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  1. Watch England play?.........I would sooner creosote my fence and then watch it dry
  2. I was watching with interest on last nights telly about the history of the Premier League in particular the first season....well it was interesting until it became a wa*kfest about yanited....the program became bloody obsessed with the scum ....shame really as that was the season that we finished runners up and of course the Villa hardly got a mention..... Regards to all Derek
  3. delboy54

    Louie Barry

    Hope to go and see few games at Ipswich this season...only to see how he gets on! will let you all know No way am I a closet ipswich fan...!
  4. With recent comments on here about problems accessing the Villa website for tickets etc, then we should look to spend a tiny amount of jacks money on making the ticketing process and look of the website much easier and better for everyone. We need to attract more income then lets make it easier rather than a frustrating exercise that puts prospective supporters (customers?) off straight away... Regards Derek
  5. delboy54

    Louie Barry

    And what about Tubby, his slightly over weight older brother?......
  6. I think Jack's leaving is a good thing in a way for Villa....perhaps he out grew us? But we all have to admit that several players seemed to hide behind him during games and we got over reliant on Jack, opposition set themselves up to negate him in a match i.e. "stop Grealish you stop Villa" Now he has gone we can build a "team" rather than seemingly dependant on 1 specific player to help us out Derek
  7. delboy54

    Louie Barry

    Wow I used to go to Ipswich Technical College as well, way back in the 1970's! I still live within 45 mins from Ipswich, and as a Villa season ticket holder its a 1 3/4 hr drive to VP ....but I may now take the occasional visit to Ipswich if there is a night game on and hopefully keep everyone on here updated with how he is getting on....if he get to play Regards to all Derek
  8. Now the dust is dying down regarding the transfer I can now reflect on it in the cold light of day. It was obvious to grealish and it was to some on here, that his head had been turned as long ago as 3 years ago when Spuds were sniffing around, then other vulture clubs a couple of years ago and now his time with England at the Euros has given him a taste of..........of what to be honest...? ....Winning lots of stuff, yes, well he will do that with them and most professional footballers treat the job as well just that, a job, and if the chance was to become more successful and richer, then most players probably would take the same route if we are honest. But......I think the reason why they bought him was not for what grealish thinks...I think they bought him for being the poster boy in a similar mould to Bechkham for example, the amount of shirts and additional exposure will be huge to that club...they will recoup the transfer fee with ease. Man Ci£y are such a boring team but with the addition of grealish making the odd appearance will add to their exposure especially in the far east where yet more massive riches await them based purely on his face (and hair).....and thats why they bought him...marketing purposes, playing football is secondary.....and grealish has not yet woken up to that fact, but he will and regret this for a long long time. VTID Derek
  9. I wonder if Jack lay on is golden bed last night or woke up this morning, thinking "what the hell have I done?"...........
  10. Perhaps Man citeh will buy him they seem to have a bottomless pit of money and FFP does not apply to them
  11. I am totally sure that our owners have planned for this outcome, based on the similar goings on last Summer. Contracts mean nothing and I am sure they already have other options lined up
  12. lots of humble pie to be eaten and all this leaving stuff is just fiction and he has in fact signed a new contract for us......
  13. No chance for a knighthood for Jack Grealish then.......King William will see to that
  14. I agree with much of the above, but what is the point if next Summer the top 6 scum start sniffing around Martinez and Watkins...as they surely will.....we need to be able to hold onto players, but if they are being promised fame and fortune and trophies with a sky scum top 6...this will be just a catch 22 situation...i.e. we will become a feeder club for them
  15. This whole thing has become a circus, there are so many ways of looking at it....my comments... My take on it is that I feel a bit angry that if Jack is going, and since he is supposed to love the Villa so much then he can only be leaving for even more money, the chance to play at the highest level and win stuff, most of which he will not get with the Villa any time soon. The issue is that he will leave us with only a few days to go before the season starts and clubs will know we have loads of money and inflate their prices of players accordingly, and that, Mr Jack Grealish, is known as leaving the Villa in the mire or doing a Martin O'Neill. The other side of the coin is that we have become over reliant on Jack, maybe its time to cash in and build a team similar to the 1981/82 team. I wonder if all of this was started by Southgate...."I cannot pick you to start for England as you play in the Championship"......now becomes "unless you play for the sky scum 6 I cannot pick you to start for England regularly"......... How can it be ok for a club under investigation for dodgy dealings be allowed to spend upwards of 250 million on Kane and Grealish......is this really a level playing field? VTID
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