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  1. stewiek2


    Genius, now how do I save that to my phone?
  2. He tested negative according to the baggies. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he had picked something up. I went on first day and a few of the lads I went with and myself have had symptoms since, sore throat, no energy, pounding head, back and lower back pain, arms aching like hell, cough, sneezing. Felt like crap until this evening where I feel half human, but nothing but that winter cold feeling tbh.
  3. stewiek2


    Can someone take the Gerrard slip vid and superimpose the Coronavirus on the ball?
  4. Yeah, their societies are structured to be more of the collective so decision making and action is more swift. European and western societies are far more committee based and as such proactivity is more ladened.
  5. Bosnich (aus) Delaney (Wal) Mellberg (swe) Laureen (den) McGrath (rep) Cowans (eng) Petrov (bul) Carboni (ita) Solano (per) Gray (sco) Yorke (tri)
  6. They are a government advisory group - Scientific Advisory Group for Engineering. C hina also claims they've no new cases hence why their league is opening up, if only to make a public showing that they've beaten the virus, which I doubt as every other medical expert is saying that this virus will return again this year. But then again they did try and quash this virus for 3 months, arrest doctors who spoke about it, pressurised doctors to destroy records and evidence of the virus, so I wouldn't read too much in China being the bastions of moral ground.
  7. The S.A.G.E. Report states that to combat Cronavirus a mix of hard and soft isolation and social distancing is recommended for upto a year, with hard isolation for half a year and soft isolation for the other half. With this in mind I will be amazed if the premier league goes ahead in 12 weeks (the current government top isolation period) let alone end of April.
  8. Plus the estimates of it hitting it's peak in 12 weeks time means it's peak is around 5th June. The peak of the pandemic. Think this season as done and dusted.
  9. I think they'll reel it back to every teams points tally after 28 games and decide the league positions based on that.
  10. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/03/13/chelsea-fc-training-facility-will-undergo-partial-closure-after-
  11. UEFA having a pow wow on Tuesday to discuss this with the members... https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/newsid=2640887.html
  12. We're gone. Best start planning for that championship. And that means a manager who doesn't ship goals like it's a waterfall. Works in the championship Dean but the premiership that gets you an ass whipping unless you can attack the opposition, have a structure of play, discipline in position etc. Has to go. His background staff have to go. Suso has to go. We need structure and this season has show we have no structure whatsoever. The league cup has saved THEM ALL. It's been poor and getting worse for months. Time to plan properly now
  13. The thing that Smith, O'Kelly, Terry, Cutler and the squad haven't grasped is that to fight a relegation battle you actually have to fight, to turn up and put a stint in against the teams around you. Today had absolutely no cohesive play, or dare I say leadership. I gave Mings MOTM as he had to carry that defence (and I include Nakamba and Luiz in that). Anyone being a one man defence would be overwhelmed. Of the management and coaching staff only Cutler deserves his full wages this season.
  14. Well done boys, good to see so many players play for their place at Wembley
  15. I seriously think it's not too early to say bye bye premier league.
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