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  1. Regards the Wembley pitch size, as others hav mentioned, it's not much bigger than VP. Also, I'm sure I saw something a while ago regards Bodymoor Heath where it was stated that they have the ability to match any rivals pitch size and conditions and are able to train on such dimensions in prep. The pitch won't be an issue.
  2. And they wonder why they are called Dirty Leeds
  3. Fluke game. No way would this be the type of game against us. You simply cannot gauge how either team in the final (us or whoever wins this) will perform.
  4. 2-3 now. One hell of a game. Let's have it stay this, go to penalties, dirty tackles and lots more cards
  5. Another bent ref in charge tonight I see. God I am hating this Leeds team more and more I see them. Utter self pleasurers.
  6. 5 min in and Bamford conning the officials again. What a complete word removed
  7. It's gonna kill the inbreds if it's a Villa v Leeds final. Both clubs they hate
  8. In McGinn's defence of being a wee bit off par, he had just run the London marathon before kick off.
  9. Dirty Leeds doing all the can to live up to their name and reputation.
  10. Saw it last night. Incredible. Seeing it again tomorrow. Not wanted to see an MCU so eagerly after seeing it first time since Guardians 1. Goddam the Russo's did it man.
  11. Having watched the Mandalorian panel and footage it looks fantastic. Filoni and Favreau. We're in safe hands.
  12. He really reminds of Dalglish with his low centre of gravity, full on energy and workrate, and how he uses his arse. All hail King Johnny!
  13. McGinn soooo reminds me of King Kenny. Easily worth as much as Jack. Incredible player.
  14. The candle-wax spiv yet again denying any knowledge of how football management works I see.. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11694/11671474/harry-redknapp-denies-responsibility-for-birminghams-potential-points-deduction
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