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  1. markavfc40

    Alan Hutton

    First bit of good news we have had since pre play off final. Our best full back, either left or right, and a man who leads by example never giving less than 100%. If we had a squad of players with Huttons heart and desire last season we'd be in the top flight now. I am pleased for him and us.
  2. markavfc40

    Alan Hutton

    He finished the season as our best left back. If he goes we are left with Taylor and that is it and given the choice of the two I would take Hutton all day long. I'd also be happy for us to match the two years that Forest are apparently offering. He is one of the fittest players at the club and can comfortably do another couple of years, certainly at this level.
  3. markavfc40

    Tony Xia

    I doubt Xia is the man to sort it out as if you are stupid enough to get us into such a mess I doubt you are clever enough to get us out of it. I would though advise you to renew your season ticket as the club and specifically the squad that turns out for us next season are likely to need all the help and support they can get. You'll not be alone in doing so as the club said today over 1000 supporters have bought season tickets since they went back on sale last week taking the total to over 18k.
  4. markavfc40

    Alan Hutton

    There are players that we needed out this season but our best full back wasn't one of them. If he is willing to come back on wages we can afford then great. As others have said I'd be looking to get rid of Taylor.
  5. markavfc40

    Tony Xia

    I don't really know anything about his other businesses, how he made his money or how much money he actually has so the only thing I can judge what 'calibre' of businessman he is has to be based on what he has done here. I can only therefore conclude he is a terrible businessman. He has gambled recklessly with this clubs future and went all in on us getting promotion with zero regard it seems to the consequences we would face if we didn't. Any owner is simply a temporary guardian of the club and he had a duty to take care of it and he hasn't. I got to be honest I don't want to hear from him how heartbroken he is as that won't get us out of the mire. I also don't give two monkeys if he loses an absolute fortune and is left with no more than an over sized suit. He has risked our clubs existence and that is unforgivable.
  6. markavfc40

    Steve Bruce

    Of the 5 players we loaned last season two were 20 or under in Axel and Onomah, one was a young goalkeeper in Johnstone and the two experienced players were Snodgrass and Grabban. The only one I'd imagine who was on relatively big wages would be Snodgrass.
  7. markavfc40

    Steve Bruce

    That assumes they were worth the money we were paying them. The year we got relegated we had the 10th highest wage bill. We finished 20th and went down in March. I actually do think last seasons squad was good enough to achieve promotion. We finished 6 points from automatic and came very close in the play offs. I think we came close enough that based on that alone doesn't warrant Bruce being sacked especially when you take in to account the position we were in when he came in - 5 wins in 18 months, no away win in 14 months, 1 win in 11 Championship games, knocked out of league cup by 4th tier Luton. In the 20 months he has been here he has turned around a side still going backwards and got us to within a whisker of promotion. Turned around a squad lacking heart, desire, fight and leadership to one which for the first time in years was full of team spirit. The big question for me isn't does what he has done in 20 months warrant him being kept on or sacked it is whether he is the right man to take us forward and I am still undecided on that as I can see merits in both keeping him on and letting him go, dependent on replacement obviously. The pros to retaining him will be the continuity angle, the fact at this level he has an excellent record, the fact he knows the players, his contacts in terms of securing loan players and his vast experience which could be useful in what is likely to be a tough time for the club. The cons are that we are likely to have to rely heavily on promoting players from the under 23's something he isn't renowned for having done, his over cautious approach to games, whether at 58 he has the desire to do a rebuilding job with little funds and whether he will use those financial restraints to continually play down our future prospects. For what it is worth I don't think he will be sacked and I think he may well back himself to still be able to take us forward so won't walk. I'd imagine by this time next week we will know for definite one way or the other.
  8. markavfc40

    Steve Bruce

    It is a situation that will have been forced on him and without any choice it may be something he can embrace and go with and may actually turn out to be a good thing that he can't revert to what he has done in the past and bring in/rely on experienced players. Given what has happened this week and what is likely to happen before the season starts with Grealish almost certainly moving on and possibly Chester expectation won't be as high from supporters and that also may not be a bad thing. I am not sure Bruce handled that pressure too well at times last season and without it may be less cautious and more inclined to have us playing more freely. I don't see him getting sacked now and I don't see him walking. I think the club will want continuity and a been there done it safe pair of hands to lead us at this time. I also think Bruce will back himself even in challenging times to still be able to take the club forward.
  9. markavfc40

    Going Under ?

