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  1. Just saw the governor of New York say that if you have to go on a ventilator there is only a 20% chance that you will come off and that the longer you are on it the less chance you will come off.
  2. Is this for definite? that would be madness.
  3. My own 13 year old daughter just brought this to my attention. Obviously easier to accept when it is older people but not a child.
  4. You have set quite a high bar there especially the one captain you named of ours being the one to lift the greatest trophy in the clubs history. There is no set way to captain a side is there. Jordan Henderson is no Steven Gerrard for example. Just a few off the top of my head over the last 30 years who have captained us Platt, Richardson, Townsend, Southgate, Barry, Petrov, Delph, Chester. I don't know from the observations we make as supporters how many of them we would class as natural leaders. I guess when a manager makes a decision on who to make captain he can only choose from what he has available and I guess Smith has decided Grealish is the most suitable for that role. If he had a Mortimer, Bremner or Gerrard in the squad he possibly would have decided differently.
  5. I see him ever being made captain is being questioned by some. I don't see how anyone could dispute he has led by example on the pitch over the last couple of years and never failed to give his all. He was a huge reason as to why we got promoted last season and arguably 95% of the reason we still have a chance of staying up this season and aren't already down. It is one thing being the best player but his performances on the pitch have gone beyond ability and he has led by example in terms of effort. After this misdemeanour it will be his off field, not match day or training, behaviour that will potentially lose him that captaincy. That shouldn't diminish what he has done for the club, and how he has led the team, on the field though.
  6. I think that will hopefully be the case. That will be by having taken the measures we have though I'd imagine. We are looking at 20k deaths being a good result. USA they are looking at 200k deaths being a good result so long as measures are followed to the letter. When we were looking at going down the herd immunity route were were apparently looking at 500k+ deaths in UK. In USA by doing nothing 2 million + deaths. I don't think we can get to the end of this and say we only lost 20k people with coronavirus was it worth the lock down. It is not the lives that have been lost we should judge this on it is the lives that will have been saved.
  7. Had social media been around 25 years ago and everyone went around with a camera I doubt very much I'd have gotten to see too much of the likes of Merson and McGrath. They'd have been on the front of the rags pretty much every week and based on this thread there may well have been enough of us to force them out the club. Grealish has messed up. As things stand he is guilty of breaking government instructions to only leave the house for essential reasons. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of other selfish fools who have done similar over the last few days but him being so high profile and in a position to influence others compounds what he has done. As for the car accident and hearsay about him being drunk until proven otherwise it is not for us to say if he was even driving the car or drunk. I'd imagine if those allegations are being made the Police will investigate and if he is charged we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.
  8. I think if you've emerged yourself in all this then you can get to thinking if someone you know gets it, especially if they are quite elderly, they are going to get it bad. I know it is easier said than done mate to not be really worried but the odds are heavily stacked that they will be okay.
  9. I think the worst thing about all this is if it is going to take you then if you are in hospital you are going to have to go without your family around you. I mean how terrible is that. Just watching ITV news now and someone saying they had to say goodbye to their mom on the phone. Heartbreaking.
  10. I see Beckham and Ronaldo mentioned here but they had a strong manager in Ferguson to instill discipline in them from an early age and Ferguson was a consistent in their development. Grealish since breaking though 5 and half years ago has had Lambert, Sherwood, Garde, Di Matteo, Bruce, Smith and a couple of caretaker managers. He is the big fish in the pond round here. Not just within the club but within the whole of midlands football and has recently been lauded nationally. There is zero doubt he has a fair bit of billy big bollocks about him but that is what contributes to making him the player he is so you don't want to knock that out of him. What he needs is discipline and that may need to come from elsewhere and ultimately from within. If people want to see the above as making excuses for him so be it. Having said the above though there is zero doubt he has been a right idiot and he clearly knew better as hours before he did what he did he put out the video around the need to stay in. He'll get plenty of persecution and hopefully that in itself will help him learn a lesson and he can do what many of us have done in our lives, mess up, learn from it and be a better person going forward. For his sake, and ours for as long as he remains here, I hope he can do that.
  11. The White House Coronavirus coordinator has said that they'd be doing well to have between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. That is if all Americans adhere to what they are being asked to do. Trump has said the same that they will have done a very good job to limit deaths to 100,000 - 200,000. This from someone who was totally playing things down a few days ago and pretty much didn't give a shit a couple of weeks ago.
  12. It has been the same across the UK and only deaths in hospital have been included. As you say from tomorrow deaths in the community will be included but deaths in community will only be updated once a week.
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