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  1. Xela

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    I see your avatar and always think Saints for some reason! Even though it looks nothing like the fleur de lis.
  2. Xela

    Saudi Arabia

    He was killed in a 'fist fight'. Was this before or after his fists had been sawn off?
  3. Xela

    Totally useless information/trivia

    Haven't verified it but if true, what a golden time!
  4. Xela

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Rams looking like champions
  5. Xela

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Least they won't lose every game this year!
  6. Xela

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Browns' 4th OT this season ends in defeat. Still making too many silly errors.
  7. Xela

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    Chicago garbage defence has cost me 2 weeks running
  8. Xela

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Browns reverted to type the last 2 weeks.
  9. Xela

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Chargers sneak a win after Titans fail with a 2 pointer.
  10. Xela

    College sports - general chat

    He looks a huge talent but like you say, difficult to evaluate as he's never under pressure Buckeyes lose as soon as I declare my support for them - typical!
  11. Xela

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    Top 8 for playoffs then anything is possible!
  12. Xela

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Next week off work.
  13. Xela

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Anyone filming an entire gig on their phone, or worse, their tablet, would be the first to walk the plank into shark infested waters.
  14. Xela

    Weekends Football 19/21 October

    Yeah it was just a flippant reply from me From a personal level I've barely taken a passing interest in football this season. Its a shame really as I used to love the game at all levels. Now I just keep an eye out for the Villa result. I get more enjoyment out of the NFL nowadays