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  1. If no fans are allowed which is pretty obvious will be the case, surely the home advantage angle is void and it doesn't matter where the games are played. For what it's worth I'm sick of it all the premier league, football in general and the insistence on playing through this at any costs. It sold its soul many years ago and has been reaping the benefits and now the time has come to pay up. I had already fallen out of love with the game but this has pushed me over the edge I just don't care anymore
  2. Is anybody using the mobile version of this?. I don't have laptop/pc or tablet so it's the only version I could use but not sure if it's worthwhile
  3. Bit late for this possibly but I was watching a Martin Lewis video earlier where this scenario came up. His advice was to ask your old employer to take you back and put you on furlough if they can.
  4. He pays his staff more so starts losing money himself, starts charging more. Nothing changes the numbers just get bigger
  5. Have you tried or ever considered hypnotherapy, I've not tried it myself but have heard good reports from people I know. Obviously not a simple case of going under and everything being fine when they click their fingers and you wake up but just a thought
  6. Going to sign up to this at the weekend I think. One question do you stream the games or download them before playing?
  7. phily85


    Am i the only person that thinks the timigs something to do with the recent run of poor results
  8. phily85

    2016 Review

    Mixed had the birth of my first child which was amazing but also split up from wife which had been a long time coming. Met a new girl which is going really well but the ex is using my son against me and stopping me having him at random times including Xmas day
  9. Is this easy enough to do on your phone say while on lunch break at work or do you really need to be sat at a desktop
  10. Interesting theory I'm sure I remember a poster in the background saying American Morse code in this episode. But maybe just lookin too much into it
  11. Been a member of profit accumulator for a while made some.miney at first but then found the support dipped and not explained as well was thinking of switching and giving this a go has anyone tried both would they recommend swapping over
  12. Really struggling at the moment although this isn't me personally. I met a girl few months ago have been getting on amazingly we really did click straight away, always have been open and honest with each other completely. She has been going to councilling for a year or so about a couple of problems. But anyway we had a great weekend last week but on Monday there was a big kick off with an ex of mine and my girlfriend has just completely shut down. The best way I can describe it is she is like an empty robot no emotion no feeling just won't talk says doesn't think it will work doesn't want to discuss it or anything. Says her barrier is up and she can't see it coming down but I know when it does that loving amazing girl I know will be back. I know I should give her space to work things out but my worry is is she seems comfortable in there and really don't want her to be this way
  13. Maybe she is thinking of setting you up with her gay friend
  14. It has always been a part of her althougth never been quite at this level. I understand that the whole pregnancy and hormones will be playing I major part I definitely want to be a part of our childs life, that's why its so hard (if there wasn't a child I don't think I'd put up with it) Right now and so close to birth I'm going to take a deep breath bite my tounge and put up with it all and see what happens when we come out of the other side. Right now the baby's health it more important then anything
  15. Bit of an update I've gone to stay at my mums for a few days I need space away from her At the weekend so really went off things thrown at me saying all sorts of things about me it was as if it wasn't really her if that makes sense. The final straw was when she called up her mum and stated saying that I was mentally abusing her I just can't look at her at the moment without feeling sad or angry so I've had to step away. Now all I'm getting are texts to say she is sorry and that its my decision to end marriage or not putting it all on me
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