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  1. I hadn't realised who he was at first mate although it is knocking on 20 years since he was in Corrie.
  2. I'm really not a racist, but....
  3. You sure that is right mate as that is unreal especially if no upper limit. If you had done 26 years that would be 104 weeks/2 years pay.
  4. Haven't posted on the main VT forum for a while as in all fairness I'd pretty much written off the season starting again and had switched off from football. It is certainly a welcome distraction now though. In terms of our prospects I think after the Leicester game we were pretty much done. Now over 3 months down the line and a chance to reset I feel pretty confident. I think the squad has always had the ability to stay up and the reason we found ourselves in deep mire is that we initially had to try to get so many players to gel and that so many of them players were adjusting to the league and in many cases adjusting to a new country. As time went by allowing those adjustments we then increasingly found ourselves in the mire and the pressure of that then brought its own problems. Now we have almost had another pre season. Most of the players have been here a year and the break has allowed minds to be cleared. I also think not playing in front of a crowd may help us. Whilst Villa Park is a great place to play it can also work against us when we go a goal down, or if we don't start a game well, the crowd gets edgy and the ball then becomes a hot potato for some players. This is obviously exacerbated given the position we are in. As long as we can cut out the mistakes at the back and the tendency to try to play out of trouble then hopefully we can be stronger defensively. Mings is obviously a good player, Engels for the first few months looked decent and Guilbert and Targett showed at times they are good players. Going the other way I have no real concerns as I am always confident we will score. In Grealish we obviously have someone who can win a game on his own but McGinn, El Ghazi, Luiz, Trez are all capable of producing something special and in Samatta we look to have someone who will get himself in the right positions and when given the service will score. Having written us off anything now is a bonus so bring it on. Hopefully we can get at least a point from Wednesday and build on that.
  5. I found this heartbreaking. Just listen to the frustration in these guys.
  6. This whole thing is a farce. Many of those defending him now and who'll lap all this up have spent years telling us we need to rid ourselves of unelected bureaucrats. You couldn't make it up.
  7. I don't see him resigning. He is making a statement and taking questions later on today. If you are going to resign you just release a statement. Him making it publicly and then taking questions suggests he is going to try to justify his actions. Basically the arrogant bastard doesn't give a shit and will happily ride this out.
  8. My next door neighbour has had her parents round today all sitting in the back garden. Just noticed the guy over the road putting a box of budweiser in the back of his car and heading off out (yes I am a nosy bastard). Some people don't need an excuse or means to justify being selfish bastards but I am sure across the country we are now going to see plenty of people taking the governments advice and no longer following the rules but using their instincts.
  9. Wonder if this is a sign of things to come. Couple of weeks after VE day celebrations, general loosening of lock down rules, now being told it is fine to to use our instincts and ignore the rules.
  10. It will have been mentioned as it is a distraction from the numerous failings of government. Even if trials are successful there is pretty much zero chance of a vaccine being available this year.
  11. I assume if the Prem league season does restart the four teams with a game in hand will play those fixtures first before the rest play. Be nice to win that one and then if it all quickly goes tits up at least if talk about finishing season as stands we'd be out the bottom 3.
  12. That is a good shout and made me think of another from that era Frank McAvennie who was well past his best before date when Big Ron signed him. He was never a great though in fairness.
  13. 133k tests today sounds impressive. Number of people tested 69k. Something seriously amiss here isn't there.
  14. Just read the article and it says that as the figures are based on the the number of people who end up in hospital it gives an idea of the R number from 3 weeks ago so predates the easing of the lockdown/the bank holiday weekend last week by about 2 weeks. Suggests that if it was going up 3 weeks ago then it will be way above 1 in 2-3 weeks. London is showing as a R rating of 0.4. I'd imagine that is the one most likely to shoot up rapidly again.
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