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  1. They’re bigging us up so much. I hate it. Spells disaster.
  2. This is where I am with it. Yes we should win but to come away with 2 points from four games against Brighton and Burnley suggests we are more than capable of messing it up. The players need to be focused and disciplined, hopefully having learned from those games. A run of form without Jack would be amazing.
  3. Jamie Carragher has just tweeted that they are doing a big feature on the Villa defence on MNF. Might make it worth watching.
  4. It’s an amazing stat. Not to be too negative but the converse of this is that we have only gained a single point all season when we’ve gone behind (Chelsea 1-1) that I can think of. Put that right and we’re sorted.
  5. He just put a photo and then “great TEAM performance” with the emphasis on team.
  6. That’s exactly how I saw it. John Terry posted something similar.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CL0HGrGgonc/?igshid=1agotowxsyxk1
  7. Yeah me too. And Kalvin Phillips (who I am aware wasn’t playing today) yet I am still insanely pleased we won. Not sure what it is that makes me hate them so much but it has started to have a derby feel about the fixture.
  8. They did check it. Said it was unintentional. Correct decision to be fair.
  9. Well there’s been no training pics of any of the squad so maybe they’re all injured and out for the season. Or maybe club just decided to have a week off releasing training pics which leaves things open for all manner of crap speculation?! He better not be injured. Cash, Grealish and Watkins out all in the space of 2 weeks would be Liverpool 20-21 levels of bad luck. I fully expect to see his name on the team sheet tomorrow.
  10. Dean seemed genuinely delighted by the arrival of Sanson and I think that both him and Purslow have suggested that our interest in him predates Lange. I don’t think the persistence with Barkley relates to Sanson. I wonder if Smith gave Barkley one last chance to shine in front of Southgate. At what point do they find out when the England manager is coming to watch the game.
  11. Harrison seems to be fit.
  12. God I hope the team go into this game with a bit more positivity than the fans. Yes we may not get anything against Leeds but we are not a one man team. Our defence is good, our forwards are capable of scoring and we do have decent midfielders if DS sets them up properly/makes the right selection. Smith said he got the tactics wrong last time so may take a different approach for this game and even if we do get well beat, it doesn’t mean our season is done. If they have the right mentality and self belief they will still win games. I think it is really important to finish top half t
  13. Vardy got subbed off after an hour. Had been ineffective. Think Maddison was getting kicked all over the place so taken off.
  14. I couldn’t cope with the stress of watching Villa’s entire back line be responsible for the footballing hopes of the nation.
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