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  1. Fair point but I will absolutely take that over what we had last season
  2. Yes this is it for me. Good in flashes but nowhere near enough energy. Leaves the other 2 with too much to do
  3. He was left completely exposed with Mcginn higher up the pitch. Smith even admitted that in interview
  4. Sub with 30 secs left which will add on 30 seconds what the hell
  5. Bodies on the line there to be fair. Smith not helping them out here.
  6. 7 to 1 for Watkins to have 2 more shots on target with skybet. Having some of that
  7. Hourihane is ITSOTP gone pal
  8. He is playing tonight for Marseille
  9. dappadan

    Louie Barry

    Yep. Noticed that, just enough of a hip swivel to throw the keeper off balance.
  10. If you watch it Barry gives the little shimmy to wrong foot the keeper. Thats top finishing
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