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  1. General Election 2017

    Corbyn is playing a blinder in fairness to him and the contrast between him and May in terms of connecting with people couldn't be greater.
  2. John Terry

    I didn’t see enough of him last season to judge whether time had caught up with him or as @briny_ear said above whether the fact he looked rusty was due to a lack of game time/match fitness when he did play. There is no point kidding ourselves though time is clearly not on his side and certainly in terms of playing for a club looking to win the league/Champs league he is past it. He may also be past it in terms of playing for a side looking to finish top 6 in the top flight. I think even a slightly over the hill John Terry is good enough for a mid to lower table top flight club and most definitely good enough for a Championship Club looking to get promoted. Those are exactly the clubs looking at him. Bournemouth, Swansea, West Brom etc. Whilst no one is expecting, in terms of performances, the John Terry that was good enough to play week in week out for one of the best sides in the country for 16 years if he comes to us he won’t be playing for a club at anything like that level. Being capable of playing well in the Championship is a long way from having to do it in the Premier League. Regardless of him perhaps being on the wane in terms of ability what he won’t have lost is any of his on, and off, the pitch leadership skills and that is as vital to us as what he can bring in terms of playing ability.
  3. Tony Xia

    If I put myself in his position I’d probably be doing exactly the same. He wants us promoted clearly and then to kick on from there. To achieve the first objective a quarter of the way through last season he appointed a manager who had four promotions from this division on his CV, the last of which was a few months before his appointment. Seems like a wise move. I don’t want to turn this into the Steve Bruce thread so again I will try and see this from Xia’s perspective. Based on what Keith Wyness said in March both himself, Xia and Bruce inherited a whole heap of issues that couldn’t be fixed overnight and things were way worse than any of them envisaged. What it would take to fix it is time and some stability. That is where we find ourselves now. Going into a season having allowed a manager with an excellent CV at this level, three quarters of a season to access what he inherited, one transfer window to make changes to it. For the first time in years we are now on the verge of having had some stability. For the first time in years we aren’t looking to rip things up and start again we are looking to tweak the squad. Looking at bringing in a handful of additions. John Terry it seems could well be one of those. Again I am just going to look at this from Xia’s perspective but he will know that we have a weak underbelly and it seems logical a good way to help fix that is to bring in a born leader on the pitch. Arguably the best captain of any club in this country for a generation. Everything Xia has done so far has been about getting us promoted. I think it is all very short term and going at break neck speed to get us up within two years. Once that is achieved then we will see a whole different approach and a new level of investment. To get over that first big hurdle though having a manager with a fantastic record in terms of getting clubs promoted and having the best leader on the pitch in the country should certainly help.
  4. General Election 2017

    The old Tory mantra of win at all costs and by any means in their desperation to continue to destroy the lives of those with the least and destroy public services. They really are indefensible scum.
  5. Just watched channel 4 news and Tories may have again used underhand and illegal tactics it seems when campaigning.
  6. General Election 2017

    The best thing about it is that he was the one following correct protocol. I love seeing the right wingers having a hissy fit over either nonfactual or petty irrelevant crap though.
  7. General Election 2017

    How do you judge if he got an easy ride from the public? I mean I can see how you can easily judge the right wing rags giving him a good kicking. Off the back of that my FB was actually full of bullshit influenced by them. I think like Pete said the scrutiny on him will be less if anything next time. In terms of the right wing media they certainly couldn't scrutinise him anymore or throw anymore sensationalist negative headlines with next to no substance his way.
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    You put it like this it is a no brainer isn’t it. Even if you go slightly further and say 60k a week and a couple of mil bonus if we get promoted I am not sure where we would find a player of John Terrys ilk, both in what he can do personally performance wise and how he can bring the best out in others, for 5 mill including wages. Even over a two year deal based on 60k a week it is 6 mill.
  9. John Terry

    That is fair enough mate if that is what you think. There is no doubt he has done some shitty things, a lot of us have, but I am not sure you can be a piece of shit and be capable of commanding the respect of, and inspiring, tens of other players over such a long period (13 seasons as captain) at such a successful club as Chelsea and also captain your country for four years.
  10. John Terry

    A manager like Steve Bruce? He isn’t the only manager who would like to sign John Terry. Eddie Howe and Paul Clement are also trying to sign him to play in the Premier League. Also we have so far under Bruce not made one signing like this. Of the 7 players we signed in January all were under 30, all but two 26 or under. Two of them were actually under 20. If anything John Terry will be the exception.
  11. John Terry

    One poster on here has met him, there may be others, and spoke very highly of him (see below). You should also read up on what Stan Petrov thinks of him. He says he was very supportive of him from when he first got ill and all the way through his illness. He says he is a very different person to the image.
  12. I agree he'd be a diabolical choice but all they have are diabolical choices.
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Not at all. A manager/coaching team are obviously responsible for a lot but as soon as players step out onto the pitch it is down to them. Terry is still current and has had very recent success, has captained teams to the biggest honours in the game, has captained his country and any player in our squad, in fact in any squad, would look up to him. The guy is a born leader on the pitch. Doesn’t mean he’ll be able to do what Bruce now does and manage a football club or what Clemence and Calderwood do and coach players. Being a player who can inspire and influence other players on the pitch on a match day and do likewise in amongst players on the training pitch is though a vital ingredient in any successful club. In terms of that role then I can’t think of another player who could offer us more.
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think there is a world of difference between still being capable of excelling for a club not just playing in the top flight but winning/competing for the title, domestic and European cups and dropping down a level and being able to excel in the Championship. John Terry at 50% of the player he was would still be good enough for this level. It is not just what he brings to the table performance wise though it is what his influence can bring out in others already here. I think ability wise our squad is already as good as any in this division. What we lack more than anything is a backbone, a winners mentality, a never say die attitude and a desire to give 100% from the first second to the last one. Terry just by his very presence on the pitch and training ground can instil that in others.
  15. It has to be one of the reasons why they don’t seem too eager to do away with May at the moment as there is no obvious successor. Johnson is a joke, Rudd can barely hold onto her own seat then you are looking at the likes of Ledsom and Hammond. Having been reintroduced into the fold Gove may be a good shout. What a shambles. On a positive note in relation to the Tories I saw Heidi Allen on newsnight last night and not only did she speak a lot of sense she was also very pleasant on the eye. Total opposite of May if you like.