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  1. I'll never like the current one. Aston Villa is such a beautiful name and should be proudly displayed on any badge.
  2. Did an on the pitch interview but didn't participate in any training from what I could see.
  3. Credit to Leicester. Hopefully a sign of things to come for us. As for Jack...he's made my day!
  4. Why? What harm has been caused by spending 5 hours trying do the best for the fans who had already made arrangements to attend? It wasn't to be, but fair play to those involved in trying to make it happen.
  5. Loving the optimism...we can do this!
  6. They were also saying at lunchtime that because Man City had met a release clause, it put Jack into the position of having to make a decision which he's found incredibly difficult. Well who do they think bloody well asked for the release clause to be put in his contract??
  7. Yeah - I noticed that at lunchtime. Definitely his PR team pushing this line to maintain Brand Grealish.
  8. Indeed. The optimism surrounding the club on the day Grealish leaves is fantastic. And it's all down to NSWE and Purslow. We're so lucky to have them.
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