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  1. We made them look a top four side first half. Midfield has been shocking and I include Jack and Trezeguet in that. Worst player on the pitch first half got our goal when we actually showed movement, internet and had purpose in our play. Half time rocky up the arse of that mid 5 please Deano as this Chelsea play like all Frank teams Dom For it all, Elmo has had a decent game.
  2. I'm at Wembley for 2 of the group games. Should be fun if one of them is the sweaties.
  3. For those wanting something to happen in the Mandalorian, episode 3 doesn't disappoint. Best episode yet.
  4. Not to forget that Malta is a massive tax haven, flushed with gambling money as well as moving dodgy money about.
  5. She simply doesn't want us to leave as she knows the pressure from her supporters is to back another Scottish referendum. Basically Scotland breaking away from the union is a disaster for Scotland, and it's a false narrative as there is no way Spain would back Scotland rejoining the EU as this would put massive pressure on them to allow a Catalan independence referendum. I saw that in their last referendum manifesto they spoke of transitioning to a new currency. Naivity at it highest. IF they were to rejoin the EU then from day one they would have to have the euro and sign up to all EU laws. That is set out for new EU member states, ratified in the Lisbon treaty. The EU won't shift things for wee Jimmy Krankie and co. It also is financial suicide, I read an article that said that whilst UK debt as a whole is at around 3% average, in Scotland is set to 13-16%, thanks in no part to a ridiculously high amount of funding and borrowing from the EU. The SNP are stirring pro-Scotland rhetoric for the folks back home but deep down they know that they would soon get found out. On top of that, the tories don't really care about gaining scottish votes. I'm convinced they had a deliberate plan during the scottish referendum to wipe out the Labour vote in Scotland, which they did. Even the disaster of May's electon saw her win, mainly due to the lack of Scottish labour seats.
  6. Really enjoyed episode 1. Loved that he didn't take his helmet off, the interaction with IG-11. Nice twist/reveal at the end. It looks gorgeous, with a Rogue One grit. Only complaint - 40 minutes was far too short, flew by. Bring on episode two!
  7. Watched episode 1 of The Mandalorian. Really enjoyed it, though it was over far too quickly. Nice twist/reveal at the end. Good to see the classic swipes back, had a Rogue One feel, loved that he didn't take his helmet off and the great scene with IG-11. Bring on episode 2!
  8. Seems Gomez pleaded with the England hierachy to not kick Sterlng out of the squad.
  9. From what I can find out it was exactly that. Gomez allegedly went to greet Sterling who was having none of it, words were said, Sterling grabbed Gomez by the throat and it kicked off. Players had to pull them apart. Sterling was initially kicked out the squad but after apologising was reinstated. This is obviously unconfirmed but allegedly what happened.
  10. Looking tonight it seems that Vertonghan has been tapping up Southgate's missus as well!
  11. ITV pundits - love that if you don't perform you don't get in this England side Gareth - send on Barkley and Rashford We were uninspiring in the world cup, and when it mattered he bottled it in the nation's league.
  12. Just saw JOKER. I can't believe what I've just watched. It's absolutely incredible. A masterpiece. Seriously stunning stunning stunning!
  13. Smith has cost us in too many games this season with his in game management. Today he had players ha going out their arses and mad the wrong subs. I really want the bloke to succeed but he's showing his inexperience ATM. That was 3 points massively lost due to bad management. He only has himself to blame tonight.
  14. Kenobi I'm looking forward to. The Kenobi novel has him a bit like old man Logan with a real feel of an old western. He is hard bitten but is forced out of exile. It's a pretty good read. And Ewan is always top drawer. The double saber that Darth Rey wields is seen in Rebels so is canon.
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