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  1. Very much been enjoying this thread, made a few desktop wallpapers(1920x1080) out of a few of them, here they are along with a few of my own for whoever wants them
  2. I'd go with Betty, but I'd be thinking of Wilma...
  3. Interesting, at least he has the fabled 'Premier League Experience'™.
  4. Bad gateway can be many things, server overload, somebody changing something on the site, network error, DNS... loads of things. Where I work it's usually because I've uploaded something I shouldn't...
  5. Will it be another... ...stay tuned to find out
  6. To be fair, Liverpool think highly of their tea lady, their barber and the reflections of themselves in the mirror but it doesn't mean everyone at their club is amazing. They just love themselves.
  7. Surely that depends on the figure in the buy back, if it's substantial enough they will accept and then we only take it up if we feel his value has increased past that figure, it's no different from our situation with Luiz. FWIW I don't think the deal is very likely, swap deals are very rare and I don't see Davis being particularly suited to the way they play.
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