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  1. That was enough to make me change to without crowd noise!
  2. daggy_333

    Keinan Davis

    I think his contract expires this summer, that needs sorting asap!
  3. Come on man, you're an adult so stop acting like a child. Supporting the current manager doesn't make you a bluenose. Grow up.
  4. Doesn't his contract run out this summer or am I making that up?
  5. 2 more goals for Bowen today. I think that's 14 goals for him so far this season.
  6. 'Grealish is far better than Villa' Man United 2-2 Aston Villa Robbie Savage Ex-Wales midfielder on BBC Radio 5 Live Aston Villa what are they going to achieve? Staying in the Premier League. If they achieve that it is going to be a great season for them, they are not winning a cup. If Manchester City, Spurs or Chelsea come with a massive offer for Jack Grealish, let’s say £80m, I think he’ll go. He’s far better than Aston Villa. I hate Savage.
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