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  1. It depends on your expectations of what a striker should do. El Ghazi as you point out is not going to hold the ball up, he's decent in the air but he's usually up against smaller fullbacks, he's not going to win much against a big center half. However, he's one of the best finishers we have, has good movement, decent mobility and a trick when he needs it. He won't pose the same threat as Wesley, he'll offer a different challenge to their defence. You're right about Brighton's game plan, however that would be their plan anyway. We've struggled against a high press because we insist on playing out from the back, the midfield balance is all out and there's not enough movement, so we often play ourselves in to trouble. When we have gone long even with Wesley in the team it's rarely been successful, and generally been as a last resort. Brighton would be pressing us anyway regardless of who we have up top. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have a recognised striker with either more pace or more strength than El Ghazi, but in truth he's not a terrible option. More concerning is what happens if he gets injured?...
  2. I would imagine the Real Madrid version of 4-3-3 may work somewhat differently to our version, but I haven't seen them play this year to know that for sure. Although I take your point on La Liga being a lower level, I was more thinking of his integration to the league and culture, they spent big money on him and it would be in their interests that he learns to play in the league they have bought him to play in. 6 months in the Premier League would not be without value, but 6 months playing in La Liga, learning how to be effective in that league, continuing to learn the language/culture and use it in real life situations will be very valuable to them. I agree the Premier League overall is of better quality than La Liga, however there are still plenty of decent teams playing there, I was thinking teams like Valencia, Bilbao, Villarreal, Sociedad, that kind of level, where he can continue to progress playing with quality players. Also, he could potentially cause trouble to their immediate rivals in games against them. There is value in him playing in a relegation scrap, but how are often will Madrid find themselves in that situation?
  3. Just to counter your well made points, there's no reason why they wouldn't loan him to us in principle, however there are likely more preferable destinations where Madrid are concerned. I'm sure they'd like to see more of him in La Liga to aid his development and integration there, ideally they'd like to see him in a system/style similar to their own to get a better handle on his capabilities, and they'd like him to be playing at as high a level as possible. Now we can certainly offer first team football, but I'm not sure all the stars are likely to align on this one. I'd love to be wrong though!
  4. Another reason we wont be signing 6-7 players is we simply don't have the squad space for that many arrivals, key signings in key areas that can see us to the next window, still in the Premier League, that's the task ahead of the recruitment team. I don't see another left back coming in, Smith will have to do what he can with what we have in some positions. I think Targett will be much better as a wing back, seems to suit his game better, just need him to stay fit, we have Hause as an option and even Guilbert has looked decent there when he's had to fill in, he has options for that position. Smith has said we aren't looking at midfielders, though he could just be blowing smoke there. The main issue with our midfield is we simply haven't had the right balance, whether we have the right players with the right attributes to find that balance is up for debate, but Smith seems to think we do, so unless a really good deal drops in our lap (unlikely but not unknown in January) then I don't think we'll be adding a midfielder either. Smith has said numerous times that he wants another winger so I can certainly see us looking in that area, though it might be someone that can also play up top killing two birds with one stone, as we obviously need another forward even if Samatta goes through as planned. So I'd say another forward and another winger, or a player that can play both roles is most likely, any other positions would depend on outgoings of which I don't expect too many.
  5. From reading that I think it's fair to say he's frustrated, I'm sure everybody is. I think the toys are very much staying in the pram though.
  6. His finishing improves dramatically as the video goes on, looks quick, handy in the air and switched on. A bit of Gabby about him, though I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing... For the money rumoured looks a decent deal for us.
  7. It could be Cutrone related, he's recently moved to Fiorentina on loan and would likely be using BHX to go back and forth. I'm just guessing of course.
  8. *sigh* You must be a lot of fun at parties. I'll edit the original post for the sake of your sanity, and be sure to have my Shakespeare coursework to you by the end of the week...
  9. I feel violated, they could have been my internet points...
  10. Very true. Actually, thinking about it, maybe we should bring the Easy Crew on board? After all they are always there to make a bad t'ing good! Irie Man!
  11. Most of the preparation for the game is done well in advance, the game plan will be in place days before, the coaches and players may work on that plan the day before a game, but obviously not so intensely they'd be knackered for the next day. Also, depends on when they travel down to Bournemouth. Smith has assistants for a reason and they should be well capable of running any sessions needed while he deals with any transfer stuff, he also has Suso dealing with the finer points of the transfers, so I don't think there will be that much disruption to him or the players really
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