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  1. Wonder if it wasn't for Salford, whether the Neville's would have got involved considering their big connection to the club
  2. Its the hope that kills us all.
  3. I despise living in a flat on days like this
  4. How so? Full of £20m players innit?
  5. Wonder how long the Watford boss will last if they don't improve. To be fair to him, he's had a good tenure compared to the previous few there!
  6. Out for less than a hundred I reckon
  7. Shaun Wright Phillips announced his retirement. I thought he went about 3 or 4 years ago!
  8. Top Marx for Engels today
  9. Wonderful to see. You see some teams fans, say Man City, and its all polite clapping now as its commonplace they'll saunter to victory. Our goals tonight... it was bedlam! Love it!
  10. Arsenal to start with. One of Wenger's earlier singings I think? Did they sign him at the same time as Christopher Wreh? I think Remi Garde was Wenger's first signing?
  11. Xela


    The amount of money Everton have spent in the last few years and they still look a bit disjointed
  12. If it was Sabbath it would probably be Iron Man or War Pigs at a guess?
  13. Marco Silva - the Portuguese Steve Bruce

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