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  1. Really good control and finish there
  2. Yeah he's a terrible player, stealing a living at milan. Their fans hate him.
  3. Constantly trying too many flicks and taking extra touches, brainless play - get a cross in!
  4. Sterling is crap when he hasnt got the likes of de bruyne, sane, silva and aguero drawing all the attention and giving him acres to run into
  5. The downside of a teamfull of athletes instead of footballers. The likes of sterling and lingard get into loads of good positions due to their pace, but they need loads of chances to score.
  6. Kane rugby tackled. Whats the point of var if they are not going to use it for stuff like that?
  7. Soft but brainless from Walker. Why swing your arm back like that?
  8. Men over in the box waiting and lingard shanks it wide
  9. Kane showing sterling how to score from 6 yards
  10. Sterling is such a clown infront of goal.
  11. Yep, they've just pissed around with it not really trying to make the most of good situations. They've stopped a few counter attacks to pass backwards for some reason
  12. Lol, ronaldo big game player as usual
  13. Ramos is pinging some balls out of defence this game