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  1. I kind of like Hogan, but when he's the heart of your attack you know you have problems.
  2. Absolutely agree, thought this sounds just like a scare tactic to me. Didn't they try to bring this idea up some years back and it fell flat on it's arse.
  3. Sounds like John as had a cracker for Scotland tonight.
  4. The quicker Southgate is gone the better. It's not even a Grealish thing, his team selection is just so uninspiring and lackluster. Have zero faith in his abilities.
  5. Been said a thousand times, but Maguire is absolutely awful. Still amazed United paid all that money for that clown. Shouldn't even be in the England squad.
  6. Southgate as got something against Jack, one day we might find out what it is but not right now. Sadly I agree that he's got little chance for England with Gareth in charge. Part of me wishes he would just concentrate on club football until we finally get rid of Southgate.
  7. It's not even about Grealish, it's the whole squad in general looks super negative. He just seems clueless.
  8. What a poor looking squad, what is wrong with Southgate? Really wish we could be rid of him and replace him with somehow who'll show a bit more creativity and balls. Utter disgrace.
  9. While I doubt we'll ever find out, would love to know just how interested we were. Don't blame Bremen for wanting his actual value, most clubs would do the same for their star players.
  10. Probably these days, got bugger all else to do.
  11. If I haven't heard Harry's opinion from the window of his car at least once today, it won't feel like transfer deadline day.
  12. To be honest I'll be glad when this thread closes. Had some laughs but it's kind of sad now.
  13. To be fair Transfer Deadline Day hasn't been exciting for years now. Always super anticlimactic. Sky go all out on it but rarely anything super exciting happens nowadays. That said, I remember how exciting it was when it was first introduced, crazy times.
  14. That's insane for a player unproven in the Premier League. Palace would be insane to offer that sort of wage.
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