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  1. Where was Mount given motm... He was anonymous!
  2. Watch it again..... I'm not convinced there's any contact
  3. Thinking exactly the same.... It was going 10 yards wide!
  4. Micha Richards just described Watkins as the VOCAL point villa need.......
  5. Ross Barkley is garbage. Possibly the most overrated player of his generation.
  6. Everybody said Stan Petrov was shit....
  7. I still maintain he's never been top class. He's been a decent stopper surrounded by significantly better players. Whenever he's been put under any pressure or exposed by better opposition his failings become all too apparent.
  8. Not really...... Jimmy Greaves had his leg sliced open against France in the final group match. Hurst replaced him and scored in the semi-final and so retained his place for the final. It was never a decision based on tactics.
  9. Don't like Terry, never have done, either as a player or person. Always felt he was hugely overrated and benefited from having great players around him. I fear this could be another Villa transfer we live to regret. I hope I'm proved massively wrong.
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