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  1. Don’t want him anywhere near the place
  2. We should absolutely be looking to beat Leeds at home. i believe they have injuries to 2 central defenders.
  3. 66 points was good enough for CL last year. You'd imagine it could even be less this year, with Chelsea, United, Spurs, Arsenal, Wolves & Leicester all arguably in worse form this year than last year, can add City & liverpool to that list too. Would be great if we could get out in front and have teams try and catch us.
  4. Beat leeds on Friday and I can see us staying unbeaten till Christmas. We just don’t look like conceding.
  5. He'd need to agree to move to city and then move back to us. They need his approval, would make more sense for us to just give him a new contract.
  6. Folski

    Dean Smith

    Just need to get ahead of Everton and the title is ours so.
  7. Sancho out now too... mount and someone else to start
  8. Was walking the dog and signal was brutal
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