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  1. This game had a draw written all over it. Arsenal still looking far from convincing. Typical performance from Zaha, the wind can knock that man down. He could be an amazing player if he grew up a bit.
  2. Always thought Andre had potential, just hasn't worked out for him or the club. Maybe a fresh start will do him good.
  3. Always hated Ben Mee after that tackle, seen him do some awful fouls since too. Can't stand him.
  4. Baggies just look like a pretty average Championship side, certainly not Premiership worthy. So poor.
  5. Neville is a knob, always as been always will be. Shouldn't be allowed to cover United games imo.
  6. Watched quite a few United games this season and they've had some of the softest penalties I've seen in some time.
  7. Honestly it amazes me how United always get the penalties, legit makes me wonder if something is going on there. Laughably poor refereeing yet again.
  8. Here we go again, didn't take them long. Considering United couldn't afford Sancho I highly doubt they could afford Grealish.
  9. I kind of like Hogan, but when he's the heart of your attack you know you have problems.
  10. Absolutely agree, thought this sounds just like a scare tactic to me. Didn't they try to bring this idea up some years back and it fell flat on it's arse.
  11. Sounds like John as had a cracker for Scotland tonight.
  12. The quicker Southgate is gone the better. It's not even a Grealish thing, his team selection is just so uninspiring and lackluster. Have zero faith in his abilities.
  13. Been said a thousand times, but Maguire is absolutely awful. Still amazed United paid all that money for that clown. Shouldn't even be in the England squad.
  14. Southgate as got something against Jack, one day we might find out what it is but not right now. Sadly I agree that he's got little chance for England with Gareth in charge. Part of me wishes he would just concentrate on club football until we finally get rid of Southgate.
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