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  1. Yeah but these aren’t your mates at work, these are playing sport at the highest level in a completely public arena. If I’m honest I hate the “he’s shit get rid” stuff, but then that’s not how I would talk about someone in real life. But if a player, particularly one who has just dropped a clanger, comes on a fan forum out of curiosity they probably aren’t going to be pleased. I think football behind closed doors has exacerbated a problem. No one can grumble to the bloke stood next to them on the Holte or their mate at the pub or their dad on the sofa so firing something nasty off on T
  2. No, completely different. This is a fan forum. As long as it’s not racist, homophobic, threatening etc fans are in a safe space to post opinions positive and negative. Twitter and Instagram are for those who want to interact with the players. So completely depressing that certain fans insist on being so vile (although in true internet spirit you can’t be sure that they’re actually our fans at all-probably are tho).
  3. Great interview with him in the Athletic, seems a lovely guy. Extract re the abuse he suffered: “Everyone has an opinion. That’s fine. If you think I cannot play football or another team-mate should play in League One, then fine, that’s an opinion, it’s normal. But when it gets personal, it’s not good.” In a bid to draw a line under the topic once and for all, the forward has agreed to share the reasons behind closing down his social media accounts last year. “I’ll tell this story now but after that, I want to leave it behind because these things happen in the past,” he says.
  4. I wish Man City hadn’t lost last night, will give Utd extra incentive to win this. They won’t want City winning it at their expense. However, I’m going against the grain here and saying I’m strangely optimistic. I don’t know why, just think we’ll get something out of it.
  5. I would put money on some of them doing it. Mings and Jack (or his family/friends) deffo.
  6. Having just seen Aguero’s terrible panenka, it’s reminded me that El Ghazi is our only decent penalty taker.
  7. He’s on loan from Arsenal who I imagine will want him back asap.
  8. You see I listened to his comments and thought they were a respectful way of saying that the transfer chat could be revisited after the Euros ie if he is fit and sets the tournament alight. Also within minutes of this interview with his agent, Jack posts as Insta pic of him in red tracksuit with a blue bag next to him (cue loads of bed wetting comments from fans of Manc clubs). He’s not particularly bright but I do think he’s social media savvy and timed that very deliberately. Obviously he would have known that his agent had just been on tv talking about his future. What will be w
  9. The social media blackout means that my Twitter timeline is abysmal at the moment.
  10. Been linked to Carlos Soler and Nabil Fekir. I know Fekir all about them.
  11. The scenes at Old Trafford yesterday were a deliberate attempt to get the game called off in protest, and they succeeded. I hope that Villa Park is well policed/protected on Sunday. I don’t care what they do at their own ground but they must not get into VP.
  12. He was out injured for 3 of them!
  13. The whole team was rubbish in those games. And we did not sign him for his ability to tackle and intercept. I’m not saying he wasn’t poor post injury but there was a reason why fans were clamouring for him to return to the team asap.
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