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  1. Massively underated player for me.An unsung hero . His work rate is massive, always chasing everything and its starting to pay off for him and us now this season. Definately cemented his position , cant see el ghazi getting a start ahead of him
  2. He's fantastic when we are in possesion and/or attacking and i know people are going to disagree but i really do think he could put more effort in to pressing and trying to break up the play further up the pitch as grealish/watkins and trez do. Not just agsinst arsenal, against leeds and southampton he let players past him numerous times when he could of pressed them or even stuck a foot in, it certainly looked like he could get to them but just didnt
  3. Ok arsenal make a change... but what could we change? I cant see what we could do to change it. Deffo need to get another striker in jan or get wesley back asap.
  4. Is it me or does barkley not do anywhere near enough when we havent got the ball? There has been many times not just in this game where ive thought he should be chasing and closing people down more and he seems to let people glide by ,almost as if he's had instructions to stay free and not get involved in any chalenges?
  5. Call me crazy but one idea ive got on the offside rule to make it more obvious and indisputable either way is to change it so that you are only offside if you are past the last defender and there is a visible gap between attacker and defender(torso only not leg or arm). Its too close when 2 players are level and it comes down to a heel or virtually nothing. Thoughts?
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    Hello fellow villians! (Will anyone actually read this i dunno!?)... ive been a long time lurker on this forum although i actually signed up a long time ago i havent been on for a while. So about me...Im 40, male, married with 2 kids 7 and 9, wife is a from a family of bluenoses unfortunately! A strange and almost unbelievable(and sad) fact about me is that even though im 40 and ive been a fan of Aston villa since i was about 10 i have never been to a game ...infact i have never been to a live football match!!!...i dont know why really, ive always wanted to, i guess my family was n
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