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  1. That I dont have the urge to go into on topic until January
  2. Gutted hes gone but dont blame him, challenging for league and European titles every season should be where you want to be if you have the talent
  3. His hair is in the shape of a M it's over guys
  4. If not a release clause definitely a gentleman's agreement
  5. I disagree you can love club be passionate have strong feelings without wishing Ill on players that leave. We support the team not one player the team lives on everyone else is just opposition. We hope we beat them nothing more
  6. Unless your top of the tree you lose your best players that how football is now. IF he moves on which I think he will in the end we move on and support the next breakthrough player encourage them to make themselves a grealish
  7. You cant bring off topic logic and reason into this place
  8. For what it's worth I think theres been an agreement (not a clause) last season that if anyone bids 100 million then we will let him leave. His agent will have told city this which is why gone straight in with it. It's all up to him now and how he feels he will already know what both clubs are offering and will have known for some time. Wouldnt blame him either way to be honest it's easy to say what we would do in this position but nobody can say for sure unless actually faced with it. Either way we survive we are villa
  9. I had my jab Thursday. I'm 35 wasnt given a choice, I was told im under 40 so im having Pfizer. While doing my 15 minute wait a few turned up over 40 and were told they where having oxford
  10. So was I I guess they have to make as much as possible from the people willing to sign up
  11. Thanks that was my thoughts. I told her dont think it's a good idea and seems like a sort of pyramid scheme. The more people you get to sign up you level up apparently and make what they call passive income!! After the school run today it seems like she is not going to go with it apparently her friends where really pushing it in sales mode. They let slip that if they can get 2 people to sign up they dont have to pay the £150 a month subscription!!
  12. Any one on here used Hfx academy for binary options trading? I know nothing about trading or really got any interest in learning too much about it, but my partner has been talking with her friends who are members and now she is interested. The sales pitch seems to be that you dont need to know anything about it can follow their live stream advice and make money, sounds easy but I'm always sceptical when something sounds too easy. And the monthly cost seems high
  13. If the fight does eventually happen in December can imagine be same.deal with Saudi's. The Ruiz fight was December If I remember right I just cant see the fight happening unfortunately
  14. I think the frustration is that fury and his team agreed and signed the fight dismissing the court hearing as not a problem. Clearly they where wrong and should never have got this far down the line without being 100 % sure. Imagine what Fury Warren or Aram would be saying now is it was the other way round and Joshua suddenly pulled out of fight because he needed to fight usak
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