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  1. I usually value your opinion OBE but I can't buy this. Thousands of us are juggling a shitty situation and thousands are working on the front line risking their lives. Possibly everyone would swap with him right now. This is a typical footballers reaction, he won't be the last probably. I hope the club deal with it, he's the captain and he's meant to have grown up now. Total bellend
  2. Cancel the season, no promotions or relegations. Liverpool are denied the title as season not completed. I would wet myself with joy... obviously compensation would be paid to those missing out. Better than Gerrard falling over
  3. I agree making the same mistakes is daft and if he was showing he is learning from the mistakes then we wouldn't be having this conversation. I just think that with the position we are in we need to stick with it. The goal for this season was survival, if we were cut off with no chance then yeah get him replaced. As is stands we are not, it is still in our hands. I will accept it's a borderline miracle but it is doable.
  4. Funniest thing I've seen all day, and to be fair if I was in charge of villa social media this is what I would have posted.
  5. We've made it very difficult for ourselves with the run of games we have coming up. New manager bounce only lasts so long and is rarely long term. If they do sack him and someone like Allardyce comes in then we have learnt nothing.
  6. I don't disagree with any of your points at all. I just don't think it's completely down to Smith. The players must take responsibility for their actions or lack there of. I do think Smith needs to learn also, we aren't Brentford. Being stubborn and sticking to your guns is great if they are loaded but we are firing blanks at present. Time to get a new gun or at least check if this one is loaded
  7. Have you forgotten what a complete and utter shit storm we were in. A pretend owner who lost interest, sells to another pretend owner without a pot to piss in. Almost going down the swanny altogether. This is positively a different planet we are on compared to that. I'll take that for now
  8. Heskey got away with all of those things for years
  9. I've never understood wanting everything right now, the best things take time. We have been shite for years trying to have everything right now. I'd rather build and wait
  10. My opinion is purely based on survival, relegation wouldn't be the end of the project, just a set back. A set back we could do without though. Staying up is and always has been the priority
  11. He is a young foreign player trying to find his legs in England. These are usually the type of players that fill a project. We have several.
  12. Exactly, yes it's difficult to accept but we are ahead of schedule. Projects are often shitty for a while but things do improve. People forget how utterly garbage from top to bottom we were.
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