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  1. A mate of mine did one in Carlisle last weekend - around 24 hours I think. Did it Saturday morning, got the result Sunday morning.
  2. There is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold coke on a hot day!
  3. Disqualified as it wasn't this year Anyway, for clarity - sit down and balls out.
  4. It will never beat the balls in/out waistband discussion.
  5. I take one swig, then throw the rest away.
  6. Thats what I pick up from Morrisons. I was just making a point that on an individual basis, given the choice, I'd rather pay £1 for a can than £1.50 for a 2L bottle. Plus it always tastes better from a can!
  7. The problem with 2L bottles is they go as flat as a witches tit if you don't drink it all in one go. I'd rather pay £1 for a can than £1.50-£2.00 for a 2L bottle.
  8. Stop testing = less cases. Simples
  9. I remember reading somewhere that Diet Coke was aimed at women for so long, they struggled with sales to men. Hence Coke Zero. They do taste different as well, with different ingredients (citric acid vs sodium citrate)
  10. Xela


    It takes more than a name to rattle me
  11. I can't work out whether Willis or Cage have produced the most dog shit films in recent years. Purely pay cheque movies. They used to be big stars. Looking at Willis' filmography, most stuff he does now is direct to video.
  12. I'm not planning on heading into the town centre wearing my pilots jacket so I think i'll be ok I'm about 7 miles out from the town and i'll be sitting in the corner supping ale!
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