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  1. Keep it up Ross. Another decent performance by all accounts. Hope we can see this Barkley more often.
  2. Yep.... But he's still chasing, tackling and contributing. Also quite a few very good attacking passes too.
  3. Yeah, came to post the same. Much better so far, fair play Ross. Keep it going!
  4. Why was Dyson even being considered to supply ventilators when established medical equipment suppliers in the UK were ignored..... during a national emergency!!!
  5. I completely agree with everything you've said here. It just pisses me off that there's some kind of misguided legitimacy in the anti-vax movement. It's based on ignorance and self importance. And despite willfully putting others at risk there's no repercussions.
  6. See, I'm not quite sure it's a simple freedom of choice issue. You can freely choose to drive your car around like a bellend and ignore traffic laws and break speed limits. In doing so you would clearly be putting others health and well-being at risk. If you get caught doing this you would be prosecuted. I understand you can't prosecute people for not getting vaccinated under normal circumstances but we're in a pandemic that's resulted in millions of deaths. Choosing not to get vaccinated based on spurious "science" or personal beliefs right now could reasonably be considered reckless beh
  7. Go on then.... Remind us all of the performances where he played well... Actually, let's make it easier.... Give us 2 games, excluding the 7-2 Liverpool match, where the guy looked like a £40 million England player....
  8. He made 4 appearances before the injury. He was his usual anonymous self in 2 and a half of them. I've said it before... for some reason there's this myth that's been swallowed about this guy. It's like no-one had actually seen him play.
  9. The constant reoccurring nature of these deplorable incidents involving the cops in the US just points to utterly inadequate training. If a person is supposed to be serving and protecting the public with guns, tasers, pepper spray and God knows what else casually hooked into their belts the provision for training should be beyond reproach. Protocols should be in place to ensure "mistakes" can not happen. But time after time it's clear that this isn't the case. Cops are just given a gun, a pat on the back and off they go. Why aren't there any grown ups in America?
  10. Our front 4 need to keep possession so much better...
  11. Needs to go on the outside more often.
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