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  1. Taxahunter

    Pre-Match Thread

    He had picked probably the 2 worst wingers at the club, but let’s see how it turns out.
  2. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    McLeish was experienced, Bruce was experienced, Lambert was experienced...I can mention just as many experienced managers that "failed" as you can that didnt.
  3. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    My point is that bringing in a manager with lots of experience at this point, is just as much a gamble as bringing in Henry. When hiring a manager you never know what you get.
  4. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    Because actual experience has brought good times to this club over the last 10 years?
  5. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    But how do you know? In order to get your training badges you have to pass different types of exams. How do you know that his test and results haven't shown that he has the right qualifications and is more than capable to handle the task.
  6. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    Both my head and heart wants Henry and Terry
  7. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    Even those who supported Bruce said we should give him time and we did, why shouldn't we do the same if Henry comes in? I will be supporting Henry and Terry and give them time if it happens.
  8. Taxahunter

    Glenn Whelan

    Sorry, but it really was a bad penalty, no speed and easy for the keeper to get to without having to do much.
  9. Taxahunter

    New Manager Speculation

    Thierry Henry or Paulo Fonseca
  10. Taxahunter

    Steve Bruce

    I would even let you throw cabbage at me for 25K a week and a pay off of 3 million.
  11. Taxahunter

    Steve Bruce

    Dumbest decision EVER to let Whelan take that penalty...but WHY???
  12. Taxahunter

    Match Thread: Bristol City v Villa

    I just look a Leeds first half statistics with envy
  13. Taxahunter

    Henri Lansbury

    A better manager or motivator should be able to get the best out of him
  14. Taxahunter

    Steve Bruce

    Yes, I am. I'm stuck between 2 chairs as I hate to see Villa loose, but I just want him to disappear.
  15. Taxahunter

    Henri Lansbury

    When he has had the chance, he has been doing what none of our other midfielders are doing, making the deep runs into the penalty area, he did it for Forest against us and he did it in one of the last games he played for us scoring with a header. The problem is, its what we are desperately lacking, our midfield taking runs to stretch and pull the opposition defence apart.