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  1. Out of interest how many professional footballers have died from covid in the 18 months it has been around?
  2. Seems to me him and his agent/hangers on knew exactly what they were doing when getting a release clause inserted and exactly who they were going to notify about it. He even helped himself to a little bit more money in wages out of his beloved club while he was at it and then sat out injured. Not much happens in football by chance thats for sure.
  3. Marketing for what though? It doesn't exactly show him in a good light and will make most people who seemed to like him in the summer think he looks a bit of an arrogant prick. I kind of get that it gets his name out there but its hardly a Gazza like celebration.
  4. It all seems very strange and unnecessary to me. Just saw his Instagram story with fingers in ears emoji again. The bloke was universally loved by the country throughout the euros, most of the media and pundits have backed him and wished him well so who is he doing that too? Can only think its to Villa fans which would seem strange to belittle the club that had your back since 6 years old.
  5. Just enjoy it lads. First game back at Villa Park with a full house!
  6. Hope the fans raise the roof tomorrow! Some of our team never experienced a rocking Villa park.
  7. Bailey on the left and Buendia on the right with Ramsey in the middle and Ings up top. Mcginn and Luiz in behind with the usual suspects in the back 5. 2-0 win
  8. Maybe don't TIUTWU today then pal
  9. "Villas a big club mate" Absolutely love this guy
  10. Its difficult to say really until we see how this season goes. In my mind we have replaced Jacks 6 goals and 10 assists from last season with potentially a better output. Could see Ings beating that himself. Add to that Buendia and Bailey. I guess looking further than just stats it would be about the space Jack used to provide for others but it feels like the team will be more balanced.
  11. This guy is going to be unbelievable to have around the squad. Seems like a total professional. Can see him and Watkins playing together quite a lot.
  12. If he does tear it up the narrative will be because he went to City and Pep has coached him.
  13. If Messi became available last week then I think Jack would have been slung to the side
  14. Shitty little blue heart he posted aswell.
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