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  1. That is praise indeed coming from your good self
  2. Good luck getting a drink. Mate.
  3. Need some advice please. Other half has just bought a 66 plate nissan juke and the main beam headlights still appear to be "too high" despite being on the lowest setting (did the usual test of facing a wall and watching the beam lower whilst pressing the required switch on the dash) but it still is a bit high and we get flashed at night by some drivers. I know they have those daytime running lights higher up but don't think they're the problem. I've looked on forums but nothing really helps so far. Any ideas VTers ?
  4. Thing is, just how many jaw dropping deals ever get done in the Jan window ? No doubt they will have the money but if they are to get stellar signings then pants will truly be pulled down.
  5. Never liked him after his Ken Bigley "wish they'd get on with it" remark.
  6. Fair play to the players. Someone 100 yards away collapses,the players see it and don't shrug it off as a drunken stumble or similar; something they must see more than once in a while. Players focused on a corner yet still aware of what might be happening. Credit to them; perhaps they're not all selfish words removed ?
  7. She looks proper scary, like a Bond villain
  8. Hope these traore digs don't come back to haunt us
  9. Royster's steak bubble crisps, that aren't as crunchy but full of flavour
  10. That's simply asking for an "accidental" toe tredding at the bar, in my doc martens.
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