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  1. I will wait till the end of the window Denmark us out of 10 I think
  2. He will have periods in the game where he will be crucial to the flow of it.
  3. The guy told me the original would be cancelled and I would be on the duplicate list..
  4. Mine went to my old address so I rang them and they sent me a ticket via e mail. Might be worth a try?
  5. Time to put down the ladyboys and watch the game bud
  6. No probs. Let's stick together until it's over!
  7. Jesus mate we won 10 games in a row to get to 5th!
  8. I was coming on here thinking everyone would be behind the team and think we played well....Thought there was a lot more energy and some decent football personally. 3 goals for villa 2nd half.
  9. Yet we made them look pretty ordinary.
  10. dappadan

    Joe Bryan

    We could then Targett Success down the wings
  11. I actually work in a role that manages adidas Inventory in the UK for them so I feel I now literally contribute to us having money ?

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