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  1. Steve Bruce

    Pete you make some good points but I don't think it is as tough for defenders to build up understandings. I think if individually you are a solid defender who does the basics well you can combine with others of the same ilk and become a solid defense quickly. Especially if you have good ability at the level you are playing. In terms of the goalkeeper I think he is an example of a player getting used to those around him and after a shaky start now looks more assured. As a creative player though, or one reliant on them, you do have to learn when so and so will will make a run and what kind of run he will make. I have seen Hogan for instance make loads of good runs and fail to be picked out. I don't think that is because the likes of Lansbury, Hourihane, Gardner aren't good enough to pick him out I think it is simply because they aren't on the same wavelength....yet. But should that be a surprise when these players have played less than a dozen games together? I don't think so and I think you do need time in training and matches to build up an understanding especially if you are expected to create or reliant on those that do. Time will tell on this I guess but I am hopeful that come next season the likes of Lansbury, Hourihane and Hogan will look completely different players to what they have so far. Hogan in fact by doing little more than what he is now but simply by those around him picking out his runs. The ability individually is there in the squad for me and with a bit of tweaking, under a decent manager with decent coaching staff, which I believe we have, then it just needs time to evolve into a team.
  2. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    I think the most surprising thing about this is that it has featured on at least two national newspaper websites. You will get pissed up footie fans doing this kind of thing after games every weekend up and down the country so this was not anything out of the ordinary. I guess they aren't all filmed though. The above isn't to say that this kind of behaviour isn't wrong, as it is bang out of order, and I feel for the couple involved and wouldn't like to be in that situation myself. I don't personally feel the need to apologise or go out of my way to condemn them though as I like 99% of our fans, and other footie fans in general, have no association with village idiots like these other than happening to have a passion for the same sport and in this instance the same team.
  3. Steve Bruce

    You raise an interesting issue here around who have been our best performers. Chester and Baker have been the preferred centre back pairing for most of the season and have built up a good understanding. Hutton has been here a long time and for me is doing what he has always done in giving his all the major difference being that he looks much better as we have dropped down a level. Taylor has slotted in nicely. Jedi has been a rock just by keeping things simple in front of the back four. All the players mentioned so far are defensive players and the only ones that have had to build up an understanding with those around them are Chester and Baker and they have hit it off. The other player to have consistently shone this season is Kodjia. A more head down single minded forward you would struggle to find and for this reason he hasn't relied on having to link up with others and form a partnership. That leads to the reason why I think others haven't produced for us yet. The likes of Hourihane, Hogan, Lansbury and McCormack games are reliant on those around them. They do rely on linking up with others, reading each others runs, playing off another player etc. Unfortunately building up those kind of relationships on the pitch takes time and it is for me the main reason why we have frequently looked disjointed. If we consider that Taylor, Lansbury, Hourihane, Hogan will be part of our best 10 outfield players at the moment then they have been here 3 months all trying to fit into a team amongst a handful of others who have been here for under a season. I fully expect after a full pre season together 4 or 5 players who have yet to find their feet to hit the ground running next season and us to look a much more cohesive unit. When you make the amount of changes we have over the last 9 months, something like 35 ins/outs, throw into the mix having two managers and numerous coaching staff, then as much as none of us want it to be the case it is little surprise that it is going to take time for it to come together.
  4. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I can't see them doing that against Sha. Ideally you want to finish third or fourth so you have the play off second leg at home. They'll want to secure that on Saturday and maybe rest a few in their last game.
  5. General Election 2017

    Nearly right. If you have money and no social conscience you'll be okay.
  6. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I think what Bruce said about Gabby is being taken slightly out of context. He said that for the first time ever Gabby would be in the last year of a contract next year playing to earn a new one. No suggestion he would be getting one before then. Given that our aim next season is promotion I'd imagine he would have to have a hell of a season to earn a new deal if we are a Prem team going into 2018/19 given he would be almost 32 by then. I have my doubts he will but I hope he does as it could only be a good thing for the club to have him firing and producing more of what he did today.
  7. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I suspect if you look at stats you'd think he scored the goal and did little else. The reality is that he completely changed the game from the second he came on though. Obviously very much due to his past derby endeavours he instantly lifted the crowd and then he pretty much straight away set about chasing/closing down the Birmingham players. Where as the player he replaced in Grealish seemed hesitant and almost scared to get stuck in Gabby was the complete opposite. By his actions he got everyone going. I don't know what future he has here going forward. What I do know is that since Bruce came in when he has featured for us he has done okay and played very well on a few occasions. If he can keep himself fit then I wouldn't be surprised if he proved to be a very useful player for us next season. For now though I am happy to rejoice in yet another huge goal he has scored for us.
  8. General Election 2017

