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  1. Not to be nasty but... Cascarino is a word removed who talks shit. The **** can barely string a coherent sentence together.
  2. Yeah I'm in a similar situation with the Switch (Zelda is still the only game that's floated my boat) but when it's a choice between something being a straight port onto the system I barely use (and probably more expensive) or a shiny remaster on my PS4 then it's a no brainer for me. Although as you haven't played the game before at all then its probably not so much of an issue (as I've said before I've already finished it twice on my PS3 ) You're in for a bloody treat anyway. I've rarely been so emotionally invested in a games storyline as i was with Ni No Kuni. Helps being a huge Ghibli fanboy but blimey it's just wonderful.
  3. Is it just for the portability that you're getting it on the Switch mate? I have a Switch and PS4 and I'll be opting for the PS4 version as I would imagine it'll run better. **edit** also after a quick read it seems the Switch version isn't even a remaster, rather just a straight port. The PS4 and PC versions are remasters so absolutely no contest for me.
  4. The first game isn't even in the same league as the sequel. In fact, it's not even the same sport. It's way, way better. The first game is comfortably in my top five games of all time. I'll be buying it again on ps4 and I've finished the ps3 version twice. It's a god damn masterpiece.
  5. Fincher was attached to a sequel but it got cancelled iirc.
  6. Excellent psychological horror movie from the Writer/Director of Grave Encounters Colin Minihan. A stripped back, effectively sparse storyline coupled with strong performances from the two leads (the whole thing is effectively a two hander as there are hardly any other actors in it), with some nice twists and turns along the way. It's on Netflix if you fancy giving it a go
  7. Yeah I recommended this one on here a while ago. Very clever premise and really well executed.
  8. Popped over my local park this morning to take the dog for a walk and there were two elderly gentlemen (i'd say both mid to late 70's) chatting excitedly about Villa's upcoming season and how wonderful they both thought Dean Smith was. Brought a proper smile to my face.
  9. Rage 2. Once again I'm glad I ignored the average reviews. It's an absolute blast with some of the best gunplay I've ever experienced (ID always seem to get that bit bang on) Yes it's not terribly original and it can get samey but it's just so much bloody fun.
  10. Finished Sharp Objects on Sky yesterday. Very enjoyable, well put together show. Terrific performances from Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson and a great, slow burn story with a strong finale. Recommended if you haven't seen it. Also finished S2 of Killing Eve - decent enough, with some standout scenes and lots more Fiona Shaw which is always a bonus. I can't help thinking it's kind of run it's course now though as the two main characters were in danger of turning into caricatures a few times over the series. Still good entertainment though.
  11. To be fair he probably would.
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