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  1. can't even outsell tickets in their own ground to Cov despite the ticket allocation being 50/50
  2. I know the feeling, I'm desperate to get jiggy with Kelly Brook but bizarrely she isn't keen either!?
  3. Plus he is doing it whilst playing with Marvellous Nakamba, Neil Taylor and no strikers, rather than with Didier Drogba, Arjen Robben, Torres, Etoo, Cole etc
  4. Trezeguet gets the ball, runs into the channel, 5 Brighton players around him, not a single Villa player in shot.
  5. A goal down and absolutely no response. It's same pedestrian paced apathetic garbage.
  6. Jesus Christ does this defence know how to knock it in row Z!?! Again pansy passes in the 6 yard box nearly gifts them a goal!? Hause again!
  7. That's the key for me. We're too goal shy in the final third, nobody wants the responsibility to take on a shot. And if you play one up top he has to have mobility and stretch defences this allowing others to run into the spaces created. Just need our other players to utilise that space.
  8. So the bun head is Patsy Palmer and the tall fella is Justin Hawkins. I'm guessing Drinkwater is really Alan Johnson. #grabscoat
  9. Fella with him looks a bit like Diego Costa. Not saying it is him but looks similar.
  10. A kings ransom spent in the summer and yet again for probably the 12th season on the trot our midfield is dog turd.
  11. Seen on BBC website that our midfield four made just FOUR tackles all game. FOUR. You are going down when your midfield are so powder puff and not getting stuck in. That is a shocking, disgusting, unacceptable statistic but even worse not surprising. We cannot stay up when yet again our midfield is missing. It is the biggest issue we have. We can bring in strikers but when the midfield is so inept it makes not a jot who is up front. They do not protect the defence nor support the attack.
  12. And that we've chopped and changed the starting line up far too much. When did we last have a settled side?
  13. Desperately missing a few nasty horrible b-stards in this squad. As much as I hate him I wonder how much a Scott Brown would cost? We really need some bite in midfield and players who opposition players hate.
  14. We need defenders that know when to pass and when to put it in row Z
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