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  1. I saw a random link to Raphinha a few days ago. Can't see that being anything of any substance.
  2. I'll stick with Emirates as Arsenal are no threat!
  3. Should have seen it coming really. Spent all summer with the England team, then partying in Mykonos with Chilwell, Mount, Shaw, etc, who all play Champions League football. No doubt they have been in his ear since he first got in the England team. He was probably of the opinion that I'm as good, if not better than those other players, I deserve it too. Oh well. Onwards and upwards Villans.
  4. Well, I'll never fly Etihad Airlines in my life!
  5. I think Southampton may need to sell JWP in order to reinvest. Could be a good sign for us.
  6. My post was tongue in cheek. I have full faith in the club now as its run properly.
  7. That transfer thread was an event - I remember browsing through it a few months ago and chuckling at the comments.
  8. I haven't felt as excited and energised about a transfer window since that summer Sherwood and co signed a load of players from France. Oh...
  9. Suddenly, losing Jack doesn't feel so bad does it?
  10. I feel like i'm living in the Twilight Zone in this thread. I need to lie down.
  11. I'll be honest, I would have preferred Tammy, but I don't think you can write Ings off until you see what he can for us. He's a prolific scorer in the league.
  12. Out of my price range mate! Although I could get a first gen Range Rover Sport in drug dealer spec? To be fair, my A3 has been a perfect car. Like you Kuga, it hasn't missed a beat, in the nearly 4 years i've had it. Great car. Objectively the best car i've owned, although not my favourite. Thats still my '89 E30 BMW 325i Sport.
  13. Think he's off to Saudi for a wedge of cash
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