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  1. It is a sad state of affairs when the best that Labour can hope to achieve is a hung parliament but there is no way that can be seen as any kind of success. They are going to finish somewhere between 80 and 160 seats behind the Tories. A Tory government that have been brutal for 9 and a half years and are now led by a pathological liar and are overall a much more rabid bunch. At worst we should be looking at Labour being the biggest party and whilst I accept the right wing media bias hasn't helped their cause to use that as anymore than a side issue would be a huge mistake. For me Labour in the main have good policies and with that being the case you therefore have to look at if the issue is those presenting those policies and the most prominent of those is obviously the leader. As much as I, and I am sure many others, will bitch, moan and point the finger at those foolish/selfish enough to vote for the Tories just as in the 2016 referendum and the US presidential election the fact is the opposing side won't have put up a good enough argument and made themselves attractive enough to vote for and that is a huge failing on their part. Come Friday I can't see how Corbyn can stay on as leader and I just hope Labour have learned the lesson of the last 4 years as many of us are going to pay for their failing in choosing the wrong people to deliver their message.
  2. This prick losing his seat could be something to rejoice.
  3. The same yougov poll predicted a hung parliament in 2017. I don't know if they have factored in the large amount of new voter registrations, most of them young, but I don't think this poll will be far out. My heart says a hung parliament, my head says a 20+ seat Tory majority.
  4. Latest yougov MRP model. It showed a Tory majority of 68 two weeks ago.
  5. The Tories can't even attempt empathy during an election campaign. Just imagine how heartless and ruthless they'll be if they get a majority. It is not an exaggeration to say it is frightening.
  6. Corbyn calling it out for what it is. When you see the tweets some high profile, prominent journalists put out including stating Tory adviser punched, assaulted and Police on scene, based on some unsubstantiated crap a Tory source told them, it is shocking.
  7. I'd take that as would be a good chance it would mean a hung parliament
  8. Give them another 5 years and it will be a matter of months before they are telling us that the only thing that can stop this is more privatisation. It has been all so predictable. They have spent the last 9 and half years setting the NHS up to fail and now it is they will try use it to justify privatisation.
  9. Watched the Irishman last night and thought it was brilliant. I think you need to set the time aside to watch it in one go rather than stop/start so you can really get into it. The 3 and half hours flew by for me as I found it so engrossing. De Niro, Pesci and Pacino are all excellent in it.
  10. I wouldn't know mate but I guess thinking about it her anti Corbyn stance would rule her out. Who do you think the most likely contenders are?
  11. Just thinking what will happen beyond Thursday when it is nailed on that Labour won't get a majority which you'd think would mean Corbyn is done as leader. If the Tories get a majority then Corbyn is immediately finished. If the Tories are the biggest party but can't form a government then I'd imagine Labour could get enough support to form a government to force through a referendum but that may come with the demand from other parties that Corbyn steps down. The only way I can see Corbyn staying in power for a few months is if he leads a government of national unity through a referendum to be quickly followed by an election which he won't be leader for. As for who would replace him I'd imagine Starmer would be in the mix and a number of younger MP's in Piddock, Rayner and perhaps Jess Phillips.
  12. I saw someone else on FB who had received one of these letters. Apparently delivered by Royal Mail but not in an envelope.
  13. I couldn't agree more mate. They hid behind the financial crisis, which they blamed on Labour, as an excuse for austerity and give the most vulnerable amongst us a right good kicking. It was their wet dream and they made out they had no other choice and plenty of selfish and/or foolish bastards believed them. There was a choice though which was to tax those amongst us who could afford to pay a few quid more, and there are plenty of us in that boat, and protect those most vulnerable amongst us and our public services. I read something the other day that said "Think of the most vulnerable person you know and vote in their best interests". Do that simple thing and it is impossible to wake up to a Tory government on December 13th.
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