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  1. As much as we love McGinn and Luiz, to move on we need to buy quality to challenge them and move up a level. We have to be ruthless. It says to the players here already that it's up to them to step up. He has been brought in to rise us up a level and challenge the midfielders here already to step up. Who wants it, can raise it and who can't. Brilliant signing for so many reasons, especially for our progression. Clever Villa. Very clever.
  2. We've not played for 3 weeks, had half the squad out with covid and Barkley out for ages with injury. We have looked obviously risty in both games back. I think we fully fit would have caned this lot tonight and got something against city. A fully fit Villa are gonna be some force this season. Imagine with recruitment next season? Wow. We looked less intense last two games as we're still getting back to full fitness.
  3. Watkins grew into the game greatly. He was superb. Against three central defenders he ran them ragged. Brilliant from him. He gives so much more than goals. This boy is going to be special.
  4. stewiek2

    Ezri Konsa

    Has he STILL not been dribbled past this season? He is absolutely turning into an english VDV. Superb player.
  5. This season could be special but every single time we build a rhythm something happens, of a covid lockdown or a international break or whatever. Of we had none of this and allowed our rhythm to continue we'd be flying this season m we looked great of rusty today. We had a covid hit squad knackered not about to train with other until 3 days ago almost take a man city side who in that period we couldn't plain win 6 on the trot. And our kids went toe to to with a full Liverpool squad last week. In thouse, both ircumstances.. We are one special football club. Better and sharper and
  6. The game is corrupt. Massively corrupt. It's now blatant and needs calling out.
  7. Deano has ared card anyway and a ban. If it were me I'd lay into the refereeing and bar big style. Sod it, our owners are loaded, I'd rather take the lunches to tell the truth. This is corrupt massively.
  8. Ideally both teams lose and have a 22 man fight and points deductions. Actually scrub that, VAR would likely give Manure a penalty for that.
  9. Anyone know what Graeme Sounness's opinion is of the pitch today?
  10. I thought we were great. I was so smiling that we comfortably went toe toe I'm consecutive games with Chelsea and Man United and feel robbed in both games. Never a penalty in a million years but of course Old Trafford so naturally a given. But wow how much has this team, this squad even moved forward that we come away feeling agreived from that? I'm so proud of this group of players and backgroom staff after that performance. Never once looked out of place but for a dodgy decision could have and should had more.
  11. This time last season we were desperate for points against the likes of Brighton, Burnley etc, now we're disappointed for a point against Chelsea. Wow the improvement in this squad is so so impressive. Well deserved point and considering they had fresher legs which showed at times we could have had more. Baby steps this season but next season we're gonna be a real force.
  12. DVD!?! If it carries on like this I demand a 4k Blu-ray with an extras disc and commentary!
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