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  1. So anyone coming from France has to quarantine for 10 days. Week ending the 14th July there were 244k new covid cases in UK. In France the were 27k. Predominant variant in France is the Kent variant that was the predominant variant in UK at one point. Almost all covid cases in UK are now the Johnson variant which is considered far more transmissible than the Kent variant. It seems to me you'd be safer in France than in UK. The Government are once again taking the piss.
  2. It would be interesting to know the age of those getting seriously ill with coivd and needing hospitalisation now. If it is people 40+ who have had the opportunity to be double jabbed but not taken it, other than for very good medical reasons, then I have little sympathy for them. If however it is younger people who haven't yet had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated then to me opening up completely now seems very unfair on them. At the start of all this we told younger people we had to lock down/shut down the economy to protect the NHS and older people. Surely we should pay those younger people the same courtesy and wait till they have been fully vaccinated if it is them who are now getting seriously ill. I am hoping those that are getting seriously ill are still in the older age groups who haven't been fully vaccinated.
  3. Andy Fordham (the Viking) ex BDO darts world champion dead at 59.
  4. Have you been fully vaccinated? I have and I got to be honest my attitude is the opposite I can't wait to get back and have pretty much no reservations. Same goes for going in a crowded pub or going to a gig. If as seems the case for the sake of others in these situations I should be wearing a mask then I definitely will. My attitude is that if vaccinations can't get us out of this and back to normality then nothing will. My mindset is therefore I have been vaccinated there is nothing more I can do so get me back down the match/to the gig etc.
  5. Try these based in West Bromwich. It is £49 each for the day 2 PCR tests https://www.assuredscreening.com/postal-tests/
  6. You look at the headline of making a World Cup semi final and Euro final and it looks like Southgate is doing a great job. Scratch just a little beneath the surface though and you'll see that over both of those tournaments the highest ranked side we beat was Denmark. We have had very fortunate runs but each time we have come up against a side more our equal in terms of ability Southgate has been found wanting and to be out of his depth. Does anyone genuinely think had we have had Italy's run to the final we'd have got any further than the quarters. Southgate is a nice guy and a credit to England in terms of the way he conducts himself. He is though a defensive minded manager at a time when we have an unbelievable array of attacking talent that he doesn't have a clue how to get the best out of. For me given who we have played he has got the bare minimum out of this squad but I would get rid of him now as he is unlikely to continue to be as fortunate in drawing the teams we have and will again be found wanting when we come up against good sides.
  7. Just read about this. As you say awful at such a young age and with such a young family. His child was only born a month ago.
  8. My daughter has been told to stay off school now until start of next term in September as they have told the whole year group (year 10) to isolate due to the amount of covid cases. I am really worried about the amount of school she has missed this last 17 months with her exams being next year. I'd hope they will make some changes to the exams as there is no way her year group can catch up in such a short space of time.
  9. I don't know what to make of Southgate as a manager. In terms of a man I think he conducts himself really well and is a credit to England. In terms of how good a manager he is then I think given the talent he has at his disposal you'd be hard pushed not to do well. You could pick two completely different teams and still put an excellent side out. On the face of it getting to two semis is a great achievement but scratch just beneath the surface of that headline and you'll see the highest rank side they have beaten getting there is the currently 12th ranked side in the world in Germany who by their standards are a pretty poor side. Denmark are a tougher test in the semis and then if they get to the final Italy or Spain, especially Italy, will be a really tough test similar to when we faced a very good Croatia side in the world cup semis and were well beaten. I think therefore given the squad we have and who we have faced getting to the semi final is not a great achievement. Adding Denmark to who we have got past to get to the final again for me would not be a great achievement. Win it and even someone like me who is sceptical about how good a manager Southgate is would have to acknowledge he will have done a great job and would go from someone I currently see as more a lucky manager to being a good one. Certainly at managing a national side although I still wouldn't want him anywhere near the Villa job as building a team and managing an exceptional group of players at International level are two completely different things.
  10. I'm just about still hoping the reason for this is that covid has dominated everything since he became leader. He needs to set his stall out though and have some clear distinction between Labour and the Tories. It shouldn't be hard as Labour should be a million miles from where the Tories have positioned themselves.
  11. I actually thought that as I was typing it. Cheers for confirming
  12. My first one was batch 4120Z001. Having read a bit more on it Johnson has said today he is confident it won't be a problem in terms of travelling. In fairness as Stefan said a lot of European countries have already approved it for travel including Germany, Spain, Greece, ROI, Austria, Switzerland.
  13. I don't think we have seen anything like the best of him yet and would expect far more from him now he is hopefully settled and with a full pre season with us behind him. Whether that is enough for a regular starting spot who knows but if we are to get to where we want to be, and competing for European football every season, then we are going to need to have very good players spending plenty of time sitting on the bench.
  14. If whoever voted for these three had gone just a tiny bit less far to the right and voted Tory then the Tories would have won Batley and Spen. Therese Hirst (English Democrats) 207 votes Anne Marie Waters (For Britain) 97 votes Jayda Fransen (Independent far right activist) 50 votes
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