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  1. Plus you've got less chance of being stabbed or attacked by a moped gang on a treadmill!
  2. With MON there I might get a 4 year 50k per week contract.
  3. Xela

    Steve Bruce

    Doing a very decent job at the Owls IMO
  4. Xela

    Joe Lolley

    Definitely. Once we secured Mings, Axel and Tammy (not sure the last one would be possible) then Lolley should be next in.
  5. Xela

    Wes Edens

    10/10 for fashion sense
  6. Did you manage to track down @chrisp65 and take photos of him in his natural habitat?
  7. When you have one of those amazingly satisfying dumps. A real humdinger. I've got a spring in my step now!
  8. People who leave car park sticky tickets stuck to the inside of their windows. Saw a car yesterday with about 20 stuck on the inside of the drivers window. Why are you so lazy?!
  9. I just imagine the songs playing and sing along. No skips or lost reception.
  10. Fair do's Now get out and enjoy the sunshine!
  11. Not to sound defeatist but don't pin your hopes on something that may not ever happen. Hoping that she will change her mind in time is a horrible way to live - trust me, I've been there! Best thing is to chalk it up to experience and remember the good times you had with her and move on with your life.

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