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  1. markavfc40

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    I am sure it is for him. As a supporter I'll also take a look back and remember some great memories he has given me. The derby goals, the goals in big games against some big teams, the fact he was part of the last really decent sides we had in the top flight between 2006 and 2010 and the fact that for a couple of years that front 3 of Gabby, Young and Carew were at times unplayable and he contributed greatly to that. There is no doubt that there was a slow decline from 2010 and he hit rock bottom in the 2015/16 season. I think since then he has tried certainly in terms of getting himself in shape. I wouldn't try to deny, and I doubt he would, that he is responsible for his own actions and the fact that he let himself go. There is also little doubt that his game suffered as the quality of the players around him dwindled. Barry, Young, Carew, Downing, Petrov, Milner all left and Gabby was always a player that needed others around him to get the best out of him but there is no crime in that as it is true for many players. I suppose as a supporter where Gabby is concerned you can choose to focus on the negatives and place the blame firmly and solely at his door for his failings or you can choose to see the good and bad and now it is at an end look back and remember some of the great times he has given us. On Saturday and going forward I'll be choosing the latter. For what it is worth I have a feeling enough of us will to give him a good, and emotional, send off on Saturday.
  2. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Almost every team bar the two that are automatically promoted are likely to have an if only story. We certainly have one, Cardiff or Fulham will, Bristol, Millwall, Derby, Sheff Utd, Boro, Brentford, Preston a handful of those will have if only tales when they miss out on the play offs. The three teams that go down will also have them. If at the start of the season you'd have said to me we'll have 82 points after 44 games I'd have taken that as I'd have been confident 88 points would see us in the top 2. I actually had a wager on here back in October that second would need no more than 86 points. Overall this season I think we have done really well. We were without our best midfielder (Grealish) for half of it and without our best striker for most of it. In fact even when he has played this season he has never been up to speed and firing on all cylinders. I think had they both been fit for even three quarters of the season we'd have gotten automatic. Another if only I guess. There is no point focusing on the if onlys now though is there especially when this season can still be a very special one. That is where we need to focus our attentions as we can't change what has gone but even as supporters we can influence what is to come. In fact our support when right behind the team out shines any other teams we will potentially face in the play offs so we could well have a crucial part to play. Let's all be positive to help ensure it is.
  3. markavfc40

    Money - Making it and saving it

    Yes totally agree with you there mate that you'd certainly have to have been together for a while to build up that kind of trust in each other. Having said that me and my missus bought our first house together 8 months after meeting which I guess was a bit mad and certainly not something I'd be encouraging either of my kids to do.
  4. markavfc40

    Money - Making it and saving it

    I agree this probably is one for the relationship thread but I see any debt my missus has as my debt anyway. You'd have to be in a pretty unsteady relationship or un-trusting one to not be comfortable taking on your partners debt especially in this instance where you can help save her, and I guess therefore ultimately both of you, a fair amount of money. I do come at this though as someone who has been with my wife for almost 21 years and have never doubted we will be together until one of us pops our clogs so in terms of our finances we have always just seen whatever money we have is both of ours regardless of who earns what and the same goes for any debts.
  5. markavfc40

    Money - Making it and saving it

    I can imagine how pissed off you were mate as there is simply no need to have to do this. Dread to think how much interest she has paid if her balance is 5k+. Probably best not to think about it. Hopefully lesson learned and if her credit rating is still showing as fair then it is something she can quickly build up again.
  6. markavfc40

