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  1. Xela

    Manchester United

    Got Spuds into a CL final. He got the best out of that Spurs team. Yes he's probably overrated but he's used to the English game and got to be better than Ole
  2. Fulham, West Brom, West Ham, us (although I hope when the transfer window ends that isn't the case anymore) and Leeds. I'd also say they have a better team than Burnley and Sheff United on a player vs player basis.
  3. Xela

    Manchester United

    They should grow a set, **** Ole off and get Poch in.
  4. Xela


    The Jesse Lingard effect. Some players it doesn't faze... like Grealish, Sterling, Rashford, etc... but others like Lingard and Alli, it seems to have had a massive impact on their form. They were both starting for England in the Word Cup recently. On a separate matter, I googled Axel Tuanzebe the other day to see if he was in the Man Utd squad. I think he is injured again, but the picture showed him turning up to training in a black top of the range Range Rover. This kid has played, at best, a handful of premier league games. Not proven at all but probably already loaded. Nothing against the kid, not his fault, but its like they have made it before they even set foot on the pitch.
  5. Just think there are worse teams in the league. They were easily safe last year and have purchased well this summer I think they'll finish about 13th or 14th
  6. Looking at Burnley's starting line up - could they struggle this year?
  7. Xela


    Its a strange situation isn't it. It works for Wolves but would I want it at Villa? Not so sure? They've got one British player in their starting line up. Only a handful in the squad. Not sure i'd like that to be honest.
  8. Think Bruce tried to buy him on the last day of the transfer window but Aberdeen rejected it as they had no time to bring in a replacement - fair enough I think it was just after that defender rejected us... who then ended up at Middlesbro' a year later
  9. I haven't subscribed to Sky (Now TV) this year. So just catching the highlights the next day. Not fully into it, this year at the moment. That may change but i'll take the £33 per month saving on my Now TV Sports add-on for the time being
  10. How did they join though? I'm not sure of the mechanics of how it works but surely they'd have to request to join the league?
  11. Was this the mate who said some nondescript boggies striker would outscore Benteke a few years back? I have an occasional 'Rain Main' memory surge!
  12. I think we'll struggle to see a lot of good and bold comedy now as people are scared to offend as they might get 'cancelled'.
  13. It must have been earlier than 94 for 2 subs? Closer to 84 maybe?
  14. We should have been in for him... I would assume Terry knew him? Looks a cracking player
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