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  1. The fading stripes on the away make it look like a t-shirt. Nope, not for me. As for the home, did someone run out of proper Villa kit blue material or was it left in the sun too long. Too wishy washy.
  2. The marketing campaign is just woeful. Did they get some YTS kid to design the marketing material for the kit launch. Absolute shoddy.
  3. There's no way we're going to let a new player announcement upstage the new kit launch. I know Mings was but that was different. Every man and his dog was wanting that deal to happen and after his post play off final train shenanigans it was too good an opportunity to miss. Regards Luiz, my guess he flew in to meet the squad and Deano, do his Video stuff, interview etc and probably has personal stuff regards Man City and Girona to tie up. City want this done so no way has nothing been agreed regards personal terms. His agent would have done all this beforehand.
  4. You'd think Dion would just film the homes under the hammer wouldn't you,?
  5. Lads lads lads... Stop the moaning. It's DOUGLAS Luiz we've signed, NOT circus clown David Luiz.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. Mings was a left back til Deano, JT and co got hold of him, now he's the son of God!
  7. You stick to your Portuguese fellas Wolves, and we'll stick to our Brazilians
  8. £20m? So you mean we'd be doing a Brentford?
  9. What odds on Glenn Whelan to Newcastle on a free?
  10. stewiek2

    John Terry

    Bloody autocorrect. Fixed now.
  11. stewiek2

    John Terry

    Imagine that tool stood on the touchline wearing a black and white striped gillet

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