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  1. Pre match buildup

    You'd have to hope, and I expect, that we'll be as up for the game as they are and will want it as much as they do. It then comes down to who has the better players and we win that all day long.
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Good to see some positivity in this thread. Due to no fault of the fans it has been a long time in coming. We have a big opportunity now having putting the foundations down to really kick on. We have something that most others don't have in this league in that if we can get to the last third of the season in the mix for automatic promotion a packed, rocking Villa Park every other week can help drag us over the line. I hope this good run is just the start and we are about to finally take off again.
  3. Pre match buildup

    I have few concerns about Sha as an attacking threat. They have scored 8 goals in 13 games and arguably not come up against a defence as good as ours. In Vassell they do have a pace merchant but you need a bit of nous to go with it to get the better of John Terry who reads the game better than most. I think this game will suit us and especially being away as they will feel they have to come onto us and we can then exploit that space. We score early and this could be another Barnsley or Burton.
  4. Sam Johnstone

    He is having a very good season and if he keeps it up we will need to be promoted to keep him.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I agreed with all your post mate aside from this. Adomah was out on his feet so needed replacing. Fulhams biggest attacking threat is in the wide areas and Hutton was increasingly getting sucked inside leaving space on the outside that needed shoring up. I can't think of many managers who leading with 5 minutes to go would bring on a striker to play left midfield in front of a make shift left back who was being exposed. The manager hasn't made the right calls often enough in terms of line ups, formations and substitutions but yesterday he got it pretty much right.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Maybe. They were quite basic passes/clear openings though that I think on another day they'd have gotten right. Bottom line for me is that I don't think we are playing to our potential but I don't think we are far away and having lost one of our last 10 taking 21 points that isn't a bad place to be in.
  7. Steve Bruce

    We had some very good situations mate and had we have chose the better pass or weighted the pass better we'd have given ourselves a great chance of scoring a couple more. You then don't get the nervy finish and trying to protect a narrow lead. The subs were defensive but for me the right ones in last 10 mins. Snodgrass wasn't having much of an impact. The only thing with bringing De Laet on is I would probably of put him right back and pushed Elmo forward but having said that De Laet in his 10 mins had a very good chance to score so did get forward. As for the other contentious sub Adomah was out on his feet as he ran himself into the ground. Bjarnasson was the only real wide option and we did need someone who could help our make shift left back out as he was getting sucked inside. Fulhams biggest threats are out wide and the more they pushed for an equaliser the greater that threat would likely become so to shore up the wide areas made sense. As it was it worked well as Fulham created nothing after our substitutions.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Fair play. You ba**ard
  9. Alan Hutton

    I agree with this as he was way too central at times. That was a tough test today though as Fulham are good in wide areas as were Wolves last week. Next week won"t be as tough and then Taylor is back. I think overall given he has played out of position the last 2 weeks he has done well.
  10. Jonathan Kodjia

    He still doesn't look sharp or anything like on his game yet which is maybe no surprise as he hasn't long been back from a bad injury. I thought he was much better this week than he was last week and put himself about well. The sharpness and match fitness will come in time. Thankfully we are no longer totally reliant on him for goals whilst he does get back up to speed.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Attribute what? Not playing a better weighted pass or choosing a different option as I don't put either down to the manager.
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Fulham

    This post sums the game up a treat. It would have been more comfortable for us but for poor decision making and purely weighted passes. For all their possession Fulham rarely threatened.
  13. Steve Bruce

    We made it more nervy for ourselves than it should have been but I can't really put that down to the manager. We were a better weighted pass or choosing a different option away from getting another couple today as we wasted some great situations. We aren't playing to our potential yet but after 1 defeat in 10 taking 21 points I don't see that as a big negative. If we can play to our potential and improve on our form over the last 10 games we will be laughing and well on course for top 2.
  14. Tory MP's were ordered by the leadership not to take part in the vote. I think Andy Burnham hit the nail on the head:
  15. @HanoiVillan I think you have been kind to them mate certainly in terms of socially. They have decimated a lot of public services. You mention the NHS which is on its arse failing to meet targets. I dread to think what this winter will bring. Then you have things like adult social care which is in a dire state, the increase in working poor, children living in poverty, people reliant on food banks, disabled people killing themselves due to unfair cuts or removal of benefits after assessments by private firms given incentives to find people fit for work. Then you have this culture that started under Osborne of pointing the finger at those on benefits or heavily reliant on the state. Tarring them with the scroungers brush whilst the rest of us go to work. More recently they have done nothing to quell the uprising of lets blame Johnny Foreigner for all our woes. The last seven years have seen huge divides develop in this country due to the policies and rhetoric spouted by the Tory mob.