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  1. Xela


    Sorry, misread the question and only answered part of it! I know what causes the pain - it is the curvature of the spine and mild ankylosing spondylitis, which was diagnosed at a later date (it causes inflammation of the spine). The referral I've had is for further investigation to see if has got worse (the AK) and if I have symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis What I want is to get away from the dependancy of the pills. Its like taking asprin every day just in case you get a headache. Its proven (so far) that I don't need to take them every day. Yes, there may be times when I need them, a 'flare up', for example, but for just getting through everyday life i don't want to be dependant on them as I don't know what damage they are causing my insides. If it means I have to put up with a bit more discomfort from everyday aches and pains, then so be it
  2. Xela


    Funnily enough I have been referred - waiting for an appointment.
  3. Xela


    Nah, not really. They know bits and pieces. Its amazing how easy it is to keep secrets from your nearest and dearest when you are an addict.
  4. Xela


    Cheers Mike. Seeing my doc on Wednesday so will discuss it then, but think (or hope!) i'm over the worst of it now.
  5. Xela


    Cheers Ruge! I know its not as rock n roll as a skag habit but its a big problem in 'middle class' Britain. How you getting on?
  6. Xela


    Cheers mate! 10 days 'clean' now and i'm happy with how things are going. I'm just going to have to get used to the dull pain of being an overweight nearly 40yo with a bad back!
  7. Xela


    What is there to be addicted to in painkillers? Lack of pain! Its a valid question... its like any drug, you get a dependancy to how it makes you feel and it becomes a necessity to get through your day. What would happen if i didn't take one? Joint pain... the feeling of your ankle, knee, elbow joints on fire... feeling like you've been run over or done over with a baseball bat.. All that pain is taken away with a pill and in 20 mins your joints feel fine and you can go about your day. No different to how heroin or cocaine users feel if they're coming down from their drug. Painkillers like cocodamol (codeine and paracetamol mixed) is an opiate (like heroin) and once taken converts to morphine in the brain making you content and in a dreamy state. I was on cocodamol for a few weeks with tendonitis and I was like a space cadet!
  8. Xela

    The Film Thread

    As @villa4europe says, its good but not epic! Check out Carlito's Way if you haven't seen it
  9. Xela

    Racism Part two

    You monster.
  10. Xela

    The Film Thread

    Two films: Casino - absolute classic. Love it! As good as Goodfellas in my opinion. Wonderful score as well. Dirty Grandpa - just 90 mins of cock and fanny jokes. Admittedly funny in parts but Bob De Niro, how low you have fallen!
  11. Xela


    Ok, never mentioned it on here before, but here goes... For over 20 years I have been on prescription painkillers. Was I addicted... yes, I would say I was. The Doctors were happy to prescribe them as I made it clear without them I wouldn't be able to function in everyday life. They were initially prescribed as I suffered terrible knee problems in my teenage years, which required surgery and then back pain which they found was due to a curvature of my spine. All through my 20's and 30's I was taking NSAID's daily as well as opioids occasionally (luckily never had too much access to these). I used to panic when I forgot to take one (used to take 1 in the morning and 1 in the early evening) and when going on holiday I had to ensure that I had enough 'supply' to get me through. If I went on a works night out I would have to take then with me and i'd always refuse impromptu nights out as I wouldn't have them on me! Basically I had to schedule my life around taking them. I was well aware of the long term side effects of them (risk of heart attacks, kidney failure, liver problems, stomach ulcers and gastric bleeds) and i dare say my stomach problems were partly down to 20 years of popping them like tic-tacs! For anyone interested was mainly Diclofenac I took, but also Naproxen as well. Now i'm 9 days in without taking any of them. I decided last Friday to go cold turkey and see if coming off them would improve my stomach issues in the long term. I've had blood tests which confirm my kidneys are fine and there doesn't appear to have been any damage so far so here I am! I won't lie... it hasn't been plain sailing. I've suffered a lot of headaches, joint pains (ankles, knees, shoulders) and terrible backache when I wake up but the hardest thing I have taken in a week is a couple of paracetamol! I've still got my 'stash' in my drugs cabinet but if I can get through a month then i'll take them back to the pharmacy.
  12. Xela

    The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    Nah, what a shit! I had to unscrew the metal base off the TV as it was too heavy with it on. I nearly keeled over when I got to the top of the stairs.
  13. Xela

    In Sickness and in Health

    I'm not medical professional (like Dr Fox or Dr Dre) but i'd say cutting out the weed while being a bit mentally vulnerable would probably help you in all aspects of life at the moment, not just flying. In terms of what you experience, I used to be a huge fan of flying. Now I just view it as a necessary evil as part of the holiday. I'm not nervous, I just find it a chore but I always feel a bit rough afterwards. I put it down to the lower air pressure in the cabin.