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  1. For what its worth, my prediction.... Scotland will raise their game (its against England after all), they will be winning 1 - 0 with 10 mins to go. Grealish comes on as sub, plays a blinder sets up chance after chance for our forwards who cannot hit a barn door. Final result Scotland win and the wally in the waist coat resigns immediately after the game. all the best Del
  2. I totally understand that the time a player has at the top of his game is short. Most players want some success to show for their career. However there is only a limited number of teams ever likely to win stuff. Jack is a rare example of not only a wonderful talent, but plays for us. So it comes down to in my view, of does he want to go to one of these clubs (we know who they are) and win something? or is he interested in the long term view? Now I don't mean staying at the Villa just in the hope that we win something, what I mean is his legacy. Once your short career at the top is over, how would a player like to be remembered in 25 years time? being with another team that won stuff (a personal thing) or maybe not quite as successful and staying with Villa (lets have a bit of pessimism here!) i.e an "Aston Villa FC thing" His legacy could be a stand named after him, a statue (other teams have them) - his legacy would therefore live on for decades. But we live in times where short term thinking, greed, money and instant gratification is king. I think we may just about keep him for next season... Regards to all Del
  3. What is it with England managers picking either out of form players, players carrying injuries or playing players out of their normal position, or a combination of all three? For what its worth I think Scotland is going to be a toughest game of the group....a certain Scottish Villa player to score their winner? Del
  4. Just renewed....make sure you apply the code for the 6 games owed at check out.......ends up cheaper than my Peterborough Utd supporting mates season ticket ! Regards to all Del
  5. Its not just Villa and sha..... A few years ago I was in Manchester chatting to a couple of guys on a training course, I asked them was it true that no one in Manchester supports yanited, one of them responded by saying its true, he looked at the other guy and said "he plays golf and hates man yanited so much when he has to buy some more multi coloured plastic golf Tee's, he picks out all the red ones and chucks them in the bin !
  6. Wish I had been lucky in the ballot, sounds like a great day! Well done all of you who were able to get tickets to the game, 10K were making make more noise than a full house at the emirates (was the library years ago) and at man c$ty... Best wishes to all Del
  7. So now the dust has settled, the "punishment" will be given out to these 6 clubs is to sit on the "naughty step" and think about how naughty they have been and not to do it again Bloody harsh if you ask me....
  8. Hate to put a damper on this, but I think we might struggle next season. Norwich are going to be tougher and more resilient with their recent experience to life in the PL. Watford?, well they are going to be like Burnley - difficult cloggers. The only weakest team next season could be the team coming up through the playoffs.... This season there were 3 poor teams that deserved to go down We need to be much better at closing games down, defending leads, less naive, more game aware and "savvy" and being more like the cheating scum6 when looking for penalties I hope to be proved wrong but thats thing with the Villa always expect the unexpected...we might finally win the FA cup FA cup win or top 4?...........FA cup win every time for me Regards to all Del
  9. Yeah that concerns me a lot.......there does seem to be something odd going on regarding bias towards the sky scum 6 (apart from the FA cup Var against Chelski!) and this is amplified by VAR. As much as I love the Villa and have followed them since my first game at VP in 1968 V Brissol City (lost 2 - 4 btw!), to be honest I am not sure I can continue to invest emotion, time and money to something which appears at best biased and inconsistent and at worst corrupt.... Please try and convince me Regards to all Del
  10. Morning all.. I have attached a list of all the honours that man yoo have won since the Glazers took over in 2005......remind me what are their scum fans demonstrating about ...?
  11. So a final between Russia and Qatar then....just goes to show where the money is coming from
  12. Just a bottle of beer to get the "right" decision?....refs come cheap these days - thought the going rate was at least a bottle of whiskey in the refs changing room
  13. I predict at some point around the 90 + 8 mins they will be awarded their soft penalty to win the game. Regards Del
  14. Sorry, a bit late to this... I was 22, standing with my old man (Holte Ender in The Sky) at the time half way up the clock end and behind the goal. The Villa played poorly and deserved the 2 - 0 the arsenal gave us but there were lots there with radios glued to their ears and as the game wore on events on the pitch mattered less and less! everyone was cheering when Boro scored against ipswich but a lot of us didnt really believe it we thought is was a gigantic wind up! Amazing that Dad and me who we both lived in Suffolk (I still do) were not season ticket holders at the time, we just drove to London got the tube to Highbury, paid the gate money and walked into the clock end, we did at lots of away games we attended.....I cannot stand Ipswich, hateful fans esp in those days singing "Ipswich Republican Army" at us Villa fans at Portman road after the pub bombings..... A couple of memories that made me laugh at the game was a little old geezer at the clock end selling programs and he was deluged with fans wanting one and all those fans running on to the pitch (I was not one of them) and digging up clods of the pitch to take home.........did anyone ever manage to get their "sample" to grow? Great times to be a Villa fan, dad and I lost count at how many coaches we saw from Villa, I am sure it was over 70 odd.... VTID Regards Del
  15. So now the dust is settling, it appears other than some ego's being dented and some of the top 6 executives being booted off some committees , the top 6 have basically got away with no punishment...as we all expected. Sweepstake to guess when super breakaway league v2.0 is rumoured?
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