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  1. Great stuff. I think he'll be a perfect fit for us.
  2. I'm amazed there are people on here who wouldn't want Ross Barkley at Villa.
  3. Damn. Should have sold mine earlier in that case!
  4. Just subbed. I don't follow or sub to any footy Podcasts, but I'm really looking forward to hearing this one as 1) it's Villa related and 2) There's people I 'know' involved Best of luck with it
  5. Excellent as usual. In fact upon the first couple of listens this could be his best work so far.
  6. Tried the first few episodes of Ratchet. Great cast, looks incredible but ultimately it's just a bit dull. It's main problem for me is the lack of definite identity. It seems to sway unevenly between drama, horror and sometimes comedy and none of the elements seem to work. Suppose it's like they always say, don't **** with the classics.
  7. Intelligent, unsettling horror/western hybrid. One of the reviews I read said something along the lines of 'Imagine if Repulsion had been directed by John Ford' which is pretty much a perfect description. Very good indeed.
  8. I think the average SHA fans family tree is a stump.
  9. So, how likely do people think a second national lockdown is now?
  10. Yeah I was there too. Feels like a lifetime ago now though
  11. If only you would afford your own team such a generous outlook.
  12. Well I love him anyway so yeah, its bloody great!
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