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  1. See, it is possible to be critical without saying he's shite The comment about not being a top manager is debatable. Most, if not all Top managers have huge finances and usually the best players money can buy. They arent necessarily massively better then everyone else, they just have better players to coach. Is Deano up there with Guardiola, obviously not. But considering the teams both have managed and the resources both have had, I think Deano is doing a great job. This is Villa remember, we're not a tinpot outfit stealing a living or treading water in the Premier league. We are A
  2. Why do so many people wanna be critical of Smith, to the point of making out he is shit and out of his depth. Totally understand criticism of him, no-one is above criticism. But for God sake think before saying stuff like out of his depth etc etc HE'S THE BLOODY REASON WE ARE IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE AND THE REASON I LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING VILLA AGAIN Well that, and competent owners who don't mind spending a few quid
  3. Poor passing today and hardly any crosses. We got 3 goals against Fulham with 3 good crosses, its not rocket science and you don't need coaching badges to figure that out. When we pass well we don't lose, I'm keeping faith with Deano and his staff but sometimes I do wonder what we do in training
  4. Agree with this I'd have taken 10th at the start of season and I'll still take it at the end of season. The disappointing thing is where we were with so many games in hand, we've kind of thrown that away... we can't afford to miss Jack but we do, not just his skills but the way he keeps the ball and draws the fouls. Gonna be tough to keep hold of him, especially if Man City come calling but that will probably be the most important signing of the summer, along with striker and some midfield muscle. Wouldn't change the defence at all, a few mistakes aside they have been fantastic all s
  5. Well that was disappointing in the end, thought we could hold on for a point. Pretty sure I've made my mind up on Barkley now, which is I hope we don't spend any money on him. Wasted several good chances towards the end. Bloody hate Liverpool
  6. Sorry I meant they can moan about VAR instead of Jack diving.
  7. Totally bonkers decision but we've had a few go against us so don't care. I'm sure the scousers will use it as a reason to set fire to summat instead of blaming Jack for diving. Bloody love Villa
  8. Its amazing what happens when you cross properly, 3 goals from crosses. It ain't rocket science
  9. Can highly recommend Iceland, one of the nicest places I've ever been. Plenty to do and see, just make sure you bring loads and loads of cash as it's probably the most expensive place I've ever been. Don't touch the fermented shark, even just for a laugh
  10. Think we'll lose a couple of fringe players and add a couple of first teamers. Dont watch enough other football to be able to recommend anyone in particular. I still like Tammy Abraham though, although I would prefer Wesley to hit the ground running first. Deffo need some proper wingers, a two footed one would be nice and much harder to defend against. Our biggest deal this Summer will be to still have Grealish at the end of it.
  11. They wouldn't learn how to climb over a gate though
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