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  1. Rumours doing the rounds that Grealish is ill and is out today.
  2. I think given the way he played last night and the impact he had on Saturday Kodjia has earned a start. I also think he needs to start up top with Abraham as that is where he is most effective. I think with one eye on freshening things up and also on wanting to go two through the middle we may well see a midfield of Whelan, Lansbury, McGinn with Grealish given a free role behind Kodjia and Abraham.
  3. Never thought I would utter the words this game against Rotherham is huge but it is. We need to keep the momentum going especially with what we have on Saturday. It is all about mental attitude and matching their effort and our quality will then shine through.
  4. The only slight concern I have is that over the last couple of games we haven't put a good 90 minutes together and for large spells of those games have been on the back foot. On Saturday we played against a side who needed a result as much as we did and we struggled to match them for much of the game. The next two games we are again up against sides who need a result as much as we do and whilst on paper we have better quality we need to match these sides in terms of intensity and make sure we are fully focused. Tonight is a really key game for me. Win and we will go into the Bristol game flying. Fail to and we go into that game under a lot of pressure. I also tonight want to see us getting back to playing on the front foot and with a high intensity for 90 minutes. If our attitude is right and we match teams in terms of effort then our superior quality will see us promoted.
  5. I think we'll need 4 wins to get a play off place. I know they have been on a dire run but looking at Boro's fixtures they could win all their remaining games which would put them on 76 points. Tonight does prove we can't take our foot off the gas and we have to make sure we aren't complacent tomorrow. I watched the Bristol Albion game and Albion could have got something out of that game as Gayle had two great chances so whilst Bristol look a decent side I certainly saw nothing for us to fear. A win against them on Saturday will be vital.
  6. Less than 100 tickets left so will be a 41.5k sell out. Our support is unreal and we will be looking at an average of 36k at home and we are also the best supported club on the road.
  7. I think 5 wins from 7, including beating Bristol City, may well be enough especially with our goal difference. I currently see no reason at the moment though as to why we can't win all 7. We have won 5 on the spin against some very tough opposition and certainly the next five are no tougher than our last 5. Confidence and keeping our big players fit are the key for us and as long as that continues we will have a great chance of making the play offs and having gone into them on a great run we'd have to be confident of going all the way. As a club we seem to be treating every game as though it is our cup final. Coming out of the blocks fast and as fans we are also feeding into that and getting right behind the players so whilst I see no harm in looking ahead this one game at a time mantra is working for us. I am sure all that Smith and his coaching staff will be focusing on is Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. This has almost 2 million signatures now. Anyone know what the record is for one of these online petitions?
  9. Agreed and I think Brendan Cox is spot on with this.
  10. I don't really get this blaming managers for the club living way beyond its means. They have no control over the purse strings. They will be given a budget and 99 out of 100 managers will spend it. Some will also go cap in hand, either directly or apply pressure via the media, for more. In Xia we had a reckless charlatan who gambled the very existence of our football club on gaining promotion. He inherited the likes of Gabby, Richards and Hutton (at that time) on big contracts. He then happily allowed Di Matteo to add the likes of McCormack, Jedinak, Kodjia, Chester, Adomah all I'd imagine on 30k-50k a week. Then with rapidly dwindling income happily sanctioned Bruce signing the likes of Whelan, Lansbury, Snodgrass, Terry on big wages for this level. I do get the argument that with the budgets given to our managers we should have achieved more. When some say Bruce had a 73 mill wage bill though and couldn't get us promoted that implies he signed all those players who made up that wage bill when in fact of those on the wage bill last season many of the highest earners in Gabby, Richards, McCormack, Jedinak, Kodjia, Adomah, Chester, Hutton (on big wages at that time) none signed those contracts when Bruce was manager. The bottom line is that managers will always come and go and most with the pressure of short term goals and need for instant success, as has been the case at Villa for the last three years, will spend whatever money they are given. It is for the owners to ensure though that whatever money they are given the club can sustain that expenditure or that they as owners can cover it. In that regard Tony Xia failed big time and nearly lost us our club.
  11. markavfc40

    Glenn Whelan

    It is a little harsh on Hourihane but McGinn has to come in. I think it will be a real battle next week and McGinn has all the qualities you need in a midfielder in that type of game. For me Whelan has been our best midfielder the last few weeks though so is also nailed on to start.
  12. markavfc40

    Glenn Whelan

    Agreed. His all round game today was excellent. Passing, tackling, reading of the game, link up play he did it all and had a big hand in 3 of our goals. He has been very good for the last few weeks now in fairness to him. Vastly underrated by many of us, including myself at times. If he was a couple of years younger he'd be earning himself a new contract.
  13. markavfc40


    I have not long come out of winter hibernation. I stopped running out doors in October, ticked over on a treadmill for 3 and half months, and started running outdoors again 2 weeks ago. I am surprised out how well I have maintained decent fitness as I never went further than 6 mile on the treadmill a couple of times a week and was doing no better than 10 minute miles. In last couple of weeks I have done 6 runs outside of 7 - 7.5 miles and all under 9 minute miles. I don't know if others find treadmill running indoors tougher but I do and can't do anymore than an hour or so before boredom sets in.
  14. If this ex Labour mob are happy to welcome the likes of Soubry with open arms then it is clear they had no place being in the Labour party but you do have to wonder, aside from Brexit perhaps, where they are going to find much common ground.

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