    This is an interesting post and the point you raise about what is a football club is something I was thinking about earlier whilst out for a run. You are right players come and go and there is little loyalty. Likewise with managers. Owners will often stay a little longer but as I have found in all of my 35 odd years following us to varying degrees they have either been out to make a few quid, feed their egos or simply incompetent. You then come down to things like the stadium and training ground. As plenty of other clubs have shown these can be bought and sold. For me what makes a football club is the only constant. The only thing that stays loyal. It is us the supporters. That is the heart and soul of a football club. That passion, that love, that being willing to going through days, months, years of pain to feel those moments of ecstasy when a goal is scored, a win is secured or if your lucky enough a trophy is won. It is hard to explain to someone that doesn't share that passion but that feeling we have for our football club that lives within all of us is Aston Villa and no matter what happens, who plays for us, in whatever division we play in, that will never die. So I think when people say we should stick together and be loyal it is simply a call to arms that as long as we do that then that heart and soul of the club remains and while there is a heart and soul there will always be an Aston Villa to support.
  10. markavfc40

    Going Under ?

    I don't know where he is getting his info from but Collymore just tweeted this: If this is anything close to being right then we are in deeper trouble than the likes of Leeds and Portsmouth were ever in.
  11. markavfc40

    Tony Xia

    I think had this have been something Xia was in control of and able to deal with then he'd have come out and said so by now. I hope I am wrong but I think him being silent points towards the club being up shit creak and he doesn't have an armband never mind a boat and paddle. I don't have clue whether he was a fraud right from the get go, has been badly let down by others or it is down to him being unable to get his money out of China. Whichever way you slice the cake though ultimately this is on him. Just as despite the failings of Fox and Faulkner etc it was ultimately on Lerner previously. I think I always had a nagging feeling something wasn't quite right but after so many years of struggle you want to take people at face value and believe in them and their promises. The gutting thing in all this is that this is a really great club with so much potential that just needs someone with nous, foresight and of course a few pennies to take care of it and nurture it back to the top. As a supporter I thought we'd hit rock bottom two years ago but it seems not. The bottom line is though this was a great club yesterday, is a great club today and whatever happens will still be a great club in the future and I am sure someone will eventually come along and look after it. In the meantime it needs everyone of us to stick by it.
  12. markavfc40

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Renewed about 7 weeks ago. This will be my 31st consecutive season as a ST holder. Wouldn't matter what division we are in I plan on going as long as I draw breath....or my knees, hip, back give way and I can no longer get to VP
  13. markavfc40

    Tony Xia

    I agree but you would hope that would bring in 40 mill and lets say of which 20 mill could be reinvested. Spent well that can get you two or three very good players at this level. Time will tell what will happen but despite the challenges if we do go into the season without a squad capable of doing what the likes of Cardiff, Huddersfield, Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley have done in the last handful of seasons - achieving promotion on a tight budget, then the owner will have failed, or been failed, miserably.
  14. markavfc40

    Tony Xia

    As things stand today this is the side we could put out. Steer Elmo, Elphick, Chester, Taylor Bjarnason, Hourihane, Grealish Adomah, Kodjia, Green Defensively we would be weaker. Going forward though we would have more pace in the side due to the return of Kodjia and Green. We could have a bench containing the likes of Bree, Jedi, Lansbury, O'Hare, Davis, RHM, Hogan We will likely have far more young players involved next season all full of energy chomping at the bit for a chance and to make their mark so for me that will be no bad thing. There is no way we should be fighting for survival next season and no reason why we shouldn't be competing for promotion. You can solely look on the downside of having to cut our cloth differently or you can take out the positives and see it as an opportunity to promote our youth and change our style and rely more on pace and power than experience and guile. All the above may well require action by the owner in terms of a change in manager and some creative finance management to ensure we can keep the best of what remains of this squad and supplement it with loans. Certainly doable though.
  15. markavfc40

    Tony Xia

    Terry will need replacing. As for Snodgrass, Grabban, Hutton, Johnstone see Green and Kodjia being fit next season not injured for 90% of it like the last one and Bree and Jed Steer to step up to the plate. In fact we have a handful of younger players in Bree, O'Hare, Green, Murphy and Davis who should be capable of being part of match day 18's week in week out next season. You don"t have to have to have really good players all over the pitch to do well at this level. Look at Cardiff last season hardly sprinkled with stardust, Huddersfield the previous season. In fact look at the squads at the likes of Reading, Sheff Wednesday, Derby, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Brighton over just the last couple of seasons who either achieved promotion or made the play offs and you won't recognise many of the names as they are filled with mediocrity. You don't need millions and star names to have succes at this level although it helps. What you definately don"t need though is wallowing in self pity and throwing the towel in before a ball has been kicked next season. This club still has plenty going for it and more than most at this level. Lets embrace the positives, see some imaginative thinking from the owner and set our ambitions accordingly.