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  1. Exactly, and hs back tracking yesterday was good. Whenever Maximin got the ball El Ghazi was there to cover. I dont understand the dislike for the guy.
  2. Dont worry, it was just flour. I heard that he baked a bread and was delivering it to somebody who was in need of food
  3. I guess you didnt see him and Konsa taking turns on covering Maddison after he had been running the show for the first 10 minutes. Rest of the first half he wasnt in the game because Douglas was playing with discipline and closing him down together with Konsa
  4. They havent really invested that much in their attacking options. They have had the same attacking duo/trio since 2016 consisting of Yussuf Poulsen, Emil Forsberg and Timo Werner.
  5. Does anyone know, if we would get to play Europa League, if we got into the league Cup final and lost to Manchester City when they qualify for Champions League or win the FA Cup?
  6. Just because a move for a pass is made, it doesn't mean that you have to make that pass. All players are, hopefully, moving for the ball, but not all are in good situations to receive it. You need to be aware of when a potential receiving player is in a good position to get the ball or not before you make a pass
  7. I really dont believe that. I have yet to see Trezeguet outrun a defender. For me it seems like he is being outpaced and outmuscled every single game.
  8. Like someone else said, you can read statistics the way you wan't to support your views on the matter. 1. No, i just watched a 10 minutes highlight and both things happened more than once, just within the first 20 minutes. 2. True a passed ball is a passed ball wven if its sideways or backwards, but what statistics doesn't show, is that he often puts to little power in his passing, so his teammates has to bust a gut to get or win the ball. 3. Great you can spot spelling mistakes from a person who hasn't english as a native language...Well done No, but you can base your feelings and confidence on what you see every game and your gut feeling and that, for me, has way more weight than statictics from I don't know which homepage.
  9. That really doesn't mean a thing if he looses the ball again with his 2nd or 3rd touch of the ball. 85% passing accuracy doesn't show much when its passing back or sideways and why do we always bring passer rating up when talking about loosing the ball to easily. You can loose the ball in so many other ways. I'm not confident in him and like some of the other posters I get nervous whenever he gets the ball
  10. Exactly, I did the same. He really is a terrible player
  11. We haven’t been trained in football ABC, with at least 1 player running to the back post and our crosses are p**s poor
  12. Trezeguet can’t even run straight without losing the ball
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