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  1. Xela

    The Film Thread

    This a wonderful scene. The language used by Death, the form he takes behind the frosted glass. The gentle ticking in the background. Great stuff!
  2. Mayfield can't throw for shit this season
  3. Xela

    The Film Thread

    Meet Joe Black (1998) I really like this film. Its not very well regarded but I love the calmness and serenity of it. Hopkins is his usual brilliant self, Forlani was stunning and Pitt was impossibly good looking and played the role of a bemused grim reaper excellently 8/10. WB
  4. Xela


    Yep, I just refuse to discuss football with glory supporters. If an armchair Man Utd fan from the office tries to talk about football I either move the subject on to something else or give one word answers so the conversation dies. Funnily enough the Man Utd fans have been quieter in recent times.
  5. Plus a drink and a drive. Don't need no drink drivers here.
  6. I can now expand on this. I loved driving around the rural and quiet roads of Rutland, Northants and Lincs in the last week. I should revise my last comment to the following - "Its driving in the West Midlands I hate" Far too many words removed driving like words removed around Birmingham.
  7. Xela


    I see his pacemakers all made it over the line straight after him. Have they all broken the 2 hour barrier or do they come and go out of the race as and when needed?
  8. Finished the 7th (and final) season of Elementary Overall a very good show. Not an all time classic but JLM and Liu and both very watchable and some great support actors in there as well.
  9. Average height of a man in the UK/US/Germany is 5 foot 9. In Norway it is 5 foot 10 and a half. In Netherlands it is 5 foot 11 6 foot 1 is on the taller side of things
  10. Crazy to think its 22 years since Jackie Brown
  11. He signed his contract in September 16. I think he had already peaked at that point? (he was injured a lot in the following 2 seasons) To answer your point, if I believed I was only paid 50% of what my contemporaries earned at a similar firm, i would absolutely ask for a pay-rise. If I didn't get it I would leave. What I wouldn't do it broadcast it to the media (they wouldn't care anyway! ). Walker did the right thing - he left and has earned more. Rose could have done the same. He didn't and chose to moan about it. The other Spurs players you mention haven't moaned and I think that's why they haven't been criticised. I have no issues with footballers earning money, fair play to them! As for a short career, it is, but players at the top level will earn more in a few months than someone who works for 40 years will. I think sometimes footballers at the very top lose a bit of grip with reality. There are somethings that are best kept private. I wouldn't complain about my salary to a homeless person because it would appear vulgar. Rose complaining that £65k isn't enough when the average salary in the UK is what, £26k is also vulgar. People don't want to hear it.
  12. Xela

    Ice rink

    From the interweb
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