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  1. Yes but thought we’d be more imaginative and ambitious than them. Feels like a step back, but that’s for another thread.
  2. He’s a Villa fan but works with Percy. Think we know how this one is going to play out. Pretty disappointed with the links to Tammy and Axel tho.
  3. Because it’s a move he wanted? And now it’s been offered to him on a plate. The club aren’t going to trap him here and I don’t think that would be a good idea anyway. I’d love to be wrong but I just absolutely can’t see it.
  4. I think everything points to him leaving. Because otherwise the speculation would have ended. He’s trained a bit, shown he’s not doing a Kane but he’ll go. Probably with the support of the club. Hopefully most of the fans too no matter how gutted we are. At some point we have to realise we do actually deserve better than to have our Captain try and arrange a move every summer.
  5. This is a proper circus now, and I feel for him in that situation.
  6. Sorry if this has been mentioned, this thread moves fast but given the way that Kane is behaving the club may just want to show how decent Grealish has been about things, positive PR, not trying to hint that he is staying. So people don’t turn on him after he goes. Timing would indicate that.
  7. To be honest, I think more people from the outside world would understand Jack going to City than would understand him staying at Villa. But yes, she’s probably talking to Villa fans. They need to just rip the plaster off now.
  8. If that is not attention seeking I don’t know what is. Everyone knows he is mates with Jack. That’s crap if he’s just screwing with people.
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