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  1. Steve Bruce

    You really think it has been a terribly long delay? I don't actually think it has been 15 months, as we have been doing very nicely since September, but even if I go along with that you consider that a long time to turn around over 6 years of mismanagement, constant decline and finally bottoming out in one of the most shameful, dire, gutless seasons in the clubs history? I consider turning around what he inherited, a club that even in the Championship still wreaked of a losers mentality, in the time it has taken not bad going. In fact in 15 months to have now got us into a position going into the final 3 months of the season with automatic promotion in our own hands is very good going. Whatever the aims are beyond this season if we do get promoted come May then that initial turn around from rock bottom when Bruce arrived to being back in the Premier League will have been the hardest hurdle and the biggest hill we will have to climb.
  2. Steve Bruce

    I don't think there is any doubt Agnew has made a difference and Bruce has been the first to praise him. Just as it is down to the manager to build a squad of players he thinks can get the best results from the budget the club has it is also down to the manager to put the best coaching staff together to get the best out of those players. I have long thought Bruce has assembled a very good squad the issue was that he wasn't getting the best out of them. If he has now, by bringing in Agnew who he has worked with for years, brought in the final piece to get the best out of the squad he has assembled then that is very good management all round in putting a good squad together and the coaching staff around him to help him get the best out of them. As you say excellent, excellent stuff. A manager doing exactly what a good manager does.
  3. Steve Bruce

    I think John Terry is very much an exception isn't he. He is the best defender in this division never mind the club.He is also arguably the best on the pitch leader in the country. I am sure at Chelsea when he was out injured players came in for him and did very well but found themselves out of the side when he was back fit. Bjarnason came in last week and replaced Whelan and did very well. In terms of ability there is arguably little between them. In terms of ability and the influence they can have on others then Elphick and Terry are poles apart despite Elphick doing well for a couple of games.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Win today and with Derby and Cardiff still to play at VP automatic promotion will be in our own hands. Bring it on.
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Oh yes @terrytini was right as he has just again reminded me :-)
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I have a friendly £20 wager with @terrytini that the team in second won"t have anymore than 86 points. I am a little more confident than I was a few weeks ago that will be the case.
  7. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    It depends when you want look at the league table from. Three games ago we were nine points off second. We are now just five and have overtaken Boro, Sheff Utd, Leeds and Bristol in that time. Things do change very quickly in this league. We need to be consistent from now till the end of the season and need to capitalise on the fact we have played all but two of the top ten away from home already so most of them still have to come to us including Derby. We are well in the mix for second spot.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Just having a quick look at who is currently managing in the top flight and I think I'd say the football most managers have their team playing would be considered so so and average at best. Dyce, Allardyce, Moyes, Pardew, Carvalhal, Hodgson, Wagner, Benitiez, Hughton, Lambert, Silva, Puel. Then you have the likes of Hughes and Pulis who have just lost their jobs. I don't consider that any of these have their teams playing great free flowing attractive easy on the eye football. Now of course some of them have had to cut their cloths to suit in the Premier League to play a style to grind out results due to a lack of resources, just as Bruce has had to in the past, but the three teams that got promoted from the Championship last season were hardly renowned for an attractive style of play. Huddersfield in particular. Certainly this season I think we have played some decent stuff at times and for the most part I have enjoyed watching us. Winning plenty of games helps of course to put a favourable slant on things but I'd say compared to every other side in this league, aside from Wolves, our style of football is no worse than others and certainly more effective than most.
  9. January Transfers

    I was even thinking he'd played at a World cup when he was about 17 but I had that down as being about 6/7 years ago not 12 years ago. In fairness the older I get the quicker time seems to go so I've still not come to terms with Gabby not being 25.
  10. Paul Lambert

    I bet he can't believe his luck having landed a Prem job as his record over the last few years has done nothing to warrant it. He has a good chance now to rebuild his reputation. All he has to do is keep Stoke up and he will be seen to have done a decent job and on paper they should have enough to stay up. As a Stoke fan though you must be wondering what the hell has happened as when they sacked Hughes they couldn't have imagined for a second they'd end up with Lambert.
  11. January Transfers

    I just felt really old when I realised Walcott is nearly 29. For some reason I had him down as being about 23/24 as it doesn't seem that long since he came onto the scene full of promise. He hasn't got close to living up to the initial hype. Shown it in flashes but way too inconsistent.
  12. VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Dolores O'Riordan lead singer of the Cranberries has died aged just 46.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I'm never ceased to be amazed by this thread. We have just moved up to 4th in the league, sit 5 points from automatic promotion with 19 games left to overhaul that gap having just won three very tough games on the spin. You'd think we'd all be buzzing with optimism, chomping at the bit and well up for backing the manager and players and doing all we can to help push them to promotion. Instead the discussion is around what was a realistic aim last season and what the manager said 12-15 months ago. I'd be careful those of you who are wallowing in the past and looking backwards as a means to criticize the manager/club as you are in danger of missing out on the here and now. If this club is to achieve what we all want it to this season then it needs us all pulling in the same direction. We all have a part to play be that by getting our arses to the games and when we get there offering positive, vociferous support or by those of us who can't get to the games focusing on the positives and looking to the future. We have had too many years of crap and now for the first time in years finally have something to be positive about and a positive cause to get behind. Let's not waste it.
  14. Cyrille Regis

    He was past his prime when he came to us but he was still a very good player and a handful for any defender. I think Dalian Atkinson benefited from playing and training alongside him for a couple of years. It says it all about the man that he is fondly remembered by all the Midlands clubs he played for and that is down to him never giving less than 100% and being a gentleman. RIP Big man
  15. Steve Bruce

    At the time Bruce was appointed then no. It was all very positive as you'd expect. In March 2017 though Wyness was interviewed and said no one had realised just how much of a mess the club was in and for months every draw they opened contained a problem. I think from owner down to supporters most of us were carried along on a wave of optimism, new owner, new manager, new CEO, and that if we spend a fortune for this level we can right 6 years of wrongs. It was never a quick fix though and certainly not when at least half of that 55 mill initial gross spend was wasted. I don't know if this harping back helps though does it and dragging up what should or should not have been done in the past. It can't be changed. We are where we are and at present that is in a very decent position with plenty to play for and much to be optimistic about. Maybe we should all focus on that and on what we can do as supporters to help push the club back to where we all want it to be.