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  1. Totally agree with this, but money is the king in the Premier League and there are so many vested interests. Football though is overdue a reset with reality Regards to all Derek
  2. I know its all about money and sky making sure that Liverplop pick up the title. But, if the season is cancelled then the only competition that has been completed is the League Cup. Write off the FA cup as well as any promotion/relegation, unless a version of crickets complicated Duckworth - Lewis method is bought in to determine the league positions. Anyway a thought - would we all really be still pleased at the season potentially being written off if we just happened to be about to win the league (however unlikely that will ever be)? Regards to all Derek
  3. It would be ironic if we had to play all our remaining home games at an empty VP and then won them all........
  4. Thought to myself back in November we are going down. The main issue is that although we are rubbish, teams easily beat us and we don't seem to be able to stop that. The other problem with going down as many clubs have found yes, lets develop the young players and build on that blah blah...but what happens you do well - you look like you could go up then a Premier League team come sniffing and make us an offer for our young and hungry players that we have developed and this offer that we should refuse..... is accepted. We lose the player (s) and drop down in the league repeat season after season. We will become a Forest, Wednesday and other long lost giants of the game while the Sky top 6 battle it out watched by the plastics VTID Derek
  5. Well I hope they close VP next Saturday I do not want to witness at first hand another abject display.....I have got some drains to unblock or some paint to watch drying instead.
  6. I count 22 players in that picture...that is what you call a "goal mouth scramble"!!!
  7. In the cold light of the day after when emotions are still high, its time to look at the match... We were against man city i mean just look at the subs they had on the bench, 28% possession stats - it was expected wasn't it? I thought we did well, I mean if city were that dominant why didn't they win by more goals? They have got some fantastic players to be honest. We are limited in our players abilities compared to the players city have, but FFP has "enabled" them to be be where they are and where we are Man city certainly do not need the help of the ref, but I thought they were very cynical got several favourable decisions and that's how the top 6 play Tactically they nullified Jack and that worked well for them as they know who is our play maker Thought their fans lived up to being "true plastics", so many empty seats and poor support from them - us, the opposite, apart from this alleged in fighting at the ground apparently (I never saw it) - this is sad, disgusting, shocking and appears to happen too frequently - I mean fighting between fans is a thing of the past now surely? - but between ourselves....? Some on this site go on about "tactics this and tactics that" but when you are against one of the best teams in the world the result has to be somewhat expected, but I thought the Villa boys gave as good as they could give, given the huge gulf between us Last time we are going to see Jack in a Villa shirt at Wembley Let's get behind the Villa boys, stop the in fighting recognise that there is 1/4 of the season to go and give them our full support for the remainder of the games Regards to all Derek
  8. Good report in the guardian about the match report. Says a lot about the future of football and clubs outside the top 6 sky teams....
  9. Seriously considering the fact that if we stay up then I may not renew my season ticket. Totally fed up with VAR's as well as the consistently incompetent level of refereeing. I thought it was bad in the Championship but the standard of refereeing in this league is dreadful. VAR is killing the enjoyment I get out of a game if we score its a half arsed celebration. Its all come down to the pixel resolution on some blokes computer monitor in a shed somewhere...totally ruined the game for me. Rant over Regards to all Derek
  10. After the game I was so annoyed I harboured thoughts that if we stay up I will give up my season ticket.....VARS is destroying the game, the joy of celebrating a goal has gone, in fact the enjoyment of the game of football played in this league is dulled, due to inconsistent decisions from consistently wrong referees and officials. I drive over 2 1/2 hrs to get to home games, I enjoy the walk to Villa Park, the crowd, the build up...what I don't enjoy much now, is the beautiful simple game that I love slowly being destroyed by pixels on a monitor subjectively being reviewed by some Representative for Wellingborough in a shed somewhere. Does anyone think that VARS decisions equal themselves out over a season? Regards to all you guys Derek
  11. No thanks to the A14 and M6 a 3 hour drive from Cambridge, I managed to get to my seat 15 mins before kick off, and then didn't get home until 01:30 this morning. But I don't care, what a night. My Villa scarf unwashed since the wembley final in 1971 has more battle scars of blood, sweat and tears added to it last night
  12. last League Cup semi final 2nd leg I went to was in 1977 the "epic" against QPR first leg (I think was 1 - 1) and at Villa Park it was 2 - 2 a fantastic atmosphere - I will never forget that. Then of course the replay at Highbury where I saw Sir Brian score a hat trick against what were the media darlings at the time complete with Stan Bowles their star player.... that song we sang that night....about Stan Bowles wife alleged affair at the time.... "Where's your wife gone?, where's you wife gone?, where's your wife gone Stanley Bowles? With the milkman, with the milkman, with the milkman Stanley Bowles" A classic!!
  13. Sorry mate I disagree, I want to be positive but we have seen this similar capitulation before this season Leicester, Southampton, Watford etc etc....we showed no "bite", resolve or fight....This league is unforgiving isn't it? no team can hide and just turn up play the "winnable" ones... We played out of our skins against Liverplop "fought like lions" and yet we can have a complete opposite approach to other teams "as much resistance as a chocolate fire guard" like yesterday. I just want us to look like we are at least playing the same sport as the opposition! I have to say though we did gift Ci£y most of their goals though. Regards
  14. This signing is a bit underwhelming to be honest...at least its not a 5 year deal. However in all honesty who are we going to attract in our position of quiet desperation Is our academy that bad that we have no younger "hungrier" players who could step up? I guess our situation is too risky to try untested players, but Drinkwater - a player who has not played competitive footy for ages....I am willing to give him a chance though. I am sure our professional footy people at Villa know what they are doing. Those that put the Villa shirt on deserve our support, until their first misplaced pass then the vitriol begins ! Regards to all Derek
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