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  1. It will be hugely disapppointing if he goes, but with Buendia and a further 100 mil to spend, it will be a big failure in recruitment if we cant end up with a better, more rounded team than last season Jack is an amazing player and pretty unique in his style, but lets not kid ourselves that there aren't other players in the league who are just as effective in terms of actual output The biggest loss is going to be to the feel around the club; with jack its more than just what he does on the pitch and he was the focal point of all the progression over the last few years
  2. The long 'a' comes from Londoners, who a few hundred years ago thought it was trendy to start pronouncing it like that. It spread out across the south, but never stuck further north. I found this out during an incredibly interesting talk by Jonnie Robinson, who is the lead curator for spoken English at the British Library. He had lots of recordings of different accents, gathered over decades, although as he is local (Sutton Coldfield i think, and i vaguely recall him mentioning he is a Villa fan), there was particular focus on the Midlands. The Midlands is also a massive melting pot of accents, so its probably the most interesting area to study. One of the other interesting things he mentioned was use of the word 'like'; people often think its a modern youth thing to throw loads of likes into a sentence, but it goes back to at least the 19th Century. It's just where in the sentence the 'likes' are used that is different now. He also said 'Americanisation' is not really a big thing overall, it's hardly had any impact overall on vocabulary over here, although people often think it has. Loads of good stuff on the British Library website: https://www.bl.uk/british-accents-and-dialects
  3. 1-0 up and causing Italy all sorts of problems Lets sit back even though there's 60 mins of the game left Swap managers and we win that in normal time
  4. Not just that half, we just stopped playing and sat everyone deep from around the 30 min mark We've just chased shadows since then and unsuprisingly we look shattered as a result
  5. England doing what Spain did and looking to exploit the huge space between Italian midfield and defence, as Italian CBs havent got the legs to close that gap Spain couldnt take advantage due to bad finishing, but we have players who can
  6. Its by Liam Twomey and Tom Worville. It's basically a few screenshots of Grealish pressing on his own, and then the Danes easily playing around it...because he is pressing on his own and the players behind are not following up. Of course there were many examples throughout the game before he came on where the Danes easily beat our press in the same way; England don't really press as a team consistently. They also criticise him for losing the ball on the edge of the Danish box, because it nearly led to a break, even though it actually didn't. God knows what they would have written had he sent the opposition striker through 1 on 1 like Sterling did against Germany...
  7. Denmark had 10 men all of that 2nd half of extra time as well
  8. Sterling is an enigma I dont think ive seen anyone who can do something top class, then go to looking like he's never kicked a ball in his life 5 seconds later like he can His shooting technique is also really poor, but he still gets goals
  9. Brilliant slide rule pass by Kane
  10. Yep, let in 3 to a pretty poor Dutch side, lost to Austria, and beat North Macedonia by just 1 goal Then got through with a last min winner against 10 man Sweden We have definitely lucked out with the draw, but you can only beat what is put infront of you
  11. Kane's 2nd, and the 2 goals from setpieces, all free headers 6 yards out
  12. Do Ukraine practice defending aerial balls into the box lol?
  13. Unreal technique from Kane there
  14. We can rack up a few goals here if we really want Ukraine chasing shadows when we have the ball
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