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  1. I agree, I think it will be the same team. I'd expect us to try and keep it very tight the first 10-20 minutes after the slow start against Bournemouth and El Ghazi is more useful than Jota in those circumstances He's better at working back and defending his full back, and also his height is useful both defensively and going forward. I wouldn't be surprised if Jota comes on at some point though, depending on how the game is going. I think if we had some better options in his position El Ghazi would probably be out, I just don't see us moving our team around too much to enforce that change, certainly not moving our best player and captain out wide where he'll have less influence and have to work back half of the time. All that said, if El Ghazi doesn't perform tonight it is going to give Smith a headache going forward. Everton are a good team, but I've a feeling we might get a point out of this, I'm going for 1-1.
  2. I haven't seen any of the shirts in person myself, but I'm not impressed overall. There's nothing linking the three kits together, the colour choices seem like a quick nod to nostalgia rather than a modern reboots of classics. I really don't like the colours used for the W88 logo on the first and 3rd strip, the colours on a whole seem a bit off. The designs are just... uninspiring. When you factor in all the other issues with sizes, shoulders, badges and it just seems a mess, not great when you are using the word 'iconic' in your marketing... The away is the best of a bad bunch I feel, although the home kit is growing on me. I don't think I'll be buying any of them, might dip in for one of the less circumspect training tops.
  3. Does it include overseas sales? Don't underestimate the Trezeguet effect over in Egypt, I would image he's sold a whole lot of shirts over there...
  4. You absolutely cannot give anyone in this league a 2 goal start, we can pick apart the rest of the performance as much as we like but if we continue to make those kinds of mistakes we are going to lose a lot more than we win. You cannot plan for your most experienced player to make a mistake like that in the first minute of a game, and I don't care if you get a shout or not, you do not step over the ball in your own third of the field, these are basic errors that have cost us, unforced errors. The real shame is we utterly outplayed them for the rest of the game and there should be plenty to be excited about. In both games, it's been 20 minute spells that have cost us, we've actually been good enough to win games, but we have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot, full concentration for the full 90 minutes or you get punished, that's the biggest lesson we have to learn in this league. I think it will come, but the quicker the better. It's difficult when we are blooding the new players, I understand that, but time is not on our side, we have a horrible run at the end of November/beginning of December and we need to pick up as many points as we can before that comes along. I'm still pretty confident we've got enough to do well, and I like a lot of what I have seen, we have been a little unlucky too, but we have no points. Somebody said it earlier, but the sooner we get some points on the board the better.
  5. This is exactly how I see it, Hourihane has done a cracking job for us at DM out of necessity, it's not his preferred position, now we have 2 new DM's I expect him to be used further forward, once they have settled. I trust Smith to know when that will be.
  6. I know many are saying they'd bring in Targett for the Bournemouth games and I can see exactly why, he brings a lot more going forward and we should be attacking Bournemouth at home. However, Bournemouth's main threat will be the counter attack and Fraser down the right hand side the most dangerous, so I can see an argument where Taylor may keep his place in mind of that threat, he's far less likely to get caught up field. Will be interesting to see which way Dean Smith goes, he doesn't often err on the side of caution.
  7. Reading the last few pages, it's very interesting how differently people see his game. I don't think we can read too much from the Spurs game, not only was it a baptism of fire for him, but I also feel he was given a pretty specific role to try and hold up the ball and not to drop too deep. The results were mixed, in the first half he seemed to hit the deck too easily and get distracted by the decisions or lack there of going in his favour, he also started to drop deeper and deeper as the half wore on, at one point he seemed to be no more than 10 yards from his own box. Then I don't know if somebody had a word or he figured it out himself, but he got his head back in the game and seemed to contest more and hold his position more. This continued second half, again with mixed results, but the intent was at least consistent. His main issue in that game was that he had little to no support, we couldn't get bodies close enough to him, and he was contesting every ball with 2-3 pretty big Spurs defenders, so nothing was in his favour. I'd expect against Bournemouth things will be stacked a little more his way and so we'll see a truer reflection of his abilities and also we'll hopefully see how Dean Smith intends to use him in our attacking system. From what I've read and seen in pre-season he does like to drop deep and get involved in the play, and this is likely why his goal scoring record isn't as impressive as some, he doesn't set up camp in the danger area, but it gives the center halves marking him a decision to make and will help to create space for others. Look at the McGinn goal, although a long ball from Mings, the defender decides to follow Wesley and stays too tight getting caught under the ball, McGinn making great use of the space created behind him. This is a definite ploy, but one we couldn't use often enough at Spurs because we couldn't get runners close enough to him. I believe when he was at Brugge they played two up front, so our system with him being the focal point is pretty alien to him, factor in the pace of the Premier League, being in a new country etc. and it's easy to see why he struggled against Spurs, hopefully we can get more bodies in and around him against Bournemouth and see what he can do!
  8. The Maher guy was just quoting from a press conference, now also being reported on the official site... https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/08/15/the-presser-bournemouth So, yeah
  9. Most of the time but not always, occasionally a team will allow you to speak to the player while the fee is still being haggled over, just to speed up the process as much as anything. It would be incredibly odd if we sold him now though, considering how few options we have up front.
  10. Can't believe I nearly forgot to update this before the thread 'slams' shut!
  11. I don't think many would turn down a fully fit, fully motivated Sturridge. However, from the outside looking in he hasn't looked either of those things for a few years now, and when you factor in the financial risk for such a high earner it's easy to see why clubs are looking elsewhere. I agree with @dont_do_it_doug., he doesn't fit our transfer strategy. We are very short up top though, and if there's any truth in the Kodjia rumours we could be getting pretty desperate. Desperate enough to take the Sturridge risk? Time will tell I suppose.

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