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  1. I don’t have gravy on a roast let alone fish and chips.
  2. Was at Edgbaston for the Bears T20 match and 3/4 of the crowd were downstairs in the concourse watching the final few overs of the England match. Amazing roar and scenes when Stokes hit the winning runs, must have been very off putting for the players hearing these roars from beneath and behind the stands.
  3. With Steer being recalled who will get the number 1 shirt for the QPR game Bunn or Steer? Steer has to get it has he is match sharp
  4. I think it more down to his brother dying the other week in a car crash.
  5. Clarke Carlisle Pete Doherty Lewis Hamilton Donald Trump Sheridan Smith
  6. Shot in the dark on Netflicks is a good documentary following freelance journalists who race to crime scenes to film the footage to sell to news channels.
  7. I played for Villa u16s boys in 1990, I had to have a serious operations which meant I couldn't play football for 2 years. I got a personalised get well card from the team so Platt, Daley, Spink, Cowans etc. I had it framed and on display for years don't know where it is now
  8. I went on a recent stadium tour and there was talk about filling in the corners of the North Stand removing the ex boxes and making it three tiers
  9. The Villa theme park will have a Eric Black Land made up of 25 rides that only the same 11 are used week in week out
  10. Staff cuts! Who is going to serve us customers now!
  11. Custodian+Clown =Championship He is here,there, f@@king everywhere but Villa Park We are fickle but you are a fraud
  12. Custodian to championship in 10 years Caretaker manager - Couldn't careless owner We might be fickle but Randy is a fraud He is here,there, anywhere apart from Villa Park
  13. Randy Lerner Hide and seek champion 2015/16
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