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  1. Conceded fair amount of possession but Everton did very little with it. Apart from hitting the post. I thought we played excellent, the line up changes made a difference and Wesley scored, very happy Villa fan now looking for underpants and off outside to scare the neighbours
  2. Take the ball into the corner, nah I'm gonna take it into the net
  3. I'd take a point with an improved performance. A win will have me running around the streets in me underpants
  4. Anyone calling for Dean Smith to be sacked or is unhappy with him really needs to give their head a wobble. Most (roughly) fans would be happy with 17th.. I'm fairly certain Smith won't be, he wants better than that
  5. I don't know enough about the buy back clause so can't comment... Fantastic goal though, we have scored a few of them in recent times.
  6. Professional bullying is up there with racism for me, different level of ignorance but the same weak minded people do it. Sometimes known as banter, and before anyone comments I know there is banter and banter
  7. Well that 8.5 times more than Kodjia would have. I'm not a happy clapper or anything but I honestly believe he will grow and improve with every game he plays
  8. The sound system seems to have improved, or maybe it was my seat position. I didn't get the normal crackling mess. I could actually hear it
  9. There is, it's where most of their fans are
  10. I thought that VAR would be displayed on the screens, as in the replays that the VAR man would be watching. I may have misunderstood though
  11. Not a must win by any stretch but some points on the board would be lovely, especially for the team togetherness
  12. alliv, alliv, alliv, alliv, alliv, alliv alliiiiiiv

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