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  1. They are terrible, and yet still 7 points above the relegation zone
  2. We really dont make the most of the counter attacks we get Consistently make poor decisions
  3. Some really poor play last 10 mins, lazy passing, stupid decisions being made
  4. Both centre backs have given it away pissing about with it
  5. Was thinking jack could have played him in much earlier, unless he didnt quite have the gap to do so
  6. It happened last night at the end of the Liverpool/Burnley game Long ball forward towards Chris Wood who is offside. Wood doesn't even actively challenge, lets the defender win the header, and Liverpool pickup possession. Flag goes up.
  7. Barely even a challenge either, allowed defender to head the ball first
  8. I think fabinho holding his arm was more of an offence, and it looked just inside box
  9. andym

    U.S. Politics

    I wouldn't hold out much hope. Trump spends months spreading bullshit and actively trying to undermine an election - silence, no concern over democracy. The Capitol gets invaded by a load of Trump supporters because of his incendiary rhetoric - no concern over democracy Inauguration of Biden that had troops guarding it (because of what happened at the Capitol) but no public (because of a worldwide pandemic) - massive concern over democracy
  10. To be fair, when that assumption is based on that situation getting called offside every other time it has ever happened, i can see why he made it...
  11. Exactly, he was moving towards the ball before Mings had taken it down Flag always goes up in that situation, clearly interfering in play
  12. Arsenal could easily get a couple more if they really want Newcastle have given up
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