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  1. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    He's not worth the edit
  2. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    Will be disappointed if this is not the last time I get into bed with this man as our manager.
  3. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    We are 2 points worse off in like for like fixtures from last year. Notably beat Reading 3-0 at home and Ipswich 4-0 away. Bruce defenders, my problem is I see no progress, the last 2 seasons he hasn't been good enough to get us up and I don't think anything has changed over the summer.
  4. Folski

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    My friend is a big Leeds fan, we have money on who will finish higher the last 2 seasons, Pontus is their best player according to him and is easing back from injury I believe.
  5. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    Probably doesn't help 3 of the back 4 are being played out of position.
  6. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    I don't think he does a good job there.
  7. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    People are actually comparing Glen Whelan to Kante.
  8. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    Expectations are so low right now, it's sad. Getting into decent positions only to put in shite crosses isn't in my opinion good play. Brentford played some lovely one touch stuff that I haven't seen us ever play with Bruce. The amount of times we just don't look for a simple 5 yard pass when deep in our own half despite minimal pressure was insane, but will hoof it back to them to put ourselves under more pressure. We created very little of real purpose, Brentford should have been out of site by the time Kodjia scored. 3 of the back 4 were out of position last night. I'm sorry but Whelan in my opinion was a man chasing shadows, I only saw the 2nd half but he looked laboured, unsure in possession, like literally get this away from me as quickly as possibly, he had one hoof that went he miss hit went about 30 feet in the air and the spin took it to Grealish. He'd do the so called dirty work and might get a foot on a ball when close to a man but it was effectively going to another Brentford man. Granted some people will say he had 90 odd percent pass completion, the eye test says to me he didn't look assure at all.
  9. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    Ah lads the amount of time a player deep in their own half booted the ball under minimal if any pressure. Look at the positions, how many were wrong? If I'm Hourihane, what am I thinking seeing Whelan on the pitch?
  10. Folski

    Joe Bryan

    I'd still take him to be honest. Position of need and understandable
  11. Folski

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Celtic probably happy enough to let him go when he's not going to another Scottish team. Can't really hurt them playing in Championship.
  12. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    I thought last nights performance was brutal to be honest, Hull unlucky not to score 3. We never looked like creating something of means bar sloppy mistakes from Hull.
  13. Folski

    Micah Richards

    If we do go up will his wages double?
  14. Folski

    Robert Snodgrass

    Still smiling about that goal. Elmo's run was vital as well as he takes the defender that half a yard away from Snodgrass. Definitely feels like we are nearly there after what has been a horrible half a decade plus.
  15. Folski

    Keinan Davis

    Played a friendly against our u18s apparently, got a 4 week trial out of that.