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  1. I haven't watched any of his Scotland games in full before, playing RWF tonight?!
  2. In the virtual post-match press conference, Dean said he had a muscle strain. Guilbert, too.
  3. Yeah, looks quite a bit more substantial than last season, especially upper body. Think that's something that would benefit AEG, too.
  4. He actually had good-to-excellent defensive stats last season, overall league best among CM/DMs in various types of blocks in particular, just tended to look uncomfortable on the ball. If we could get him and Doug working together smoothly, he could prove extremely useful. A more stable midfield defensively strengthens us in both directions, he's worth a try with no cover whatsoever currently coming from McGinn and Barkley.
  5. Starting to think we can't play him and John together, at least against teams that press hard. It's leaving Doug to try to cover 2-3 players every time the ball comes towards us centrally and making it easy to isolate our fullbacks when it goes wide, which pulls the CBs over to cover. If he's going to play as a 10, we need to change to a 4-2-3-1.
  6. Well, I thought I might as well stay up to the end of the half to see if we could get back in it, but that has proven a poor decision. Get Marv on for one of Ross or McGinn and go to a double pivot to at least try to shut up shop, we're getting exposed in much the same areas as last week due to no cover from the midfield.
  7. Weren't we linked with a striker of the same name years back? Think he was 6'8" or something. Wound up going to.... Everton, maybe?
  8. Yeah, he could've rolled it to Ollie though I think the keeper had that angle covered. Feel like he probably should've taken the shot towards the left corner when he was more central..... or actually watching this a few times, I think everyone has missed Trez' run, could've gotten it to him for an open goal. Still, so nearly, we'll see one of these come off sooner rather than later!
  9. Needed to stay much more compact like we did against Liverpool, we were far too open which took our midfield out of the game, let their press catch us in transition and exploit our fullbacks over and over.
  10. Completely bypassed our midfield by overloading us out wide, as we tired it really paid off. Dean needed to make some changes to our shape and have us stay more compact. Credit to their keeper, though, he kept our best chances out when were really applying pressure at 0-0 and gave them the platform to build on. After they scraped the first goal, our energy levels dropped while they kept going.
  11. He and McGinn not in this game at all.
  12. I await this Messi/Van Basten/Xavi hybrid.
  13. He still managed to find little pockets of space, just couldn't get the ball to him. Jack's counter with him on the left and Ross on the right, a better cross from Targett after Jack's backheel that would've found him unmarked at the far post for an easy header, etc. Will only become more effective as the team learns how and where to find him.
  14. Think we'll need Trez' energy for a couple games yet if he's fit enough, maybe target Brighton at home where we'll hope to be on top for a Traore start and give Trez a rest there?
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