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  1. Remember seeing that on MOTD....I was 14. Look at the state of the pitch in those days!, I have forgotten how bad the playing surface used to be, look at the shortness of the shorts!! and.....48 000 for a 3rd division game!
  2. delboy54

    Dean Smith

    My concern is that if we lose more then 2 or 3 games in succession at some point in the season (and we will lets face it), some on this forum and elsewhere will be wanting DS sacked........and then we will get Pulis, Big Fat Sam or Moyes etc etc.... We have a good manager and back up team let's trust and get behind these guys, I know its difficult to adjust and accept this as we have been led by a shower of sh*te for the last decade
  3. delboy54

    Tom Heaton

    My eyesight is not what it was, and I don't have my glasses on at the moment, but I am surprised that we have signed Hutton - thought he had left us? .... Regards Derek
  4. Hi all I have enjoyed taking my daughter (she is 26 yo now) to see Villa on the Holte End for a number of games during the last 4 to 5 years. She loves it. We went to Upper Trinty stand for the Norwich game (as Holte was sold out) and she said the view was good but not as atmospheric and fun as being at the back of the Upper Holte.... I am a season ticket holder she is not, so unless I buy(!) her a membership it will be unlikely (a) that she will get a ticket (she has a booking history) and (b) sit next to me....which is a shame, but these are new, different, exciting and slightly nervous times as a Villa fan. Its just unfortunate that the more "casual" attendee supporters could find it difficult getting to see Villa play this season. Regards to all Derek
  5. delboy54

    Villa Podcasts

    I am new to all this podcast stuff, but been listening to the "Villa View" with the Sir Brian Little interview. SBL comes across as a person that has genuine love for the Villa. I saw him play many times and had the pleasure of meeting him before a game a season or two ago. What a great guy and ambassador for us...... I need to explore more of these Villa podcast things.......thanks for the recommendations... Regards to all Derek
  6. A bit concerned about where our goals are going to come from this season. We have an untried new striker I know, but up against good quality defences we will need to take every chance and half chance. Tammy's 25 goals put us back in the big boys league, we need to ensure that other players on the pitch can make up that deficit. Regards Derek
  7. You forgot "we will be there or thereabouts"
  8. Aren't we all supposed to be "laughing at Newcastle", guys?.....
  9. Ryan Woods?,....... was he that little ginger haired midfielder that bossed us at VP every time they played us?
  10. I don't get all this fickelness (if there is such I word!)... When the team line up last season was announced before the games under DS last season, the first two names I wanted to see on the team sheet was Jack and McGinn, the next name I looked for was Mings. If Mings was in the team I felt happy as whenever I saw him play he was commanding and committed to the Villa cause. All those here now moaning that he is too much money or injury prone, well any player can pick up an injury and be out for a few games, McGinn is going to get booked this season and eventually be suspended so he will be out for a few games. We need to trust the back room team - I know in the recent past Villa have been very poor at identifying, recruiting and overpaying for rubbish players and I am not going to name these players as it will take too long. We need to trust that the professionals now in charge of Villa are not the shameful amateurs that we have had to put up with for the last 10 years, and it is difficult to make that transition into trusting the new set up but I have seen no evidence so far to suggest that they are incompetent...... Finally what is this "Premier League experience?" and why is it so important? Not required for McGinn was it?, We regularly had larger gates than many clubs in the Premier League last season , and outside European games and the FA cup (that we never win these days), playing in the play off semi finals and final are huge games. Our players will be ready DS, JT and the back room team will see to that. VTID Regards to all Del
  11. Regarding Mings, the problem I have is why would Bournemouth want to sell a player to a premiership rival? Bournemouth have all the "cards" they can name whatever price they want, it depends on how desperate they think Villa are I guess. Regards Del
  12. I am sure Dean and the staff had two plans based on the outcomes of going up or not going up. I am sure (hope) there are more players to come in. Obviously there are one or two that we would love to come back to us, but the important task in this coming season is to survive and not "do a Fulham". Lets trust Dean and the staff to get the players that they have identified as right for Villa, there must be loads of activity behind the scenes negotiating deals and transfers that we are completely unaware of. Regards to all Del
  13. Does the "Villa machine" use the ill fated "Villa Engine"...................?
  14. Hi, I well I think he is good enough for our back up, but obviously untested in the prem as most of our team are! I just feel that Villa management are doing the right thing and are building around the team spirit that was obvious to all last season. I don't really want us to throw tons of money at over inflated priced players because we can.....and then do "a Fulham" . Nor panic buy! I think (I hate to say it) but the Wolves model seems to be the best way, that is keep the core team and add to it, rather than replace the whole team. Replacing the whole team will go either way the "Fulham way" or unless we are owned by an oil rich middle eastern country like man c£ty.....
  15. Hahaha, no way, been there many times and that is the reason why I love it, reminds me of the old days when the Holte End was all standing, except, without cigarette smoke and rivers of piss trickling down the terracing!

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