    Money - Making it and saving it

    There is nothing dodgy about transferring a balance from a card that is not in your name. In terms of building up her credit rating again then the best way to do this would be to have credit in her name. If she is paying interest on her current credit card balance though then if possible I would transfer all that on to a 0% card in your name. She should get another credit card, even one with a high interest rate which could the case due to the hit on her credit rating, and then use it regularly just for day to day spending but ensure she pays it off in full every month and this will help her again build up a good credit history/rating. In this day and age with so many 0% balance transfer deals lasting 2 -3 years in many cases and also fee free there is no reason to be paying interest on credit card balances so I'd be focusing on ensuring you get her balance transferred on to a 0% card in your name asap and then getting her another credit card and rebuilding her credit rating even it it means waiting a couple of months to do so.
  7. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    This is obviously squad cost over a number of years and would include money pissed up the wall likes of McCormack, Richards, Tshibola, Gollini who are all still on the books. Those four alone adds up to around 27 mill and none of them have kicked a ball for us this season. Squad cost is hardly an indication of where you should be in the league as it assumes the money has been spent well and in terms of at our club much of it before Bruce arrived wasn't.
  8. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think you are being a bit harsh there mate. We still had some very good chances in the second half, the Adomah one from the clever Grealish pass, the one where Hogan was through and the double save from Grabban and Kodjia I think it was. I think you also have to take into account that was both teams 5th game in 13 days and we put a lot into the game three days earlier which I think caught up with us in the second half especially. I agree to a certain extent that we don't know which side is going to turn up but I think since Christmas we have turned up pretty much in every game when playing teams around us and when playing the games with the most hype. Boro, Bristol City, Sheff Utd, Wolves, Cardiff were all either ahead of us or around us when we played them and we beat them all. Sha, Wolves and Cardiff were big games played in big atmospheres and we won them all. The only game against a team competing at the top end of the league we haven't won since Christmas was Fulham. It has in the main been against the sides you'd expect us to beat where we have not turned up, QPR, Bolton, Hull, Norwich immediately spring to mind. I just don't see us not being up for or not turning up for the play off games and when we do turn up, as we have shown since Christmas, we usually win.
  9. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    We can debate how many points it will take for us to finish in a European place hopefully mate I just went back and checked and it was a £20 wager to charity and as you won then please let me know who you would like me to donate it to.
  10. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I have no real preference in terms of who we face in the play offs. I wanted the second leg at home and that is what we will now almost certainly have and I would fancy us against anyone at VP even going in a goal or two down. Then in a Wembley final we have more match winners in our squad than any other team we could face. We have shown this season in the biggest games in front of big crowds with the biggest hype against Sha, Wolves and even Cardiff that we aren't daunted by playing in pressure situations in front of big expectant crowds and the crowds won't come bigger than in the play offs and the hype and expectation more intense. I also don't really think any playing style in terms of opposition suits us more than any other. We recently beat both Wolves and Cardiff and you can't get much different in terms of playing style. Bring on whoever and let them worry about us. I know if I was in any other teams shoes I would be desperate to avoid us.
  11. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    yes mate. I tied myself up in knots. This reminds me I owe you some money as my prediction of 86 points being enough for automatic looks to have been a rubbish prediction.
  12. markavfc40

    Glenn Whelan

    I thought he did well last night but this was the ideal side for him to be up against as they were physical with little pace and movement. You put him against quick players who move the ball quickly and then look to find space and he is now found wanting.
  13. markavfc40

    John Terry

    I didn't misunderstand your point. Dem it hasn't been a season of failure and crap has it and despite the lows there have been way more highs. We are 4th not 14th in the table. A win yesterday and we'd have been well in the mix for automatic promotion with a handful of games to go. As it is we look well set for the play offs and despite some recent lacklustre performances have shown that on our day we can beat anyone. I am not against a bit of a backlash following a poor result or run of results but lets not wallow in self pity and state that this season we have failed or write it off with so much still to play for. The goal at the end of the season was promotion and that is still very much a possibility. Ironically I am sure the one man who definitely won't be throwing in the towel and focusing on negatives is John Terry.
  14. markavfc40

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Despite recent games I fully expect us to be well up for the play offs. Certainly the game in front of a full house at VP and then in hopefully a full house Wembley final. I just commented in the Bruce thread that the games this season with the biggest crowds/the biggest atmospheres/hype/expectation in the derby's against Sha and Wolves we produced arguably our best performances of the season and really stepped up to the plate. Those games didn't in anyway phase us. Just focusing on what we need to do now in the next 5 games it would be nice if we could secure 4th and do it in the next 3 games. Derby have a tough run and I can't see them getting anymore than 78 points and Boro and Millwall play each other and also have tough runs so won't be getting anymore than 76/77 points. If we can secure our position with a couple of games to go it would allow us to rest a few a players and go into the play off games fresh. It could be an advantage we have over the others as Fulham/Cardiff are likely to go to the last game fighting over automatic and Derby/Boro/Millwall/Bristol are likely to go to the wire in terms of securing a play off place.
  15. markavfc40

    Steve Bruce

    I think when it is 1 or 2 players who are poor, or maybe at a push 3 or 4, then yes put it on the players. When it is pretty much the whole team who have been poor in four of the last five games then I think you have to place that at the managers door especially when it is the squad he has put together. I actually don't think this is a squad that lacks fight or desire. It is full of big characters and more than its fair share of natural leaders and good pro's. For me we often lack a bit of focus and things like too many passes go astray and we become hesitant and take an extra pass or an extra touch and our play then becomes slow and looks lethargic. In fairness though it is not for me, or any of us for that matter, to explain why we haven't come out all guns blazing or with a definite game plan in four of the last five games. I do find it concerning though the manager doesn't seem to have a clue either as it suggests he doesn't know what is needed to put it right. It is interesting that in 2015/16 Hull were top with 13 games to go. They then won 5 of their last 13 games and finished 4th so Bruce has had trouble in this regard before. For now though we have to trust that he can put it right and in fairness to him we have shown in enough games this season that when we are something close to being on it we can be effective. You don't get to the upper echelons of the table and stay there for 4 or 5 months unless you are a decent side. Despite being hugely pissed off we have missed out on automatic that is gone now but all is not lost and it is time to dust ourselves down and come together and get behind the club. The full inquest and season review can wait until there is no longer anything to play for but for now we have plenty to focus on and this can still be a very special season. On a positive note going into the play offs one of the things that gives me the most hope is that in arguably the games with the biggest crowds and the most intense atmospheres and hype and expectation against Wolves and Sha at home we produced two of our best performances. Two or three similar performances in the play offs and our aim will have been achieved.