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  1. Never a pen that, they didn't even appeal for it. Even so, more shocking defending, Spurs could have scored 3 or 4. We've missed some good chances too. HATE VAR
  2. Don't think so, champions league would be top 4 not counting City. And cup winners only go into Europa league unless already qualified through league position. So if sheff utd finish 5th they could be in champions league
  3. Ss far as I know only certain sections of Club Wembley don't allow colours. The sections behind the goal and in corners should be ok. Not sure how standing up works though
  4. 235 is the Club Wembley level according to the Wembley map. I can't see the villa site map as I don't have enough games. Premium, seat only will mean posh seat but no meal or buffet or drinks
  5. I remember reading something last week, possibly on a third party ticket site and it split the tickets between levels 1 - 5. Level 1 being super posh and level 5 being Harrow. I think level 2 was lower tier in the corners
  6. Amazing really, MCFC can't give em away, on general sale with history and STH to buy another 2. Most of their STHs don't appear to even want one never mind two or three. Now they are even discounting them on hotuk. Massive club that
  7. I notice that Mike Dean is the VAR official for this one, bet he can't wait to get his ruler and protracter out to call Jack's knob hair offside
  8. Very doubtful it goes past 5 for sure. Just checked on a few 3rd party sites that I would never buy from and there are plenty of Man City tickets for sale but very few Villa. Local pub for me I think
  9. Oh well, stuck on 4, 3 of which were CC games. I was happy to join the melee on 18th Feb but I very much doubt it will go less than 8 games
  10. Was planning the same, park at Stanmore station for £20 then tubes. Alas they've changed criteria so I wont be going now
  11. Horrible performance, Grealish must surely be getting fed up now.. I would be. Targett & Grealish linked up well and Davis did well again when he came on. Not sure how their goalie stayed on the pitch for punching Engels in the face, but I guess Lermur was incorrectly sent off. Smith and Co need to sort this out cos we are running out of games
  12. Yeah great memories Look son, remember this one when we broke the law and this one when we got banned. I have great memories from Villa Park and none of them involved breaking the law. As for that song, there are no words really
  13. This is the important bit, but it seems many laws preventing certain things are ignored. If I was an opposition player I'd feel justified in clouting anyone that came near me
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