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  1. The worst thing I've ever smelt was a dead rabbit on the motorway in the pouring rain so it was all nice and soggy. I rode over it on my motorbike and the smell just flew up into my helmet and hit me like a punch in the face. And yeah I had nice mushed up grey and pink bits all over the bottom of my bike and boots.
  2. Two goals for Jedinak in the Australia vs Honduras game
  3. Gollini goes back to Italy and they fail to qualify for the world cup for the first time in 60 years. Coincidence?
  4. Phumfeinz

    John Terry

    Can't believe JT is wasting time on holiday when he should be focusing on fixing his foot. Mercenary.
  5. Phumfeinz

    John Terry

    It's ok guys Elphick and Richards are raring to go.
  6. Ooh is it that time of month again where we want to sell kodjia because he hasn't scored for a few games?
  7. Virtual console, sorry. What they call their service that lets you play older games.
  8. For the first time in years I genuinely feel relaxed and confident when the ball comes into our box that we'll deal with it. Playing with a partnership like Terry and Chester in front of him is helping him develop nicely and I'm glad I was totally wrong about re-signing him. Edit: re-signing not resigning. Big difference.
  9. Nintendo have said they plan to introduce the VC on the switch, they're just still trying to figure out the best way to do it. It'll happen at some point, probably after they've exhausted the mini classic console things.
  10. Odyssey is fantastic, just such a joy to play and there's so much to do. The main story is short and I beat it in about 12 hours but the meat (and real challenge) of the game is what lies after the ending credits. If you like Mario 64 then I guarantee you will enjoy the hell out of it.
  11. His commitment has never been called into question. The problem is he's **** awful and so should never be near our team ever again. One decent game in the last hundred or whatever changes nothing.
  12. Not when we recently turned down £25m for him
  13. I don't expect players to play 100% perfect games, I expect them to make the right decision when it's clearly the right thing to do. Could you imagine if that happened in a play-off game and we ended up losing? "Eh it's ok cut him some slack." Bollocks.
  14. No. The team comes first, always. It was horrendously selfish and 100% the wrong thing to do. Cutting players slack for shit decisions is part of why we're in the situation we're in.
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