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  1. Selfish! I'm a reasonable man. I will take your ticket off you. I've only been to Wembley once vs Liverpool so i'm 1 for 1
  2. United have said they want Tuanzebe on there pre season tour I think.
  3. You do remember Axel isnt our player yeah? There's a much higher chance of Mings being here next season than Axel I would think.
  4. So you would pin your hopes on a 31 year old plodder like Gary Hooper. Wow. Luckily we have scouts who I'm sure would come up with a much better solution than him! If he's not good enough for Steve Bruce why on earth do you think he's good enough for us?!
  5. Why can't you understand that we're trying to move away from signing exactly that sort of player. 30+ with his best years behind him. No no no! We want younger players with lots of potential.
  6. daggy_333

    Dean Smith

    So the guy who is a professional football manager should come out and say he got it wrong because a total nobody like you disagrees with the decision that he made? Okie doke
  7. daggy_333

    Glenn Whelan

    Ironically the 2nd leg is now probably a game he SHOULD play in. West Brom will have to attack us so we could probably do with someone mopping up in front of the defence.
  8. daggy_333

    Glenn Whelan

    Can you point out where i said i think they're good?
  9. daggy_333

    Glenn Whelan

    Whelan started against Derby, Middlesborough, Birmingham, Blackburn, Sheff Weds, Bristol City, Bolton, Millwall. We beat all of those teams and there are a mixture of shit teams and teams who try to play. He deserved a chance today and yeah maybe he made a mess for there goal but he was definitely worthy of a start today. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  10. daggy_333

    Glenn Whelan

    Whelan has been superb for the last 2 months, makes 1 mistake and now should never play. If anyone was going to say something so stupid it was always going to be you, thank you for not disappointing
  11. daggy_333

    Alan Hutton

    Look how fresh McGinn was after his 2 match suspension. Elmo puts some mileage in during games. I think 13 days would do him good before one last push.
  12. daggy_333

    Alan Hutton

    I think Smith will rest Elmo for the Norwich game and give Hutton one last game for us.
  13. I thought if the player got booked that the EFL don't bother with the incident because they deem that the referee dealt with it?

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