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  1. With the hype around him I was hoping he would stand out a bit more quality wise tonight. Not to say I think he's played badly, just maybe hoped to see a bit more from him.
  2. Opinions of his game tonight so far?
  3. This team gets torn to shreds defensively. Far far too attacking. L
  4. Bring in Tuanzebe then go big on a central midfielder.
  5. You're about 48 hours behind the rest of us mate. Enjoy the ride
  6. Going through the phone book phoning all the other teams asking if they want our players?
  7. Yeah I'm sure we've just chucked £25/30m on Ings to have him on the bench....
  8. So once this is all finally confirmed, do we feel like the club have handled it badly? Having the open training sessions, allowing fans to have pictures taken with him etc, not saying anything at all since the bid was placed. Not sure how I feel about it all.
  9. I hope when it's confirmed the club give it a one line statement. Something along the lines of 'Jack Grealish has today left the club to join Manchester City'. Nothing else, no fan fare, no video message, just 1 line.
  10. I meant an ex player more than a snake tbh.
  11. The club stood by him when he was being an utter dick, making a fool of himself on holidays, breaking covid rules, crashing his car etc and he repays them by skulking off as the season is about to begin. Forget this fairytale of him returning in the future. Not interested. When it's confirmed he's officially gone he's just another ex player. Barry, Miller, Delph etc, he's just another one of them.
  12. Tyrone Mings had about 80 career appearances when he joined us.
  13. Fair enough it's just every single player you seem to mention are the well known 'wonderkid' type players on there that's all lol.
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