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  1. Foster was time wasting after about 20 mins, it was ridiculous. Fitting that we mugged them in added on time
  2. Not a fun season at all, but we've really dug in the last few games Need to be smart now with recruitment
  3. One of the many great things about being a Villa fan is that no matter how shit we are doing, that rabble down the road will always find a way to embarrass themselves more than we ever could
  4. Although there's the natural reaction factor, i'd be raging if a villa player did that. It was hit hard but it wasn't like he was only a few yards away
  5. Graeme Souness is going to have a heart attack when he sees Pogba's handball leading to a pen
  6. Good save by mariappa there....
  7. andym

    Racism Part two

    I did the tour of the museum at Scampton a few years ago. When we got to the grave, the tour guide said 'for obvious reasons i'm not going to say it, but it's on the plaque as it was the dogs name'. A quick google search suggests they have removed the name in the last few weeks.
  8. Probably because we never actually built a team, we just kept buying the 'best players' in each position. Top strikers ?- McCormack, Kodjia, lets get them. Top midfielders for goals and assists? Hourihane, Lansbury, get them in. No thought how it would all work in practice, hence the over reliance on individual moments of quality to win us games rather than good team performances. We were pretty disjointed for most of last season as well, it just somehow fell into place for that crazy winning streak and subsequent playoff win.
  9. If that was us you'd be saying Man City were there for the taking and we blew it, and we were lucky that Man City were denied two penalties by VAR
  10. Pedantic i know, but still...
  11. andym

    Dean Smith

    No way he can stay, whatever the issues on quality of player, he has presided over a season where we are likely to barely scrape 30 points. One of the key problems this season has been set pieces. It's something as a newly promoted team you should be getting right - it's a much more controlled situation than open play so good set up and organisation etc can to an extent overcome a lack of ability. And what have Smith's tactics at set pieces regularly been? Mark opponent centre backs with the likes of El Ghazi and McGinn. No wonder we have conceded the 2nd most from set pieces this season. It attention to details like that that mean managers like Allardyce etc can keep clubs punching above their weight and stay in the league, at least in the short term to give them something to build on.
  12. Should be an interesting game with four teams on the pitch
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