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  1. I used to pay when I worked at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in around 2000/2001 time It was only £1 all day though. Plus I could claim it back through my agency (I was on a short term contract there)
  2. It is my understanding as well. The Trusts set the parking fees and can abolish them if they wish. The Government effectively paid the lost income of the parking fees to the Trusts during Covid. Looking at some data it shows in 18/19 the NHS Trusts made £272m (£86m from staff) in parking across 169 trusts. Its not a lot of money really compared to the what Rishi has been throwing from his magic money tree. NHS Staff should absolutely not have to pay to park.
  3. I'd have Dyche or Wilder at Villa, no question
  4. Xela

    Leeds United

    I've got it! He's Chris Moyles posting on a Villa forum
  5. Most people I know just don't want to go into Brum. I work there and shop elsewhere. Its great for pubs/bars and restaurants but i'd rather go to an out of town retail park to shop. Its easier. Free parking and more relaxed vibe. Brum city centre just feels way too moody for me nowadays. Shame, as I used to love going up there 15-20 years ago to shop.
  6. I went variable for 2 reasons - Looking to move in the next 12 months - May pay a huge chunk (perhaps 50%) off the mortgage if I don't Going variable means I won''t be penalised
  7. Both over 120 years old and they've always argued about the name. Budweiser (USA) is just called Bud in most of Europe. Both sell as Budweiser in the UK though Its like the whole Magners/Bulmers name thing.
  8. If I lived in a big city like New York or Boston, then no. If it was somewhere remote, then probably yes.
  9. You wouldn't fit many of those in a suitcase would you?
  10. Xela

    The Boring Thread

    I dreamt last night I was driving a Volvo estate.
  11. A lovely tipple Honestly can't remember if I've had it before. I think I have
  12. Xela

    The Boring Thread

    My work does bore me sometimes but i've not nodded off during a working hours. Yet.
  13. Xela

    The Boring Thread

    Are you watching me?
  14. Absolutely. Any mortgage starting with a 1 is a good deal!
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