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  1. Maybe 5th best in your opinion, but best right now, together with Bailey, in terms of output....
  2. Are we again positive towards the idea of selling AEG for 10m? People will never learn. Why should we sell for 10m if a smiliar player with similar amount of goals will cost us 20 or 30m?
  3. Actually the first touch on the first chance wasn't good at all as he made the goal smaller because ofthe direction he moved in, but the touches on the second chance was great
  4. Are people seriously blaming AEG for us not progressing to the next round?? What if Archer had scored on the 2 chances clean through, then we would have won the game.
  5. I'm sorry, but that's not true. He commanded the area, caught the balls under pressure safely and started the attacks quickly. But Chelsea was just too big a mouthful
  6. You shouldn't even be 1-99 on including him...
  7. Exactly, but some in here only see it as AEG’s fault
  8. What a stupid thing to say…
  9. I know, I have always been a fan of Guilbert and actually I dont understand why Smith isnt using him
  10. Right now left back is our weakness, the only player trying to follow Sarr is McGinn. Targett needs to come of and let’s use Youngs experience to mark Sarr
  11. I had a class mate called Danny and his older brothers were called Jimmy and Johnny
  12. Ohhh, just like Guardiola mentioned that Jack did only cost 40m, as they had sold players for 60m??
  13. Can’t believe we are after Tuanzebe with his injury record. Why loan a player that has played an average of 4 games a season, if we subtract the 28 he played in one of our championship seasons?
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