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  1. If you take the house he was meant to be buying in Manchester last Summer into account, those words have a very different meaning.
  2. I will book a flight immediately at the prospect of seeing John McGinn in the Jamaican Summer.
  3. Yeah, I moderated a huge musician's forum years ago. Trolling the userbase with mod powers was one of the greatest (ie, only) pleasures of the experience.
  4. Majority MLS players, most of the "names" played in the Nations League a month or so back. Miles Robinson player of the Gold Cup for me. I'd hate to lose him at Atlanta, but I think he needs to make the step up to a better league, as he's got ample pace and strength, just needs to improve technically, which is tough to do here.
  5. Nah, shouldn't be developing other teams' youth at this stage.
  6. Closest player to Jack statistically according to fbref... Adnan Januzaj. What a mindf*ck that would be.
  7. Was that with 32Red? Similar design but it was blue stripes iirc. The Acorns aways were Nike's best work imo.
  8. Outstanding! Was holding out out hope for the centered circular crest, but I suppose that was a badge too far.
  9. I hope it's as good as the new Venezia kit!
  10. I believe he said they had to be once Jack made the first team.
  11. Also linked up with JPB at the top of the box for the pre-assist on #4. That slightly deeper interplay is something that seems to come naturally to him, which could be extremely effective with Ollie, Jack and co running off him in the right games.
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