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  1. Alan Hutton

    His commitment has never been called into question. The problem is he's **** awful and so should never be near our team ever again. One decent game in the last hundred or whatever changes nothing.
  2. Pre match buildup

    I have lessened my expectations with Hutton on the pitch. A draw would be nice.
  3. Pre match buildup

    This game could define our season. Win, and I believe we'll be in with a very good shot at promotion. Lose, and I think we'll be fighting for 6th. Ignore this post if we draw.
  4. Ross McCormack

    Cuellar was capable at least.
  5. Jordan Amavi

    Not when we recently turned down £25m for him
  6. Jonathan Kodjia

    I don't expect players to play 100% perfect games, I expect them to make the right decision when it's clearly the right thing to do. Could you imagine if that happened in a play-off game and we ended up losing? "Eh it's ok cut him some slack." Bollocks.
  7. Jonathan Kodjia

    No. The team comes first, always. It was horrendously selfish and 100% the wrong thing to do. Cutting players slack for shit decisions is part of why we're in the situation we're in.
  8. Rogues Gallery

    I'd punta her cana, if you catch my drift.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I don't think Bruce has it in him to get us automatic promotion. I think we can expect a limp battle for the lower play-off places.
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Haha, how pathetic. I wonder if they celebrate when the likes of Kodjia or Adomah score.
  11. Alan Hutton

    If Hutton plays at left-back, we'll lose. We'll lose if he plays at right-back as well. Please don't play Hutton.
  12. Jonathan Kodjia

    His selfishness is what stops him from hitting that next level, imo. Infuriating. At least he made amends with the penalty though.
  13. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    That was comfortably the worst referee I've seen so far in the championship
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    So was that a red or not
  15. Match Thread: Villa v Bolron

    Ref literally didn't know what to do so just gave Bolton a free kick, embarrassing.