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  1. That is easily the best response I've read today
  2. He used to scare the shit out of me when I was a nipper. Always thought he looked evil in that getup
  3. It's like a shit episode of Athletico Mince in here.
  4. Mostly AC Valhalla and Empire of Sin (XCom / Civilisation hybrid with gangsters) the latter of which is extremely addictive. Also thinking about picking up Rebel Galaxy Outlaw to scratch the Elite itch.
  5. @Stevo985 its the genius that is Nigel Blackwell and the boys...
  6. I recommended the album in the other thread. It's superb.
  7. Yes, very enjoyable so far. Much more of a slow burn and less of a convoluted mess (so far) than the last series.
  8. Thank **** for that. My suspension will be beathing a big sigh of relief when I get back on my daily work journey.
  9. Finally put some proper time into this recently and really enjoying it. It's not hit the heights of Origins or Odyssey yet, but its very solid and entertaining. Oh and came across this yesterday... If you know, you know
  10. One of my favourite Springsteen albums. As you say, not a bad track on it.
  11. Graphics have a touch if the Fire Pro Wrestling about them. No bad thing seeing as it's IMO the best wrestling game ever.
  12. 3 minutes was considered a Turbo loader on the Spectrum and C64. Some of the bigger games like Elite you would be looking at 15 minutes easily.
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