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  1. mottaloo

    Dean Smith

    Agreed. However, i think a few out of contract will be fooling themselves if they think agents will be beating down their front door on july 1st. Do retired footballers still run pubs called The Far Post these days ? Even Jeff Stelling wouldn't be bothered making some of them matchday pundits. Then again, if micky quinn and robbie savage can still find work....
  2. mottaloo

    Dean Smith

    I would imagine there are plenty of eyes on our squad from elsewhere and if my contract was up (and i knew for a fact villa didn't want me next season) then I'd be thinking "shop window" and bust a gut to be noticed by other clubs.
  3. mottaloo

    The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    You mean he didn't come back to help you carry it up the stairs ?!? What a complete git
  4. mottaloo

    In Sickness and in Health

    Eh ?
  5. mottaloo

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    It clearly means you aren't a loyal supporter, you probably don't "sing your heart out for the lads" (lads who are on £30k+ a week) and you obviously don't fight for the badge. Shame on you. It winds me the fck up !! (I'm not being serious by the way.)
  6. Have we pissed off some local gypsies ? This seems never ending !
  7. mottaloo

    In Sickness and in Health

    Credit to you for doing something about it. I'm on BP tabs too but better lifestyle and more exercise are key to dropping it to a safer level
  8. mottaloo

    Manchester United

    I thought Thiago was immense at the back last night. A Paul McGrath-like performance, it was THAT good.
  9. mottaloo

    In Sickness and in Health

    Sorry to hear that Alex. I'm no expert with BP although i do have a monitor in my home and was able to drop my readings from 160/102 to typically 130/75 thanks to more regular exercise.....and it didn't take my body long to get the message. I'm sure you know this already but from the sounds of it, your job is pressured with long hours. Does your company have a health scheme you can be referred through ? Fingers crossed anyway
  10. mottaloo

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Not before you posted a few VT favourites i hope ? FFS ! and there it is ! I'm out ! Laughable Bruceball all over again. If you didn't then are you even a true VTer ?
  11. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yes i agree there are good and bad in every country and their sports followers. As far as england rugby and football fans are concerned, the only problem i have is with those with the arrogant "we invented the world, empire-loving, dress up as sword wielding knights in chainmail or glorify 2 world wars" types. I imagine that's who would get up the noses of most other nations' fans. From what other VTers on here have said, some the cricket "barmy" army are words removed for some reason, like a cliquey closed society.
  12. mottaloo

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Wasn't this bloke was it ? NSFW due to some pwopa nawty language, so keep the volume down !
  13. mottaloo

    Things you often Wonder

    Fondue. End of chat.
  14. mottaloo

    Tyrone Mings

    Not saying I'd like a kick to the head for a single minute but cuts in that area mean that one bleeds profusely so it may look more horrific than it actually is. A doctor mate of mine once described the skin covering the scalp like tightly covering a ping pong ball with clingfilm and then piercing it. The split soon opens up and widens. Hopefully Mings will escape any punishment, especially after such a good debut.
  15. mottaloo

    What you eatin' there then?

    Yes ! That's my kind of update in this thread !! I trust you duly smashed it with no need for a doggy bag ? Toilet roll in the fridge now though