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  1. Taxahunter

    AVTV 2018/9

    I dont have any issues at all. Last season I had some problems with the streaming, but havent had any issues at all this season.
  2. He is fine without the ball, but atrocious with it. He doesn't what to do with it, can't pass, can't cross. We looked so much better with Hause at left back, because he passed and moved, which I rarely see Taylor do
  3. If he is taking El Ghazi off instead of Adomah he has gone mad...
  4. But let’s not get fooled, apart from the goal, he has been invisible, but the build up and the finish was great.
  5. I don’t want him sacked, I just hoped he could see the obvious. I think he would be able to get us to play some proper football, we have seen that, just not with players like Whelan and Adomah in the team. Even Smith should be able to see that.
  6. Come on, you have to admit that everyone would have been better than Adomah?
  7. For a start he could have brought on Green instead of Adomah who has been non existent in the games he has been playing, and I wouldn’t even call it playing...
  8. Everybody, but smith can see who isn’t good enough and who doesn’t give a f**k
  9. You can’t defend a manager who keeps on using Adomah, Kodija and Whelan and if he can use Ramsey, why the F**k can’t he use O’hare?
  10. Adomah is finished as a player for Aston Villa. I don’t want to see him play for us again ever. The same with Kodija, his way of playing doesn’t suit our game and slows everything up.
  11. I really dislike Whelan as a player, it seems like every decision he is making, is the exact opposite as I would have made and his passing often creates something dangerous for our opponents
  12. Why in God’s name has Whelan started to take our deadballs?
  13. I dont know why he is being singled out for the Brentford goal, several persons before and after him being turned could and should have stopped Maupay. Thought he has been good since returning and was fine again saturday. I especially remember the sliding tackle in the middle of first half when the WBA player was played through in our left side of the goal area.
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