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  1. What a total mess, now a coach is being sent to send the Argentina players away. Honestly I can't help but sense something dodgy going on here.
  2. Funny how the Brazilian authorities are taking action in the middle of a damn football match, when those four players have been in the country for three days already. Definitely a public stunt.
  3. Imagine struggling to score against a side like Andorra, really poor in my opinion.
  4. Honestly 1-0 up against Andorra after all those chances is pretty poor. Of course the commentators and so called experts will be raving about England again.
  5. Probably already been answered, but how come the women don't have their own section of the forum? Would keep things tidy. Great turn around.
  6. Honestly Smith is five times the manager Southgate is. Southgate only got the job because of who his friends were.
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