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  1. Looking tonight it seems that Vertonghan has been tapping up Southgate's missus as well!
  2. ITV pundits - love that if you don't perform you don't get in this England side Gareth - send on Barkley and Rashford We were uninspiring in the world cup, and when it mattered he bottled it in the nation's league.
  3. Just saw JOKER. I can't believe what I've just watched. It's absolutely incredible. A masterpiece. Seriously stunning stunning stunning!
  4. Smith has cost us in too many games this season with his in game management. Today he had players ha going out their arses and mad the wrong subs. I really want the bloke to succeed but he's showing his inexperience ATM. That was 3 points massively lost due to bad management. He only has himself to blame tonight.
  5. Kenobi I'm looking forward to. The Kenobi novel has him a bit like old man Logan with a real feel of an old western. He is hard bitten but is forced out of exile. It's a pretty good read. And Ewan is always top drawer. The double saber that Darth Rey wields is seen in Rebels so is canon.
  6. Your Tony Butler prayer mat still working?
  7. I'm sorry but someone remind me how much Jota cost us? There people is the bargain buy of the season from any club worldwide. Bloody hell he's a class act. Engels, wow he is our Belgium Mellberg already!
  8. If you read between the lines of his comments regards Susu coming in, he's clearly saying he's learnt from his time at Liverpool regards the role of CEO, and we're definitely feeling the benefits of this.
  9. Basically that we're absolutely minted, the doc had nothing to do with the club the moment the new owners came in.
  10. Liverpool haven't got out of second gear. It's just that defensively Norwich have been all over the shop
  11. Poor Arsenal fans, fancy waking up to news David Luiz is your new star defender
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