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  1. Written and Directed by renowned Black Country photographer Richard Billingham and based on his autobiographical book about his upbringing (Ray's a Laugh). It's a superb, unflinching portrait of his early life living with his dysfunctional (to say the least) family in the 70s. It was of particular interest to me as I am the same age as Richard (pretty sure we were the same year and attended the same school which I'm looking into it) and we were brought up in the same area, Cradley Heath, where the film is set (although our experiences were thankfully quite different). It won't be for everyone, but I thought it was superb and the acting is top notch (great cameo from the ever brilliant Tony Way!) And the poignant story is incredibly moving.
  2. It is yeah, but I think the post was about Glow Up.
  3. As a big fan of the franchise, I can tell you that that is a huge can of worms that has never been properly answered.
  4. Love that one - I've added some of their other stuff to my list
  5. It's a decent fun film, and certainly way from one of the worst films ever made. Having said that its by far the weakest of the trilogy. As for Aliens and T2... Alien is pretty much the perfect Sci fi horror movie and Aliens is pretty much the perfect Sci Fi action movie. Both are incredibly good but I think Alien is just slightly better. T2 just doesn't compare to Terminator for me. Yes, it has some outstanding action sequences and Arnies role reversal is great, but it just loses all the tension and grittiness that made the original such a classic.
  6. I mean, Valkyrie is one of the shittest films ever made tbh As for Bill Nighy - he's made some really good movies and been excellent in most of them and always comes across as a thoroughly nice chap. Also from what I've read he doesn't like the limelight and shuns as many award ceremonies as he can get away with. He also never watches any of his films (presumably apart from when he's forced to a Premiere) I've always thought he would look his happiest pottering around in his garden or visiting some Nation Trust building.
  7. Cradley Heath High Street says 'ah bist' too.
  8. My youngest is friends with a few of the SMP's as they (my youngest) are quite a successful Minecraft / Sims Twitch creator now ( they hit 80k followers the other day and made Twitch Partner a few months ago) - It was Minecraft that got them into the whole streaming thing so I'll always have a soft spot for that game. They make a decent amount of money from it (considering they are only 16), but to be honest that's secondary to the amount it's improved their confidence, social skills and mental health. One of those positive stories about streaming/content creation that you don't often hear about. **EDIT** Apologies for going a bit off topic
  9. Yeah, I still drop into my Minecraft world from time if I want something nice and relaxing to play. It really is a special game tbf.
  10. Skyward Sword is easily the worst Zelda game I've ever played - absolutely hated the controls and the world just seemed so disjointed and bland.
  11. That was exactly my experience too. I think that's why I struggle with The Last of Us as well.
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