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  1. I think he's possibly a bit too old to be sticking him in a new position.
  2. Thanks to you i've just seen it another 4 times
  3. Surely you've underestimated there? Heaton alone would surely have been on £40k+ a week? Elmo somewhere around £30k a week and Taylor maybe £20k-£30k a week? I'd guess the 3 of them would have been earning in the region of £80k-£100k a week.
  4. I feel like some fans are just determined to write him off or determined to downplay his season because they set their stalls out earlier in the season as not rating him. Considering this has been his first season with us I feel he's been more than decent, comfortably a 7/10 season. Hopefully there is more to come next season from him!
  5. I wonder what we could get for him if he were to leave with only 1 year left on his contract? Although tbh I'd rather we tried to get him to sign a new deal.
  6. I agree on Cash but Engels not so much. He hasn't played football for over a year now has he? I think a young CB to come in as 4th choice and sell Engels would be my preference.
  7. Not sure whether or not we will see Guilbert sold or loaned out again. Sounds like he's had a decent loan spell in France and with Elmo leaving it would make sense to keep Guilbert as it's one less position that needs sorting this summer. Could perhaps send Kesler out on loan next season and then bring him back to compete with Cash for the 22/23 season?
  8. Was just about to type out something similar to this. A lot of our players who took time to settle last season have been brilliant this season, unfortunately the injury to Wesley means we haven't been able to see whether the same applies to him. Next season will effectively be his proper second season so maybe we should see how he gets on and hopefully he will have fully settled and can show an improvement the same as the likes of Targett and Konsa!
  9. I'm sure I read something saying we can't sign him on a long term contract (4/5 years) until he's turned 18? No idea how true that is. Can sign players on a professional contract from the age of 17 but that contract can only be for 2/3 years. Could be complete bollocks though not sure.
  10. villareport @villareport·1m Borussia Dortmund are strongly interested in signing Carney Chukwuemeka, who would cost around €15m. [ @BILD_Sport,@BILD_bvb] #avfc
  11. I'm just really not sure what you expect from him. He's doing a decent job. Nothing too flash just doing his job.
  12. He's 19 in his first season of first team football. Your expectations are puzzling.
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