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  1. I would presume we want both. Problem is, it appears half the PL now appear to want Watkins.
  2. Some “itk” bloke on twitter who probably knows really knows nothing says we’ve had a bid of £17.4m rejected by Liverpool for Origi. Liverpool want £25m and we want to get deal done ASAP.
  3. I think a proper break after the intensity of the last couple of months is exactly what they need. They’ll be back to fitness soon enough.
  4. I was excited when we were being linked to Ineacho, Origi and Abraham. Hoped for Benrahma or Buendia to provide the chances. Now getting slightly worried we’re going to complete the window with Watkins (who I would absolutely take in addition to one of my first 3 mentioned but not as the star buy).
  5. They won’t lose money on Watkins because apparently the release clause is a myth.
  6. John Percy has just clarified there is no release clause for Watkins after all.
  7. To be fair our fans are being just as bad. Chelsea fans doing it too. And yet, it really annoys us when Utd fans make out like they just need to click their fingers and Jack will come running.
  8. Anyone else remember the lockdown interview between Gary Neville and OGS in which they said Man Utd would use the pandemic to exploit poorer clubs who needed the money. I hope every club that holds one of their targets remembers that and takes them to the cleaners (or refuses to sell at all).
  9. Ah you might be right. I think I may have got distracted by my employer putting all partners of pregnant women on self isolation. Coupled with the vagueness of Engels appearances in and out the squad.
  10. Bjorn Engels just announced his wife is mid pregnancy. Bet he has been shielding rather than an injury.
  11. From Instagram...Karlan Grant appears to be holidaying with Ezri Konsa. That could mean ...something or nothing.
  12. Mate, hope you have a good support network. If not reach out to mh services local to you. Alternatively adopt Real Madrid as a second team, far less stressful than Villa!
  13. What are the chances of a surprise new signing modelling the new kit? Probably slim to none but as long as Villa social media don’t go into meltdown if Jack isnt in it.
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