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  1. Well that could have been a lot worse, they missed a couple of good chances in the first half. Really don't like Bamford, claiming a penalty from a player who was kneeling down facing the other way. Then he scores a bloody hatrick. Hate him. Nothing else matters really, not a good performance overall, probably just a small blip. To finish on a positive, Cash looks like a quality defender
  2. I would have taken a point beforehand, over the moon with 3. More important result than the 7-2 against the champions. Grealish needs to shoot more as frustrating when he doesn't. The defence actually looks like a defence now, Watkins had a quiet one but he aint gonna score every game... 5 points ahead of City after 4 games makes for good reading.
  3. Jesus that could be 7-4 to villa, but luckily we have a proper goalie. If Barkley had his shooting boots on it could be 6 or 7 1. Shame there's no-one there to see it
  4. Still can't play, even from disc. Very annoying, deleted now so will get rid
  5. Its since they released Warzone as a free download. They merged it with the rest of the game, so now can't do campaign without xbox live.. You still can with PlayStation though.
  6. I could just about cope with the size, its more the fact I can no longer play campaign without xbox live. Total rip off, I shall part ex it for something else. I think it took about 9 hours to install originally and each update was over 20gb. Bonkers
  7. Was about to return to cod modern warfare campaign after a few months off it. Over 150gb this thing now takes up and now I cant even play campaign without xbox live membership. Summat to do with Warzone, total rip off now deleted
  8. I usually value your opinion OBE but I can't buy this. Thousands of us are juggling a shitty situation and thousands are working on the front line risking their lives. Possibly everyone would swap with him right now. This is a typical footballers reaction, he won't be the last probably. I hope the club deal with it, he's the captain and he's meant to have grown up now. Total bellend
  9. Cancel the season, no promotions or relegations. Liverpool are denied the title as season not completed. I would wet myself with joy... obviously compensation would be paid to those missing out. Better than Gerrard falling over
  10. I agree making the same mistakes is daft and if he was showing he is learning from the mistakes then we wouldn't be having this conversation. I just think that with the position we are in we need to stick with it. The goal for this season was survival, if we were cut off with no chance then yeah get him replaced. As is stands we are not, it is still in our hands. I will accept it's a borderline miracle but it is doable.
  11. Funniest thing I've seen all day, and to be fair if I was in charge of villa social media this is what I would have posted.
  12. We've made it very difficult for ourselves with the run of games we have coming up. New manager bounce only lasts so long and is rarely long term. If they do sack him and someone like Allardyce comes in then we have learnt nothing.
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