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  1. Taxahunter

    AVTV 2018/9

    I have been really pleased with the service and being able to watch all the games not shown on TV. I really haven't had that many issues with the service and the quality.
  2. Because he made 1 good croos in the play-off final doesnt suddenly make im any good at crossing. I still feel that he sould be better at crossing than what he acutally is. We have a saying in Denmark that a "blind chicken can still find corn".
  3. Taxahunter


    People were panicking last year as well, I managed to get a ticket with only 2 match booking history 4 days before the game from avfc.co.uk. People said the same "no, way its going on general sale", my only problem was that I needed two tickets, but ouldnt get another fan-ID to borrow. Tickets kept on coming on sale
  4. What you nede to know is that, if Leeds will press up high up field, they will leave themselves with open spaces and be vulnerable in defence, because Grealish, McGinnis, El Ghazi will explore that much free space and create chance after chance.
  5. I miss the blue sleeves. I loved last seasons kit, Under Armor, and the shirt did fit perfectly
  6. Watching this, I get goosebumps all over...Fantastis support..
  7. Ohhh, we have gone back to 1982 and De Kuip
  8. I guess they didnt have the same amount of money invested in a player and therefore was the line of what to do and what not to do a bit shorter than if you have an investment to take care of.
  9. Taxahunter

    AVTV 2018/9

    Ok? Im watching the game on and Ipad with 20/4 mbit connection and dont have any of the same issues, freezing streams etc. as you guys are reporting. I have had 1 or 2 matches where the audio has been out of sync, but thats all.
  10. Taxahunter

    AVTV 2018/9

    I didnt have any problems with the stream saturday. It was perfectly fine and has been all season for me.
  11. Taxahunter

    AVTV 2018/9

    I dont have any issues at all. Last season I had some problems with the streaming, but havent had any issues at all this season.
  12. He is fine without the ball, but atrocious with it. He doesn't what to do with it, can't pass, can't cross. We looked so much better with Hause at left back, because he passed and moved, which I rarely see Taylor do
  13. If he is taking El Ghazi off instead of Adomah he has gone mad...
  14. But let’s not get fooled, apart from the goal, he has been invisible, but the build up and the finish was great.

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