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  1. The Handsome Family - Unseen Been into these since they did the music for the opening credits on S1 of True Detective, and this is another lovely slice of Alternative Country. Great stuff.
  2. That's me watching Mr.Jolly Lives Next Door later then. R.I.P.
  3. Thanks to another thread I have been reminded of the majestic culinary delight that is Chips with Gravy. Bloody lovely!
  4. Finally got around to watching it yesterday. It's absolutely superb! Amazing how much tension you can wring out of such a simple situation (a guy answering emergency calls basically) when the writing is so good. It's on Netflix for anyone who fancies giving it a go. I'd highly recommend it
  5. No second season of Marianne. Really gutted about that. Apart from The Boys it was my favourite series last year
  6. Twin Temple tomorrow night in Nottingham.
  7. Yeah it's an odd one isn't it? I have a good feeling about him based on pretty much nothing
  8. Top watch that one - It really affected me when I watched it a few years ago. The things that happen in the peripheral view are way more disturbing than anything explicit.
  9. I've pretty much had that on loop since it came out
  10. I actually think we'll win tonight. This bothers me...
  11. Designer1

    Dean Smith

    Get it right ffs, it's 'desiples'...
  12. Sit her down and make her watch Grave of the Fireflies with you. If she isn't an emotional wreck by the end then check her pulse
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