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  1. Why don't they just hold up their hands and say they made a bad call and just own it?
  2. Spicy food..... What's the point? Adding an ingredient with no decernible flavour that causes a pain response. Surely more flavourful food is preferably?
  3. Bullshit booking too by the sound of it
  4. Where's this £30 million come from? I thought we'd already paid a loan fee and we're covering a chunk of wages. If we did end up signing him I don't think it'd be much more than £20 million. Hopefully a little bit less.
  5. Where were those pics published? I can't find em
  6. You all know there are more people in the world that don't give a toss about Twitter than do?
  7. They are literally disowning this crisis. It's all on us. No leadership at all. If things get worse is because we didn't follow the "rules". The fact that they aren't clear and don't make logical sense in many cases is ignored. Also the lack of support for those who are staying at home and "doing what they're told" is telling. No support for home schooling, no support for vulnerable, socially isolated people, just nothing... It's all a shit show.... It'll just run its course with many more deaths and nobody in government will be held to account.
  8. Anyone else see the similarly between Almirón and the fish from American Dad?
  9. It looks like a 7-2-1 formation Bruce has opted for... The 1 is dropping back at times to make it a back 8!
  10. Will he acknowledge this inappropriate behaviour and apologize or even resign? Will he ****
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