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  1. Dunno if anyone in the UK would know this song (it was pretty big here in its day, but beware, it's maximum sappy), but this chorus was the first thing that sprang to mind:
  2. Brought a tear to my eye after the whistle just watching on TV. What a sound.
  3. Absolutely ran things when he had the ball. Think Freddie was definitely the right choice to play with him on that flank, too.
  4. Kept things ticking over when necessary and took up some really important defensive positions, subtly played quite well in an extremely crowded midfield.
  5. My local boys (Atlanta United) picking up steam heading into the run-in, fiery win at Portland last night. Big win given their away record, especially vs Portland's home. Guzan was wobblier than usual in the first half but pulled out an absolutely brilliant reaction save on the line to stop a bullet header in the second, reminiscent of his best days here.
  6. I was thinking we ought to try implementing our own spin on that setup if Marvelous proves himself the hard-tackling defensive mid we've been told he is. Marvelous wins the ball, Douglas distributes, SJM hustles box-to-box as always, Jack replaces one winger in a more free attacking role and drifts out wide or into the box as necessary (which he does anyway) as our Kaka. Feel like it would shore up our spine, take a little pressure off Jack to cover defensively and would likely also suit Jota, Hourihane and Lansbury better if/when they have to come in.
  7. He must've heard a shout from somewhere, he was clearly letting that ball run for someone. Hardly put a foot wrong afterwards.
  8. Feel like he needs to be deployed as a #10 just behind the forwards, not out wide.
  9. Bad mistakes but ample time to recover, just no teeth, no sharpness in the final third. Only Trez and SJM looked like making anything happen, Luiz came into the game but was largely unsupported and had to go backwards/sideways more than I suspect he wants to. Defenders solid, couldn't do much about the goals. Really could've used better crossing from our fullbacks, bad, floated balls into Wesley time and again.
  10. Need Trez on the ball more, just about the only one who looks like doing something.
  11. I can't believe Lee Cattermole and Denilson are only 31. Seems like they've been around for an eternity. Out of that lot, though, I'd definitely take Sturridge on a pay-as-you-play.
  12. We made it to 242 for Micah Richards. Went on for years, somehow.
  13. the_eristic

    Ezri Konsa

    Yellow Submarine would work much better for Tyrone Mings.

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