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  1. Luckily for swansea, blues are putting in one of the worst displays of finishing ive seen in a while
  2. Two weeks in a row where we havent even needed to look beyond the thread title. Keenan needs to up his game, at least make us work a bit to spot the errors
  3. andym


    My dislike for them was fuelled by having Glastonspur on here a few years back with his arrogant and deluded ramblings. Never mind Real Madrid winning 3 Champions Leagues in a row, Spurs would have won the last 10 if their actual abilities matched what he thought they were. I know fans will always defend their own side and always be overly optimistic about their potential, but he took it to another level.
  4. andym

    Steve Bruce

    3 wins in a row is great, but the problem is if we keep playing like we have been we will soon be losing 3 in a row. You cannot keep putting in such poor performances, of failing to do the basics at either end of the pitch and expect to keep getting results. This has happened throughout Bruce's time here. Last season we won 4 out of 5 in November, then lost 2 and drew 3 out of the next 5, including a 0-0 at home to Milwall and blowing a 2-0 home lead to Sheffield Utd. In Feb and March won 3 in a row culminating in that Wolves game, then lost to QPR and Bolton and drew with Hull. Again this season the results, which include beating a poor Hull side and then scraping past a newly promoted side with a 94th minute winner and a League 2 side are covering up the actual performances and style of play. Bruce has to build on the results and start improving the football, improve the ability to consistently possess the ball and control games. The problem is he has shown no desire or the ability to get us to do so throughout the past 2 years.
  5. andym

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    His one shot aside, not impressed by Green. Given it away numerous times trying to beat too many, wont get his head up and pass
  6. andym

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Aside from a 5 min spell around the half hour mark, that was 45 mins of utter shit. Cant pass, no movement, no attempt to work it up the pitch, and liable to horrendous defensive moments. Face it, this is what its always going to be like under Bruce. Muddling our way through the season hoping Jack can win us enough games to go up.
  7. andym

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Poor, kicking it down the channels to win a throw in and build from there. No attempt to work it on the floor through the middle.
  8. andym

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Twice Tuanzebe has gone in half hearted and he's got beaten both times
  9. andym

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    8 minutes in and already multiple misplaced passes under no pressure
  10. andym

    Pre Match Thread

    Nice mix of experience and youth
  11. Easy for Man City, didnt need to get out of 2nd gear and even tried gifting Arsenal a goal late on with some dodgy keeping. Same issues for Arsenal, likes of Xhaka nowhere near good enough, Ozil loafing around as usual and not delivering in a big game.
  12. Leeds look good, movement and passing is very sharp