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  1. Some kind patron of Reddit created the Travolta gif with a transparent background, I just downloaded it, opened it in Photoshop, added the background and hey presto! Internet points!
  2. I'd really love the guy to sign, but even if he doesn't, he's just really a top bloke. *man crush intensifies*
  3. I thought it was a swap deal with Myk... Mkhat... *quick google search* ...Mkhitaryan?
  4. Think somebody said they were hoping for an unknown signing on Wednesday, it's kind of snowballed from there, will probably start all kinds of crazy rumours now, I just try to stay out of it... Wagner Love confirmed!
  5. He was a couple of seasons ago, I remember him tearing Liverpool a new one at Anfield in one of the cups, but a couple of injuries and a change in Wolves formation have seen his stock fall considerably there the last few seasons. I think it would depend on price, Wolves paid £13.5m for him and would be looking for the same back at least, I think that's a bit of a risk for an out of form player, so it depends how much we back ourselves to get the best out of him, he'd certainly fit our formation. If they ask for £20m like every other player we seem to be linked with, then no thanks.
  6. Reminds me of that cheat for Championship Manager 95/96, which I never used... obviously...
  7. Edit: @Lord Willard beat me too it by seconds...
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