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  1. Prematch Thread

    Wasn't going to bother watching this but I'm keen to see how our midfield works with Jedinak behind them now.
  2. Prematch Thread

    It's going to be a crappy boring 0-0 or 1-1 draw.
  3. General Chat

    I'm a lazy bastard so I let my face get scruffy until I can be bothered to have a trim. The perks of being a student/long-distance relationships.
  4. Micah Richards

    I hated that team so very, very much. The worst team I've ever seen in my lifetime.
  5. Mile Jedinak

    Sky moved it to 8pm Monday so more people can enjoy watching us get battered
  6. Steve Bruce

    I hadn't realised our form this year had been so poor: LLLDLLLL
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The underside of the toilet seat.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Bye Bruce
  9. Nioh

    Sure. Likes: Ice cream, whiskey, coffee, shapely women Dislikes: Early mornings, reality tv, stepping in dog poo I can go in depth a bit more if you want?
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Literally just brush your tongue, it's amazing what a difference it makes.
  11. James Bree

    This guy just vanish into the nether or what?
  12. Tony Xia

    I've already seen that, it wasn't very good.
  13. Pre-match thread

    I could follow the game, but it's valentine's day so I'll have a romantic candlelit wank instead.
  14. New Manager : 2017

    Bring back Remi Garde