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  1. I think there's a number of things going wrong at Wolves right now, they'd had a very good run, several near perfect transfer windows, a few practically injury free seasons... at some point there was always going to be a dip. It seems a strange decision to change the system/style when there was such a short turn around in the summer, no chance to drill it in to the players on the training ground. Also, the recruitment has been a bit peculiar, almost all of the full backs on their books seem more comfortable being a wing back rather than a full back, including Semedo and Ait Nouri who
  2. Top professional, great attitude, and plenty of talent. His stats speak for themselves. I don't think he has the physical attributes to get to the level that is required where we are headed, not mobile enough, nor strong enough, and that is a real shame because he has the desire and mentality to improve. Just goes to show that you really have to have everything to make it in the big league nowadays, talent alone is rarely enough. He's been a great signing for us, and I for one won't write him off yet, it wouldn't surprise me to see him in a Villa shirt again. He needs to be play
  3. From what I've seen and read about this guy he's not likely a replacement for Luiz, there's more chance we aren't confident of signing Barkley permanently and he's being brought in now to get him acclimatised ready for next season. Even if we then did sign Barkley he'd provide good competition and cover for McGinn. I didn't think we'd be all that busy this January, but if we get a player of his quality for the prices being touted then it seems good business, it's an area we need cover/competition as well.
  4. I don't think there's many fans that don't want a cup run, but I think circumstances dictate many would understand the clubs decision, having a good season in the league helps as well of course! Good point about the BT money, hadn't considered that, with income streams down it's more important than ever we don't turn that cash down. I do worry if the score line gets ridiculous though, it could do irreparable damage to some of our youth players. I'll support the lads all the way though, hope they do themselves proud, it's an incredible opportunity for them.
  5. There's simply no room to handle the postponements in place already and there's only going to be more. I wouldn't be much surprised if they were forced to suspend the PL for a while the way things are looking. If it is suspended it opens up a whole can of worms for the Euros in the summer, unless of course a number of other leagues have to do the same, in which case they'll just have to put it back another year... when there's supposed to be a World Cup... hmmmm...
  6. Will be incredibly interesting to see the line-ups in this one, I don't think Liverpool will risk playing many first team players, their schedule is busy enough, so it will be mainly fringe players I'd of thought, but then they will want to ensure there's no embarrassment... tricky balance to be found there. From our point of view it's an interesting decision to let the game go ahead, I can understand wanting to get the cup out of the way, in an already congested season and no idea when we will be able to fulfil league games again a cup run isn't really desired now, and the fans are hardl
  7. Good result, enjoyed the game, special mention to the battle of the #7's, McGinn vs Kante. Sensational battle between the pair of them all game long, both fight for their team in the right spirit, plenty of respect for each other, both absolutely none-stop, just made for great viewing. It's the kind of thing you don't see too often as the referees are often too picky, so kudos to Atwell as well for letting them go at it. We do look a really good team at the moment, night and day from last season.
  8. I don't think we'll be doing much business if any (barring catastrophic injuries), we've a full squad that we've not much used, and there is rarely quality/value to be had in January. Maybe some loans out, and possibly sign a few more for the academy as we did in the summer. Thankfully there's no need to panic buy like last January. We'll keep our ear to the ground and if there's any value to be had for a player that would improve the first team I'm sure we'll be in for them, but that kind of quality at good value is rare in the winter market. I can see plenty of movement in the summ
  9. Working in the web industry, I've been crazy busy since the start of the first lockdown, looking forward to some chill out time (after today) finally, and thank McGrath I got a bonus this year, as it was not expected but desperately needed. Feeling incredibly lucky right now, I know so many have lost their jobs/homes and even worse family. Hope you all have as good a Christmas as possible and 2020 slings it's hook without causing much more damage. Keeps safe guys and gals. UTV!
  10. It's what every fan dreams of, Lawrenson Validation™ is better than winning the Champions League... or something like that...
  11. Remember when there was a bit of panic that we weren't getting players in quick enough and would miss out on points in the first few games?... good times!
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