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  1. Xela

    General Chat

    Not one to put words into @sidcow's mouth but I assume he was talking more about the constant strikes in the 70s. I don't think anyone involved with British Leyland, management or shop floor, covered themselves in glory during that period of time.
  2. I think i was in my 30's before I listened to their stuff. Prior to that I'd just heard of Another Brick In the Wall and that was it. Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here and Time and probably 3 of the most lauded. Epic songs. Comfortably Numb (Pulse concert) is immense. The guitar solo is amazing. Echoes (Pompeii) is another song I can't get enough of along with Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I know its sounds a bit pompous, but its more like art than music.
  3. Xela

    General Chat

    He'll be halfway through it by now.
  4. Everyone should just listen to Pink Floyd all the time.
  5. Xela

    General Chat

    Does everyone in Germany drive a German car? I can't imagine they'd buy a Citroen or Renault. Fantastic car heritage over there. You look at how the British car industry died and can see how appallingly it was managed over the years and compare it to what happens in Germany. Light years ahead of us.
  6. I starting reading that as a quiz question. I was thinking my knowledge of Seoul only extends to Hooker Hill, that I learned from a drunk American in Bangkok. Sounds like a great time. How did you find going clubbing by yourself. I'd be too self conscious.
  7. Xela

    General Chat

    Put me right off my salami and pastrami sandwich.
  8. Ahhh... nice few pages of music snobbery. Its been a while VT but here you are Only jesting, I don't get modern music. I've tried to, I just don't like it!
  9. There was. Wires was a decent song IMO. Crap band name though, I agree.
  10. Nothing wrong with being a traveller of the waterways. Think of all the dogs you could steal off the towpath and scrap metal you find in the cut.
  11. I think that belongs to @Seat68
  12. The road my folks live on is similar. No footpaths or markings and only one streetlight (paid for by the residents of the village) yet its used as a rat-run between 2 small towns as it saves about 30 seconds over the main road that goes around the village. My folks would love a LTN there.
  13. True, but the sort of properties i'd be looking at, generally, aren't the ones that are rocketing. I'd be looking at quirky places or 1 bed cottages. The real growth is in the big family home with a garden and 3/4 bedrooms for the home office and a back garden for a hot-tub and trampoline. I'm not even sure i'd buy another property. It might be a canal boat instead. Or a motorhome (less likely). Got lots of ideas bouncing ahead my head and lots of spreadsheets with financial calculations/scenarios on! Stuff like would I be better renting and investing my money and would that return more
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