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  1. As annoyed as I was at the time, the most exciting part of that was Sky splitting the screen to show the Man City coach arriving at Dolefield. Awful performance,
  2. Not great that, only one sub left and that's prob Kodjia. Traore v Taylor should be fun El Ghazi had been El Gash and McGinn a bit off too. Surely this can't all be because of Grealish not playing
  3. Possibly, but he really didn't seem bothered to be honest. Plenty of teams have fixture pile ups, even the less successful ones. It's been an issue for years and it's made worse by international breaks. We either need fewer competitions or fewer breaks
  4. Hause was brilliant last night, didn't miss a header
  5. Klopp said on SSN last night they would have to forfeit due to fixture congestion. Are they allowed to do that and would they be fined. I'm happy to take a bye into semis.
  6. It did seem like more but it appeared on big screens and the announcer repeated it twice
  7. That's the problem with free tickets, you never know who's gonna turn up. Maybe should have just been a tenner for everyone, it's not like it was the first round.
  8. Odd game, odd atmosphere got even odder when F the Albion started and the ref found 6 mins of added time. Job done, kind draw in the next round and I'll have a semi
  9. No idea how second goal wasn't chalked off by VAR, must have been Moss in the VAR truck. I thought we might have got something out of this but I'm not overly worried by it. Mings had an odd one Heaton didn't really do anything wrong Their fans/atmosphere was shocking, I could only hear Villa fans. Glad it's over
  10. This will show us how far we've come and how far we still have to go. Massive challenge but I have a sneaky feeling we might get something
  11. I was just about to ask has he been injured cos I don't think he's been on the bench for a while and tonight he's starting for the U23's. Maybe they are saving him for the future
  12. It's clear and obvious that they have modelled VAR on the worst ref they could find. Wolves have been done by it too Great chance to win this now
  13. Proving that is impossible, unless its accompanied by something else.
  14. My point has been missed, not surprising really. I wasn't saying two wrong makes a right, I was simply making the point that UEFA bring desperate to come across as fair have missed the point totally. Singing over a national anthem is not the same as monkey chanting or nazi salutes.
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