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  1. Boris couldnt even remember the guys name lol. Absolute shambles
  2. Raab is an arrogant moron whose plan seemed to be to think he could storm across the channel like Henry V and give johnny foreigner a good beating, ignoring the fact he's already tried and failed. He then got completely shown up by the outsider of the contest in Sundays debate, and still doesnt seem to realise threatening to walk away with no deal is not a strong negotiating position if it leaves you in a worse position than when you went to the table. Stewart has played a blinder so far, he still has no chance ultimately and its all a facade - his actions contradict his words (still a true Tory at heart), but at least he may be able to show up Boris for the shambles he is tonight, and again show the lunacy of no deal. Not that it will make any difference.
  3. Also worth mentioning the huge advancement in broadcast technology influenced by the BBC's R&D department. People may want to just plug in their tv and stream content by other providers, but the ability to do those things wouldn't exist to the same level without them. When you pay the licence fee you are also paying for the continued development of technology that makes it easier for you to access better quality content in other ways and from other providers. There's also plenty of other areas besides pure tv and radio where their research have advanced things (coding and programming, audio recording and acoustics etc).
  4. Lol Jenas on BBC gives man of match to De Bruyne, hes only been on 25 mins
  5. Pererya has had a shocker. Messed up 2 or 3 great chances going forward, then a pathetic effort to win the ball in the build up to De Bruyne's goal
  6. Nice goal, Derby have no pace at the back
  7. Derby ok in the middle of the pitch, just useless at either end
  8. Definitely going to be a red card in this game
  9. Hernandez taking a leaf out of Bamfords book
  10. Lol Bamford falls over his own feet and Derby player gets booked
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