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  1. Yes it is crazy. My daughter and wife had it a few days before me and they didn't get it as bad and recovered quicker. Either that or being a man I just felt more sorry for myself Take it easy mate and get plenty of rest and take on plenty of fluids.
  2. Cheers Rob. Sounds like you have really been through the mill as well mate. I'd hate to get covid and flu at same time as that must be hell.
  3. Thank you mate. I am feeling much better now just getting tired really easily. Hope you and your family are okay.
  4. 10th day now since I tested positive and have to say for about 6 days it is probably as ill as I have ever been. Fevers, aching all over, night sweats, feeling totally done in, no taste and no smell. I ended up in A and E on Sunday as my temp was 39 and blood oxygen 93 and I had feet like ice blocks and there was concern I may have sepsis. Last couple of days I have felt a little better but still have very little energy, no taste and smell and a bit of strange thing of when anything touches my skin that is colder than my skin be it clothes or bed sheets I am getting the feeling of wet instead of cold which is horrible when you are in bed as it feels damp. I imagine what I have had is considered mild and I dread to think how much worse it could have been had I not been double jabbed.
  5. I am 6 days in now since testing positive. Anyone who has had covid have the symptom of ridiculously cold feet. Like ice cold and can"t get them warm. Along with that I have all other well known symptoms of aching all over, temp fluctuating between 35.5 (normal for me) and 38, sudden sweats and being absolutely knackered not helped by the random sweating and ice cold feet keeping me awake.
  6. James Brokenshire Tory MP and former cabinet minster gone at 53 from lung cancer.
  7. That is great that everything has worked out perfectly.
  8. I have thought this about 10 times over the last couple of years. I have now resigned myself to the fact that we have enough numbskulls amongst us who will fall for Johnson still blaming for any woes the EU, remoaners, the Labour government of 11 years ago and even the Tory governments under Cameron and May. Trouble is these bastards that voted for Brexit and the Tories won"t wake up and blame them as to do so would mean blaming themselves
  9. Now confirmed Mexico off red list so what did you do?
  10. If this government doesn't approve of them then they are better than I thought
  11. I have to say this has really upset me. You can hear the desperation and anger in the mans voice. One of many lives ruined under these heartless bastards.
  12. I feel for you mate. If you have things to look forward to, especially something as big as your sons wedding, then it is natural to be stressing about catching it. The thing with anything like this is that you can only do so much and can't control what others do to protect you in things like the mask wearing. In terms of your holiday there is no way I could see a company like BA flying you to a red list country. I think with reviews happening every 3 weeks then they'd wait until as late as possible before cancelling. More stress you don't need I know but I'd be confident that you won't be taken to a red list country and will be refunded. At least you no longer have uncertainty of amber list. Try not to stress mate, take care and have a great day on Friday. Being father of the groom there is no speech to make so that is one thing you don't have to stress about.
  13. I used expert medicals mate a few weeks ago when we came back from Corfu. £28 each inc postage. Ordered a few days before we came home (just to make sure rules hadn't changed/no longer needed) received code needed to put on PLF form straight away, tests were waiting when we got home. Did tests and had results back within 3-4 days.
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