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  1. He moved his leg towards the tackling player, made contact and fell over Co-commentator called it clever
  2. Fulham's centre backs are poor, but they've had zero protection from midfield Been huge spaces about 20-25 yards out all game, and Burnley have exploited it well
  3. Kane gets away with it all the time. See this one against Wolves earlier in the season https://wittyfutty.com/2020/12/video-harry-kane-tries-to-get-a-penalty-with-a-dive-vs-wolves/?amp&__twitter_impression=true And someone even created a twitter feed for all of Salah's Salah has no yellows this season, Kane has 1 but for a sliding tackle It's absolutely double standards
  4. Yep, the downside of the direction we have taken with recruitment the last few years is that with inexperience you increase the propensity to shoot yourselves in the foot. We have done that many times this season. Its sort of good in a way; at least its something within our control, rather than being completely out of our depth at this level. Its not just Premier League experience either, its top flight experience in general. For a large proportion of our players, this is only 1st or 2nd proper season at the top level. Even for someone like Targett, who you would probably think
  5. Southampton lose again. Just 3 wins and 2 draws in 2021, and sitting 16th in the table, 11 points below us. Not sure how, given Hasenhuttl is apparently far superior to Smith and Southampton's super aggressive press is the best thing ever according to certain people...
  6. Would have been funny Sterling winning a penalty solely due to his horrendous (as usual) attempt to control the ball Never seen a so called top class player with such a woeful weight of pass as well
  7. The better team overall, deserved the win
  8. Great play by traore in the build up as well
  9. Why is no one attacking that? Great ball across by Ollie
  10. How is that not a yellow, straight through the back of Mcginn
  11. Im not sure how many times it needs repeating, Barkley was not man marking Calvert-Lewin Its a zonal system, all Barkley needs to do is disrupt the run enough that either Mings or Konsa will get there first And Konsa would have, had Barkley just delayed Calvert-Lewin even a split second, and Konsa not fell over El Ghazi Everton are playing the same system (Digne was just 'marking' Mings from our last corner), as are most teams
  12. zonal type system that we (and most) teams do Unfortunately our set pieces are crap
  13. Nothing is going right for Anwar. Dribbling straight into defenders, hits the bar from 6 yards, and i think Konsa clears the corner that Everton score from if he doesnt trip over El ghazi
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