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  1. delboy54

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith.....F.E.M. (Future England Manager)?....... It wouldn't be the first time a Villa manager or player ends up in that position)....... Regards to all Del
  2. delboy54

    Steve Bruce

    Not able to see the game, but thanks to those on here I was able to see our fantastic goal...thanks! Individual brilliant moments cannot be relied on to help out in each game. Its not the team SB puts out each game (on paper its a strong squad) but its the tactics, formation, instruction, training that is all missing. It has been like this almost every game I have been able to see since SB has been in charge - players look like strangers to each other, its like the first 11 that turn up at VP get a game. Our players treat the ball like a hot potato, they pass it to a fellow player who is surrounded by opposition players, they hoof the ball aimlessly and hopefully like a pub team on a sunday, build up play is so slow it can be counted in geological time, if we go behind it is highly likely that we will struggle to get back in the game. We only seem to be able to put up a half decent performance rarely and only for 45 minutes. Try looking at old clips of Villa in the 1980's of how fast and quick we strung passes together to unlock defences. I think SB knows his time here is nearly over. He did what we needed him to do that is steady the Villa ship, but the ship is steady (yes it nearly sank)....but there is stormy weather ahead if we persist with SB to be honest. I cannot see us getting promotion and I am sure our owners know this and dont like what they see. Regards to all
  3. delboy54

    Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Shame the "triple" is over, however we can now concentrate on just the double this year Promotion and FA cup
  4. delboy54

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Reading

    Well this was my first visit to VP this season following the no show of the team at Wembley in May, and for this game I was expecting something different. After taking my seat in the upper Holte (well standing for the duration of the game!), I looked at the team sheet and thought that is a team to get us out of this division. I thought all the new players that played that we have bought in, including our new keeper did well. But..... There is no urgency in the team, sideways passing then back, only rarely did we string some good passing together and opened up Reading with ease however this was rare. At 0-0 halftime I always thought we would score eventually we had enough chances to be out of reach of Reading. However Kodja was hopeless to be honest, maybe it was one of those games, but he never really had control of the ball. The way Villa play these days is, we eventually slowly pass our way..... oh so slowly towards the Reading penalty area.... and then once in range try either try and do an Arsenal and walk the ball into the net or any player who decided to shoot then we were rewarded with a shot of all the power, accuracy and venom that my old 80 year old mum could equal if she were playing. I think one word sums up yesterdays performance...... frustrating. So if the players don't seem to know what to do on the pitch then what is the solution? it the elephant in the room SB?...but we are undeafted! Putting this into context, having dropped 6 points already against teams we really should be beating and looking at last seasons final table positions another 6 points would have put us joint second, this is the difference between staying in this division or going up. As my old skool report always said "D+ below average, could do better"
  5. delboy54

    Alan Hutton

    Rumour is that Hutton broke his nose during the Brentford game.....wonder if he will play Saturday?
  6. delboy54

    Ron Saunders in care

    Was there with my Dad in the early 1970's through to when he left us. I was 16 at the Wembley 1975 v Norwich ..."Saunders, Saunders, Saunders" chant was so loud...would love to hear it again at VP We never had it so good. Fantastic manager, so sad to hear about him, my thoughts go out to his family Villa really should find a way to honour this man...or is it too late now?
  7. delboy54

    Steve Bruce

    2058 pages of "sack or no sack"..... The way I see it is that the football played under Bruce has been pretty dire to watch. He has ground out results despite this. I wonder if the reason of his past success (and neary acheived in the final) was that to get in older and experienced players in the twilight of their careers and depend on these guys who know how to play football and let them make the "tactics" up as the game goes on (eg JT and Snodders). There never seems to be any game plan from bruce and we know that he "doesnt do tactics" so he must rely on these old hands to do it for him. In the past its worked (just), but in the event it fails then we lose all the old hands as they were mostly loans and left again with inexperience. So if Bruce is not doing tactics then who is? We just seem to be like a pub team that consists of the first 11 who turn up on Sunday morning with a slightly less worse hangover. I suspect that Bruce is now under pressure to bring in the young, inexperiednced and hungry players - but they need guidance and tactical awareness dont they?, so if they are not getting it from Bruce then from where?.......and round and round this argument goes. Is tactics/game/ wee all read too much into football...because it is a simple game really isnt it? So maybe Bruce has done the job of stabilising the club but cannot take us any further because of his limitations. However who do we replace him with?, if the new guy comes in and we pick up 1 point from the next 5 games will we be having a similar discussion again?......obviously yes Regards to all
  8. delboy54

    Steve Bruce

    Also dreading the Wednesday game, first season VP they played us off the park, and we were lucky to only draw. Last season same again....There was a little ginger headed lad who bossed the midfield for them....It will be a good test for us.
  9. delboy54

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Lets look at the positives.... 3 goals scored in the last 2 games Each time we were behind and came back to win We play badly yet still win First time in nearly 20(?) years that we have won the opening two games of a season and Fulham lost !
  10. delboy54

    Isaac Success

    At least we did not sign his cousin Ima Failure.......
  11. delboy54

    Time for a takeover

    I think the reason why Xia has gone quiet is that he has been found out to be a con man all along. Football now is becoming polarised, I mean we can all predict the same clubs will occupy the top 6 at the end of next season in the prem league, and probably several seasons after that. Unless a club is owned by an arabic oil producing country or Russian "businessman" none of the reamaining 86 clubs in the Football league stand a chance of breaking into that top 6. The best any club outside the top 6 can hope for now is to avoid relegation, have a good cup run (until you meet one of the top 6 clubs) and maybe get promoted from division 4, 3 or even 2. Even then once in the prem league (div 1) it is a case of looking at where the 40 points for survival are coming from. Its all a bit depressing now to be honest. As a solution its shame that our football club, one of the founders of the league cannot break the mould. What I mean is, to try and create ownership of our club using something like the German model. We need to look away from mega rich owners pretending to be supporters and we need to find the right people at the top including some form of supporter ownership to create a new model of owning a football club. Yes it may not bring us cups and titles for several years but it may show other clubs in a similar predicament as ours that there is another way to have a well run club that "lives within its means". Stop buying old players, stop getting in old loan players, create a new scouting policy and refresh our youth U18/U21 etc set up so we dont have to rely on overpriced over hyped players that under perform. There has to be another way, is this the moment ? Regards to all VTID Del
  12. delboy54

    Villa Flags & banners

    Saw this Hotel whilst in St Petersburg, Russia a couple of years ago...nearly changed my hotel just to stay there. Yes I know its not a flag or a banner....
  13. delboy54

    Fixtures 18/19

    We might need that early (easy..?) start if we find ourselves minus12 points at the start of the season...... Regards to all
  14. delboy54

    Alan Hutton

    Totally agree with this, wish more Villa players would follow Hutton's lead. We cannot ask for any more from a Villa player in our current situation. Whatever some may feel about Hutton, at least he appears to care for this club - on and off the pitch
  15. delboy54

    Tony Xia

    When the day comes that we ever get new owner, these are some of the things I would sooner him/her not do: 1. On the first time they visit Villa Park see a home game they are introduced to the crowd and walk on the hallowed turf. 2. Have a "sit by me" competition 3. Want adoration to stoke their ego 4. Have a twitter account 5. Pretend to be a celebrity ---------------------------------- When the day comes that we ever get new owner, these are some of the things I would like him/her to do: 1. Keep a low profile 2. Employ trustworthy people. 3. Experienced in the world of business 4. Good contacts in the football world 5. Not afraid of trying something new 6. Watch as many Villa matches as possible Regards to all