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  1. Gym Routine

    Pec fly will also work your shoulders and your triceps as well as primarily your chest mate. If you are using a pec machine and a weight you can handle I can't really see how you can be doing it wrong.
  2. Everton

    @sne Cheers for the info mate. If that is really how the Chelsea Stadium will look than that is a monstrosity.
  3. Everton

    @TrentVilla I can't disagree with much of what you say there mate. I suppose the exception to the a 40k stadium not cutting it anymore in the top half of the Prem is Chelsea who as far as I know have no plans to move or expand. The only thing that worries me as a Villa fan with adding another 15k seats, and likewise with Everton, is on the games when we do get 35k or under you are left with 25k empty seats and it can then drag the whole atmosphere down when there are loads of empty seats.
  4. General Chat

    I am not really too sure where to put this but Charlie Round the 3 year old Villa fan who had Neuroblastoma, a rare cancer, lost his battle last night and died in his moms arms. It is absolutely heartbreaking and my heart goes out to his family. RIP little man.
  5. Everton

    In terms of level of support they remind me of us and I don't see them regularly filling a 60k stadium. Certainly if they are hovering between 6th and 10th as they seem to. Over the last 10 years their average attendance would be around 36k.This season they are doing pretty well and it is averaging over 38k. Just 5 years ago though when they finished 10th they averaged just over 33k. As we saw with us in the Mon years give us a whiff of doing well and we can average 40k+. I don't know if like us they can ever push up to 60k though unless they are competing for the title.
  6. Neil Taylor

    I agree. Despite the pic of the high boot above that was the second red card of his career spanning ten years and knocking on 300 appearances. He isn't even close to being a dirty player and that was totally out of character as shown by how devastated he was.
  7. Neil Taylor

    It is a diabolical challenge but totally out of character for Taylor apparently and I am sure he is gutted for Coleman and remorseful.
  8. Neil Taylor

    It looks a terrible injury for Coleman
  9. U.S. Politics

    Does he follow through on his threat now to stick with Obamacare or back track based on the fact he didn't let it go to a vote. Or will he make out that threat was fake news.
  10. London attack March 2017

    Cheers @Keyblade a number of people I know removed the racist tripe from their social media after they were called out on it and realised how pathetic they looked.
  11. Alan Hutton

    If I was Alan Hutton I would do what I have done since I got here. Work hard and give my all in both training and during games and hope that by doing so it would help me to put in some decent performances, just as I had done all season, and mean that I could continue to show the manager I should be picked. If a consequence of doing what I have done throughout my career, basically being an honest pro,is a new contract then great.
  12. London attack March 2017

    I can’t even find anything about this on the BBC News website. I have though found some reports and they say like you that over 200 civilians, mainly women and children, killed by a US led air strike.
  13. London attack March 2017

    Whilst that is true of more sophisticated attacks that require far greater planning and participants these attacks with vehicles would always have a good chance of succeeding yet this is the first one we have seen in Britain. You could be known to the authorities but could get into a vehicle and drive down many High Streets in London, Birmingham, Manchester etc now and wipe out tens of people. It doesn’t happen though and that suggests to me that there aren’t as many of these extremists out there as some would believe. There is though the odd nut job that associates themselves with Islam or other religions.
  14. London attack March 2017

    It seems we have previous form for it then.The worst thing you can do in situations like this is react by pointing the finger at and becoming suspicios of anyone that appears to follow the same religion. In fact it is the reaction these people want to further divide us.
  15. London attack March 2017

    But that is where the problem lies. I used the example of my friend who has children who have never come across a Muslim person. Now is it for him to wait until one starts to go to his children’s school, highly unlikely given where he lives, or is it for him to take his children to a park in an area where there will be Muslim children playing. I get the argument about getting rid of faith schools and in many ways agree with it but I am more talking about what we can all do individually. You seem to have a number of Muslim friends and don’t have that barrier or fear of the unknown because of it and haven’t therefore made judgements based on the actions of the nut jobs you hear about in the media but many people don’t have that interaction. Maybe those of us in that situation need to be proactive in doing something about that.