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  1. I don't want to be a moody malcolm here but i don't feel confident about this one. I don't care if we hammer them 8-0, or if it's an edgy 1-0 win.......three points is all that matters now. It's just that we're playing the small heath of the south and that puts me on edge. UTV
  2. Kurt - i nearly always have a self deprocating sense of humour which i use to break the ice with new company, or to diffuse awkward situations. It's become second nature to me now, but when someone else does the same thing, putting themselves down for a cheap laugh I'm like "no, no don't be like that. Don't mock yourself" So, my question to you is this : how would you feel or react to a female Kurt ? What would you say to her ? Like the other lads on here, i sincerely wish you the best. Yes, no one has lived your life but you and no one else is in your head thinking your thoughts or feeling what you feel but you, so all we can do is relate to how it's been for us and hope some of it helps you
  3. Good lad, don't forget a few pics By the way, is that the escape room place on the corner of jockey and chester roads ? I thought it had shut down. It looks that way. Enjoy anyway !
  4. Yes, you're right. I'm confusing myself with the distant memory that Watford had a goalkeeper crisis for a semi final and I'm sure some bloke who helped run a wine bar down south but played occasionally had to step in ? Was it even watford ? Jeez... I'm getting old !
  5. Not that i condone such drastic measures but that did make me out loud ! I'm going straight to hell !
  6. I was driving to see my girlfriend late that afternoon and happened to pull alongside a coach of everton fans who'd just seen their team beat Watford at villa park. I looked across and all of them (that i could see) were just gazing out back at me, totally folorn and in disbelief, probably wondering if their mates/family were ok. Haunting.
  7. I look forward to seeing his book launch, written in short words so the purchasers won't need to move their lips too quickly as they "read" the gripping story.
  8. mottaloo


    You'd hope that was a boggie fan on the wind up, but if it was a doghead then I really give up
  9. He should've passed to Davis. Greedy git. (joking by the way !)
  10. If it goes down to "the wire", then bring it on !
  11. The fact that I've been corrected twice in two days by different café owners when i asked for a medium coffee, i was told that they don't do medium, only regular or large. Medium...regular.... what's the fckin difference ?!?!?
  12. mottaloo

    Ritchie De Laet

    I may have dreamed this but didn't Everton have to play defender Steve Watson up front for a while cos they were strapped for cash or all their strikers were injured ? Then again, in Blackburn's title winning season (or poss the season either side) centre half Paul Warhurst did pretty well as a forward.
  13. 75p for me on the holte as a spotty 16 yr old in 80/81. I remember the 2p bus fares too. Catch the 46 bus from the drakes drum pub to perry barr dog track (or birchfield harriers stadium as it was). Walk to villa park, watch the game, no.7 bus back to perry common crossways pub then 28 bus to dyas road terminus. Pop over to the old post office just in time for the sports argus and a 1/4 of aniseed balls, munching away back home reading about the game I'd just watched. Happy days.....until i remembered i still had homework to do on Sunday (after Star Soccer, watching the game I'd seen and read about the day before !) Sorry for the ramble but it's a senior "thing"

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