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  1. Millions of houses and flats without off street parking and there will be times when you want to do a journey of more than 250 miles or stay overnight somewhere. Battery tech will get better i'm sure, and ranges will improve. Maybe battery tech firms would be good investments, trying to get back on topic
  2. I think all other manufacturers use the same charging points/interfaces but they are poorly maintained by the companies that run them. Tesla have spent huge amounts in making their own charge stations far superior. I'm sure things will change over time but at the moment, it doesn't matter how good a VW or Audi electric car is, the charging network it needs is awful.
  3. Hi mate. Good to see you back You won't have any joy with another lender but you should be able to switch product with you current lender. I've done this twice with Nationwide online and never had to speak to anyone and took no more than 2 mins.
  4. Where Tesla win is the charging infrastructure. They are years ahead of anything else in that respect. Plus their fans do seem to be an obsessed bunch.
  5. Xela

    Tyrone Mings

    Much better from Mings. He's very good when he keeps it simple, and he is a great leader at the back as well. I wonder if JT has had a word? JT was never a flair defender and stuck to doing the basics very well.
  6. He's a consummate professional. Even when he isn't playing he is encouraging the team from the sidelines. If he's happy for a back-up role, then i'd offer him another 12 months.
  7. Great photos on there. Looks to be a fun era to go out in.
  8. Good thread @sidcow. I know its been discussed in various threads before like the nostalgia one, but good to have a specific place to talk about them. The two I went to most in my youth was Dome II and Snobs. Ahhhh halcyon days! Snobs was proper chill, great music and everyone was cool. Just real friendly. Cheap drinks and well - a spirit and mixer for £1.50? Dome II could be a bit moody but student nights on a Thursday was a must visit. Like shooting fish in a barrel in there for me one summer. I did like the 70's nights they had there as well, for the MILFs who were looking for a
  9. Said it before, but anyone who goes to the supermarket in their pyjamas needs to have a word with themselves. Lazy and slovenly.
  10. Purchased a deodorant stick today. Instructions say "remove cap & push up bottom" I can hardly walk but when I fart the room smells lovely.
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