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  1. Assuming we don't have to replace Jack or SJM, one experienced, physical holding mid and at least one consistently quality winger or attacking mid would go a long way for us. Afterwards, I'd be looking for upgrades on Taylor/Elmo at a minimum if not on Guilbert/Targett, then, if anything's left, look for an older head for the center of defense and let Hause or Konsa go out on loan.
  2. Found the club (or the club found me?) shortly before Lerner bought it. A mix of favorites and "bests" in the years I've been watching, though one player I loved to watch ruined himself in my mind to the point I couldn't include him. Friedel Mellberg - Laursen - Bouma Milner - Petrov - Barry Albrighton - Grealish - Young Benteke
  3. I would be somewhat surprised if Douglas and Engels didn't go off to the continent somewhere, maybe on loan. Get the feeling Targett would likely be off to a bottom half or promoted side, too.
  4. Think he might be useful as a sort of forward pivot in the 10 spot where he wouldn't have to beat wingers/fullbacks for pace. Of course, the trouble lately is actually getting the ball to anyone in an attacking position in the first place.
  5. Not enough skill/experience/tactical nous/whatever from manager and players combined, and topped off with not enough luck. We've looked bad plenty of times, but we looked done and dusted as a team after the VAR call, just nothing left. Getting the feeling we have to make a change just to make a change at this point.
  6. This is the case with every player in our team at all times. We have a fundamental inability to offer the player in possession a safe forward passing option anywhere on the pitch, especially transitioning out of defense into attack. Teams have clearly picked up in and press us in packs from our box to the center circle so at best it goes back to a defender or keeper and gets hoofed.
  7. I can't fathom how he got into this game. You just cannot have him in a match where you're not going to dominate possession, which is most of them for us. I guess Smith thought we'd get more free kick opportunities, but I'd have practically anyone else in a tough away game, even if they have to be shoehorned in. **** it, didn't Konsa play defensive mid a few times for Charlton? At least he'd be a physical presence.
  8. Biggest failing was playing the long ball constantly to players who aren't really equipped to win it, though some of that has to do with the frequent absence of close support for the player with the ball. Need a big physical presence in midfield to contest knockdowns and second balls if we're going to keep hoofing, but we don't have one at all.
  9. This must be just about the most fickle thread in VT history.
  10. Quoting myself from the last thread, depressingly, what the **** is wrong with this team? No mental strength at all.
  11. Sick of betting sponsors, never liked the idea of them in the first place and this sounds like a particularly nasty one, really hope we don't go through with it.
  12. Loved that he went to head the own goal on the chance it made it to him, that's real striker's instinct.
  13. Was probably just desperate to try to do *something*. Totally not the time to bring him on given Samatta was still going strong and causing problems, though.
  14. What the **** is wrong with this team? Must've been a half dozen times our defenders just let balls go through their feet or slip by easily, finally bit us in the end.
  15. If ever he must needs go anywhere, let it be Real Madrid. We'd get the biggest fee possible and I could just about stomach him going to a club that big in a different country so I don't have to watch our best player line up for ******* Manchester City every week yet again. Not resigned to losing him yet, though, absolutely have to stay up and invest!
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