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  1. Everybody said Stan Petrov was shit....
  2. jimmygreaves

    John Terry

    I still maintain he's never been top class. He's been a decent stopper surrounded by significantly better players. Whenever he's been put under any pressure or exposed by better opposition his failings become all too apparent.
  3. Not really...... Jimmy Greaves had his leg sliced open against France in the final group match. Hurst replaced him and scored in the semi-final and so retained his place for the final. It was never a decision based on tactics.
  4. jimmygreaves

    John Terry

    Don't like Terry, never have done, either as a player or person. Always felt he was hugely overrated and benefited from having great players around him. I fear this could be another Villa transfer we live to regret. I hope I'm proved massively wrong.
  5. It's reached yellow bar status on sky sports news. This might have legs.
  6. None of the names mentioned feel like a "big signing". I'll wager it'll be someone foreign. Might already be playing in China.
  7. Ok.... Who is this kid? I've got defender, Bury, 17..... that's about it. Has anyone got any more of an insight?
  8. Aren't the playing staff insured to protect the club in instances like this?
  9. You just get the feeling he's been blessed with incredible natural talent. He's so effortlessly comfortable with the ball at his feet.... it's always been easy for him. What I think seems to be missing is the desire to graft to make himself better. Extra training, working on his weaknesses, trying to improve. The polar opposite to a James Milner for example. You hope that the penny drops soon and he begins to realise his massive potential by being professional and working his arse off.
  10. The confusing thing is he won the Champions League playing the most defensive football you've ever seen.
  11. jimmygreaves


    Blatant appeal for sponsorship.... https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/JonGreavesGNR I'm doing the Great North Run on Sunday to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. Any support would be massively appreciated. Thanks so much.
  12. Is it worth mentioning Jack Wilshere? An outside chance?
  13. Why does it have to be about capitulation or a weak mindset. Can't we just acknowledge that on occasion the opposition were simply better than us?
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