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  1. I've mentioned it on here before and i'm sure i've been ridiculed but I do love a bit of Jonathan Creek every now and again!
  2. Jason Gallian as well! Yes it was that game... we were doing well until Wasim came in and starting smashing the bowlers around New Road I used to have a cricket computer game as a kid on my spectrum. It was called Howzat and was endorsed by Brian Rose, of Somerset. I always used to play as Somerset in the game as they had Viv, Joel and Beefy so were a decent team to be!
  3. Great one day team back them - Athers, Fairbrother, Lloyd, Austin, Watkinson, Hegg, Wasim Akram, Martin, Chapple, etc. I seem to recall Wasim breaking Worcester hearts in a one day game... may have been a semi? I'm sure @snowychap will remember?
  4. The reason why I supported Worcestershire! I remember it hitting the national news and that was me hooked by Hick as a player initially and then the Pears as a team. Persuaded my Dad to take me to New Road a few times every school holiday.
  5. He'd only signed the contract a few months previous as well.
  6. Off to North Norfolk tomorrow for a few nights break. Weather not looking great but the change of scenery will do me well. Might check out a few windmills and lighthouses along the coast. Plus a few ales in some of the local pubs. Yes, I am going full Partridge
  7. @chindie is older than I imagined https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-48609635/marvel-and-dc-comics-man-sells-350k-collection
  8. Xela

    Would You...

    I don't think it happens so much nowadays due to ever changing sponsors on shirts (and the fact most appear to be Asian betting companies) but there used to be a time when Liverpool/Man City fans wouldn't buy Sharp goods because of their long association with Man Utd. Likewise JVC with Arsenal for Spurs fans. Celtic and Rangers had the same sponsors for a fairly long time as the companies probably didn't want to alienate the other set of fans.
  9. Xela

    Would You...

    Quorn sausage would last longer.
  10. I'd love him back but won't happen. We wouldn't have spent so much on Wesley otherwise.

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