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  1. Be suprised if Spurs dont get 1 or 2 goals in this game. Stones and Laporte CB pairing is utterly clueless positionally
  2. Doesnt matter how much you dominate if you cant defend. How much has Pep wasted on the likes of Walker, Danilo, Mendy and Laporte? Their best defender is still Kompany, he just cant run anymore.
  3. Martin Tyler absolute word removed with his commentary on Salah's goal
  4. That is a great win. Sounds like we created lots despite missing Jack which is good.
  5. Sounds like we have had enough chances to have put this game away
  6. Not a suprise we are looking shaky at the back, we are having to play a veteran midfielder and a player only just back from weeks out injured
  7. Good to see Jack getting in the refs ear there, their number 5 should be walking a tight rope now
  8. Lol Kodjia getting bear hugged, ref 10 feet away and ignores it
  9. Lol great pen. Shocking defending by the Rotherham CB
  10. An absolutely brainless display all round so far. Pathetic effort
  11. Rotherham player boots the ball away, no yellow. Andy Madley as shit at reffing as his brother

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