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  1. He's looked the most ready physically whenever I've seen him, think he'll get some minutes this season.
  2. Definitely lost it at some point second half for some reason, his whole face and body language changed and the performance with them.
  3. Still looks really uncomfortable at times. Had been one of our better players on the ball, but it's like his touch and technique has largely deserted him. Hope that injury isn't lingering.
  4. Sometimes, it really feels like MON, where's it's all down to one or more players turning up more than any system or plan really working beyond get it forward and go at them. Things aren't going right, it's roll the dice more than make an adjustment. Today was Stoke 2-2 but worse, maybe not in terms of stakes due to it being early in the season, but incredibly similar performance.
  5. Lost his defensive contribution and any ability to connect the play going forward when he went off. Could've had an assist or goal with sharper play from teammates, too.
  6. Never the time to bring on a kid in a crucial position, could not catch up to the pace and intensity of the game in the slightest. Chasing shadows.
  7. Our disdain for having the ball longer than 5 seconds has cost us again. Always going to happen when you panic and slash at it and give them the ball back over and over and over and over an... Dougie should've stayed on, Target should've come off, a striker should've come off for a midfielder, but we'd rather hooooooof.
  8. Wtf indeed. Surely that can be reported to twitter and Villa and have those responsible banned from the stadium if identified?
  9. What could be more expected of Villa than to underperform expectations? Totally the wrong midfield approach against their pair of sitters plus Moura, Kane, Ndombele all dropping deep and overloading either a lone Dougie or out wide once the press was broken, really needed another deeper ball winner/retainer in there. McGinn and Ramsey much too rash and rushed, our play in general not composed and patient enough. Needed at least a sub and probably change of shape from the half, 70 minutes was far too late and probably just disruptive at that point.
  10. Why do we hate the ball so much? This hoofing is rank.
  11. Awful after the first 15, Smith out. Unless we come back in the second half, then Smith in.
  12. A number of our purported targets last window will either see their contracts up or be entering the final year next summer, so January may be the last chance for their clubs to get anything for them. Could be that Lange and co just decided to wait them out.
  13. Aaron seems to be more attacking (though that's easier to do at youth level), anyone know what sort of role Cole plays? Still in what, U15 squad, so a long way to go and a lot could change.
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