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  1. The first one is great (haven't played the second) and I'll be picking up the ps5 version on day one. Very much in the Soulsborne vein.
  2. Caligula was a belter. Look forward to this one.
  3. Really sorry to hear that Dave.
  4. Aye its a belter. Strong start to the year from an album pov.
  5. I still maintain that Dear Lucifer is one of the greatest Doom anthems of all time.
  6. "You mean, you crap out of the window?!" - Great episode
  7. Had a playthrough of DS3 again as I wanted to see what it looked like on the PS5 (looks great). Such a superb game and Archdragon Peak remains one of my favourite areas in any of the Soulsborne games.
  8. It would be something in the Jazz genre for me - definitely the one 'main' genre that I've never really got. I honestly couldn't name too many Jazz classics off the top of my head. Maybe Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway? I listened to some Miles Davis once and that was decent but not the sort of thing I could listen to for long.
  9. The best couple of things in Thor Dark World is Kat Dennings.
  10. Nah, I think @sne posted this in the song thread and I posted the album in the...well album thread Two great collaborations for Amy lately. This one and the one she did with Sleaford Mods.
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