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  1. Send Davis on loan there as part of the deal he’ll get 20-25 goals and be worth 20m
  2. I think 3 is the minimum we can get in without being left completely exposed. The game the last night shows how weak we still are in the final third relying on people like Trez, Davis is only going to get you so far. Granted Traoré was absent but still an injury to Watkins and I can’t see us scoring a lot of goals.
  3. We badly need a few players. Striker, Winger (if not 2) and centre mid. I’d also take a new left back.
  4. Folski

    Ezri Konsa

    So solid and assured tonight, long may it last.
  5. Anything on another striker?
  6. I would echo this, the club was poisonous at the time. The squad now while low in quality overall (I'd fancy myself to score as many as Davis/Samatta) does seem to have a closeness. I thinks Mings, Konsa & Cash should all be solid options in the back, I am probably one of the few who rates Fred and Targett links up well with Jack. GK needs sorting it was such a hole for us last year when Tom got injured and it did not help the confidence of the 10 players in front of the GK. Luiz, Jack & SJM are all very nice players, Hourihane is a solid squad player and Marvellous deserves another season. We need wingers massively Trez and El Gazhi are not up to it and as already mentioned the strikers are a joke. I can understand the logic in signing the likes of Wilson, he is an upgrade on what is already there maybe not Wes but he's a big lad and we can't rush him back. However, I was hoping for young exciting talent, players bought with PL experience for me are incredibly over priced and the money could be spent better else where IMO.
  7. Is Cash not a right back and Targett a left back?
  8. Folski

    Matty Cash

    Do people think Elmo is better than Fred? WOW
  9. Was asked is this your last game in a Villa shirt at Villa Park.
  10. Will be disappointed if this is not the last time I get into bed with this man as our manager.
  11. We are 2 points worse off in like for like fixtures from last year. Notably beat Reading 3-0 at home and Ipswich 4-0 away. Bruce defenders, my problem is I see no progress, the last 2 seasons he hasn't been good enough to get us up and I don't think anything has changed over the summer.
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