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  1. Dem as the US have 34 beds per 100k inhabitants if they had the same population as UK, 66 million, they would have, based on having 34 ICU beds per 100k, 22,440 ICU beds. Based on our figure of 6.6k per 100k we have 4340 ICU beds. They are way better off than us in terms of ICU beds per 100k people. A lot of countries are though in fairness and many of them much poorer than us.
  2. I agree beds without staff is a waste of time which is why the Nightingale Hospitals were just a headline grabbing waste of hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money as there was never the staff to be able to utilise them. With regards your second point beds per capita works in that the US has 34 ICU beds (with staff to man them otherwise it may as well just be a bed) per 100k inhabitants which is over 5 times the amount we do per hundred thousand people. If you consider that to be disastrous for them then what do you consider us being in a 5 times worse position to be?
  3. In terms of ICU beds, vitally important in terms of covid and non covid health issues, then we were woefully prepared compared to many comparable countries. Germany has 29 ICU beds per 100k capita, USA 34 per 100k, France 12, Italy 12.5, Spain 10. The UK has 6.5 per 100k inhabitants.
  4. The consequences of the NHS in no way being prepared for anything like covid, due to already running at pretty much 100% capacity during normal times, are now starting to become clear. Overall waiting lists are already at a record high of 4.6 million but this is expected to rise to 10 million by 2024. The number of people waiting more than a year for their operation has gone from 1600 pre pandemic to over 300,000 now. The amount of people waiting more than 6 months is over a million. It should be the big political issue at the next election and the Tories should be slaughtered on it
  5. I have young lad, think he is 21, at my work place who I asked to do some work related tasks for me this week and it transpired he was taking Monday and Tuesday off. First thing I thought was I bet he is taking the time off as the pubs are reopening and I was right as he was meeting up with his mates. He has pretty much lost a year of his life in terms of socializing and when I think to when I was his age in terms of going out the weekend started on a Thursday night and didn't end until the early hours of Monday morning. I get that him and many others like him will have been desperate to
  6. As others have already replied it is all relative though isn't it. In 2017 they were up against a shambolic mess of infighting and a government that had inflicted 7 years of austerity on the country. Labour still lost badly. I think a lot in Labour did though consider that 2017 result a success which is one of the reasons they ended up getting annihilated in 2019.
  7. In my whole adult life (I'm 47) there hasn't been a Labour government that didn't cosy up to the right wing rags. I don't like it one little bit but the alternative as we've seen over the last 11 years ain't pretty. Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever see a truly left wing/socialist government in this country in my lifetime but I'll take a Labour government that has sold its soul a little and cosied up to the right wing rags if it gets rid of these Tory bastards.
  8. If this is the OTT bollocks they have put on for Phil I dread to think what will happen when his missus dies.
  9. All terrestrial channels going wall to wall all night with this. I dread to think what'll happen when his missus croaks it. Only saving grace will be the day off.
  10. My moms reaction was very sympathetic until she found out they'd cancelled Loose Women. She'll have gone full 180 when she finds out that Corrie has been cancelled.
  11. My daughter just messaged me to tell me heart dance are playing stuff like 'Stand By Me' and 'Angels'. It is ridiculous and quite sad how pathetic we are as a nation as a lot of people lap it up.
  12. I've had to stick the shopping channel on to escape it as it is everywhere. A 99 year old bloke dies is hardly a shock is it. I posted in the deadpool thread that I have zero time for the royals, or respect for most of them, least of all the massive racist that has snuffed it this morning. We will now be subjected to wall to wall coverage of him for days on end. The lucky bastard led a life of privilege and had a great innings. F all to mourn.
  13. That is the news dominated by him for the next few days at least. As someone with zero time for the royals I don't give a shit that a 99 year old bloke who lived a life of privilege has gone. Just a shame it doesn't warrant us all getting a day off like Liz will when she pops her clogs.
  14. All the fault of remainers. As predictable as it is pathetic.
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