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  1. Pretty much done with this season now as I won't make the playoffs. Had to win this week but my QB didn't play as he must have been pulled out of the game late
  2. About 20,000 a day then in real terms!
  3. They'll just assume its a pig in a blanket.
  4. Browns eek out another win. Above the Ravens now, which is mental.
  5. I never knew they existed until a few years back when I was volunteering at a food bank and saw all manners of stuff rammed into tins. It just looks disgusting.
  6. Have you ever seen a whole chicken in a tin?
  7. Did it? I have seen Rogue One but none of the recent films stay long in the memory. Will have to refresh my understanding of it.
  8. You can go back to the original Death Star and its glaring weakness. As long as you can fire a shot into a vent, it will destroy the whole thing. Just put a blast resistant grill on it. Sorted.
  9. Please tell me Gremlins is in the films to watch list?
  10. Secret Santa present for @HanoiVillan sorted
  11. I initially thought it could be CCTV but its moving about. Least launch control works on the car, i guess
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