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  1. Blimey, anyone who thinks McGinn is carrying timber needs to look at Nathan Ake today. Kyle Walker looks too tanked up as well.
  2. I guess Leeds are nailed on Champions league now
  3. Coming through late into league football. The man has a drive and desire. He's driven. You'd still easily pay £20m for him and you know he'd run himself into the ground each game. Fergie would have tapped him up even now as he knows his immediate return in goals is a no brainer.
  4. Regards Cyprien link, a vast improvement on not just Lansbury and Hourihane, but Bambi on ice Nakamba as well. Looks like he can pick the ball up deep and carry it forward well. I always worry about Nakamba's passing, he goes a bit headless chicken at times. I'd also be asking if SJM's injury was worse than we first thought and he's either not the player he was or we brought him back too soon and he needs more proper recovery time. We definitely need another central defender. Hause had me nearing a heart attack at times in the championship, in the Prem he'll probably be the end of me.
  5. He's got a bit of a nasty streak in him as well, something out lot sorely lack.
  6. Anything beats the abomination that is Manures third kit.
  7. I got a feeling he'll stay, coach the kids and do his badges here. Very liked in the club and a true pro and genuinely lovely bloke as well.
  8. He was pure Deschamps water carrier tonight. Did the stuff that goes under the radar. Class.
  9. Pep has Citeh looking like they've played 3 games more than anyone else and 3 games more fitter. He isnt taking second place again this season.
  10. About 5 minutes in, Sheffield United lump a ball into a packed box. Martinez comes out, gets the ball and takes the man out. Another few minutes later, he comes through a group of players to punch the ball away. I said to myself, "yeah he'll do for me."
  11. The most comfortable assured goalkeeping performance I've seen since Friedel. A good keeper really does add a few points on the board. Matty Cash had a great debut. Watkins looked lively against 11 but when we had to play against ten the old Villa came back. Of the non-new players Luiz again looked class and Konsa was good. But we really do need to play at a higher tempo.
  12. Awful Villa. Awful. We simply haven't a clue how to play against ten men.
  13. We simply lack energy. Against ten men and the play gets so slowed down time and time again
  14. Which means us v flat caps is bound to be 0-0 tomorrow
  15. Absolutely. With that in mind we'll gladly take TAA, VVD and Salah in exchange for Lansbury, Hause and Samatta.
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