    You know what mate I think I am potentially talking bollocks. I think they have gone into this expecting a landslide though and I think if they were to say increase their majority by say 20-25 seats they would see it as a bit of a disappointment. Like you say the extra two years thing is probably the more likely reason they have done it as they know the shit storm that is heading our way and that they could well have been in big trouble in 2020.
  9. General Election 2017

    Maybe you should give the credit to others that you are giving yourself mate. You've looked at the candidates and you prefer many of his policies to those of the alternatives. There may be many others who have come/will come to the same conclusion. For what it is worth I don't think Labour will win. Certainly next to no chance of them winning an overall majority. I am though hopeful that it won't be the landslide many are predicting and if the Tories were to gain less than another 30 seats they would have to consider that a miscalculation in calling the election.
  10. Ugo Ehiogu

    It certainly does. I am a year younger than Ugo was, saw him make his debut for us, was at the England game when he scored against Spain and was fortunate enough to meet him on a couple of occasions. That combined with his 9 years service here, being a part of some fantastic sides and some great times for us and I think me being in my teens/early twenties then means I felt a real connection with him and I just don't get that connection with players anymore. That feeling that they cared and it mattered to them and they were giving their all for my club. There is no point dressing it up any other way him leaving was a real kick in the balls as he was such a good player and so loved by the fans. I just don't get them kick in the guts anymore when players leave and in a strange way I miss that I as it meant they meant something special to me. I also have to say he was such a softly spoken guy for such a big fella and really polite. I have a pic with him somewhere that I'll have to dig out.
  11. General Election 2017

    I got this:
  12. General Election 2017

    It is not a Labour ideology is it to reduce the size of the state. It is though certainly a Tory one. Tories have always been in favour of privatisation over nationalisation. That is not to say that Labour haven’t privatised things of course certainly under Blair. I wouldn’t say it is in Labours DNA where as it is most certainly in the Tories. The economy could have been booming. We could have been running a surplus and the Tories would still have wanted to do exactly what they did over the last 7 years. They would though of course have struggled to justify it but they have most certainly used the deficit as a means to hide behind to inflict the kind of cuts they relish. All of course at the same time as increasing national debt. Austerity hasn’t worked. They will now use Brexit as an excuse to continue to make cuts and use it as a means to erode workers right. They must feel all their Christmas’s have come at once.
  13. General Election 2017

    In fairness mate does it matter. A son/daughter influenced by their mother/father/sibling and pursuing a similar path is hardly news is it and if I listed the amount of political families over the years I’d be here all day. This is the trouble with any election is that they get bogged down with such trivial crap and let those in power off the hook by doing so. We have disabled people killing themselves after losing their benefits, we have homeless people dying on the streets, we have millions of children living in poverty, we have over a million people reliant on food banks, we have record waiting times in A and E and people kept on trollies in corridors for hours, we have elderly and frail people being left abandoned in their homes or needlessly taking up a hospital bed as the social care system has been decimated due to being starved of funding. I could go on and on yet much of the media hasn’t mentioned any of it and you come into a thread like this and go on social media and we are talking about meaningless crap such as a rumour that Jeremy Corbyns son my well be following in his father’s footsteps. We have gone seriously wrong somewhere haven’t we and have our priorities as to what matters mixed up. No bigger example of getting your priorities wrong than having an election focused on Brexit. Basically re running a referendum that took place a year ago. One where by the result has been acted upon and sailed through parliament with the triggering of article 50. Yet the government have chosen to make it the main focus of the election. I wonder why? I wonder why they don’t want to talk about the NHS, about housing, about social care, the decimation of public services, about disabled people having their benefits taken from them, about the bedroom tax, about the rape clause, about the stagnation of peoples wages, about the amount of people on zero hours contracts, about the working poor, about homeless people, about children living in poverty…... I wonder why they are happy to turn a blind eye to the rhetoric that many believe that all their woes will be cured once we have come out of Europe and we can stop Johnny Foreigner coming over here. It is all bullshit and we are all guilty when we stand for it. The Tories got away with murder, literally in the case of those who have taken their own lives due to benefit cuts, over the last 7 years hiding behind the deficit for making the ideological cuts they have. They will now hide behind Brexit to continue along the same path, and more as they will be able to erode workers’ rights this time, and many of us are blindly walking into it.
  14. Ugo Ehiogu

    RIP Ugo. The second player from that Ron Atkinson team we have lost.
  15. Ugo Ehiogu

    You’ll do it. I smoked for 20 years until I was 36 and then on a random day something just clicked and I put my cigarette out and said that is it and gave up. That was over 7 years ago. Hearing about Ugo could well be the random trigger you have needed. Don’t look back. Consider yourself a none smoker. It is all in the mind and will be easier than you think.