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  1. I can't remember exactly but wasn't the Purslow issue with making loan signings was in signing young players and helping to develop them for other clubs who then take them back and start using them in their first teams as was the case with Axel and Tammy. That isn't the case with Ross Barkley. He is the finished article. 27 years old in a couple of months, 280 appearances, 33 senior England caps. Chelsea know what he is capable of. He isn't going to surprise them or anyone else. I think he has a good season for us, and we as a club have a good season and then have the aspiration to
  2. I don't really get the wondering why he isn't making the match day 18 for league games. I don't think many of us would have him in the team ahead of Cash given how Cash has played so far. Then in terms of the bench he is a right back and competing with Elmo who can play a number of positions. Guilbert will get game time this season, certainly in the cups, and is one or two injuries/loss of form away from being in the match day 18/starting in the league. I think it is great that Guilbert can't get in the match day 18 as it shows how much the squad has improved.
  3. It would be a start though wouldn't it. You aren't going to lurch the country from where it is now straight over to the left. Labour needs to get elected and it has shown it can't do that with a left wing leader/policies even up against a dire Tory government that has been in power for 10 years. It has failed 3 times losing by a landslide last time out. I don't particularly like it but we are where we are and parts of the Labour party/Labour supporters can now bemoan the fact that the party is moving back to the centre and the party will be fractured. Or we accept that moving to the left,
  4. If my post came across as thank God they're moving to the centre then that wasn't my intention. I think I am just being realistic in saying that they need to change and move back to the centre as for three elections now they have moved further and further to the left, been up against increasingly worse Tory leadership/governments, and have lost every time. In fairness to you I think you were right to pull me up on quoting your pay to play for billionaire post and I probably replied to/shouldn't have quoted your post as really I was trying to make a wider point that Labour needs to change
  5. No doubt there is going to be a shift in Labour under Starmer but I think if we are to see a Labour government coming out of the next election there needs to be. I am 46 years old and in the 28 years I have been able to vote only one Labour leader has won an election. Since Blair Labour shifted to the left under Miliband and failed to overturn a Tory government following five years of austerity and savage cuts, then shifted further to the left under Corbyn and failed to win two elections to arguably the worst, most incompetent/destructive/corrupt/evil Tory government ever losing the last
  6. Early days I know as only 3 competitive games in but over those 3 games we must have used 20 odd players and to a man they have all had a spot on attitude and put a real shift in which all bodes well for the team spirt, work ethic and professionalism within the squad. The manager has stated a few times, and John Terry did again after last nights game, that competition with in the squad has seen training go up a notch and I think that is showing on the pitch. We are now 7 games unbeaten conceding just 3 goals over those 7 games. It has been quite the turnaround from a squad that a dozen or
  7. Always handy to have a player like Elmo in a squad. He can cover a number of positions and is a really good character/pro with no shortage of ability and will always put a shift in. Hopefully due to the performances/form of others we won't see him start too many league games but I'll have no worries when he is called upon as he pretty much guarantees a 6 or 7 out of 10 performance. Good to see him made captain tonight as well.
  8. Bristol City have made 8 changes from their last league game so it is two B teams which means on the face of it we should still win this.
  9. Smith said before Sheff Utd game that he is injured.
  10. Steer starting tonight and Kalinic on the bench. I assume Nyland is either injured or is on his way out.
  11. He would be a fantastic signing. I have seen some comments on social media saying he could be another Danny Drinkwater. Not a chance. For a start he is much better player than Danny Drinkwater has ever been. Secondly he is in his prime and has regularly played for England over last couple of years and has the incentive of the Euros next year and securing a place in the squad. He'd walk into our midfield.
  12. markavfc40

    Keinan Davis

    Good news. I have a lot of time for him. Still only 22 so still the potential to improve. He'll never be anything like prolific but if he could add a few more goals to his game he'll be a real asset and warrant more than just the last half hour of games.
  13. Unbeaten in our last 6 games five of which have been in the league where we have conceded just 2 goals. He has over seen quite the turnaround defensively. Attacking wise we are way too pedestrian at times but the injection of pace with Traore will help and hopefully we bring in a least one more attacking player with either pace or who can move the ball quicker. I am hopeful this season Smith can do what he has over the last couple of years and we can continue to improve and progress under him. He has clearly learned lessons from his first three quarters of last season as a top flight
  14. I thought we did well. We looked solid defensively which is a continuation from the back end of last season. Good debuts from Watkins, Martinez and Cash. Going forward we were too pedestrian at times and really struggled to break Sheff Utd down at 0-0 but you have to give credit to them as they defended really well and allowed us no space. As soon as we scored the game opened up and better use of the ball and we could have had another couple. That is now 5 league games unbeaten, six if you include the cup. Three good debuts in the bag, more to come and plenty of improvement still wit
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