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  1. Players you've completely forgotten about

    Same will happen to Delph.
  2. Everton

    That's more brass neck than banging his brothers wife for 8 years!
  3. Everton

    I'm glad they clarified he was an adult!
  4. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    Not according to everyone http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-41399164
  5. Youtube Hilarity

    I was googling Cougar's arses but that wasn't what I had in mind
  6. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    Browns need to draft a franchise QB.
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Fulham

    Most important thing - 3 points!
  8. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    Jags looking good again... some weeks they look great, other weeks a bit poor. It looks like the former today
  9. General Chat

    Auschwitz. Chilling place.
  10. Nuneaton 'hostage situation'

    Bermuda Park sounds exotic... then I read it is Nuneaton!
  11. Things you often Wonder

    I usually read with music playing but i'm not taking much notice of the music. Its just there as background noise and to block out other things (people talking)
  12. Spurs

    Since the start of 13-14 season Kane - 111 games, 83 goals - Premier League only
  13. Everton

    Arsenal had 30 shots on goal!
  14. Youtube Hilarity

    I know, lets scratch the arses of big cats and see their reaction!
  15. Seriously though, the old bill were there because (some) Millwall and small heath fans have a reputation for violence. If there had been no Police do you think there would have been no trouble? It would have been a riot. Reports of blues fans throwing coins at the police horses. Makes me laugh that some clubs romanticise their 'firm' and look back with dewy eyed nostalgia when you could go to a game and kick someone in the head or glass someone for supporting a different. team.