocado to deliver (marmite breakfast biscuits) were replaced with belvita biscuits......savoury for sweet ?!?!?!?! I was tembling with rage on my doorstep and gave the delivery boy a jolly good flea in his ear ! Perhaps i should've got off my arse and bought them myself ? Nah....
  4. Adding stuff to my ocado online order (yes, i know !)....the app asks me four times if i want to proceed to checkout and then finally click on commit order. In the previous four steps it reminded me of stuff i removed as "items i may have forgotten "....then it's " check these items"....then it's " items at low price"....and then something like "similar to what you have in your basket" before i can commit the order and save changes. I am beyond livid about this and have already penned a stiff note of complaint to the daily mail !!
  5. Think you might be right. Very sad, 54 is no age at all. Apparently, he found he had the big C only in March. Not sure if it was a reoccurrence but...54 yrs old, tragic.
  6. Alan McLoughlin, Portsmouth and Ireland footballer, 54. Cancer
  7. Nothing beats DHUTWU in that respect
  8. ....and yanited will get a penalty for that. Again.
  9. I thought that too but then if he was asked by the writers to play the part of a dull and uninteresting character then he delivered exactly that. Then again, I'd agree with you that he's no Larry Olivier or Sir Ian McKellen
  10. I was pleased that Nigel Boyle got the screen time as the baddie, as he is a big villa fan and sneaked in a few villa references. He replied to a tweet of mine saying he was going to post the villa shirt that was in his office once the series had finished. I hope he hasn't got the hump about last night's public reaction. It was great to see a brummie actor in a big show. The fact that he is a villa man is the icing on the cake.
  11. If so, fair enough (no blame on the fans) but if not then there's gonna be a few P45s heading to the security team, even if they were threatened.
  12. Ok.....this is what I meant.....compared to our first half (lots of attacking, chances, good keeping by Pickford, hitting the woodwork)....we really weren't too good 2nd half and the goal came out of the blue.
  13. Smashed and grabbed in a poor second half for us, compared to our first half display.
  14. Smash and grab 2nd half but how many times have we been the victims of that ? Great result
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