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  1. Must admit I'm not expecting much from Bailey this season. I'm hoping he does well but wouldn't be surprised if he struggles for a while. He's definitely got the the tricks but I think his fitness and work ethic will need to improve. Traore took a bit of time to get used to the league. I think we'll see a similar development path with Bailey.
  2. Why wasn't Toney sent off for booting Nakamba in the face?
  3. Did the films equal each other out?
  4. Just to piddle on everyone's collective bonfire.... He was up against Barrow. He played great and looks a real talent but the performance he, and the team, put in was against very lowly opposition.
  5. We aren't where Leicester are yet. They're challenging at the top end of the table and are much more attractive to players like Soumaré. If we want to get there soon, we need to pay big now.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but... If we want to be perceived as a big club with big club aspirations we need to be making statement signings like JWP. £50 million signings need to become a business as usual thing for us. When we're at that level better players and, more importantly, better sponsors will want to be part of the project. We need more statement signings confident they'll contribute from their first game and, over time, fewer signings with potential.
  7. It's an old tired moan but it's just not a fair fight. City just keep spending, they've broken FFP a few times now, are poised to throw another £100 million at Spurs... There'll be no reprimand, no repercussions they'll just carry on as normal. It's all ****!
  8. Nobody mentioning how hugely off the pace this lad looks....
  9. If a player was to be included in the deal wouldn't Hourihane be the obvious makeweight. Replace JWP with another midfielder?
  10. Could have had a local lad become a genuine global megastar leading us as we grow into European big hitters. He's walked away.... I'm heartbroken.
  11. Messi swansong at Villa? What are the chances?
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