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  1. Yep me too. Apart from the Dragon bit in ep1 they have both been very enjoyable.
  2. So...Line of Duty. All I'll say is...Definately
  3. I'm trying to work out if you're a comic genius or have zero sense of irony Ruge
  4. Did you ask her to open the doors, to which she replied 'I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that...' Hope you're ok though joking aside.
  5. Yeah I feel for you. Finally got ourselves inside about 10 minutes ago and I'm feeling very well oiled and slightly sunburnt and extremely happy. Days like today are what it's all about.
  6. Sitting in the garden in the sun and drinking a few beers...erm... Yep that's pretty much it for the next three days
  7. Yep, it was more the media that spun that one iirc. Re. McLeish, I actually like the bloke. Whenever I've heard him in interviews he comes across as friendly and quite humble and I don't think he could believe his luck when he got to manage us (although he probably wasn't as shocked as us!). Since he's left I can't remember him having a pop at the club either. Absolute car crash of a football manager though
  8. Spent a few hours on this last night and what a lovely, relaxing experience it is so far. Very much in the mould of Stardew Valley but with a three dimensional, beautifully realised setting (the art style is excellent and compliments the gameplay perfectly). It makes such a refreshing change of pace and from the opening few hours it's obvious there's a terrific amount of gameplay to be had. I think this might be one to try and Platinum as it lends itself perfectly to trophy hunting. As Shakin' Stevens once said 'lovely stuff'
  9. You've only yourself to blame. You clearly don't use enough exclamation marks.
  10. Picking this up on the PS4 as I loved Stardew and this appears to be that but in 3D. Most PC reviews I've read have been pretty positive, but I believe the Switch version is being patched due to poor performance.
  11. It's ridiculous how much I'm looking forward to the final season. Absolutely essential TV and a show that transcends the genre.

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