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  1. Not really they had 5 on target/8 Blocked/8 off target. 3 of those shots were free kicks. Heaton had to make 4 saves.
  2. First half he was great, blocked and headed away everything. Those series of blocks when he was on the floor and trying not to concede a handball was brilliant. Easy to get forgot those kinds of moments when he's made an error to take the gloss off a decent win. Needs to maybe stop overplaying it at times, but apart from that he's our number 1 centre back.
  3. I was wondering how you'd get a dig in at DS this week.
  4. I'm kind of glad he's not been given a call up, he hasn't quite sparked yet so far this season. He'll be determined to improve and get into the squad, which is good for us in the short term.
  5. Scored the winning peno though haha
  6. Hopefully the start of the Meng dynasty?
  7. I can't think of any other signing we've ever made that has had the kind of impact Tyrone has off the pitch (on the pitch he's not been to shabby either). His enthusiasm for the club, the fans, the team and manager seems to have bound everyone together. Have we ever had a Villa squad so intune with each other off the pitch before? Basically his signing in January was a masterstroke and reading this back I may have a man crush.
  8. We're having a home-birth, she's hoping Villa arent on the tele at the same time - something about creating a relaxing environment.
  9. When he scored, I shouted so loud, my heavily pregnant girlfriend wet herself a bit! Got a right bollocking. If she goes into labour tonight I'm calling the lad Wesley.
  10. Elmo was our best rated player on Whoscored yesterday. I know stats don't tell the whole story, but least he's doing the basics right. He's getting on now though and the pace of the Prem is catching up to him especially in the final 15mins.
  11. I think he recovered pretty well after that mistake. His confidence was shattered initally, especially making that kind of error on your home debut in front of a full home crowd. Says a lot about his character to get his head together and get back in the game. Baring in mind he's had no pre-season with his new team, I thought he slotted in well. Hopefully he can live up to the expe tation and make his mark with us.
  12. Just watched it to make sure I wasn't tripping haha... Not sure if I agree. Still seems harsh. He was square on initally and when the ball hit him in the chest he turned/the ball turned him... So going with a bit of both Haha.
  13. I've seen that goal from directly behind Wilson, the ball curves off Mings and goes out past the post by a yard at least then back in at the post. 9/10 times that would have gone out for a corner.
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