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  1. andym

    John McGinn

    Last season he was playing against players who couldn't match his energy: he wasn't beating players through skill, he just outhustled them. Now he's up against more skillful players who can also match his physicality, and so he's losing out to them
  2. Looked offside, weve seen VAR reviews for 5 mins on similar situations yet for that goal they've sorted it in 30 seconds
  3. Man city missed two sitters since as well
  4. Ball hits alexander armstrongs arm in box, no pen given, liverpool go up other end and score
  5. Did some good stuff, did some really stupid stuff
  6. Frankly a disgusting effort 1st half, didnt want to run, tackle or get stuck in Better 2nd half although still some utterly stupid play, some of the decision making was so poor Too many players not stepping up with jack out. Mcginn was pathetic
  7. Scores a goal, then wrecks any chance of the equaliser And woeful again by mcginn
  8. Of all the choices mcginn, you play it inside to neil taylor who was always going to bottle it
  9. **** sake trez, just pull it back. Instead tries a weak effort that is easily blocked
  10. Good run by el ghazhi Luiz bottling another tackle there
  11. On a yellow and totally gassed as hes the only one who has put in a shift all game
  12. **** off sky you pricks, going split screen to see the bus arrive at Anfield
  13. Trezeguet has been appalling, just ambling around
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