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  1. ANY player is replaceable. Seriously. Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe. They all replaceable. As crazy as that sounds it's true. It's HOW AND WHO you replace them. And also adapting your style of place to suit. Fergie was a master of this, and to me proof that so much emphasis is put on players now rather than managers. Unbelievable. It's this shift that really cost Wenger at Arsenal. Messi holding the keys to the kingdom at Barca. Jack is replaceable. He really is. Just that they wont be Jack as they wont have come through the club since knee high. That's the harsh reality of this. Ronaldo was at Madrid so long due to his commercial value. Once that started to wane he was off the booked (well that and the crippling debt). Only reason Messi is still at Barca is nobody will pay that wage structure, even the new one for a player on the twilight of his career. But as I said, there isn't a single player that a top end manager believes is irreplaceable. They just dont. they may publically say so for various reasons. But top end coaches, nay, all coaches, love moulding raw talent and making players better.. He aint going anywhere in my opinion, but after seeing players I've loved at Villa since I started following as a 4 year old in 1975, no player is irreplaceable.
  2. IF jack leaves, so be it. It's about how you replace, plan and move forward. As there will come a point through movement or just him getting old and retiring that Jack wont be a Villa player anymore. I think our recruitment this summer has been about us playing without Jack no matter, having a squad that can cope and know their damn roles without Jack, about going forward (not attacking wise but as a team and club as a whole). Whether that's no Jack at the club or jack injured. We simply cannot rely on him as much as we have. Mental health wise that's a hell of a burden on the lad. Physically it's obviously been. Whether we sell or he stays, we have a squad that can cope and survive without him in the squad and more importantly, thrive and have options without it all being on Jack Grealish. I think our frontline recruitment is so that if Jack stays or is out inured, then it all doesnt go then onto Buendia, there's Bailey. We need double cover. If Jack leaves then we have two who can cover. It's solid planning. PS. Be amazed if he leaves.
  3. I wont mention the other triple Macbook Pro. Ah life as a graphic/web/branding designer.
  4. Sorry, imac and chrome playing up.
  5. Agreed, Robinho deal says hi!
  6. I cant for the life remember where I read it or heard it but I'm sure I heard we valued Jack at £130m+ before the euros and that has risen since then.
  7. Yes £160m for Harry and his glass ankles
  8. Levy finally got his man heh? Welcome Joshua Onamah Now go spend that £5m Deano!
  9. Playing Devils advocate regards that Mahrez video- Sam Lee said de Bruyne, Aguero and Fernandinho had a go/word at him. Now I'm no language expert but that accent giving him grief sounds very northern, to me sounds like Kyle Walker. So in the response to Sam Lee saying it was KDB, Aguero and Fernandinho, he is correct in his response to Sam Lee. And it sounds like he's giving him grief for not passing to what sounds like him saying 'my dad?!'
  10. It's August next week, and Purslew has said that the away kit is out early August. Maybe the club shop are just preparing to plaster Jack in the away kit images in shop, whilst have the likes or Mings and Meatball in the home kit still up on the walls?
  11. That challenge on Keinan is a card every day of the week!? This ref is awful.
  12. You misread what I wrote. I meant that their influence on the team is lacking today was my point. as in I think we'd be playing and defending from the front better if they'd been there
  13. Think we're seeing today the influence Deano and JT have.
  14. Ref has given them absolutely everything, terrible refereeing. Saying that, Wesley has looked like he doesn't want to be on the pitch from coming on. Limping, off the pace and now that losing the plot giving the ref no choice.
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