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  1. RLC would be a better fit for our needs, especially if Jack moves into more of a 10 role. A couple years younger, probably on lower wages and with fewer questions about fitness/attitude, too. Either would be an upgrade, though.
  2. I think reports have Watford demanding 40m already. He's got the potential to be a great player but that is seriously overpriced. Feel the same way about that figure for Edouard, too. Won't be complaining if they do sign for us, mind!
  3. Masterful debut for Emi, and grateful for the points, but we had to make hard work of it! Constant crossing against a team like Blades, organized and sitting deep with a pile of defenders, was never going to be too effective, especially since we have no one to get into their box and win aerial duels unless we're gonna try that overlapping CB thing as well. Letting nerves creep in and rushing last 25 minutes or so, too, when we just needed to be keeping the ball. Still too easy to work through when they really pressured our defense, too, though that was the softest of pens.
  4. Billing was one of if not the best midfielder in the league aerially last season and is generally excellent in terms of defensive actions. He was also difficult to dispossess on the ball (probably due to his size and strength) but not much of a passer, so he'd be a taller, stronger, probably better overall replacement for Marv. If he were cheap enough, I'd definitely take him. Probably not enough quality on the ball to be a starter in many games, but very useful in some, and in a good partnership with Doug taking the balls he wins and doing the passing, could be really effective.
  5. Yeah, sending him there is just tempting fate. If he's going, let it be to a different league.
  6. Were linked way back at the start of the Summer (and maybe in January?). Hope not, don't think he's of the same calibre.
  7. I've thought he should be a CAM since just about his first game for us. He has good control and can pick a pass, should we ever give a more rigid 4-5-1 a runout , I'd give him consideration depending on Jack's position (and whoever else we may sign!).
  8. We've seen tiny bursts of that skill, a couple audacious linkups with Doug for instance, but something has been wrong with his mentality since nearly the start of the season. That argument with Mings, the ghost injury that had Jack laughing at him, on and on. Has not looked happy or comfortable for what must be some reason one would think more serious than just being switched wings, especially when he's played quite a bit more on the right than the left throughout his career. I think it's perhaps that coaches and teammates are demanding more defensive/grunt work from him than he likes to put in now that we're in the PL. Seems like where some of the on-field stuff sprung up, anyway. Or maybe it's just all not as easy as he thought it would be and he's let that drag him down.
  9. Inarguably. Statistically the best header in our team by some margin, and one of only a couple who won more aerial duels than they lost. He's actually one of our better players in terms of defensive actions like blocks and clearances in general (as you would hope of a CB), but when you get to his passing stats, he's probably the worst in the squad. Gives away twice as many short passes as our other CBs, which makes him a major risk, especially against pacy and high pressuring sides. Should really only be used against sides that are going to do nothing but bomb us with long balls and crosses.
  10. Yeah, looked pretty lively. If he can keep up that sort of hustle, he might actually turn out useful. Definitely has the skill.
  11. Mild inconvenience? That impossible miss on Everton's goal line still does my nerves!
  12. I'm sure struggling to think of one.
  13. Nah, we were dire at winning balls in midfield, especially in the air. With a couple exceptions, the teams contesting fewer aerial challenges than us were the top sides stocked with higher quality all around and better able to press and/or keep the ball (and the two other poor teams tried the same approach, just sans the quality to do so). We also ranked poorly for tackles (oddly enough while having statistically one of the best tacklers in the league in Freddie) and had the most blocked shots, meaning, as we all knew, it was too easy to get through to our defensive line and force them into action for most of the season. Sure, Doug elevated his game towards the end, but he, SJM and Jack all ranked among the poorest headers in the league, while most of our blocks and interceptions came from defenders, meaning if we can't outplay every team we come against on the deck for whatever reason (either due to superior quality or long ball tactics) or, assuming we do have sufficient quality now, one of those three lose form/get injured, we're likely to have issues. Someone who can come in particularly against many of the sides we need to overtake and take a few balls out of the air or win some physical battles before it gets to our backline would relieve a lot of pressure, not to mention offering more attacking threat on corners and set pieces.
  14. 220k/wk, reportedly. Disgraceful imo.
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