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  1. With segregation you are looking at more like 41.5k capacity. We haven't had over 42k for a few years despite a lot of sell outs. Then you have the away allocation which is around 2.8k.
  2. As others have said the club won't sell any more than around 28k season tickets. With the away allocation that would leave around 10k to sell game by game. I'd imagine they do this not so much for the extra revenue, as that would be very little, but to allow different supporters to attend to help maximise the amount of supporters we have. If you only had a couple of thousand tickets available for each game you may find potential new supporters would look elsewhere and support a club they could actually get to watch live a few times a season. I'd expect us to sell out of season tickets and average 40k+ next season. The fan base and club seem to be as united as they have been for years and I think as fans we accept next season will be tough but we will stay right behind the club.
  3. I caught about 20 minutes of it and found it quite surreal how they were all saying how poor some of our public services were, what needed to be done to improve them, and how divided our country was and what they would do to bring it back together. I felt I was listening to a debate between Lib Dems, Labour, The Greens etc not 5 people who'd been part of a government, many of them in senior positions, who had decimated our public services and wilfully instigated a blame culture of pointing the finger at Johnny Foreigner and benefit claimants for any woes. The worst thing about it though was that aside from Raab I'd rather any of them became PM rather than the person that will in Johnson. What a shit show.
  4. This happened about an hour before the game. I was walking past on the opposite side of the road to where bottles were being thrown. It was madness as a lot of the bottles were flying over the Derby coach and hitting Villa fans. We saw one lad with his face all cut after being hit by a glass/bottle. This incident was the only downer on an otherwise great day. Like all clubs we have some neanderthals following us but great to see the fund raising page doing so well and showing that 99.9% of our fans are decent.
  5. They are all likely to be pretty packed mate. You can go in the fan zone which will be busy but good family friendly atmosphere.
  6. We'll be starting off in JJ Moons at about 11:30am and then heading down to the The Arch for about 1pm.
  7. markavfc40


    Pentewan just outside St Austell and a mile from Mevagissey. I booked it last October obviously no idea we'd make the POF again. Will be starting out really early to get to Wembley. Have a great day mate
  8. markavfc40


    Sounds like you got a great seat there mate. I am in 541 row 11. Like you I was in the lower tier last year and found it a bit too low and there was a roof bit above us which made it feel a little claustrophobic. I have sat in the top tier before for the FA Cup semi in 2015 and it was fine. I think you are ideal in the middle tier though. I am going to Cornwall on Saturday for the week so having to drive across from there and it is 260 miles each way. I have booked to park on someones drive. Then have a hotel on way back to stop at in Farnborough so we can hopefully celebrate and have a few beers before heading back to Cornwall early Tuesday morning.
  9. markavfc40


    Terry they came yesterday mate. Ink had run on them but bar code fine so should be okay and looking on social media a lot of tickets are the same. What block you in this year?
  10. markavfc40


    My tickets arrived today (purchased last Wednesday). The ink has run on all of them but the bar code is fine so assume they will be okay.
  11. Where have you heard about the 2 mile radius?
  12. markavfc40


    I got mine at 5:30 on Wednesday and they still haven't arrived. I am hoping they will come today. They only send them first class and not signed for recorded.
  13. The Arch will be showing it I would imagine. Just round the corner from the ground. Give them a bell just to make sure.
  14. Does history tell us that? I am not so sure it does and reading your posts I think you may be looking for potential negatives that are not there. There is no point looking any further back than what these players have shown as what a Villa team did 3, 5 10, 15, 20 years ago has no relevance to this squad. Recent history shows that over the last 2 and half months we went into almost all of those games knowing we had to win if we were to have any chance of getting into the play offs. We handled that pressure including managing to win after going a goal down away at Sheff Wednesday and a goal and a man down to Rotherham and absolutely annihilating fellow play off contenders and teams above us at that time in Derby and Middlesborough. Just two games ago we went a goal down against West Brom at home, had them putting every man behind the ball and frustrate us for 70 minutes and still found a way to come out of that game with a win. In the last game we found ourselves in a penalty shoot out after dominating a team over two games that finished 4th and failing to find a decisive break through. We could have felt we'd blown our chance but we still found it in ourselves to handle the pressure of penalties in a very hostile atmosphere. Recent history tells us that when the pressure is on we don't bottle it. We embrace it and find a way to win. We all need to have faith in these lads as they have earned it.
  15. I have said this myself but what are we basing this on exactly? When we played them in March they were well above us in the league. Admittedly they were on a poor run and had a couple of their main players out but we were also on a very poor run and missing McGinn and Axel. We didn't just beat them that day we absolutely annihilated them in the first half and then took our foot off the gas in the second half. When we played them in November they were well above us in the league, on a great run which had recently seen them beat Albion 4-1 and do Sheff Utd 2-1 and just the week before Sha 3-1. They had all their best players starting aside from Mount. We deservedly beat them 3-0 and it could easily of been more. I am all for us being cautious and not getting carried away but we shouldn't just disregard those results and make out Derby will be a completely different proposition to the side we faced in the regular season. Certainly that team we played at their place was, aside from Mount, as good as they have and we destroyed them. We have nothing to fear here. Just as Fulham swaggered into the final last season confident that if they played to close to their best they would win so should we this year. We will not get a better opportunity than this and the players have to know that it will be a huge wasted opportunity if they don't win. They can go in with the knowledge that we play to close to our best we have shown we are better than them. Psychologically that must be a boost for us and one we should embrace and feed off.

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