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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    This week's Better Call Saul... Hats off to Rhea Seehorn. Always thought she was a great actress but she totally knocked it out the park this week. Absolutely incredible performance.
  2. The Film Thread

    The whole project is cinematic blasphemy to me. I've been a huge fan of the original movies since I was a kid and they will always have a special place in my movie education. I pretty much know them all inside out (similar to most of the Hammer output) and so I'll be incredibly dubious of any pale imitation. The trailer for the Mummy looks exactly like the overproduced, shiny style id hoped they would avoid.
  3. Playstation 4

    Diablo 3.
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Just had a read up about that, looks like something i'd enjoy
  5. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    I had a look on Setlist earlier and I first saw him live 25 years ago What a body of work he leaves behind. A brilliant artist.
  6. Things you often Wonder

    I bet you love this show LF
  7. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    It's quite moving reading some of the comments in the press and online about his death. Heartening to read he was so well thought of and respected for his amazing lyrical and vocal abilities, as well as being a decent human being. He's definitely going to leave a big hole in the musical landscape that's for damned sure.
  8. West Bromwich Albion

    Bit harsh.
  9. Persona 5

    Yeah, I do tend to 'mooch' around a lot with games like this and spend time doing the square root of **** all for an hour or so. I also have games running in the background sometimes when i'm doing other things around the house so it probably wasn't as many as 50 hours. Like I said, I think it's a brilliant game and I enjoyed it but I just think i'd seen enough. It happens to me with games from time to time (more these days) but I tend to revisit games somewhere down the line (i've done it with several over the last few years) so i always keep my game saves. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if I re-bought it cheap at some point.
  10. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    That's really gutting news about Chris Cornell. Massive fan of his work and he had one of the best voices in rock imo. Always superb when I saw him live too. R.I.P.
  11. Persona 5

    Finished the third palace off and I think I'm pretty much done with the game now. It's very good, and extremely well put together and designed but I can't help shake the feeling that after 50 or so hours of play I've pretty much seen all the variety that it has to offer. The thought of doing the same routine for the remaining months with increased difficulty just doesn't grip me at all. I think a little more variety may have helped but that's just me. As I said, a good experience but one that got slightly repetitive a little too quickly.
  12. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Hopefully something painful. Evil word removed.
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    American Gods was fantastic again this week. The opening segment was beautifully done and very poignant. They really have done a magnificent job so far.