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  1. I was in and out at Villa park within 25 mins, that includes a 15 minute wait after the jab and having to give my details twice due to the first person not saving them correctly. Really well organised and laid out and enough bays to do 30 injections at a time. Lots of good cleaning practices in place as well.
  2. Got my letter today to book my appointment, logged in and was offered slots for tomorrow at various larger centres but have decided that I missing the place that much I’m having the jab at Villa Park on Friday
  3. I think we have the players With the ability to pass through their high press and options to go over the top with Ollie running into the channels 3-0
  4. If he signs there will be a few people on here left with caviar on their faces
  5. Most transfer fees are paid over the length of the players contact. Bournemouth accepted our offer, the player decided he wanted to play for Newcastle we withdrew our offer. Why does these mean as a club we are in trouble?
  6. I don’t understand all the talk about sell on value, Grealish, Luiz and McGinn all have sell on value but this place explodes when they are linked to other teams.
  7. I don’t have gravy on a roast let alone fish and chips.
  8. Was at Edgbaston for the Bears T20 match and 3/4 of the crowd were downstairs in the concourse watching the final few overs of the England match. Amazing roar and scenes when Stokes hit the winning runs, must have been very off putting for the players hearing these roars from beneath and behind the stands.
  9. With Steer being recalled who will get the number 1 shirt for the QPR game Bunn or Steer? Steer has to get it has he is match sharp
  10. I think it more down to his brother dying the other week in a car crash.
  11. Clarke Carlisle Pete Doherty Lewis Hamilton Donald Trump Sheridan Smith
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