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  1. I really enjoyed Titans. Looking forward to s2.
  2. Firepro Wrestling is one of the best I've ever played. Superb.
  3. Watched him last night in El Camino. R.I.P
  4. Oliver - Catastroceros (Dinoceros), Najapatra (Naja), Puss in Boats (Purrloiner). Replace Purrloiner post story with Scrapdragon(Sapdragon) Esther - Grimray (Hooray), Wimpeafowl (Sleepafowl), Wildwood (Lumberwood) Swaine - Bone Baron (Bonehead), Phantasma (Girlfiend), Paleolith (Monolith) Brackets = First form. Grind for the Dinoceros as soon as you can fly. Absolute game changing Familiar. Good luck!
  5. Finally got my perfect Familiar set up today. Took a good few days of grinding but its safe to say I'm now doing ridiculous damage Loved that bit!!!!
  6. Fingers (and all other bits) crossed for you.
  7. Joker is a gnats cock away from being a masterpiece. Seriously superb piece of filmmaking.
  8. Divinity Original Sin 2. Fantastic game. Just a quick look at some of the reviews may convince you (it's been incredibly well reviewed).
  9. I'd forgotten how much the game opens up with the Travel spell. So much easier to get to the different side missions and Bounty Hunts.
  10. Probably a couple of day trips but apart from that it's very much a 'do as little as possible and relax' week. Can't wait
  11. Designer1

    New Music 2019

    No physical copies until November iirc.
  12. Yeah same here, the PS4 version is superb! It's always been a good looking game, but in 1080 and 60fps it's glorious!
  13. Get Ni No Kuni - Never mind all this Zelda bollocks!* *I like the Zelda games, but NNK is in my top five games of all time so no contest.
  14. Yeah I posted about it yesterday in the New Music thread. Seems to have come out of nowhere and I'm ridiculously excited already!
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