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  1. He was fantastic, arguably best in the league, playing in a system not entirely unlike ours in Atlanta. Been forced to focus more on the defensive side of his game under Bruce but has still managed to be one of their best (...only) attacking threats. For the right price, I think he'd be a great option. I'm sure he's itching to get out of that club, too.
  2. Legs are gone and his crossing isn't making up for it anymore. Time's up at this level, sadly.
  3. Knew when they went to 10 it was over. They just bunkered in and let us lump at them, no need to go forward and leave space. Terrible passing today almost across the park, how many overhit crosses or balls rolled out of play or sent straight to the feet of a United player? Ref continued his terrible first half form through to the end.
  4. Oh look, it's another "Villa struggle against the scrappy side they're expected to beat" episode. It's like our players have a hard time with the weight of expectation. Also, poor from the ref so far.
  5. I'd be interesting in seeing them together in certain matches, feel like it might help us win and keep the ball better against more aggressive sides with both an out-and-out destroyer (which SJM will never be) in Marv + a good deep passer in Doug, then you can balance your attacking intent and style of progression with one of SJM/Ramsey/Sanson. On a related note, I think we just about have the players when everyone is fit and firing for a spin on Milan's 4-3-2-1, though I don't know if Dean would try it.
  6. I'd let Mings go if a big offer came in, but no chance I'd sell Konsa. Would be Gary Cahill all over again, except I think Ezri may already be an even better defender than he was at roughly the same age. Maybe not as physical but definitely better at positioning, anticipation and the like. I've no doubt our current scouting department would do better than MON did, but I'll be haunted by the replacement of Cahill with the likes of Curties Davies and Zat Knight for the rest of my days.
  7. Definitely an area where we could stand to improve, and by stand to improve I mean dive more convincingly. It's the hallmark of a true top side.
  8. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........................ wait, it's over? We need some energy and composure badly. So behind the play all night, poor touches, poor passes and giveaways, poor decisions, barely involved our attackers. I thought that breakaway by Jack from Bertie was going to be it, but then the ball went to Barkley and he sent it straight into traffic instead of just rolling out to Ollie in space on his left. Brighton learned from Hammers to effectively double mark Jack on the left, none of our side able to ta
  9. Every first touch has been off and not picking up second balls. Definitely need some reinforcement in the middle.
  10. Yeah, he's important to us, BUT if we're talking 50M+ (which we should be if the likes of United are involved), then I have no doubt we'd take it and reinvest wisely in somewhat younger players.
  11. Gotta start winning some of the aerial duels in midfield and the second balls, we're letting it come right back at us too easily. First few minutes we were really pushing them physically, but we've dropped off too much.
  12. Where's all that strength and drive gone?
  13. 3rd straight games begging for Marv to come in and close off space in midfield, especially over the final 30 minutes. Can't keep carrying a Barkley basically playing striker when McGinn and to a lesser extent Doug aren't up to speed.
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