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  1. So the interviewer directly asked about Jack. Southgate then spent 60 seconds talking about anyone but Jack. Idiot.
  2. I'd just love for the other 14 PL clubs + the EFL clubs to come up with something that excludes the "Big 6". I know it's not going to happen (and probably illegal) but let's see how long they'd last in their European "Super" League and no domestic football. They'd soon come running back.
  3. I have had one as a company car for the last 2 years. Never had any problems with it and nor have the other ~20 people at work who also have one. So in my experience they're reliable. Nice enough to drive if you like a "up high" driving position and the nTec diesel version I have is economical (52mpg) driving from Redditch to the NEC each day on the M42. We are due to change cars in the autumn and had a choice of another Qashqai or a new A-Class Mercedes. No one chose to get a new Qashqai. So whilst it is reliable, economical and nice enough to drive, it doesn't have enough of a wow
  4. Definitely recommend the books too. I've never been a fan of "epic fantasy" but this story is fantastic.
  5. Don't panic! Episode 1 is being shown again on Thursday @ 02:05 and Saturday @ 22:00. Episode 2 on next Monday @ 23:10 and repeated at the same times as above I would guess.
  6. I've heard other people say the same about season 2 but still can't wait. I finished the books a couple of weeks ago so I know what's coming up. The storylines from A Storm of Swords in seasons 3 and 4 (assuming it's given the go ahead) are going to be amazing!
  7. Game of Thrones season 2 is being repeated on Sky Atlantic starting tonight @ 23:10. Only saw season 1 late last year and it was, without doubt, one of the best shows I've ever watched so I can't wait for this!
  8. Love the big man too - just wish he'd enjoy his goals a bit more! His goal celebrations are Andy Murray-esque...
  9. I sense a sunset. I don't see how you can even begin to compare the Saunders years to todays game. It was quite common in the 60's - 80's for managers to find British player as the likes of Tony Morley in the lower leagues. But now any club that relies on the lower leagues to find the next Morley is on a hiding to nothing. Apart from sensing a sunset, I also sense a massive amount of wishful thinking. I'm more of a midday man myself. I think Lambert has put together a squad that will be able to hold its own in mid table. But I hope TRO is right and we can do better. I admire and applau
  10. Like most, I don't know much about the new signings, but that is exactly what makes it exciting. We've done the "buy Prem League experience" (Hutton, Nzogbia, Given from last season alone) and we're still recovering from it. Let's get some young, hungry players in and see what they can do. Yes - we need experience through the spine of the team - and we have. Given, Vlaar, KEA and Bent. Granted Vlaar and KEA don't have prem league experience, but they still played for a team that qualified for the Champions League last season. Please let's just give the new signings a chance to
  11. Yes! A Man on the Moon Moondust Both excellent reads. And a DVD: In the Shadow of the Moon Thanks Mike - on their way to me courtesy of Amazon.
  12. With the death of Armstrong, it got me thinking that I really should read up on the Apollo programme in general and the Moon Landings specifically. I could do with a couple of good books to take with me on holiday next week. Any suggestions?
  13. I did this at Lloyd House in 2006...not sure what, if anything, has changed. If it anything like what I did, then you are right - they are looking for you to say the right words and do the right things. Never let them doubt your integrity/honesty. If one of the role plays involves the suggestion treating someone differently because of colour, social status, money, etc, then don't. If a role play suggests whistle-blowing on a colleague, then do. Even when you're not in a role-play, you will be assessed, so be on your best behaviour as soon as you arrive and don't let your guard down
  14. Only 3 more golds needed to equal the record at Bejing with still almost a full week to go. Incredible.
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