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  1. I'd rather have the bat soup or "three squeak" meal!
  2. He won't have many days left at the Rose & Crown at this rate
  3. Only just passed her test and doing that already. Should have done the bonnet roll like you say
  4. I've been in too many of those types of relationships. Maybe opposites attract but I always seem to attract the drama queen. Of course, the drama is well hidden to begin with but it soon manifests itself. I have a stressful enough job without having to tread on eggshells at home. Now I have a zero tolerance to behaviour like that. I read somewhere that a lot of women thrive on conflict, so even if everything is going well they will throw a shit test bomb in to mix things up. Must give them an endorphin rush!
  5. Xela

    Scott Hogan

    FFS, we shouldn't be loaning small heath players. Surely some other club would want him on loan.
  6. Nice food in there as well. Had beef brisket burger. Loads of decent looking boozers in Buxton, just wish we had more time there!
  7. Xela

    General Chat

    Same with me... one taste last night and hiccups .Only for a minute though and stopped when my tastebuds got used to the heat Taste of the curry was great. Plus i've had no problems with it on the way out either. I was expecting to need chilled quilted andrex when I went to reverse park it this morning.
  8. Xela

    General Chat

    Nah Wrinkly ankles. Plus she shits outdoors 2/10. WNB
  9. That bat soup... I will have nightmares for ever
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