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  1. daggy_333

    Tony Xia

    I hate being into the last 5 minutes of a £5 accumulator with £40 at stake
  2. daggy_333

    James Bree

    4th choice? Hutton, Elmo, ???? and Bree. Who am i missing?
  3. daggy_333

    James Chester

    Absolute rock. So consistent every single game.
  4. daggy_333

    2nd leg pre match

    One change Bree in for Elmo
  5. daggy_333

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Was there an official attendance given for the Play off Final? I didn't hear one announced.
  6. daggy_333

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Shouted so loud when we scored that i made my 1 year old son cry. 100% will do it again if we score another!
  7. daggy_333

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Mitch Clark seems isolated at LB. Quite often seems to be having to watch 2 players. Doyle-Hayes looks good. Nice to see such a good crowd here for an U23 game!
  8. No rating for Kodjia John?
  9. daggy_333

    Alan Hutton

    Completely agree, regardless of the division we're in we need to upgrade our left back position and in all honesty we need a back up left back too as i would rather not have to watch Taylor again next season in a Villa shirt. I'll be sad to see Hutton go because i love the effort he gives and I genuinely believe he loves it at Villa.
  10. daggy_333

    Alan Hutton

    We all have our opinions and i respect yours but in my opinion he's not the best right back. Elmohamedy is the best right back but you're correct that Hutton is the best left back!
  11. daggy_333

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    I agree with @Keyblade, that actually got me going a bit! He never fulfilled his potential and the last few years have been nothing short of a farce. But there were some good times with him, no we never won anything, but those 3 years where we finished 6th he was a mainstay of those teams so yes he gave us some good memories. I'm sad that he's leaving the way he is but his time has been and gone. Bye Gabby!
  12. daggy_333

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    You seem to have ignored the part where he says they're HIS legends.
  13. daggy_333

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Not on £60k.
  14. daggy_333

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Wasn't even in the squad today i don't think...anything to worry about?
  15. daggy_333

    Conor Hourihane

    Has he done anything yet in this game? Needs to be subbed.