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  1. Sorry, you're right Micah was probably on more like £80k and Bunn on about £50k. That better?
  2. In my opinion some of those figures are massively out. There's no chance in hell that we're paying Mark Bunn £30k a week. I'd be amazed if he's on more than £8-10k a week. I'm sure I've also seen that Richards pay dropped to £35k a week when we got relegated?
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47617233 Niall Mason: Doncaster Rovers sack defender after sexual assault Doncaster Rovers have sacked Niall Mason after he admitted a charge of sexual assault in January. Mason, 22, received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, for assaulting a woman in 2018. A judge at Sheffield Crown Court also placed Mason on the sex offenders' register for seven years. A Doncaster statement read: "Rovers have cancelled the contract of Niall Mason after he withdrew an appeal against his dismissal by the club." It continued: "Rovers opened internal disciplinary proceedings immediately following his guilty plea for a sexual offence at Sheffield Crown Court." Defender Mason had been a regular for the promotion-chasing League One side until shortly before his court appearance in January, but was suspended following his sentencing.
  4. IF we signed the players you mentioned and kept the others, we could arguably get away with just going for a new starting LB ,DM and either 1 or 2 new wingers. Any other new signings would be to build a competitive squad.
  5. I'm kind of confused as to what you think Hourihane is?
  6. I'm sure he'd love to sign both, I think Hause is a certainty. Unfortunately i fear that signing Mings might depend on what division we're in next season.
  7. Middlesborough have only conceded 31 goals this season and we've scored roughly a fifth of them in 2 games!
  8. Personally I hope we can replace him and move him on during the summer. He's not the player he was since his injuries and I don't think his heart is in it anymore. Doesn't play like he's enjoying himself anymore. I think a transfer is best for both parties.
  9. He's like a cheat code at this level.
  10. What would you charge to do my accounts?
  11. daggy_333

    Jed Steer

    Not a chance they will move Kalinic n when he only signed in January.
  12. Comments on here are really harsh. The lad is 23, he's played a handful of games in the last 9 months and played as a right sided CB when he's left footed. Give him a break for God sake. Made a couple of bad decisions but they didn't cost us. Chester has been making mistakes all season, guess we should get rid of him too. For £2/3 million i think we'd be extremely foolish to not buy him in the summer.
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