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  1. delboy54

    Dean Smith

    With all the excitement of being in the Premiership again following the great win in the play off final, plus new players arriving etc, I think we all need to anticipate that we will go on a poor run in the up-coming season at some time - we did last season under Dean and there were few moaners on here going on about Dean Smith not right for our club, blah, blah, blah.... Well I know we are fickle (!) but I think us supporters have to show the same "togetherness" we all witnessed towards the last part of last season. No booing at half time, no getting on to the players if they make a mistake, lets get behind the players - it makes a difference. We supporters can be the difference. We all want Villa to do well, but lets have realistic expectations for next season while we and the players and manager all readjust to life in this new league. We have got a far better management structure and set up up, plus players and team spirit, Lets trust them to do their job with our support. VTID Derek
  2. Heard a short interview with him yesterday (Tuesday) on Radio 4 at 0730, he came across as a very safe pair of hands for us....what a difference 1 year makes
  3. First time I have seen Villa win at Wembley since Norwich in the 1975 LCF with my old man when I was only 16. (in fact the first time I have ever actually seen Villa win anything), I shed a tear for him as he is no longer with us and both my grandfathers....all three of them Villa fans, they would have loved to have been there.
  4. At half time I thought back to 4 years ago against Southampton I think it was and how the players were booed off at half time and the song that all supporters hate to sing but sometimes has to be done was "you're not fit to wear the shirt"..... Yesterday we went 1 up just before half time, and at half time the players went off to a wall of Villa noise and singing the "Allez" song. What a difference in 4 years What a day, what an experience, what fantastic fans we have......what a great club we have.........we are back
  5. The only time I saw Villa win was 1975 LCF v Norwich...I was 16 yo Nervous now yes, but when I am standing with all you Villa fans tomorrow that will change. Remember, we are Aston Villa! Win or lose (God forbid) the world will continue to turn and AVFC will continue. Lets do it tomorrow, lets win this game .....
  6. delboy54


    Hi Vive, yes (Villa ticket office) they cancelled the ticket that was in the post and arranged a replacement to be collected by me at the box office at Wembley. There were lots of us in the same queue/situation. I had to bring a form of ID to prove who I was but other than that it just added more stress to the day..... The ticket that they posted arrived in the post the day after the final!
  7. delboy54


    Bought my ticket in the 5pm Saturday rush, got confirmation email etc, but ticket not arrived yet......I guess if its not arrived by Friday I will have to call Villa ticket office and arrange to collect at wembley.........just like I had to last year....... Anyone else in the same situation?
  8. Hi all Two ways of looking at how the game will go 1. Villa are normally rubbish at Wembley and freeze on the big occasion, Derby are a young team and have nothing to fear.... 2. Villa have the bitter experience of not performing and then losing in a POF as well as FA cup and LC finals, Derby may find the game too big for them and under perform... I think its too close to call which Villa will turn up - hopefully JT and the experienced lads will prepare us better than SB did last year I just want the game over and done with and I can stop pacing around worrying Regards Derek
  9. delboy54


    Phew got mine, Area 537......signed on at 1655 .......bloody stressful.....now the next part is waiting for the ticket.......good luck to everyone trying to get their ticket!
  10. Hoping to get a ticket for this one. I am on the 5pm Saturday group....if there are any left Seen Villa a few times at Wembley, only ever seen them win once, in 1975 against Norwich LCF, saw them lose 2 - 0 V Spuds 1971 LCF , draw against Everton 0 - 0 1977 LCF and lose against Fulham last year.....it about time they won. I am 61 this year time is running out for me to see Villa win a final....
  11. Good to see the Norwich fans celebrating they do play pretty good football they were the most consistent team over the season, its a shame that Villa forgot that Norwich normally score their winning goals in the last 5 mins....... but its easy to support your team when they are winning or have won something. I watched that game with envy at the Norwich fans not having to go through the ordeal of play offs.... Chatting to some Norwich fans on the way to the ground (great we can do this now compared to the 1970's and 80's), they were of course really happy to be going up, but told me many of their fans would have preferred to have stayed in the Championship as its more exciting there and more evenly matched teams. I do empathise with them, as other than in the top 6 in the premiership all other teams are fighting for the magical 40 points to survive another season. Yes its the access to stupid money etc which seems to be all the Premiership is about where a measure of success appears be a 1-1 draw at Manchester City. No one outside the UK is really that interested in Wet Spam, Brighton, Everton or Watford are they? I am fortunate to travel to other Countries in my work and I can assure you that only the usual top 6 are of interest to most footy fans outside the UK, and I am sure that Sky and and the ridiculous FPP rules intends to keep it that way... Regards to all Derek
  12. I am sure that Dean Smith and John Terry will have looked at the bookings and suspension issue and what are the options and outcomes.......unlike I suspect previous management at our club.
  13. Its going to be ok we will have loads of dosh .......doesn't Micah Richards contract finish in the Summer? ..... Regards Del
  14. Weedman, I think there is more chance of me winning the lottery than Villa getting promoted this season in my opinion...ok its not a fact until its mathematically impossible that we cannot go up, but I take your point. Its so frustrating for all of us that the Aston Villa team we support through thick and thin currently seem unable to play football at the most basic skill level - and this has been the case not just recently but for many years, apart from the odd game, most games have been dire. Perhaps we should be renamed as Aston Inconsistant Villa, or Aston Consistantly Poor Villa. Regards Del
  15. All this talk about being "so many points off the playoffs, and so many points still left to play for".....yes that is a fact Another fact is that the way we are playing over the last few weeks means that the above fact is irrelevent as we will not pick up these points as we are rubbish and the teams above us are better than us. Del

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