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  1. This squad of players apparently is together. I'd hate to think of where we'd be if they weren't.
  2. No fight in this side at all. They can eff off. I'd take a Warnock or fat Sam right now if it meant we got what we needed to stay up! Smith doesn't seem to have a backbone. I genuinely thought we'd come out second half fighting but we've been pathetic, accepted defeat. I'm done.
  3. It's okay lads, no need to break a sweat to try and keep us up
  4. So apparently this is now a penalty. If anything it's a red card for Fernandes for a stamp on Konsa. This game is corrupt. I'm fuming.
  5. EFF OFF VAR. Fernandes leans back, stamps on Konsa's leg. No way is that a **** penalty. Disgraceful decision!
  6. One shot on target. One. We are gutless, clueless and this ship has sailed away from the Prem. From having a game in hand and a chance to reset and start again to being just as pathetic as before. Smith, O'Kelly, Terry, Suso and Purslow are ALL implicit in this. From woeful coaching, no fathomable tactical nuance to simply another scattergun approach to recruitment, they can all do one.
  7. Smells of the Remi Garde side. Powder puff at best. The amount of space Alonso and Azpilicueta had was disgusting. That's down to bad management, picking a terribly unbalanced side. He's out of his depth. A mid-table championship manager who had a good run last season.
  8. There you go. How much space has Azpilicueta had ALL game!?! How much for Marcus Alonso. It's schoolboy stuff Villa. Just f*** off!?
  9. You know what, in a way I'm glad the Prem is starting again. We were down whichever scenario so at least now we have a fighting chance with injured players back or have a chance to come back. And hopefully the players now have a freshness mentally as well as physically, the pressure that a long slog brings is somewhat lifted, the coaching staff will have had time to reflect on mistakes made too without the pressure of week in week out football. This lockdown may be a blessing in disguise for us regards approach, attitude, coaching, mental well-being.
  10. Actually, that is already a treatment called UV-B Phototherapy which is controversial and currently used as a HIV treatment, though it's not a treatment that many scientists agree with. Regards Disinfectant, the UV is used as a disinfectant in the body. Also, there is something called Stabilisied Chlorine Dioxide treatment used for cancer. It's actually a google patent. So in actuality, despite how he worded it, Trump was actually not bulling when he mention the treatments.
  11. I bought some Adidas clobber the weekend. doing my bit for the man.
  12. And yet poor paupers Liverpool sit 25 points top. It's not how much you have, it's what you do with it that matters.
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