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  1. This ref is a portly fella to put it mildly. Surely the Premier League are desperate. I've shagged less fatter fat birds than him!!! Saying that, Mike Dean hasn't an ounce of fat on him and he's a big fat C-Unit.
  2. Apparently 6 Leicester players broke club covid rules to go to a house party, hence why Brenda changed it up today.
  3. Awful time to die for Phil the Greek. Just missed out on one last trip to the pub on Monday.
  4. His latest Instagram post shows him at BMH with a strap on his right thigh, looks like some sort of deep electro strapping. https://instagram.com/stories/jackgrealish/2548120255837044703?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=12pxx0x0cr1p7
  5. Klopp will want them to hammer us.
  6. The One Stop local. Open til 10pm every night
  7. I'm off to buy a bottle of scotch to celebrate. And calm my nerves!
  8. Well well well who'd had thought bullying their defence would have an effect!?
  9. Trez again!!!! Keinan Messi Davies with the assist
  10. At least Hardwood chipped in with the odd goal
  11. Dear Dean, Fergie would be kicking boots in the changing room at half time if that had been his Manure. Give them a bloody rocket up their arses!!
  12. Dogturd first half Villa. Where has the high tempo gone? The high pressing? The movement? You don't need Jack on the pitch for those basics that worked earlier in the season!?!?!
  13. Never mind the U21 job, I'd give him Boregate's job.
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