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  1. It's what every fan dreams of, Lawrenson Validation™ is better than winning the Champions League... or something like that...
  2. Remember when there was a bit of panic that we weren't getting players in quick enough and would miss out on points in the first few games?... good times!
  3. I agree, though it's hard to find any definitive stat which tells us how transfer fees have been affected so far, or may lead us to guess how the values might be by January, but then maybe our budget could shrink by January should our own revenues fall more than expected. Another thing is that good players are usually more difficult to obtain in the January window due to clubs not wanting to to let them go in the middle of a season, potentially weakening themselves, but again it depends on finances, some clubs may be forced to sell this year. It's crazy times we are living in, it's
  4. The problem with saving money for January is you don't get the value, but the benefit is you know what you need in the short term. However, if we spend the budget now we'd get better value, but we wouldn't know where the injuries/illness/loss of form will hit, and could potentially strengthen the wrong area of the squad. I think this season it may be wise to keep some back for January, and this is because the squad still has a few areas of weakness that are unlikely to be fixed by one or two signings, there are going to be a lot of injuries, but if we get one or two long term ones like la
  5. Would now be a really bad time to post that fake tweet loading gif?
  6. Who pretends to be on the phone?! And this is why I don't believe a thing this guys says...
  7. Not that I disagree with you, but I wouldn't imagine Purslow has told Jim White anything. Unless Purslow wanted it to get out because all Jim White does is run his mouth about how great he is and how many contacts he has. Purslow is just too savvy for anything like that. He may of leaked we were done to pressure another club or agents, but I'm sure we are always keeping our ear to the ground and are never really 'done' until the window closes, you never know when a good deal might drop in your lap. We may not sign another player, but to me that wouldn't make Jim White any more credib
  8. Exactly, when Jota signed for Liverpool who did he think he was going to replace? He didn't, because that isn't how it works at this level, it's not just the first 11 anymore. I think Rashica is exactly what we need, real genuine pace and quality, he'd give us an extra dimension/different option. In this league you can't only have one way to hurt an opposition, you need to have multiple ways of playing. I have no idea if we are going to sign him but it's nice to dream!
  9. I think it's quite bizarre the reaction this transfer rumour has caused, I can understand people getting excited, even sceptical to a degree, but there's always some who will take it too far. I think he'd be perfect for us, if I was to describe exactly what we needed at the end of last season then Rashica is the embodiment of that description, pace, quality, goals. Maybe that is what has caused such extremes, the desperation for him to sign, the disbelief anything that good could happen to our club. Anyway, I'd like to thank you for bringing the information you had here, I hope you h
  10. Costa and Suarez up front together, managed by Simeone...
  11. This guy is quality, very much looking forward to seeing what he can do! Hoping there's a clause to buy, because if he plays well for us the fee will rocket up, same thing happened with Mings and we had to pay through the nose for that mistake. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again, but either way we have another quality player in for this season at least, and he should be hungry with the Euro's around the corner too.
  12. I'm not Targett's biggest fan, but he does get a bit of a rough deal on here. I thought he looked pretty decent the back end of last season, and we've been in no rush to replace him. I think the way we play leaves the fullbacks very exposed, particularly the on the left hand side as Jack is allowed a free role, and we ask them to tuck in close to their center back which means they are always going to struggle to block crosses. Matty Cash has started very well, but look who he's had in front of him, Trezeguet the work horse, I'm not saying Targett doesn't have his faults, I'm just saying t
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