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  1. I think some of us may be over playing the need for a forward to be pretty prolific for us this season. This is possibly due to Benteke's goals playing a big part in keeping us up before he left and we dropped and also because we had a forward who scored 26 goals last season. We don't need our forwards to be anything like prolific though to be relatively succesful, which this season is anything above 18th, as long as we have goals throughout the team. Man Utd finished 6th last season and Lukaku was their leading forward with 12 goals. Wolves 7th and Jimenez got 13 goals. West Ham 10th and Arnoutovic got 10 goals. Watford 11th and Deeney got 9 goals. Palace 12th and Zaha got 10 goals. I am confident Wesley can get us around 10 goals and we have plenty of others in Grealish, McGinn, Jota, Connor, El Ghazi, Kodjia, Trezeguet, Davis who can ensure, along with our defenders who can hopefully chip in with a few goals, we get 45 + goals this season as a team.
  2. I am not concerned about us not getting another striker or wide man. We have three forwards for one spot, and three, four if you count Elmo, for 2 wide spots. As for the concerns that Kodjia and Davis are unproven at this level then you could say that about 75% of our squad. I am sure we could have gone out and brought in another forward and wide man but it almost certainly would either have meant paying well over the odds for the players we want or going down a route and bringing in players that don't fit the mould of having their best years in front of them and chomping at the bit to improve. I honestly don't have a clue how this season will pan out. None of us do. I am sure some of those we have signed may well struggle to make the step up and some will excel. I am confident though that we now have a squad full of players with strong mentalities who will work their bollocks off to improve led by a coaching staff who will go out to win every game. That should hopefully mean that whatever happens we won't fail for the want of trying.
  3. Good luck to him if he gets a move away. It is not his fault that we paid well over the odds for him and he didn't have the ability to live up to that price tag. I don't have a problem with any player who tries and Hogan falls into that bracket and is a world away in terms of attitude and application from the likes of McCormack.
  4. For what we'd likely get for him I wouldn't sell him. He can cover two positions, has experience in the Premier League, had a good end to last season and helps to maintain some continuity in the squad.
  5. I had some prat tell me the other day that the fall in the pound was down to Johnny Foreigner and the EU punishing us and then went on to say they would soon come crying though when we weren't over there spending our holiday money. The mind boggles that imbeciles like that got to vote in a referendum.
  6. I think when people tell others to wake up to the likes of Johnson then I get it as I don't know if those who stick an X next to a Tory know how frustrating it is for the rest of us that you are voting these bastards into power. 95% of the population won't benefit under the Tories and even if you are in the 5% that will then why would you want it at the expense of others. Actually let me be more realistic here quite a lot of us may well benefit financially under the Tories as we may well pay a little less tax so have a couple more quid in our pockets at the end of the week. Is that really worth it if it comes at the expense of our public services or means that the most vulnerable amongst us get a good kicking or that the safety net that we may all need at some stage if we hit on hard times is removed. I'm not saying you should go out and vote Lib Dem, Labour, Greens, SNP but when you do get to vote don't use it to vote for these self serving bastards.
  7. I think unfortunately due to a lack of research by many, although it is not hard, and also the influence of part of our main stream predominately right wing media, a lot of people do think like this and believe that the EU are the bad guys in all this and that they are bullies and we, the UK, are the innocent party here. The bottom line is we were the ones who decided to leave. The emphasis was on us not them to come up with a means to make that as painless as possible. The last 3 years have shown we initially went into the negotiations with absolutely no idea how we were going to get from the position of wanting to leave to then actually leaving. I think this whole mess is summed up by the fact that the biggest issue for a lot of politicians with the withdrawal agreement is the Irish backstop and that was a UK proposal so f all to do with those big bad bullies the EU. If you are in any doubt as to whether this whole leaving the EU is a good idea or not or are unsure of who the bad guys in all this may be look at the abhorrent characters of the mob promoting it. Johnson, Raab, Patel, Farncois, Farage, Banks ....etc etc This whole thing is a massive mess that even those with the wildest imaginations could not have made up.
  8. I think it is nailed on there will be an Autumn general election as they are setting up to be the pro brexit leave with no deal party. Parliament as it stands will prevent us leaving on October 31st without a deal and I don't see the EU reopening the withdrawal agreement and getting rid of the back stop so there will no new deal to put to a vote. This mob will then look to hoover up the Brexit party supporters votes by running on a no deal ticket.
  9. Performances wise he is having a very good pre season. I don't think I have seen him misplace a pass. I think this needs a bit of perspective though. We have played a Minnesota second 11, Shrewsbury and Walsall. As well as Lansbury I think another on the midfield fringes, Bjarnason, has also looked good in the pre-season games. These games are light years away from what will be required in the Premier League though. I do think Lansbury is technically a very good player and could well be the best passer of a ball we have. I just think he lacks the drive and half a yard to play at the level we now play at.
  10. There is not a cat in hells chance we would go down the Allardyce route. The club is all about a long term strategy and developing a philosophy throughout the club. We won't abandon that if we start to struggle this season. I have zero doubt that this season will be tough though and if you offered me 17th now I'd take it. Trying to integrate so many players is going to take some doing and there is a fair chance that 2,3,4 of these guys simply won't be up to the Premier League at the moment. If we went down then I'd imagine given the age of many of our new signings we'd retain most of them and hope to see them develop over the next season. I hope as a fan base we set our expectations to see anything above simply surviving this season as a bonus. If we start expecting much more than that then that is likely to transmit itself in the ground and the grumblings will start and that will be counter productive.
  11. The three years we have just spent in the Championship were a great opportunity for him to develop but unfortunately injuries have hampered him and he has never gotten a run of games. I think there is a player in there but I do think he lacks confidence and I think possibly due to the injuries he has had he now seems to hold back and doesn't burst forward like he used to. He needs games and if we sign another wide man he is unlikely to get many so he'd be one I'd look to loan out.
  12. He also sold Westwood, Ayew, Gestede and Cissokho. I don't think there is any argument that he had to wheel and deal and let quite a few players go to allow him the funds to bring others in. Bottom line is though that whilst he turned a very decent profit in terms of transfer ins/out he had a huge advantage over others in the Championship in that we could pay extortionate wages for that level and that, alongside the stature of the club, helped him sign players that managers of other clubs could only dream of. Terry on 70k a week, Snodgrass 50k, Whlelan 40k, Bolasie 80k and being able to attract some excellent young players in Axel, Tammy and Anwar. I actually think he put a very good squad together in 2017/18 and one that was good enough for promotion. The fact he failed to get the best out of them though pretty much rendered praising him for putting it together pointless. Again even taking into account the defensive deficiencies the 2018/19 squad was way better than what he was getting out of it from the dozen games he managed. Certainly attacking wise were were capable of way better than the crap being served up. I think he served a purpose for us in that when he arrived we were still going backwards and he steadied the ship and at least set us in the right direction. Despite under achieving with what he had at his disposal he did almost achieve promotion. In hindsight though thank God he never as who knows what would have happened under Xia and Wyness.
  13. markavfc40

    Tom Heaton

    Seen a few people questioning his age but at 33 I'd imagine Heaton has at least another 4-5 years as a top flight keeper left in him if he looks after himself. When we signed Brad Friedel he was 37, gave us 3 good years and then still went on to play 50 odd times for Tottenham. Loads of keepers play at the highest level into their late thirties. At 5-7 mill this seems like good business.

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