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  1. He has done that as well. I Would keep him
  2. It’s good that Cash stays on his feet and doesn’t make rash challenges, compared to Guilbert
  3. Respect... The Curva Sud of AC Milan wrote an official statement about the birth of the Super League. As the football season draws to a close, the world of football has been hit by a storm called the Super League, a competition strongly desired by the most emblazoned European teams, in open contrast with the policies of UEFA. A real earthquake in the football environment, which inevitably affects us closely, given that our Milan team is one of the dozen “splitting” societies that intend to give life to this new European competition. The reaction of the various football institutional
  4. Then we can agree to disagree, because I dont think he was excellent. He was ok in a team that performed brilliantly, much like AEG did during christmas when he was player of the month, but that is luckily forgotten by many posters in here. He then was omitted from the team after one crap game and because Dean Smith wanted to make room for Barkley, which was unfair in my book. But for me it seems like there is one rule that applies to some players, like you can keep playing no matter how crap you play (McGinn as an example) and then there is other rules that applies to other players, that if y
  5. I don't talk the abilities I mention down, but I talk them down in relation to Trezeguet, where its not enough because, he is not a very good footballer at this level, then you have have abundance of these abilities, but its still not enough when you cant control or keep the ball.
  6. We would go down with the lowest amount of point any premier league club has been relegated with. I simply can't understand why people keeps bringing up the spirit, fight, and heart when its clearly not enough and he's clearly not good enough to play for us at this level
  7. That is simply not true...
  8. Why can’t we make Traore stop doing those across the pitch passes. Just tell him that it’s not allowed
  9. It’s both funny and strange to read the comments on here. Trez scores 2 goals today, but in the same game before he scored he was so bad I wanted to make another substitution involving him. I can’t wait to read the comments after the next game when he is back to his old self. He is simply not good enough and just because he scored 2 today, he is the Messiah in some people’s eyes. I still want to get rid of him in the summer. You can’t have a player who is as bad as him at general play and is tactical stupid. I’m glad he scored, but next game he will be bad again. You read it
  10. I don't get why people want to keep Trez, just because he is hardworking. It doesn't matter if he is hardworking if we cant give him the ball, looses the ball every time he gets it, cant pass the ball to a teammate or just runs around like a headless chicken. Waste of time and place to keep playing him...
  11. For me he is the first I want to get rid of
  12. I don’t know who said that Guilbert isn’t a good defender because he slides too often? you can make the same argument about Cash. That was the top of stupidity
  13. I can cross better with my right foot than any of our current wingers and I normally only use my right to keep me upright. This is so pathetic
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