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  1. I think we are done, and I'm okay with it. Some people seem to think any signing is better than none but that is not true, bringing in the wrong signing can detrimental both financially and to team moral. There are so many factors involved in a transfer that panic buying is not a position you want to be in. We've bought what we desperately needed in Reina and Samatta, and had a look around to see if we can find quality/value that fits within our plans elsewhere and it looks like we haven't found it in this market, much the same as many other teams. We might not have the 'two players for each position' that many seem to crave, the truth is most teams don't have two Premier League quality players for every position, because unless you are in the top 4 it's impossible to keep them all happy. Wolves have played most of the last 2 months with 2 midfielders playing as center backs! You have to make do with what you've got, throwing money at everything doesn't always work. I expect us to improve this second half of the season as the new players are now bedded in and you can really see the team spirit growing between them, I have faith the players we have right now can get it done.
  2. He wants to play and prove his fitness to Wales to potentially get in to their Euro Championship squad. I'm not saying we are right for letting him leave, just pointing out the reasons he has for leaving now.
  3. So an ITK 'made something up' to call out other ITK's, apparently in no way concerned that it may make them appear like they just ...you know ...make stuff up for fun?
  4. Hepburn-Murphy made his debut so young because Sherwood wanted to take the Mickey, I wouldn't say it's particularly aided his development as it probably added more expectation on him than he would otherwise of got. Grealish, although slight, plays in a different position and and has the right mentality to deal with cloggers trying to kick him in the air, very few players have that mentality, even experienced ones. I think for a forward who will at times have his back to goal, and who old pro center backs would definitely want a piece of, needs to have the right mentality and/or physical attributes before you should throw them in. Like Rooney did for example. I don't know about young Barry's mentality but he doesn't look strong enough just yet from the pictures I've seen. I'd imagine we might see glimpses of him next season, but it's difficult to predict how quickly any player will develop at such a young age.
  5. Can't say I'm surprised as they also need a bit of depth at fullback/wingback, especially the right hand side. Though Mourinho buying young English talent? Not usually his style...
  6. I like Cantwell, though he does seem a bit lightweight, I'd take him if he bulked up a bit. I like Aarons and Lewis from them more, think they'd both be suited to our new system and would give us real strength in the wing back areas. As somebody mentioned Buendia is probably the jewel in the crown for them, think we'd face competition for any of these should we stay up and be interested.
  7. Agree with most of this, the McCormack transfer made perfect sense at the time, he was one of if not the best forwards in the Championship and had been for a good few seasons, he should of been as safe a bet of a transfer we could of made, but it didn't work out that way for whatever reason, sometimes it doesn't. I remember when Wolves signed Roger Johnson last time they where in the Premier League (before this current stint), he seemed like the perfect signing for them, experienced strong central defender was what they lacked at the time, looked a perfect Mick McCarthy signing, but it didn't work out, barely played and again rumours of alcoholism. The only thing you can maybe do is research their character a bit more to see if you can spot any weaknesses, but then how far do you go?
  8. We've not had much luck have we?! and despite all this only a point from safety. It's not as bad as some of the doom merchants would have us believe, we just need a slight change in fortune and to hit a bit of form at the right time. Having a striker would probably help mind...
  9. It depends on your expectations of what a striker should do. El Ghazi as you point out is not going to hold the ball up, he's decent in the air but he's usually up against smaller fullbacks, he's not going to win much against a big center half. However, he's one of the best finishers we have, has good movement, decent mobility and a trick when he needs it. He won't pose the same threat as Wesley, he'll offer a different challenge to their defence. You're right about Brighton's game plan, however that would be their plan anyway. We've struggled against a high press because we insist on playing out from the back, the midfield balance is all out and there's not enough movement, so we often play ourselves in to trouble. When we have gone long even with Wesley in the team it's rarely been successful, and generally been as a last resort. Brighton would be pressing us anyway regardless of who we have up top. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have a recognised striker with either more pace or more strength than El Ghazi, but in truth he's not a terrible option. More concerning is what happens if he gets injured?...
  10. I would imagine the Real Madrid version of 4-3-3 may work somewhat differently to our version, but I haven't seen them play this year to know that for sure. Although I take your point on La Liga being a lower level, I was more thinking of his integration to the league and culture, they spent big money on him and it would be in their interests that he learns to play in the league they have bought him to play in. 6 months in the Premier League would not be without value, but 6 months playing in La Liga, learning how to be effective in that league, continuing to learn the language/culture and use it in real life situations will be very valuable to them. I agree the Premier League overall is of better quality than La Liga, however there are still plenty of decent teams playing there, I was thinking teams like Valencia, Bilbao, Villarreal, Sociedad, that kind of level, where he can continue to progress playing with quality players. Also, he could potentially cause trouble to their immediate rivals in games against them. There is value in him playing in a relegation scrap, but how are often will Madrid find themselves in that situation?
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