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  1. That's me. Flat with no proper balcony and no outside grounds. Great for the train station an very cosy in winter but absolute murder when nice weather comes. Combine that with a lockdown and its depressing. Need to move to a place with a garden/roof terrace.
  2. Belgium beer - wonderful! Went on a pub crawl in Brussels a few years back. Night got a bit fuzzy but do recall some cracking ales.
  3. Not allowed anything like that. No 'personalisation' of desks at all. No drawers either. We're not numbers though, we are valued as individuals. I'm sure of it!
  4. Xela


    The one who slept with Rooney years ago still dines out on it and has written a book!
  5. With the news that Kyle Walker apparently won't be considered by Southgate again after his sex party, does that mean Grealish has blown his chances as well? Seems that Southgate likes good characters and people who follow the rules
  6. Xela


    The biggest scandal about Kyle Walker is the lack of discretion from the hooker! I thought that was one of the key traits of the job.
  7. Not all in one night surely? I'd be smashed after 4 or 5!
  8. Xela

    U.S. Politics

    Four years of Trump and Biden is best the Dems can come up with. Do they want to win the election or not?
  9. Jimmy Greaves in hospital. He's been ill for a while and this must be the worst time to be going into a London hospital
  10. I agree, the biggest failures for me were a) Cheltenham going ahead and b) Flights still coming in daily from Italy, Spain, China, Iran, USA, etc. Absolute madness. The airports/ports should have been closed. As an island, we have a better chance of containing something than being a landlocked country.
  11. I don't think being an active member of the EU would have made a difference in this situation.
  12. I'd imagine population density plays a part as well. Of all the big counties in Europe (over 50m), we have the highest population density, especially in England, more so than the rest of the UK. With a highly contagious virus and the highest density of any mass populated country in Europe, it always going to end up in a bad way.
  13. Our new office is 100% hot-desking. 2000 people if everyone is in (its never usually half). You are assigned floors and areas though so people do tend to sit in the same places every day so not too bad. Our team has already been 'reassigned' from one floor to another as we were too noisy by all accounts. Well, don't put a sales team next to an audit or compliance team!
  14. I have a good view of the train station car park from my window. During normal times it is packed by 7:30am. The last couple of weeks its been interesting hows its reduced. Its generally about 7 or 8 cars now, which includes the people who work there. Sadly there has been one car that hasn't moved for nearly 2 weeks. You start to think why and then fear the worst. The owner could be ill in hospital or even worse
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