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  1. Quoting myself from the last thread, depressingly, what the **** is wrong with this team? No mental strength at all.
  2. Sick of betting sponsors, never liked the idea of them in the first place and this sounds like a particularly nasty one, really hope we don't go through with it.
  3. Loved that he went to head the own goal on the chance it made it to him, that's real striker's instinct.
  4. Was probably just desperate to try to do *something*. Totally not the time to bring him on given Samatta was still going strong and causing problems, though.
  5. What the **** is wrong with this team? Must've been a half dozen times our defenders just let balls go through their feet or slip by easily, finally bit us in the end.
  6. If ever he must needs go anywhere, let it be Real Madrid. We'd get the biggest fee possible and I could just about stomach him going to a club that big in a different country so I don't have to watch our best player line up for ******* Manchester City every week yet again. Not resigned to losing him yet, though, absolutely have to stay up and invest!
  7. the_eristic

    Keinan Davis

    Technically, Sturridge was ours once! Can only hope Keinan gets anywhere close to Sturridge at his peak, think he has a much better mentality tbf, if only he can stay fit!
  8. the_eristic

    Pepe Reina

    We've been awful at it since Laursen retired, really.
  9. Engels was getting forward and passing better than Fred by the end, will be pleased to see him back in the lineup. (Also makes me wonder if Fred was carrying a knock from the Leicester game.)
  10. This is a major thing. It's like the side expects whichever individual is closest to hustle to win the ball back alone, then can't react quickly enough to cover if he doesn't. Also means he has no simple passing options when he does come away with it, so it either goes back to the defense to hoof or it winds up being turned over again because the opposition invariably *do* close down in numbers. It's a big problem for someone like Nakamba, but it's been an issue with better passers like McGinn and Jota, too: first Bournemouth game, Jota got the ball, beat two or three guys in a row with clever dribbling, but the closest Villa player was probably 30 yards away standing next to his marker offering nothing and no other teammates were approaching from any angle, so the players he'd beaten just clamped down on him together and got it back. Happens practically every match, really troublesome.
  11. Couldn't stop hoofing, thought he was trying the Hollywood ball but it turned out to be pretty aimless and played straight into Bournemouth's hands.
  12. Somehow kept winding up with the ball at the top of their box in the second half, but precisely the one player you don't want there. Maybe desperate to make something happen, but needed to be told to just stay back and sit.
  13. Davis is young, prone to injury and more in the "bring others into play, harass defenders" mold at this point in his development, rather than a player you bring on to score, so I think we may see Baston more than might be expected for reasons both practical and tactical. Also, I hope he smashes it in training, gets into the side and scores 15 goals before the season is over, because why wouldn't I?
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