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  1. Gabby Agbonlahor

    It possibly says more about our other forwards, or lack of, but he has been our most effective forward so far this season. One goal, one assist and he has worked hard, put himself about and tried to keep himself involved in games. I think as the lone forward he is our best option and regardless of Hogan being fir or not I’d expect if we go with one up top on Saturday it will be Gabby. Ideally though I’d like to see two up front.
  2. Steve Bruce

    I understand all of that and agree with much of it but wanting us to lose until he gets the sack. Not for me.
  3. Steve Bruce

    I can understand your frustration Terry but I can't be having any of this wanting the side to lose. Regardless of what I think of any manager for as long as they remain in the job I want them to win games. Bruce isn't past the point of no return. He can't be. The club deemed he was the right man to take us into this season and one defeat and dire performance later that won't have flipped 180 degrees. He clearly needs to get a couple of results out of the next 3 league games before the break though. I have strong doubts that he will but I will be hoping he does. I can't see the benefit of us failing to win the next 2 or 3 games just to get the manager the sack, put us well behind the promotion places and with no idea of who would replace the manager.
  4. Running

    I have been using extra sticky plasters for the last few weeks and they have really done the trick. I wear the wicking running tops but vaseline doesn’t seem to do the trick for me on anything over about an 8 mile run. I am a real sweater though which doesn’t help. On a semi positive note you will find your nipples will toughen up a bit after being ripped to shreds a few times Well done by the way you have made really good progress and you will get the benefit of running a really hilly route when you run on the flat.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I think this probably hits the nail on the head doesn’t it. I was hoping after a full pre season and a handful of signings over the summer he would know exactly the system he wanted to play and would play it and be unwavering in his belief he could get the best out of the squad he has now had a big hand in assembling. That isn’t the case though. Two league games in and he is saying he is not sure we are ready to play 2 up top. What message does that send out to the players, that the manager has no belief in them that they can play to the system he wants. The first thing any manager worth his salt does is have a system he wants his teams to play and then, if he can, bring in the players to ensure he can play that system. Some managers don’t have that luxury but Bruce has had the luxury of bringing in 12 players so far. It seems he still either doesn’t know the system he wants to play or isn’t confident the players can play that system. Either way after 9 months and having brought in 12 players that is unacceptable. Be interesting to see what he does tonight. My money is on him going into survival mode and ultra defensive, shutting up shop and playing for a draw or snatching a goal on the break. If he had any belief in himself or his players though he would go on the front foot and take the game to Reading and get a real positive reaction from the players after Saturday. Show that, in terms of this season, that was a hiccup and that he believes in his players and himself that we are way better than Saturdays result and performance. Unfortunately I think he’ll do the former and that won’t be close to being good enough.
  6. Steve Bruce

    There is a big difference though in that Mon was manager in the Prem league.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I am still getting my head around his interview after the game on Saturday and him saying we may not be ready to play with two strikers. How can that be the case. We are in the Championship. Playing sides that have hardly spent a penny. Bruce has been here 9 months and signed 12 players yet he feels we may not be ready to play two up top. It is a shocking thing to say really and even though he probably doesn’t realise it a stunning admission that he has failed in his time here. It also suggests he feels we need to shut up shop. The best form of defence though is attack and the only way we will get out of this division is by scoring more goals. We are hardly gung ho as it is and already struggle to score. It is almost certain he will fully focus on the 3 goals we conceded not the fact we didn’t score. You address the fact we conceded by going defensive then the likelihood is there is even less chance we will score. Do the opposite though and be positive and focus on us scoring more goals then by consequence you are likely to be attacking more, putting the other side on the back foot and if we can get a goal or two up it totally changes the game and knocks the stuffing out of the opposition. That more positive approach is probably not in Bruce’s nature though. I hope he surprises me tomorrow. I hope he does put out an attacking line up. Takes the game to Reading. Gets a real reaction from the players. If last season was about steadying the ship then this season was all about pushing forwards, playing with some confidence and a bit of swagger, going into every game to take 3 points, focused on attacking and putting the opposition on the back foot. If we have gotten to the third game fully focused on not conceding then this season he has already failed and he has to go.
  8. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Moyes is the obvious choice isn’t he. Out of work and connections to Round and Wyness. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him come in if Bruce goes. He looks like a busted flush though and if Sunderland deemed him as not being good enough to bring them back up you’d have to ask serious questions if we decided to go for him.
  9. Pre-Match Thread

    I have a feeling Bruce will go defensive in this one and play not to lose. He has already said that we may not be ready to play 2 strikers. I’d imagine Gabby or Hogan will drop out and we will go 4-5-1. Whelan, Lansbury, Hourihane as the middle three with Adomah and Bjarnason as the wide midfielders. We may scrape a draw.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think we do need to look for another option up top and bring in a target man. Even with Kodjia back we will lack the option of going more direct or of getting the ball out wide and getting the ball into the box. I am surprised it isn’t an area Bruce has already addressed having brought in Elmohamady. We are too one dimensional at the moment and have no plan B.
  11. Leandro Bacuna

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  12. Leandro Bacuna

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  13. Leandro Bacuna

    He has posted this on instagram. No hard feelings on his side it seems. He let himself down here a few times and so did some of us as fans towards him. I am glad he has moved on but wish him well.
  14. Steve Bruce

    If we consider the rot goes deeper than the manager then it can go no deeper than the coaching staff and the players in terms of the playing side. That being the case then he manager is responsible for bringing in his coaching staff. That then leaves the players. Since Bruce has arrived we have signed 11 players. You'd hope he would have signed players with good characters. That he believed would respond to his methods. Players that had it within them to influence others in a positive way. Certainly that is what I saw in the Terry and Whelan signings. I personally don't think the club is littered with bad eggs certainly no more than you'd find in most clubs. McCormack stepped out of line and was quickly banished. Tshibola is rumoured to have fallen out with coaching staff and has been moved on. Gabby has played up in the past but since Bruce arrived has knuckled down. Same with Grealish. I don't think the club is rotten and can't be fixed. You just need the right man steering the ship. One that can handle the huge expectation levels for this club at this level. One that can handle the fact we are currently, for now, the biggest fish in this pond and the fact that other teams will raise their game 10% wanting to take our scalp. One that can instill belief in the players that they are good enough to handle that, instill that bit of arrogance and confidence that they can play in front of 30k+ expectant, demanding fans every other week and face up to opponents giving their all in wanting to beat Aston Villa. I thought Bruce was that man but it seems he isn't. We find that man then we will be fine as there is nothing rotten or running so deep at this club that can't now be fixed by a good manager.
  15. Next Aston Villa Manager

    In terms of their playing careers then yes. Di Matteo though aside from his few months managing Chelsea, with his influence there disputed, hadn't experienced managing the huge club relative to the division they were in. Likewise Bruce had played for the biggest club but had no experience of managing one. Managing Wigan, Hull, Blues even Sunderland is not like managing Aston Villa in the championship and the expectation that comes with that. I genuinely thought he could handle it but given how he appeared in his interview yesterday I think he is wilting under the pressure and looks lost. Someone has just mentioned Rodgers. He has managed clubs with huge expectations and has experience of this division and getting out of it. Maybe he isn't a bad shout.