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  1. Not sure how you could describe Elmo as a weak link from last season. Taylor probably but Elmo?
  2. Wikipedia is never wrong right? Looks like we've been gazumped i'm afraid!
  3. I'd take him.....out the back to shoot him. Put the poor bloke out of his misery. He's been injured now for about 3 years!
  4. Close this **** thread! Race won!
  5. Selfish! I'm a reasonable man. I will take your ticket off you. I've only been to Wembley once vs Liverpool so i'm 1 for 1
  6. United have said they want Tuanzebe on there pre season tour I think.
  7. You do remember Axel isnt our player yeah? There's a much higher chance of Mings being here next season than Axel I would think.
  8. So you would pin your hopes on a 31 year old plodder like Gary Hooper. Wow. Luckily we have scouts who I'm sure would come up with a much better solution than him! If he's not good enough for Steve Bruce why on earth do you think he's good enough for us?!
  9. Why can't you understand that we're trying to move away from signing exactly that sort of player. 30+ with his best years behind him. No no no! We want younger players with lots of potential.
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