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  1. Folski


    I thought my £330 was bad.
  2. Folski

    Pre-match chat

    Glad we didn't have a great performance last night and peak in the semi. I was terrified we'd be brilliant and win 3-0, have huge confidence going into the final and make a total balls of it.
  3. Folski


  4. Folski


    Will these go to gen sale do we think?
  5. Folski


    What had we for FA Cup?
  6. Folski


    What kind of allocation have we? Should be easier than FA Cup final, I reckon.
  7. Folski

    Micah Richards

    If we do go up will his wages double?
  8. Folski

    Robert Snodgrass

    Still smiling about that goal. Elmo's run was vital as well as he takes the defender that half a yard away from Snodgrass. Definitely feels like we are nearly there after what has been a horrible half a decade plus.
  9. Folski

    Keinan Davis

    Played a friendly against our u18s apparently, got a 4 week trial out of that.
  10. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    How does he still have a job? I was slated on here for saying he shouldn't have been on holidays during the international break, there was and still is a lot of work to be done. Bruce is out of his depth at the moment. Club is rotted to the core, we need fresh ideas, not experience.
  11. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    At the end of the day, we are not going anywhere fast with Bruce. 6 points in 6 games is a brutal return. We need a new manager, if we scrape a 1-0 win tonight it does us no long term favours.
  12. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    We have a lot of work to do, I don't imagine many of our players are away at internationals, but I suppose you don't have much to do when you don't have tactics.
  13. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    My aunt met him in the Cheeky Pup Bar, in Quinta Do Lago, Portugal last night. Said he was enjoying his holiday and looked relaxed. What the hell is he doing on holiday?
  14. Folski

    Steve Bruce

    Fans were well within their right to boo in my opinion. Players played for the first 25mins and last 10mins. Bruce was anonymous on the sideline. He should have made changes a lot earlier when it was obvious Hull were well on top needed fresh legs in the middle of the park, he could have even made a change to stunt Hulls momentum but he failed to do so. Then when we needed a goal, he took off our striker for a midfielder. Football was poor, majority of ball was hoofed. Team selection was in my opinion incorrect.