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  1. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yep, I've posted about this in the past. The yappy, boy/girl presenters who are SO "zany" just have to witter on about inane drivel. More serious stations like absolute radio are pretty good. Seem to be more knowledgeable and proper presenters who'd rather talk about upcoming gigs and back catalogues than drone on about Kim Kardashian and her latest nip slip or love island. Sarah Champion being my fave
  2. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I know, I know...but it was the only bottle of red in the house and she didn't drink white. It stuck in my throat to open it. Bloody waste.
  3. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Well I had a pint of Beamish if that gets my shandon street cred back ?
  4. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    As a man of proud (people's republic of) Cork heritage I agree. However, I used it one night to entertain the same young lady as above, as part of a top roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. I just couldn't be arsed to peel and mash spuds and besides, it was m&s maris piper mash so i thought it would get me some jiggy jiggy action afterwards. It didn't. She kicked off about me not making the effort and left but only she'd ate the lot and sank half a bottle of st emilion. Cow.
  5. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Ah look, it was the means to an end and i got "bare/nuff punani" ay't ?! Ok....that's enough now. Honest. Safe.
  6. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I generally agree with you there. However, I was until recently, seeing a woman who had a 16 yr old son who thought he was a bit of a streetwise gangsta. Anyway, as part of my charm offensive to ingratiate myself with this hero, I picked up a few sayings from a teenage lad at work such as : peng ting (pretty girl) piff gal (as above) snake someone out (to tell on someone - "grassing" in my day) blad/fam/cuz - as in "mate" Brap - said at the start or end of a saying. "Fam, gal was peng ting, ya feel me ? Brap !" and so on. As much as it stuck in my throat to say such stuff, the yoof in question "rated" me, told his mum who in turn was so happy that I was making the effort, often duly obliged when I was in "da mood to link my ting" in her bedroom
  7. mottaloo

    Dean Smith

    I thought BFR is a scouser
  8. mottaloo

    Documentaries you have to watch

    Shoulder to shoulder, on BT sport, with Brian O'Driscoll. A look at the Ireland rugby team from late 60s through the recent "troubles". Very interesting if rugby's your thing.
  9. mottaloo

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Do you know who the courier is ? Got a tracking number perhaps ? Villa used Hermes and I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of delivery. Can't speak for the other shirts but if you went for an Umbro one then you'll be pleased. It's like a polo shirt type texture, a bit softer/lighter feel to it, perhaps. Hoping Hummel follow suit and recreate their half and half pinstripe shirts. I too am all about the official branding
  10. mottaloo

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Well my 80 away shirt arrived this morning, 3 days after buying online. Very happy with speed of service and the quality of the shirt is very good. I went xxl and it was almost too big so if you are able to pop in personally to the shop, then check the sizes out; you might need to go a size lower than you think. Really pleased with the whole buying experience.
  11. mottaloo

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Bad luck - it really was a great show. I'd tell your mate not to bother with the support act, Billy Lockett.......he's like a poor man's Ed Sheeran on a keyboard. I dont think the kid could believe his luck to be on that tour.
  12. mottaloo

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Went to see Jeff Lynne's ELO last night, for the second time in 2 yrs but this time at the NIA rather than NEC. Top night, great gig......he has such a big back catalogue that he was bound to leave out the odd favourite or two. The backing band were pretty much the same as 2 yrs ago, including three lovely young ladies on cello & violin. Due to the age of the average punter there last night, the queues to relieve slack bladders were very long but the atmosphere was sound and no probs in the crowd. Usual pee taking bar/food prices though
  13. mottaloo

    Pre-Match Thread

    Bring her with you. Perfect birthday present
  14. mottaloo

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Nice one, cheers ! Just ordered the 80/81 away shirt. The umbro trim on the sleeves swung it for me !
  15. mottaloo

    New Manager Speculation

    I've wondered more than once what he's been up to since retiring. An occasional tv pundit appearance......after dinner speaking too, perhaps ? Dunno if he has a sideline business or if he's just plain bored and wants in on the footy gravy train full time ? I mean, if Robbie Savage can get given a career in the media...! I might be wrong but I have the feeling that apart from his skills on the pitch, he is like so many retired footballers who have very little else in terms of talents and intelligence and thinks "Oh bugger - my money's running low....what do I do now ?"