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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    This weeks BCS =
  2. The Film Thread

    She's great That reminds me, I need to watch Secretary again...
  3. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I've really enjoyed that. Interesting how the story shows how the veneer of outward happiness is flimsily covering the myriad of serious issues just below the surface, and that most of the main characters cling to their own respectability regardless of what's blatantly happening to them. So yeah, really well written and very well acted all round by a great ensemble cast (even Skarsgard jnr has been excellent).
  4. What game you currently playing?

    I'm pretty close to unlocking the sewer (got a couple more things to hand in at the museum) and that area is supposed to be good fun. I'm assuming you know about the hidden area just south of the farm where the hardwood stumps every day? Took me a while to find that
  5. What game you currently playing?

    Get to the desert...
  6. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    If you want my advice, go back and watch the first season of BCS again. It's not as good as S2, as I think they were finding their way a little more with some of the characters but it's still superb TV. The 2nd series is just sublime though, and the 3rd series is going the same way so far. As for the Marvel TV stuff, well I find it entertaining and enjoyable for the most part (Iron Fist was disappointing as has been covered elsewhere) but the quality of acting / writing on something like BCS is on a different planet.
  7. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    The second series of Better Call Saul was as good as S1-3 of BB in my opinion.
  8. What game you currently playing?

    Yeah I did the mines a while ago as i made it a priority. I'm on year 3 now and really getting into the actual 'farming' side. Keeping all the animals happy so they produce decent eggs/milk etc is a challenge though. It's worth it though as i'm making about 5-6k per day with them and 4-5k a day with fishing (maxed that out first). I need to move onto the social side a bit more but I want my house upgraded to max and more farm buildings first. Have you unlocked the Quarry yet? Well worth it as you get a constant flow of rocks / minerals / ores and if you've unlocked the mine carts you can fast travel to it.
  9. What game you currently playing?

    Haha - none yet. Still concentrating on getting all the Town Hall mission sorted before I think about the ladies Lord knows how many hours i've spent on the game though. It's a superb piece of entertainment.
  10. Pre-match Thread

  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Jealous of anyone watching it from the start. Comfortably in my top five shows of all time.
  12. The Film Thread

    Good film but he's done way better work with far less broadly written characters.
  13. Ugo Ehiogu

  14. The Film Thread

    Best movie I've seen so far this year. Stunning work from Park Chan Wook. Filmmaking at it's absolute zenith.