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  1. Agree in part, but i'm not sure he is a shirker in terms of effort or physicality, he just hasn't got the legs to keep up with the pace of this league. He's not going to be able to get stuck in if he can't get near the opposition. It's the same for quite a few of our squad.
  2. Going well in this Spurs Man City game
  3. I worry about the 'after the Lord Mayors show' potential of this game
  4. andym

    U.S. Politics

    I think it was a difficult situation for Dems as they probably had to do something. Would have been better without that clown Schiff as impeachment manager though. He's the politician equivalent of that person who scours twitter looking for an apparently offensive comment by a celebrity or politician, retweets it around half the world calling for a boycott/sacking etc, and then has to back track when it turns out it was completely made up. Quoting the CBS report about the 'head on the pike' thing. Easy for Republicans to say we have never been told that, and gives them the excuse they need to undermine everything else. It doesn't matter that Trump makes things up 100 times a day, that even Republican senators are basically admitted he is guilty. All it needs it one slip up from the democrats, and what are Trumps base going to think about? The Democrats needed to focus 100% on facts, and as usual they got caught up with what is basically gossip.
  5. extra space between Bristol and City
  6. andym

    Dean Smith

    Maybe its just me seeing things i want to, but it seems like all of the players we have brought in recently have really taken to the club. Even loan players like Tammy last season bought in. Something to do with having a manager (and captain) that are also fans, creating a better team spirit?
  7. An excellent finish, the ball came over several players and the leicester defender marking him tried to bicycle kick it clear right infront of him. He could easily have lost the flight and completely mishit his shot.
  8. andym

    Dean Smith

    We have shown some real guts the last few weeks, after some horrendous performances against southampton and at watford Good work by the coaching staff to pick the team up
  9. Superb, hopefully can give us a boost in the league as well
  10. andym

    Pepe Reina

    Excellent distribution, and in addition he is also directing the passing around the back and into midfield. Always looked completely calm as well.
  11. Amazed VAR went against liverpool though
  12. Vardy misses a 1 on 1 then Evans sets up Burnley for a potential winner Leicester making more unforced errors in this game than ive seen from them all season
  13. FFS, as though Vardy missed Wouldnt have against us
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