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  1. We've been deploying natural midfielders there quite a bit, haven't we?
  2. Seems to get booked a lot for shoulder-to-shoulder tussles, about half of which should have been left to play on by the refs imo. If he gets a bit stronger and can ease players off the ball more quickly/naturally, they'll stop calling so many of those.
  3. Weird game. Probably the best we've been in terms of possession in ages, but still sloppy and unfocused at times. Also terribly unlucky with bounces and slips and bars and a dodgy ref, but I can't help but feel if we'd wanted it as much as we did in the last 10 minutes or so, we'd have won comfortably. MOTM either Emi or KD.
  4. Second to nearly everything after about the fifth minute and can't connect a pass yet again, this is last season's form, Jack or no Jack.
  5. Yeah, it's midfield upgrades first and foremost for me. Somebody(-ies) that can mix it physically, win the ball AND with the technical ability to use it. Then a winger and an alternative striker, LB cover can come in the form of a young prospect as I can't see anyone appreciably better than Targett being available to us without spending a fortune.
  6. Held off half their side a few times when he got the ball with back to goal! Had a bit of the same problem as the first team, though, with nobody offering him a good pass or layoff making him go backwards with it too often.
  7. I think there's definitely a case for Fred at RB with Matty in front of him in certain games and situations.
  8. Haven't had a real marauding CB since... Vlaar? Need Mings to blast one in from 30 yards out next time!
  9. Oh, that's why I get up early every week. Still, so terribly static until after their goal, which finally seemed to put a little energy in us. Can't count the number of times Luiz or Sanson received the ball from a defender and had absolutely nobody showing for a pass or moving ahead of them.
  10. We are the most static team in the league. Why do I keep waking up early for this?
  11. Like he was running in quicksand. He's actually gotten slower with every game.
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