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  1. Baffling how the Browns beat you. I'm sure you'll get your revenge in the next couple of weeks (unless you rest half the team)
  2. The thing with the BBC is that the right criticise the BBC for being a leftie marxist organisation. Its hated by everyone, which probably means its actually somewhere in the middle.
  3. Its almost as if Boris is trolling the country now.
  4. I always have the air conditioning on in the car at the lowest possible temperature, even in the depths of winter.
  5. Well, we'll see about that piss poo piss man!
  6. Xela

    The Film Thread

    I hope the new woke Bond doesn't try and assume any genders, mansplain to his 'brave' colleagues and he ensures his pronouns are correct.
  7. Saw Dele Adebola play for an over 35's team last season. Despite the fact he's 44 and put on some timber, he was still quality. The football brain, the vision, the weight of passes was head and shoulders above anyone else.
  8. If she didn't want us to look at her boobs then she shouldn't have them in the first place!
  9. Ok, I know she's 52, but Kate Garraway's norks on the jungle programme. 8.8/10. WB
  10. Similar for me, I remember being next to a group of hooray henrys at Happy Valley races. They were all wearing chinos, polo shirts and having a heated debate about what was best Rolex of all time. I slid my hand into my pocket as I was wearing my £10 classic Casio watch (the watch of terrorists by all accounts)
  11. Day wasn't too bad... it was good to see some of the words removed there as well. How are you pal? Still turning up for dates dressed like a hobo? #ArchbishopOfBanterbury
  12. Made no progress so far this week on the top 2.
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