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  1. Slightly off topic but my lads year one assembly is next week and the song they have to learn is I do like to be beside the seaside.... I've not been teaching him our version at all
  2. They've allocated a few blocks if you want to sing, I assume the rest are not allowed to sing
  3. Derby have a designated singing area
  4. In the unlikely event it goes to booking history this season I'll try and get one. But it's not looking likely so I'll be watching from k'ford... Gonna be a cracking occasion regardless. I'm not a shit fan I've just got bigger priorities.. damn kids
  5. What a fantastic match, well done Derby. **** off Leeds
  6. Nah, two semis this season in Carling cup I think and only one used VAR and Man city got an offside goal as no VAR
  7. Leeds are doing a Leeds again, still time but didn't see this coming C'mon Frank Lampards Derby
  8. The way this is going we'll only be playing 9 men. C'mon Derby. Nice to see Bamford has learnt his lesson for play acting ****
  9. Thanks Deano, you've made me proud to be a villa fan again. Heart, passion and some intelligence instead of hoof it here, hoof it there. One more performance and we can kick on from there.
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