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  1. Still waiting for my away ticket even though I got an email saying it was dispatched last week!
  2. Anyone got thier tickets yet?
  3. Surprised he's only 31, thought he was older for some reason!
  4. Bye bye!!!! https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/06/03/club-statement-ross-mccormack?fbclid=IwAR2emO1-HGXMfiIZc4Dd3RTz_PcP2rrG2qzKuKySvrdu2AKSGBNogxXNqDk
  5. lainux


    Just to get everyone in the mood, quality this, almost made me cry, what journey we've had this season, lets hope there is a happy ending!
  6. Derby mates are at club wembley, so not likely to be in colours, just have to force them in Villa pubs!
  7. Is there any neatural pubs around the stadium, planning on meeting with some Derby friends before the match!
  8. lainux


    I'm thinking of leaving between 9 to 9:30 get their earlyish and soak up the atomosphere around the stadium!
  9. lainux


    Nah the coach will drive off with empty passengers
  10. lainux


    Ordered mine Wednesday and they arrived Friday
  11. lainux


    Anyone want to swap a pair of expenses paid Champions league final tickets for a pair of Playoff final tickets? You just need to contact Zavvi for the details.
  12. lainux


    Will be going by myself, anyone fancy meeting up for drinks & food? Could get a Villatalk group together
  13. lainux


    Official wembley parking offsite @ Preston Road for £10 aint too bad, its around 20 to 30mins walk from the stadium, should avoid the traffic after. I've just booked my space https://www.wembleyofficialparking.com/event/eventdetail/525/
  14. lainux


    I used the official coach too last year and had the same experience! Was awful!
  15. lainux


    Block 124, ticket sorted @ 17:18pm , row 17, few rows below last season!
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