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  1. Free school meals contract given to a private company and this is what they have delivered instead of a £30 voucher apparently.
  2. Strong stuff this from Schwarzenegger especially as a Republican. Fair play to him.
  3. I just don't get this. The virus is spreading at the highest rate it ever has and we have more people in hospital with covid than ever and the rules are more relaxed. It just doesn't make sense does it. This is definitely a centralised government decision and not something a specific school has pulled out of its arse?
  4. Washington Police chief has said 13 people have been arrested. There were over 400 were arrests during the killing of George Floyd protests.
  5. This was predictable wasn't it much like the whole of Trumps time in power. The dangerous bastard should have been taken out years ago.
  6. No I certainly wouldn't expect it to be faultless as that wouldn't be fair and a totally unrealistic expectation. What would not surprise me in the slightest though is for this bunch of charlatans to over promise and under deliver...again.
  7. I wouldn't put any money on that if I was you.
  8. Starmer made a rod for his own back in that he didn't back the calls last week, or even yesterday with any conviction, for schools to not reopen. Had he have done so he could now be sticking the boot into Johnson and the DFE as to why parents have been left with12 hours notice that their child's school will be shut tomorrow and the knock on effects of that. It is a shambles that a decision that could/should have been made 2 weeks ago has been made after the horse has already bolted. Just as shambolic that the leader of the opposition didn't feel he could call the government out on it as h
  9. Plenty unfortunately. I saw a poll earlier showing the Tories with a 6 point lead. Stating the obvious I know but this country is well and truly f**ked if people have seen what has happened over the last year and thought yes please I like what I see here and will have a bit more of that.
  10. The blonde bullshitter addressing the nation at 8pm but parliament is not being recalled until Wednesday. I assume any new measures/a full nationwide lockdown will need the approval of parliament? if so they can't be introduced until Thursday at the earliest. That delay will cost more lives.
  11. I imagine there will be a lot of schools like the one below and shutting with next to no notice due to a lack of teachers/support staff. I am sure whoever the government send out tomorrow will stick the knife into the teachers/unions.
  12. I don't know if it makes that much difference but I have just realised parliament doesn't return until the 7th January. Surely they should be sitting again from tomorrow given covid is now spreading at a faster rate than it ever has.
  13. Labour/Starmer are basically doing what they rightly accuse the Tories/Johnson of and dithering and failing to show decisive leadership. I don't get it as these are open goals and an opportunity to show you can lead and make firm decisions. It is not as though they would be being controversial either as at a time when the virus is spreading like wild fire it is the logical thing to say schools should not reopen tomorrow. In fairness though a decision to not reopen should have been made a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Another shambles isn't it and whilst I feel sorry for teachers I also feel sorry for parents who 36 hours before schools go back are witnessing all this play out not knowing if they have to take a day off work on Monday and then be off/find childcare for the next few weeks. It doesn't have to be like this though does it. Given the infection rates even before kids broke up for Christmas and the upward trajectory and predictions from SAGE it was clear that schools should not be going back now. If a decision was made 2-3 weeks ago that gives all involved from parents to teachers time to plan
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