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  1. Yep me too. I don't intend to move either
  2. Beer and a (highly recommended) Jam tribute band tonight. Then, if the weather stays this way I shall mostly be spending the BH weekend in the garden listening to tunes and drinking more beer and wine. Lovely.
  3. Yeah AR have been around for years (I saw them supporting Exodus about 25 years ago!) and they're very much in the old school thrash mould that we both love. Nice coincidence them and the Reich releasing some new material after a long hiatus.
  4. Just a feeling New Acid Reign single is a corker too (if you haven't heard it).
  5. Designer1


    One thing we'll probably never know is how much of the bullying was done under the guise of 'coaching' and how much was straight forward victimisation outside of that remit. My money would be on a combination of the two. Either way, the results are awful and unforgivable, but I think it's important that we make the distinction between the two. ^^Absolutely.
  6. Loved the Far Harbour dlc. Really nice storyline.
  7. 23 years since their last album and they go and release this belter... @ChrisVillan Might be up your street mate.
  8. This one has been on my radar for a while, and as it's directed by Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), it's safe to say I'm looking forward to it - it's had a fair bit of buzz and controversy surrounding it due to it's storyline and content.
  9. I'd go with this from best to worst (although I still enjoyed Death Proof on a certain cinema geek level) 1. Reservoir Dogs 2. Jackie Brown 3. Pulp Fiction 4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 5. Kill Bill pt1 6. Inglorious Bastards 7. Kill Bill pt2 8. Hateful 8 9. Django Unchained 10. Death Proof
  10. **** hell is that Alan Brazil? Looks like he's one bacon sarnie from a coronary.
  11. Superb movie - one of the best I've seen this year He (Koreeda) has made some belters in the past which I've recommended on here. Our Little Sister and I Wish are amongst his best work.
  12. The only AC game I've really, really disliked. Poorly designed, weightless combat and a disappointing story and world. Thank gawd they decided to go a different direction with Odyssey and Origins.

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