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  1. Due a stinker given the run we've been on going back to the end of last season, just wish it wasnt against Leeds Should hopefully give them a kick up the arse and knock any arrogance out of them
  2. He's capable of been a complete snidey word removed. The Andre Gomes incident was not the first time he'd done something that, he'd just got lucky he hadn't caused serious injury before
  3. Eric Dier shocking, but that's no suprise. Living off that winning penalty against Columbia
  4. Do they still have the 'legends' on? That always amused me in how it so clearly showed the gulf in class between us and Blues. Villa had European Cup winners in Peter Withe and Nigel Spink Blues had Darren Carter and Martin O'Connor
  5. I think that's the worst post match analysis ive ever seen from Souness and Evra
  6. Should be red for Shaw. Disgusting tackle
  7. Bottles challenges that are even 80/20 in his favour, and constantly gives up on runs if the ball is not perfect.
  8. why did Lansbury pull out of that challenge then? He got to the ball first And Hause has not got a clue positionally
  9. Probably having most of the ball, but not doing too much with it, aside from 2 absolute sitters that were missed. Lansbury's header nearly went out for a throw in
  10. One of the worst penalties ive seen to lose it for Newport Bruce really is a lucky manager, bailed out as usual by a moment of individual quality, and then a couple of shocking penalties
  11. Surely a deliberate arm to the face is a red card? Mane lucky there
  12. Very casual at 3-0, had good opportunities to add to the score but were not ruthless enough. Trying to be too clever at times. Some of the 1 on 1 tackling in midfield was very poor, either rushing in and getting beaten, or standing off and allowing balls in. That needs to tighten up. However, Mings and Konsa dealt with Mitrovic very well, and Cash's tackling and tenacity was impressive. Everything for Fulham came down Targett's side
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