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  1. Even a broken watch is right two times a day. We will never know if we had been safe much earlier if Smith had played another player instead. His goals at the end helped us stay up, but that doesn’t mean that he is good enough and has the quality to get in the team.
  2. I really can’t understand how a Premier League manager can’t see that Trez simply isn’t good enough to play Premier League football
  3. Get Trez of. We are not winning with him on, it’s like playing with 10 men
  4. We lost control of the midfield before Barkley came on
  5. Why has Elmo moved to the front post instead of staying in his position?
  6. It also hits Dendonckers leg and changes direction
  7. I like him for his passion, but dislike him for his lack of abilities
  8. He wasnt much poorer than the rest of of our defence, but for some reason he has become a scapegoat, who was so poor that he was at fault for our season at that we had to ship him out on loan. Yes, he had some poor games, but so did the rest og the whole team
  9. Both were at fault, yes McGinn let McGoldrick run without following him, but Elmo could easily have cleared the ball instead of letting it run
  10. AEG and Watkins was the only ones trying to play one touch passing and set something up. His crossing was not good, but better than crossing from Elmo, Targett and Traore. One of the best Villa players today, which doesn’t say much.
  11. Don’t we have players able to think . McGinn just keep hitting them in the same way over and over again. Why do we never go to the back line and cut back or a hard low pass into the box
  12. And this is why we shouldn’t have sent Gilbert out on loan...f**k me Elmo and Targett haven’t had a very good game
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