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  1. Not sure if it has been posted previously but a good article here on our man https://sport.optus.com.au/articles/os15727/jack-grealish-aston-villa-daniel-storey
  2. Look completely lost, they're squeezing the midfield everytime we have the ball and we've got no outlet once we have won it back Hoofing it to Watkins against Vestergaard isn't going to work, and Mcginn may as well not be playing Smith need to change this at HT otherwise it's going to be another 3/4 goals
  3. Just watched the second half, have to agree that Barry looks promising you can tell he's got something about him Not blown away by anyone else, thought Chukwuemeka looked sharp in the centre and Tyriek Wright on the wing looked half decent
  4. Looks as though Wes Morgan will be starting on Sunday due to Leicester's injury situation Considering what Ollie did to Van Dijk and Gomez, I bet Morgan's sweating thinking about it
  5. Osirus

    John Terry

    It's odd because I always despised Terry as a player, I remember him jumping up and down on the line like a spoilt child when I think Collins or Dunne scored from a corner at Villa Park, in a game we eventually won. Saying that he was great for us in the Championship and has carried that over to coaching in the Prem which has changed my view on him, he is also unquestionably a top pro and a born winner which we have needed at the club for a long time, that sort of mentality goes a long way.
  6. 3 wins out of 3 - and just beat the champions 7-2 ,can't ask for more than that I work and live in Liverpool so this has been even sweeter for me Thought McGinn was great again tonight he was everywhere
  7. This is wild, can somebody please post the HMS p*** the league BECAUSE IT'S OUR YEAR BOYS
  8. Managed to catch about 40 mins on and off. Not bothered were out, with the amount of games this year in such a short time might be better for us to have the added rest
  9. Glad I don’t have to watch that lot waddle around Villa park anymore
  10. Great signing, much happier with him than RLC who doesn't seem interested in football in general Excited to see how the midfield 3 of Luiz, Mcginn and Barkley will work. Potentially the best midfield we have had since the Barry/Petrov/Milner days?
  11. Osirus


    Long time lurker on this site (10+ years) from the age of about 14, finally decided to sign up to stick my oar in. Originally from Oxfordshire but now live in Liverpool, been following the Villa since around 8 against the orders of my Bluenose uncle (he's still bitter about that one...) Excited about the coming season, UTV!
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